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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 7 - Taking Care of Business

The rehearsals went fairly well on Monday.  I started out by explaining what the stage would look like for each scene and what props might be used.  Then, we started each scene by discussing who would be on stage when the curtain opened and who would enter or exit stage right or stage left.  Once all of that had been taken care of, we got started.

I was impressed, because the kids had all learned their lines and I merely had to correct them whenever they momentarily forgot what line was next, or when they said a line at the wrong time.  They knew what they were supposed to say, but sometimes they forgot when they were supposed to say it.  After a few more rehearsals, they should have it down fairly well. 

On Wednesday, I met with Bob Krivyanik and his art students and explained the sets I wanted them to prepare.  I'd limited it to three basic designs to make it easier for them, as well as on us when we were setting each scene.  I asked them to paint an interior stone wall on the first set, such as might be found in an old mansion.  We would use that for all scenes in the manor house and merely use different props to indicate the different rooms and the hallway. 

For the other two sets, they would be basically the same, with minor differences.  I asked them to paint a garden wall about four feet (1.2 m) high in each one, but then the rest of the image would vary.  One would have a barren tree and dead plants and weeds along the wall, to represent the garden in its neglected state.  The wall in the other one would have a rose bush in bloom at either end, to indicate what it looked like once the garden had been restored.  We would also use a few potted plants and small trees, both real and fake, as additional props for the garden scenes. 

There were already several frames we could use to make our sets, because they were the same ones the music department used for their productions.  Gina Atkins had advised me that we could use them too, since we'd be helping her with the musical in the spring.  Each frame came with supports to keep it upright, so we'd just have to staple cardboard to the frames so they could be painted. 

I was told there were large sheets of cardboard in a storage area that had been donated by various appliance stores.  The cardboard had come from the packing crates that the larger appliances had been shipped in, and they would be perfect for our purposes.  Bob and his students would merely have to draw the background on it and then paint it.  This was all working out quite smoothly, and now I only had to make a list of the props we'd need so I could post it. 

Before Thursday's rehearsal, Gina Atkins dropped by my classroom to chat with me.  "This year will be my seventh musical at this school, but the first few years we didn't do the big name productions like we do now.  We still sold tickets and had a bake sale, because there were still expenses involved that we needed to cover, and back then we also held a car wash." 

"Are you going to do that this year too?" 

"No!  The school district put an end to using car washes as fund raisers about three years ago, after a group at the high school was sued for allegedly damaging a car while they were washing it.  The incident cost more than they'd made, so the school district banned that particular activity afterward." 

"I can see why."

"Anyway, during those early years we were taking in more money than we spent, so I asked Mr. Baldwin to hold the extra money for us, in case we needed it in the future.  The money was building up, and one year when Mr. Baldwin had some extra money in his budget too, we decided to combine forces and spend the money to purchase a decent sound system.  There are three speakers attached to the apron at points located stage center, right, and left, and they'll pick up the actor's voices once the curtain is drawn."

"Wow!  I didn't know you had anything like that, so I've been working with the students on projecting their voices." 

"That won't be necessary, because there are microphones that hang above the upstage area too," she added, while referring to the section of the stage that is farthest away from the audience.  "We've marked an 'X' on the stage with tape to indicate the ideal locations where those microphones pick up what is being said.  You'll just have to direct the actors to one of those spots before they begin speaking." 

"I'll work on having them glance down to locate their mark without being too obvious.  Thanks for taking the time to fill me in about that." 

"You're welcome, because we're all part of the same team now." 

Thursday's rehearsal went about the same as Monday, except I had something new to tell them.  After explaining about the sound system, I showed them the marks on the stage and explained what they'd need to do.  I also told them they wouldn't have to shout their lines now, but I still want them to speak up slightly and enunciate.  The practice went well and I was feeling much better about pulling this off. 

By the time the final bell rang on Friday afternoon, I was ready to head to my apartment and collapse.  It had been a long week, seeing I had stayed late nearly every day, and now I was more than ready to unwind.  I was also looking forward to swimming at the YMCA in the morning, although this time I'd be doing it alone.  The boys were still planning to go later so they could see if they'd run into Mr. Cardwell again. 

I got up early on Saturday morning, had breakfast, and then got ready to go to the Y.  I was slightly disappointed that I didn't run into the boys again, but I knew I'd have to stay away from them outside of school if I didn't want our activities to be discovered.  There was no one in the locker room when I arrived, so I changed and headed out to the pool.  There was only one other guy there at the time, other than the lifeguard, so I merely swam laps and continued until I was totally exhausted.  Then, I got out of the pool to shower and change. 

There was still no one in locker room when I got there, so I merely stripped, showered, dressed, and left.  Today hadn't been as rewarding as past experiences, but the exercise had left me feeling good, as well as a little tired, as I headed back to the apartment. 

After I had relaxed for a short time, I got up and fixed lunch.  After I'd finished eating, I grabbed my copy of the script and began preparing the list of props we would need.  I was planning on making copies of the list and then posting them in different locations around school on Monday.  The sheet also requested that anyone wishing to volunteer any of these items to contact me, and then I would know what we had and what was still needed. 

After I finished that particular task, I thought about the previous week's rehearsals and jotted down several ideas of things I wanted to tell the cast when we met again.  We were going to do something similar this week, only we'd be working on Act Two.  It also had eight scenes, so I'd split them up the same way we had done with Act One, and we'd practice the first four scenes on Monday and the last four on Thursday.  I was grateful that no one had complained about the fact that I'd increased the number of times we met each week, and I hoped that continued. 

Later, while I was fixing dinner, I suddenly thought about the boys again and wondered if their plan had worked.  Had they run into Mr. Cardwell again, or was the previous week merely a fluke?  I felt I probably would have heard something by now, even if it was just a phone call, because last week I'd given the members of the drama club my phone number.  I did it in case any situations arose that they or their parents wished to speak with me about, because you never knew when an emergency might arise or additional information might be required.   

By the time I went to bed that evening, I'd convinced myself that nothing had happened earlier and the boys hadn't run across Mr. Cardwell at the Y again.  I wasn't sure if I should be relieved or disappointed, since it might have taken some of the pressure off of us if they had.  The boys had come up with a good idea, and if Mr. Cardwell had seen them there without me, he might have concluded the previous week had merely been a coincidence.  Now, it didn't seem to matter, especially if they hadn't run into him.  Would they try again next Saturday or merely let the idea drop?  Maybe I'd be able to ask one of them privately at Monday's rehearsal. 

When I awoke the next morning, I began to investigate an idea I had before I went to bed the previous evening.  I searched online until I'd found what I was looking for, and then I ordered the items and had them shipped to my apartment.  Since it was a weekend, the order probably wouldn't be processed until tomorrow, but it should still arrive before I was planning to use it, so I moved ahead and made my plans accordingly. 

It was shortly after lunch when there was a knock on my door.  I wasn't expecting anyone, so I went to see who was there.  To my surprise, all four boys were standing outside my door.  "What are you doing here?" I greeted them. 

They pushed their way past me and came inside.  Once I'd closed the door, Nolan looked at me and spoke.  "We wanted to tell you about yesterday, but we couldn't come here after we left the Y, cuz we were all gonna have supper soon.  Then, it would be too dark to ride over on our bikes, so we agreed to meet today and come over to tell ya instead." 

"Yeah, we hid our bikes in the trees down below and then came up that way so nobody would see us," Gary added.

"Mr. Cardwell was there yesterday," Will chimed in. 

"And we got to see him naked too," Tucker announced with a grin. 

"So what happened?" 

"We heard the shower runnin' when we got there," Nolan began, "but we didn't bother to stop and see who was there.  We just went back and started getting undressed instead, and that's when Mr. Cardwell came walking back toward us.  He was dryin' his head at the time, so there was nothin' coverin' the rest of him." 

"Yeah, he was naked and we got to see his dick too," Tucker blurted out. 

"By the time he noticed us, he looked totally shocked and tried to cover himself, and then he apologized and said he didn't know anyone else was there," Gary stated next. 

"After we finally put on our swimsuits and were ready to go out to the pool, he was partially dressed  and came back to ask if you were there too," Will added. 

"We told him 'no' and said we just run into you last week, kinda like we did with him today," Nolan continued.  "I don't think he'll dare say nothin' 'bout you now, cuz we were all naked with him too." 

"So you don't have to worry no more," Gary concluded. 

"That's very interesting," I agreed, "and I doubt you could have planned it better." 

"Yeah, it was awesome," Will enthused.  "He looked surprised and scared at the same time." 

"And his dick isn't nearly as big as yours," Tucker gushed, and then he giggled. 

"I hope you didn't say anything like that to him," I responded, mildly concerned.  Tucker seemed to have a habit of blurting out things like that without thinking first. 

"Nah.  And it was all shriveled up and wrinkly too." 

"Must be the water in the pool was cold," I offered. 

"Nope.  It was the same as when we were there with you," Will confessed.  "I think it shriveled in fear."  All the boys laughed after he said that. 

"It is nice to know that maybe it will make him think we weren't up to anything when he saw us.  Maybe he'll think I was hurrying out of the shower after you boys joined me, and that's why I bumped into him on the way out." 

"Yeah, that would make sense," Nolan agreed. 

"I appreciate that you boys filled me in, and thanks for doing that.  I'll see you on Monday at the next rehearsal." 

"Hey, we don't have to go yet.  Can't we stay and spend some more time with you?" Tucker challenged. 

"Since you're already here, I guess it wouldn't hurt if you stayed for a little while," I relented.  "And thank you for doing that yesterday. I can only imagine what Mr. Cardwell must have thought, but I wish I'd been there to see his reaction." 

"Yeah, it was awesome," Will agreed. 

"Mr. Roberson, are you gay?" Tucker asked out of the blue, causing my mouth to drop open.  "All of us are and we were hopin' you were too."

After regaining my composure, I finally answered.  "Yes, Tucker, I'm gay as well, but I don't want you to go spreading that information around.  Since I'm still not sure how it might impact my teaching position, I'd prefer that others not know this until I'm sure it won't cost me my job."

"K, but I'm glad you're like us," he admitted while eying me coyly. 

"I think Tucker's also hoping that you'll mess around with him," Gary announced, causing Tucker to blush shyly. 

"Yeah, he's never done anything before, and I think he wants to do it with you first," Nolan followed. 

"Hell, I wouldn't mind doing something with you either," Will confessed. 

I felt I had to shut this down before it got out of hand.  "Since you're all gay too, you could help Tucker out and have some fun with each other," I suggested. 

"We've tried, but Tucker says he doesn't want to do it with us yet," Gary replied.  This caused me to look at Tucker confused. 

"I want to choose who I do it with the first time," Tucker reluctantly admitted, while at the same time unable to make eye contact with me. 

"You have plenty to choose from here, so who would you pick?" I asked. 

"Uh, I, um,  want to do it with, ah, you," he announced while at the same time lifting his head slightly so he could see my reaction. 

"Go ahead, Mr. Roberson, and do it with him," Nolan encouraged.  "I'm afraid it's the only way he'll ever get started." 

"And after you do it with him, then you can do it with me too," Will followed. 

"Me and Nolan wouldn't mind doin' something with you either," Gary added.  Once again they were putting me in a very awkward position.

"Guys, even though I'm gay, I don't think I should be doing those things with you.  You're all minors and it would be illegal for someone my age to do those things with you."

"But you've seen us all naked already, so what's the big deal?" Will argued. 

"Please, Mr. Roberson," Tucker pleaded in a very meek voice.  "I've dreamed about doing something with you since I first saw you naked at the Y.  I only want YOU to do those things with me." 

"Be a sport and give him a break," Gary urged. 

"Yeah, you can take him to another room where it will just be you two," Nolan chipped in.  Tucker had walked over and was standing right in front of me now. 

"Please, Mr. Roberson.  I want you to be the first one I do that stuff with." 

"Oh, shit.  How can I possibly say 'no' to him after looking at the sorrowful expression on his face.  He's actually afraid I'm going to turn him down." 

"Go ahead, Mr. Roberson.  None of us will ever say anything about it," Gary offered. 

"Especially if you do it with us too," Will chimed in, looking as hopeful as Tucker. 

"Damn, this could get me fired or land me in prison," I countered. 

"Not if we don't say anything," Nolan pointed out, "since we all want to do something with you too."

The more I tried to pull away, the deeper I got pulled into the sexual quicksand.  I won't deny that I'd like to do this too, but I'm afraid the more boys that become involved, the greater the chance that I will get discovered.  Was this going to be my Waterloo? 

"Please, Mr. Roberson," Tucker pleaded as he took a hold of my hand.  "I know you'll be gentle and I really only want to try this with you." 

"I'm probably crazy for doing this, but ok.  I'll be your first, but hopefully you'll want to do things with others afterward, once you've seen what it's like." 

"Thank you.  I've dreamed about this and now it was gonna happen," Tucker squealed as he hopped around in a combination of joy and relief.  "Where are we gonna do it?" 

"I suppose my bedroom would be the logical choice," I answered. 

"K, let's go then," Tucker urged. 

"We'll wait here until you're done," Nolan offered.  "Have fun." 

Tucker held my hand as I led him back to my bedroom.  When we got there, I went to pull back the bedding, but since he was holding my hand I wasn't able to do what I wanted.  "Tucker, I'm going to need my hand if you want to do anything." 

"Oh, yeah.  Sorry," he apologized as he released it. 

After the bed was ready, I turned around and he was standing there like a statue.  Since it didn't appear as if he was going to move on his own, I sat down on the edge of the mattress, pulled him closer, and started to remove his clothes.  "Relax, you'll be fine," I told him as I removed his shirt. 

"I know, it's just that I'm so excited right now."  That's when I noticed his body was trembling slightly out of excitement, not fear. 

"Relax," I told him as I unfastened his jeans and let them fall to the floor.  Then I gave him a tender kiss as I lowered his underwear. 

Once those were at his ankles, I picked him up and laid him on the mattress.  I then removed his shoes, socks, pants, and underwear completely and looked at the young, naked boy lying in my bed.  He was so adorable as he looked up at me with eyes of wonder, and I was surprised that he was still flaccid, since he'd wanted this so badly.  I laid down beside him and began to kiss his face. 

"Aren't you gonna get naked too?" he asked. 

"Do you want me to?" 

"Yeah, I want to see your dick again and maybe even touch it." 

Since that's what he wanted, I stood up and began to undress as well, and once I was naked too, I laid down beside him again.  He automatically reached out and grabbed my penis.  "You sure got a nice one," he said as I began to firm up. 

I started to kiss him, although he wasn't actively participating, but I felt it was something that could be worked on later.  As I lifted my head to move down to his chest, I could see he was hard now as well.  I just wasn't sure if it was the result of my kissing him or that he was holding my penis, which was now nearly as hard as his own. 

"Wow!  It's even bigger now," he gasped in surprise as he glanced down at it again.  "I sure hope mine gets that big some day." 

I heard him gasp again in amazement when I began to toy with his nipple, and then he sighed contentedly.  I only played with each of those areas briefly, because I was afraid he'd ejaculate before I got to his penis.  I didn't even bother to get up and reposition myself between his legs so I could work on his scrotum, because I felt that might be too much for him to endure, since this was his very first time.  Instead, I merely massaged that area with my hand as I licked his penis quickly before taking it into my mouth. 

"Oh, my gosh.  My dick is in your mouth," he squealed. 

"Yes, that's what you have to do if you're going to give someone a blowjob," I reasoned as I pulled my head away briefly.  And then I took him back into my mouth and began to bob and suck. 

I'm not sure if he even lasted a full minute before I felt the first blast of his watery cum enter my mouth.  It was thin and sweet, like the first drops of morning dew.  Once I'd drained him of the last of those few precious droplets, I glanced up at his face and noticed his eyes were rolled back in his sockets.  I took that to mean he was on sensory overload from what I'd just done to him. 

I waited a couple of minutes for him to recover, and the first thing he did was smile at me broadly.  "It's never felt that good before," he wheezed. 

"I thought this was your first time."

"Yeah, with someone else, but I've jerked off before.  It never felt like that, though." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it.  So are you ready to get dressed now?" 

"Can I play with your dick for a while first?" 

"Only briefly, because now that I've done this with you, the others will want a turn too." 

"Yeah, I forgot about that, but I just want to do it a little more.  I want to look at it real close this time, not like before."  I took that to mean he wanted to inspect it this time, not merely admire it from afar. 

"Ok, do whatever you want." 

As Tucker hopped up on his knees, he bent forward so he could handle and examine my penis.  Since his butt was basically beside my head, I had a devilish thought.  I wet my finger and then reached behind him so I could search for his virgin hole.  He jumped when my finger touched it. 

"Oooh!  What are you doing?"

"If you're gay then you're going to learn it includes butt play too.  I'm just using my finger to let you see what it's like for the first time." 

Surprisingly, he relaxed without question and let me probe his hole.  The guardian to his inner sanctum wasn't quite as cooperative and fought my intrusion at first, but eventually I snuck my finger past it and entered up to the first knuckle. 

"It feels like I'm taking a poop, only backwards," he said before giggling. 

"So that didn't hurt?" 

"Nah, I've pooped bigger things than your finger."

Since he seemed to be ok with it, I slid my finger further up his chute, until it was in to the second knuckle.  "Are you still ok?" 

"Yeah, I hardly felt that cuz I'm having so much fun playin' with your dick," he confessed before giggling again. 

Since he was fine with it, I slid my finger back and forth a few times before deciding it was time to stop.  "I think our time is up and it's Will's turn now.  You can get dressed while I go get him." 

"Ok, but do you think we can do this again some time?" 

"Maybe, but I'll need to think about it first.  I just can't keep doing these things with you boys." 

He didn't react, and after I got out of the way, he merely got out of bed and started getting dressed.  As soon as he began to put on his clothes, I walked to the bedroom door, opened it, and headed down the hallway.  I thought it would be foolish to take time to putt my clothes on first, since I'd probably just be taking them off again, and they'd all seen me naked anyway.  Therefore, I merely went to get my next victim. 

"Ok, who's next?" I asked as I entered the living room.  I felt I already knew, but I wanted to see how the others reacted.

"Me!" Will shouted as he jumped off the couch.  They were all watching TV at the time. 

"Yeah, let him go next," Gary agreed. 

"As long as we get a turn too," Nolan concurred. 

Will followed me back to my bedroom and started getting undressed as Tucker was tying his shoes.  "Thanks, Mr. Roberson.  That was really terrific and I hope we can do it again," Tucker said as he was leaving.   

"You're welcome, but I'll have to think about it a little more before I agree to a repeat performance." 

Will was taking off his socks as Tucker was leaving the bedroom, and then he hopped on the bed, anxious to get started.  "What are we gonna do," he asked as he sprawled out on the mattress. 

"You tell me." 

"Ummm, all I've ever done is jack off with the other guys, so I want to see what else we can do." 

"Have you ever kissed another boy?" 

"Not really, but I kissed a girl like that once.  She was my babysitter when I was ten and she used her tongue too.  It was after doing that with her that I realized I liked boys better." 

"Did you do anything else with her?" 

"She touched my dick through my pajamas and let me touch her titties, but that was all.  I just didn't find her titties as exciting as another boy's dick." 

"I know what you mean.  So, do you want us to kiss too, or should we do something else?  I can show you other areas on your body that are sensitive too, or I can just suck you off.  It's up to you." 

"We can kiss a little first, cuz I want to see if it's better with you than it was with her, and then you can do all that other stuff to me too." 

"All of it?" 

"As much as we can." 

"Ok, but we can't do it for too long, because I think Nolan and Gary want a turn too." 

"Yeah, I know." 

We kissed briefly, and I used my tongue, the same as his babysitter, and I was surprised when he reciprocated.  Then, I worked on his nipples for a short time before working my way down his abdomen.  After I'd teased his bellybutton briefly, I got up and moved between his legs so I could work on his scrotum.  After sucking on that area for a while, I moved up to his penis and took it into my mouth. 

"Oh, fuck!  That feels awesome," he squealed. 

I didn't respond and merely nodded up and down on his organ.  I'd also wet a finger before I started, so now I reached between his legs and aimed it at his back door.  He lurched involuntarily as my finger came into contact with that very private place, but then he relaxed.

"I've done that to myself before, so it's ok," he confirmed. 

Since he'd already done it to himself, I didn't hesitate and pushed my finger completely inside his rectum.  Then, I began to slide it back and forth while I sucked him off.  He remained very passive at first and merely let me do whatever I wanted, but then his hips began to buck up and down, which seemed to indicate he was getting close.  I took it as a subtle signal that he was about to blow, so I continued working on his piston, while waiting for it to spring a leak. 

It wasn't long after that before he unloaded in my throat, but he had a more manly taste to his semen, unlike the others.  It wasn't bad, though, just different, and I continued siphoning his dick until it was completely drained.  Then, I pulled away and waited for him to recover. 

"That was fuckin' awesome," he hissed after coming back to his senses.  "I'm sure glad you agreed to do that with me.  I know a lot more now, and I enjoyed kissing you more than when I did it with the babysitter." 

"I'm glad to hear that, but get dressed so I can go get someone else." 

"But I didn't do nothin' to you!" 

"Maybe another time, but Nolan and Gary want their chance too." 

He nodded, finished dressing, and walked with me to the living room.  "Thanks a lot, but I'd better get going," he announced as soon as we got there.  "I told my parents I'd just be gone for a little while." 

"Yeah, me too," Tucker agreed.  "Thanks, Mr. Roberson, and I hope we can do this again." 

The two of them then took off, leaving me alone with the other two.

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