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            All the World's a Stage

by Erastes
Copyright 2017 by Erastes
Chapter 8 - Off the Radar

Once the other two had taken off, Gary looked at me and spoke.  "Good, now we can do this together, instead of one at a time.  It's more fun watchin' what you're doing to Nolan too, and I wish we could have been in the bedroom when you did it to Will and Tucker for the first time too." 

"I think Tucker needed the privacy, but I don't think Will would have minded.  I just can't believe you guys did this to me again, but this time with the other two." 

"Hey, they both told us that they hoped you were gay and admitted that they'd like to do something with you too," Nolan admitted.  "And Tucker nearly faints when he talks about you, so it was easy to tell that he wanted you to be his first.  We just thought we'd help him get his wish." 

"I have to admit that it was much different doing it with him than the rest of you, and I have a soft spot in my heart for him." 

"As long as your dick isn't soft," Gary teased before chuckling. 

"Very funny, but I'm glad I could help out.  He's such a sweet kid."

"So are we," Nolan countered. 

"So sweet that you keep placing me in these incredibly awkward situations."

"Come on.  Admit it.  You enjoyed it too," Gary challenged. 

"Ok, I liked doing it, but it doesn't mean I'm no longer worried about getting caught.  If anyone else finds out about this, I'm toast." 

"Don't worry, we all like you too much to ever let that happen," Nolan said to reassure me.

"I hope you're right about that." 

"I am, so let's get started," Nolan urged. 

As we were walking toward the bedroom, I made a suggestion.  "Let's shower first, because you two probably got a little sweaty riding your bikes over here and then climbing up the hill to see me." 

"But you didn't make Tucker or Will shower first," Gary protested. 

"That's because I wasn't planning on doing the same things with them that I'm thinking about doing with you." 

"Why?  What are we going to do then?" Nolan wanted to know.  

"I thought you might like to try something new, seeing we've done the other things a couple of times now." 

"Ok, we can do that then," Gary agreed.  "I'm lookin' forward to doin' something different, as long as it feels as good."  He then punched me in the shoulder playfully. 

"You can undress in my bedroom and then go to the bathroom to shower," I explained as I led them inside and they began to undress. 

"I wonder what you're gonna do that we need to shower first this time?" Nolan wondered aloud.  "We've never had to do this before, except when Gary sucked you off and ended up with a face full of cum."

"Just be patient and you'll find out.  I'll stay in the middle so I can wash both of you." 

"Then just do Gary first and I'll wait out here until he's done," Nolan offered.  "It's too crowded with all of us in there at the same time." 

"Sure, that will work fine too," I agreed. 

I pulled three towels out of the linen closet and set them on counter next to the sink for when we were done.  Once I'd adjusted the water temperature. Gary and I stepped into the tub and drew the curtain.  As soon as he was wet, I took some body wash and began to lather him up.  I did his chest first, and then I worked my way down to his penis.  After washing those areas thoroughly, I squirted some more body wash into my hand and did the same thing to his back.  When I got down to his ass, I washed between his cheeks, and his head snapped around when I pushed my finger into his rectum.  He smiled and spoke. 

"I think I know why we're doing this now," he stated. 

"Maybe, and maybe not.  You'll just have to wait and see." 

"Why?  What are you thinking, Gary?" Nolan shouted over the sound of the running water. 

"Let him wait and find out for himself," I urged.  That caused Gary to nod and grin. 

When I'd finished with him, he rinsed off and stepped out the tub.  As soon as he started drying off, Nolan took his place.  I did exactly the same thing to him that I'd done to Gary, and when I stuck my finger in his butt and began to twist it around, he looked over his shoulder and grinned. 

"I get it now," he whispered. 

"Like I told Gary, maybe and maybe not." 

When I finished washing him, I shut off the water and we both got out.  We each grabbed a towel and began drying our bodies, and then Gary opened the door and we walked over to the bedroom.  As they were lying down on the bed, I looked at them and spoke.  "So which of you are brave enough to go first?" 

They looked at one another first, before one of them found the courage to reply.  "I guess that would be me," Gary volunteered.  "I think I know what you want to do, and it scares me a little, but I said I wanted to try something new, so I won't back out now." 

I was impressed, since I had a pretty good idea what he was expecting, but I got between his legs and played with his scrotum first.  Once I finished doing that, I lifted his legs and pushed them back to his chest.  I told him to hold them there, and his hands shot up so he could grasp his legs behind the knees, and then I lowered my head.  Gary couldn't see what I was doing, but I flicked out my tongue and moved closer until it came in contact with his hole. 

"Hey!  What's that?" Gary asked emphatically. 

"He's lickin' your butt hole with his tongue," Nolan replied, totally amazed. 

I expected Gary was going to say something, but all I heard was him moaning for a few seconds before he finally spoke.  "Fuck!  That feels good.  I can't believe it," he gasped in between moans and sighs. 

"Really?" Nolan countered in disbelief. 

"Yeah.  I thought he was gonna fuck me, but this feels incredible.  Don't stop.  Keep goin'," he begged. 

I wasn't planning on stopping and Gary was squirming, cooing, and sighing all at the same time.  When I stopped doing that, I wet a finger and inserted it next, and after I'd worked it in and out of his rectum for a couple of minutes, I wet a second finger and added it to the mix. 

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" Gary wheezed. 

"Not today.  I'm just getting you used to what it will feel like." 

When I stopped working on him, he asked a question.  "Do you have any of those things we can use to practice with first?  I think we should do that before we let you fuck us." 

"I'm sure I still have the dildos I used when I was younger.  In fact, I was only a little older than you.  I think they're packed away in a box somewhere, so I'll have to look for them." 

"How did you get stuff like that when you were that young?" Nolan followed. 

"I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school at the time, and I told my dad that I needed to use his credit card to buy some stuff I needed for a project at school.  That was just an excuse, though, because I got online and found a site where I could order a few dildos in the sizes I wanted to practice with.  The company only used initials for its name, which was something like ABC company, so my dad never figured it out.  He merely asked if it was the company I'd used to get my school supplies when he received the credit card statement, and when I said it was, he paid the bill." 

"Wow, that was sneaky.  So how big are they?" Gary pressed. 

"The smallest is shorter and thinner than either of you when you're hard, and the next one is around your size.  The last one is pretty close to my size." 

"So that's how you practiced?" Nolan followed. 

"Yep.  I used them a lot until I graduated from high school, but they've been packed away since I went to college." 

"So you think you can clean them up so we can use them?" Gary asked. 

"Of course.  That won't be a problem at all."

"K, then we want you to find them so you can use them on us.  Right, Nolan?" 

"Yeah, we should do that before we try it with anyone.  We'll use the smallest one first, and then we'll use the next one once we're ok with that one." 

"Smart move, and I'll dig them out as soon as I can.  Since I don't want you coming over here all the time, I'll let you take them with you, but you'll have to promise to keep them where no one else will find them.  I don't think you'll want to explain to your parents why you have them, and I certainly don't want anyone else to know that I gave them to you." 

"We'll be careful, but we'd rather do that here so you can help us," Nolan replied. 

"We can't keep doing this.  I shouldn't be letting you boys convince me to take so many chances." 

"We'll make sure no one finds out," Gary added, although it didn't assuage my fears.   

"Hey, it's my turn now, cuz I want to see what that feels like too," Nolan demanded.  "Gary seemed to enjoy it, so I want to see if I do too." 

Seeing he was so eager, I moved over and did the same thing to him.  The only difference was that Gary's head was only a few inches from mine as he bent forward to watch everything I did. 

"Damn, it looks nasty, but it felt incredible," he observed. 

"Yeah, I think so too," Nolan agreed. 

Once I had done all the same things to Nolan, I sucked both boys off before I had them get dressed.  "You'd better get going before your parents begin to wonder where you are." 

"Yeah, you're probably right, but I wish we could do more," Gary conceded. 

"I think we've done plenty.  It was way more than I'd planned on doing too.  Hell, I hadn't planned on doing anything with you boys today, and then you showed up with Tucker and Will." 

"I'm sure they enjoyed what you did to them as much as we did," Nolan confirmed.  "We all think you're really great and appreciate everything you do for us."   

"I know you do, and even though I enjoy it too, my nerves are a wreck after you leave.  I'm either expecting the cops to show up at my door, or Mr. Baldwin to fire me when I get to work." 

"We don't ever want either of those things to happen, so we'll be really careful and do whatever you say," Gary assured me. 

"Yeah, right," I snapped, sarcastically. 

"Don't you believe me?" Gary asked, looking incredulous. 

"Not exactly.  I keep telling you we can't do this any more, but then you keep showing up and talking me into doing it with you again." 

"Ok, maybe we don't do what you say when it comes to that, but we do with everything else." 

"Ok, but now you need to get going.  Let me check outside first, to see if anyone else is around.  I didn't do that before Tucker and Nolan left, but it was because I was naked at the time and they were in a hurry." 

"Yeah, we'll wait while you go outside first," Nolan agreed. 

As soon as I saw the coast was clear, I sent them on their way.  I watched as they dashed across the parking lot and headed into the trees.  I also watched as they began to descend the embankment and waited until they were completely out of sight.  If I was lucky, no one else had even noticed that they were here. 

My heart was pounding in my chest as I sat on the sofa and got comfortable.  It wasn't just because I was worried about getting caught, but I was also pumped up thinking back upon the various things I'd done with the four boys.  Even though I hadn't gotten off, I thoroughly enjoyed everything I'd done with them.  They're all very cute, and I truly enjoy being around them, so this would be perfect if it wasn't illegal.  What a confusing dilemma to be caught in, since they all want to do this as much as I do. 

When I eventually began to calm down and I'd savored the memories of the past few hours, I got up and started fixing something to eat.  It was almost dinnertime and I was hungry, and I chuckled to myself when I had a humorous thought.  "Man cannot live on sex alone."  I might be willing to try, but for now I'll settle for a filling meal. 

After I'd finished eating, I sat down and began planning out the week at school.  After I'd finished working on the lesson plans for each of my classes, I turned my attention to the drama club.  This week we were going to rehearse all of Act One on Monday, and all of Act Two on Thursday.  We'd do it on the stage again, but we wouldn't have the sets or props yet, but the kids could get used to hitting their cues for entrances, exits, saying their lines.  I also wanted them to get used to facing the audience, or at least turning their heads in that direction whenever they were speaking. 

That night after I went to bed, my mind kept replaying the events of the day in the form of dreams, and I was mildly surprised that most of them were about Tucker and Will.  I wasn't sure if this was significant, other than it had been the first time I'd done anything with them, so those experiences were probably at the front of my mind.  I didn't think it meant that I'd enjoyed doing things with Nolan and Gary less, but I'd done it with them multiple times, so maybe it was just that it was becoming old hat.

I was a nervous wreck when I got to school on Monday morning.  Having done those things with the four boys meant there was a greater chance that one of them might have slipped up and spilled the beans.  When no one said anything and nothing happened, I began to relax.  I had to chuckle when I was in the faculty lounge at noon and ran into Jack Cardwell, though.  He blushed when he saw me, and then he avoided making eye contact.  I had a feeling he believed the boys had told me about running into him at the Y on Saturday, but I'm not sure why he thought they might have done that already.  I wouldn't be seeing them until the drama club met, and that wouldn't start until after classes ended.  Was it possible he felt I was in constant contact with them?

As soon as the kids showed up for rehearsal that afternoon, I handed out a list to each one advising them about the types of costumes they would need for the play.  Since we didn't have money in the budget to provide these items, each actor would be responsible for furnishing his or her own attire.  The guidelines were quite simple, though, so they shouldn't have a problem finding something they could use.  I merely told the girls that they should wear a dress or a skirt and blouse, while the boys should wear a pair of slacks (not jeans) and a solid color, button down, long-sleeve shirt. 

The sheet also included a note that Ms. Atkins and one of her female teacher friends were offering to help the girls secure whatever they needed from the local thrift store.  They also agreed to help make any alterations that might be needed, such as adjusting the length of those items, since they should come below the knees.  The boys shouldn't have as much of a problem, however, because they should already have something appropriate at home, but I offered to help them with anything they needed as well.  Whatever items they came up with wouldn't exactly be appropriate for the time period of the play, though, but we'd make do. 

Once that had been taken care of, we started the rehearsal and the kids were doing fairly well, but occasionally one of them would forget his lines for Act One.  It had been over a week since we'd worked on it last, so sometimes they got confused or merely couldn't recall what they were to say, but we corrected the problems and moved on.  I also had to keep reminding them about where they were supposed to enter, exit, and stand, and I also had to constantly remind them about facing the audience.  It would take time before they began to do it automatically, since most of them were new to being on stage, but I was convinced they'd get it eventually. 

I was a little more at ease when I got back to the apartment later, seeing the day had progressed normally.  As I thought about Jack Cardwell again, I couldn't keep from smiling because it seemed he was as worried now as I had been after he'd seen me with the boys at the Y.  I also had a feeling he wouldn't be there this week if the boys went back at the same time, but I wouldn't tell them about my suspicions.  I felt it would be better if we weren't there together either, and this way I could still go early and enjoy my swim before they showed up. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were all fairly normal days too, so I was spending less time absorbed with my preoccupation about getting caught.  It didn't mean I was ready to throw caution to the wind, though, but I was gaining confidence that I could take the boys at their word. 

Thursday's rehearsal went better than Monday's, but that's because we were working on Act Two.  We'd worked on that act during the previous week, so not only did they do better with their lines, but for the most part they remembered their stage cues as well.  I still had to remind them occasionally when they turned away from the audience while speaking, but other than that I was pleased with their effort. 

After the rehearsal ended, I pulled Nolan and Gary aside for a quick chat.  "There's absolutely no need for you to come to my apartment this weekend.  If you have something you feel you need to tell me before Monday, then call me when you're alone at home or in a private location while you're out riding your bikes."

"Ok, but we hope you'll change your mind about that," Nolan replied.  "We'd like to come see you again."

"Yeah, we'll feel terrible if we aren't able to spend time with you this weekend," Gary added. 


"You'll survive," I countered, although I wondered how I would. 

I spent the evening wondering if I'd made the right choice by telling them to stay away, because subconsciously I was looking forward to seeing them too.  I had to confess that I wanted to do those things as much as they did, but I knew I had to pull back before things got out of hand. 

I was surprised that none of the boys stopped in to see me at school on Friday, because I felt at least one of them would drop by so he could try to convince me to change my mind.  That didn't happen, though, so when the school day ended I went home to think about everything. 

When I was checking my mailbox, I found a note that told me there was a package waiting for me at the office.  The mailman would always leave the items that wouldn't fit in a mailbox there, while also leaving a note in our mailbox so we'd know to pick it up.  As I suspected, it was the items I'd ordered online, so now I had them well in advance of when I was planning to use them. 

Later that night, I started thinking about the weekend.  Since I didn't feel that Mr. Cardwell would be at the Y on Saturday, I almost decided to go when I knew the boys would be there.  I reconsidered, though, because even if I wanted to be with them, I had to take the high road and not give into my basest desires. 

I had multiple dreams that night, and there was at least one about each of the boys.  I dreamed I was involved in all sorts of sexual activities with them, and in some of the dreams they even did some of those things to me too.  There wasn't anything we didn't do, and little Tucker was into it just as much as the other boys, so I was a very happy camper when I awoke.  I was not only as hard as a rock, but fortunately I hadn't had another nocturnal emission, so I went to the bathroom and masturbated in the shower. 

As soon as I'd taken care of business, I went out and fixed something to eat, before packing the items I'd need in my gym bag so I could go to the Y.  I timed it so I would arrive at 10:00, and when I reached the pool I was totally shocked to see Jack Cardwell there.  He'd obviously decided to go swimming earlier today so he wouldn't run into the boys, and when he saw me he kept looking around like he was expecting to see the boys there too.  When they didn't magically appear, I think he began to accept the fact that we must have both run into them purely by accident and there was nothing sinister going on.  I think he also felt better after he'd concluded the boys hadn't told me about running into him too, because he came over to chat. 

"Hi, Marshall.  I didn't expect to see you here today." 

"I generally come here around this time, but on occasion something comes up and I have to go a little later." 

"Ahhh, that explains the last time I saw you." 

"Yes, I'd spent that morning at school copying scripts for the drama club, so I didn't get here until after lunch." 

"That explains a lot.  I was just finishing up and the water feels great, so have a good time." 

"I expect to, because I really enjoy the workout.  I'd gotten out of shape during the last couple of years at college, and now I need to correct the situation."

"Yes, it doesn't take long before that happens if you're not working at it, as I well know.  That's why I come here too.  Well, so long and I'll see you at school." 

After he left, I jumped in the water and started swimming laps.  I also thought about what had just happened.  I came to the conclusion that Jack had finally accepted that our first encounter was a chance encounter, as was my being in the shower with the boys.  I was no longer worried that he'd be watching me from now on, as long as he didn't run into the boys and me together outside of school.  It was a shame, because it meant we could no longer go swimming together, but as long as it protected me and my job, it was a sacrifice I'd have to make. 

I spent the rest of the day tweaking my lesson plans for the following week, so I only found time to think about the boys when I stopped to take a break.  I didn't expect to see or hear from them this weekend, so I was surprised when my phone rang later that afternoon. 


"Hi, Mr. Roberson.  It's Nolan.  I just called to let you know that Mr. Cardwell wasn't at the Y today." 

"Yes, I know.  He was at the Y, but he was there earlier, when I was there.  He was just getting ready to leave when I got to the pool." 

"Really, so does that mean we can start swimming together in the afternoon." 

"No.  I think he's satisfied that our previous encounter was accidental, but we can't push our luck.  I talked with him for a short time and explained that I usually swam in the morning and only went other times when I had a conflict." 

"That sucks, cuz we really missed being with you.  Are you sure we can't come over now or tomorrow?" 

"I don't think that would be wise.  We were fortunate that we were able to convince Mr. Cardwell that we'd merely run into each other by accident, so it wouldn't be wise to push our luck.  I think we should avoid seeing each other, except at school."  

"But we can't do anything there." 

"Maybe not what you're thinking, but we can still talk and you can be part of the drama club." 

"Please, I know the others what to spend time with you too," he pleaded. 

"Just help each other out and you won't need me.  I think you have enough ideas about things you can do now, and it will be a lot easier to do them with each other, than with me." 

"But how are we gonna get that other stuff you promised to let us use?" 

"I'll find a way to get it to you.  Maybe I can wrap it up so it's not so  conspicuous, and then I'll give it to you either before or after one of the drama club meetings.  I should be able to get it to you that way, but if not I'll figure out something else so you won't have to come here to pick them up." 

"Ok, but we wanted you to show us how to use them." 

"It's not difficult, and I'll give you everything you'll need.  I'll even put a note in with those things, if it will help, and describe everything you'll need to know." 

"Yeah, that would be good, but not as good as having you help us the first few times." 

"You don't really need me, and I think you're just using it as an excuse so you can come here to talk me into doing what you want."

"Maybe, because that's what all of us want to happen." 

"I know, but we've got to avoid doing that.  I don't want to raise anyone's suspicions again, especially Mr. Cardwell.  I think his concerns have been eliminated for now, and I'd like to keep it that way." 

"I hope you change your mind, but I've got to get going.  My parents are expecting me home soon." 

"K, goodbye then.  I'll see you at school." 

That ended the phone call, and I hoped it also ended his desire to try to convince me into giving in to them again.  Even though I have enjoyed our previous encounters, I've got to start acting smarter than I have in the past. 

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