Amsterdam Boy-Love Weekend--Chapter 2



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After a shower and an excellent meal I set off for my rendezvous with Berthold at his shop. My mind was totally fixated on the prospect of looking at live sex acts between young boys and I had brought sufficient funds for a private session with one, if he lived up to my expectations...which I fully expected. The thought of holding a soft warm early pubescent boy next to me and basking in the glow of the orgasms we would share had now totally possessed me, although I had some reservations about how these "illegal" young boy clubs operated. When I arrived it was just before 10pm and though his shop would stay open until 4am, Bert was through for the day and he was busy gabbing away in Dutch to the guy who worked the night shift for him.

"Halloo Gaaarryy," Bert said in his thick accent as I approached "ready for some fun?"

"Yeah sure," I replied "but I wouldn't mind a beer before we go."

"Sure, sure come on in back," he said as he led me to the kitchen and then handed me a cold bottle.

"God that's good," I sighed as I took a long pull on it "thanks a lot Bert."

"No problem and they sell this brand at the club we are going to."

"Great," I replied "but would you mind if I asked you a few questions before we go?"

"What, you getting a little scared...maybe a little paranoid?" he said smiling.

"I just don't want any surprises," I answered "at least not procedurally. For instance will everyone speak English there and where exactly do these young boys come from...are they runaways or drug addicts or what?"

"Oh I see," Bert said as he sat down next to me "you don't have to worry, because everyone speaks is a required subject in all our schools and very necessary for the tourist trade. As for the boys, they are all healthy and clean, that is why it is so expensive, because of the quality of these precious young creatures. You could pay 1/2 as much and get boys who are not cared for and on drugs, but they are sickly and mistreated. The boys you will see tonight are angles!"

I was relieved to hear this but still very curious about where these boys came from, so I asked "Bert, how does the club get these boys, and how do they keep them there?'

"Mostly Gary, they are poor farm boys who come into the city on weekends to make extra money to help support their families. The owners of the club know the towns that are on hard times and they travel out there to get the boys and then take them home after. They have established a reputation for treating the boys well and paying them very well, so it is in many ways an accepted duty of a young farm boy when his family is in need of money."

"Jesus," I said "so the mothers and fathers of these boys willingly send them off to be prostitutes, that is unbelievable."

"It is better than starving Gary," Bert said sadly and I nodded in agreement.

"So these kids don't come back once they have made enough money," I asked still trying to imagine how I could ever send a child of my own to a club like the one we were about to visit.

"Mostly Gary, mostly. But some stay to make more money, and some stay because they love the City and maybe even what they are doing. Of course, some of the boys come from different circumstances altogether, it very much depends you see? But in all cases, the club only takes in boys of very high quality and in perfect health...and they treat them better than anywhere else. For any boy who must or who wants to do these things...have sex with men...this is the club they would all want to come to. This club almost always gets first choice and the other clubs get the boys that are turned away. Anyway, enough with the questions OK, let us leave now unless you no longer wish to come."

"No," I answered quickly "I definitely want to go, I am just curious is all."

"Let us go then, and trust me Gary because I have been loving boys in Amsterdam forever, and I promise you that these are the finest most innocent well cared for boys you can imagine. You are going to love this night!"

As we set off for this mysterious and exotic sounding club, Bert began to tell me about some of the other things I should be prepared for. He described some of the love acts I might expect to see and he reminded me that one could take any of the boys to a private room where I would be charged on an hourly basis and depending on what type of activity would occur. I was beginning to feel the stirrings of my manhood as I conjured up the vision of a stocky young boy laying naked on a bed before me, his erect uncircumcised and ever so lightly haired penis yearning to feel the joys that my hungry mouth could so easily produce.

When we entered the building, I was taken aback that it was a crowded gay nightclub with late teenage and 20-something performers on stage. Bert noticed my curious and unhappy stare as he whispered to me "Do not worry Gary, this is not the club...this is only the first door we must cross through to get there." I gave him a relieved smile as he went over to a bouncer at the back door of the club and began to speak with him. By their body language, it appeared that they were well acquainted with each other and soon Bert was pointing over in my direction as he continued to speak. Bert signaled that I should join them, so I began to navigate my way through the crowd of men who were lusting at the stage show then in progress.

Bert told me to hand the bouncer $200 worth of Dutch guilders, which I quickly did and then he allowed us to pass through the door he was guarding. When Bert and I stepped out into an open alley way, my first thoughts were that I just been conned out of my money, but before I could utter a protest, Bert led me across the alley to a large metal door that he pounded on loudly. The security slot in the door opened and after a pair of eyes peered at us briefly, the slot then closed and we were then admitted. Bert led me through the dimly lit hallway until we came to a door that opened into a large room with many benches and dozens of wall hooks on which hung either white terry cloth bathrobes or the clothing of men who had come through before us.

Bert saw the confusion on my face as be began to explain. "Gary, I told you they are very careful here about their boys, so you must take all of your clothes off and put on one of the robes. Leave on your shoes and socks and put your wallet in the robe pocket. Then we will go see that gentleman over there to have our genitals inspected."

"What?" I asked in surprise.

"If you are leaky or drippy you cannot go in. That way it is safe for us and safe for the boys," Bert replied as he undressed, donned a robe and then walked over and opened his robe in front of the rubber-gloved man who was seated by the door. As I put my rope on and filled the pockets with my wallet, a packet of hashish, a small pipe and a lighter, I watched as the man manipulated Bert's penis and testicles and retracted his foreskin before allowing him to pass by. When I approached and opened my rope, the sight of my circumcised penis caused the man to ask "Are you American or Jewish?" as his gloved hand worked around my shaft and balls and dabbed at my penis slit in search of any unhealthy discharge. "I'm American," I replied. Then the man smiled at me and said "I hope you like our little boys we are very proud of them, enjoy yourself!"

I followed Bert through the door into the main floor room of the club. It was filled with the smell of cigarette and hash smoke and the lights were turned up, as the evening's first act had not yet been performed and most of the men were gathered around the bar which occupied the entire left wall. As Bert led me in that direction, I noted the large semi-circular stage with rows of plastic armchairs all around it, each chair having a folded white towel on the seat. I also noticed the two large bouncers at either side of the back stage area and two more who were guarding a double door that no doubt led to the private back rooms. Security was definitely a priority with this establishment.

The floor was cement and there was a noticeable smell of disinfectant in the air. Bert passed me a beer and as I drank I looked back toward the door we had passed through only moments before and watched as 8-10 other men came through. My guess was that there were no less than 60 patrons in the room by the time the lights were dimmed, then raised and dimmed again to signal that the show was about to begin. "Gary," Bert said "I think you will like the seats on the right side the best, and you can stand up near the stage if you wish provided you do not block anyone else's view."

I said that I would get us two more beers and then join him at the seats he was suggesting. After I had purchased them and was walking to the seats, I observed that many of those in attendance were in fact couples and they were openly stroking their partners under their robes, actively kissing and engaging in many other aspects of foreplay. I began to feel a tingle of excitement as a sense of electricity was filling the air. When I got to the seats that Bert was holding and handed him his beer, I saw that he had opened his robe and was slowly massaging his semi-erect penis. "I like to cum early during the first act and again during the 6th or 7th, then if I buy a boy tonight it will take the full hour with him to climax again. If you cum in the towel, they will give you a new one. If you splash your seed on the floor or the chair, signal to that man there and he will hose it down between acts."

"Quite the system they've got going here," I said as I took my seat next to Bert, opening the front of my robe and feeling the cooler air of the room sweep across my hot throbbing penis that was almost fully erect. I watched as Bert looked over and stared at me as I sifted my fingers through my black patch of trimmed pubic hair, which was the only growth on my torso. Bert by contrast was a total "Bear" with dark brown hair everywhere, including across the expanse of his big round belly. "Gary, if you wish we can stroke each other or do more, but I will not be offended if you wish not to. And the two men over there are the ones to see if you want to take a boy to the back rooms."

"Thanks Bert," I replied "I'm not sure what I want to do just yet, at least not at first. I think I just want to save myself for one of the boys."

"Good luck then Gary," Bert laughed with a doubting sound in his voice "but my guess is you won't get past the second act without needing another towel!"

Just then the lights went down, then the curtain opened and a spotlight shined down on a row of no less than 20 young boys. As advertised, they were all squeaky clean and stood in descending order of height wearing the same kind of robe I had on. Then, while the audience clapped and cheered, small groups of the boys began to step out of their robes and then walk to the far left edge of the stage. The naked youths slowly walked the entire semi-circular stage front and then, after retrieving their robes, the boys disappeared behind the curtain. The procession was no more than 10 feet from where we sat and it was breathtaking! The first 5 or 6 boys were completely hairless 10 or 11-year-olds with their uncircumcised flaccid penises swinging to and fro as they paraded by. The next group consisted of taller boys none of which seemed to be older than 12. They had larger genitals and each of them had either a distinct fuzz of soon to be pubic hairs or a light wispy dusting of some coarser hairs.

All of the boys in the first two groups seemed rail thin with flat butts. The sharpness of their features was not at all what I was hoping for personally in terms of a boy to actually snuggle against that night, but they were all angelic nonetheless. I was totally captivated by the sight of their young bodies so beautifully beginning the magical journey toward manhood. All of them had tan lines, indicating that their normal outdoor wear consisted of tee shirts and short pants. The skin of their genital regions was ghostly white and perfectly contrasted any darker growth that might be going on there.

The boys of the third group were taller still but, again, all on the lean side. Except for the 2 "late bloomers" whose penises and scrotums seemed both small and substantially hairless against their groins, these boys had a more decided patch of pubic hair of varying shades. However, none of them had a true crop by any means. In fact, their modest growths were primarily confined to either side of their penises while the area directly above remained smooth and milky white. I guessed that all of these boys were at least 12, but none of them older than an early 13.

In the last group of the 6 tallest boy, the substantially grown in pubic regions of the first 3 to walk by clearly gave them away as late 13 to late 14 year olds. These boys were also thin and angular as were the next 2 who followed, though they had smaller penises and decidedly less hair. Then all eyes turned to the last robed boy left on stage as he was nervously fumbling at the knot that had formed in the cloth belt to the oversized robe he wore. He had short bowl-cut black hair and a wide handsome face. His skin was soft and lightly tanned and he had freckles across the bridge of his nose. His blue eyes shined brightly when he looked up from the knot that would not come undone and I felt a strange and sudden connection to him, even though he had yet to fully reveal himself.

Obviously sensing that he was running late, the boy abandoned the knot and slipped the rope off of his shoulders and began to push down on the tighter area around his hips. His now exposed upper body was the antithesis of the boys who had gone before him. He had broad beefy shoulders and thick arms but, he was not muscular. He had a very soft almost doughy exterior and, unlike the others, you could not see his ribs through his skin. And he had boy-breasts...where the folds of his skin formed small conifer areas. His stomach was beefy but not hanging fat--no potbelly at all but a jiggling thickness, all of which had the look of the kind of "baby fat" that the full throes of puberty would ultimately burn off. As the stubborn robe began to finally slide down across his hips, the appearance of love handles on his sides came into view as he widened and then curved back down into his normal sized hips.

Now, as he stood forcing the tight fabric down his front, the soft white area above his penis was being stretched tightly revealing only the slightest dark shading. I had to strain my vision to make out any growth at all, as this boy was clearly included in this last group purely because of his height. On a puberty stage basis he would have been more appropriately included with the second group of 12-year-old boys, because he had no more than a darkening area of boy fuzz and not a single coarse hair stood out from him. Then as the robe finally gave way and fell to his feet, his penis and scrotum sprang into view. His genitals were good sized for a boy his apparent age, but they seemed much smaller because they were surrounded by his large bulky frame. He stepped out of the robe and then quickly gathered it before hurriedly trotting back behind the stage to a mixture of applause and laughter from the audience.

While only in full view of me for a few moments, the fact that the boy was the only one who was circumcised had become plainly evident. He had perfectly normal sized sturdy legs, and when he turn his back to me while walking off stage, I almost gasped at the beauty of his full and bulbous bottom, not fat or dimpled...just a nice big boy-butt which I far preferred to the look of the bony posteriors of most of the others. "Bert," I whispered as I looked over and saw him avidly stroking his fully erect length, the sheen of his leaking pre-cum beginning to glaze the purplish head which came into view as his foreskin slid back and forth, "that's the boy I want, how do I get him?"

"That chubby one? He will be no problem to get, because the thin boys and the very small ones are most popular. When you are ready for him, just tell one of the men guarding the back room doors and they will arrange it," Bert sighed as he continued to slowly stroke himself. I was ready for him right then and there, but I decided I would at least watch a few of the boy love acts first.

The thought of that ample bodied dark haired boy and his precious young circumcised penis had me now fully erect and in need of pleasuring myself. As I began to slowly stroke my straining erection, I thought about Bert's offer and decided to suggest that we masturbate each other while we watched the 1st act, whose participants were just beginning to take the stage. Without saying a word, I slid my chair closer and reached across for his fat hard cock. Bert smiled and then reached across for me, as we quickly developed a coordinated motion while watching the first two boys begin.

Two of the youngest boys had taken center stage where a mattress now lay. They stripped off their ropes and then hugged and kissed as we watched their slender young penises begin to twitch and slowly rise. Without breaking the deep kiss they were sharing, the boys reached down and began to softly masturbate each other. Then the boy on the right knelt down and took the other boy's taunt hairless erection into his wet mouth. I looked around the now silent room and saw that with very few exceptions, everyone was masturbating either alone or with someone while a few couples where engaged in oral sex. After a few minutes the two boys changed positions and a few minutes later they lay down on the mattress and engaged in a heated 69 exhibition.

As the boys continued, one of them released the boy-cock he was sucking and began to sigh and moan before crowing out in the high pitched adolescent voice of dry orgasmic achievement. Soon his cries were mixed with those in the adult audience whom this angelic boy's exotic sounds of bliss had been taken over the edge with him. I was feeling close myself as the spent boy now knelt in front of the other and then began sucking on him fast and hard. As my hand traveled up and down Bert's shaft, his pre-cum slickened foreskin slid effortlessly across his throbbing glans, Bert's large belly seemed to push out harder and his breathing now sounded labored and choppy. Then he barked out a sound as a massive splash of his seed erupted up the length of his torso, some of its hot viscosity falling across the top of my hand. "AAAARRRAAHHH, OOOHHHHAAAHH!" he cried as two more full jets shot forth and then 4 more lesser releases followed as I continued to pump the entirety of his length while massaging his bouncing scrotum with my free hand.


I toweled off my soiled hand as Bert cleaned up the large quantity of semen that he had deposited across his stomach, much of which now streamed down towards his large mass of pubic hair. I was tending to myself as the second boy's orgasm began to approach and I noted the veins in his neck begin to bulge as his hands clasped at the sides of the other boy's bobbing head. A rush of my pre-cum now lubricated my pumping fist as I leaned back to fully enjoy the power of what was to come. Then Bert slid down from his seat and took me fully into his mouth. "Oooohh Godddd ooooohhh" I whispered trying not to broadcast to loudly. As the boy before me bucked his hips harder and faster into the captive mouth of his companion, he moaned and cried a staccato succession of "Aaaahh, ooohhh, aaaahhhh, UUNNNNN AAAAhhhhh, AAARRRRRRAAHH!!"

I felt like I had caught the boys timing perfectly as I fired my hips up into Bert's mouth with each cry from the slender lad who was climaxing before us. "AAaaaaaHHHH CHRIST!" I cried out as my testicles fired up inside of me and my semen spilled forth. Trying my best to be more quiet, I groaned out four more powerful spasms before slumping back down into my seat as Bert's swallowing mouth withdrew. I wiped off the saliva and drool of semen that continued to leak from me before pulling my robe across my exposed front. "Thanks Bert, that was great but you didn't have to do it with your mouth...I mean I loved it but I don't know that I will return the favor."

"Not to worry Gary," Bert smiled "the pleasure was mine also and you are the first American I have ever tasted. You are very good by the way, very sweet!"

"Thanks I guess," I said laughing "how about another beer?"

"Definitely," Bert replied enthusiastically "but it is my turn to buy."

"No way," I protested as I rose from my seat "this round is definitely on me!"

As I waited for the bartender to serve me, the second acts participants had not yet walked out on to the stage, but something seemed to be exciting the crowd. There was clapping and much loud conversation as the men in the audience began to group together and then money began to change hands. I had no idea what was going on so I asked the bartender after ordering the two beers. "It is a contest with the two boys who will come out next, you see? Each will have a paddle and they will strike at the same time until one quits. Before they see the boys, the men gamble on who will win, the boy who comes out from the right side of the stage or the one from the left side. The winning boy receives some of the money that is a tip. A very fair process do you not agree?"

"I guess so," I said still trying to fathom what I was about to witness "I'm not particularly into that kind of thing though."

"Many here are," the bartender said flatly "these are usually the most popular acts, but only the biggest boys are selected for them because they will beat on each other very hard before one gives up. The littler boys cry like babies and quit too soon to make a good show."

As I made my way back to my seat with the fresh beers, I hoped that the boy I had designs on would not be among those chosen. Thankfully he was not, as I watched the two robed participants walk out on stage, each holding a beavertail shaped wooden paddle. Bert returned to his seat from the group of men he had been placing his wagers with and took the beer I had brought him. "I bet on the one on the left," he said as we watched that boy disrobe. He was tall with a sinewy musculature and a respectable crop of light brown pubic hair. As his opponent took off his robe, it became clear that they were almost equal in height and build, but "Bert's boy" was the more pubertal of the two, as the other had only a thin line of dark hairs adorning the top of his genitals. Neither boy was at all aroused which was understandable giving the ordeal that lie ahead for them. Both of their uncircumcised penises appeared shriveled and their scrotums looked tight and leathery as if they were standing outside in the cold instead of on the spotlight-warmed stage.

The two boys approached the front of the stage as the audience began to applaud and rhythmically stamp their feet. Then the boys hooked each other at their left elbows and then pulled themselves tightly together at their left shoulders. With the paddles raised in their right arms, they were now prepared to strike hard at the others easily accessible bare buttocks. Then a man walked out on stage with them carrying a large cowbell. "On each ring they will strike," Bert said as the boys seemed to be squirming in anticipation.

Then the first CLANG of the bell rang out and the boys simultaneously delivered a hard swat with their paddles...SSMMAAAKKK!!...and as the crowd roared its approval, the boys' backs arched, their eyes winced and their faces turned as red as the wide mark left on their butts by the paddles. CLANG...SSMMAAAKKK!! CLANG... SSMMAAAKKK!! CLANG...SSMMAAAKKK!!...that 4th strike eliciting the first cries from the boys, a stifled moan from Bert's and an outright yelp from the other. "Mine is getting the better of him!" Bert shouted as the next wave of paddling was about to begin.

Unlike the assembled masses, I was receiving no erotic or other type of pleasure from this sado-masochistic demonstration. On the contrary, I was in a cold sweat and then suddenly my mind was somewhere else entirely as I fell into a powerful flashback to my younger years...

It was the summer of 1973 between my 7th and 8th grade school years where I and three of my best friends were renewing a tradition we had started the summer before. That previous summer we had all been hairless prepubescent late 12 or almost 12-year-olds. We were long on sexual curiosity and desire and very short on knowledge and experience, and camping out in the woods only a few blocks from the block we all lived on was a standard summer fare.

During those warm summer nights alone in a tent, the four of us would eventually turn the conversation to sex. All kinds of topics, both real and imagined would come up and soon our virginal penises would too. Boys being boys, we would expose ourselves to each other and then masturbate to dry orgasms. As that summer progressed, we would masturbate each other and have our first tastes of oral sex. During the proceeding school year there were several occasions for some of us to have isolated one-on-one get togethers, but nothing compared to the tent orgies of that past summer. We lusted for the next summer to approach so we could again share our bodies as a group in the privacy of the local woods.

When that summer arrived, two of us were 13 and the other two were within a few months of that age, and we camped out every weekend during the first month of that second summer together. Danny Jacobs was the most developed of us with a narrow but fully covering mane of dark blond hairs above his penis, while Jimmy Gerber was the laggard with only a light downy fuzz. Rick Jamison and I had a light dusting of pubes...mine black and his dark brown. Danny came hardest of us all, a good first shot followed by a few more modest bursts. Rick and I could do one mini-shot and then drool, while poor Jimmy could only manage one or two clearish drops. Of all of us though, no one orgasmed harder than Jimmy...the kid would damn near jump right out of his skin and he never seemed to be able to get enough...not that any of us weren't almost always in the mood.

We were totally into oral sex at this point and we had rotating partner games we would play so that no one got "stuck" having to get Danny's mouthful of cum all the time! While we had contemplated anal sex, we had not yet worked up the courage to try it, our fears being equal from both the giving or the receiving side of the equation. But we were feeling like we would be crossing that bridge shortly as we headed out for this our 5th camp out of the summer. By now sex had become the whole object of the exercise, so setting up camp any time sooner than dark was a waste of time, as none of us felt secure about having one of our orgies in the daylight. This was the early 1970's and homosexuality was strictly taboo within the mainstream of society and especially to our middle class homophobic fathers. Nothing was more frightening to any of us that the thought that we might somehow be caught with each other's dicks in our mouths!

So, with the lengthening days, we would set off later and later to the wooded glen and this night it was almost 8:30 before we got there. After the tent was up it was almost pitch black outside and, after a cursory trip around the perimeter to insure our privacy, we all climbed into the tent and stripped naked. The Playboy and Penthouse magazines made their usual appearance and soon we were fully erect, coupled up and busily sucking away until one by one we barked out the arrival of our orgasms. Afterward it was snack, beer and bullshit time before round no. 2 was to begin. The third time we'd orgasm would usually put us to sleep, but it was not unheard of for two or more of us to wake up some hours later and go at it again, or for a dawn session or two to occur. We were that dangerous combination of very horny and very willing.

Our first orgasm behind us, we were drinking some of the beer that Jimmy had swiped from his father when Danny asked "Hey, who's up for some butt fucking?" We all wanted to try it, of course, but the thought of getting shit on our dicks had always been more of a reason not to than the thought of how it would hurt to be on the receiving end. That primary concern suddenly passed when Danny added "Look, I got us some rubbers!"

"Holy shit, where'd you get them?" I asked in awe at the sight of a box of 12 of these previously unobtainable treasures.

"I swiped them from my brother Pete," Danny laughed as we struggled to think what would be funny about Danny's hulking 18-year-old brother beating the shit out of him when he found out.

"Are you nuts," Jimmy said "he's gonna know it was you and kill you for that."

"I'll pay him double for them and that will make it cool," Danny replied unfazed "but the important thing is we have who wants to try it?"

"How will we decide who fucks who?" Rick asked.

"We can flip for it...if you flip a 'tails' then you get it in the tail first, OK?" Danny suggested, and we all agreed that was as good a method as any. "I'll flip with you Rick and Jimmy flips with Gary." We were fine with Danny's partnering choices and I fished two coins out of my jeans pocket and tossed one to Danny. When he flipped it Danny drew a tail as did I, so we'd be on the receiving end first.

Danny broke out the Vaseline and the two of us lubed up our virgin anuses while we watched Rick and Jimmy put on their first condoms. While Jimmy was still relatively hairless, his erect penis was not lacking in size. In fact, he was the biggest of all of us but not by much, as we were all about the same size. Still we were just young boys and the condoms fit very loosely and not to the full length of the rolled latex. The sensation of the rubbers and the excitement of what was about to happen had Jimmy and Rick rock hard and anxious as Danny and I rolled to our stomachs next to each other as our partners began to mount us.

We had heard and read all about the initial pain that would be involved and that trying to stay relaxed was best. But, when I felt the initial push of Jimmy's penis against my boy hole, I reflexively tightened. "Let me in man," Jimmy said in frustration as he poked and prodded at me.

"Yeah Danny you too," Rick said obviously experiencing the same situation.

Danny and I looked at each other with looks of resignation on our faces as we tried to relax and exhaled deeply. An indescribable feeling of intense pain and nausea shot through me as Jimmy's erection entered me in one fluid motion. I felt my sphincter clamp down hard on the base of his penis and I wanted to scream except that his penetration had left me feeling like the wind had been knocked out of me. While all of this had occurred in just a matter of seconds, it seemed like an eternity had passed before a loud deep-voiced "AAAAHHHHHHH" erupted from me at almost the same time as I heard Danny cry "Ooowwwww, OH FUCK that HURTS!!!"

"You OK?" a stunned Jimmy asked me as I buried my face in to the pillow to muffle my cries.

With my eyes tightly clenched I managed to spit out "Just don't move yet...give me a chance to get used to it."

"Yeah, don't fucking move!" Danny barked to Rick as I opened my eyes and looked into Danny's face and saw the same agonizing expression that I was feeling, tears running from his eyes as they were from mine. As we took some measure of comfort from each other, the sharp pain began to lessen until only a deep dull ache persisted.

"OK Jimmy just go slow until I tell you different," I said as Jimmy began to slowly withdraw and then slide back into me. Rick kept pace with him and after a few minutes the pain was gone and Danny and I had raised ourselves to our knees as the boys behind us began to hump in earnest. It didn't take long for Jimmy to begin sounding like he was getting close and I began to notice that I was becoming erect and that his motions were now quite pleasurable. In fact I was now pushing into him as hard as I could, as if some deep part of me needed to be filled. When I looked over toward Danny and Rick, I saw that Danny was digging it also.

", oh...God...this is great, I'," Jimmy's now shrill voice stuttered out just before he yelled "AAAHHHH,UUUNNNAAHHH, OOOOHHHHH!" His thrusts were deep and hard as he rammed into me during the attack of his orgasm. "aaaaahhhhhhhhh, wwwhhhheeewwwwww," he sighed as he collapsed down on top of me and I laid back down on my stomach feeling his penis begin to deflate inside me before it slowly slid and then popped out leaving me feeling empty and somehow sad.


He continued to lay on my back as we watched Rick navigate through his own powerful orgasm. Unlike Jimmy's outcry, Rick stifled back his grunts and groans as he plowed into Danny's backside as hard and fast as he could before falling back on his butt after his release, leaving the condom half in and dangling from Danny's ass. When Danny pulled it out, we saw that the reservoir tip had some milky fluid in it, while Jimmy's merely appeared to be damp when he slid his off.

"Fuckin' great!" Rick panted.

"Just the best!" Jimmy concurred "sorry if I hurt you."

"It only hurts at first," I replied "then it actually feels good. I thought I might have cum myself if you would have taken longer."

"Yeah, me too" Danny said "and it's made me horny as a dog and you too Gary by the look of you."

It was true...both of us were sporting monster hardons as he tossed me a rubber and took one for himself. We unrolled and draped them on our straining lengths of boyhood, while Jimmy and Rick dutifully lubricated themselves and then rolled to their stomachs. Our ears were soon filled with their cries as our cocks filled their tender young asses. Jimmy was softly weeping as I remained frozen inside him, while watching Rick's pain pass and Danny begin to hump him. I was aching to do the same, but I knew what Jimmy was feeling. "OookkkK," Jimmy finally whispered and I began to slide in and out as a new and luxurious feeling tingled through me.

This was so active as opposed to the more passive act of having one's dick sucked. I was in control now and I loved it as I varied the tempo and the depths of my thrusts, feeling Jimmy get looser and looser until, like me only minutes before, was taking pleasure from what had begun as a foul painful invasion. "AAAARRRRGGG OOOOFFFF, UUUURRRRAAAHH," Danny howled as he began to ejaculate, his face bright red and straining as he plunged hard at fast at Rick's butt.

I would have been content to take much longer, but the powerful sight of Danny's orgasm triggered that first telltale surge of electric delight through my penis. Soon by groin was radiating with delight "oooohhhh, ooooohhh, uuuunnnn, uuuumm," I almost sang as each thrust took me closer and closer to the edge. Then "AAAARRRRR AAAHHHH OOOOOHHH GGGGGODDDDD!" I cried out as my testicles fired up and down and what felt like 4 solid bursts of my boy juice left me. I found that I was fully into Jimmy and just rocking my engorged penis head in and out slightly as pleasure sparked through me like I had never known before.

Even though the might of my orgasm had passed, I was still deeply in the rapture of the moment when my eyes opened and I saw Danny laying on top of Rick as Jimmy began to now sink to his stomach taking me with him as I remained fully inserted. And then all of a sudden we all heard and turned in horror as a bright light shined through the tent flap at us and a booming voice shouted "YOU FILTHY QUEERS!! YOU GOD DAMNED HOMOS!!" It was Jimmy's Dad and he was livid.

"GET THE FUCK OUT HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!" he bellowed as Danny and I quickly sloughed off our rubbers and all four of us began a mad scramble for our clothes. "NO," Mr. Gerber screamed "DON'T YOU QUEERS PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON...JUST GET OUT HERE NOW!" Jimmy was sobbing loudly as he bolted from the tent toward the flashlight in his father's hand with the three of us slowly and fearfully following. "Bring that lantern out with you," Mr. Gerber hissed in a voice that just reeked of anger and hatred.

As Danny carried the lantern out, it illuminated the perimeter of the grove we were camped in giving it a dusk-like feeling. Where we had before been blinded by the flashlight, we could now see the intense anger that was etched on Jimmy's father's face. Mr. Gerber snatched the lantern from Danny's hand and the three of us stood behind Jimmy and, like him, we covered our privates with our cupped hands. Mr. Gerber hung the lantern from the front pole of our tent and then he put his large flashlight across the top of a fat fallen tree trunk which then brightly lit up that area.

In what seemed like one fluid motion, the man wheeled around, grabbed his son by the neck and hauled him over toward the tree trunk. At the same time he pulled the wide brown leather belt from his pants and pulled Jimmy down across his lap, pushing hard on the boy's upper back to hold him in place as Jimmy was now crying hard in the knowledge of what was to come. "I came out here to give you a beating for stealing my beer," Gerber yelled at Jimmy "But now I find you with Parker's cock up your ass and all of you been doing this queer shit...well boy I am going to give you the worst whipping of your life right here in front of all your homo friends!"

What happened next was nothing short of savage, as Gerber whipped his son as hard as he could the loud crack of each strike of his belt being louder than Jimmy at first, and then all of us, could yell and plead with him to stop. "NO DADDY, PLEASE DADDY STOP PLEASE STOP!!!" Jimmy shrieked whenever he could find his voice within his constant stream of crying and yelping as the folded length of the belt cruelly rained down on his bulbous buttocks. All of us were crying to as we continued to pleaded with him to stop. But it was clear that he intended to beat his boy until his arm could rise no longer and after the 20th or so blow none of us could speak a word as we cried in horror and Jimmy wailed in pain, his once milky white bottom now beginning to take on the look of bright red ground hamburger.

Just when it seemed that Mr. Gerber might be stopping, Jimmy's bladder failed him and he began to urinate in his father's lap. "YOU QUEER LITTLE FUCK!" he yelled as he pulled Jimmy up from him as his stream of urine continued to flow. "You pissed on me you cry baby piece of shit!" he panted while Jimmy could only continue to cry as his father threw him across the tree trunk and recommenced the beating.

"STOP MR. GERBER STOP!" I heard myself scream, although it seemed like it was coming from someone else. "He's bleeding for God's sake...please stop before you kill him!"

Gerber was near exhaustion when he finally stopped a few seconds later, panting hard and sweating profusely. Blood was streaming from the many open lashes on Jimmy's backside and all of our collective crying loudly filled the air. The three of us had sunk to our knees while Jimmy remained across the tree, his welted and bleeding butt straight in front of us as he writhed and cried. His father then tore into the tent and grabbed the first clothing he could find, which turned out to be Rick's jeans and tee shirt.

He hauled Jimmy up by his hair and then holding the weeping boy to his chest, he slid the jeans on him one leg at a time and then roughly pulled them up eliciting a loud cry from Jimmy as the rough fabric slid across his battered bottom. Jimmy collapsed to his knees his chest heaving as he sobbed and his father hurled the shirt at him and hissed "Put it on queer-boy!" As Jimmy struggled to comply, Mr. Gerber turned his attention to us.

"Now you queer bastards listen and YOU LISTEN GOOD! The ONLY reason I don't tell your parents about this is I don't want word to get out that I have a son who's a cocksucking homo. But you stay clear of him...don't none of you so much as talk to him again or I swear to God I will tell. And even if your fathers don't give it to you like I just gave to him, they'll know you are cocksuckers and it will break their hearts just like mine's been broken. YOU GOT IT YOU QUEER LITTLE FUCKS??!!!"

Still weeping softly we all nodded or whispered out a "yes", while Mr. Gerber turned from us and then hoisted his exhausted still sobbing son over is right shoulder like he was a sack of potatoes. Then, after grabbing his flashlight, he stormed off through the woods.

Scared and severely shaking in the cool night air we took down the lantern and stumbled back into the tent. We continued to cry until Danny found some words "Jeeesus Christ Gary if you hadn't said something I think he really might have killed him."

"I've been beat good by my old man before," Rick said softly "but never like that...that's the worst thing I've ever seen."

"Me too," I added weakly "I almost threw up out think he means it about none of us ever being able to see Jimmy again?"

"He means it all right," Danny said as he grabbed and damned near chugged down a beer. Rick and I took a beer too as Danny continued "it's gonna be hard not talkin' to him at school and stuff, but I'm not taking any chances with my dad finding out!"

We all agreed that being exposed would be worse than any beating and we pitied poor Jimmy for having to endure both. Then we took turns cursing his father and confirming that the night's event would not stop us for being friends, nor would it stop our camping trips! We then proceeded to get drunk on Mr. Gerber's beer before falling asleep.

During the next week we found that our concerns with how to deal with Jimmy were no longer an issue, because his father shipped him off to a summer military camp and enrolled him in an out-of-state military boarding school. Later that summer, Mr. Gerber and his wife moved out of town. We did keep in touch with Jimmy by writing and we even all got back together about 5 years later...but that's another story...

"CLANG...SSMMAAAAACCCCKK!" rang out the next volley from the boys on stage as they were both openly yelling now and I turned away in disgust, after fully emerging from the reminiscence of my boyhood. "What, you don't like?" Bert asked as I headed back toward the bar.

"No, I told you before I'm not into it," I replied looking across the seated audience and noticing that I was the only one who felt repulsed. I couldn't even stand to listen anymore so I asked the bartender where the restroom was and once inside I was thankful that the sounds of the paddle and the cries of the boys could not reach me. I took a much needed piss and then leaned against a wall slowly drinking my beer. About 5 minutes later Bert came in looking for me.

"Come on back Gary," he said "it is boy won on the 18th paddle...he made the other boy cry like a baby! The boy you said you wanted to go to a private room with is coming on stage, so hurry." I went by Bert in a flash and walked briskly back to my seat as I saw the boy I craved begin to open his robe as he stood next to the boy who I remembered as being the tallest and most well hung of them all. My suspicions were confirmed when the other boy disrobed and his comparatively huge and hairy fully erect penis sprang into view. Then my boy disrobed and stood plump, naked and unaroused as the taller more developed boy approached him and began shouting in Dutch.

This didn't look right so I asked Bert what they were saying. "It is like a little play," he replied "the tall one with the big cock is acting the part of an older school boy who has trapped your chubby one and will now rape him."

"Rape him?! I thought you said this place treated these boys well?"

"They do Gary they do, the other places they are barbaric compared to this little play acting. It's what the audience wants to see now, then there will be some tender love too but now it's a rape act is all. Your boy must be new here because it is always a new boy who is raped."

"Well I'm going to go buy him now then before he gets raped," I said almost shouting.

"That is fine Gary, go pay that man and they will bring him to you, but another boy will be brought out to take his place...another boy will be raped."

"Too bad," I scoffed "but at least it won't be this kid."

As I made my way across the room the act on stage continued and I watched as the taller boy delivered a powerful open hand slap across the face of my boy eliciting a loud "OOOWWWW!" Then he delivered a hard punch to the stomach that doubled him over as the taller boy pushed him down to his knees and then walked behind the fallen lad. I hurried to the man at the door and pulled out my wallet and said that I wanted the boy on stage now.

"Don't you want to wait until after?" he asked in a very surprised tone as my boy on stage was crying out as the taller boy pounced on him from behind and began to try to shove his large erection into him.

"No God dammit, I want him I'll pay you extra!"

"Very well then," he smiled before yelling in Dutch for the rape to stop, and amid the hisses and whistles of the disapproving crowd the tall boy backed off and my boy stumbled to his feet, retrieved his robe and then wobbled off behind the stage. I paid the US equivalent of $200, which was $50 more than a non-spanking 1-hour session normally cost. Then the man opened one of the double doors and led me down a hallway that was lined with the doors to 10 or so private rooms. The audience in the main room began to applaud as the new rape victim was marched out on stage. As I walked down the hall, I didn't have the heart to turn and see which of the other boys I had put in harm's way.

The man opened the door to the 3rd room on the right and it was nothing more than a large closet with an open ceiling a small bed with a plastic covered mattress and a pile of linens and towels. A bottle of baby oil sat on top of a small nightstand near the bed and a leather strap and a paddle hung from two hooks on the wall. "If you wish to beat your boy you may do so with these," the man said pointing to those cruel instruments. "It will cost you more and the boy will be inspected before you leave. If you make him bleed you must pay more still, and if you break him...WE WILL BREAK YOU!"

"I'm not going to hurt him," I said defiantly.

"You'd be surprised how many people say that," he replied grimly. "You will be locked in the room for 1 hour. If you need to use the restroom or require something from the bar or wish to leave early just push that button on the wall and an attendant will come to you. Your boy will be here soon...I suggest you make up your bed before he arrives."

As the man left the room I took the pile of fresh linens and made the bed and covered the pillows. Then I sat down and in a matter of seconds the door swung open and there stood my boy. He was staring down at the floor as he was sort of pushed into the room and then his robe was pulled from him, the door was shut and, with the snap of the bolt, we were locked in. The boy covered himself with his hands and I could sense his fear.

"I'm not going to hurt you," I said softly "my name is Gary, what's yours?"

"Chaim," he replied softly "and I am to do whatever you ask." Then he looked up and faced me, his blue eyes glistening with his welling tears.

"Nice to meet you Chaim, come sit down here on the bed." As he slowly approached me I asked if he wanted anything to drink.

"Yes please, a Coke would be nice."

"A Coke it is then," I said as I went to the door and pushed the call button. Soon an attendant came and I ordered two cans of Coke and gave him the requisite payment. Then I sat next to Chaim who had his hands in his lap covering his boyhood that I so longed to look upon. "How old are you Chaim?"

"I am 12 and 1/2 sir," he answered softly again staring down at the floor.

"Please call me Gary, OK Chaim?"

"Yes, all right Gary."

The door then opened and the attendant put the cans of Coke on the nightstand and left as I took one of the cans and held it out in front of Chaim. He looked up at the can and then into my eyes and I knew what he now struggled take the can he would have to expose his nakedness. I smiled and opened the can for him. Then I softly and slowly took him by the wrist of the arm closest to me and guided his hand away from himself, while he slid his remaining hand over to cover as much as possible. He took the can and began to drink.

I looked down into his lap and through his fingers and around the sides of the still covering hand, I began to catch sight of what I craved...the genitals of a boy on the cusp of puberty, just as I and my dear childhood friends had been so many years ago as we tutored ourselves in the pleasures of the flesh and felt the marvelous rapture of our budding sexuality. I felt my penis begin to stir under my rope and when I looked back up I saw that Chaim had been watching me. Then his fear seemed to melt as a smile began to cross his face, and though we were staring into each others eyes, in my peripheral vision I saw him take his other hand away and his legs spread wider apart as he shifted on the bed to face me more directly.

When he broke his gaze and began to drink again from his can, I looked down upon him and I thought I might weep as I took in the beauty of his form...

Author's Note: If you liked this story, check out "The Order of the Rope" in the High School directory...last posted on 1/5/03.