An Early Education


By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Len Homber

Pierre wasn’t really a blood uncle, my mom was from the French Canadian school of beliefs that children never called an adult by their first name, it was Mr. and Ms. or aunt and uncle, it didn’t matter that Pierre was only twenty-one. Pierre was a resident of Quebec City and a student at Montreal’s McGill University staying with us. Mom was a widow who decided to open our modest home as extra income to students who needed housing.


Pierre was a very nice person and good looking, or so mom said once to a friend of hers. He had the bedroom next to mine. I often saw him come and go from the bathroom directly across from my room. I was eleven and eight months old at the time and strangely curious about the large pouch that must have been heavy enough to weigh down the waistband of his briefs causing it to bow. I would sit on my bed every night waiting for the two-second thrill.


My cock began to bone up in anticipation, I had no idea why, but found it felt rather pleasurable to touch and wondered not only what was hiding in Pierre’s briefs, but how big it would grow and what it would be like to feel. Sometimes he wore red sweatpants and t shirt around the house, the bulge quite noticeable on those occasions the only difference, it would sway when he walked and I could make out a jutted length of what had to be his cock, even the slight ridge that I suspected he was circumcised as most of us quebecois guys were.


Pierre was quite good to me, playing catch or shooting hoops in my backyard. I loved those days when he wore those orange sweats to play, me in my jeans that hid my boners on those occasions. If Pierre noticed my ogles, he never said anything, but sometimes he would briefly smile at me for no reason.


“May I take Claude camping for the weekend, Madame Gerard?” he asked at dinner one night. “I’m meeting some friends at a campground in the Laurentian Mountains and thought Claude might like to come along.”


I was ecstatic. “Please mama,  please may I go?” I begged until she reluctantly gave her blessing.


“You use lots of bug spray. I’ve told you mosquitoes carry all kinds of diseases.” she warned. My mother had a phobia about the little pests.


“Qui, mama.”


“I will be sure of it, madame.” Pierre said.


I had never been camping  before and was very excited about it. The Friday afternoon we loaded his small Datsun with supplies and headed off for the three hour journey stopping for groceries at a supermarket.


“Camping grub.” Pierre said of the smokie hot dogs, cans of Spam to be fried, and other easy cooked food including marshmallows over a campfire for snacks.


The tenting area of the campground was hardly occupied. His four friends, Jacques, Georges, Rene, and Francois, seemed friendly towards me, Francois passing me a beer along with Pierre as we set up a small nylon tent. Another first for me, making me feel grown up and Pierre saying nothing about it. Later we had a campfire and roasted smokies on sticks placed in buns once they were cooked to a golden brown and black, oops.


It was very late when we all walked the short distance to the beach and had a swim before bed. I was shocked when Rene took off his shorts and swam naked. It was dark, but I did catch a glimpse of his manhood in contrast to his white untanned skin that looked like he was wearing briefs.


Back at camp I modestly took off my wet bathing suit in the tent and put on a loose pair of shorts before rejoining the young guys around the fire roasting marshmallows. They were all students and talked much of their studies, Pierre gave me another beer so as not to be left out.


Everyone retired to their tents. Jacques and Georges shared one and Rene and Francois another. I crawled into the small space and got under my sleeping bag, Pierre on his knees removed his wet shorts and tossed them out of the tent, all I saw was his rear end and a moment of his genitals before he tossed his sleeping bag over his naked body and turned off the lantern.


“Bonne nuit, mon ami.” he said.


“Bonne nuit, mon oncle.” I replied, quickly remembering he told me to call him Pierre while camping … “Pierre, excuse et moi!”


Pierre hadn’t bothered to zip up his sleeping bag. He was lying on his back, his left side exposed a by a few inches. After my eyes adjusted to the darkness I stared at his bare skin a long time in wonder of what was only inches from being seen. My cock was so hard it ached. Lying on my side I used my thumb and index finger to stroke it up and down slowly. The feeling was amazing. Hearing Pierre breathing steadily indicated he was fast asleep, earlier saying that he always slept soundly while camping.


My mind was reeling with thoughts of lifting the sleeping bag away a few inches to see his stuff, if he woke during the night he would think it accidental. I pinched the zipper and dared slowly and carefully to the right. I caught my breath, there before me was Pierre's long fat cock leisurely resting on his left thigh and ping pong-size balls to the right. I admired his black pubic hair, the only hair on his body besides his head. I shimmied down in my bag to get a better look, my face no more than six inches away from what I had been fantasizing over for months. “Beautiful manhood.” I thought, more impressive than I ever imagined.


Thinking I had been caught, Pierre had only rolled onto his side, the view all the more spectacular, I was sure he would feel my breath as close as I was then. My hand enveloped my cock and rubbed it faster discovering masturbation for the first time and finding the sensations incredibly wonderful. A strange feeling soon overcame my entire body lasting but a few seconds. I didn’t know then that I had experienced a dry orgasm, I wasn’t frightened about it, only confused and hoping for another.


Very carefully I slithered a hand forward at a snail’s pace until the tips of my fingers felt the warmth of his cock. Pierre was still sound asleep, with every ounce of courage my hand wrapped around it. So soft and meaty, I associated the texture to that of Playdough


Either I had became very foolish or maybe didn’t care, the tip of my tongue grazed over the crown tasting a little salty. I could feel the shaft expanding in my hand before it expanded … Pierre was getting an erection! I watched in awe as it took on a new shape and size, the length maxed at about seven or maybe eight inches long, I could barely touch my finger to my thumb.


I continued to lick the thick head and even dared to dip the tip of my tongue in the moist slit. Something wet and sweet tasting oozed, I licked more of it. No idea what it was, but I knew it wasn’t pee by the gooey texture.


Pierre’s breathing became louder and shorter. Coming to my senses in fear, I moved back a couple of feet thinking he was waking up from the attention I was giving him. “Don’t stop, Claude.” he whispered softly. “It feels nice.”


I was speechless, unable to breathe. Pierre took my hand and placed it back on his shaft, his hand tight over top and began stroking it from the head to the base where his short curly hair brushed the heel of my hand. “Sucer mon gros, mon ami.”


He didn’t have to ask twice, I sucked like he wanted not even knowing what a blowjob was, never mind that people did those things at the time but soon finding out. I loved it in my mouth as deep as I could stand it. Pierre gave me some pointers and it wasn’t long before I was sucking like a pro and licking his shaved balls.


Pierre turned on the lantern and had me get on top of him, removed my shorts and played with my four-inch slender dick and bum hole telling me how big I was for my age which eased my inhibitions of being naked in front of him. Being much taller, he bent my cock down and under so as he could strain his neck to suck it and lick my balls and hole. What a rush that was, I never knew a bum hole could be made to feel that splendid and his warm mouth was heaven-like on my genitals.


“Okay stop, Claude!” he suddenly blurted. “Arret maintenant!”


I thought I had done something wrong, however, he only wanted to let me to watch him cum. I was totally in awe as long white goops shot from his slit high in the air and and landed on his chest and belly that he told me to taste so as when he did it in my mouth I would know what it was … I licked the entire mess off his body.


Pierre joined our sleeping bags and we slept naked together the rest of the night, my hand never leaving his genitals. I got a lesson in sex that night, it was like the seventh wonder of the world was finally realized, I had led  a very sheltered life, my mom was a staunch God fearing Catholic and sex was never discussed in our home


Pierre gave me a blowjob in the morning taking his time until I had another miraculous orgasm. Returning the favor lying between his legs, I almost died when he said, “Bonjour, Francois.”


I jerked my head to the side to see Francois’ head inside the tent. He giggled and said, “Can anyone join this party?”


I was intimidated at first watching Francois remove his underwear, his cock wasn’t as long as Pierre’s, but just as fat. He lay beside me and I jerked him off until Pierre was finished then sucked him as Pierre worked a finger deep in my hole. The astonishments never seemed to end, I learned about the prostate gland at the mercy of Pierre’s finger.


Francois didn’t quite taste the same as Pierre, his load was rather tart in comparison. Nonetheless, I swallowed every bitter drop. I was erect, Francois sucked me off saying the same as Pierre, I had a big dick for my age. I only wished I could make the white stuff and have pubic hair, Francois assured me that it wouldn’t be long and to jerk off as often as possible to stimulate early puberty.


Rene and Francois had a larger tent than us. I found out later that Pierre had originally planned to bunk in with them. “Were you all going to have sex?” the words slipped out making me feel like a stupid kid.

Francois looked at Pierre who shrugged and replied, “Oui, mon ami. Where do you think I go most Friday nights?” he and Francois laughed.


“We are all gay, Claude. So are Jacques and Georges.” he said with a smile.

“I guess I’m gay, too?” I asked.


“Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell. Right now you’re just curious.” Pierre said. “Very curious indeed!” he laughed.


When we crawled out of the tent the three other guys were building a fire to fry breakfast in a large cast iron skillet, all in their underwear. The looks they gave us with knowing grins embarrassed me a little and I felt flushed. Pierre walked naked to his car and fetched a pair of shorts, Francois was also naked outside putting on his underwear, a little more modest, I had put my shorts back on in the tent wishing I hadn’t, following Pierre and Francois’ lead I could have added to my status as a carefree one of the guys, after all, I was adjusting well to being seen nude and there had only been positive reinforcement that I had something to be proud of between my legs.


I learned much about gay people that day just by listening. Jacques and Georges were like boyfriend and girlfriend I concluded, only they were both boys. Francois and Rene were only good friends who fooled around with each other … and sometimes Pierre included on Friday nights, of course, the term “fuck buddies” was mentioned periodically, I wasn’t sure what that meant … as well as orgies … until that night.


Pierre and me stayed with Francois and Rene in their tent that night, a cock buffet! Rene was every bit as large as Pierre but uncut, my first experience with foreskin that I found kind of funny looking, nonetheless, I liked the way it slid over his knob so fluidly. The men had me stand, Rene and Pierre devoured my genitals and Jacques licked my bum hole … what a feeling!


Minutes later Pierre and Jacques urged me to my hands and knees. Jacques tossed what appeared to be a small banana to Rene. Straining my neck, I saw it was in fact a banana and Rene was rubbing something wet and shiny on it.


“Oowie!” I screamed. “Oowies, it hurts!” Pierre and Jacques held me from crawling like a dog forward. “Take it out … please?”


“Take it, Claude.” Pierre whispered in my ear trying to reassure me, his hand stroking my hair. “Don’t struggle … it’ll feel good soon. I promise.”


My arms collapsed, my knees kept my bum in the air. God it hurt. Jacques put his cock at my lips. I wanted to prove I was one of the guys and opened my mouth, it was all I could do not to bite him, all I did was clench my lips on his meat, he managed the rest pumping in and out with the same force Rene was shoving the banana up me.


I felt Rene’s hands on my hips, a whole new hurt inflicted my ass a second later. I squealed like a pig rearing my head back off Jacques cock fighting off tears refusing to cry. Jacques forced my head back on his manhood, his long balls slapping my jugular. I peered at Pierre hoping for some kind of mercy and got nothing but a smile and thumbs up like he did at my soccer games when I was playing well … and it only encouraged me to do my best getting fucked for the first time and concentrate on sucking the cock in my mouth … and comforted holding Pierre’s cock in my hand while Rene used the banana on him.


Jacques was next. His larger cock hurt but not near as much, Pierre’s familiar meat in my mouth so reassuringly nice and so wanting to please him and Jacques, Rene jerking me after stimulating me erect again after a short pause of painfully losing my virginity. I never thought I was being used at the time, only thinking how lucky I was that my new friends were teaching me things I needed to know much sooner than later.


All three men fucked me more than once. I was very sore and my jaw ached in the morning after only a few hours of sleep and blowing each of them again, my mouth musty tasting and dry. That night I bent over a log beside the fire and repeatedly gangbanged sucking off all five men, my chest was scraped and bleeding when it was over … I loved every minute of it!


When we were driving home Pierre told me he often saw me looking at his basket knowing I was curious and vulnerable. Sharing me with his friends wasn’t planned, it just happened, he claimed. I had no regrets and told him as much.


Pierre would often sneak into my room at night for sex. Getting careless, we got caught by my mother in a heat of passion with my legs in the air and Pierre fucking me. That was the last I saw of the young man, mom threw him out that very night even though I begged her not to, the only reason she didn’t call the police.


Two months later Joelle moved in … a story for another time other than to say I was very good at seducing the single men who stayed at my house … gay or straight. In high school I was also sucking off certain trusted friends and fucked by a few … however nothing ever compared to my weekend camping avec Pierre et ses amis!




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