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And then there was Jake . . .

“Hey Matt, I’m home” Evan said as he breezed in the door. “This is Jake, a friend from school. I’m gonna show him my models.”

“Ok Ev. Hi Jake, nice to meet you” I responded nonchalantly.


That’s all he said to me before the two of them went down to Evan’s room and shut the door. I’m surprised I even looked up from the fascinating world of Jerry Springer. I did, however. I’m glad I did, because that was the first time I noticed Jake.

I think introductions are in order. My name is Matt. I am one of those odd things you find in nature known as a gay married man. I was in my early 30's when I first met Jake. At that point, I had been married for about seven years, and had been taking care of my step-kids, Evan and his older sister. I’m sure you are wondering how a guy can be gay, but be married. Well I don’t really know how to explain it. That’s just how it happens sometimes. I think I have felt a draw toward boys, guys, the male form from very early on. I never did anything about it other than some very innocent touching and feeling like most 10 year olds do. My curiosity and fascination with the male form pretty much stayed in my own head, until, that is, I met Jake. I can’t explain that feeling that I got the very first time I saw him. Of course, since he was only 14, I immediately shoved all those odd thoughts out of my head. His reactions to me really made those feelings blossom. More about that later.

Sorry, I got off the topic for a bit. About me. Well, I am nothing really special to look at. I stand about 6 feet tall, fairly muscular, long wavy dark blond hair with piercing blue eyes. Wow. I make myself sound like an idol. Well I’m not. The years of being married had started to increase my middle-aged spread. At 31, I had my own service business fixing doors on customers’ houses. It was a fairly blue collar job, but I can say it was MY business. I was also in the middle of completing my degree in management. I was also raising an “instant” family. I did have my hands full, but to me, it was no big deal. Since my business was driven by customers calling me for emergency service, I often found myself with slack time later in the afternoon. That is how I came to be watching TV the day Jake first came into my life.

I heard a loud bang down the hall.

“What are you guys doing?” I asked as I looked into Evan’s room.

“Nothing” they both chimed at the same time.

They had a guilty look, so I walked into the room. I was casually looking around for the telltale signs of mischief. You know the signs, cigarette packs, Playboy magazines, etc. I saw nothing.

“What are you guys working on?”

“Well I’m working on my semi-trailer model Dad got me” Evan replied.

“Are you working on a model Jake?”

“No. Just helping Ev with his” he replied meekly.

“Ok. Well keep the racket down, ok guys?”

“Sorry, we will” Evan answered as I shut the door again.

I took that brief moment to look Jake over again. I couldn’t believe how cute he seemed to look. He stood no more than 5' 7" tall and weighed no more than 125 pounds fully dressed and soaking wet. He wore a tee shirt that was about two sizes too big for him and had on a pair of light colored cargo pants. His dark brown hair was neatly parted down the center with long bangs almost covering his eyes. He wore the sides and back very short, almost buzzed. I couldn’t help but notice that not a single hair looked out of place on his perfectly proportioned head. He had on a pair of wire frame glasses that really accented his smooth skin. He looked like one of those kids that has a perpetual tan. Now Evan was a good-looking kid, tall, buzzed blond hair, light skin. I guess I had just gotten used to him over the years. Jake, however, really piqued my curiosity. I was also surprised at how shy he seemed. He did have very good manners. Again, I had to push the wicked thoughts out of my head. Evan had many friends over the years, but never seemed to keep friends for very long. I never could quite figure out why. I figured Jake would be gone in the normal two weeks.


Well one day leads to the next as typical Midwest winters do. Evan and Jake seemed to spend more time together, which actually made me happy. I was glad to see that Evan had actually found a friend that lasted more than two weeks. He always spent so much time alone in his room, building models and whatnot. I was glad to see he had found someone to share his time with.

Over the next few weeks, Jake had begun to talk more and more to me when he came over. After about three weeks, Jake would actually leave Evan in his room and come sit on the couch and talk to me. He seemed to be a very smart kid, and I really enjoyed chatting to him. He would leave after 15 minutes or so and wander back to the room. I would often pop in on them to make sure they weren’t doing anything mischievous. They would always be working on some model or another. Jake seemed to have struck a chord in me, which made me want to develop a stronger relationship with Evan. Then I had the idea. Being that it was approaching Christmas, I suggested to Evan that he help me out with my business for a couple of weekends. For this, I would pay him, so that he would have some money to spend on the family for presents. He seemed to like the idea. I took him with me a couple weekends, but unfortunately, he never really did pick up the knack for my work. I was hoping it would be something he liked doing, and that he could help me in it as he got older. Oh well, I tried. In the end, he got his money.

“Hey Matt, when can I go spend my money?” Evan. asked me one night.

“Well, how about you invite a friend, maybe Billy or Jake, and we’ll all go shopping this Friday?”

“I don’t talk to Billy anymore. He started stealing things and I didn’t like that. I’ll call Jake. He’ll probably go” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Ok, let me know.”

That Friday, the four of us jumped in the car and headed for the mall. We set our time to meet and went our separate ways. After shopping, I told them I would treat them to a snack, so we went over to the Baker’s Square for pie and coffee.

“Thanks for inviting me” Jake told me as we were walking into the restaurant.

“No problem Jake. I hope you found some presents for your mom.”

“I did. I got her the Star Wars collection on tape. She’s been wanting that for a long time.”

“Cool” I replied, as I tossed his hair in the parking lot.

We got inside and the hostess seated the four of us at a booth in a fairly deserted part of the restaurant. I had noticed that Jake had opened up somewhat over the past few weeks, and he really seemed to almost become part of the family. The four of us were chatting at the table like we had known each other for years. I smiled inwardly, thinking how nice it was that I was finally bonding with Evan, and with Jake as well.

“Hey Matt, can I get coffee with my pie? My mom lets me drink coffee sometimes” Jake asked with his big puppy-dog eyes.

How could I refuse him? It was then that I really noticed how gorgeous his hazel eyes really were. His smile just had a way of warming my soul.

“I suppose. Do you want coffee too, Ev?”

“Hell no! That shit is nasty!” Evan replied with a disgusted look.

Evan noticed right away that he actually swore in front of me. He had a very tentative look on his face. I decided to just let it pass. I was feeling good that he actually felt comfortable enough around us that he swore in front of us. It was almost like his mom and I were just some of his friends. I did notice him look at Jake and they both grinned to each other. Not much gets by me.

We were mulling over the menu when the waitress came to take our order. I ordered three coffees and a Coke for Evan.

“We need lots of CREAM too” Jake piped up, emphasizing the word cream.

The waitress nodded as she left to get the drinks.

“So Jake, you like lots of CREAM, huh?” I goaded Jake with a grin on my face.

“Oh yeah, I take a LOT of CREAM!”

We all knew the sexual innuendo in that, and we all broke out laughing. We settled down some when the waitress returned with the drinks. She took our pie order and left again.

“Here Jake, you can have some of MY cream” I said as I handed him some creamer cups. “My cream is really good, isn’t it hun?” I asked my wife.

That broke all of us up once again. Jake reached across the table for some sugar, and he ended up spilling a half-used container of creamer on the table.

“Oops, I spilled my cream on the table” he replied, trying to encourage our rowdiness.

“Ok, enough about your cream, little man. People are starting to stare!” I answered in my best Dad voice.

We ended up laughing the whole time, just having a ball. The cream jokes kept flying the whole time we were eating our pie. It made me feel so good to see Jake laughing like he was. His whole face just seemed to light up. His head would flail back and he would hold his belly. I think I had more fun watching him laughing than anything else. I could tell that it had been a long time since he had laughed as much as he did. I was to learn later about how hard he really had things. We finished up our snack, and piled back into the car. The ride home was a little quieter since we all had full bellies from the pie, and sore bellies from laughing so much. It was a great time.

“Do you want me to drop you off at home Jake?” I asked as we pulled into the neighborhood.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks Matt”

Jake directed me to his house.

“Thanks again for the shopping and the pie and all that, Matt. I had a great time tonight.”

“We did too, Jake. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”

Everyone said their good-byes as Jake climbed out of the car and went into his house.

“He’s a fun kid” I said to the others as we drove the six blocks home. “I’m glad you guys seem to be such good friends, Ev”

“He is pretty cool. Thanks for taking us Matt. It was fun.” Evan replied warmly.

As we went our separate ways back in the house, I reflected on the time we had. It made me feel so good, and it seemed I had formed a bond with Evan and Jake. Just another day in my life. No big deal. I slept good that night. Jake persisted in my dreams.

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