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And then there was Jake . . .

Slowly but surely, Jake seemed to become a bigger part of our little clan. He would come over to hang out with Evan almost daily. Most days, when I was home, he would make a point of sitting on the couch and watching TV with me, chatting about nothing in particular. I was becoming very fond of the boy. Then something really odd happened. . .

“Hey Matt, what ya watchin?”

“Just some silly talk show” I replied nonchalantly.

Jake plopped down on the couch right next to me. He pressed his right leg completely against my left leg. I felt a tingle radiate throughout my body. I was as if an electric current was flowing through me. He stared at the TV, ignoring me otherwise. After about five minutes, and out of the blue, he reached over and poked me in the ribs.

“Hey, stop that” I said, only slightly annoyed. I liked the contact with him, no matter how small.

A minute later, he poked me again, this time in my belly.

“I’m warning you! You better stop that!” I acted mad this time.

“Whadda gonna do if I don’t?” He asked impishly.

“This” I replied as I reached over and started to tickle his belly.

He just sat there with a goofy grin on his face. My tickle torture was doing nothing to him. I tried to tickle him under the arms. Still, no reaction. I tried grabbing his knee, a common ticklish spot. Nope, no reaction. I tried to tickle him all over, and he just sat there.

“Aren’t you ticklish anywhere?” I asked incredulously.

“Nope, sorry” he replied with a huge grin.

Finally, I gave up. I returned to watching the show with no further comments to him. I was disappointed that I could not get to him. After a bit, he poked my ribs again. I just looked at him with a menacing glare. He stared right back at me, reached over, and poked me in the belly again.

“Now you’re gonna get it” I barked at him as I grabbed his head in my left arm and proceeded to give the top of his head a noogie.

“Ow ow ow, stop stop. I give up” he screamed.

Finally I had found a way to get to him. Thinking that I had taught him a lesson, I showed some mercy and stopped. As soon as I let him go, he poked me hard in the belly, then jumped off the couch and stood in the middle of the room with a come-and-get-me look. I jumped off the couch, rubbing the spot he had poked me and went after his soon-to-be-sorry little butt. He met my attack head on. I reached for him, and he grabbed me. In no time, I was on the ground. I wasn’t aware at the time, but he had spent a couple years on the wrestling team. He wasn’t very big, but he knew the moves. We struggled around on the floor for a good ten minutes. I nearly had him pinned several times, but he would always manage to break free. Then he would turn the tables and nearly pin me. I couldn’t help but notice his tight belly every time his shirt would get pulled up. I was able to see he was developing a very nice little six pack. I was working up a good sweat, and he was hardly even breathing hard. Oh to be young again, I thought. With all the exertion, and the danger of having something else worked up, I decided to stop. I also did not want to hurt the guy.

“Ok. I give up. You win. I can hardly breathe” I told him as I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

He started to come at me again, and I held him off, saying I just needed a breather.

“Chicken!” he yelled at me. “You’re twice my size!”

“Yeah, but you apparently know a few wrestling moves. You have good speed and good leverage.”

“Come on Matt, let’s try again. I’ll give you a better chance. I’ll get on all fours and you try to take me down.”

He face was absolutely radiant. He barely had a bead of sweat on his tanned face. His eyes were glowing. He was absolutely radiating with the fact that he had been able to take me down. I was having a ball just being able to touch him, granted in a very non-sexual way. This kid was so amazing!

After I had a short breather, I agreed to try again. He instructed me on the traditional wrestling setup, with him on all fours, and me grabbing him around the middle over the top of him. My right arm was wrapped completely around his back and planted firmly on his tight little belly. My left arm I placed on his left arm. He yelled GO, and I tried to take him down. We struggled and struggled, me struggling with his speed, him with my weight advantage. After a bit, I managed to flip him over on his back. I had found his weakness! I got my shoulders under his legs, and pushed with all my might. In no time, I had his shoulders pinned to the floor with my grinning face hanging inches above his, sweat dripping in his face. Yes, as you can imagine, my crotch was pressed firmly against his taunt stretched butt. His butt was rock hard in this position under my weight. He was grimacing, and I was not about to let up. Then it happened. All the touching and the eroticness of it all started to get to me. I knew then that I could never be a wrestler. I’m not sure if he could feel me getting hard or not. My stuff was pressed firmly into his butt, and it too, was not giving up. The stimulation was becoming too much, and I let him go. I quickly retreated to the couch.


“I won that round” I gloated to him, as he lay panting on the floor.


“Give me a minute and I’ll beat you next time” He managed to squeak out.


I had to give the kid credit. He was ballsy. He was already up and coming for me on the couch.


“Woah slick, that’s enough for one day” I told him.


He wouldn’t hear of it, and immediately started poking at me. I simply grabbed him and pulled him into a bear hug. He struggled trying to get free, unsuccessfully. Finally, he stopped struggling. He just sat calmly in my lap, like a small child. We were both staring at the TV by this time, not paying much attention to what we were doing. My right arm was once again wrapped around his tight little tum. He had his left arm laying gently around my neck. I mindlessly started rubbing his belly over the top of his too-big tee shirt. It was so firm, so warm, felt so good. He certainly didn’t seem to mind the closeness that we were sharing at that moment. The moment was interrupted when we heard the storm door and front door suddenly open. He just slid off my lap, and walked away back down to Evan’s room. I sat on the couch with a flurry of thoughts running through my head. What just happened? Why did he stay seated on my lap? What was this beautiful 14-year-old boy doing to me? Again, I pushed all of those wicked thoughts out of my head. This just isn’t right. I told myself.


About 30 minutes later, Evan and Jake wandered out of the room, and broadcasted to me that they were getting a drink from the kitchen. They stood out there talking and giggling for a few minutes.


“Evan, dinner in about 30 minutes” my wife announced. “Are you staying Jake?”


“I should go. My mom’ll be making dinner soon too” he replied.


He headed for the door, and put on his coat.


“See ya Ev. See ya tomorrow, Matt” the little devil grinned at me.


“Night Jake” I replied. “Be careful riding home”


The rest of the night went as normal, with my wife and me watching TV mostly in silence. My mind was still a whir with what happened. My dreams that night were once again filled with thoughts of Jake.





I know this chapter is a bit short, but keep watching. There is a lot more to come. I am trying to break things into logical stopping points. If you are looking for a cheap sex story. This isn’t it. There are some fun parts to come later, so keep reading. Let me know what you guys think so far. Thanks to everyone who has mailed so far. Keep the mail coming. A special thanks to Unther, who has inspired me to write and post this. As usual, rude and/or meanly derogatory emails will be promptly flushed.


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