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Author’s note:

Although I first met Jake a little more than seven years ago, there were so many good times that they tend to blur together. This writing is not meant to be a daily journal, or even a weekly or monthly one at that. As in many things in life, certain moments just seem to stand prominent in one’s memories. These I will try to relay to you as best my memory serves. And so the story continues . . .

And then there was Jake . . .

By now, Jake had pretty much become part of the family. One of his lifelong dreams was to become a chef. I often told him that he could cook for me whenever he wanted, but for some reason, that did not happen until much later. While it seemed that he was at our house all the time, he didn’t eat dinner over very often. He would normally just wait in Evan’s room while we ate, even though he was always invited to eat. He was just Jake, and we just accepted him. I often wondered if something intimate was going on between Jake and Evan. I always kept my eyes open for clues to indicate such things, but never saw any. As the weeks and months turned, Jake became very comfortable around me. We would often wrestle in the living room when no one else was out there. He often sat on the couch with me and watched TV. He even took to sitting in my lap like that first time. The first few times happened after he was trying to get me to wrestle more. Later, he would just come out to the living room and plop in my lap. I would always welcome him, and wrap my arm around his belly, lightly stroking his firm abs. Eventually, he became so comfortable sitting in my lap that he would not even move when my wife would come home. She would look at me with a puzzled look, and I would just shrug to her. Later, I would tell her that I felt that he was very love starved, and just craved the attention. It turned out that I was right about that.

I knocked on Evan’s door.

“Jake, do you want to go with me to pick up some doors?”

“Ok, sure, I’ll be right there” he replied, grabbing his shoes.

“Ev, tell your mom Jake and I went to get doors. We’ll be back in about two hours.”

“Ok. See ya later.”

Jake and I jumped into the van and started the weekly 45 minute trek to pick up doors. After about 10 minutes, I turned off the radio and looked at Jake. He looked back and me quizzically.


“Nothing” I replied. “I was just wondering about your family. Where’s your dad?”

“Well he left my mom and brother and me when I was about two.”

“Have you seen or heard from him since then?”

“No, not really. He used to send me a birthday card, but that stopped after a couple of years.”

“And you haven’t seen him since?”


“Do you miss him?” I asked.

“How do you miss someone you’ve never known?”

That comment struck me hard. This fourteen-year-old boy was forced to grow up so fast. He seemed to be so intelligent, and yet, he was failing most of his classes in school.

“So who all lives with you then? That’s a pretty big house you have.”

“Well, my mom and my older brother live there. He’s two years older than me. My mom’s friend lives there too, with her son. He’s a spoiled little brat though. He’s nine, but acts like a two year old most of the time.”

“You mom’s friend lives with you guys? That’s odd” I remarked

“Well before we moved to this house, we lived in a duplex on the other side of town. She lived in the other half of the duplex with her son. The two of them figured out that they could rent a single, bigger house and share the costs, and it would be cheaper than the duplex. Our house has five bedrooms, so there’s room for everyone.”

I immediately began to wonder if his mom was lesbian. I would have to pay attention to watch for clues. Something just seemed odd about that arrangement. Jake seemed very attached to his mother, so I made sure to never actually ask him if she was gay. I was about to ask him more, when he blurted out;

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“Ok Jake. Thanks for being honest with me. You can talk to me anytime you know. I’m always here to listen or to help you however I can.”

Now I was beginning to understand why he kept sitting on my lap. The kid was absolutely starved for love and attention, not to mention some sort of a role model. I thought that I might like to be that person for him. My thoughts were then stirred up again.

“Hey Matt, will you teach me how to drive?”

“Hold on little man. You’re only 14. You have plenty of time. They’ll teach you that in school when you’re old enough.”

“Well, I AM almost 15. You can get a learner’s permit when you’re 15 you know. I want to start learning before I get into drivers’ ed. Come on Matt, teach me, please?”

“Let me think about it Jakey, Ok?”

“Ok Matt, thanks. I don’t have anyone else to teach me. Mom said she would, but I’m NOT gonna let her do that. She has no patience with me like you do. I really like hanging out with you.”

“Thanks Jake. I really like hanging with you too. You’re a really sharp kid. I wish you would try harder in school.”

With that comment, Jake rolled his eyes at me and reached over to turn the radio up. We drove the rest of the way listening to the radio. I felt so much love for this kid. I couldn’t believe it. My heart nearly burst hearing that he liked me and wanted me to teach him to drive. I knew the moment that he asked me that he would get just about anything he wanted from me.

We arrived at my supplier and proceeded to load the doors onto the van. I introduced Jake to Fred, and told him that he was helping me out now and then. We chatted briefly, and I paid for the doors and said my good-byes. Jake and I climbed back into the van and headed back home.

“Can I drive some?” Jake piped up a few minutes later.

I just stared at him. I knew the little monkey would not let this go. I considered it a moment, and since it was a very quiet road, I thought I could let him sit in front of me and steer for a while. The kid needed to learn sometime. I pulled over in a parking lot.

“Ok. You can drive some, but you have to sit in my lap. You can steer while I work the petals and I’ll be able to help if you need it.”

“Come on Matt. I can drive this thing. I can drive the bumper cars at the arcade perfectly” he said with a stupid grin.

“Take it or leave it Jake. You’re way too young to drive this big van alone. It’s my lap or the passenger seat. You choose.”

He started pouting. He was adorable. He had this cute way of sticking out his lower lip, and making these puppy dog eyes. God how I loved his hazel eyes. They just always had this sparkle in them. His dark lashes, and slightly thick dark eyebrows just made my heart sing. I started to put the truck back into gear.

“Ok ok, you win. I’ll sit on your lap and drive” he finally said, caving in.

He climbed over onto my side, settled onto my lap and grabbed the wheel. I gave him a few pointers and told him I would grab the wheel if he got in trouble, and that he should immediately let go if I did. With the rules in place, he put it in gear and we crept back out onto the road.

We talked idle chitchat as he drove. I kept giving him pointers and things to keep watching. He impressed me at how quickly he seemed to get the knack for steering the big van. I felt very awkward not having anywhere to put my arms and hands. Eventually, I just wrapped both arms around him as a makeshift safety belt. Instinctively, my right hand went to his belly. I slowly started to rub my hand lightly up and down his firm belly. I laid my left arm loosely across his chest. I could smell the shampoo in his soft dark hair. I could feel his bony little butt on my lap. I could almost count the six pack muscles of his abs with my right hand. All my senses were being overwhelmed by this boy. That’s when I felt it. Yeah, you guessed it. Good ole Captain Winky decided that now would be a good time to make an appearance. No matter what I did, I could not persuade him otherwise. I stopped rubbing Jake’s belly, for fear of him getting the wrong idea.

“Don’t stop, that feels good” he spoke softly.

“What does?”

“Rubbing my belly. It feels really nice.” He smiled a huge smile in the mirror at me.

I began to rub his belly again. My head started to spin. I had to be careful. I did not know what would happen.

“Hey Matt?”


“Um, could you maybe move the one legged barstool? It’s kinda poking me in my bum.”

“Oh Jake, I’m sorry. Your belly just feels really good to me” I replied while rearranging my stiffness.

“It’s ok Matt, I have one too” he said bashfully.

I gently reached down, and patted his crotch. Lo and behold, he was right. He had a full-on stiffy. I patted it a couple times and returned my hand to his belly.

“And a very nice one it is too, Jakey.”

“I can’t help it. He usually has a mind of his own. My friends at school call me boners all the time.”

“Real nice friends you have there bud” I replied sarcastically.

“Naaa, it’s cool. It is pretty funny. It’s no big deal. Really.”

We continued to drive like that for a while. He was doing very well, and I had to make very few corrections. After a while, I decided to get brave. I gently slid my hand up underneath his shirt. I simply had to feel that warm hard flesh of his tight abs. He never even flinched. I noticed a small smile creep across his face.

“Are you comfortable Jake?”

“Oh hell yeah!” he replied. “This is so awesome.”

We drove that way for a while, with me gently stroking his belly, moving slightly up his chest and then back down. Occasionally I would ‘accidentally’ brush across his crotch. His boner never went away. The kid sure did like the attention. No doubt about that. We were getting close to home, and I told him we better pull over so I can drive the rest of the way. He said his arms were getting tired. We pulled over and he slid back to his seat. The rest of the drive was spent listening to the radio. We both had smiles on our faces.

I spent another restless night that night with thoughts of my little Jake.

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