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The following story is based on real life happenings between a man and a teen. If this sort of thing bothers you, feel free to leave. If this type of writing is not legal where you are, please DO leave. If you are not of legal age to read this, you stay at your own risk. This story is copyrighted by the author. None of this story, in whole or in part, shall be copied or reprinted in any form. While the events that are written about are true, the author reserves the right of creative license in order for the story to flow. No animals were maimed or hurt during the writing of this story. If you haven’t guessed, names are changed to protect the innocent, and the not-so-innocent.

Author’s note:

Although I first met Jake a little more than seven years ago, there were so many good times that they tend to blur together. This writing is not meant to be a daily journal, or even a weekly or monthly one at that. As in many things in life, certain moments just seem to stand prominent in one’s memories. These I will try to relay to you as best my memory serves.

Thanks to all who have made my story a regular ‘thing’. This post finishes up the previous ‘chapter’. I hope ya’ll enjoy. I am working on the next chapter. Read on!

At some point early in the morning, before the sun had even arisen, I was awakened by an annoying drip on my head. I cleared my eyes just as a splat of water hit me on the forehead again. It was then that I realized it was raining outside. I was lucky enough to get the spot in the tent underneath the leaking seam. I looked over at Jake, sleeping peacefully, and dry. I scooted closer to him to try to avoid the drip. He stirred and moaned slightly in his sleep. The only way I could avoid the water was to lie right next to him, out bodies touching head to toe. I very much wanted to go to sleep, but could not get comfortable. By this time, the many hours laying on the hard ground in only a sleeping bag was paying a toll on my backside. Eventually, I found a quasi-comfortable position by throwing my arm across his chest and leaning against him. My mind drifted back to the previous night, and his playful, almost frisky mood. I started rubbing my hand absentmindedly up and down his abs and chest. I wasn’t even paying attention to what I was doing, lost deep in thought as I was caressing his body. After a bit, I realized how I was touching him and payed more attention. I gently uncovered him, to bare his naked chest. I watched my hand as is grazed over each of his defined abdominal muscles. My fingers gently wander up to his ever-so-slightly-defined pecs. His chest was completely hairless. I noticed just the slightest hint of a treasure trail starting just over his waistband. It was little more than some slightly darker peach fuzz. My index finger gently slid through it, then twirled around his cute little navel. I ran my fingers up his chest, and gently stimulated first his left nipple, then his right. I heard him moan very softly, but his breathing returned to the steady breath of deep sleep. My body was reacting fiercely to the electric touch of my fingers on his smooth skin. I pulled the bag down a bit more, and noticed that he had a very obvious hard-on. I decided to let my fingers trail down over it. With just the backs of my fingers, I grazed over the top of his stiffness. I felt it twitch slightly at my gentle touch. I could feel the heat of it as I moved softly up and down its length. I reached down more, and was able to feel his small balls, laying loosely in his sack. I started to gently massage those as well. He seemed to get even harder then. All of a sudden, his tool popped out of the open fly of his boxers. I stopped, and just stared at it. It was beautiful. The shaft was slightly darker than his tanned skin. The head seemed to almost meld right into the shaft. There was only a slight ridge. All I could do was stare. It didn’t seem to be more than five inches, but it was perfection. I could just make out a small patch of dark pubic hairs as well. Finally, I could take it no longer, and I reached down again and touched it softly. The heat was intense. I had never felt another guy’s penis before. It was hard as steel, but the skin was so smooth. Slowly, I began to rub up and down its naked length with the tips of my fingers. I wrapped my hand around it then, and began to stoke it slowly. The feeling I had was incredible. I heard another soft moan as he was sleeping. His cock seemed to be twitching in my hand. It was then that I knew that I had to have it in my mouth.

I inched my way down in the sleeping bag that we shared. I moved my mouth to hover just over his teen hardness. Slowly I reached out with my tongue and had my first taste of penis. The feeling was incredible, and my own tool was twitching like mad. Slowly, I took the whole length of my Jake into my mouth. I was careful not to scrape him as I slid up and down over him as he slept. I did not rush, but just slid my mouth slowly over this magnificent piece of flesh. I was then that I heard a moan, louder this time. I felt him stir. I kept going. I heard Jake whisper something inaudible. I stopped, and looked up at him. His sleep filled eyes were barely open.

“Just lay back and enjoy, Jake. I just want to make you feel good” I whispered to him.

He didn’t say a word, but I felt his body relax again. I glanced back up at him and noticed he had closed his eyes again. I could tell by his breathing that he was not asleep. I continued my ministrations on his lovely penis. Since I had no further worry about waking him, I picked up my speed a bit. I also started to massage his balls again through his loose boxers. I continued like this for a couple minutes. I felt his balls begin to tighten up, and I was sure that I would soon be getting a pleasant surprise.

“Something is happening” he stated softly in a startled tone.

“Just relax Jake. Let it happen” I reassured him.

I continued sucking him and massaging his balls. I heard him gasp slightly, then I felt the release in my mouth. I was surprised by the sudden force of it, and how long it lasted. Suddenly, I clamped down hard on his penis, as I realized that he was not cumming. I immediately pulled off of his penis, while keeping my hand firmly clamped on it. That is when the taste hit me, and I spit into the corner of the tent. My gag reflex kicked in as I realized that he had let loose a gush of urine into my mouth. I did not want to scare him, or make him feel bad, but I gagged a couple more times. Tentatively I loosened my grip on his cock. Nothing more came out. I then grabbed a bottle of water and rinsed my mouth out. I spit it outside the tent. I glanced over at Jake, and noticed that he had curled up into a ball and had turned to face away from me. I felt horrible. I laid back down beside him, and put my arm across him. I could feel him sobbing. Not only was this his first time with anyone doing anything, he had peed into my mouth. I knew he must feel terrible.

“Jake, it’s ok” I tried to reassure him.

I could feel him sobbing softly to himself. I just rubbed his back and shoulders.

“Hey now, stop that. It’s ok Jake. No harm done.”

In barely a whisper, “but I peed in your mouth.”

“ I know you did. But honestly, I wasn’t THAT thirsty.”

I reached up to his face and stroked it softly, and I felt a slight smile at my comment.

“Are you ok Jakey?”

“Embarrassed” is all that he said.

“Don’t be. Did you like what I was doing?”

He nodded his head.

“It felt really good, but then all of a sudden I felt like I had to pee. I wasn’t sure what it was”

He was still faced away from me, but he had relaxed and was stretched out now. I started to rub his firm belly again. I reached down, and gently cupped his penis.

“Jake, you were probably close to an orgasm. An orgasm and the urge to pee sometimes feel very similar. I’m sure you just couldn’t tell the difference, but your body decided it needed to go. This little guy just needs some training is all.”

“I guess so” he replied, again with a smile.

“Do you want to try it again? You liked how it felt, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah, it felt great. I really need to pee more though.”

With that, I scooted away from him to give him room to get up. He didn’t even bother getting dressed, as there were no other campers around us. I heard him relieve his bladder in the trees behind the tent. When he finished, he came back in. He looked at me and smiled.

“That feels much better.”

I returned his smile warmly. He climbed back into the bag and we started talking about who knows what. I could tell he was getting over his embarrassment. I took another few drinks of water. After a while, I wanted to show him that I was not mad or upset at him.

“Do you want to try it again, Jake? If you say no, then I won’t make you. It’s totally up to you. I just want to make you feel good. I know how good it feels to have that done.”

“Well it did feel good, but little Jake went back to sleep, I think” he replied.

“Well, let’s just see about that” I said as I reached over and gently stroked his soft cock.

It didn’t take long for Lil Jake to wake right up. In no time at all, he was standing tall and proud again. He even managed to find his way back out the hole in the cloth that he lived in.

“It looks like he is happy to give it another go” I said smiling.

Jake just looked down at his rock-hard cock as I was gently stroking it. I looked up at him, and he smiled at me.

“Lay back down”

He laid back down on top of the sleeping bag. I began stroking him with more vigor.

“Suck it again, Matt. It felt so good.”

“Why don’t you take these boxers off first?” I suggested to him.

He just raised his hips, and I took the hint. I gently tugged on the band of his boxers, and lifted them over his stiff tool. I then slid them down over his legs and off of him. I was again in awe as I stared at him. I just ran my fingers up and down his cock, and stared at his small patch of dark brown pubic hair. I slid my fingers up to the patch, and felt the silky softness of it. I then ran my fingers under his balls, noticing that they were completely hairless. The boy was perfect. I was in heaven. I put one hand on his firm belly, and the other one cupped his balls as I leaned down and took all of him into my mouth. He let out a slight gasp as my mouth slid all the way over his cock. I felt his hairs tickle my lip, and then I began to slide my mouth up and down his length. The whole time I was sucking him, I was also rubbing his balls and rubbing his belly. It didn’t take him long when I felt his balls tighten and nearly disappear. I knew the boy was close. His breathing increased, and his hips began to pump up and down, forcing his cock in and out of my wet mouth.

“Matt, its happening again” he gasped out.

“Just let it, Jake. Don’t worry. It’ll feel very good.”

I continued to suck him, and he continued to pump into my mouth. Then, without any warning, I felt the hot blast shoot from his penis and hit the back of my mouth. This time, it was not urine. I sucked hard on his cock as it continued to pump out his sweet cum. He lifted his hips and jammed his cock deep into my mouth one last time as I sucked and swallowed all of his sweet juice. He then reached down and pushed my head off of him. His body collapsed back onto the ground. He was panting hard, and just laid there, naked, with his hard cock still pointing up at him. I just stroked the base of his cock, working the last few drops out. I leaned down and gingerly licked the last few drips of his sweet semen from his head. He has the biggest smile I have ever seen. I just laid there, stroking his legs, his patch of hair, his belly. Finally, nature took its course and he started to soften.

“So, did you like it that time?” I asked him grinning.

“Man Matt, that was awesome!”

“I’m glad you liked it. I’d be happy to do that anytime you want.”

“Cool” was all he could manage.

“Now, I need to pee” I commented to him, getting up.

“I need to pee again too. I don’t want to get dressed, see if anyone is out there, ok?” he asked.

I unzipped the tent, and climbed out. After looking around and seeing no one anywhere, I told him the coast was clear.

He followed me out of the tent stark naked. We walked around to the trees behind the tent, and let our bladders empty. I glanced over at him, staring at his perfectly shaped little butt. While I could never tell in his jeans, his butt had a perfectly round shape to it. It also had that pleasing slightly tanned look that the rest of his body had. I noticed how firm and strong his legs looked for a kid his age. His back was firm and nicely defined, leading right down to that perfect little butt. I was falling in love with this kid named Jake.

He finished peeing after I did, and having nothing to tuck back into, just turned and began walking toward me.

“You’re staring at me, Matt.”

“You have a perfect body Jake.”

“I think my cock is too small” he replied, flipping his soft penis as he said it.

“Jake, it’s perfect. Don’t worry, you’re only 15. It’ll grow more as you get older.”

I just stared at this perfectly golden, fully naked boy standing in front of me. His penis had softened to little more than 3", and his balls were held snug to his body. His patch of pubes was not even grown in so much as to be defined. Everything about him was adorable. He would definitely be a heartbreaker some day. We made our way back to the tent before we were discovered. Once inside, we both dressed again. After talking for a while, we decided that since the rain did not appear to be letting up much, we might as well break camp and head back. Camping in the rain is not much fun. We packed up the camp in 20 minutes and were heading out of the campground in search of breakfast. We found a little diner in town, and ate, and laughed, and it was as if nothing so strange as a first blowjob in a public campground had ever happened. He did not want to go home, and we decided that a movie marathon was in order. We spent the rest of the day bouncing from theater to theater, watching all the latest movies, and having an all around good time on that bleary day. Later in the evening, I dropped Jake off at home, and we made arrangements to meet on Sunday to clean up the camp items. I said by good-byes to him and drive home. I went immediately to the shower to wash off the two days of grunge and rain, and promptly brought myself to a very nice orgasm in the shower.

My dreams that night, well, lets just say, they involved Jake.

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