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The following story is based on real life happenings between a man and a teen. If this sort of thing bothers you, feel free to leave. If this type of writing is not legal where you are, please DO leave. If you are not of legal age to read this, you stay at your own risk. This story is copyrighted by the author. None of this story, in whole or in part, shall be copied or reprinted in any form. While the events that are written about are true, the author reserves the right of creative license in order for the story to flow. No animals were maimed or hurt during the writing of this story. If you haven’t guessed, names are changed to protect the innocent, and the not-so-innocent.

Author’s note:

Some confusion seems to have cropped up regarding some of the people in my story. The story primarily revolves around the relationship between Matt and Jake. I introduced Evan in the beginning so everyone could understand how Matt became friends with Jake. After a few months, Jake would spend more time hanging around with Matt. While he would come over to see Evan, he would eventually find Matt and hang with him. Later still, he would hang out with Matt even if Evan was not around.

Several people have asked why Matt did not take Evan camping with Jake. Jake did invite Matt, as they had discussed doing. Jake did not really want Evan to go with, but he dutifully asked. Evan politely declined, as he was not that "into" camping.

Some people have also asked where Matt's wife was during all the happenings. In fact, she was very often around. She just accepted Jake as part of the family. Very often a lot of Matt and Jake's interaction occurred while she was at work. I had also mentioned that Evan had an older sister. She was rarely around, as she worked when she wasn't going to school, and eventually college.

After that first outing with Matt, his wife, Evan and Jake, the four of them never really did anything together. As I said, the story is basically about the relationship that grew between Matt and Jake. I hope this answers some of the questions. As a side note, I have had some complains on the size of the text. Hence, I have increased the font a bit. Now, on with the tale.

And then there was Jake . . .

After the camping trip, things pretty much returned to normal. Jake still came over almost every day, and he almost always found some way or other to sit by me or hang out with me. Things almost got boring between us. I was always a good one to throw an arm around him and give him a hug. He never refused my attentions, and very often hugged me back. I started to notice, that whenever we would go shopping, he would walk very close to me. Our arms almost always would brush each others as we walked. I was very aware of this fact, and I would often move slightly away from him, only to find he would close the gap back up. I merely chalked this up to his need for attention, and nothing more. I will never forget those feelings though.

I remember a time when Jake and I were walking through a local home improvement warehouse store. It was later in the evening, around seven or so. We were just out browsing, looking for nothing in particular, and enjoying each other's company. As usual, his arm was constantly brushing mine as we were walking up and down the aisles. We were alone in the lumber aisle.

"Matt, let me ride on your shoulders" Jake blurted out to me.

Jake was a fairly small kid, and I am quite solid, so having him on my shoulders was not a big ordeal.

"Ok, jump up on that lumber and then get on my shoulders" I replied.

I helped him onto the stack of lumber then leaned over as he saddled up onto my shoulders. I started to walk down the aisle again and we were having a grand ole time. We were just goofing around, him trying to bend over to get me off balance, and me jumping up and down to try to crunch his little nuts. We were both laughing like crazy. Fortunately, no one was around to wonder what we were doing. It just appeared to be a man carrying his son on his shoulders. He didn't look to be his age of 15 at the time.

After a while, I noticed that he had developed an erection, and was noticeably probing the back of my neck. I craned my head around to look at him.

"Are you having a problem down south?"

He smiled at me, replying, "It's not a problem for me."

"Well you're bruising my neck with that little piece of steel" I retorted back.

He just started to laugh and began to bounce up and down on my shoulders, rubbing his hardness on my neck.

"Stop that, or I'll drop you" I scolded him.

He continued to bounce away. I decided to scare him, and immediately stopped walking, bent completely forward, and tossed him over my head and off my back. I had caught him totally off guard, and he tumbled and landed on the floor. I bent down and proceeded to grab his boner, and stroke him right on the floor.

"Matt, stop that, someone will see us!" he gasped.

I looked around, and although the aisle was vacant, stopped what I was doing and stood up. I reached a hand down to him and helped him up. I looked at his crotch and noticed his very visible bulge. He immediately reached down to arrange himself to be less visible. I reached over to give him a hand. That got me a slap on the hand. He was surprised that I was so bold in such a public place. He didn't notice that I was being very attentive to make sure that no one could see what we were doing. After he got situated, we decided to leave the store. We didn't by anything after all.

That is how we spent a lot of time together. Neither of us was embarrassed about being hard around each other. Although we were always careful so as not to bring suspicion to us, we were very comfortable goofing around together, even in public places. Jake never once acted like he was ashamed or embarrassed with what we did. We never talked about the camping trip after the fact, but there was a constant sexual energy between us. He loved to flirt with me at every chance he got. I loved to push things right to the edge with him, never really sure when to step over the line. I was always testing him to see what he might want, and what he didn't want. I was soon to find out what he really liked!

I had bought a new computer and was having fun with some of the demo games that came with it. One of the games was a flying game, a military type where you try to destroy targets from the air. Jake and I had spent some time earlier that day searching for a decent joystick controller to make the game easier. I remember that it was a Friday, and I had dropped him at home to eat dinner after we returned from the store. About an hour later, as I was tooling around on the computer, I saw Jake standing in the doorway of my den.

"Can we play that flying game?" he asked with those big hazel puppy-dog eyes of his.

"Sure" I replied, as I inserted the CD. I brought the game up and began playing it as he stood beside my chair and watched.

"Let me try it" he commanded, pulling the controller from my hands.

After about a minute standing beside me, he demanded I let him sit in my leather office chair.

"Bite me, Jake. I'm sitting here. Pull up the other chair" I retorted.

He grudgingly pulled my old office chair up and sat beside me playing the game. He leaned his left elbow on my right armrest, and laid his head on my shoulder as he played. We sat like that for about 15 minutes.

"My butt is getting sore. Scoot back, let me sit on your lap" Jake begged me.

I obliged by moving back from the desk a bit and allowed him to plop into my lap. My arms instinctively went around his belly, my favorite position it seemed. He continued to play for a while, oblivious to anything going on around him but the game. My hands were free to wander up and down his washboard tummy, and roam up and caress his chest. He didn't even react. His tongue stuck out between his teeth as he concentrated on bombing the tanks on the screen. After a bit, I let my hand slip down and gently rub his crotch over the top of his loose jeans. I felt a slight stirring in his pants, but not a big reaction. A couple minutes later, I whispered in his ear that his pants felt awful tight and that I should loosen his belt for him. Again, I got no reaction. I carefully undid his belt buckle and let it hang in his lap. I then reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. I glanced sideways at him. He was still lost in the game. Given the fact that he never objected to any of my manipulations, I kept going. I slowly slid his zipper down. I glanced down and I could see his cute white boxers with dollar bills all over them. I began to gently rub his soft little tool. In no time, it was growing to the occasion. Now THAT got his attention. He stopped playing for a moment and looked at me.

"If you keep that up, you'll have to do something about it."

"I have no problem with that" I smirked at him.

He went back to playing his game, and I went back to playing mine. He was very quickly hard as a rock. I continued to gently rub his hardness and fondle his soft balls. After a bit, little Jake found his way out of the hole in his boxers. I started to rub the steel softness of his penis. I felt precum leaking out the tip, and started to rub it into his head. Jake was squirming around in my lap, and I could tell he was losing concentration on the game. I smiled slyly to myself, knowing that I was getting to him. Finally he stopped the game and put the controller down.

"Ok, now you have to fix this" he commanded me.

I knew everyone was busy in other parts of the house. The door to my den was closed. I directed him to sit on the edge of the other desk, and I knelt down in front of him. I slowly pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. I just stared at the perfect little piece of meat angling up at his belly. I noticed that his pubes were filling in more, and beginning to form a small triangle above his penis. His balls, while still small, hung loosely in his sack, and they were still hairless. I slowly fondled his balls with one hand, as I gently stroked his cock with my other hand. I paused with my activities, and pushed his tee shirt up under his chin. I loved to see his firm, tan belly and his small dark brown nipples. He took his hands and placed them behind my head, forcing my mouth onto his rigid cock. I began by licking the drops of precum that were forming at his slit. Slowly I slid my tongue around the head of his hard cock. He put more pressure on the back of my head, forcing my mouth completely over his cock. I eagerly accepted his dominance, and promptly began to suck up and down his shaft. I paused occasionally, with his cock full in my mouth, and just sucked on it. Once in a while he would push against me, causing me to gag slightly. Then I would resume my action up and down his tool. My hands roamed back and forth over his tightening balls and his firm belly and chest. After a bit, he began to really get into the blow job. He started humping my face with great vigor. He would bend his body over me, and claw at my back with his hands. We were both very quiet so as not to draw anyone's attention. Occasionally, we would hear movement in the other room, and we would both stop and listen. After we realized no one was coming in, we would start up our activity again. Jake seemed to really enjoy my sucking on his cock. He was going wild with frenzy as I sucked him, and he jammed his cock in and out of my mouth. My fingers began to roam around the crack of his tight little butt. Eventually, I was able to slide a finger into his crack, and just touch his pucker. This seemed to drive him over the edge. He plowed my face faster, then jammed himself full into my mouth and held it there. I could feel his soft curly bush on my lips as his cock started to pulse fiercely. Then I felt the white-hot blast of his cum as it was force injected down my throat. I immediately began swallowing his entire load. He began to relax some, and I pulled off of his tool. I just stared at the hard five inches in front of me, watching as the remaining cum began to drip from it. I gently squeezed his shaft, working all the remaining juice to the tip. Then I leaned in and carefully sucked the remains of the day from his head. I squeezed a few more times, milking all of that sweet boy nectar out of him. I looked up at Jake as he leaned against the desk. I saw small beads of sweat on his chest and he just smiled down at me. I knew at that moment that we were both hooked on that particular activity. I took a few moments and just gently rubbed his belly and his softening penis. My love for this angel named Jake was growing by the day. We both realized the threat of the others in the house, and both began to dress him again. Once he was all situated, we went back to the computer, this time he sat in my chair, and he began to play the game again. About two hours later, I gave up, and told Jake that I was going to bed.

I awoke the next morning very early. It was about five a.m., and I went back into the den. I found Jake still sitting there, playing the game. I asked him if he ever went to bed, and he replied that he didn't. I fixed us both some bowls of cereal and watched him play the game. He had gotten very good at it over night. Alter that morning, I turned off the computer, and told him he needed to go home and go to sleep. Reluctantly, he agreed. I hugged him as he headed out the door. I told him to call me later that day, and he agreed.

That is the relationship that was developing between me and my little angel Jake. There are so many little moments like that which had developed between us. I won't bother writing about all of them, but instead focus on some of the key moments. I truly do miss you, little Jakey.

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