Angel in Church
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.
    The church depicted in this story has been left deliberately vague.  It is not intended as criticism of any church or members thereof.  It's just a story!!!

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Chapter Two

    The following week, we had an initiation ceremony for a new boy whose family had just moved into the parish.  Matthew was thirteen, and part of his initiation into our group was to get his first blowjob.  He’d be soon joining various other sexual activites as well, both giving and receiving, but we started with the blowjob.  It was a good way to ensure that new boys stayed, and stayed quiet.

    So Matt was naked, as required for first-timers, his body still boyish and skinny, but definitely pubescent.  A small patch of darkening peach fuzz at his crotch and a respectable five inch hardon announced that maturation was clearly in progress.  

    Leigh was the designated sucker, and he was being difficult.  Clad in his boxers, he was whining about taking them off, as we required.

    “I don’t need to get naked, I can suck you off with my boxers on,” he whined.

    “Rules are rules.  You have to be naked if you are doing the sucking,” his brother Ferris replied.  “I’m gonna have to punish you when we get home.  Now take ‘em off.”  Although a year younger than Leigh, Ferris at 13 was bigger and stronger, and dominated his big brother.  He also had a bigger dick, which was currently standing at 5 hard inches straight up above a patch of curly brown pubes.

    “No, you don’t have to punish me.  I just wanna keep them on,” Leigh continued to whine, his own little hardon still hidden.

    “Paddle machine,” Nathan announced suddenly.  “Line up behind me.”  Fair-haired Nate was sixteen, the oldest acolyte (now that I’m a seminarian), very thin but very strong and athletic, and a natural leader.  The boys took up positions, first Nathan, then Angelo, then the younger boys, and Leigh got down on his hands and knees to start through the gauntlet of legs and spanking hands.  As soon as his shoulders were through, Nate clamped his legs together hard, squeezing Leigh’s middle and preventing his hips from passing through any further.  His boxers were almost outgrown (hand-me-downs from Ferris, no doubt), and stretched tightly across his butt.  They were well worn and thin, as well.  Nate reached under Leigh to his fly and pulled; the fabric ripped and separated from the waistband.  Nate pulled until Leigh’s ass was fully exposed, and then he began spanking in earnest, both cheeks and both hands.  With one hand he’d hold Leigh’s balls, and with the other he’d smack an ass cheek, alternating hands and cheeks until he’d landed fifteen or twenty smacks on each side.  Then he grabbed a piece of greasy candle that we used as a dildo and pushed it up Leigh’s ass.  Finally, he allowed Leigh to proceed, loosening his legs a bit, but still holding him back by the balls until he was in position for the next boy.  From there, Leigh got through pretty quickly, since the others did not have as strong legs as Nathan.  He emerged from the line, his ass bright red, his boxers hanging by a few threads, candle sticking out his butt, tears streaming down his face.

    “I told you to take ‘em off, bro,” Ferris said.  “We all know you got a tiny dick.”

    Indeed, it was small.  Although well into puberty, Leigh’s penis was only about three inches hard, and half that soft.  Now, it was as big as it got, barely poking out of his black bush.  

    “Come on, suck,” Nathan demanded.  As oldest acolyte he always had the first suck if he wanted it, and today he did.  His six inches were standing straight up against his belly, his pale bush nearly invisible below, and he had been drooling precum since the paddle machine.  He grabbed Leigh’s head and pulled him down to his waist, holding him firmly in place until he took his cock in his mouth.  Then he commenced face fucking, and in very short order--he was 16, after all!--shot a load into Leigh’s mouth and onto his face.  Still holding his head down, he passed him onto Matt.  Matt was ready and waiting, and he too immediately began face fucking Leigh.  

    Ferris, however, had a different idea.  “Hold up, Dude,” he said.  “Let’s try something else.”  He had Matt sit on the battered and stained sofa, and had Leigh get on his hands and knees to suck.  Then he pulled the candle out and mounted his brother from behind.  He’d already lubed up his dick, and without preamble, plunged it into his asshole.  Leigh, taken by surprise, had too much cock in his mouth to protest, and as Matt was fucking his face, his brother was pumping into his ass.

    “Oh man, this is great!” he cried as he hammered his brother’s butt.  With typical adolescent speed, he was shortly spewing his load inside his brother, and then he pulled out.  “Nate, you gotta try this!  He’s so tight,” he said.  So Nate, hard again already, lined his still slick dick up behind Leigh and pushed into the hole.  Like Ferris, he started vigorously pumping in and out of the boy’s no longer virgin ass, and like Ferris, he quickly shot another load.

    Matt had finished, shooting some into Leigh’s mouth, and some onto his face, and gave up his place to the other boys, some of them like Mikey and Teddy still too young to come, but old enough to enjoy the blowjob.  Leigh stayed on hands and knees on the sofa for the remaining sucking.  

    Meanwhile, Nate took hold of Matt’s half-hard dick and gave him a few strokes, rubbing the remaining cum around until he was fully hard again, and then he led him into position behind Leigh.  Just as he had recently filled the front orifice of the boy, he now started on the rear, and in short order dumped Leigh’s third load of cum in his ass.

    It appeared they were done at that point, the younger boys blown, and the older ones not ready for a third time in less than ten minutes.  Leigh stood up.  He was a sight.  Cum dripped from his hair, nose, cheeks, and chin.  Dribbles of cum were running down his inner thighs.  He was still hard.  Ferris decided that he would stay that way, and slipped a tight rubber band around the base of his dick and his balls.  “Get your clothes on, Bro,” he said.  “We’ve got to get home and take care of your punishment.  You were a very bad boy today.”  As he said it, his cock returned to fully erect status, and after he pulled on his pants a significant lap tent remained.

    “I can’t go out like this,” he said.  "Don’t put those pants on yet,” he said to his brother, pushing his own back down to his knees.   “I need to cum again."

May be continued...