By DannyR (MM/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo)

Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.


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DISCLAIMER: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn't happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. After that, well, hopefully everything Law and Order and the news say is true about child molesters in prison, is really true. Now that we're clear on what's what, and what's not, read on.


Special Note to GM: A reader whose hot email (and the pic of a redneck, hairy, half naked, plaid shirt wearing, daddy with a big ol' hard prick) got me so turned on it triggered the idea for this story. Thanks!





"It gonna count again me if I ain't cathlick?"

There was this silence from the room or whatever next door. Then this kinda sigh. `n real soft-like, this guy's voice says, "Even here?"

I jus' kept my mouth shut. Fer all I knew that was somethin' these cathlicks say afore they get down t'business, confessin' `n prayin' `n shit like that.

Another sigh, jus' a little bitty one this time, `n then the voice says, "No, my son. I'm here to help anyone, Catholic or not."

Now it's my turn fer not talkin'. Damn but that's a fine voice. All deep, `n soft, `n...fuck, jus' real nice. Paw ain't much for sayin' nice stuff like "my son," all warm `n friendly like. Tellin' me how I'm his pedo pussy boy slut's more his speed. `course, that's the fuckin' truth, ain't it? I mean, that's what I been for pert near four years now `n I'm gonna be eight next week.

But still, I'm jus' not sure if I wanna do this.

See, my best friend Morty is one a them cathlicks. Which, accordin' to Pastor Will, is the nearest thing t'no never mind as bein' in league with the devil, big ol' Satan hisself, what with all that bowin' `n kneelin' t'false idols like them big statues of Jesus on the cross, and them altars `n all that. Ain't nothin' wrong, natcherly, with havin' a black velvet Jesus in yer house, but none a them crucifix things. `n a course there's that pope guy in Rome what tells them all the wrong things t'blieve in.

But we're best friends, Morty `n me, `n so I never tell him how he's gonna burn in the fires o' hell `n be everlastin' damned `cause he's worshippin' the wrong God. I also don't tell him I'm gonna be right next to him, on accounta becuz homasexshulls is even worse `n cathlicks accordin' t'Pastor Will. I figure I gotta be one a them faggots what's damned `n all, since I like paw's dick in my cunt so much. Either one. Shit, I even wish I wuz like a girl, sometimes, with a third pussy hole fer him, only, without losin' my dickie. I like my dickie `n the way it makes me feel.

Not that paw is gonna burn in hell or anythin'. He's jus' a hard-workin'...well, when he kin find a job...god-fearin' man who does what he has to do to get him some relief, `n most of it's my fault anyway, so come Judgment Day, he's gonna repent sinnin' with me all them times, `n then, well, baby Jesus will welcome him into the kingdom of heaven. I jus' hope he don't get no hardon when that happens. I reckon that jus' might him get kicked out.

Can you get hardons in heaven?

Well, sure the fuck ain't as if I'm ever gonna know.

"My son?"

Aw, crap. Now I gotta shit or get off the pot.

"You cain't talk about what I say, can you?"

Another a them little sighs. "Not a word. No one can force me to repeat anything you tell me. Confessions are sacred."

Okay. So that part of what Morty said was true. See, last week I sucked his little dick in the boy's room `n he really liked that tingly shivery feelin'. A whole lot. Paw says it's a dry cum, `cause a little boy cain't make no man juices. Morty was okay with that. But then, when I stood up `n pushed him down on his knees `n made him suck my pee-pee until I got my dry cum, he got all guilty actin' and sayin' he had to go confess.

First I thought he was gonna `fess up to Mr. Mac, our second grade teacher. Mr. Mac don't really like me, maybe `cause sometimes I kin be a real pain in the ass in class. `n if Morty said somethin', Mr. Mac would sure as shit tell paw, `n I jus' knew paw would kill me dead, `n then whup me within `n inch a my life, `fore givin' me a real punishment fuck.

I was gonna whomp Morty upside the head, `cause I'm way bigger'n him, shit, it's almos' like he's a kindergarten baby. Well, `cept his dickie is almos' as big as mine, `n paw says I got a right nice boy stiffy for such a young slut. Jus' a short, quick whomp t'make sure he unnerstood no way was he tellin' on me. But then he tol' me what he meant, `n how he'd be forgiven. I ast him if that meant we could do it again, even iffen it was sinnin', `n he got this real funny look, `n looked away, `n finally nodded yes.

Well, but hot damn. That seems like a real fine church kind of thing, iffen paw `n me was reg'lar church-goin' folks. Don't have t'wait `til y'die to get yore sins forgiven; y'got a preacher type t'just do it right now. `n then when y'sin again, y'get forgiven again. I dint give it more thought, though, `ntil t'day.

`til Mr. Mac gave me my math test back. A fuckin' D! And a fuckin' note fer paw.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I just know I'm gonna get my pussy pounded.  I just know it.  Yeah, yeah, I like my paw fuckin' me, but not when he's pissed.  And he's gonna be so pissed 'cause Mr. Mac gave me a goddamn D. `n `sides it was all paw's fault anyway. Only it'll be a cold day `n hell `fore paw'd admit anythin' like that. But fuck, how was I s'posed to study fer that test? Paw needed my help real bad, night `fore last, so o'course I gave it to him. That's what good pussy boys do fer their paws. `cept he plugged me three times `n gave me so many little boy cums he plumb wore me out, `n I went t'sleep without ever studyin'.

`n then fucked up the test.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

"My son...."

Aw fuck but that sounded so damn nice.

"...if you've changed your mind, there are others...."

"Naw. Ain't no others out there."

Sounded like he stood up, `n then his door kinda creaked like it did when he came in t'his little room. Nothin' in mine but this bare wood bench. Not very comfortable. Mebbe they do it s'ose you kin get yore confessin' done real quick, kinda git in `n out fast. Bet his side's got nice soft seat to it. Then he sat down again. "You're right, my son. So take your time. Tell me what's troubling you."

"You know all about boy fuckin', doncha?"

Don't know what that big ol' gasp was for. He's one a them cathlick priests, ain't he? `course he knows. That's why I come t'talk t'him. `n that's what I told him.

"Uh, my son, you must realize...." I could sorta hear him take a deep breath. "You must realize that not every priest is a pedophile."

Huh! Bet he thought I dint know that word. `course I do. That's the fancy word for guys as like to fuck little boy cunts. Paw says folks would figger him for a pedo if they knew `bout him `n me, but paw ain't no pedo. First, `cuz he's only lettin' me help him keep his man juices drained so they don't get all built up `n mess his insides all up `n make him sick `n maybe die, so I'm helpin' t'save his life, so I'm really kinda like a live in nurse or somethin'. `n second, `cuz he says goddamn sick pedos like fuckin' little boys, `n he don't like it at all, but `cause he's a good father he has to do it anyway. `n if I'd jus' stop getting' my little stiffies, `n stop wiggling my boy cunt at him `n gettin' him all hot `n bothered, he wouldn't have to punish me by plowin' my pussy instead of jus' lettin' me help him out.

Poor paw. He's been tryin' fer years `n years t'break me a my bad habits, like teasin' `n tauntin' grown men alla time. I unnerstand, honest I do, that only dirty little boys get stiffies when they're naked in front a their daddies, or wors'n that, when they're not nekked. `n I don't wanna be a dirty little boy. Honest! But I jus' cain't help myself.

Paw's talked t'me over'n over `bout it. `splained it lotsa times `bout how good little boys would never, never, ever get baby boy hardons jus' from bein' nekked. `n how if I'd jus' think right it wouldn't happen t'me. But it does. So when talkin' dint work, paw had t'see if punishin' me'd get it through my thick boy skull that it's jus' plain wrong what I do.

He'd spank me, all nekked `n draped over him, `n first time he swats my ass I got me a stiffy. Now it's so bad if he jus' tells me I'm gonna get a spankin' I get my little boy hardon, which jus' makes it worse. `cause he says I'm like talkin' back t'him when I do that, like I'm givin' him the finger or somethin' disrespectful. I wouldn't do that! But I guess I do. `n that means I make paw haveta spank me harder `n longer, `til my plump little bottom is all red `n burnin' hot, `n so's my dickie from rubbin' against paw's hairy legs, `n by then he's all big `n hard `n leakin' his juices, s'ose I know how he ain't got no choice but t'fuck one a my pussies.

Christ fuck I wish I was a good little boy `stead a bein' such a nasty boy whore.


"My son...." he said, soundin' jus' a little like he was startin' t'get pissed, prob'ly `cause I weren't sayin' nothin', `n I shore dint need no pedo priest gettin' all pissed at me.

"So you ain't a boy fucker?"

"Uh, n...."

"Well, shit! So which one are you?"

"Which one?"

"Damn, but you ain't too quick, are ya? Morty said his reg'lar priest was Father Michael, `n this week there's a visitin' priest, Father Shane or somethin', from over t'Stonewall City."

"Father Sean. That would be me."

"Okay. So if you ain't a boy fucker, is Father Mike?"

"I don't believe so."

"Well, damn. Only fuckin' cathlick church in Schuylerton `n you don't got no boy fuckin' priests around? What the fuck good are ya gonna do me then?"

"My son, has anyone ever told you that you have a rather foul mouth?"

I was gonna deny it, but you're s'posed t'tell the truth to God, so I admitted that Pastor Will said just that `bout me. Don't know why.

Well.... Akshully, mebbe it was `cause I called him a dumb fucker piss-ant shithead when he caught me playin' with my dickie in the church basement toilet `n went all off on me `bout sinnin' `n stuff. `n he was just what I said. God wouldn't've give me no pee-pee that gets all stiff, `n He wouldn't've give me two real good pussies for paw to use, if it wuz all that big a deal. Like some big sin or other.

`nother big ol' silence. "Uh...tell me, my son, why do you, uh, need a priest with boy-fucking, er, expertise."

Well, he sure weren't gonna do me no good iffen he don't know nothing `bout boy cunts `cause he ain't never fucked one, but mebbe, bein' as how he's a cathlick priest `n most a them is boy fuckers, mebbe he kinda picked up some stuff, like when I put a paper towel on the bathroom floor to pick up any a paw's piss that spilled outa my mouth.

"I need t' talk t'someone `bout my paw."

"You mean your, your father has been using pussies?"

"Ain't that what I just fuckin' said? Okay. Sorta said?"

"Yes. Yes, you did."

"Okay, so you know anythin' at all `bout boy fuckin'? Mebbe from some ol' priest iffen he came in here `n tol' you `bout how he was fuckin' the little altar boys `n kids in Sunday school, `n stuff?"


"Look, here's the deal. If you `n this old Father Mike guy don't know nothin' `bout boy fuckin', `n you cain't help me, mebbe you know some real preacher that does, so I kin talk t'him? I mean, preachers gotta keep what you say to them real secret, too, don't they?"

"Most do, I think. But not being...."

"Okay, okay. Look, we gotta fuckin' speed things up here. Paw gets real mad if I ain't home from school on time. So kin you help me?"

"I...ah...think I might. But first, how old are you?"

"Pert near eight. Next Tuesday."

"And how long has your...uh...father been...ah...using your pussies?"

" `bout four years."


Huh. I thought priests `n preachers dint swear. `n that sure sounded like Christ-swearin' `n not Christ-prayin'.

"Yes, I think I can help you."

"Yeah, right. You already said you dint know nothin' `bout fuckin' little boys, so...."

"Are you wearing a wire?"

Whoa. I kinda laughed at that. I seen enough TV t'know `bout gettin' the bad guy t'admit he was the killer or whatever, `n then the cops come pourin' outta the van nearby, or outa the fuckin' woodwork like paw says, `cause they overhead the big confession.

"Jesus, fuck, no. I'm jus' a little pussy boy. I ain't no snitch."

"Would you allow me to check that to be sure?"

I looked at my watch...the one paw give me s'ose I know just what time it is, `n when I have to leave school, `n when I have to be home. I really dint have no time t'go lookin' around for another preacher type to talk to. "Yeah, I guess."

"Why don't you just come around and open the door."

S'ose he could pat me down like they do on them cop shows, I guess. I opened my door jus' a little `n peeked out. Still empty. `n then I got this real bad-ass idea. Paw would really kill me, but ain't no reason he gotta know. I ain't never been nekkid in front of no stranger, `n my dickie was all hard, `n, well, what the fuck. Paw don't `low me no undies, `cause by the time I get home from school he needs my help with his fat ol' hairy balls real bad `n undies jes take up more time. `course part of it was he ripped s'many getting' `em off me, s'ose he could get his big ol' dong inside one a my cunts, `n he got fed up with me wastin' all his money havin' to buy undies `cause I tempted him `n made him rip `em off. I pulled off my tee-shirt `n shorts, checked again, stepped out `n over t'his door, `n knocked, real polite like.

The door swung open, `n I backed up jus' a little out of the way. `n then we both looked at each other, `n we both said "Christ" all swearin' like.

I knew what he was seein'...a naked little boy jus' about four foot tall, `n bout fifty pounds, kinda skinny. Ankle socks, `n trainers. Small feet. Dirty blond hair, both `cause that's what paw calls the color, `n kinda `cause I ain't washed it fer a bit. Big blue eyes, thin nose, big ol' lips, kinda like that kid in the Home Alone movies only I'm better lookin'. Paw says my lips is cocksucker lips `n I look like I'm jus' beggin' all th'time to get cock meat crammed in my throat. A little boy stiffie, too. Mine's jus' under three inches, `cordin' t'the last time paw measured. The priest made a gesture, like for me to turn around, s'ose I did. I got me one a them bubble butts, paw says. Looks real plump `cause the rest a me is so skinny. With what I seen when the door opened I figured he'd like a look at my pussy hole. God knows I was so hard I was hurtin' thinkin' `bout showin' m'self off to a stranger.

Only I forgot. Paw put a plug in my pussy this mornin' after he fucked me twice. Okay, so mebbe the priest wouldn't know that me havin' t'have a plug in my cunt meant I was a piggy cum slut boy whore. Or `n even bigger "I fergit" is whether he knows that little boys who get stiffies is jus' askin' t'have their pussies pounded. Mebbe he's jus' a boy-fuckin' priest who knows jus' enough t'help and not enough to know he's s'posed t'punish me for my stiffie. `cept only paw is s'posed t'do that. I was pretty sure I knew when he saw my plug `cause a the way he inhaled all kinda sharp like.

I straightened up `n turned around. Yeah, now that he was sure I dint have no wire, he was showin' me he was a real boyfucker priest after all. He kinda looked like I thought a pedo guy oughta look. Y' he'd really enjoy shovin' his big ol' prick in a young boy's bottom hole. Or mouth hole. Or one hole right after the other.

His name sounded like he'd be Irish or somethin', but damn if he wasn't a dago. Big man. Bigger'n paw, that's fer sure. Kinda dark skin I guess was real, like natchrul, `n not `cause he got a tan. Black wavy hair kinda long for a priest, only what the fuck did I know `bout how priests was s'posed t'wear their hair. Black eyes, with a real hot look in `em right then. Muscles fer days it looked like, the way his short sleeved black shirt with that white collar thing was so tight over his chest. Real hairy arms.

`n a fuckin' huge big ol' dick. That's what I seen when the door opened, this big ol' meat a-stickin' up outa his black pants. While he was lookin' at my pussy hole he musta been haulin' his big ol' hairy balls outa his pants. Fuck, he was bigger'n paw there, too. He had his hand on his dick, strokin' it. Fuck, it was leakin' already. Lots.

I grinned at him `n he grinned back. "Guess you know `bout boy fuckin' after all, doncha?"

"Sure the fuck do, kid."


He gestured me again, this time to come closer. "Why don't you get your clothes and come in here with me?"

I shouldn't. I shorely, shorely knew I shouldn't. Knew paw wouldn't like it. Paw kin be kinda selfish, specially `bout my cunts. It's been `most three years since I seen a new man dick, I mean a real one, `cause I see lots of man dicks on the Net usin' the computers at school. `n I guess if anyone'd care t'ask paw `bout sharin' me out with somebody he dint know he'd get fuckin' pissed off. Real fuckin' pissed off. But I jus' knew I was gonna prove what kinda cum dump nasty boy I really was anyways, `cause I did jus' like Father Sean said.

`n he closed the door. `n I was standin' `tween his spread legs. It was kinda dark inside. Jus' a little light up in the corner. But enough to see. See how slick his dick was gettin' with the slime oozin' out the top. See the look on his face. Same look as paw gits when he's plannin' on usin' me. He leaned forward and with his wet hand he played with my dickie `n my tight little balls. I kinda whimpered. Dint want to, but damn fuck it felt so good, his big hand, rough `n strong, workin' on me. Woulda thought a priest's hands'd be all soft, but his was callused like paw's. He used his other hand to tweak my little titties, which jus' made me moan. `n then he whispered, "You're a real slut pussy boy, aren't you?"

Aw shit fuck piss hell. He knew! I just kinda froze `fore noddin' my head. Was he gonna pound my pussy like paw?

He jus' smiled at me. "I was a pussy boy, too, when I was your age, my son."

Shore glad there weren't nothin' under my jawbone when my mouth dropped open, `cause I'd've cracked it fer sure. "R...really?"

"Yeah. Only my daddy and granddaddy started me off even younger than you."

Oh, wow. That was so fuckin' hot.

His big fingers wiggled the bottom of the plug, kinda movin' it `round in my pussy. I'm such a slut boy. I jus' tilted my head back `n pushed my hips toward him `n moaned again. `n when he did it again, only a little harder, my mouth dropped open `n I started pantin' `n kinda droolin'.

His hands was all over me when he went on talkin'. "Yeah, for years my daddy `n granddaddy used my cunts a lot because they'd made me into such a good slut whore boy. But eventually I got too old for them, so they found themselves another young little boy in the family to train into being a good cunt boy cum whore, too, and turned me over to some men who liked older boys."

"Yore daddy `n granddaddy jus' gave you t'some other men? Let `em use you?"

There was this nice long pause while he kinda lifted me up, `n slouched hisself down a little, `n had me straddle him, and then he put this big hand o' his back a my head, and pulled me forward, and shit fire he tongue-fucked my pussy boy mouth. Paw ain't never done that! When he finely stopped I was so dizzy I had t'lean forward `n brace myself on his shoulders. Which jus' brought me right back close t'his mouth. He kissed me real soft like, `n said, "Your...paw doesn't share you?"

I shook my head, real sad like.

"Well, he doesn't know what he's missing. Daddy and granddaddy always said it was such a fucking turnon for them to watch other men molest me, and how proud they were when I made those men happy. Hell, a couple of times granddaddy let some business guy have me for a few days as part of a deal. Youngest I can remember is when I was four."

"Yore gran'daddy whored you out?"

Well, fuck shit piss again. I gave myself away. `course I allus do that on accounta becuz paw says ever'thin' I think jus' shows up big as shit on my face, `n I jus' know the priest was seein' what I was thinkin' `bout how fuckin' hot it'd be t'be a boy whore for real. He got this wicked look in his eyes `n this even wickeder grin on his face. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? If your paw whored you out, let other men molest you."

I jus' hung my head in shame. Ever time I said or did anythin' it jus' showed him even more what a goddamn useless-`cept-fer-fuckin' nasty little boy I was. What a filthy little boy I was, who knew right from wrong, but jus' kep' on doin' ever'thin' as was wrong.

He used one finger to raise my head so I was lookin' at him. "Hey, kid, there's no shame in being a good slut for your daddy." A little pause. "And your granddaddy, too?"

I nodded.

He whispered real soft as he twisted my titties, "Would you like to be a good slut boy for me? Right now?"

I shoulda shook my head. I shoulda said no. I know'd I should. But my little dickie was so hard it was hurtin' `n I was thinkin' `bout him bein' so little `n gettin' molested by them men, `n how I really was a nasty pig bottom boy like paw said or I wouldn't want t'be used so much. I whispered "uh huh" back at him.

"Oh," he kinda moaned. "Fuck, yeah, baby boy." `n then he yanked the plug outa my pussy!

I yelped but he got a hand over my mouth so it weren't real loud after all. Christ, I felt so empty with nothin' in my bottom, no dick, no dildo, no plug. Kinda outa the corner of my eye I could see him twistin' his hand `n fingers all over the plug, getting' `em kinda slimy from paw's cum and my pussy juices. `n then he started to feel me up, feel how my cunt lips was all swollen `n puffy `n a little bit wet. `n then he jus' kind eased three fingers in my cunt hole. Oh that felt so fuckin' good.

But I hadta know, even though I couldn't look at him when I asked. I jus' looked down at his big oozing slimy prick. "Are...are you gonna fuck me, or...or...are ya gonna pound my pussy?"

"What's the difference?"

Well, damn if my head dint snap right up at that. "What kinda boyfucker are you, anyways? Y'don't know that?"

"But I grew up somewhere else. We probably just called it something different."

Oh. Well, that sounded reas'nable like.

"Why don't you explain it to me, while I play with your pussy?"

I nodded, but I weren't real sure I could keep m'mind on things iffen he was doin' that to me.

"Okay, see, maw left us when I was a little boy. Paw said she was a no good bitch what kept fuckin' `round on him, `stead a stayin' at home, cookin' `n stuff, `n takin' care o' me, `n finely he jus' tol' her to get the fuck out. S'ose it was jus' him `n me, then, `n after a while paw said he reelized he dint have him no pussy no more, `n he was havin' trouble gettin' him some down at the Rooster `cause he dint have much money. So he figgered since I'd been so much trouble t'maw that she dint wanna take care o' me, so paw had to run her off, least I could do was help him out when his balls was hurtin'."

"Your paw was right about that, my son. A good little boy is always willing to help out his daddy when his daddy's balls need draining."

I nodded `n kinda whimpered, cause his three big hairy fingers goin' in `n outa my sloppy pussy felt so fuckin' good.

"So he kinda learned me all I needed t'know about suckin' his big ol' dick, `n how t'swallow it down, `n drink all his man juices. `n `ventually he stuck his dick up my bottom hole `n learned me all about fuckin' `n usin' my cunt muscles to drain him dry."

"So you like being able to help your paw out, and have him fuck your pussy mouth and your pussy bottom, so he isn't hurting from aching balls."

I nodded, my eyes shut, enjoyin' what all he was doin' t'me. `n then fer a little while weren't nothin' to think about or anythin' but how I was shiverin' `n shakin' `n having one fuck fine boy cum from his hairy fingers in my bottom pussy.

`n when I finely stopped, he asked, "So what do you do that makes your paw pound your pussy?"

Fuck. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuck. He was jus' playin' with me. He knew. All the time he knew. Bastard prick boyfucker pedo priest.

"Paw says if I was really a good son, then when he was done with fuckin' me, or havin' me suck him off, I'd jus' leave him alone. I'd wait until his balls was natchurly achin' again, `n he'd tell me he needed me, `n then he'd do me `n ever'thin'd be fine. Only...only he says I'm such a nasty pervert little pussy boy that I won't leave him alone. I'm always a-teasin' `n a-temptin' him. Like walkin' around naked `in our trailer all the time.

"But paw makes me stay naked. He says we cain't afford lotsa clothes fer me, `n the ones I have have gotta last, s'ose it's better iffen I don't wear nothin'. `n then he says if I was a really good boy I wouldn't get all these stiffies. I wouldn't get him all hard when he dint want to right then. `n then `cause it was on accounta me bein' such a nasty little boy, almos' as bad a whore slut cunt as maw, he has t'teach me a lesson, tryin' to learn me not t'be such a prick tease. `n that's when he pounds my pussy."

"Hard, I bet."

"Uh huh."

"And if you weren't such a dirty little cunt boy who's only good for molesting and not much else, you wouldn't have all those little boy cums while you're being punished, which just makes him to have to pound you even harder."

I nodded again.

"You know what I have to do now, don't you?"

I panicked. I looked up at his stern face. "Please! Please don't pound my boy pussy. I'm a good fuck. Paw says so. I got a real talented cunt, I'll milk you real good!"

"But you tempted me, didn't you? Deliberately?"

"No. No!"

"But when I wanted to find out if you were trying to trap me, you didn't have to get your little dickie hard, did you?"


"And you didn't have to take off your clothes and show me how you had a real fuckable little boy body, did you?"


"And if you hadn't been already naked I'd never have made you turn around and I never would've seen the butt plug in your pussy, would I?"

I wuz pract'kly whimperin' when I said no.

"So what you were really doing is trying to get me horny and hard, weren't you?"

By then I wuz `most in tears what with the steady in `n out o' his fingers, `n him playin' with my titties, `n knowin' fer sure now what was gonna happen t'me, only I still hadta try again. "No, please, I wasn't really tryin', I, well, I jus' got kinda confused, I dint mean...."

"But you did, my son. Now just admit it, and tell me what you are."

"I...oh fuck, sir, I'm just a nasty pervert pedo boy. `n I did wanna see yore dick `n see iffen it got hard lookin' at my slut body."

"And when dirty little cunt boys do that, what has to happen to them?"

"They...they have to get their pussies pounded."

"But what if what the dirty little cunt boy did wasn't an accident, something he couldn't help, something he just did because he was a young slut who couldn't control his dickie? What if this pervert kid wanted it all to happen?"

I almost passed out. I ain't had no power fuckin' fer a long time. He knew about them, too. I am so fucked. Power fucked.

"The...the boy gets power fucked."

"Right. Now get your pussy lips as wet as you can, my son. God has granted your wish."

I dint! I dint want no power fuckin'. All I was doin' was tryin' to figure out how t'not get my pussy pounded. Only my hole was goin' all like "yeah yeah yeah" `n stuff.

I gave in...cuz, well, I dint have no choice. I weren't wearin' no clothes so I couldn't afford to go runnin' off, `cuz paw always said iffen any man were to see my whore bitch boy body nekkid, `specially with a stiffie, why the man would have to choice `cept t'fuck me raw. `n what with all them shops `n stores `n garages `n stuff `tween school `n home, I jus' knew I'd see most all a the men what waves at me when I walk by, `n they'd see nekked `n stiff, `n then they'd jus' haveta rape my boy cunt. `n if I turned around t'grab the door `n try t'get it open, he'd just grab my skinny little waist, haul me back, and shove my cunt down on his huge ol' meat, fast `n hard.

Only he kinda did that anyways. I dint have hardly no time t' spit on my fingers `n wipe `em around my cunt, `n do it again, shovin' em up side t'get up there a little more wetter'n it already wuz. He jus' grabbed my waist, `n made me t'squat down, `n reach behind me `n get his dong lined up with my cunt. That's when he just shoved me down as hard as he fuckin' could.

`course it hurt. Shit damn fuck his prick was bigger'n daddy's, bigger'n grampa's, so `course I screamed this kinda loud girly type scream when my cunt started ridin' his pubes. Goddamn I fuck near passed out, too, but I dint. Then the fuckin' bastard boy cunt fucker prick tol' me t'raise `n lower myself, to fuckin' fuck my own cunt! Weren't fair. No fair a'tall. But bein' a fuckin' bitch tramp pussy boy slut cum dump whore weren't `bout bein' fair, jus' all `bout bein' useful `n used. Just like paw allus says when I get too uppity.

So then he told me t'get my cunt movin'. I got me real talented pussy muscles, on accounta becuz paw trained me s'good, so I figgered I'd get this boyfucker priest so hot `n bothered with me slidin' my cunt up `n down, `n squeezin' `n relaxin' he'd blast a load a man slime up inside me `n I wouldn't have no power fuck. Fuck, no pussy poundin' either.

He's such a mean badass motherfucker. Said I weren't doin' it right, so he started movin' me up `n down kinda rough `n a fuck lot faster'n I wuz doin'. I got me another cum right after he started. He shouldn't be doin' this t'me. It's like them lethal weapon movies paw likes t'watch, `n sorta what that nigger cop says s'much, only `stead a bein' too old, I'm too young fer this shit. No pert-near-eight little boy oughta be gettin' his pussy fucked like this. `specially not with a big fat dick that's worse on my innards than paw's `n grampaw's dicks, rearrangin' ever'thin', hurtin' `n then the hurt sorta kinda goes away, only not all, `n I start whimperin'. t'aint right him doin' this t'me. But goddamn it feels so fuckin' good, hurt `n all.

Right after my next cum, with his cock all the way up my hot little cunt, he stood up, holdin' onta my ass so I dint slide off his meat, `n turned around, `n kinda crouched again `n rested his knees on this big soft cushion on the bench, `n ordered me t'brace myself `gainst the wall, `cause I was a fuckin' dirty white trash pussy boy who had t'be power fucked inta bein' good.

I coulda told him from lots o'sperience it weren't gonna work. But he wasn't interested in no talk from me. He just started fuckin' me. Hard. Real fuckin' hard. Showin' me fer sure I weren't nothin' but a slut what was only good fer molestin' `n no fuckin' good fer anythin' else. He weren't goin' easy on my tiny pussy atall; jus' slammin' in `n out, faster `n faster `n faster, yankin' his meat alla way outa my cunt `fore shovin' in balls deep again, over'n over'n over `til I was outa my fuckin' mind, whining, `n moanin' `n beggin' him t'stop, but he jus' kep' on fuckin', power fuckin', givin' me s'many cums I couldn't keep track like paw allus wanted, he kep' drivin' his dick in my cunt over'n over `n over `n I got all tingly all over `n started gaspin' `n havin' trouble breathin' and finely he kinda whisper-shouted "Fuck you baby boy cunt!" and gimme his man juices.

I could feel each shot goin' up the tube at the bottom of his dick, then hot `n blastin' the walls o' my cunt. Fuck. Nine fuckin' shots of cum in my pussy! Paw never did that many. `n we were gaspin' fer air, `n he was holdin' me tight.

`n that's when the voice said, "Damn, I sure do like the way you fuck little boys, Sean."

The damn boyfucker priest kinda chuckled, `n said, "So do I, officer, so do I."

Officer! A fuckin' cop had watched me get my pedo slut ass fucked by a priest! I was so fuckin' dead twice over, fuck, twelve times over. Paw allus said the biggest wrong thing I could ever do was let the cops know what was goin' on, `cause then paw'd be hauled off to jail, `n so would grampaw, `cause paw said he weren't goin' down alone, `n I'd have t'go to some foster home, `n they'd put me where only girls `n women was around so I wasn't no temptation to any boys or men, `n I wouldn't ever get no more dick in my cunts. I fergot where I was, `n shouted "no" `n started fightin' t'get away.

Dint get very far. Like nowheres atall, on accounta becuz the priest jus' wrapped his arms around me, `n like I couldn't move. Well, I could move my hips, but all that did was keep his cock hard in my pussy, `n he kep' tellin' me t'calm down, `n finely I did. I looked over left where the voice come from, `n there was this face lookin' through the square...only weren't no screen there any more. My mouth dropped `n the cop laughed.

"Father Sean's real good at fixing things, kid, so they're convenient for him."

By the time he was finished, Father Sean'd sat back down again, me still all stuck on his dong, `n all limp `n worn out from the scare, `n from the best damn power fuck I ever had. Hell, even my dickie had finely gone soft, too.

"What are you doing here, Alex?" the priest with his cock in my pussy asked.

I managed to turn my head to look at the face in the square. `s hard turnin' yore head or doin' much a anythin' when yore all fucked out. He was grinnin'. "Just dropped a guy off at the jail, was headin' back out on patrol, and saw your truck parked here. Decided to see if you were busy."

The cop gave this big laugh. "Damn if you weren't busy, too."

"Sweet Jesus," I moaned when the pedo priest shoved his hips `n me up. The prick bastard was still hard `n fuck all, makin' my dickie get all stiff again.

"What'd you have in mind?"

"Gettin' my cock in your cunt. Preferably ass, but your mouth would do."

Whoa fuck. I know'd the priest said he'd been a pussy boy like me when he wuz little, but he was still a pussy? But...paw allus said only fag men took it up their shitters, but real men could fuck `em in their holes `n not go all queer. `n Father Sean shore dint look like no fag. Dint feel like no pussy fag with his prick up inside me like it was.

"How about a dirty little pussy boy cunt instead?"

"Is Father Michael a cocksucker?" `n he laughed like he'd said somethin' funny.

I twisted around at that, tryin' t'look up at the priest, `n goddamn but that shore the fuck made my pussy feel real fine `n get my dickie all hard again. "Thought you said he weren't no boyfucker," I said, kinda pissed like.

"I didn't know he was. I take it you know from experience, Alex?"

"Hell, yeah. I guess I was about nine when my best friend taught me about sucking cock, and told me who he'd learned it from. He was an altar boy, so a couple of Sundays later he took me over to the church, and man, my dad would've pounded my bare ass six ways from Sunday if he ever knew I went to a Catholic church for anything, much less going there to have the priest suck me off. And he's been doing it ever since."

He stopped talkin' fer a second, `n then said, "Well, damn, that's over twenty years now. He likes it up the ass, too. I don't think he ever fucks anyone even though he's got this big cut cock, maybe eight inches, but he damn sure the fuck cums in buckets when you pump a load in his mouth or ass. But fuck all that, let's get this fuck on the road so I can get back on the road."

"Lock the doors and you can fuck him on the altar."

"Oh, man, that is sooooo fucking sick."

"You going to turn it down?"

"My mama dint raise no dummy!" With that his face disappeared `n I heard his door open.

Father Sean kep' on playin' with my titties, makin' me wiggle `n squirm, `til he heard the cop say it was all clear. `n then he stood up, fuckin' holdin' onta me with his cock still hard `n up my pussy. Jus' like I weighed mebbe a pound or two. He held me tight with one hand, opened the door, and then holdin' me up with both hands, stepped out `n walked towards the altar. Fuck shit but that felt real good, his dick movin' around with each step.

I got my first good look at the cop, too. Goddamn but he was big. Ever'where `cept his dick. Hadda be over six feet tall `cause paw's six one `n I jus' knew this guy wuz bigger. Real short hair. That big mustache. Shades hangin' down from his white tee. `n his dick `n balls outa his dark blue pants. He saw me starin' at his little meat as we walked up, `n said, "Five and half inches, kid."

I shut my eyes fer a second. Shitfirefuck. Bitty dick like that `n I prob'ly wouldn't feel a damn thing. Then we were standin' next t'him, `n I opened my eyes, `n opened my eyes, `n fuckin' opened my eyes. Fuck me! I ain't never seen no dick like that afore. None o' the three men I seen, paw, `n grampaw, `n the pedo priest, fuck, none o' them men I seen on the Net wuz like this meat. I looked up and he had this half mean half funnin' look in his eyes, like he knew I'd been disrespectin' his meat `cause it ain't very long. "Eight fucking inches around, kiddy cunt."

He looked down `n so did I, `n damn fuck but he couldn't get his fuck finger `n thumb t'meet when he stretched `em around the fat part o' his dick. I jus' shook my head. "Uh-uh. Ain't no way that's goin' in my cunt."

"Oh, yeah, `way', pussy boy. My little one is years younger than you, and he gets close to half, and I figure by your age he'll be able to take it all. So a filthy cum whore slut like you seem to be, sure the fuck ought to be able to."

I started t'tell him "no" again, but the priest spun me around on his cock spike, `n I was lookin' up at him, `n he was lookin' down at me, `n his face was all stern like paw gits just afore you really know fer sure he's pissed. `n then he said real soft like, "Power fuck, anyone?"

"No, no!" I kinda yelled, `n then hushed a bit. "No, please, please jus' fuck me, officer, I got a real good cunt fer a slut whore nasty boy. You'll feel real good, I promise."

That's when the priest yanked me off his cock, `n plopped me on my back on the soft altar cloth, my legs danglin' over the edge fer a second, `fore he grabbed `em, held `em up `n spread `em wide. The cop was on his knees. What the fuck? `n then his big rough hands was under my knees, his thumbs diggin' inta my thighs, `n his tongue was on my pussy! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck that felt so fuckin' good. Paw `n grampaw never eat my pussy, `n that's what he was doin'. Tongue-fuckin' my hole, slurpin' `n suckin' out the pedo priest's slime `n daddy's slime `n my kid cunt ass juices.

The priest took over leg holdin' duty, `n the cop stood up `n I could see he had this big mouthful of juices he sucked outa my ass. `n the fucker spit on me! Hawked a good one `n all that nasty stuff was on my tummy. `n the bastard did it two more times! `n then he rubbed his hand on my tummy, slimin' me all over, smearin' it on my face, shovin' fingers in my mouth, makin' me taste all that smelly, slimy, nasty stuff. He smeared some of it on his dick and then nudged my wet pussy lips with the sticky leakin' knob.

`n just like the pedo priest, he shoved his knob inside my cunt. I'd've screamed fuckin' bloody murder iffen the priest weren't holdin' my ankles up together in one big hand, while the other was clamped over my mouth. Fuck, even the first time paw got his cock in my shit hole `n made it inta a slut boy's cunt dint hurt like this.

Okay, so mebbe the cop weren't such a prick bastard after all, `cuz he jus' held real still like, `n let me get used t'the fat cop cock startin' up inside me. He kinda twitched his meat `n fuck but it sent tingles all through me, almos' like I was gonna cum.

"The pedo priest here fucked you kind of rough, didn't he?" the cop said.


"You liked it, too, didn't you, bitch boy?"

Fuck shit. Ever' time I tell paw I like somethin' he makes sure I get it, only like twicet or three times what I said. `n I bet the cop is jus' like that. `n if I lie `n say no, `n then he gets all rough and rammin' hard `n I start beggin' for him to fuck my boy cunt mean like, he'll know I lied, `n he'll prob'ly punish me with a power fuck, too. I can't take no power fuck again today. I can't! So I jus' nodded, jus' a little, hopin' mebbe he'd figger I dint like rough fuckin' a whole hell of a lot.

Bastard jus' shoved another inch or two in my cunt. Goddamn he was stretchin' my pore little boy pussy wide. Ain't never been stretched like that afore. I managed t'get my head up `n look `tween my legs. Hell. He weren't all the way in. `n the biggest fattest part a his dick was jus' waitin'.

Like my little pussy. Only, well, fuckitall, it weren't so little any more. Prob'ly piss paw off, too, iffen he has t'buy me a bigger butt plug `cause I been so stretched. Well, after he kills me fer doin' all this.

I cain't help how I'm such a slut. I cain't! Paw says I'm jus' some kinda freak a nature or somethin', what with me bein' a pussy boy like I am. Prob'ly cuz my maw was such a slut whore, `n I got it all from bein' her kid, cuz sure the fuck weren't no way I'd get any fag stuff from paw or grampaw.

Paw says ya always gotta be nice t'cops, least-wise, to their face. So I was real nice, `n asked him real polite like t'please please please get his big ol' cop dick in my boy pussy. `n oh fuck shit Christ hell he shore the fuck did. He tol' the priest t'gag me, `n he did by slidin' his sticky cock in my mouth, `n then the cop grabbed hold real tight like `n just pulled me to him, forcin' that fat meat into my tiny cunt, spreadin' my hole wide. Fuck me iffen I dint cum jus' from him getting' his prick all the way in s'ose I could feel his bush `n his big fat balls against my bottom.

"Christ, fuck, Sean, he's as tight as little Alex!" The cop looked down at me `n asked if he could fuck my hot tight boy cunt again some other time, `cause he had to get back on duty and hadta make this one quick.

Honest, I don't know what I said when he asked, `cause I was havin' a coupla more cums while he was fuckin' his monster meat in `n outa my pussy. But the fuck whatever, he musta figgered I was enjoyin' the fuck outa his dick, `cause he jus' held real still and then yanked his meat all the fuckin' way outa my cunt, paused, `n fuckshithell! rammed it all the way back in' and wham bam thank you Jesus I could feel his sperms a-shootin' way up inside my cunt. `n he was kinda hollerin' and swearin' `n the priest was tellin' him to fill my pussy with his cop spooge, `n finely he stopped and jus' stood still, pantin' `n lookin' down at me with this wicked like grin on his face.

"Your daddy been dickin' you, slut boy?"

I nodded.

"Your grampas, too?"

"Well, paw's paw, yeah, but I ain't never met my maw's paw."

"Any other men molesting you, kid, besides the pedo priest and pedo cop here?"

I shook my head.

"Good, good. Although...." He stretched the word way out `n looked up at the priest.

"You up for a gang bang before you go back to Stonewall?"

I couldn't see the priest's face when he said, "Fuck, yeah!" on accounta becuz he was jackin' his big ol' meat right over my face, `n his smelly hairy balls was kinda restin' on my forehead. I ain't no dummy, so I figgered whatever he was talkin' about was about me, so I just asked him what a gang bang was.

I pert near had me another big damn cum when he tol' me. Fuck!

`course I said yes. I'm a piggy slut kid cunt, but I fer shore ain't no dumb piggy slut kid cunt. Only problem was doin' it s'ose paw wouldn't find out. But the priest said he'd take care o' that.

`n then he asked the cop if he was real sure he dint have time for no second cum. I could tell he shore wanted to, `n his dick was still pert near all the ways hard in my pussy, but he shook his head `n said as he really had to get back.

I ain't never felt so fuckin' empty like as when he slid his cop cock outa my hole. Jesus fuck I felt like I weren't never gonna close up again. The cop laughed at the look on my face, `n then `tween the two a them they got me turned over, `n switched around, s'ose I was on my knees cross ways on the altar, lickin' `n slurpin' `n doin' my damn best t'clean the cop dick o' all that cum and kid pussy juice, while at m'other end, the damn priest was eatin' out my pussy, `n fuck if he dint gimme another goddamn cum!

Finely the cop was all dressed, `n shit if he dint kiss the fuckin' priest. Sharin' my cum `n juices, like. I sat up, kinda kneelin' on th'altar, knowin' there were still some pussy juice oozin' out, but fuck, it if dint bother the priest it dint bother me none. And it weren't `til the cop was walkin' out that I looked at the watch paw gimme, `n said real loud, "Shit!"

The priest said from behind me, as he slid a coupla fingers back up my pussy, "What's the problem, my son?"

I whimpered like I allus do when my pussy has been fucked `n then gets fingered. "Uh, well, I told the principal a, well, a fib, `bout how I weren't feelin' too good, `n wanted t'go home early, `n how paw was there but the car weren't workin' s'ose I could just walk. On accounta becuz I wanted t'come here, o' course."

"And the principal just let you leave, with a story like that?"

"Uh, well, I kinda `spect Mr. Jenkins sorta `spicions I'm a pussy boy, `cause he said as how since he was doin' me a favor `n not callin' my dad to let him know, that maybe I'd do him a favor sometime. `n he was standin' right in fronta me, `n had his hand on my shoulder, `n his thumb was kinda rubbin' me, `n I'm such a filthy little boy that I had me a stiffy pokin' my shorts out."

I could hear the grin in Fr. Sean's voice when he said as how it sounded like the principal might think bein' given an invite to my very first gang bang would be the right kinda repayment. I allowed as how he might be right.

But he still looked at me kinda stern like `n said I still hadn't told him why I needed a pedophile priest.

"Y'mean like you?"

He jus' laughed. "Yeah. So, why, my son?"

I whimpered again, cuz he was still fingerin' my cunt, `n said, "Well, I figgered mebbe a real expert boyfucker priest could teach me how to please my paw better so I don't get my pussy pounded so much. Or...or what I could do t'stop bein' such a nasty slut whore boy `n makin' my paw get all hard all the time `n makin' him haveta do me t'try to learn me a lesson s'ose I wouldn't be such a trashy kid cunt. `n now I'm gonna be late and he's gonna pound my pussy real bad!" I was pract'kly wailin' by the time I said as how I was gonna be late.

"My son, surely he isn't going to punish you for being late. Lots of young boys who walk home from school don't get home at precisely the same time every day."

"I do."

He stopped fingerin' my hole, pulled his fingers out, turned me around s'ose I was facin' him `n sat me on the edge of the altar. Well, fuck, now he was gonna have a real mess cuz I could feel all the sperms from way up inside me kinda racin' down `n sloppin' out on the altar cloth.



on yesterday's math test. 'n a damned note to take home. 'n daddy's gonna be there like usual, in his favorite chair, pants off, wearin' his favorite plaid shirt, his big ol' curved cock standin' tall, waitin' for his afternoon back from school suck. 'n I gotta give him the damned note 'fore I suck him, well, if I even get to suck him after he reads it, 'cause he gets really mad if I hide things from him even for a little while, 'n I sure don't need to get my ass whupped 'fore my pussy gets pounded.

"See, fer about a month after paw first started lettin' me help him out by takin' care of his cock, he'd stop by school when it let out, `n he'd walk me home. The most direct way. Just walkin' along however fast I'd be walkin', though he wouldn't let me walk very slow. I mean, not like he'd make me run or anythin'. Jus' sayin' to me how a good little boy would wanna get home real quick like after school t'help out his daddy `n do his chores.

" `course, my big chore is daddy's dick.

"The teachers `n ev'body at school said what a great daddy I had, comin' to walk me home, and show me the safest `n fastest way to get back. Fastest way to get my boy cunt mouth on his paw's prong's what it was. `n they sure didn't know he had his big damn stopwatch in his overalls pocket, `n what my daddy ev'needed a stopwatch for I dunno, `n he'd be waitin' outside the room, `n when us kids walked out, there he was. One hand in his pocket, clickin' that damned timer soon's I walked out the door.

"He'd `low as how some time was needed t'talk to other kids `n say goodbye, `n sometimes the teacher had somethin' to say, but he told the teachers he didn't want me dilly-dallyin' around; that I had chores to do at home t'help his paw out. So even though he dint rush me none, just stood there watchin' `n waitin' `til I was done `n come up t'him, s'ose he could take my hand `n start the walk home, I kinda allus felt a little nervous `n a little rushed anyways.

"When we got home, he'd walk me right up to his fav'rite chair, ` stop me in front of it, `n then click off the stopwatch. Natcherly he'd step around me, `n drop his overalls, `n then fuck my face, or sit down `n have me suck him, or mebbe have me get my bottom half nekked `n fuck me. `n then when he was through with me, he'd go into the kitchen, `n get out this big ol' Big Chief pad `n his pencil, `n he'd write stuff down. Each afternoon it took jus' a little bit longer, `n then finely after `bout a month, he set me down on his cock, `n showed me the pad.

" `This here's what I been figgerin', slut boy. Here's the quickest time we got home. `n here's the longest. `n this here's the average time. So what I figger is this. I'm a good paw, right?'

"Ain't no way I was gonna disagree, not with my cunt nasty boy pussy filled with paw dick `n makin' me feel so fuckin' fine. I jus' nodded real vigorous like.

" `n a good paw has a right to `spect a good son t'help out, t'do some chores.'

"More real vigorous nods.

" `Okay, then. Here's how it's gonna be. You got twenty-two minutes t'get home from school, from the moment you walk outa the classroom, to the moment you're standin' in front of me, ready to help your paw's achin' balls. Understand?'

" `Yes, paw.'

" `If you fuck up, boy, you're gonna get punished, and you sure the fuck ain't gonna like it. Y'got that, too?'

"He was fuckin' my pussy so good right then I was almos' `bout t'pass out, s'ose I said, real clear like, `Yeah, paw, I got it. I understand.'"

I looked down at the priest's leakin' dick, wishin' I could have it one more time. But I was gonna be late. Way fuckin' late.

"Paw gimme an extra ten minutes t'get home if it's rainin' real bad, or if there's lots a snow on the ground. `course, he spects me t'be a big boy `n figger out if it's really rainin' hard enough fer them extra minutes. `n there ain't no goddamn rain out side, `n there ain't no fuckin' snow, `n even if I walked out right now I'd be five minutes late, `n what with the note...."

Oops. I looked up at his face, rather'n his dick, `n shore nuff, he picked up on it. "A note, my son?"

"Uh, well, yeah, uh, Mr. Mac gimme back my math test, `n I got a fuckin' goddamn D, `n he gimme a note `n said as he how `spected t'hear from my father real quick. But it weren't my fault! Pert near flunkin' the test, I mean."

He kinda raised this one eyebrow, so I `splained t'him `bout paw havin' me help him out the night before the math test, fuckin' my pussy three times, and givin' me all them slut boy cums so I was plumb worn out and dint study none. Fr. Sean jus' looked kinda thoughtful `n then said as how he'd take me home `n it would be all right.

I tried `n tried `n tried t'splain as how my pussy would be hurtin' fer days, `n my bottom would be so damned red `n hot I wouldn't sit down for a month, if paw ever found out what me `n the priest `n the cop did. But he dint pay no `tention at all. Jus' tol' me t'stay where I was. He went back to the confession box, and brought back the plug. Damn shit fuck. I `most forgot about it `n if I had, fuck, I'd not be sittin' down fer three fuckin' months. He helped me off the altar, turned me round real quick, pushed my head s'ose I bent over, `n just slid the plug back in, turnin' it `round `n `round a coupla three times jus' like paw.

He handed me my clothes `n I got dressed. I shut up, too. Ain't no way a little pussy cum dump little boy like me kin make a man do what he don't wanta do, leastways, not by force. He put his own meat back inside his pants, though I could still see how hard it was. Mebbe not all the way stiff like when he was power-fuckin' me, but nowheres near soft.

He held out his hand, `n I took it, `n, yeah, it felt kinda nice `n kinda safe, but I knew that weren't no real feelin', cause it'd all jus' fall apart soon's we got home. Which took us a whole goddamned eleven minutes, all the way with me tryin' t'tell him as how paw really dint like cathlicks, `n how I'd be worse off fer him bein' with me, than if I was jus' the whole damn fifteen minutes late `n walkin' in the door all by myself. I was dead. Jus' fuckin' dead.

`n then I saw the extra car. Shit. Daddy's daddy is here. `n his dick is bigger `n fatter'n daddy's.

Daddy started me out helpin' grampa `bout two years ago. See, gramma's a real stone cold bitch (well, that's what Grampa says) who told him she'd had enough of his dick and he could just go use his hand or a knothole in the barn or one of the goddamn sheep fer all she cared, but she said he better not be fuckin' no other woman or she'd do one a them Loreen things t'him, only she said she'd do it right `n no doc'd be able to put him back together again. `n Grampa was all talkin' bout how he dint like havin' t'make do with his hand, `n paw jumped in, real quick like, `n offered me. `n now, sure as fuck, they were both gonna power fuck me fer bein' late `n fer bein' such a math fuckup at school.

Only they dint.

They dint get mad `bout me bein' late. `n they dint get mad `bout the D. `n they dint get mad `bout the note askin' fer paw to meet with Mr. Mac.

I kinda `spect it was cuz when we talked into our doublewide, paw was down on the floor, getting' ass-fucked by grampa! `n beggin' grampa t'drill his boy pussy good `n hard like he useta do. I ain't never seen paw or grampa s'prised by nothin' afore. They shore the fuck were s'prised by us, cuz paw looked down at his own watch, kinda the only thing he was wearin' `cept his dirty white boot socks, cuz his fav'rite son-fuckin' blue `n white `n brown plaid shirt was crumpled on the floor, `n he said "Shit!" real loud when he saw what time it was. Only it weren't the "shit! I done caught you, pussy boy, fer bein' late, your ass is mine" kind. It was more like the "shit! I done fucked up" kind.

Ain't never seen paw or grampa in a panick afore, either, but damn if they weren't right then. I mean, what with me bringin' home a man a the cloth, a fuckin' priest, who was probably gonna pick up the phone `n call 9-fuckin'-1-1 `n get their naked fuckin' asses hauled down to jail. Both of `em started `splainin' as how it weren't as bad as what it seemed, they was two consentin' adults, and, and....

`n then they just shut up. `n stared.

Cuz Fr. Sean started to undress. First he let `em see that big ol' fat drippin' meat a his. `n then started with his shirt, `n the white thing `round his neck. He weren't wearing no tee-shirt. He weren't wearin' no underwear, either. They just went on starin' at him, while he walked over to paw, dropped to his knees in front of him, grabbed paw's hair and yanked his head up, makin' paw kinda yelp like a hurt dog, `n then the priest told paw to suck his dick. Paw tried to `splain how as he weren't no fag what sucked cock, but the priest jus' slapped him `cross the mouth, which kinda shut paw up. He looked at grampa, who still had his dick inside paw's bottom, `n asked real polite like if grampa had molested his own son when the boy was real young, `n mebbe made him suck his daddy's dick? Grampa jus' kinda nodded yeah.

Holdin' on tight with one hand, Fr. Sean slapped paw a good one again, `n told him, "Open your mouth, slut!"

`n paw did!

`n he swallowed the priest's whole goddamn fat long prick down like it weren't no trouble atall.


Fr. Sean held paw's head real tight `n started to deep fuck him. He looked real stern like at grampa who I guess got the idea cuz he started fuckin' paw real hard too. `n then the priest looked at me, `n said "Over here, slut boy."

I did what I was told. `n then I started eating out grampa's fat, hairy, raunchy hole while he fucked my paw! My paw was gettin' fucked at both ends, `n he was moanin' like I do when I'm getting' a good fuckin', so I knew as how he was likin' bein' used.

"You know," Fr. Sean said, "you two are pretty dumb shits." `course paw couldn't say nothin' with his mouth fulla dick, `n grampa inhaled like he was gonna speak up, but the priest jus' went on talkin'.

"You have this nasty, dirty, cum dump pussy boy, and you're keeping him to yourselves. Hell, it's fine to molest your own son or grandson when he's young. Christ knows, my own father and grandfather, and several other family members did it when I was even younger than your cunt boy got started, but you're missing out on a whole fucking lot of fun. You could have other men, lots of other men, molesting pussy boy here.

"I just power fucked his tight little whore boy ass in the confessional at church. And a cop friend of mine with a fatter dick than any of us fucked the kid's cunt on the church altar. You could've been watching. And jacking. Or getting a lot more sex because you can trade this filthy slut's holes for the holes of other boys, or the holes of the boys' fathers or grandfathers or whatever.

"He got a D in math, asshole, because he was so worn out from all the cums you gave him fucking him the night before he never got to study. But I know Jim McCausland. He's never gotten much into boy pussy because he's such a bottom slut himself. But one or both of you go to that meeting, and you fuck his mouth or fuck his ass, or do like we're doing here, or fuck, both of you get your goddamned cocks up his cunt...and do it in his office at school...Jim will not only change kid cunt's grade, he'll give him extra tutoring to make sure he actually understands what's going on, and isn't just getting good grades because the kid's a good whore.

"And from what your boy told me after his fucking this afternoon, the principal over there wants a piece of his ass, too. I suggested he gets an invitation to the kid's first gangbang. And you do what your pussy boy getting gang banged, don't you? Molested by man after man after man? Used at both ends until he's limp from all his cums, and so full of slime he's leaking like a turned on faucet?"

Paw kinda whimpered, `n grampa kinda whispered, "Christ, fuck, yeah!"

"You got a cruisy park toilet in this town?"

Grampa said there was.

"Active this time of day?"

Grampa was breathin' kind of funny, almos' like he was getting' close. Damn, but that shore sounded weird, what with him bein' "close" in paw's pussy instead a mine. He muttered, "yeah."

"Go there often?"

Grampa paused, `n said, "Not very. It's fairly cruisy, about now, some high school kids, a few in their twenties, but mostly in the late thirties to fifties, sixties range. Not many who are interested in having sex with a big old fat man like me, even with the size cock I've got. They're all looking for the hot high school boy, the college twink."

"You mind paying for sex if you had to, in order to get some really fantastic, fucked out of your mind good sex?"

`nother pause, `n then grampa `lowed as how he dint think he'd mind.

"Either of you mind paying with your pussy boy's holes?"

Paw grunted somethin' `round the priest's cock that mighta been "fuck, no!" Grampa just said the words.

"See what I mean? A little thinking ahead, a little planning, and you could have been enjoying all the sex you wanted, whether with little boys or older men or anywhere in fucking between, for the last few years. But I've got an idea. Slut! Stop eating your grandfather's hole and come over here."

I did what I was told, `n saw Fr. Sean ease his prick outa my paw's throat. Damn fuck but paw looked real disappointed.

Still sittin' back on his heels, Fr. Sean felt me up. "You think you might like your first gang bang today, kiddy cunt?"

"Oh, wow! Jesus fuck shit, yeah!"

So that's what we did. We got dressed, `n paw `n grampa directed Fr. Sean `n me to where the toilet was. A big, kinda dark, really stinky place that gave me goose-bumps `n made my slut pussy feel all excited like. Two boys from the high school molested me after they got over the shock of learnin' I was bein' offered. `n one o' the mechanics from the body shop. `n a guy from college. `n six old men...well, daddy's age `n on up.

`n wow! Mr. Mac showed up! He almos' turned around `n ran afore he realized it was me with the college guy blowin' his wad in my bottom cunt, and this man like grampa's age pissin' me, `n splashin' down on the man suckin' me. Then Fr. Sean grabbed him, `n said real loud like, "Your cunt nice and lubed, slut?"

Mr. Mac looked real proud like when he said as how he was. Fr. Sean told him to bend the fuck over, `cause he had some hot cock for Mr. Mac's pussy holes. Mr. Mac shore nuff dropped his pants...Christ fuck, was ever body not wearin' undies today... `n grampa came up behind him and shoved his meat all the way, balls deep, `n Mr. Mac grunted `n said, "Oh, fuck, yeah! Fuck my pussy hole!"

`n then he got this big ol' grin when paw walked up and shoved his cock into Mr. Mac's mouth... `n moaned real loud `n told Mr. Mac what a great cocksucker he was.

After that, I kinda lost track of all the fuckin' `n suckin' `n pussy boy molestin' goin' on. I sorta remember paw carryin' me back to the car a long time later, naked, `n limp, `n smellin' all dirty `n sexy `n cummy `n pissy.

That mighta been kinda fuzzy, but I shore the fuck do `member wakin' up later with paw suckin' my little dickie...first fuckin' time, too...and then turnin' me over real gentle like to fuck my boy cunt again.

If this is what's gonna happen when I go to church `n get home late from school...well, damn fuck but if I ain't gonna do it again.