Disclamer: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts between an underage boy and an adult male. This is a work of pure fantasy. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely a coincidence. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.


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Ash the Natural Born Pussyboy

Chapter 1: Brian

By Cumlover

My Name is Asher but everybody calls me Ash. I'm 13 years old and I'm a pussyboy, a "natural born pussyboy", according to my stepdad. I've got sandy blond hair, pale blue eyes with long brown lashes, a small upturned nose, full pink lips and a slender, hairless body. When my hair grows a little too long men sometimes mistake me for a girl. I'm short for my age, which makes me look a little younger and I've got a perfect, smooth bubble ass that drives men crazy.

I've always known that I like men. Not boys mind you, but men. Since I was 5 years old I've loved to be around big, hairy grown men. When my real daddy used to hang out with his buddies they all thought it was so cute that I wanted to be around them but none of them knew that I really just wanted to feel their big muscle-y bodies or stare at the big man bulges in their pants. Well, most of them didn't know. One or two caught on and a couple of times I found myself alone with this or that man in the bathroom or the basement listening to them call me a "faggot" while they felt up my bubble ass or rubbed their bulging crotches in my face. I always wanted more but it was always so quick and I guess they were too afraid to try more. I had to wait until I was 10 to get what I wanted.

That day Daddy was at work as usual and Mom needed to help my aunt with some emergency but somebody needed to be home for the electrician so I stayed home alone. The electrician was a friend of my daddy's named Brian so Mom assumed her little boy would be ok with this old family friend. Boy was she wrong. Brian was the man who rubbed his bulge in my face in the bathroom. He was about 40 and looked like a homeless guy. He always wore a bandana wrapped around his head, had long whiskers that he would braid and wore lots of silver jewelry. I think he was a biker for a long time. He was my least favorite of Daddy's buddies; I liked the more clean cut guys. Until that day in the bathroom that is. I left my dad & his friends in the den to go to the bathroom but I forgot that Brian was in there so when I opened the door I was met with the sight of Brian's long dick pissing. I couldn't believe how long and thick it was. I stood at the door staring at it. Brian stared right back at me without saying a word. When he was done pissing he shook his long hog clean, waved it around a couple of times for me, pulled up his briefs, adjusted his bulge so that it looked even bigger and gave it a couple of squeezes for good measure. Then he walked over to me with his pants around his knees and waved his bulge in my face.

"You want it?"

I licked my lips. He grabbed the back of my head and brought it to his bulge rubbing the musky mound of cotton covered meat all over my little boy nose and lips. I closed my eyes, a little cock-drunk and moaned as I inhaled and licked. He chuckled,

"Nasty little faggot."

Then he pulled away, pulled up his jeans and buckled his belt as he said,

"Don't tell anybody, fag."

And walked away. From that moment on, all I wanted was Brian's cock. Every chance I could get to be alone with him I took but he never took the bait. Sometimes he'd whisper, "Little faggot" under is breath or stick his long tongue out to tease me but that's all. Until that day a few years ago.

I knew we'd be alone for a couple of hours so I wore my skimpiest pink swimsuit as if I was going to sit by the pool. Daddy hated that swimsuit; he said it looked like panties. Mom told him to get over it; they were cute. They were cute all right and they sure did look like panties too. Clinging to and barely covering my sweet bubble ass, I knew that any red-blooded man who was inclined to wouldn't be able to resist me. I sat in the pool until I heard the doorbell (I wanted to be sure my swimsuit was wet when he saw me) and when I opened it Brian's eyes nearly popped out of his head. He was wearing a white painter's jumpsuit and carrying his box of tools and a ladder. I let him in, told him why my Mom wasn't there and he began to work on the hanging light fixture in the living room. I proceeded to lounge on the sofa almost completely naked with my iPhone. Every time I looked over at him he was looking me over. Within 15 minutes his white jumpsuit was tented obscenely and he didn't even pretend to be embarrassed about it. I got up and headed toward the kitchen.

"You want something pink and sweet?" I asked, "Better come down to the kitchen then. My mother will be pissed if you spill anything out here."

He followed me into the kitchen and I poured us each a glass of pink lemonade. We each took a sip while staring into each other's eyes until mine wandered straight down to the tent in his jumpsuit. That was all she wrote. He put his glass down, took mine and put it down, placed his hand on my head and pushed me down on my knees. He undid the last couple of buttons and out snaked that long, thick dick that was my life's goal. He wasn't wearing underwear. My mouth watered as he held my head just out of reach.

"This what you want, faggot?"




"Open wide, little cocksucker."

I got half its girth in my mouth and fireworks went off in my brain, my gut and my suddenly hungry little boypussy. I slobbered and sucked on that tangy, musky hard mancock, not as expertly as I would eventually become at it, but way more skillfully than a virgin 10 year old should ever be. A natural. I guess all that sneaking straight porn on Daddy's computer didn't go to waste. Brian certainly noticed.

"Yeah, suck that fat cock you dirty little slut! All the way down faggot! Yeah, you love cock, don't you, nasty little bitch!"

He had my number. I loved cock. I loved everything he called me. It made me want more; more cock, more filthy talk, more men. It also made me want more than just sucking dick. I wanted, no needed, to get fucked. I knew it was going to hurt. After all I'd already practiced with my share of cucumbers, but I was ready for anything this horny, rutting animal of a man was generous enough to throw at me. I arched my back as I took each of his heavy, cum-filled balls into my mouth to worship. I slid my hand into the wet, pink speedo and started fingering my wet, pink boypussy. I wanted him to know what I wanted. With my little upturned nose buried in his musky bush and my pretty swollen lips wrapped around one of his heavy balls I looked into his eyes and begged.

"Oh, you wanna get fucked. You nasty dick-loving slut! You want me to stick my big dick in your tight little cunt, don't you?"

All I could do was moan with lust "Yes!" Placing one hand on the back of my head to keep his balls in my mouth he bent over, roughly smacked my hand away from my own ass, slid his other hand into my speedo and found my hole. Without even licking it, he roughly shoved his middle finger into my hot little box up to the knuckle and began finger-fucking me a roughly as he could. I let his nut fall out of my mouth and groaned with lust.

"Oooohh, yes! Yes, Daddy, yes!!"

"You like that, faggot?"

"God, yes!! Oh, Daddy, yes!"

"You want me to fuck you?!"


"Say it!"

"I want you to fuck me!"

"Beg, slut!"

"Please fuck me, Daddy?!" Please?!"

"Get up!"

With that he picked me up off my knees, turned me around and forced my head down on the counter. I arched my back and waited for further instructions. He unbuttoned the rest of his jumpsuit and slid out of the sleeves letting the whole thing fall at his ankles. He wasn't as hairy as my daddy but his dad-bod and his long, turgid, upward-curved cock that bounced around obscenely as he moved made my pussy wet. I would come to be with hundreds of men, many more handsome and well built than Brian, but his "type" would always be my favorite. I guess you never get over your first. He slapped my ass, squatted down on his haunches and buried his face between my pink pantied bubble cheeks.

"Smells like pussy to me….That right? You got a pussy, slut?

"Yes, Sir."

"That so?"

With that he pulled my speedo down to my ankles and slapped my ass again.

"Arch that back! Let me get a good look at that cunt!"

I arched my back and spread my ass cheeks for him as wide as I could. I heard him suck in his breath a little.

"Damn, that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!"

It was the proudest moment of my 10 years.

"Please tell me you're a virgin, kid."

"Yes, Sir."

He groaned.

"I'll be your first?'

"Yes, Sir."

With that he hungrily shoved his face between my spread cheeks and snaked his long tongue as deep into my boycunt as he could. I was in heaven! I couldn't believe anything could feel so good. I knew this would be the center of my life from now on. Cock. Men. Men eating my pussy. Men fucking my pussy. Real men using me for their own pleasure. Calling me filthy, shameful names. Taking what they wanted from my beautiful little body. This is what I was made for. Born for. At that moment I wished there were ten men there waiting to eat me out. All of my daddy's friends. My friends' fathers. My teachers. The coaches on my school teams. The coaches of other schools' teams. My mind wandered to all the men in my life and I wondered if I could get them to do this to me. What about Daddy? My handsome, hairy muscular Daddy? Could I seduce him? Wouldn't it be perfect if I could get Daddy to eat my pussy every night? I was dizzy with lust. Brian just kept eating, slobbering, spitting, tonguing, moaning and groaning into my hole. He bit my cheeks, slapped them, fingered me roughly. He was making me so desperate for his dick that no matter how rough he gave it to me I'd need it. He was making sure I'd never turn back. I knew I'd picked the right man to take my cherry.

After what felt like an eternity I couldn't take any more.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me now?!"

With that he spit on my now open hole one last time, rubbed a little spit on the tip of his drooling cock, lined the throbbing head up to my hole and began pushing it in slowly. I tensed up as soon as the head got past my sphincter but Brian put one hand on my shoulder, the other on my hip and firmly held me in place as he kept pushing deeper into me. It was excruciating but I needed it so bad I just focused on getting the whole 8 inches inside me. At one point it felt like I had a baseball bat inside me and I asked him if it was all in.

"Only half. Come on, slut, you can take it all."

"Do it fast! Do it fast before I change my mind!"

With that he grabbed both my shoulders roughly and shoved the entire length of his manhood balls-deep into my 10-year-old no longer virgin boypussy. I let out a scream but he held me firmly with his cock buried deep inside me until the pain subsided to a dull throbbing.  When he felt me relax a little he began to rut. Short in & out jabs at first, which felt like little stings but eventually began to feel good. When he felt me push back into him he knew he had me. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered viciously into it.

"There you go, slut. That's what you wanted. It feels good?"

"Ooh, yes." I moaned.

"You like that?'

"Yes, daddy."

He pulled out until just his cockhead was inside me and roughly pushed back in to the hilt.

"Yeah? You like it?

"Oh god, yes."

He pulled out again leaving just his cockhead embraced by my sphincter.

"Want me to stop?"

"No daddy"

"I can stop now if you want."

"No, daddy! Please don't stop! I want more!"

"More what, cunt?"

"More fucking!"

He shoved back into me all the way to his balls. Then he began fucking me in earnest. He shoved my head down on the counter and told me to arch my back. I did. He held me by the hips with both hands and started pounding my pussy with his big dick. His body slapped against my bubble ass making it jiggle to his delight. He let loose with the filthiest talk I'd ever heard. I was a cunt, a bitch, a slut, a faggot and a whore. I was made for fucking and he was going to be fucking me a lot from now on. He was going to make me his personal fuck-toy, his own private cum dump. I would be swallowing gallons of his cum from now on. Not a drop of his load would ever go to waste. Every word made me want him more, deeper, harder, faster inside me. A couple of times I begged to suck his dick straight from my ass. That drove him wild. He loved it, urging me on to taste my pussyjuice all over his cock. I couldn't help it. I wanted him in my mouth, in my ass, all over my body. I wanted his sweat, his spit and his cum. I wanted the taste of him.

By the time he had me on my back on my mother's kitchen floor, with my knees on his shoulders, rutting into me like an animal, sweating and spitting in my mouth while he long-dicked me I couldn't take it anymore. My little body spasmed and shook as I had my first ever dry orgasm. He saw what was happening.

"Oh, you sweet little cunt! Cumming for Daddy!"

He drove his tongue deep into my mouth one last time before pulling out of me and positioning himself so that his cock was over my face.

"Open your mouth, bitch! Tongue out!"

I did. As wide as I could. I wanted it so bad, I couldn't believe I was finally getting to eat a man's cum. He jerked his thick cock a couple of times, I saw his big pendulous balls jerk up into his body a few times and he said,

"Here it comes, baby! Eat it all!"

Out shot his thick, white slimy seed right onto my hungry tongue. One, two, three…six, seven squirts. I couldn't believe how much there was! So thick & creamy, it filled my mouth and I finally had to swallow before I choked. I'd never tasted anything so delicious in my life. I wanted more and wrapped my lips around his still drooling head. Which he loved.

"Yeah, suck it out! You fucking little slut! Get it all out!"

I sucked and sucked trying to get every last drop. I wanted all those little guys in my belly. No sperm left behind. Brian moaned and groaned and sighed heavy breaths and wiped the sweat from his brow as I nursed his softening manhood. I lie there nursing, cum-drunk and as happy as any 10-year-old pussyboy could be. He looked down at me and chuckled. I reached up for him and knowing what I wanted he scooted down, took me in his arms and gently put his tongue in my mouth. I was hooked and he knew it.

"You can't tell anybody about this."


"It has to be our little secret."


"If you're a good little pussyboy and keep our little secret, I'll come by and give you as much cock and cum as you need as often as I can. Okay?'


"Yes, I promise, slut."

He kissed me again before heading to the bathroom to clean himself up. As exhausted as I was my little boypussy started itching for my next date with Brian. And I began thinking about my Daddy again. And his other friends. And their cocks and cum. Yes, sir. Who knew then that when my step-daddy would call me a "natural born pussyboy" a few years later how right he'd be.

To be continued.