M/t/b, t/b, b/b

A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc


Part 1

Mey had no father (nobody there had, only grand’s and moms) and was barely 11, when I met him first time on the way back to Europe, coming from a 4-months-journey around the Philippines, you know …

His greater family was running a restaurant with tables on the sidewalk, and when I saw him from the opposite street side, I wanted him right away.

He was friendly and eager to sell the “barangs” (foreigners) cans of soft drinks or beer for 1 $, and when I asked his mother, where to rent a private room, they just wanted me to rent one of theirs, though they really didn’t have an empty one, but moved out some of their family members!

Well, I was quite blunt and said, that I used to work and sleep with boys as an educator, and would stay only if the kid could share the queen-sized bed with me.

“No problem,” said then his grandfather, a doc of medicine. And so at night, when the door was locked, the boy and I were on the same bed, but at first one meter apart – half naked, him wearing thin shorts, I had on briefs. Well, I just pulled him to me, stroked and comforted him gently, then asked him if he could do me the same favor as my boys in my school home would do (well, just some of only, of course) by helping me to empty my full nut bag.

Before he could answer, I had already my briefs down on my thighs, showing him my mighty swollen sac with the rather huge balls inside.

I saw him glancing at my fat scrotum, then at my prick, which pulsated strongly, pointing fully stiffened something around 6.5 inches towards my belly button.

“You big,” he said in awe with his cute soprano voice and in his little knowledge of English, then slipped some back from me, but dared to point briefly with his delicate digit to my dick. “Shhhh …” I ordered him. He understood, and then whispered, ”This dong big; your egg very, very big - beautiful!”

“Thanks,” I said and kissed briefly his forehead, then asked him to lower his little shorts, what he a bit hesitantly did.

“Oh god, what for a nice prick you have, and such cute orbs here too,” I exclaimed silently, and then had to stroke his already stiff 3-incher, what made him turn around on the silken bed sheet, to and fro, like a compass needle. A minute or so more, with my left pressed into and between his “eatable” thighs and saclet, and I could feel his perineum start to pulsate.

He gasped and let a suppressed “Ohhhh” escape his sweet mouth, and after his slight body convulsions had faded away, I badly needed him to help me to unload my almost boiling cream.

“You know,” I said, pulled him from my left side closer to me, taking his thin left leg between my thighs, making his naked smooth flesh press to my full, aching sac, and then continued, “when a man likes a boy, he would usually squirt his white slime into his butt, or into his mouth …”

“Oh no, no,” he interrupted me quickly, “me no; Tac can – me no tourist boy!”

“Never been out for sex with a man?”

“No, never – you first, you last; me not go, Ko, Tue not go, we good, we different, not same same Tac. He one month two men, Tai go fuck one time only!”

“Tai got already … fucked? But he’s only 8, and anyway, if they not have condoms …”

“Tac has condoms too muts (much), he one time bring Tai to guesthouse. Then Tac fuck Tai first, then tourist fuck Tai no problem,” my cute prey interrupted me.

Tac, then spunky 14, was his elder cousin, Tai, then 8, his youngest; there was also sweet Ko, then 12, and the three were all half-bros, all with different, gone fathers; and there was another cousin, then 16 and already a bit “outgrown” for me; further then two smaller (5) and two bigger girls (15,17) and then my boy’s younger, also fatherless half-brother Tue, then 6.

“Hey, no problem – we can do that another time; you just can rub my penis or gently knead my sac now – what do you want?”

“You not go toilet make milk? Wait, tomorrow me make, OK?” he uncertainly asked with a thin voice.

“I can not wait longer, and toilet is not nice without boy, you know!”

“OK, sac me can …” he replied, still somehow shyly.

“Cool; but say “I” instead of “me”, and don’t stop massaging my eggs, when the white stuff comes out and splashes on your body and hand and belly and chest, OK?”

“OK; then you … you make me again? You make me very very nice too muts (much)!”

“Oh well, glad; sure, I happily will, but now come, help me!” I ordered, and pulled his light frame very close, with my left around his fragile neck, and kissed his forehead, then briefly his mouth, although its lips then shut tight.

Well, I was so uploaded and horny, that almost with the feeling of his delicate creamy thighs on my flesh I had to surrender, but when his small hand and filigree fingers started softly to touch and carefully to knead my balls, while I was wanking away with my right, I exploded in cascades I only could, when sexually loving so badly wanted-ones the first couple of times!

No question that there was a huge mess on both of us, but especially on him. He had obeyed me and kept squeezing my sac gently, until I allowed him to stop.

He then grimaced some, when he sniffed at his cum-drenched fingers and hand, where the sperm started viscously to run down along his thin forearm.

“Try a bit,” I encouraged him, and after two, three seconds, he really stuck out his pink tongue and caught a string, which just would slip from his forefinger.

“No good, no bad,” he said, shaking his head from left to right. “I know tourist like eat milk Tac 1 $, Tac eat milk tourist 2 $, fuck bum Tac 3 $, but Tac making tourist coming only 1 $,” he explained me.

“Oh, that are very good prices for tourists,” I said astonished (1996), having had lower offers only in Sri Lanka’s jungle side.

20cts equally for a shot up a very young bum or milking out a freshly pubescent boy in the 80ies, as well as in Chiang May in the early 70ies – but yeah, the $ was worth more then too.

“You, um … fuck I how muts (much)?”

“Well, now you can say “me”, but I surely would give such a cute boy like you 4, or 5 $, but I don’t want to pay, because I want you and me becoming friends, if you want!”

He looked at me, still messed up with my cum, then, swallowing, asked, “You like me? I want! You know, me no father! You no wife, huh? You want boy only, nice boy same same me, yes … sure?”

I nodded.

“OK, I, um … me big, you fuck me; now you big too muts!” he stated.

“Yeah, give us some time. Until then I can fuck your mouth instead, if you want to become my friend,” I replied casually.

He pursed his raspberry lips, but then he said, “You fuck my mouth, me not eat your thick milk, OK?”

“Yeah, that’s fine with me,” I quite excited replied, feeling it rise and then twitch repeatedly between my legs.

“Me first,” he asked, rubbing his foreskin with his thin slippery fingers from upside down and up again.

“I milk, you eat?” he wanted to know, when I started to take over his own hand job.

“All of it, several times a day,” I clearly said.

“You crazy, same same tourist!”

“I know, but I like boy-milk, boy-bum, boy-dong, boy-sac, boy-leg, boy-hand, boy-finger – all of it!”

“OK, make now!” he demanded, and let himself turn around again, then he gasped, when I bent down, engulfing his prick and ball sac, gently chewing on them (I wanted them to EAT!), sniffing and inhaling my own sperm scent on him, then bobbing at his pale thin wiener up and down, massaging his saclet and his perineum, probing his tight little rose-bud, then feeling him shudder and jerk in my mouth, then tense and … yeah: dryly, but silently pumping, ejaculating, what not yet was there in his little nuts and prostate …

Then it was my turn, and he had to gag a bit, but didn’t resist pleasing almost the half of the length with his sweet little mouth. I certainly could again not hold back very long. The incredible sight to see my thick organ stuff and expand his smooth lips was simply too horny, and when I came, I nastily pulled briefly out and let the first two slimy ropes splash fully onto his pretty preteen face, before re-entering his still sucking hole, squirting my hot spunk at his tonsils.

He then coughed some and swallowed twice, then a third time, then tried to spit out what little had remained in him and was seeping out his mouth’s corners … but finally he swallowed again.

“Milk you very thick!” he eventually and shuddering brought out, licking his lips, but then grinning sheepishly at me, with a cum-saliva string connecting his upper and lower lip. “You look perfect,” I whispered in awe, while I was then smearing my spilled cum tenderly over and into his forehead and cheeks, whereas he was cleaning out one of his cum-filled nostrils with his tiny pinky!

“You make this why?”

“It’s healthy, the milk from a man or a growing boy, dear!”

“OK, later I basroom (bathroom) wass (wash),” he said resolutely, barely accepting my in his eyes surely strange behavior.

“That’s fine, but say, why do you think my milk is … thick?”

“Oh, um … Tac milk same same water, water white color, no thick you, no have many!”

“Uh-huh!” I said and made big eyes, “so you did … eat some of Tac’s milk, then?”

“Oh – you not say, OK? He like me suck, me first not like. He come back tourist he have money. He give little money me, then I like. I make hand and mouth …”

“And your … bum too?” I wanted to know, having something in mind.

“Oh no; um … only one time, but I not like me fucking, he big already, um … not big you, big this,” he explained, holding his filigree thumb and forefinger apart as much as he could, about 4+ inches.

“Oh common, that’s not that much; you could easily let him do your little ass again, and then, after a good fuck, you know … it would be not too difficult for my own penis, and then we would be together for real – that would be sooooo nice!”

“Oh, nice you think!” was all he could say first, then, after half a minute, with his head down, he mumbled, “You like Tac fuck me first, then fini, you fuck me – same same Tac and Tai? You like? You like very muts, huh?”

He then lifted his head and looked straight in my eyes.

“Yeah, I want nothing else anymore. It’s the best and it would be a sin not to fuck you, such a nice boy, and, um … you would then become my real ‘Schaetzele’!”(South German dialect for sweetheart)

“What? Satzele?”

I explained what it meant, and he then quite beamed some at me, then wiggled a bit on the bed, before whispering, “Me look you fuck Tac first, OK?”

“Hey, that’s what I thought I should do anyway at least once with Tac, um … then I can do your bum?”

He shook his head ‘no’ and continued, “You fuck Tac fini (finish), you fuck Tai, then me look you fuck Tue (his 6-yo half-brother); Tue no have problem, you do me, OK?”

Now I shook also my head ‘no’, and said, “Tue is only 6, and …”

“Tai fuck Tue already; Tac sometimes fuck Tai afternoon, Tue night,” he whispered explainingly to me.

“Maybe this night too? Right now?” I asked, glancing at my watch on the bed-board – it was almost 11 pm.

Mey nodded rapidly, then slipped from the bed, pulled his shorts up and said, “Wait, I go look!”

“’I’? Not ‘me’?” I grinned at him.

“I,” he said, pointing at his bare chicken breast.

A lamp in the aisle of the corner street house provided enough light to seep thru a second window with thin curtains into our bedroom, and I saw my boy passing by outside, whereas he could not see inside.

He had to go upstairs; but the 2nd floor wasn’t original – they just constructed it with wood in that high built French colonial style house. But I had no further thoughts for that – imagine: I probably could be a witness of a mating between a slim 14- and a thin little 6-year-old, who anyway looked to be not more then four, at least in Western eyes!

I was by then again as hard as I could be and covered my almost painful groin with the cum-rag I had ready before. Suddenly my heart skipped maybe more then one beat, when two shadows passed the window, silently slipped into my room and onto my bed!

“He fuck Tue 10 o’clock already – now he sleep; you like fuck Tac now, you can!”

My boy was cleverer with his English then Tac, who used more body language.

I swallowed hard and croaked silently, “Yeah, I really have to fuck Tac, right now, but would like to give him a good hand job first, because I want to see, how his watery milk spurts out, um … onto your bum. Just lay yourself down on your left and open your crack with your hands, when I’m asking you. Later then you can gently squeeze and massage my nut bag, when I’m stuffing Tac’s little teenage hole, OK?”

“Oh no, you lie; I know you want fuck me now, I … I scared!”

“Yeah, I really feel I should plug my dong into your tiny butt - you are right, sorry! But don’t worry: I’ll do it only if you want! I’ll fuck you then very nicely,” I replied, surprised about his thoughts, but most exited about this new turn.

“I not want now,” he tried with a little voice.

“I believe you and accept it. However, I think honestly, that not only your heart, but also your bum want it already; if that is the truth, then it is much better, when it happens to your sweet little behind right now, quickly and solid!” I said, trying to keep this superb idea alive.

“OK,” he gave in, resigned, “but Tac me first, please!”

“Sure, dear; after then you will be my beloved Schaetzele, OK?”

He nodded weakly, and Tac grinned quite sheepishly at me, with his little pajama panties obscenely tented out. I grabbed his stiffness, squeezed its hard, longish size thru the thin fabric and pulled him down onto the bed, to my left side.

Tac, though 14, and therefore 3 years older then Mey, was not more then 3 or 4 inches bigger then him, quite slender, but with cute blooming nipples, and when I shoved the worn cloth with several dry and one or two damp cum-spots on it over his erection, a thin, almost 5 inches long prick with a very sparse pubic bush right above his stem, and little, but low dropped balls were there to enjoy my sight.

“Oh, you have got quite nicely ripening sex-tools here, Tac,” I whispered to him.

“Thank you very muts (much),” he politely, and a bit proudly too, replied.

“Egg Ko and penis big muts more Tac; Ko milk thick many,” Mey interrupted suddenly, and I had the strong suspicion, that he did not like, how I had admired Tac’s maturing equipment.

“Yes, true; but penis Ko same same bad sausage - something broken, skin not go down; he never can fuck girl!” Tac hissed.

“Penis Ko beautiful big and strong, not bad,” Mey then defended his one-year older cousin.

“Oh come on guys, that’s not so important now; boys have always different sizes and shapes, sometimes even bowed and kinda broken ones too. Now come, let’s better go ahead with you two!” I said, wiping that case away.

But I surely thought about that interesting information. I have seen 12-year-old Ko, and indeed had the idea, that he had quite a lump beneath the fabric of his shorts, given his small frame and age. And according to my boys here, I thought he might probably have a ‘Phimose’, a too narrow opening of the foreskin, what wouldn’t allow Ko to pull back the skin over the glans! I really had to examine this kid seriously between his legs at one of the coming days – or tomorrow, the sooner the better, for sure!

However, I went then emotionally back to Tac, and shoved my hard dick from behind between his tight thighs, then grabbed his black mop, pulled his head to me and French-kissed the skinny teen, grabbing his hard rod with my right. The kid was hot and responded quickly, while my cutie positioned himself with his little round ass a couple inches away from my by then stroking fist.

When I had pumped Tac’s barely 1-inch-thin prick for 2 or 3 minutes, he started to tense, then withdrew from my mouth with an “Unggghhhh”, what let me swiftly follow the order to Mey “Now!”

Mey quickly let his delicate fingers expand his globes and open his cleft. Just a split second later, Tac spilled his indeed watery-milky snot with several short and strong given jets onto Mey’s puckered hole and at the sides of his cleft, with the last 3 or 4 squirts finally just jumping over my masturbating fist, and down over his again relaxing sac onto his left thigh.

I know, it was then not so proper and Gentleman-style-like, but before Tac could recover and Mey abandon his position, I had grabbed both with my right, aimed Tac’s still hard, pulsating rod at Mey’s 10-years-and-10-months-old slimy asshole, covered his sugar-sweet mouth, held him tight and shoved Tac with my pelvis slowly, but steadily into his younger cousin.

Surprisingly it went in easily, the whole 5 inches, fully to Tac’s few pubes!

“Mmmmmmhhhhpfffffffhhhh!” Mey tried to express more his surprise, then his panic or pain.

“Relax, Mey; it’s already done. We stay now like that for a while, before Tac will pump your cute ass, OK?” I calmed him, caressing his velvet smooth chest and thighs gently.

“No pain, Tac can do me now,” Mey demanded already after some seconds.

And Tac started slowly, before he got in a rhythm “one second in – one second out”, but I myself needed quickly to withdraw from between his hot, moving thighs, otherwise I had probably lost the remainder of my sperm-reserves too soon.

It was anyway very dangerous to watch these two slim kids mating, my beautiful Mey and the just “normal” looking Tac, who had a bit longer now to cum again. But eventually, after more then 5 minutes, he suddenly sped up his pace, his face got some color and distorted, and then his fast approaching orgasm convulsed all three of us, including the bed. I helped him to better unload into his younger cousin by kneading gently his tight sac, feeling his perineum below pulsate rapidly!

“Yeah Tac, that’s it … let it come!” I hissed into his ear, kissing and nibbling him there, watching the grimace, which the strong orgasm had drawn onto his face, “give it to your cute young cousin … yeah, good boy, Tac. He needs your young teen-semen badly … fuck him strong, because I have to do him hard too … yesssss … squirt your sperm deeply inside him … just shoot some more … yeah, kill his ass now, a bit harder … good boy, oh god … you are jerking so nice … what for a healthy slender teen you are … yeah, empty all what your 14-years-old balls have inside … all … yesssssss … oh boy … oaahhhhhhhhhh … mmmhhhhhh …”

Then, without warning, he pushed me back, pulled out of Mey and sank with a suppressed sigh onto the mattress, flat onto his back, with all his thin five limbs stretched. His smallish chest was heavily working, feeding its owner with oxygen. His used “Wiener-sausage” started to lose its hardness, and within seconds, it laid eventually in a bow downwards his left groin and upper thigh!

When I moved my body over him to prepare myself for the real and hard fertilization of Mey, Tac silently got up, cleaned his crotch and the thin, limp dangling hose with my cum rag, got dressed with his little pajama panties, waved and grinned at us and left our room on tip-toes.

After I quickly went to lock the door again, I repositioned myself behind Mey, who still had kept himself on his left side, not wanting the watery seed of Tac seeping out onto the bed sheet. He craned his head over his small right shoulder bone and looked in awe at my very angrily swollen, throbbing cock with the fully retracted foreskin, giving free sight on the pre-cum shining, dark purple helmet head with the open piss-slit.

He lifted an eyebrow, wanting in a mute manner to know, if I still had the intention to kill his sweet little round ass.

I nodded slowly and in earnest, making big eyes again.

Mey then really shrunk a bit and let his head sink onto the pillow, whereas I took the small pocket light out of my toilet bag. I’ve seen his hole vaguely in the sparse light, that shone into our room, but wanted to be sure, and saw the still slightly open hole, glistening from his cousin’s slimy cum.

After that I closed the gap between him and me, poking with my cock-head at his most private entry, felt him tense, then relax, and with a slow push, my left around his chest, covering half of his face …


I was inside him, at least with my glans.

“You OK?” I asked, and when his little whimper had faded away and he’d relaxed some more, nodding a ‘yes’, I gave his mouth free.

“You in all?” he asked, with his eyes shut.

“Oh no, just the tip,” I replied, grinning a bit.

“Wait, wait; me say OK, you go, OK?” he said, looking up at me.

“OK; you say OK, me go,” I gave back, mimicking his English.

“Oh … mhhh-mhhh,” he wisely replied. Yeah, because if he had said OK …

“You clever,” I proudly recognized.

“Me know, um … I know; now OK, go! Uh – slowly, slowly, yes?”

“Sure, I’ll fuck you lovingly, Mey!” I said and shoved two third of my steel hard dick into him.

I was in heaven, seeing this tender young Asian boy with his tiny ass wrapped around my fat iron tool; well just 1 inches in diameter, but in his eyes and for his barely used anus of course it was quite thick!

“Now fuck me, quickly – me, um … I want you milk my ass!”

“Ohhhhh!” he then silently exclaimed, when I shoved the rest of me into him.

“I know you hair - you in all,” he whispered, while I was then retracting, and he added: “Now you fuck!”

“Yeah,” I said, “but when I’m going to love you very much, then it might hurt a bit!”

“I know; Tac say, tourist big many pain. You careful, I small boy, OK?”

“Yeah, but I love small boys, so just trust me; but when it hurts, then I love you really good, so try not to stop me, until the pain is too much, OK?”

“OK; you talk, talk, talk … now you fuck!” my sweet “teen-pre-fucked” prey complained, slightly loosing patience.

I withdrew almost completely, then shoved back in the half, then withdrew again and gave it to him, the full 6.5 inches length!

“Uiiiiiiiii … pain … OK, pain little – go!”

“Ohhh,” he then sighed repeatedly, and, “ohhhh yeeessssss, my ass good now,” when his slim young body and tender small bum got beaten, stuffed and pounded more and more, heavier and heavier, faster and faster!

“You … like … it, Mey – huh?” I whispered and panted, and while fucking him stronger, I let my right slip from the grip on his small hip and ran it caressingly over the smooth alabaster of his thin inner thighs, brushing with my digit over his tight sac, which protected his cute orbs there inside.

Fucking him again harder then, I traced my finger up the milky-white shaft of his throbbing 3-inches erection to the tip of the penis, then around the opening of the boy’s foreskin.

“Yes, play with me, and fuck me … fuck me hard, yeah, more; now you can very hard!” Mey then muttered over and over, before stammering suddenly and unexpected for me in between fuck-pushes, “I … love … you!”

“I … love you … too … Schaetzele!” I replied touched, panting in a seldom mixture of animal lust and joyful love.

I wrapped my hand around his extremely hard penis and squeezed. The boy almost screamed and when I fucked his ass, his tunnel, his young body, I brushed over his already stimulated prostate, moving my fingers up and down on his unripe sex-organ, pulling the foreskin with it.

Then Mey’s feelings exploded, all of a sudden, and almost without warning.

Like a cough came just a short “Unngghh” from somewhere out of his torso and mouth, and then he orgasmed already, and intensely. He thrust his small hips into the mattress and back into my groin, writhed and twisted and bucked in un-controllable ecstasy.

Yeah, I had brought wonderful joy to his quivering hole and spasming penis, which pumped dryly several gobs of hot air into my hand.

That was all much too much for me too!

“Now … I’m going … to give you … what you really need … and want!” I hissed into his ear.

Holding his lithe torso with my left arm, its hand closing the boy’s mouth shut, with the other squeezing both his jerking genitals, penis and pulled up scrotum, I plunged into the still “ejaculating” boy, almost viciously fucking him then, from somewhere hearing even my fat sac slapping his small globes and upper thighs behind!

“Uiiiiiiii – now pain; slowly,” he whimpered, barely understandable thru my covering hand.

“S … sorry, but I’m th … there … theeeere now, some … more … ha … hammer … yesss … n … now … ahh … nnggg … unggh … mnngghh … ahngggg … ah … ahhhhhh … mmmmmmmhhhh …”

I tried not to scream, but surely grunted and groaned more then I should, and feared, somebody of Mey’s family might wake up and come over to have a look!

“Oh … I know … you fuck … fini … you … milk now … milk too muts!” My boy commented, when the sexual mating and fertilization of his fragile build was filling him up and still went on.

Yeah, he was right: I literally exploded in my cute prey, around 12 hours after we had met downstairs on the sidewalk restaurant. I knew I could not have gallons again, as it was the 3rd time that night, but I shot and shot, splattered the wall of his guts and filled his rectum up, until, sated, I slowly collapsed onto his side, panting, catching my breath, but staying inside him, connected.

Mey, flushed, lifted his pretty head, craned to me and … offered me his half open mouth with the glistening raspberry lips – our first kiss for real, and for long, for lips and tongues; a very hot thing … a wonder … a bliss … well yeah - ASIAN BLISS!

“You many many milk, I know,” he whispered smilingly at me, then came close again and planted another wet kiss on my lips.

“You’ve been wonderful and beautiful – I love you,” I breathed, feeling tears welling up.

“You not cry – you have m e now, OK?”

“Yeah, sure – OK!” I replied, sniffing, and started to pull slowly out of the boy.

“Oh no; please go back! We now sleep your penis my ass, OK?”

“Yes, of course, please,” I happily replied and inserted my half deflated sausage fully back into the slimy crack and tunnel, shoving it gently to the hilt, feeling it sticky and cool there, where his bum and my groin met.

In less then a minute he had drifted off, and when I moved into him, feeling a certain hardness coming back, he did not react. However, I too was tired and quite spent, so …


It was something after 2 am, according to my wristwatch on the bed-board. I had meanwhile un-voluntarily unplugged from him and felt horny and stiff. I softly touched his bum, the crack, and felt some of my fertilizer-sauce seeping out.

I reached for my cum-rag and cleaned, what was visible on him and the bed sheet, slightly gliding between his messed-up bum cheeks too.

He didn’t wake up, but I then knew, that I needed to cum again, and there was no question: I had to use him somehow, but without waking him up.

Fucking was barely possible, even not from behind between his thighs – well, maybe that I could. But then I had another idea, seeing him slowly turning onto his back, showing off his sweet little unripe package, which rested neatly above his crotch.

Without thinking further, I lifted my right leg over him, went on my knees, bent some and aimed my hard tool first against his tender genitals, then, after some little knee-steps, towards his cute sleeping face.

Because I felt it clearly and was sure, to be only a few strokes away from squirting my boiling slime, I carefully took Mey’s soft smallish right hand with my left, and wrapped its willing delicate fingers around my aching ball sac, squeezed its large eggs inside with the boy’s so wonderful smallish extremities, flipped my foreskin a few times over my flaring cock-head, then arched, tensed, jerked and gasped momentarily for breath, as the first white cum-gob ejected from my piss-slit, then landed straight onto Mey’s forehead. Three more followed: one landing on his hair, one on his chin, and the last between his small nipples.

I had to mobilize all my strength for not to jerk too violently and to wake him up, seeing me in this nasty position humiliating him!

Before I swung my right leg back to the boy’s right side, I milked my still quite hard organ out and let the last sperm drops viscously fall onto the kid’s sugary genitals, then cleaned my cock-head with back and palm of his soft hands.

Slowly I then snuggled myself onto his warm, smooth, naked frame and tried to make out my cum-puddles I had spat on him. But yeah, just then the one from his forehead had become more liquid and was on the way down into his left eye’s corner.

To late for me to wipe it away!

“What!” he sleepily muttered, brushing his closed eye with his tender fingers, then bringing them to his cute nose.

“You milk again?” he asked, suddenly quite awake. “Why you milk me, not my ass?”

“Oh sorry, I did not know it would fly that far, Schaetzele,” I tried him to convince and forgive.

“OK, I ‘Satzele’ you, you milk my bum, not eye, OK?”


“Now we sleep; and you put penis my ass; morning 5 o’clock you fuck. I not up, you fuck hard, OK?”

“Yeah, sure, now sleep well, Schaetzele!”

“You sleep well … Mar (Marc)!”

It was the first time he called me by my first name!

Then, after one or two minutes, all of a sudden, unexpected:



“Joke only – night,” he whispered, yet giggled some too; silently, though.

Now believe me or not, but I got a bit hard again, just thinking about what he had said: Daddy!

Yeah, I had several stories with widows and their sons behind me and ate from the forbidden fruits, some of which had already sweet ripening sap; well, but I simply had to skip comforting the ugly plums too, what then always let us to separate again, sadly, of course!

But daddies are usually not supposed to fuck their own sons, are they? Or … I surely had then no any intention; well, fatherly friend maybe, and many years before I could be an elder brother or so, uncle maybe too, but … daddy?

I sighed and thought how it would be to have an eleven-year-old as a son, and then suddenly had to brush some silly dampness out of my eyes, before I could drift away – a bit unsure, a bit happy, and a bit exited too.


It was still dark outside, when not only the smoke of a charcoal fire from downstairs was teasing and bothering my nose – it was Mey’s cute little bum too, which pushed in a soft rhythm against my groin with the growing pole inside him.

“You wake? You fuck. I go help mother restaurant; come, fuck!”

In a split second I was fully hard as an iron bar, and since childhood a fast shooter, I had not more then two minutes to deposit my morning load into his small preteen butt. And he seemed to be in a little hurry, because he withdrew himself from me, and dressing with his small shorts, keeping my sperm sample inside him, he asked me to dress with my briefs too.

I did, and then he opened the tube light in our room, and I could see the crusty protein stains onto his stuck together hair, on his forehead, chest and a bit on his cute hands too – and my deflating tool stopped its shrinking inside my briefs for a while!

“You sleep again, now I help kitchen, then come back 7 o’clock, then we go shower together, you know,” he said, making the up-and-down sign with his smallish right fist, “then we eat breakfast, OK?”

“Yeah, sounds cool; but wash your face and chest a bit; my milk, you know …”

“Oh – OK! I toilet you milk out. I go come back – now kiss … mmmpf!”

He left, closing the bright light again.

It was some after 6.30 am, when the door silently opened, and Tue, Mey’s not yet 6-year-old half-brother slipped into my room, locked the door, mounted my bed and approached me like a young dog, with a stiffie in his tiny shorts and a broad smile on his nice, but not too pretty face – just a real young Asian boy!

He came up to me and nestled himself between my arm and chest on my left side, then shyly, but not hesitantly kissed my left cheek.

He caught me right away, when I was thinking about his smallish body, to small even for a 6-year-old Asian kid, matching at most an average 4-year-old in Europe.

Suddenly, pictures of cute, curly blond Roman came up, nearly 20 years ago …

Little Roman had then very bravely tried to look and smile at me, when 12-year-old Stefan’s preteen spunk had deflowered and vaccinated his very young butt for the first time ever, and right after, Walter’s 13-year-old dick had spilled its semen too into him. And then my own manly dick had parted his two most tiny globes and was completely inside him, when finally my sperm was on the way then to flush his already slimy guts!

“Big!” Tue said silently and patted with his little left onto my erection in my briefs.

The pics of fucked Roman faded quickly, and so went momentarily the remembrances I had with him; his very first ejaculation at age 11-and-a-half, his first pubic-shaving at age 13 until to the last mating after 15 …

“Yeah, but you are big too,” I said, still a bit dreamingly, and pulled on the waistband of his little fabric, then inserted my hand, fondling with quite a nice, good 3 inches long kid-stiffie and cute marbles in a velvet saclet!

Then Tue did something I would not have expected, well not after such a short time. He reached behind him and pulled his little shorts down over his tiny butt cheeks, and I saw right away a bit slimy cum in his crack!

I swallowed, got harder.

It was quite obvious, that he had been fucked very shortly ago. At the same time Tac’s shadow went by outside at the room’s window and left for the toilet on the balcony.

“He?” I asked, pointing with the finger to the window, where Tac had passed and now Tai came around and tried to get a glimpse into our room.

The kid nodded smilingly, and I pulled his shorts up, then went up, opened the door and let Tai slip in.

He too locked the door, then got with me onto the bed and nastily pulled Tue’s shorts down again.

“Tac fuck Tue,” he said, grinning from ear to ear, his eyes then only thin slits!

Tue then also grinned, and his eyes became slits too.

“Oh, that’s OK, if both like to fuck around, then it’s no problem,” I stated nonchalant.

“Yeah, no problem; you?” he asked, slipping his right digit into Tue’s crack, then added: “You first Tue; Tue fini you me? Can! Sure!”

Before I could answer, Mey appeared at the window and demanded entry. Both Tue and Tai jumped from the bed, unlocked the door and rushed out.

Then Mey stood in our room, his hands on his hip-bones, and a bit angrily he said, “You fuck I not know, I not see - I not like!”

“Common, Schaetzele, I did not fuck anybody but you, dear!” I softly spoke to him.

He then relaxed some and came to my bed, took my hands and said, “You me fuck only! Come, we go shower!”

On the way thru the aisle he whispered in my ear, “I make you hand, I see milk you.”

“No fucking?” I a bit grinning asked.

“Fuck! After I hand, you fuck, OK?”

 “Sounds perfect, Schaetzele!”