M/b, b/b

A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc

Author’s Note:

After I had received 7 nice replies, some of very encouraging me, I went out to an internet cafe to downloaded my lost part 1 from nifty, and after a while thought, I was back on track.

I’m not sure, if this re-written part 2 can match the original one, but I anyway haven’t it anymore to compare – so therefore just enjoy, because due to a visitor next week you have to be patient to get part 3!


Part 2

On the way out to the balcony, sweet Ko overtook us. He was sporting a major hard-on in his white little nylon-shorts, hurried quickly into the stall and locked.

Mey got upset and angrily hammered his little fist at the door’s iron sheet, calling something in Khmer.

“Ask him, I f he needs to wank his peter, um … ask he make milk?” I ‘corrected’, for him to understand.

Again Mey briefly pushed his hands in his thin waist and nearly yelled:

“Oh no – I no like he make milk now; we toilet first,” and then he hissed some in Vietnamese in between door and frame.

A high-pitched outcry came from the little ‘shit-house’, followed by some words in a slightly broken voice.

‘Sweet and damn’ horny, that pubescent getting tone,’ I thought, whereas Mey then explained to me, that Ko would only make ‘ca-ca’!

“I see,” I replied, but then saw something else: there in about 1.80m height, right under the roof, was a thin gap; for ventilation obviously. And since I measured then a good 6 feet, I thought I could have a short glimpse …

It was dark in the stall, but not so much, that I couldn’t see Ko sit in front of me on his heels on a foot high cement block with a porcelain hole in it, wanking rapidly his for a 12-year-old rather big and fat, white skinned penis with thumb and the next two fingers.

‘He had lied on us,” I thought and wanted first to react, but somehow needed to wait, as I, the ‘kid-sap-addict’ that I was, had to see his boy-seed too, though wanting him otherwise to hold that precious moment more likely in my arms!

From upwards, his little fingers shoved the foreskin hastily down, but just and at most a third, then up again. Yeah, it seemed, that Ko had really a problem there with his obviously much too tight head-cover! One more thing, as Mey had said last night, was true as well: his fleshy sac was damn’ large, and its heavy eggs, surely containing thick milk, dangled and bounced low over the shit hole, as the owner was wanking away faster then.

“Ohhhh …” came suddenly a sound from inside – no, not because had reached orgasm and was about to spill his semen, but because he had seen me glimpse thru the gap.

In half a second he had pulled his shorts up and stuffed his angry, well pre-jacked boy organ brutally beneath the fabric, then he retracted the door bolt and tried to escape into the aisle.

There however I caught him, literally this time, and whereas he struggled to get free, he kicked his elbow two times into my ribs.

That I could not allow and so I did not hesitate:

“ S  M  A  C  K  -  A  C  K ! “

I had brought my flat palm forcefully, sounding like a double-swat, down across his round prominent bum, covered just by his thin shorts, as no boys there wore any briefs those time!

Ko immediately gave up any resistance, lost his genital hardness rapidly and let me march him, grabbed on his thin neck, into Mey’s and my bedroom, followed by my pretty boy.

“You spank why?” Mey had to know, and … yeah, his hands were again stuck into his waist.

“He lied; he did not make ca-ca, but masturbated, um … was making milk coming. Now I need to give him three more swats on his naked bum – tell him that!” I ordered.

Mey then relaxed quickly and nodded, saying: “Ko lie, you spank, you right – lie must spank, now you spank hard, can, OK?”

I just nodded, not trying to hide my boner, which tented my briefs out obscenely. No doubt, my penis and I liked what was to come!

“Tell him further, that I will rub on his pale sausage, until the cream, um …” I interrupted shortly, taking another nasty thought in, then continued, “I spank fini, I make Ko milk coming, after I fuck him hard!”

I was not sure, if that would pass now, and held my breath for a moment.

Mey looked then quite some strange at me, then shrugged and with a weak grin said:

“Ko lie, you spank, you make, you want fuck; fuck because lie, can … I tell!”

Mey told his one-year older cousin the verdict, and the cute boy, sitting on the bed, shrunk a lot, and then muttered some to Mey.

“He afraid you see penis broken – he not like, penis Ko no nice,” Mey then translated for me.

“That’s not so important  – I need him to get completely naked now, then I make his ass red, rub his spunk out onto his belly and then get his hole splashed with my cum – do you understand me, Mey? Can Ko understand that as well?”

“Me clever, Marc; I know you have boy, you want make all – I tell, then go shower, then go buy medicine grandfather, OK?”

I nodded, and had to adjust my pole in my blue briefs, which had a damp spot now right under the waistband. I waited, until Mey had explained all, had left and Ko started to undress in a slow motion, but stood finally with a rapidly upraising tool naked in the room; then I locked the door and sat onto the mattress, with Ko exactly in front of me.

The cute slim boy with his smooth white skin, the whitest of all six boys in the house, and with the biggest bubble-ass, except 16-year-old Doung, tried to cover his 100% erect penis, but failed badly, as his smallish hands couldn’t hide the strong, fat, but rather pale 5+-incher, nor could he hide his rosy sac, which now was like a little peach sitting tight under his stem.

I took both his delicate hands from his genitals and brought them to my lips, kissed them several times and sniffed, barely recognizing a slight horny boy-scent on them, before I looked at his throbbing tool.

“No nice!” Ko said with a thin, but breaking voice, and blushed quite some.

“No-no, Ko; it’s beautiful, but I look later again, because I need to spank you now quickly, come, let’s do it …”

With that I opened my arms and let Ko sink onto my chest and between my legs, his head resting then on my left shoulder, his thin arms around my neck. But before the punishment had to go ahead I wanted to kiss him briefly.

I grabbed his dark mop, turned his cute face to me, sank for a second in his dark-brown eyes, then saw a little remainder of a pink color on his lips, and gazing at one of his little hands on my shoulder, was aware of some transparent paint on his tiny nails too.

“You are a girly boy, Ko!“ I whispered into his ear, knowing well, that it didn’t mean everything in Asia, but certainly something about Ko, then kissed the late pre-teen boy softly onto his lips, nibbled and licked the color reminders away, and entered him, as he willingly parted his wet, smooth and sugary-sweet mouth, allowing me to explore his in my eyes second most important cavern of seminal discharge, then, feeling it twitch repeatedly beneath my briefs’ cotton, I served him out of the blue the first stroke:

“S W A T !”

It was a real hard one, and his eyes grew to saucers; but before he could shut them closed, some tears emerged out if their corners and ran quickly down his pale cheeks.

I looked down, and seeing my hand drawn there, appearing more and more in a reddish tone at his otherwise totally white round bum, I could not suppress a gasp, that brought me dangerously near to another orgasm, probably into my briefs, I feared!

Ko, still sniffing a bit, jerked, when the next slap hit his precious ass:


It was delivered in a medium strength, and Ko decided, that he had not to sob again, but pushed his maturing groin halfway, so I guessed, involuntarily into my crotch. I got too hot about that and better lifted myself shortly, then pushed my briefs down to my thighs.

Ko, who had steadied himself with his little hands on my shoulders, looked in awe at my almost ready-to-explode tool and whispered in his horny-husky voice:

“Big and very beautiful,” then blushing asked, “big long how muts?”

“6.5 inches, um … about 16.5 cm; yours, did you measure it already?”

He nodded, lowered his gaze, and then shyly replied: “14.5 cm, no skin!”

“Yeah, damn’; I thought you might have more then 5 inches – that’s quite a lot for a slim 12-year-old Asian kid, you know that, Ko?”

“I know, Tac ‘peni’ smaller me, but me ‘peni’ broken, I …”

“S W A T !”

It was again a bit a harder one, stronger then the 2nd, but not like the first!

“It’s over now Ko! Now don’t lie again, um … I could anyway not have that going on for longer, as I almost could understand your lie about jacking your big penis, boy!” I said and pulled the punished kid again close to me, comforting his back and slightly caressing his swatted bum.

Ko had tensed, but rapidly relaxed, when I had announced the end of his sentence, though spilling a couple new tears and hick-upping after then several times.

I knew I would almost unload, knew about my a bit sick lust, but then was not sure whether to vomit into his sweet mouth or right away up his told to be still virgin butt.

However, first I wanted to play a bit with his genitals, and therefore I lifted the boy up and sat him across my lap, his back on my left and with my tool and its dark purple head protruding upwards from between his smooth thin thighs, whereas his precocious ripened dick throbbed at his flat belly, and his fat sac was pressing onto my stem.

Gladly, but somehow unusual for a shy boy like Ko, he resumed his questions by asking me:

“Peni you thick how muts? My thick 3.5 cm, maybe 4 ‘santimaet’, when make milk coming soon!”

“Yeah, I like your penis very much, Ko, even with your too tight foreskin. Your dick is indeed damn’ fat, fat and pale like a veal sausage in the butcher’s shop, especially with the little puckered foreskin on its top, even when rather stiff, huh? Oh … mine gets just 4.5 cm, and maybe 5 cm when I’m ejaculating,” I explained to him, then tried to pull his stretched skin down over the boy’s cock head.

“Uuuuiiiiiiiii! Pain!” Ko exclaimed, and I quickly pulled the skin back up and closed its pee-slit, though the organ was fully erect!


That was Mey from outside, so I sat Ko onto the bed and went to let my first choice in, and then locked again.

“I afraid you fuck Ko; I not see, I not like,” he explained, and had a certain lust on his pretty face.

“I’m happy you come,” I replied, ‘smearing honey’ onto his mouth, “I want to masturbate Ko first, before I’m going to fuck him for his very first time, Mey! You can help me a bit; want?”

He checked without shame Ko’s reddened globes, then grinned somehow horny and nodded quickly.

“Glad; so then undress too and get onto your back on the bed. I want Ko to squirt his milk onto your face, then I’ll lick you clean, and then you can help me to fuck your cousin, OK?”

Mey, crawling onto the mattress, turned and said:

“I don’t like milk Ko my face, um … I know you want … OK, you like, can – after you lick ALL, OK?” he surrendered, excited himself, lying on his back, his head onto the pillow, and then was fumbling away on his stiff 3-incher and sweet ball saclet.

‘He’s getting a horny little pig, a pretty one,’ I thought, and wondered, what else he would like to do in the nearer future after I had seduced him, um … that was Tac, to be correct! Tac, who was fully in his sap and had plenty of to spill … into his brothers and cousin’s ass, except Doung, who was a carpenter’s helping hand and had a girl somewhere outside; or Ko, who until now never had done anything, until me, that ‘barang’, came to live in their house and messed around with Mey and Tac, and then longed for Ko too … and for Tai and, yeah, Tue as well!

I then guided Ko onto the bed and told him to straddle Mey the way his penis would point to his forehead. I then got down on the kid-couple’s right side and could not help but to kiss Mey’s pre-masturbated hard-on, his cute orbs, his playing filigree fingers and thought, how big the now pre-pubescent genitals once would grow, and how more Ko would add to his already manly-sized private parts!

With that I licked up on Mey’s thin body, made him giggle and twist a bit, when I suckled at his flat little nipples, then went up his to throat and chin, licked his smooth lips, fought for a few seconds with his stuck-out tongue, teased his nostrils and breathed finally a kiss on both eyes, before I lifted my head and gave Ko’s over Mey’s pretty face dangerously and mighty bouncing penis a little smack with my lips as well.

“So, let’s do it, boys,” I then said and first oiled Mey’s left with Johnson’s, then led it to Ko’s bum and shoved three of the thin fingers into the channel.

“Ohhhh, um … good!” Ko sighed.

Then I gave him the order to jerk finally off his big pre-teen dick and deposit its load into the middle of Mey’s forehead.

“Go; don’t worry, if his face gets badly sprayed – just unload all of your semen onto him, OK? And you, Mey: push your hand in and out slowly first, then faster, but then with all fingers, understand? Then go, do it, boys!”

Poor Ko had to wait too long, and so he was there just after less then two dozen strokes. I felt the inevitable orgasm of the twelve-year-old boy approach rapidly and quickly asked Mey to shove all of his fingers in – he did it, even tried to insert his thumb too, and so his little hand went in to the thumbs 2nd knuckle, some more, and it had been in to his smallish hands thin wrist!

‘What a sight, damn’ what a fuckin’ sight that was!’ I thought, and boldly pushed Mey’s forearm a bit further.

Ko cried out, when Mey’s little hand was almost, then really gone to its thin wrist into the 12-year-old’s round bubble butt, who’s owner wanked faster after that extra expanding ass-treatment with thumb and two fingers on its ready-to-ejaculate tool, its heavy nut bag dashing loudly with exciting ‘slap-slaps’ onto Mey’s chin, whereas my pretty prey himself wanked away with his tiny right on his now visibly glowing stiffie.

I almost died, could not be only a horny solemnly watching witness, but had to enter this incredible action of pure young boy’s carnal lust, had to jump into their culminating sexual part-a-deux, had again to be embraced by this … this bliss … this ASIAN BLISS!

But I was too late!

“Me … milk … nooowwwww … anggg … angghh … mmnggghh .anngghh … mmngggg … ahh … ahhhhh … aahhhhhhhhhh …” Ko panted suddenly and groaned several times.

“Now … milk me!” Mey hissed right after Ko, got with his hand out of Ko’s ass to help himself better masturbate, and a quick grip between his legs and onto his perineum told me, he was right and had, you could say, a full-scale orgasm, whereas Ko then deposited his mature boy seed in first three, then another two thick, slimy-white drops exactly between his victim’s eyes. I helped the spunky wanker and massaged his jerking sac with the upwards pulled eggs, prolonged his orgasm by entering three of my own fingers in his pre-fucked ass, and saw, that he was vomiting another two little drops of seed onto Mey’s nose and cheek – semen, that was not squirted, but retched out due to the obstacle of his by the foreskin closed dick-head.

Then it seemed to be over!

“Good boy, Ko; you did a very good job. You milked your beautiful penis nicely and gave your cousin all your healthy sperm you had in your wonderful balls – thank you, Ko!” I praised him, kissing briefly his left cheek.

“Thank … you … very muts!” he replied blushed, still a bit panting.

“Pleeease eat! Milk Ko now go down, eat all, quickly!” Mey then nearly screamed, and I eagerly hurried to fulfill my first boy’s desire, and after sucking with lips and licking with tongue, I engulfed Ko’s ‘wrecked’ organ, which still throbbed a bit in his erect status, and sucked the sperm reminders out from his puckered foreskin’s tip, then kissed softly the boy’s glans, covered by an overstretched skin.

“Your milk tastes good, Ko – not really sweet or salty, but thick like a white sauce you serve with veal sausages sometimes. You know, hehe, um … sorry - but your pale fat penis with the puckered leftover of your foreskin looks really like those sausages you can buy at the butcher’s shop, huh? But don’t worry; it’s a beautiful sausage you have, and I like to play with it very much, Ko; even when it’s a bit broken, you know!”

The boy, who was soon due to get his ass deflowered, had first a shadow on his face, not really wanting to have a veal sausage between his smooth thighs, but he lit quickly up, when I explained, how much I liked just such an un-perfect sexual boy organ, as his was!

“Thank … you, Marc!” he replied in obvious relief, and said ‘Marc’ correctly by pronouncing the c as a k.

“His penis true same-same sausage; now we cut, then cook, we eat – egg we make same-same fried egg – hehehe …“ Mey giggled.

“Don’t say such bad things, Mey!” I said and tried to make a serious look, what didn’t work well.

“Oh … joke only – I not cut; cut pain too ‘muts’, then Ko girl, fini boy, hehehe …”

We all grinned then some more about his joke.

However, there were some mental pics forming onto my virtual screen, as there was once quite an incident in my childhood, after I had played already before some similar nasty games, both with boys and adults …

I got a little watery-spunky almost exactly two months before my 11th birthday and had released my few little drops several times a day into my underwear or pajama pants. End of February I was with my class in a winter camp and needed also there at daytime badly and often to release my tension. So I had once skipped the last downhill, went to our hut and sneaked silently up into our mattress room. There I laid on my left side, quickly shoved my trousers and underwear down to my thighs and went right on with squeezing my then rather fat, stiff 5-incher between my scissors-like working thighs to and fro, caressing my chicken breast and belly and moving thighs with my left, whereas my right’s thumb pressed on my swollen sac and perineum, teasing with the stretched digit my longtime deflowered hole. I hadn’t to wait for long, as I was a real fast shooter, and when I came, I felt I came much harder then ever before and literally exploded between my small thighs: I almost fainted, but for the first time I saw slimy white, and not watery-opaque liquid gushing out of my thru a special technique wanked penis, making then a big sticky mess between my still rubbing thighs …

“You god damn’ pig!” That was the voice of the cook’s helper, who then was still alone in the hut and stood all of a sudden under the door, then approached and pulled me up from the mattress by grabbing my neck, whereas I struggled to get my pants up. “I’ll help you now!” he barked and almost ran me down the stairs into the kitchen, where he yanked down my not completely closed trousers and white underpants, and before I knew what was going on, he had a big kitchen knife in his right and held it barely half an inch above my just spent, half-hard, but rapidly growing erection, until my 5 inches stood upwards, throbbing wildly with my racing heart beat.

“One swift cut, Marc, and I’ll fry your prick and sac into a pan with fresh butter and onions … mhhhh! Then you’ll be free, can leave your … your precocity behind you and never ever again have to play with your quite a bit grown equipment, boy, huh?”

“No please, don’t cut my bird, um … I will do everything you want – please!” I begged, rather terrified, but astonishingly at the same time excited as well and ready to cum again – and that was it what he wanted and got, several times then: my young slime and my small butt, after, when he had said to my relief, that it was only a joke …

“Hey, you no hear? I say his milk thick same-same you; milk you better … you make my face can; sure, daddy!” Mey then quite seriously mentioned and offered.

I was torn back from that winter spot into a tropical climate and left that experience behind me, but not in a trash bin, as I knew I liked as a late pre-teen and early teen such things those time!

‘That sly kid, calling me ‘daddy’, when he wants to show or defend his position,’ I then thought and had a bit to grin.

“Oh, I will not forget that and one time splatter your pretty face, that you cannot open your eyes anymore, until somebody had licked my thick slime away! But now we have to do Ko’s bum,” I said, pushed my briefs down to my ankles, slipped it over my feet and threw it onto Mey’s face.

“Uiii! This have milk you, I smell, I no like … why you wait? Fuck Ko now!” he protested, urging me to do my job.

Yeah, it was high tide for me to unload my quite aching balls, and time it was too for Ko and me to cement our friendship, well, the sexual part first.

“Now I’m going to make love to your bum, Ko. I’ll take your cherry quickly, because Mey’s hand was already inside you,” I said with a trembling voice, positioned myself behind the kid and aimed my rather swollen tool to his strong white bum, my hand-mark still visible on his smooth skin. Then I closed Ko’s mouth with my right and …


I was inside him, not only with my head, but also the half of my cock’s length, and shortly after he had relaxed some …

“Mmmmmpfffff … ooouiiimmmmmmpfffffff!”

“Shhhhhh, Ko; I’m fully inside you, and now you will soon become my ‘little friend’, um … my ‘fuck-friend’ first, OK?”

I gave Ko’s mouth free, and the to the hilt gored lad was quite stressed and breathed heavily, before he slowly came down a bit.

“Knead his big sac, Mey – but squeeze it gentle first, until I ask to tighten your grip; go for it!” I hissed, while then pulling out briefly, but re-inserting and stinging him with my dangerous spear, again to my pubes. I repeated it three more times, before I remained in him for a minute or so, allowing the kid finally to adjust his extremely expanded sphincter to my sexual intruder.

He had quite a bum for his small frame, but his white ass was not too big, although prominent. It was unspoiled, and therefore very tight, but at the other hand incredibly smooth too and felt for me, as if I was entering fresh creamy butter … I thought I never had such an ass before, no one of my around 100 kids I had so far all the years and around the world, from age 4 to 15, could match Ko’s precious bubble bum – well, that’s what I thought that special moment!

Then I got in a slow rhythm – two seconds in – two seconds out, but due to a certain pressure from my newly produced, pent-up semen, I accelerated quickly to a one-second-pace, then nodding to Mey to squeeze Ko’s nut bag stronger, I delivered the last two dozen pushes rapidly and as strong as I could and took over from Ko, who had started to masturbate himself!

“Uuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii – pain!” Ko exclaimed high-pitched.

“Yeah … I … I know, but … I … have … to fuck you … that way … because … n … now … anghh … I’m … right … right … theeeeereeee … aaanghh … annmmmh … anngghh … ahh … aahhhhh … ahhhhhhhh …”

“Now … bum … OK … I … ohhhhh … I … soon … milk!” Ko then addressed in a weakly broken tone and started slowly to tens.

I could surely feel that in my wanking fist, though thrusting and then ejaculating liters, so it again seemed to me, into that cute, first time anally used boy. And when his penis expanded some more, I quickly opened my fist, grabbed Ko’s puckered rest of foreskin and squeezed it with my fingertips tightly shut!

Ko shuddered and shortly jerked, then bucked into my hand and moaned in a low voice, whereas his ‘foreskin-reservoir’ got filled up by inflating visibly, forming there an additional mound.

“No my face again, I no like!” Mey, who was sporting a strong stiffie, then let me know with a concerned look, withdrawing from massaging Ko’s fleshy sac, which’s balls were dropping then, at the end of the owner’s ejaculation.


I briefly jerked, almost letting Ko’s wanked, foreskin-closed penis slip out of my fingers!

“Yes?” I answered, and then held my breath.

“You not eat yet?” the kid’s grandfather wanted to know.

“I, um … just make some more push-ups with Mey’s and Ko’s bodies, then we’ll prepare our breakfast.” I tried to sound casual.

“OK, not forget shower – outside very hot already,” the 65-year-old replied, then went downstairs to his ‘doctor-room’.

“Yeah, it’s hot,” I replied, and grinned silently at my two preys, who then closed their mouths with their cute little hands and grinned too.

“Phouuuuuuuuh!” I finally exhaled, and my living ‘sex-tools’ let their breathe out as well.

“Grandfather knock, I afraid you open penis Ko, milk all go my face!” Mey then whispered.

“Yeah, it almost happened. But you know what? I like to spill Ko’s seed onto your sweetly stiffened hummingbird and your saclet with the nicely matching eggs, then I lick and suck you, suck you good, Mey! Like?”

“Like,” Mey replied, nodding, “ but suck long, OK?”

I nodded too, then pulled Ko a bit back, until his still half erect penis’ tip was right over Mey’s some harder getting birdie, which started then to throb in anticipation.

Carefully I released my tight grip on Ko’s foreskin and pulled it a tiny bit back, giving way for the 12-year-old’s sperm to finally leave the ‘reservoir’ of its pale tube.

It was almost a single, thick, slimy string of mature boy-cream, but not so white as freshly discharged, which viscously seeped down onto Mey’s hard penis, its foreskin fully retracted by his owner, with the seminal liquid then covering the not yet 11-year-old’s purple cock-head, then running down its slightly pulsating shaft and over the so damn’ cute filigree fingers, then finally dropping onto the cutest saclet!

“That looks beautiful,” I breathed in awe, before asking Mey to suck on his cousin’s dick and bringing my mouth myself onto the younger boy’s sperm-slimed genitals.

I acted as not to pay any attention, but saw out of my eyes’ corners, that he quite hesitated with pursed lips and wrinkled nose about my suggestion. But when I was slurping away, then bobbing on his hard little stem, I could see and hear him sucking loudly too at Ko’s then limping tool, until he had to withdraw, because …

“Ahhh … nnggg … ungggg … mnnggg … unggggg … annghh … ung … ah … ahhhhhhhh …” he moaned, writhing around on the bed-sheet, whereas I enjoyed his steel-hard, jerking nail expanding and pumping dryly in my sucking mouth.

“You suck, my penis very happy!” he then said panting, when I allowed him to pull back.

Then I heard something I didn’t expect, well, not from Ko, when he bent to me and whispered in my ear:

“You rub hand fist, my ‘peni’ milk coming very good, um … you fuck, my bum very, very happy! You fuck, I like!”

Mey then quickly intervened:

“Oh … I know you like fuck small bum; me small, bum me very small, you like fuck, you can - I like fuck too ‘muts’!”

“Hey, that’s damn’ OK you two say that! I’m very happy I have you and that you like to get my thick dong up your tight young asses. I, well, um … promise to fuck both of you every day,” I glimpsed at my wrist-watch on the bed-board, “it’s only just 8 am, and I’m not yet a full 24 hours with you, and have still some 29 days more ahead – how does that sound, huh?”

“You fuck every day, I happy too ‘muts’,” Ko again added, followed by Mey who said: “We sleep one bed, you fuck me more, um … you like Ko, me, you – all sleep one bed our room? You like? Yeah, hehehe, I see you penis big again, you want boys only – now you have two boys can fuck, suck, make milk, kiss … all you know, you make, can! Huh Ko, can?” he then asked his cousin and translated some to him.

The deflowered boy, who had already more then a hint about what we were talking, beamed more, nodded quickly and whispered: “You like spank my bum, can. You like very hard, I pain, I cry - you no worry, no problem, OK?”

That was damn’ touching me! He surely liked male affection, and I knew from my childhood what it was all about. He was ready to get spanked, if I would ‘love’ him, after being inside him … he, um … had he some manners of a cute little masochist, probably?

“Hey Ko, if you are a good boy, I don’t have to spank you, unless you want just some swats for your, um … and my pleasure, OK?”

He nodded and replied: You spank, my ‘peni’ happy, milk coming fast and good, um … bum pain, then happy a lot …”

“You go shower, not talking spank, spank, spank! Spank can after eat fini, OK?”

“Yeah, you’re so right, Schaetzele,” I gave smiling back, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and left for the balcony, not missing to see how Mey was turning Ko on his belly, then mounting and entering his older cousin, before I pushed the button, then closed the door shut, muttering into the frame: “You two are damn’ fuckable boys – I love you both!”

“Love … youuuuhhhuuu!” Mey panted from inside, and “I love … Marc!” Ko with his breaking voice added.

They could really prevent me from taking a shower, they really could!

But I went then out to the balcony, where I saw the two little girls making pee-pee in a corner’s sink, showing me innocently smiling off, what very little pussies they had. Then Tai with Tue were just leaving the cubicle, both grinning slit-eyed.

“I fuck Tue, then fuck me,” Tai grinned at me, and his eyes shut even more, if that was possible.

“Tai fuck bum me, then me fuck Tai,” Tue then had to comment the same, before Tai offered:

“You like fuck now? I ready, lock, I stiff,” Tai said and lifted his shorts’ waistband for me to see his slightly reddened, barely 3-inches hard-on and his little nut bag! “Me stiff, look,” Tue wanted to get my attention as well, and he had easily a hard 3.5-incher, at least, and his balls seemed also to be a hint larger, though still little and tight up in his saclet.

‘Damn’ horny kids!’ I thought, wanting in fact not more then a cute single boy for a month, just for my personal use and love – and now I’m almost in a private boy-brothel! Carefully I looked around to see if people on the road or neighboring houses cared about my behavior or not – I could not see anything suspicious, but that didn’t mean, that nobody knew or guessed something about!

I shrugged, grinned then at my boys and said, that I had lost all of my milk and had to wait, until my sac would be filled up again, then I let them go and entered the small stall, enjoying the relative silence there, the more or less clean shit-hole, and after then the rather cool water in the cement tank.

“You fini? Ko and I shower – you hurry!”

‘Mey oh Mey!’ I thought; ‘he always needs his things quickly, his patience is almost zero!’ – “Yeah, I’m coming!”

“What, penis you coming again?” Mey muttered into the door frame, then grinned

“You are a naughty boy! Maybe I will spank you soon too!” I hissed in a mocked anger.

The two just towel-covered boys grinned, then slipped in almost before I had left, whereas I went to our room, seeing Tue leaning at the door, grinning almost from ear to ear.

He was quite cute, although he could not match Mey, his bigger half-brother. But he had something, I didn’t know the moment what it was, but it made me getting stiff again.

“I see you same-same tourist,” he said, again grinning, pointing at my bulged towel, then added,” you want bum, I know! I little, you no afraid,” then he came closer to me and whispered: “I tourist two times, Tac know only. I one ‘pini’ big more you; ‘pini’ you no problem; you try you fuck, I like … please I like ‘pini’ big my bum … now … come room … I see ‘pini’ you big good now, fuck can … come!”

“Wait, wait; not that fast, um … ok, lets first go into the room!” I said, astonished about his ‘advanced’ English at his young age and at that place! Well, there are of course quite some foreigners passing by and eating or drinking some, and some like me tried probably … oh no, I did not want to get jealous now! Um … his mom and grandfather had some English-knowledge too, so he could overhear this and that, as the other kids did as well – that thought was comforting me better.

But then my hand was shaking, when opening the door, and I knew why, knew I could most likely not resist and would soon like to split Tue’s two most tiny globes apart.

There I tried to explain him, how small he still was, and looking at his smallish frame, I had again the picture of very young Roman in my eyes. Tue was six, but seemed to be four, but was an Asian boy, a Vietnamese boy, and they were all usually smaller then Western kids, and he was six already, not four, I repeated to myself. He had said he had already two tourists gone over his bum, one of who had even had a bigger tool then my stiff 6.5 in length and almost 2 inches in width.

“Come, you no afraid, I help,” Tue said, taking the lead, um … yeah: an Alpha-kid he was, that was it what I thought before he was, for sure, and let him willingly unwrap my towel, let him bend my erection and kiss my stiff tool’s tip, which then was just on his mouth’s level, and fondle my heavy sac with his really damn’ tiny filigree fingers, and so, after some seconds …

“Annghhh … oh Tue … stop … don’t … annghhh … doooon’t … oohhnnggggg … ahh … OK … do … dooo m … mooore … yessssss … ahngggg …ah … annnghh … ahh … ahhh … ahhhhhhhhh …”

There was not a lot of slime to splash at his tonsils, as I hadn’t the chance to fill my reservoir up yet. But my spunk came hot and with three little shots, was white and thick, as I could see some emerging out of his mouth’s corners, before I pulled out, milking my shaft upwards and planting a last big drop onto his left cheek, right below his eye. And that single nasty sperm-drop gave the young kid’s face all it needed to make me wanting the spunk-swallowing child-boy fuck right away  – there, on top of the old fridge on the corner!

Then we heard Mey and Ko approaching, and Tue whispered: “No say tourist, please, OK?”

I was nodding my approval to him, then opened the door, just to have Ko checking the situation. A second later on his knees, holding with his from the shower cool little hand my hot, freshly ejaculated member, he was eagerly milking and sucking out, what very little could be in my tube.

Mey however got into his defending position, his hands resting on his hipbones, and almost shouted to his half-brother: “You no make sex, this room Ko, me, ‘Mar’ only – you small too ‘muts’, OK?”

“He’s your half-brother and a nice little guy; I just gave him some little milk to taste; see, here on his cheek!” I tried to calm Mey down, pulled out of Ko’s sucking mouth and asked Mey to kiss my sperm from Tue’s face.

“You crazy, I lick Tue no like!” he shouted, but that wasn’t necessary anymore, as Tue himself cleaned his face, scooped the sperm drop up with his little digit, and fed his mouth with my seed, forming with his red lips a round pursed hole, then shoving his finger in a well-known manner in and out, several times, and grinning slit-eyed, but then, obeying in Asian tradition his elder brother, left silently our room, with Mey’s strong gaze poking him into his back!

“Hey Mey, don’t be that upset anymore; it was just a little game, not more!”

“I no like, I … I jealous him,” he admitted, as ever straight-away and non-edited from his emotional point of view, and suddenly some tears jumped from his pretty face onto the PVC-layer covered floor.

“Oh my … come to me, boy; come to daddy, my Schaetzele,” I touched replied, then sank together with his small, shampoo-smelling body onto the mattress, removed the towel and then caressed the naked kid, before comforting him between his legs!

“Suck me, please!” he whispered.

I smiled and pushed my face into his young smooth groin, let his stiffening rod poke me wherever it could, before swallowing it, together with his … yeah, eatable saclet! Carefully I chewed on his unripe private parts away and caressed his smooth body and velvety thighs, then probed his tight rose bud and stuck one, then a 2nd finger in, fucking him then slightly, letting him hump my face then, with his hard nail almost stinging the insides of my mouth, until …

“Marcccccc … d … daaaaddy … I … unngghhhh … you … nnnngggghhh … you … face … annghh … fuck … f i n i … fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk … ngggh … ngggghh … annnghhh … ahhh … mnggaaaahhh … ahhhhhhhhh … gooooood … aahhhhhhh …”

He withdrew and checked his reddened rod, which throbbed some more, but then rapidly lost its hardness and almost fell to one side, where the boy-dick’s foreskin rolled itself up, covering the little cock-head.

“You make sex good, Marc,” he smiled at me, saying Marc correctly by spelling the c as a key. “You no more sex Tue, Tai – only Ko and me, um … Tac you know, you can … OK?”

“How about Doung?” I teased him.

“Uiiiiiii, you crazy! Doung head stupid, nose same-same cow, legs short too ‘muts’ – he no nice, you no like, I sure,” Mey gave back, but had a little uncertainity in his eyes, when looking at me.

“How about his penis?” I couldn’t help to ask.

“Yeah, penis Doung big same-same Ko, but fat more Ko, same-same you … oh no … OK … you like boy big, you go! You come back, you no fuck Ko, me, Tac – no-no-no! You … you no make Doung, daddy; please, say you no make, OK?”

“You like I no make Doung?” I gave back in a simple speech, grinning almost.

“Oh; I see you laugh you no make – you bad, make angry me too muts; now I happy again, angry no more,” he replied in relief and kissed my cheek.

‘He was damn’ cute, pretty and sexily horny, my Mey, but not so easy to handle,’ I thought.

Over all the years I should be right about, although he paid back with his precious, slim and smooth remaining boyish body for almost another decade, whereas Tac, Tai, Tue and Ko sometimes couldn’t, sometimes wouldn’t do anything, due to different circumstances!

“I hungry; now 8.30,” Mey stated, then asked, “you like pan-cake? We go supermarket buy many-many things, come - dress!”

I also felt it growling in my stomach and needed some calories and protein to quickly restore my sperm-tanks. So I got in my clothes, jeans were OK for the trip, and then I went with my two kids downstairs, joined there by Tai and Tue, who wanted to come with us as well.

“All of you?” I asked, getting a nod from them, and when Mey didn’t seem to reject their hopes, I ordered a cyclo for us.

Before taking a seat, I saw the two big girls and Tac working as waiters in the restaurant, the 14-year-old boy wearing a not too long tee shirt and one of Ko’s quite little shorts, showing off the teen’s package too nicely on his left crotch side. Um … I certainly knew why he had to borrow his younger brother’s cloth – it was because his own shorts were messed up too much with cum stains and had to get washed first; that was the bare truth, yeah!

I had to have this gorgeous skinny teen again later this morning – in any case before lunch and before any other boy!

Then, when we were on the road and in the chaotic traffic, Mey and Tue snuggled closer into me, both sitting of one of my thighs, whereas Ko was on his heels on the floor between my feet, behind him Tai, who started to press the back of his head slightly, but rhythmically into my crotch, what made me stiff right away.

However, when Tai gazed grinning and slit-eyed up to me, well feeling the hard result he had provoked, so that I had to re-arrange my crotch and lift my tool in an upwards position, he got a stern look from Mey, what let Tai stop for a moment. But, oh god boys: then my first boy and Tue started to fight about my attention towards them.

“So boys, quiet now!” I barked some, and that worked.

Well, not really, um … nobody spoke again, but Tai resumed his ‘head-wank’ and squeezed my sac, whereas Mey let his flat right palm casually rest along and on the length of my hardened penis beneath the fabric, before – that damn’ kid – before he started slowly to press on it, again and again, practically invisible for others, though …

“I make this you milk?” he then barely audible whispered in my left ear.

“Yeah, damn’! If you not stop, I’ll get a big wet spot here on my crotch, and everybody will see what had happened, so better …”

He quickly pulled his cute hand away, what made then Tai and Ko look about, but when they turned back, Mey whispered: “We back I make again, I want see milk all inside your brip (briefs) – can?”

“Only if you lick my briefs clean, after, my dear … Schaetzele!” I replied silently, pulling in need at my crotch.

“Oh I no like very muts, oh … um, I Satzele you, I try, OK?”

“Sounds perfect to me, Schaetzele!” I said, remembering I had said this already, and smiled back at him, not knowing and already struggling, whether Tac or he should be the next!