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A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc


Part 3

I had to take my time, when leaving the cyclo, then slowly went to the counter to deposit my backpack, holding it casually in front to prevent people seeing my only hesitantly shrinking tent beneath!

Sweet Ko offered to take care of the trolley and remained on my shoulder, whereas the other three boys got quickly lost somewhere in the big, air-conditioned market-area.

I got pan-cake powder, butter and syrup, then thought I should have some apple- and orange-juice, and two packets of hot dogs, knowing what the sexy boys also in Asia would do, when holding them in their little hands. I showed a pack to Ko by shaking it up and down, smirking a bit dirty …

‘Oh no, not such thoughts and actions now!’ I mentally muttered, feeling it tense already beneath my zipper!

Ko didn’t react first, but then suddenly whispered: “This sausage ‘peni’ brown–  ‘peni’ me white!” He was looking then ashamed and some blushed to the floor.

Damn’ – but I had started it and replied: “I will love your white penis, as soon as we’re back home, want?”

Ko smiled embarrassed, but nodded rapidly.

What a loose-mouthed dork I was!

‘Who first now? Tac, Mey, or Ko?’ I thought, then shook my head and grinned about my barely controlled lust, before stopping at a shelf with various shorts out of cotton and nylon, the latter with thin inner cotton-slips.

“What color do you like the most, Ko?” I asked, letting the boy then search in between the shelf.

“No have; I like same-same this,” he explained, pointing with his digit to a pink pullover on the next stand.

I could not help but had quite to grin some – that sweet girlie boy!

Well, I’ve seen already years before and after again lots of Asian boys wearing pink pants and got often quite excited, if they were still children or getting with 12, 13 into puberty, containing then ripening fruits, often rather visible, e.g. in worn pink corduroys, such as a cute, just spunky getting 13-a-half-years-old lad in my neighborhood often wears – boy oh boy!

“Um … how about the dark-blue ones with inside-slips, blue slips?” I offered, guessing that cum stains could nicely be detected after.

“Can, um … this nice, sleep good!” he said, when switched to a shelf behind us, presenting briefs and boxer shorts to buy.

“Yeah, not so bad at all,” I replied, when opening a plastic and feeling the smooth texture – and then I had thrown 8 packets in the trolley, in different colors. A little one, but with a pink panther in front, was for Ko, of course, but … all were a bit too small, so I guessed and hoped, imagining the slim waists and hips of my kids, then the shape their unripe or growing genitals would made in the fabric.

I was stiff already, just because of thinking how I was going then to try-out the ‘right’ sizes of the new clothes on their naked bodies this evening!

“Buy all?” Ko asked, knowing that I had to spend at least 15 $, um … made by low-paid laborers in China!

Just then Mey, Tai and Tue came around a row of stands, holding boxes of toothpaste and –brushes along with batteries, pens and notebooks. I knew they had to go to school, always alternating a week between morning and afternoon; half-days, due to a low capacity. This Monday it will be on afternoon.

The kids had big eyes, when they saw the various colors of boxer shorts, and quickly had their little hands messing the cellophane packets around.

“Hey, not so hastily – wait please, until we’re back home; and there I want each of you in my room, but alone, to try them on, OK?”

They all pulled their often sinful, small hands back, and Tue said grinning: “Then you fuck all, I know!”

“Shhhhh! People hear!” Mey scolded him, when I, nodding thankful to him, saw it then …

Mey hadn’t put any school material into the trolley!

“How about pens and books for you, Mey?” I asked.

Mey then wiggled some and replied: ”I no school, teacher Khmer asshole; spank I little 7 years, I stop!”

“Oh, that’s no good! School is very important, um … we’ll talk back at home with your mom and grandparents, OK?”

“Oh yeah – I know American school, English only, I like, but money too muts, I no have!”

Now there was no doubt I would try everything to help him to get back on education-track, and not because of his sexual service he had provided to me so far; well, um … not only because of that!


I felt quite pity for him and was thoughtful, when passing the casher, paying and packing my purchase into my big backpack. I also thought about all the other boys; all children there in the family had just the minimum they needed.


Lots of even hadn’t that, e.g. the several hundreds or more, some of quite cute, who went and still go out every day with a big rice sac, (often bigger then some of the little kids) to collect all kind of PVC-bottles, metal cans, cardboards and other rubbish with the tiniest value, and I am … the NGO’s were talking about exploitation!  I was and am that guy more or less too … but I loved and love the boys … yeah, true: with all my senses! But I wouldn’t stop that, knew then, decades before and today, that I was and am different, and it is a different, but still a very pure nature only, as all what exists is nature only – nothing else; and nature provides and creates all kind and aspects of living – A L L !


Then outside, with that big stuffed backpack, I decided to hire two motorbikes to get back home, and Mey of course had to sit between the driver and me, whereas the other three kids shared the 2nd bike.


On the way, Mey asked suddenly over his shoulder:


“You boy, you fuck girl?”


“Oh Mey, um … yeah, when I was in a home care at age 12. She was 13, but still very small, like a … a boy, almost!”


“You milk, she baby?”


“I milk, she no baby!”


Though a bit a skinny wimp then, I was rather precocious developed between my legs and carried easily, if not more, the size of Ko’s impressive equipment with me, not able to hide it properly anymore! She was a cute, slim and boyish looking girl and flat as a board, a classmate, smaller then I was, though a year older. She had been fucking around with her several years elder stepbrother a few times before, she had told me later, and therefore knew, what she wanted. We had to share the same desk, and after a few days she had whispered into my ear, that my private parts seemed to be much bigger then the ones of all other boys in the class. I soon had her small hand fumbling on my crotch, then she jacked me off thru trousers and underwear, and we both liked it to do ‘it’ unseen in public. I had done something similar with my right hand hidden inside my pocket; into my gray tight corduroys’ pocket I even had torn a hole! I had played this ‘pocket-pole-game’ quite often at my normal school’s place before (and later too), and so I let her squeeze my crotch, until I had to grip the desk and with a slight ‘head-and-chest-nodding’ to discharge lots of my then excessively produced young slime into my underwear. It happened again the next few days. A week later, after class at 4 pm, she waited for me, held me back by talking to me, that I was a nice boy with my fair blond hair and gray-blue eyes. She said she liked me and wanted me to please show her my stiffie, so that she could give me a wank with her bare hand on my naked bird, to see how far I could spurt my spunk!

I was horny as hell and eagerly let her guide me into the boy’s toilet downstairs, where the classes 1-3 had gone already at 3 pm!

She did all: opened my trousers and shoved them swiftly, together with the white underwear (it was not so white, um ... at least rather starched in front), down to my ankles, then pulled me back to the wall aside from the throne and quickly grabbed my fat, bobbing 5.5-incher.

“Wow, you are very big already, um … at least between your legs; and it feels so strong to hold it, your bird!”

Because she jacked me then expertly and kneaded my large sac, I had to shoot my wad after less then a minute. Four or five white strings splashed audibly at the door, which was then about 4 feet away, whereas the rest jumped over her hand and down into my trousers and onto the floor.

“Oh god … you can spunk like a real man; just some more hairs you need … oh, you cut some?”

“That was the janitor,” I replied, adding: “because the prior-sister told him to do so; she was anyway angry and threatened to shorten the shameful length of my bird and behead it with a big scissors, so that I could not nicely play anymore, if I did not stop to mess up my underwear, pajama’s and bed-sheets!”

 However, I did not mention, that the laundry nun had rubbed my stiff penis the first day in the bath tube, until my snot was in the washcloth, and that she from then on ‘helped’ me at least once a day, often more, to empty my for that age heavy nuts!

 “Oh god! I knew that’s a crazy children home there, um … don’t worry, they’ll grow again, and next time, we’ll do this – come close!”

With that she had yanked her tiny slip down to her skinny thighs, had lifted her little skirt and had pulled me into her …

“I’m in you now!” I stated, feeling my not yet deflated, slimy sausage nicely engulfed by per tight pussy, and …

“You can squirt some more? Come, try it, it won’t take you long, I guess!”

So it came already to my very first girl fuck – I, the skinny wimp that I was for some more years, was about to fertilize a scrawny girl, but who seemed to be pretty in my eyes, and … we matched so nicely in height!

“You don’t mind if I put a finger up your bum, Marc?”

I shook my head ‘no’ and said, “Do it!” I did again not mention, that I was used to have at least a finger or two, but normally a teen’s and a man’s penis plugging my 12-year-old ass then, there, in the Catholic children center.

“Oh … nnggghhh … I … I’m …”

“Shhhhh – just give it to me, yeah … give me all you have in your big sac, Marc. Don’t get weak now; fire all shots up into my pussy …”

“Ohhh yeahhhhh … hey! Hey marc, you ok? Oh my god … was it too much? Oh … I could feel you came a lot … come, I’ll pull your pants and trousers up, um … you have to change your underwear, they have quite some new stains now, um … now you wait here some minutes, I’ll go first, um … see you tomorrow …”

I was very close to faint, what had happened already when having a very strong orgasm, and had she not steadied me, I had slipped out of her and fallen to the floor – that heavy was my climax!

Those very first fuck with a girl was for me quite an experience! There were about a dozen more shots I had and eagerly too wanted to squirt up her tight pussy. However, I felt, that sex with boys and men was the ‘real foreseen life’ for me, from age 17 on with boys only. It was interrupted just two more times later in my life!


“You like girl again?”


That was Mey, who called me back to Asia.


“House one more next have girl nine years, beautiful. Tac try fuck one time, but people too muts my house, girl house no can. Tac say I ask Marc, you say OK, we call girl come our room, then fuck! You no like fuck girl pussy, fuck ass can! Like? Oh … I know like!” he said, grinning, bubbling like a water-well, but then had grabbed onto my crotch, my bulged crotch.




I had quickly hit his hand with my palm, and he retracted immediately, hissing: “Asshole!”


“Thank you! But that will cost you three swats on each of your ass-cheeks, and another one right onto your asshole, you asshole!” I replied in a bit childish way, what I right then already regretted.


“You spank, you no daddy me!” he gave then back.


“Well, I have to live with that; but what do you think, if the driver can understand us? He …”


“He dumb stupid Khmer, no English,” Mey interrupted me and frowned.


“My boy very naughty,” I told the driver in his ear, and the poor man asked, “Trang?” what meant ‘straight ahead’ on the road.


Damn’, Mey was right. “Yeah, trang,” I repeated.


“See, I right. Now you spank?” he wanted to know with a bit a thin voice, unsure about my reaction.


“Spank little,” I gave back.


“No pain, can!” he offered.


“No pain,” I happily relieved replied, and felt it again tense beneath my crotch.


“Thank you … daddy!”


Then, after a minute: “Daddy?”




“You fuck girl how old?”


“Around thirty-two!”


“Ouaaahhh – very old; woman, not girl. I like fuck girl young only, young more me …”


“Oh, you mean my girl? It was almost eleven!” I then replied, not holding back an upcoming hollering laughter.


“You! Oh … you always like that,” he gave back a bit angry, then kicked my right foot with his own.


“Now spank, pain little!” I announced.


“No, please … pain only very-very-very little … can?”


“Sure; after you will be my Schaetzele again!”


“OK, after you daddy again!” he replied, gazing at me lovely over his smallish shoulder.


I could have jumped right away with him from the bike, then storming him into a dark house-entry, tear his pants down, screw my raging member into his small body and unload my urging seed deep inside this damn’ pretty, young little boy-ass!


I knew it was a primitive thinking; but sometimes I did both of: thinking and even acting just like that!


Then we were back, and when I had ordered Mey to go upstairs, undress in our room and wait for me to receive his punishment, Tac came quickly to help me with my backpack and offered to bring it up for me.


“Oh thanks, Tac,” I said, then, checking the almost skinny teen in his smallish shorts with his pubescent package upstairs again, I whispered into his ear:


“After you have finished your work, come up again, please, um … I want you make milk, then I fuck, OK?”


“OK, can,” the thin, 14-year-old lad said grinning, and added, “half hour I back, you make, you fuck – bye!” and jumped the rather steep stairs down.


Now with a horn for two reasons in my jeans, I passed the small table on the roof-covered, long balcony, where the family had a little 2nd kitchen installed, pulled a wooden ladle out of a pot and went into our room, where Mey was naked sitting on the bed’s corner.


“Get up and go there to the post,” I ordered, then grabbed the rest of a rope I had seen earlier onto the old fridge.


“Why?” Mey asked, standing close to the post, which supported the later built ceiling and upper floor, but didn’t resist, when I pulled his fragile wrists, then tied them up with the rope, then, with his thin arms stretched, fixed it on a hawk that was on the right height to hang clothes on it – or convicted boys!


“No pain; you promise, please!” he whined a bit, when he saw me pulling my leather belt out from my jeans, swinging it thru the air behind his back and bum.


“Don’t worry,” I admitted, then …


“Slap-slap!” it sounded mildly, when the belt had hit each of his tensed globes, leaving then just a hint of a rosy shadow on them.


“Smack-smack!” it made, when the ladle got harmless in contact in each sweet ass-cheek’s middle, then …


“Swat-swat!” was the tone of my more caressing, then punishing palm on each his warm little melon-half, and after I had un-tied him quickly, I asked him:


“Now please … aahhhh, please open … your crack, spread … your ass … with your hands … yeah … good boy …”


“Why you penis out? Oh … you fuck … oh, you very big now …”




I served the last stroke a bit harder, right between the wide opened cheeks and onto the boy’s quivering hole, then bent down and kissed his hot puckered hole, lubed it with my saliva, before aiming my badly swollen tool at him. Then, after some more short up- and downs with my fist on my suddenly expanding dick-head …


“Anggggghhhh … ohhhh … take … m … my … seeeeeeed … angghhhh … ah … aanghhhh … ahhhh … ahhhhhh …”


I was much too horny and unloaded my manly sperm onto the slightly colored, but mostly white little bum – not in cascades, but at least with three or four sharp, slimy-white strings flying onto both his checks and still hole-expanding small hands! I was simply not able to keep my then a bit hurting organ and aching sac behind their confines, so they could do their job I had promised and was due to work out with Tac in half an hour or so.


But I doubted I would have again enough power for him, as I wanted to fuck Mey right now, though in fact spent!


Sighing loudly behind my messed little boy, I smeared then my spilled sex-juice over and into his smallish, but precious 10-years-10-months-old boy-bum and shoved two, then a 3rd finger in, withdraw, lifted the barely 10-years-old looking kid up and told him to get a good grip at the post, like a chimpanzee, and when he had the right height, I inserted my still hard tool in a slow, but steady motion to my pubes into him!


“Marc, I help cook breakfast, can?” Ko asked from outside.


I had liked then to have Ko right with me, have him and help me to better fuck and discharge into my first chosen boy, but would not give up the fuck I was delivering to Mey now, as the door was locked, of course.


“N … nice,” I panted, “you … can take out … everything … I’m coming … soooooon … aaangghhh … mnggghhhh … ahh … ahhhhhhh …”


I nearly cried that, and barely heard Ko reply: “I hear you fuck, you peni milk now … peni you very happy?”


“Yeah, Ko … ohhnggmmm … very … ha …haaaappy … ahhhh … aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” I moaned, had pounded real hard into my prey   and was then almost dead!


“You out, penis you pain now – go!” Mey then urged me, and reluctantly I left my ‘private home’, stepped back and sank spent, satiated then, onto the bed.


“You fuck hard too muts, now you eat bum!” Mey then wanted me to do, brushing with his sweet bum, his gaping, cum-drenched hole glowing, over my face.


Well, I was not so much into my own sperm, but seeing this cute little boy butt … SLURP – I did, what he wanted, then rimmed him for his very first time, making him squeal, before turning him around and pulling his flushed, pretty face to me.


“You mouth dirty, I no kiss now!” he rejected my advances, but I easily broke his physical resistance and planted a very wet kiss onto his tightly shut lips.


That was not so nice, guys – I know!


“I say I no like – now you go out – go out now!” he screamed and pounded his little fist onto the mattress.


I obeyed, parked my love-maker beneath my clothes and then left, saying casually: I’ll call you, when the breakfast is ready, OK?”


Mey however, hidden under the blanket, hissed only: I no hungry, you go now!”


I nodded to myself and then left, pushing the knob and locking so the door.


‘Not easy, my Mey, not at all! But yeah – I had just hurt his feelings, broken his will; and I was … an educator?’ I thought.


Outside on the balcony was Ko handling with tools and eggs and bowl with pancake-powder and had already some fried sausages on a plate, and with water filling my mouth I went to him, helping, preparing some pancakes, then smirking:


“Four sausages good, same-same Cambodian penis, but this one is almost a Negro from Africa, huh?”


“Boy Africa have peni same-same this?” he asked me astonished.


“Sure, Ko; Cambodian boys country side dark-brown, penis dark-brown too, understand?” I explained.


“Oh … you like peni dark-brown better, or peni white?” he blushingly wanted to know.


“Well, Ko – I like almost all kind of boy-penises in all shapes and colors, but here in the house it is yours, that I like the most!”


“Peni me number one, skin-problem no problem?” he wanted to be sure about.


“I told you already, that you have a thick and strong penis for a slim 12-year-old kid, but it is beautiful white, so I can see the blue vein shining thru the pale tissue, running up to the top, where your too tight foreskin makes your cock-head curved, when you have a big erection – and I like to see that on you, and I like to play with that not so perfect sex-organ of yours – it will never be the same, when you once have been to see a doctor, who will cut some or all of your foreskin away, Ko! Did you …”


“Oh no! I no like doctor cut – pain too muts, I afraid!” he interrupted me quickly, facing the table.


“Don’t worry about that, Ko! Ask once your grandfather – he surely will tell you how easy they can correct that problem.”


“I no like grandfather – he family, he do no like. After no skin, peni no nice!”


“That’s not true; see, there are lots of cut people, e.g. in America and the Philippines. And by the way,: all Muslim and Jewish boys are cut too, and a nicely cut penis looks great as well, believe me; I know what I’m talking about!”


“You play boy peni skin cut, make milk coming no problem?”


“No problem; I made many boys many times already, Ko!”


“I 15, maybe 16, then I, um … cut – you make, suck, fuck again?” he asked, going a step further, his voice quite some breaking.


“Yeah, big promise, Ko! I guess you still will look great, still with a slim body, still smooth – I surely will take you again, Ko!” I a bit touched replied, then looked around and briefly planted a kiss on his cheek.


“Come, lets eat some now, I’m hungry!” I then broke that theme, and called Mey, but who still rejected my offer from behind the closed door.


Then Ko and I were both silently eating, and I thought, that he had not only manners, but also had worked handily to prepare our breakfast and later to wash the dishes, when he suddenly asked out of the blue, not facing me:


“I one time like my hand make milk coming you, I promise make your ‘peni’ good, then milk you go my face – can?”


He still did not look at me, but his otherwise pale face was rather blushed.


My own member, though a bit sore, could not be motionless, but had to react and rise, as much as it was possible behind the fabric’s confines, when I, breathing faster, answered him:


“I would like that very much, Ko! I adore your small filigree boy hand as well as your oversized genitals. I’m pretty sure I would feel great to reach orgasm, done by a nice kid’s sweet little fingers!”


“Thank you,” he cheeped, then continued in an again lower voice: “After I like you spank little, then fuck, fuck hard; I like very muts – can?”


“Can! I think you need that a bit once in a while, um … you and I need it, I guess, Ko; um … weird, but you’ll make me happy, then!”


“You happy, I happy – good! Can go … now?”


Had I then only thought with my penis, what I otherwise quite often did, then I had marched him into my room, although my overly used organ was hurting in his erect status, so …


“Hey, I’m not a young teenager anymore, when I was used to have my 7-8 ejaculations a day, at least! I just had too many orgasms in less then 24 hours and need some rest – maybe later in the afternoon, or …”


“Afternoon school, um … school fini, can?”


“Um … maybe tomorrow, Ko! Listen, you’ll sleep anyway in our bed tonight, and after I had taken good care of your ‘veal-sausage’ and Mey had his cute bum stuffed by a nice ‘good-night-fuck’, so I guess early morning around 4 am would be OK, deal?”


“You do me now, I happy, you make night, I happy, you fuck tomorrow, I happy – you make, I happy – good!” he satisfied replied, then went on with putting the clean dishes away, when Tac came grinning upstairs, out onto the balcony and removed his tee shirt.


“You like now, can; after my friend downstairs and I go a bit motorbike,” he said to me, then was grinning at Ko, wearing his little shorts, which were obscenely tented in anticipation of what was to come, and suddenly I wasn’t so sure anymore, if I could keep my desire under control.


Wondering, what kind of a friend Tac had, I bent over the iron fence and saw a tall, slender, light-brown skinned Cambodian kid with a black tee shirt and worn, below the knees cut-off jeans sitting, his longish legs stretched, on the saddle of a 90cc Honda bike.


The lad looked young, though being about a head taller then Tac, and ... he had quite a bulged crotch!


I had to swallow - twice!


“Um … how old is your friend, Tac?” I asked a bit hoarsely.


“Oh … Rotana big, only 13; big here same-same me, but fat more Ko; hair very little, egg very big,” Tac answered smirking, pointing at his bulged crotch.


“Oh my … damn’ Tac: why do you know that so exactly, huh?”


“No-no, no make sex; he piss, I piss, can see, we show – no sex, sure!” Tac shrugging gave back.


“Oh, I see; but why not? He looks so cute,” I was driven to say, and thought, that 13 was the number that was missing! After Mey, soon 11, and 12-year-old Ko, Rotana, aged 13, having probably an even thicker penis then Ko, would fit in to be the next, before Tac came with 14!


Tac then seemed to think for a second or two, then whispered in my ear:


“You like? We later go motorbike people no hear, I ask – I no sure, we back about 1 or 2 pm; maybe can! Now you quickly fuck, come!” Tac moved me on.


Yeah, Tac was an easy teenager and eager to make things become true for me, what he hopefully would be able to prove this afternoon.


“Would be soooo great, Tac. Um … but what’s about your school?”


“Stop already; Rotana no go, me no go – fini!”


“Oh, really? Well, um … now we better go into the living room and do it there; tell Ko he has to warn us, if some people would come upstairs, OK!”


“Yeah, idea good, I tell,” Tac replied, and after Ko had nodded, I shoved the hot, almost skinny teen in his tiny shorts along the aisle into the living room, and there guided him to the wooden ladder, which led steeply to the upper, later built floor – a single bedroom area!


“Stand just on the first step, yeah, lets see,” I said and wanked already a bit on his penis-head thru the cloth, then asked him, ”open your shorts a bit! I have to jack your penis, but want you to cream your slimy teenage-sperm into Ko’s little cloth, um … I make you, you milk shorts, OK?”


“No problem,” he replied, and with his shorts’ zipper halfway down, I had more fabric to grip and wank his stiff, thin, almost 5 inches long Vietnamese dong, which could erect itself fully then beneath the cloth, pointing in a curve upwards at his left side!


And when I suddenly had the idea, that his friend Rotana would stand now at my position and probably had his young, teenaged tools out of his jeans’ fly, stiff, bobbing and ready to enter Tac, his smaller, but a year older friend, I opened my jeans’ fly for real and fished my hurting member out thru the briefs’ slit.


I knew I was spent, but the feeling of satiation was gone, when I could shove Tac’s little shorts aside behind, at his right leg’s opening, giving sight onto his cleft, his small teen ass, where I had to go in, if in a young crunchy teen or ripening pre-teen, or rather young, cute male child! To go in was the urge, in, where I belonged, where I was home, where the bliss was … shit yeah – the ASIAN BLISS!


“Daddy, can I help you?”


That was Mey, poking his pretty head out of our room, as he obviously had digested his anger!


“Yeah, glad; come, um … you too Ko,” I replied, as I saw then Ko also glimpsing around the corner from the balcony, watching the staircase there.


“People come?” he asked.


“It won’t Tac and me take long anymore: just quickly come! OK, Mey, get my damn’ sac out of my briefs and jeans and knead the eggs, but knead ‘em good … and you Ko, spit on your brother’s hole, yeah … again … OK … now …”


“Ohhhhh … pain … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , better,” Tac shouted, when I had stung into the hole and split his small globes apart with my hard, aching tool!


“Ahhhhhh,” I sighed too, when Mey could pull out my balls, one by one, then quickly started to massage the sac with his small, delicate right, even kissed briefly my swollen nut bag, whereas Ko had lowered his white nylon shorts, and with his face flushed, his gaze fixed onto my slow working cock, he jerked his thick, pale, angrily erect sausage off, as ever with thumb and two fingers. He was rubbing his tight foreskin in a fast, yet carefully given speed up and down, not to hurt himself, but surely enough to lift him rapidly over the edge!


‘Crazy, irrational,’ I thought, ‘there are 6 adults and 11 kids and teens in the house, and nobody here to disturb us – well, the restaurant takes their attention, of course, but …’


“S … soorrrrrry … aaanghhhhhhhhh …” Ko sweetly started to moan.


“Oh god … come, let it out … onto … my penis, quickly!” I panted to him.


 “Ok … I’m … my … mmmiiiiiilkkk … anghhh … anghhhhhh … ah-ah … aaahhhmmmmm …” he had to shout, stood with his right foot onto the first ladder step to match the size of his elder brother as well, aimed his more tightening and expanding dick over Tac’s cleft and my by then piston-like working organ. This time he did not squeeze the foreskin shut, and a first string was forced out thru the thin gap and coated Tac’s left ass cheek. But then he did better and let the big rest of his slimy-white, preteen boy-sperm pour in a steady stream onto my member, lubricate the act of mating between me and 14-year-old Tac, who recognized it too.


Somehow dramatically, we both were done and came at the same time, shot our loads just a second after Ko was discharging his snot, whereas Tac pressed his spawn into Ko’s worn little shorts, coating the insides and bringing back the formerly dark-blue color, there, where a big, wet stain rapidly grew, soon glistening onto the thin cloth, due to Tac’s rather rich and slimy outlet


“Mnnghhhhh … oh … sssssssshhhh … ahhngghhhhh … ahhh … mmmmmmmhhh … ssshhhhhhhh … phhouhhhhhh …” it came out of my mouth, and I felt, how a few ‘cock-head burning’ squirts were pumped into the lad’s tight little ass! Tac at the other side just jerked and spasmed for some seconds on the ladder with a few suppressed, briefly hissed “Anng’s”, his also still small hands gripping tightly a ladder-step above his head, when …


“Tac?” called a young, but broken voice from downstairs, not so much broken as Tac’s, but deeper as Ko’s!


‘A damn’ horny voice, that fuckin’ long legged 13-year-old lad has,’ I thought and wanted more then ever, that Tac would be lucky to convince him for a short session with me!


“Daddy, I like too!” Mey said a split second later.


“Jam titi,” or so Tac answered aloud to the calling voice downstairs, what meant: ’just a moment’, I later would learn.


“Help me, daddy,” Mey then begged, as he had torn his small shorts down to his knees, from where they quickly fell to his ankles. He pushed his very stiff boy-nail into my right thigh, rubbing it frantically onto the raw texture of my jeans, making humping motions upwards!


“OK, now I’ll go out of your fucked ass, Tac … yeah … oh, careful, not so hastily, Mey! Um … now come, Tac; I let your in-spunked shorts down!”


Slowly I slipped them down his thin legs and let him carefully step out, before he could climb upstairs, getting a towel, storming back the ladder with the towel wrapped around him and carrying some clothes, then using the ‘bathroom’ on the balcony, just to re-appear after a minute, clad in jeans and a green ‘Milo’ tee shirt, very briefly grinning at us, then almost jumping down the staircase and … ‘Broummm’ they went with the motorbike.


“Da … daddiiiiiiiiiiieee …” Mey cried, when having two of my fingers suddenly up his tiny ass, then gasped once, before he pressed his face into my shirt and ‘ejaculated’ wildly onto my jeans, moaning his lust thru several suppressed ‘Mmmnnggggg’s’ into my cloth.


As soon as Tac was out of Ko’s ‘creamed’ shorts and I had carefully put them on a ladder step above, I turned to Mey, to help him getting better over the edge. I saw, that my sweet horny rabbit’s fucking on my right leg and thigh would soon come to an end. So I quickly bent a bit and shoved my right’s digit and middle finger thru his sphincter, which immediately clamped down and forcefully held my fingers in a tight grip.


That was too much for my prey, and we both knew, there was no way to go back, as the inevitable had to occur then, allowing his genitals and cute, not yet 11-year-old body another test-run of copulation and ejecting of semen, what was then culminating in a tremendous dry climax, so the young, spasmodically jerking boy on my leg could not help better but to cry “Da … daddiiiiiiiiiieee!” 


Then it was done!


Mey let himself slip down along my right leg onto his knees, looking flushed, spent, but happily up at me, then to my used, still out of my fly hanging tools. And since I had not expected it, I let out a loud gasp, when the kid stretched his small torso and – ‘SLURP’ – had the half of my limping, not yet fully deflated sausage in his little mouth, sucking away what barely was around anymore, as I had 10 or 11 orgasms since last night – crazy somehow, and even for myself almost incredible!


Such a result I could reach only as a young kid and later as a spunky lad in my early teenage years until about 16! But now: yeah – I was living in a house full of boys I was longing for, and developed during the time I was there kind of a supplementary virility!

However, though later often quite over the average, after that first day with Mey & Co., I never ever in my life came again to a dozen orgasms within 24 hours, and seldom to around six!


Pretty Mey was able to bring back some life to my hurting penis, when he stroked its length slowly to milk out a possible last drop of cum, after he had sucked and licked the head and shaft, then my low hangers too. And I saw quite well, that his cute, limping boy dick was fully erect again and had a shadow of red on its skin from humping my jeans’ fabric; that sight made my own member twitch and me gasp in ache, due to the overuse of course!


However, though really satiated, I could not refrain from lifting my number one boy onto two ladder steps above me the way my face was on his crotch’ height, and then I started to ‘smoke’ his thin, pre-mature 3-inches cigarette, bobbed up and down on it, grabbed with my fingertips his neat saclet and played with his little marbles, then lifted them with my tongue up and brought them behind my nibbling lips as well, chewed at his unripe genitals and let him gripping my head with his small hands, as his super-hard joystick suddenly throbbed and expanded a bit in my mouth!




Damn’, my kid-boy was there again!


It was just a gasp, that had left his sweet open mouth, but he then nearly tore a bit at my hair and pressed his thin smooth thighs tightly together, squeezing my cheeks and letting me smell a faintest hint of sugary-sweet, young boy scent, whereas his during the maybe 10-seconds-long climax dryly pumping boy penis was again wildly jerking!


Slowly he then gave my face free, lifted it up with his delicate hands and guided my mouth to his.


“Can you fuck me daddy, please … please now, daddy; I want your thick penis deep inside my bum! Please now, say ‘yes’!” he then begged, after we had a slightly passionate kiss, him sitting on the ladder above me, I still standing with out-hanging genitals in front of him in the living room.


I breathed deeply, then smiled a bit painful at him, as I saw Ko on my left pre-wanking his pale, fat sausage, and said:


“Yeah, sure I will fuck you, um … I guess I simply have to do it again! Just not quite now, Schaetzele! See, um … penis me dead!”


“Oh no! But later penis you good, you fuck – promise?”


That of course I would and calmed him down, helping him to get his shorts nicely up, before I stored my fertilizer-organ and the sac back beneath the clothes.


Then I heard somebody coming up the stairs, as the slippers made a certain sound on the cement steps, and before the boy’s grandfather came around the corner, I had pushed Ko’s again fully erect 5.5-incher under his shorts and had lifted him up, holding him like a chimpanzee, feeling his hard tool poking into my chest, whereas Mey had quickly pulled up his own little shorts!


“Now you have two sons; good! Ko no father, Mey no father – you love them, they very happy! I need Mey go buy medicine, later one hour come back, lunch ready downstairs; now Ko go your room – you like, good; he ask want sleep night, you like, can; my family very happy!”


The 65-year-old doc smiled at me, slit-eyed, then went with Mey downstairs, whereas I in relief got the ‘cum-shorts’ from the ladder, then disappeared with my new ‘prey’ into my bedroom, well locking the door!


Just a short time ago I felt satiated, but nevertheless sucked Mey off! And now I was holding Ko in my arms and was caressing his prominent, tight round butt, before I let the 12-year-old kid with the sometimes breaking voice stand onto the bed, and slowly undressed him, taking away shirt and shorts, just to ask him to please were his other little shorts, where Tac had squirted his seminal liquid into the fabric, but not missing to comfort for some minutes his pale, fat, then strongly erect ‘veal-sausage’ with its tightly head-covering foreskin and his low hanging, plum-sized nuts.


After I had brought him with mouth and fingers nearly to an orgasm again, I let his for his slim, 12-year-old body too big, well pre-jacked dick bounce and throb an inch away from my nose and could almost not suppress the urge to get all his still available pre-teen spunk splashed over my face! However, I could, and then I held him his old shorts with Tac’s slime in it ready to step in. He did not hesitate, as he wanted nothing more then to please me, and – I have to say that again, as I was permanently confronted and most excited  - with his for his small, weak frame mighty sex-tools, his fat penis bobbing, before stuffed away, Ko looked really great, when he had zipped up his worn little shorts with the big damp cum-spot on the front’s badly bulged left side.


My own ‘sperm donor’, inflated already, started to hurt, as it tried to rise again, wanted to ‘see’ that horny pre-teen boy by itself and urged me to pull it out once more, what I carefully did.


However, when I had pressed it along and onto Ko’s cloth-covered penis-length, I had to jerk back, as I could not bare the pressure it had made.


“Me sex too muts, now pain too muts!” I explained in a simple way to Ko, watching concerned the dark purple color of my glans and the reddened shaft.


“Oh … no good! I kiss, pain little maybe; can?” Ko suggested, concerned as well.


“Yeah, why not; but wet your lips with enough saliva – it might even cool down my sore dick a bit!” I answered, allowing him to take care of my slightly throbbing tool.


Ko let himself immediately onto his heels on the bed and engulfed my dick’s head very carefully, bathing it with lots of saliva, which even ran down my shaft, looking like … making me thinking …


“Damn’!’ I thought, when I was very slowly starting to fuck Ko’s face, grabbing then my swelling sac and pulling it out too, just to let it swing to and fro, fucking then harder and faster, slapping my balls audibly under the boy’s chin, onto his throat, making the kid gag, when I had more then the half in him, then, after the wimp had nodded, even went down into his gullet!


My left was clutched into his black mop, whereas my right reached down and almost tore his old shorts to his thin thighs, then had a tight grip on his round bubble butt, with my middle finger up thru his just this very morning blasted cherry into his deflowered, inviting pre-teen boy ass!


I really thought I would be cleverer then for a certain time, giving my used tools their well-earned rest. But Ko, though a weak kid, was much too sweet and looked so damn’ horny with his fat, bobbing hard-on, which was standing proudly up between his thin smooth thighs. He sucked so sexily with a dreaming face, grabbed then my pounding ball sac and kneaded my eggs so gentle with his filigree fingers, that I had no other chance but to quickly pull out of his mouth, when I felt my orgasm all of a sudden achingly approach!


“God – damn’, Ko … aaahngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ah … aaahhhhhhhhhhh … phhhouuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”


With that I had spat just a single white, barely 2-inches long string of thick, manly sperm diagonal across his nose, and whereas I panted heavily during my climax and act of somehow hard ejaculation, my burning cock with its gaping piss-slit went ahead to fulfill the duty, trying to pump out more baby-maker sap, but failed badly, discharging hot air at most, as my sexually unripe Mey would usually do!


Seven or even eight times my dick jerked and throbbed in my fist, but not a tiny other droplet would appear anymore, giving me the feeling of having a dry orgasm when I was a kindergarten child or a boy of barely 11, a few weeks away from my very first ejaculation.


Astonishingly was then afterwards, that the bad ache had gone, and it did not come back, when sweet Ko took me again between his soft lips and nibbled gently on my glans and upper shaft, and for a brief moment I had the stupid idea to try it again, but then finally thought better and asked Ko to immediately stop wanking himself and lie onto his left side in a fetal position instead, his worn cum-shorts around his ankles.


However, the 12-year-old boy was only a few strokes away from his sexual high and seminal outflow and had obviously some problems to brake abruptly and to pull his from upside downwards wanking fingertips away from his non-perfect, fat pre-teen dick. And when he finally succeeded - just one up- and one down-motion away from his sperm-blast, I guessed - there was a thin string of slimy opaque liquid emerging out of the tight foreskin’s puckered end and ran as a watery drop quickly down along the kids strong, pale shaft onto the rich filled ball sac, which was rather tight in anticipation of the imminent ejection of its owners young boy-semen!


The sexually well blessed, but otherwise weakly built twelve-year-old looked at me with blurred eyes shortly after his interrupted almost-orgasm and did not react, when my cum-string started viscously running down over his quivering lips, until I touched him there with my digit’s tip and then fed him my thick sperm, spreading his smooth lips.


He then came back to earth from his failed climax and licked himself and my finger clean, before he got, as told, in a fetal position, his knees almost on his chest, squeezing his then extremely stiff hard-on between his soft thighs, just the way I wanted him to do. Then I took his smallish right and pressed his thumb onto his from at the thighs back side protruding, tight and sensitive nut bag, whereas I told him then to spread his hand and press his perineum, then teasing and poking with his middle his anus’ hole.


As the kid was ready, I asked him to go for a special wank and rub his pale, unusual big Vietnamese dick to an end by moving his thighs scissors-like to and fro, without giving his confined joystick a chance to leave its torture-place. At the same time he had to work with his hands as well, caressing himself with his left and forcing his developed genitals to finally unload its slimy content.


At that time the ache in my balls, especially in my groin, came back, but I dismissed the pain for a moment, as I just had to watch Ko from all sides, as he was masturbating himself in a special way I had done it as well for years since I was five, and often later too, when I was already spunky!


Of course was Ko not good enough for a 1st prize performance, as the before cut-down orgasm approached then much too rapidly with that very extraordinary treatment the boy gave himself and his precocious sex-organs, and with a suppressed gasp he jerked and shuddered away onto the blanket, gazed with slightly upturned, big eyes somewhere into the room, whereas his badly squeezed penis pumped out the hole rest that was available in the boy’s tight, with every single of his surely six or seven ejections visibly jerking balls!


Then the boy stopped moving, just panted with open mouth, slightly flushed cheeks and fluttering eyelids.


“Good boy, Ko! That was great, you did it so cute, I … I just would like to fuck you right now, believe me!” I said and tried to get my breath under control.


“You fuck, I like,” the kid then said with a weak voice and carefully separated his thighs by lifting his right leg 2 or 3 inches, showing us a rather big mess of whitish pre-teen slime, stuck on both inner thighs and connected with some strings, whereas his just rubbed down penis lifted itself out from between the legs and, still rather inflated, bobbed towards the boy’s belly with a slightly reddened skin at the upper half of the otherwise pale shaft.


I could not help then anymore but to bend over the 12-year-old, freshly jerked-off boy and to dig my face into his groin, engulfing his strong mating-organ and suckomg out what I could from beneath the foreskin, before I went further down, not caring about the slime, that was messing my face up – well, how could I!


“Fuck me,” he begged silently, when I finally came up to the surface again, leaving his genital area as clean as from the bathtub.


“You can be sure I will, not now, but tonight. After I had given Mey a shot up his small ass, I really hope to squirt another load thru your round bubble bum’s hole into your smooth body, Ko – really! Just … it was too much until now and need to wait … at least until after the lunch, OK?”


Ko smiled regretfully, then wanted to pull up his worn shorts with Tac’s drying cum inside.


“No; just leave it for me! I can use it with you one or two more times, before putting it away in plastic as a souvenir. Just dress with the clean one!”


After we both were in tee shirts and shorts, we went down to the restaurant, where Mey was serving a can of Coke to a foreigner. My pretty prey winked with an eye at me, but I slowly put a finger across my lips and went to the first table near the house entry.


Mey frowned a bit, but after some seconds came to my table, whispering in my ear, if I had fucked Ko.


I shook my head ‘no’, what wasn’t really correct, as I had at least fucked Ko’s 12-year-old face, then had planted a cum-string across his nose.


“Afternoon have no boys, all school; 2 o’clock I call girl, you fuck, I fuck, OK?” he went along with his whisper.


“Um … let’s talk after the lunch in our room, when we’ll have a rest, Schaetzele!” I said and got a little nod and smile from my horny Vietnamese ‘son’.


Tai and Tue came back from the market with their mother and aunt, and Ko switched place to join them, as his mom wouldn’t let him disturb me during lunch; additionally they had to prepare for school too - that’s what Mey said what she had said.


I was quite happy with that, as I could spread and close my legs easier, as I was trying to ease my ache in my groin away, an ache, that didn’t make me hungry at all, until …




That was Tac calling my boy to him, sitting behind Rotana on his younger friend’s motorbike, parked at the corner, not right in front of the restaurant.


It took Mey about two minutes, before they sent him back, then were leaving with the bike again.


“Um … Marc! I, um … I don’t know how to say, um … Rotana, you know, um … he no like you fuck, he no sure want fuck girl! Tac like, then me can fuck, then you fuck girl! Rotana no sure he come and fuck girl; if he come you ask you like look; he fuck his milk penis go inside girl  – want? OK?”


I gulped, but had to accept Rotana’s denial!


Normally I had said: ‘Sounds perfect, Schaetzele!’


But just then I thought it wasn’t a real good idea, the thing with the girl, with just a nine-year-old Vietnamese girl!


The slender 13-year-old Rotana with his longish legs: Anytime, whether with or without ache! But I knew by then I had at least giving it a try to seduce him, and if I would succeed, then I wanted him first for me alone! But nailing him onto the mattress, after the girl had his spunk already up her tiny pussy? No, better not with a girl, or I wanted at least to have his fresh teenage-sperm down my gullet first, and my slime pumped up into his still small, tight ass!


I didn’t know what to do! So I shrugged and just said:


“We need to make a plan first, during our rest, Schaetzele!”


“Rotana like come, he come our room 1 o’clock, then you talk. Rotana English good, you ask looking his body no clothes; he skinny, no very beautiful; he no strong; you like fuck, he no like, you no care - you fuck! You like Rotana milk coming no problem, I help … OK?”


“Sounds a bit better, Schaetzele!” I said, though not really thinking about seducing and raping that kid that way; but then I got at least a bit hungry, when the plate with rice, shrimps and mixed vegetable, with a half mango for dessert, was served.