M/b/b, b/b (brief b/g)


A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc



Part 4



It was about 12.30, when Mey and I had finished our meal and went upstairs to our room, crossing smiling Ko, but grinning Tai and Tue, who went downstairs with backpacks, ready for school, clad in blue shorts and white shirts!


There was a small, thin built, but cute, maybe 8-year-old Vietnamese girl entering barefooted the living room from the other balcony side, coming thru the iron fence from the adjacent neighbor-house and wearing nothing but smallish yellow shorts, looking with a sheepish smile at Mey, then a bit concerned at me!

“Just don’t tell me this is the girl you boys want to put your dongs up her little pussy!” I said quite worried to Mey.

My boy nodded, winked the girl with the boyish bowl-cut to him, put an arm protectively around her shoulder and said, pressing her at him:

“This the girl I talk; her name Soklen. She nine, nine four months already; now fuck can, she, um … uncle before fuck, now uncle go, she like again – you try?”

“Slowly-slowly!” I protested, but could not hide my rapidly growing erection, what made the little girl point at it and shyly smirk a bit.

“Come, we go room; somebody see, no good!” Mey then whispered, grabbing my hand and pulling the girl and me with him, then locked the door behind us and crawled onto our queen-sized bed to Soklen, who has been faster and was already waiting there, still with her little shorts on, but with her thin legs invitingly spread!

It was obvious, what my boy had standing up there in his shorts, when he snuggled himself close to the younger girl, then, after hesitating for some seconds, planted a brief kiss onto her right cheek.

Soklen grinned, turned some, and then gave herself not only a kiss right away back on Mey’s mouth, but let her left hand slip under the boy’s waistband, starting immediately to work her little fist up and down on something hidden beneath.

“Ohhh … wait!” Mey hissed, breathing all of a sudden rapidly, and shoved his shorts down to his trembling knees, whereas the girl never stopped to give her two years older neighbor-boy a fast wank with her tight tiny fist. A few seconds more, and Mey jerked onto the mattress, had his thin thighs tightly shut and gazed somehow lost at the ceiling, whereas his 3-incher (I measured later 8,5 cm) jerked and throbbed, when Soklen let go of the masturbated boy. She engulfed and wetted the boy’s sexual organ with lots of saliva from her small mouth, and then, slipping her little shorts down her legs and off her feet, did not hesitate to straddle Mey’s hips and letting herself down onto the kid’s still very stiff, hard pulsating pre-teen dick.

That all went so fast ahead, that I wasn’t able to really react, as I could only witness that unbelievable spectacle a few inches away from my view. I only heard myself panting, often had to re-adjust my hard-on in my trousers and then thought, I had wanted to see it better, how my boy’s young penis stung and disappeared into the girls little pussy. But Mey quickly pressed the humping child tightly down onto him, and then turned him and her to his left a 180 degrees, and, the small girl then correctly mounted and nicely saddled, quickly resumed his barely interrupted intercourse, fucked the young neighbor-girl with all his strength!

“F … fuck me! Daddy!” he begged in painful lust, “ohhh … please … fuck … me … toooooooo … annghhhh … ungghh … ungghhh … ahh … aah … aahhhhhh … aaahhhhhhhhhh …”

I could not think straight then, but knew, I surely had liked to fuck him, fuck him quite hard, whereas he was stamping the child’s little snail at the same time. At the other hand I was still sore and didn’t dare to worsen the ache I already had, just watched with a gaping mouth, how excitingly his little globes clamped, and how his sweet saclet got badly smashed during that rapid children-fuck!

I only thought, that Mey was not the very first time onto and in Soklen, and though horny as hell, even ready to shag the chick too, I had also a sense of denial and left my bulge beneath the fabric. But then I stuck at least my digit and middle thru his tiny pucker up his small ass. That was all he needed: Mey suddenly tensed, his sphincter clamping down around my fingers, then he shuddered some, before collapsing onto Soklen, who didn’t act as if she had had an orgasm too.

I brought my face nearer to the point, where the two different, still unripe genitals had met and so nicely matched, and whereas my boy still rested for some more seconds, catching his breath, I withdrew slowly from his bum hole, went with my right down into his damp crack, under his almost flat-pressed nut bag, and tried as good as I could to fondle the two still connected private children parts.

Soklen looked at my crotch, giggled and said something to Mey, who then smiled at me, translating:

“She say you need fuck now, your bird very, very angry – want?”

No question, the girl was as slim and as nice as a cute, young pre-teen boy! And if I wouldn’t use her as a girl, I could easily do her tiny ass instead, thinking, that she wasn’t really much bigger then Tue right there behind. It would then be the 3rd time, that I would flush a little plum as an adult – should I, or …

“Yeah, of course I would like to squirt some into her, if I had some. However, I guess my sac is empty and my bird still sore, so …”

Soklen muttered a few words, and Mey said:

“You no fuck now, she no time. 2 o’clock she Chinese school. Next Sunday parents no here, only cousin, um … other big cousin fuck, uncle no fuck, I lie – sorry! Um … next Sunday maybe time enough you fuck, then fuck again, like?”

“Sounds perfect, Schaetzele; um … just to tell the truth again: How many times do you have fucked Soklen or another girl so far, huh?”

“Oh no; I no fuck other girl; I fuck Soklen, um … wait; three months now, me she fuck 3 or 4 times only, sure! She no time, her parents looking no chance, my house people looking no can, sure! You no here, I no room; we make balcony floor and put big towel over table, then people no can see easy! Believe?”

“Of course I do! Now give your sweet little wife a kiss, then let her go!” I suggested, smirking.

Mey obeyed grinning, kissed her several times briefly on her mouth, then lifted himself and his deflating boy prick away from the fucked girl, before both kids pulled their respective shorts up at the same time, grinning again at each other, then at me!



That was Tac’s voice, which called to his younger cousin from outside. My boy asked some, then went quickly to open the door and let Tac slip in, followed swiftly by Rotana, who acted rather unsure and looked shy, smiling nervously!

Before I knew what was going on, Tac had left again, to buy medicine for his grandfather’s business I heard then, and Rotana stood lost near the re-locked door, wearing a black tee shirt and worn green cotton shorts, which were not really all too tight, but at least a bit outgrown and rather short, giving a perfect, delicious sight of his longish legs, and, more important: I could see a long, straight pole parting his cloth in the middle of his crotch, and a round lump was right below, but ... wasn’t there a bit bare skin from his ball sac!

I gulped, then stood!

“My name is Marc, um … I heard you can speak English very well?” I asked, scanning the young teenager with his a bit long, in the middle parted black hair. He reached just the tip of my nose, whereas his crotch seemed not far below my height, due to his longish legs and still a bit short torso. I guessed him about 5’6”, but he weighed probably not more then around 90 lbs, and suddenly I felt a certain warmth washing quickly over my face – damn’!

“I’m Rotana, but my English is not so good,” he replied a bit weakly with his audibly not so long time ago broken voice, and his longish hand felt super-soft, when he was shaking mine.

“Oh, that sounds almost better then me! Come, have a seat on the bed, um … I think you know Soklen and, um … what for she was here, huh?”

Now the teen-kid had a chance to blush too, what I guessed, although he had a milk-coffee-brown skin.

“Um … yeah! But, you know … I never … I don’t know, um … maybe I should not …” he tried to express himself.

“Oh, listen, Mey! I think Rotana needs a bit time; and since the girl has to go to school, I guess it’s better when you guide Soklen safely home via balcony. Just tell her to be available next Sunday, when we want to call her again, OK?” I proposed.

Mey informed Soklen, who looked at Rotana’s swollen crotch, then frowned some and said, what Mey translated, that she really had wanted a ‘white squirt’ up her young twat, but then shrugged, knowing about her school!

I at the other hand needed to be alone with Rotana, and therefore offered, that I would surely have a shot left for her, even tomorrow or some other days, but regretted it at the same time, as I saw how earnest the child my offer took – but at least they were then gone and the door well locked!

“Oh, I don’t know; maybe I … I have to go … to go home now …” Rotana tried to escape; yet …

“Come-on, just stay a bit. You are a cute lad, so let’s get a bit more comfy,” I said, arranged the pillows upwards at the bed’s headboard, and then asked Rotana to use it as a sofa and sit aside me.

He hesitantly obeyed, then stretched his damn’ longish legs, tried to pull his black shirt down to his crotch, what wasn’t possible. He then rested his long, slender hands onto his strong bulge and grinned sheepishly at me.

“You, um … you really think I’m cute?” he asked, almost whispered in a thin, though broken voice.

“Sure you are, just perfect for me, when I’m looking around for a young, but already spunky boy; you know what I mean?” I replied, patted shortly his crotch covering hands, then pulled him close with my left arm and let it rest onto his smallish shoulders, serving a quick kiss onto his smooth cheek.

The boy seemed to blush again, then said:

“You look for boys? Not girls, um … taxi girls? I … you then like … boys only? I mean, sorry, but … never girls? Or … both, um … sorry, um …” he lost his track, then nestled with his long fingers nervously, pressed them slightly onto the more grown pole beneath his thin cloth.

“Well, don’t be ashamed to ask; just give me the same right! Um … of course I like normally just boys, but Soklen is a nice little boyish girl, quite young, though; but I have to admit, that I want her once walking home with my spunk up her little pussy!”

“Oh, that sounds, um … nasty, I guess, um … when you are talking like that, it makes me a bit, you know, um … you like small or big boys, then?“ he dared to ask, but was then facing strongly just his crotch.

“Oh, that’s different; see, in my country I like boys between 11 and 14, mostly then, when they are getting spunky, when some watery or white slime comes out of their penises after they had a wank, you know?” I explained, shaking my right fist up and down.

There was again a slight blush on Rotana’s soft, almost pretty face.

“Yeah-yeah, I know,” he quickly answered, obviously wanting me to leave that theme. Yet …

“In some other countries, Rotana, like here in Asia, there are sometimes quite horny, cute little boys around, maybe just 6 years old, and I want to do some real sex with them, fuck their sweet little asses, if they want to give it a try!”

“Oh, then … sorry, um … did you … I mean … with Tue, then? He’s about 6, but very small, um … sorry!”

“Just don’t say ‘sorry’ all the time, OK? Well, yeah – he’s indeed almost too small, but I’m very afraid it might happen soon one of the coming days, I guess!”

Rotana gulped, grinned again sheepishly, and then continued to ask:

“And bigger boys? How old they can be, that you still want, um … you know?”

“Well, about Tac’s age plus one year more; it always depends how a boy looks, if he’s a bit a beauty, and what he’s carrying around between his legs and so; it’s sometimes difficult to say,” I replied, seeing that there was an up-motion beneath his hands, and thought, that I knew already what he wanted to ask now.

“If I, um … how should I say, I mean, if it would be OK for me, would you then, am I …”

“How old are you then now, Rotana?” I wanted to know, almost no breathing then.

“I? Um … soon thirteen, well two more months again from now,” he said smiling, but seemed not quite sure if I would like his age.

“Wow, that’s great! So you are still a pre-teen boy, um well – a very late pre-teen kid, then. That’s super cool!”

“You like me, um … I mean my age?” he asked, and it sounded hopefully.

“Both – you and your age! Come, give me your hands – don’t worry, just give them to me! Yeah, they are so fucking slim and long,” I nearly whispered, strongly excited, and then kissed his longish filigree fingers.

“But … sorry, um … why me? I’m so … so skinny, and my legs are thin and too long; I’m not – mmpffhhhhhh …”

“Shhhhhhhh …” I interrupted him, closing his mouth with mine, and feeling his smooth, a bit bigger then average lips hesitantly part.



“Yeah?” I answered, after having left Rotana’s sweet mouth very reluctantly.

“I watch TV living room; you Rotana fini, you call I come, OK?”

“Yeah, great Mey; thanks for your cooperation!”

“Huh, cop … oh, what?”

“I happy you no angry I make Rotana milk coming!” I boldly hissed to the door.

“You only my daddy, I no jealous; now you make, I go!” he answered and went, his barefooted steps fading away on the PVC-layer.


“Oh … I don’t know, sir, um …”

“Marc it is, Rotana!” I reminded him smiling.

“Yeah, um … thanks. Well, um … Marc, um … I don’t know … you said, um … you want …”

“Yeah, I cannot help and cannot wait longer, because I like slender beautiful boys with long legs, even when they are a bit skinny, like you, Rotana,” I said earnestly, with an accelerated heart beat and stronger working breathe.


“Sure! I always liked to hold, rub and suck young stiff birds of small boys,” I continued, “but I certainly like bigger, fatter boy weapons with sharp ammunition as well, like a strongly built Cambodian bird, like  … this here!”

“Ohhhhh … ahhhh … care … careful … I’m … not … far away … anymore … you … it might go … into my … shooorts … ohhhh …”

I had grabbed his visibly stiff penis thru the cotton and started to rub its length, guessing its size to be at least 5 inches, if not more. Then I thought he had no briefs, but could myself not convince to stop the ongoing rubdown of that not yet 13-year-old slender kid.

“I … have no … oohhhhh … nnnoooooo … underweaaaarrrrrr … ohhhh … I’m soon …”

“Yeah, soon; but just let me see before, how blessed you are … yeah, help me and lift your little ass a bit … oh damn’ … oh god …”

I saw that barely dozen of wispy pubic hair first, just left and right at his brown shaft’s base, his damn’ thick shaft. I mean, he had almost the same size as I had in width, nearly 2 inches, and was 5.5+ inches long, a real brown ‘Bockwurst’, fatter and a bit longer then Ko’s pale ‘Kalbsbratwurst’. His cock head was swollen, and with its foreskin retracted, showed the purple head, similar to mine. His testicles were really plum-sized; no – they were bigger, and filled the dark-brown sac completely out.

I bent down and kissed the smooth skin, thought, aside from a shampoo scent, to smell already the hot spunk waiting beneath the flesh to be ejected, and licked and nibbled at the still pre-teen boy’s damn’ big and heavy balls.

“I want to see and … to taste your boy-sperm, Rotana!” I made the things clear.

Then I could not bear it anymore and gave the kid about ten tight strokes with my fist, what let the boy all of a sudden tense and shudder.

He was wanked!

“Ahhhnnggggggghhhhhhh …” a single, long gasp was all he could bring out, before he squirted lots of thick boy slime onto his chest, then poured the rest down over my still masturbating fist and fingers.

“Yeah, damn’ beautiful! Wow! Squirt one more, yeah, splash it at your slim chest, empty that fuckin’ fat sac – damn’ nice, how you cum, Rotana; damn’ nice I say …”

I panted as much as he did, then licked my cum-coated hand and fingers, before messing my face up, when I was diving into his sperm-smeared, undeveloped chest and flat belly, just to finally slurp away, what still was available from his brown, not yet deflated, fleshy sex-tube.

“How often do you masturbate a day, Rotana?” I said, licking my lips and trying to make a little break, pumping then his tight dick just very slowly.

“I, um … 1 or 2 times, um … maybe 3, but that much not … every day … aaahhhhhhhhhhh …”

“Not more? That’s a bit poor for a maturing kid! And this morning, did you already squirt your spunk, boy?”

“No, I couldn’t, um … Chantha was always around, and I don’t like to do it in the toilet, um … make me again; now, please!” he suddenly urged me, turned on, and wanted to shove his shorts further down.

“Don’t! We pull them up, because I want you to shoot your sperm into this little shorts, please!”

“Oh no, that’s … quite gross, um … do you really want that? But … but I have no others to wear!”

“Yeah, I want it badly, Rotana – as a souvenir from you! But I’ll have a boxer shorts later for you, OK?”

“OK!” he replied, giving in, nodded and quickly pulled his shorts up, covering his manly mating organ.

“Um, Chantha you said, that’s …”

“My little brother; he’s always around, and we have to share a room, so …”

“How old is he?” I interrupted him too.

“He’s almost twelve; but he’s more skinny then me, um … you probably wont like him then, I guess!”

“Ask him!” I proposed.

“Oh no, that’s impossible. I can’t do that; it would be, um … sort of gay, I guess. He would probably talk, or … I don’t know; we never ever, you know …”

“I see; but you surely know if he can shoot sperm already, huh?” I nastily asked further, feeling it badly twitch beneath my crotch.

“Yeah, he does it always in the toilet - lots, I guess; but I myself wait doing it, until he’s gone to school. Um … last month I saw him once doing it on the bed after school, when he thought I was out somewhere. Um … he did not see me, so I waited, until, you know … he came like a fountain, even onto his blue school shorts a bit, because he didn’t shove them further down his thighs. After his, um … semen had stopped squirting out, he cleaned himself with, um … a worn tee shirt that he’s hiding under his pillow …”

“You liked to watch him and got stiff, rubbed a bit at your crotch, and then … maybe came into your trousers?”

“Yeah, almost, um … I stopped wanking, but a bit poured out anyway,” Rotana admitted, smiling sheepishly, then continued, “but then I felt I had urgently to do it correctly. So when Chantha had his shorts up again, I faked to just come into our flat and asked him to buy some green mangoes, which we both like a lot.”

“Where did you masturbate, then?”

“I? Well, I thought, since he had splattered around on his bed, it would be the best to do it there too; and so …”

“What then?” I curiously and excitedly pushed him further.

“I used his tee shirt too … but to wrap it around my penis, and then I rubbed quickly, and it came very fast, and then I let all my … spunk unload into it … I came a big lot, um sorry … it was not the first time I used his old shirt,” he said, grinning quite nervously.

“But you smelled on Chantha’s shirt first, didn’t you, Rotana?”

“Uiiiiiiihh! Nooooo! Um … yeah, um … why do you know that? I’m … you know, I guess you think I’m a bit a dirty boy now …”

“No, no! Maybe a little … (I wanted to say: Pedo!)  Don’t worry about that; I just guessed it, because I, um … yeah, I do similar things with boys in my boarding school, and I surely had done the same as you and sniffed at his fresh young boy cum!”

“Oh, you too … but I don’t now why, I …”

“We are a bit nasty boy-lovers, you and I, I guess; but let it for the moment! Just tell me, how big is his equipment: the bird, the sac; how much slime did he shoot?” I needed to know.

“Oh, his penis is small; no, not so small, but thin and, um … crooked … a bit long, maybe 12 cm (soon later I measured 13 cm) and his sac is also long, I think, yeah: longer then mine; but his eggs are smaller, though maybe rather big for his age, I think …” Rotana explained, making me hungry and my bird more angry!

“So-so, you think! And I think you would like to … yeah, to jerk-off and then to fuck your sweet younger brother; sure or not?”

“Oh no! I … well, if you say that so straight, um … I don’t know really and don’t want to lie, but if he would be here right now … I mean: if, and would promise to keep his mouth, not tell anything to mom or other people, and he really would like my penis inside him … I mean, I never ever have done anything with anybody, until … you … I don’t know!”

“You said ‘mom’; what about your dad? Would he be angry about …”?

“Oh, he’s dead already many years; he was drunk when he drove his motorbike, and then had an accident with a car!” Rotana explained silently.

“Oh, I’m very sorry to hear that; um … what’s your mom’s job then?”

“She’s an English teacher for Cambodian adults at the ‘…-Center’, and she wants me to join classes again, even to go back in high school too,” the not yet 13-year-old said, not really happy.

“Well, that’s where your good English is coming from! Um, listen: I would warmly recommend you to continue! You can’t do enough for your future here, Rotana! Well, um … who else’s there in your house then the whole day, and who’s cooking for you two boys, or do you have more siblings?”

“No, it’s just Chantha and me, and we mostly eat lunch near mom’s school; evening she cooks for us.”

“Wow; so if I would like to make, um … sex with you or your brother, then I could come to your house or what?” I asked straight, stroking his hard member beneath the cotton some more.

“Annnggg …ah … um, better not! I don’t know if the neighbors … we have only a two room flat, sorry! I mean, maybe one time you could come, like teaching something; Chantha might then later like it, if you try it a bit, um … maybe only …”

I let go of his stiff, shorts covered penis, grabbed his face, pulled it to me and planted a very wet kiss on his smooth lips.

“I guess I surely want to fuck your younger brother -  in his own bed, Rotana; has he school in the morning or afternoon this week?”

“Morning, but you cannot …”

“Shhhhhh … what time he’s normally back from lunch, then?” I said keeping my track.

“He? Um, just before 2 o’clock!”

“OK, Rotana. Listen, you have told me a lot about your younger, pubescent brother, and now I really have to visit and try to seduce and fuck him – tomorrow! I hope you will help me with that! Tac knows your address, huh?”

“Yeah! Oh … I don’t know how, um … but you do it only if he wants, OK?”

“Big promise, Rotana; but first I need to fuck yourself - right now!”

He got a little shock, did not right away say ‘no’, but had to fight with himself, then after resuming the 2nd wank thru his bare shorts, he asked me shyly:

“You did … fuck already some boys here; didn’t you?”

I nodded and said: “Tac, Mey and Ko!”

“Oh,” he replied, swallowing, “and whom did you like to fuck the most?”

“Not so easy to say; let’s see: Tac can squirt and has a tight small teen ass, um … Ko has a super round, a bit bigger, but tight bum as well, has rather big genitals and can shoot thick boy cream; and Mey – well, he cannot shoot yet and has small sex-organs, but he’s damn’ pretty in my eyes, and I almost love him. I like him the most to fuck around; no, not to fuck around, but to make love to his body, his whole body – understand?”

“I guess so, um … Mey is … is beautiful,” Rotana then admitted, and … blushed!

Again I let go of the ongoing 2nd wank and pulled the slender kid close into my shirt, whispering in his ear:

“Do you like him, want to make a bit love to him, um … want to fuck him for real up his still very small boy butt?”

Rotana did not answer, but nodded on my shoulder a clear ‘yes’.

“That’s great, Rotana! A nice pubescent lad like you should really have a good friend. That way you could empty your big, always full ball sac into him; wouldn’t that be wonderful, Rotana, huh?”

He nodded again, then still flushed, he doubted:

“But I guess he wont let me, I mean, I, um … I’m not nice, I’m skinny, and I never ever … I don’t know how …”

“Shhhhhhh, you are just a bit slender; that’s all! Now don’t worry; I’ll help your penis to go inside Mey, want?” I wiped his concerns away.

He then smiled weakly at me, nodding again.

“Come, take your shirt off … yeah … hey – you look great with your still small torso – I like that! Um … now bend your prick a bit to the right and push your shorts a bit down, just to the base of your dick … yeah, let Mey see your few pubic hairs there … damn’ nice! Now wait, I’ll call him and ask him before about our plan; just keep quiet,” I said, then left the room without making a noise, knowing, that maybe some adults might have a rest as well upstairs.


Mey wasn’t fire and flame first, but eventually liked the idea to get his little bum fucked, and he wanted me anyway to be happy, when he had learned, that I found Rotana a nicely shy, but sweet, horny young lad.

When we both re-entered our room and locked the door, Rotana was sitting with a major hard-on onto the bed’s corner and seemed to be quite embarrassed about his by then protruding cock head, which he tried to cover with his hands.

He looked damn’ sexy for me, and if he wasn’t really thru me sexually awakened, then for sure forced about his feelings.

“Listen, Mey; go down on your knees … yeah, between Rotana’s legs; you know it’s his first time to do sexual things, not only with a man, but also a boy, and he needs some time to adjust himself; so please let him take off your two clothes, so that he can see your young, pretty, completely naked body: your nice stiffie, your cute saclet with the little nuts inside, your sweet pink bum hole, where Rotana’s big, hard and fat penis will and has to go thru, and inside your small ass later … huh?”

Mey swallowed and involuntarily gazed at Rotana’s crotch, where the easily manly dick with its almost retracted foreskin showed off its bulging glans, when I had said that thing with the lad’s fat penis; and then he looked quite worried back at me.

“Push your shorts down to your ankles now, Rotana … yeah, step out! Now show Mey, what he soon has to get up his little butt!” I ordered, repeating my ‘threat’ and ignoring the younger boy.

“Daddy … he big and fat; I scared!” my boy said frightened, when from Rotana’s strong, fat Cambodian dick’s pee-slit poured a little pre-cum drop, whereas the lad’s fuck-tool bobbed, brown-colored, dangerously in front of the younger Vietnamese kid’s white face!

For a second or two I burned the gorgeous sight into my mind and could understand Mey quite well, as Rotana’s fully erect, surely 5.75-inches long sex-organ seemed to be even bigger then mine, due to the lack of pubic hair, as the few already grown didn’t matter.

“I … um, I’ll fuck you very, very carefully, Mey, um … I promise,” Rotana then finally started to speak, trying to calm down his younger victim, but had quite a horny husky voice – a demanding-one. There was no question, that both his mind and his body were ready to do the ultimate act of … no, not love – of pure sexual lust!

“Don’t worry, he’s not bigger then me, it only looks like! Now be a good boy and kiss first his mighty ball sac, yeah … again, um … now his penis’ tip – and lick the clear drop there away; tasty?”

“Um, not so bad; what now? Shall I …” he asked, then gave Rotana’s dick a few gentle strokes with his smallish hand.

“Not yet; Rotana, undress Mey now … the shirt, yeah. Stand up, Mey; now pull his shorts down, Rotana, um … a nice stiffie he has, huh?”

“Oh yeah; this is a … a beautiful white, very stiff penis,” Rotana admiringly replied, and then fondled carefully around, not missing the cute saclet with the two beans inside.

“OK, give him a little wank, just some faster, it won’t break … good, and now turn him around and kiss his bum cheeks, now his crack … yeah, spread the little globes … kiss his ass-hole too … don’t hesitate, he’s clean – do it! Lick it for a while, again … and push your tongue a bit in,” I demanded, whilst undressing myself then.

“OK, Rotana, switch to me and show me how deep it can go down your throat – hey, what’s the matter? Oh, wait …”

I knew I was going on too fast, and therefore decided to give him a sample, went onto my knees and engulfed his strong boy organ, until I had nearly to gag, when I finally came to his countable pubes, kneading his heavy balls then too.

“Annghhhh …” Rotana warned me, when I was feeling the lad’s cock expand in my mouth.

In a split second I had withdrawn, then almost tore Mey at his thin neck to me, his pretty face straight in front of Rotana’s throbbing tool, which then got the necessary two more strokes to boil over the lad’s hot milk. As soon as the first tiny watery squirt had left the gaping piss-slit, hitting Mey on his little nose, my immature boy shut his eyes tight, receiving then several blasts with thick strings of ripe-looking pre-teen semen fully onto and across his young, immaculate face!

“Open quickly your mouth, Mey!” I hissed, whereas Rotana just panted, suppressing further moans, his small chest heavily working.

A last smaller rope from Rotana’s ejaculating penis was thrown straight between Mey’s lips, before I had guided the half of the kid’s spitting tool into Mey’s ‘upper home’, where the discharging boy-member made the younger kid swallow repeatedly, as obviously more of the bigger lad’s cream was about to fill up the child’s sweet little mouth!

“Stay in Mey, Rotana; and you, Mey, don’t let him slip out!” I demanded.

Then I brought my hard, again a bit aching tool to the kid’s badly cum-smeared face and rubbed it a bit on the slimy surface, coating my erection with Rotana’s mature Khmer sperm, before slurping away the precious snot from my boy’s face and the lad’s prick, until …

“Now you can take it out, Rotana!”

As soon as the spent, yet not deflated brown sausage has left Mey’s mouth, the younger kid opened carefully his eyes again, then smiled at us and said:

“You milk too muts; I no angry, I like – milk you good! Oh, you now fuck Rotana, daddy?”

Rotana then turned in my direction, saw me with Johnson’s oil in my hand, and really got somehow a bit pale, if that was possible.

“Come, Rotana; I have to fuck you now; come-on, come here, come!” I a bit stronger asked him to obey.

“I maybe … I should go home now, I think, you know …” Rotana said, but slowly approached, then stopped again, when he saw me taking the rope from the fridge.

“You don’t want to fuck Mey, Rotana?” I asked, grabbing his thin wrists, winding the rope around and then pulling the lad to the wooden pole at the corner, connecting the rope with the hawk, where Mey was hung up too this morning, then stretched the still virgin lad’s arms.

“No, I don’t want you to fuck me, and I don’t want to fuck Mey either – let me go, please!”

“S  W  A  T!”

That was a loud clap, though not too strong delivered, when my flat hand had hit his still small, late pre-teen bum.

“Uuuuiiiiihhhhh! Why do you hit me?” he whined a bit.

“First you want; what now?” I said, my hand again ready to stroke him again.

“Tomorrow, maybe!” he tried to escape.

“S  W  A  T!”

“No, don’t hit me again, please, it hurts!”

“Sorry-sorry, Rotana! You know why I do that? It’s because it makes your small bum a bit numb, and that helps you a lot for your first time, when I have to crash your cherry now,” I explained, but felt I wanted more a rape-like fuck then a tender defloration.

Rotana simply drove me wild, and I won’t lie at this point!

Then I asked Mey to lube Rotana’s ass and crack and hole with Johnson’s.

“Do it with two fingers first, yeah … now three … fuck his chute and hole … good! Now all your fingers; um, no, not the thumb; yeah, OK!”

I took position and was glad to find how nicely we two matched, as his crack was almost at my ideal height, thanks to his longish legs and still short torso. Then I pushed a bit with my cock head at his entry, at his until then just ‘one-way-out-passage’, waited some seconds, and then screwed slowly in, what made Rotana gasp sharply, several times.

However, the brave lad did not shout or cry; he just sighed the whole time, whereas I was entering his guts, expanding him there behind for his very first time, then waited a minute or so, nibbled at Rotana’s left ear, kissed his cheek, and felt, how the soon to get uploaded kid more and more relaxed.


“Um … Marc?”


“I’m sorry … I mean … it’s OK for me now with the … fuck. I want to fuck Mey, I really want, and you can fuck me now – hard, please!”

“Thanks, Rotana! That makes me happy, because I, um … I almost wanted to … to rape you, but now … Come, I open your tied hands, just wrap the pole … OK … I’m back now …” I hissed.

However, the foreplays with the two boys called then for their tribute, and so …

“Oh god, Rotana! I’m … soon … thee … theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere … ohhhh … shiiiit … damn’ … aanghhhh … ahh … ahnghhh … ahhh …”

It was super great, to discharge my not too rich squirting semen in a very splendid orgasm into that smooth, long-legged, milk-coffee-brown colored, barely 13-year-old boy. My climax was so wonderful, because I knew, there wasn’t a dick before me up this young, soon to be teenager; therefore he was … mine!

Of course, also Mey was mine, as I would not count Tac’s two or three watery shoots out of his thin ‘wiener’ up Mey’s sweet bum. If there was a difference, then with Ko: he again was fully mine, whereas Tai had had once a tourist’s prick up his ass; and with Tue, I wished I could make him mine as well, before anybody else plugs into his in fact much too small ass!

“Rotana, please promise me not to fuck your brother, before I have first deposited my slimy spawn up his tight anus, OK?”

“Don’t worry, I’m to … to shy to ask him things like that; um … thank your for … the fuck, Marc; I … it was first quite painful, but then rather good, um … lustful for me too … thanks!” he whispered and tried to separate from me, just to kiss me on my mouth.

“No, don’t leave me; come, we go slowly to the bed. Mey get on your knees on the mattress and … oh, you oiled your bum already; good!”

Rotana and I kissed our mouth’s edges, still anally connected, before I guided his hard brown tube to Mey’s closed little hole.

“Be a good boy now, Mey, when Rotana stings his big brown Cambodian penis into your small white Vietnamese bum!”

“Uuuiiihhhh!” Mey shouted, but refrained from protesting further, though panting heavily in pain, until the pubescent kid had all of his mighty length into the small kid’s bum. After some adjustments, from all of us three, Rotana resumed the fuck, and I tried to follow his pace, as he was clearly the leader now and obviously still had something to distribute out from his heavily swinging, at Mey’s back thighs slapping ball sac!

“Rotana needs to fuck you hard now, Mey,” I warned my boy, but the lad hadn’t the chance, as he too came way too fast and exploded all of a sudden into his first little prey – six, seven or eight times.

“Oh,” I regretted, “that was too quick, um … a quickie, then!”

But Rotana wasn’t done yet and, still panting, asked me:

“Can … can I … do it … to him … again … right now?”

“Oh, you can again? You can – go!” Mey, used then to the intruders dangerously big weapon, allowed his conqueror to do, whereas I then was sexually almost dead and slipped out of Rotana, letting my deflated sausage slap audibly onto my hanging sac.

However, I wanted to give some instructions and said:

“Get on your belly, Mey, but slowly, so Rotana can follow … yeah! Now turn onto your back, oh … you are out! Never mind; come, let me see! Mey and Rotana, get both back onto the pillow and lift your legs behind and bums up, yeah …”

There it was, my Khmer boy’s demolished cherry, the gaping, slime-coated hole, and the thin track of my semen, viscously running down his brown crack. And Mey’s badly gaping, a bit sore, bruised pussy, well drenched with rather thick boy-snot! Damn’, could that brown kid shoot a lot!

“Now turn, Rotana, and fuck your new little sex-friend that way … yeah, get between his legs, wait, here is his fucked hole … get in!”

Mey breathed rapidly and was a bit tensed, when the bigger kid shoved his fat hard-on in a steady motion again into him, before stamping hard his used, little ass, accelerating the pace slowly.

It took the lad 5 or 6 minutes, before the mating between the two pre-teen boys came to an end, when Rotana sped up rapidly and then hammered his fat pole merciless into the younger kid, making Mey whimper a bit in a certain pain. They made me worrying about the noise they produced, even thought, that the lad’s damn’ big nut bag would slap too loud onto Mey’s lower back, when the brown boy finally was done.

“Unggggghhhhhhhh … aaanghhhhhhhh … mmmhhhhhhhhh … mmhhhhhhhh … mmhhh … mmhh … mmh … mmmhhhhahhhhhh …”

Even during his heavy orgasm, the lad understood my ‘Shhh’ and suppressed his moaning successfully, whereas his strong penis ejaculated again copious amounts of sperms in seminal liquid into the still completely unripe boy under him, pumping it into his 10-years-10-months-old tight guts - so it seemed at least to me!

I was right! After the lad had collapsed onto my boy, shyly kissed his lips, and then carefully pulled out of his mated prey, there was a huge mess of spilled cum pouring out of Mey, what made me eagerly penetrate between the sexual parts and lick and slurp away, whatever and wherever I could find a track of spent boy-milk!



That was Tac’s voice, calling silently from the aisle.

“I’m ready, just a minute, Rotana answered, then asked me: “Can I go now, um … I mean, would that be fine with you?”

I smiled at him, seeing that it was almost 2 o’clock, helped him to dress with his green, for this time not cum-stained shorts and his black tee shirt and replied:

“Yeah, sure. I hope I’ll see you again soon; you did a very great job today. I’m totally proud of you, Rotana, thank you very much!”

Rotana was then quite a bit touched about my compliments, then said, pointing at his bulged crotch in his quite tight little shorts:

“Um, these are Chantha’s shorts; better I’ll bring them home without … you know, um … oh, there’s a bit spunk in it now, um … bye Mey, Marc …”

Mey and I were by then dressed too, and opening the door, I said:

“I thought that your penis would leak out a small rest of cum! Well, you would normally not go around with such small shorts; better I make your bro cream into it some day, maybe tomorrow, huh?”

“Yeah, but if you come, please don’t rape him,“ he said, grinning, and I pulled him close at his thick black mop and planted briefly a kiss on his smooth lips, hissing a “Bye!”

Tac and Rotana then smiled both and left, together with Mey, who wanted to help his mother at the restaurant a bit, whereas I thought I probably could have a rest, um ... it was 4.30 pm, when I heard some boy’s voices, and then Tue’s grinning, slit-eyed head was poking into my room.

I looked a bit sleepily at him and smiled, and since I didn’t send him away, he entered, locked and crawled onto my bed, his school backpack still on.

Damn’, he turned me on! It made me wanting to shag this little kid, when it was still wearing his school uniform and backpack, there was no doubt about!

However, even clad in little blue shorts and white shirt, just back from school, he didn’t look taller, older – no, he still seemed to be not more then five, at most! But considering, that it would not be the first time with such a small boy …

I pulled him close at my left and opened his little shorts button, then shoved them down, grabbed his tiny bum with my right palm and right away probed his smallish pucker with my digit.

He smiled, then grinned and stretched himself to plant a kiss on my mouth, then mounted me, humped my belly, poked his 3.5-inches long stiffie in my stomach, while I was faster und deeper finger-fucking him. My penis was hard as hell, but felt as sore too and had to remain where it was. Tue at the other side got a bit of Johnson’s, and right after a second finger, but didn’t have a problem with it. Only when I dared to insert my ring finger too, his face distorted some and showed a hint of pain; but still, he didn’t reject my effort, and resumed his humping, as he wanted to have a climax on top of me.

I held his thin neck with my left and helped him to reach his desired peak, felt him then tens and shudder, even could make out the pulsing of his dryly ejaculating penis on my stomach, saw the plain orgasm wash over his now stronger distorted face and let happily go of him, when all had passed by as fast as it came.

Then I lifted the thin boy up and had problems, not to eat his sweet little genitals, when I had them in my mouth. After I had washed him there perfectly, I helped him to button up his shorts, when he asked:

“You fuck I wait how long?” he then slyly asked

Yeah, grinning slit-eyed, what else!

I swallowed and said, out of the blue:

“You night toilet, you come, I fuck, OK?”

“Time how muts?”

“Oh, night only, when people all asleep; maybe 1, 2 or 3 o’clock; Tac help, OK?”

“OK! Tac fuck, you fuck, I very happy! I go, OK?”

“Yeah sure, um ... don’t lock the door!”

Just then Mey came back and frowned for a moment, seeing his half-brother Tue in my room.

“You not fuck Tue, huh?”

“No, not yet; but I would like it very much in the night, Mey! You think we can do that?” I asked him hypocritically.

He thought shortly, then said:

“You fuck I see, can. Better early morning. I talk Tac send him our room, OK?”

Right then I felt it pop-up in my mind and made me conscience-stricken: Damn’, that sly imp was only six and looked not more then five! How could I think to have again sexual intercourse with such a young child, penetrate him anally and split his tiny little globes apart!

I thought seriously and already guiltily about that, but replied:

“Sounds perfect, Schaetzele!”