M/b, b/b

A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc


Part 5

I had then another hour or so a rest, before I heard Ko coughing heavily upstairs. I went up to see what was wrong with my ‘big ass’ and had to accept, that he wouldn’t sleep that night in our room downstairs, as he had a little flue, what I badly regretted, wishing him a quick recovery! Then I stepped down the ladder and went out onto the large balcony above the restaurant and sat at the table, watching the vivid life going on elsewhere on the street and neighboring houses.

Tac came and asked me if I wanted something to drink. I looked at the friendly teen, at his a bit bulged crotch in his shorts and sighed, but then thankfully ordered a Dunhill red and a ‘cofy why’, a ‘coffee white’ = coffee with milk, I had to learn yesterday, stunned before then, why they wanted to know why I liked a coffee – silly!

Tac brought me the coffee, Tai the cigarettes, and Mey went to our room to get my lighter. They all had some self-made tea with ice cubes and sat chattering around me, when all of a sudden Tac stood, gazed down to the road, then spoke excitedly to Tai and Mey.

I had already seen the older, fat man, a foreigner, coming along the road on the sidewalk; but he got my special attention only then, when he had repeatedly glimpsed up to us on the balcony, then stood at the opposite road side, seemingly to be a bit confused.

“Poumpua!” or something like that Mey said, (fat belly) and a second later the boys jumped down the stairs to the restaurant area, where the man, after crossing the road, had disappeared.

I knew by then for sure, what the fat ‘barang’ was looking for and got quite nervous. I lit another cigarette and smoked a bit hastily, snipped the half over the iron fence and then went downstairs, yet returned, when I saw ‘my’ boys sitting around that ‘Poumpua’, drinking Coke and Sprite from cans.

Another half of a cigarette went by, until I thought I wanted at least my prey back. So I stepped down again and short-mouthed ordered the kid back upstairs.

The boy obeyed a bit reluctantly, then, sitting down at my table on the balcony, explained:

“No worry – I not go! But the man fuck Tai already one time; now want fuck Tai again, and maybe Tue. After drink fini, they go quickly hotel! You angry?”

I shook my head ‘no’, but my smile was more then weak, so Mey continued:

“He pay soft drink a lot, good money for mom; other boys other house also come and drink!”

“And … fuck?” I added.

“No! OK, I don’t know, maybe one boy go, one no go … fuck a little, boy have money very happy, understand?”

“Yeah, sure I understand; I just didn’t expect this man coming right now, and when he’s going to fuck Tue …”

“Tac go look, only have condoms, man can fuck!” Mey then tried to calm me down, but failed, when I at the same time saw the fat man walking back the road he came before, followed about 20 m behind with ‘my’ three boys – shit!

“Marc, come down eat dinner!” the grandfather then called around the corner, and I took the opportunity to tell him right away:

“Be careful with whom your grandsons go away, doc. Not that the people will think here is a house of boys!”

Yeah, I was doubtless jealous and feared egoistical, that my ‘messing-around-place’ could be detected, spoiled by another nasty barang!

“Don’t worry; he good man; he came already one time. Now the boys go get chocolate too much; his hotel have little suite, not far away!” the grandfather said, laughing, covering the probably different truth behind his slit-eyed face.

“Well, sweet life for us!” I replied.

Of course I had then not yet any idea of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” … um, one of them is really a cutie, huh?

It was past 7 pm and dark, when the trio came back with plastic sacs full of chocolate packets, ball pens and a few dollars. I saw, that Tai was walking a bit differently as normal, but I was at the same time happy to see, that Tue didn’t act the same way. And really …

“Ass Tue still good: Poumpua try, cannot fuck; then fuck Tai, can!” Tac whispered in my ear, keeping his right thumb upwards, then went with his youngest brother and the packets up to their mother’s sleeping place under the roof.

As then Tue came to my place, I had already a question on my tongue, but …

“Ko sick; I ask, mom say I sleep Mey and you, can! Happy?”

That damn’ slit-eyed little rascal!

“Hey, that’s great! Are you not afraid then about my not very thin penis?” I asked, pulling a bit at his half stiffened nail in his shorts.

“Afraid little; you careful, we happy; fuck night 10, fuck 12 again, sleep, then fuck morning, OK?”

These boys always with their ‘OK’!

“OK!” I grinning replied and thought, that it might work, at least once at 10 pm, and probably early morning too! But after Tue would then be neatly deflowered, I would pent-up my sperm for Chantha. I wanted my slime at least splatter across his surely sweet kid-face, but knew me well enough, that I would have a 2nd ejaculation inside his slim butt too.

I had then to re-arrange my crotch, just thinking about Chantha, if he would look the way I already imagined. I was almost 100% sure, that I would be able to undress and ‘use’ him in less then 24 hours!

My god – where am I! (Um … who and what I am, too!)

What for a life! What a bliss … ASIAN BLISS!

And back home were a fully cooperating orphan and some other boys waiting for me in the boarding school!

Um … for how long?

‘No, not such thoughts know; just think positive, as we get what we are imagining; the stronger we do it, the faster it becomes true, huh?’

I had skipped the planed boxer-shorts-show for tomorrow evening or later, and after some news and a movie from the French spoken TV5 Asie, I lifted at 10.30 pm the on the sofa sleeping Tue up, snuggled him at my chest, kissed him briefly and, holding his little bum easily with my right palm, went with him to bed.

Mey was on the right side and already sleeping … in boxer shorts! He hadn’t asked to take one, and it was not the one foreseen for him, as it seemed to be a bit loose – well, that could wait until tomorrow.

I locked the door, got undressed, freed the yawning Tue from his little clothes too and went with him, both naked, into the middle, pulling him close at my left side, where I would later spoon him, trying to enter his still intact, only by Tac’s harmless ‘wiener’ a few times brushed rectum!

It was rather hot, and we needed the switching fan badly, had not to cover us like Mey did, who all the years later very seldom slept without shirt, not to talk about shorts!

The dimmed shine from outside gave me enough light to see what I was doing, taking the Johnson’s, oiling my right’s fingers, then lubing with fast growing hunger Tue’s very little bum, before I turned him a bit to his left, letting my for young kids eyes mighty, throbbing man-tool rest across his two tiny peach-globes.

Some have probably seen b/w-pics from ‘JD’ in the late 70ies, or later on the net – well, I remember it looked with Tue and me the same way; not better: barely 2/5 of globe-width (3”) at each side of my hard penis’ 1/5 (2”)!

‘No, impossible!’ I said to myself, then turned and grabbed Mey around his waist and shoulder, then lifted him over me to my favorite side on the left, pulled his boxer shorts down and lubed his tiny pucker with my oily hand, before I brought my swollen cock head to his already well used entry! Um … his total width wasn’t that much more – around 9.5” between the hipbones only!

“Caref … mmmpffffhhhh … mmmmmhhh … mmmhhhhhh … mmmmmhhhh …” awakening Mey sleepily started to warn, but then I had already closed his mouth and was on the way to the hilt!

I then waited some and gave his mouth free, letting him breath deeply, before I started to slowly fuck my first chosen boy, doing him and his white little anus with long, but strong strokes, and when he began to give himself a wank, I knew he could handle the pain, could then enjoy the lust that came, when I brushed over his little prostate, stimulating him, turning him on more, letting him rub his gorgeous built boy penis with his thin fingers and the small hand, which became a blur.

“Da … daaaaaaddddddiiiieeeeee …” he moaned suppressed, then let go of his almost to an end jacked-off pre-teen little “Weisswurst”, his saclet tight below with the two orbs up in firing position, pulled Tue to him and pushed his most erect “Pimmelchen” in fucking motions between Tue’s thin thighs, where he suffered a body-shaking climax, what then brought myself very easy over the brink, pounding my not yet 11-year-old kid a last couple times right hard, before grunting and then gushing my hot spunk as deep as I could into his bowels and up to the boy’s stomach – so at least it felt to me!

Tue then came into life, not too much, but enough to turn around, to grin and then to dig his little face into Mey’s fucked crack, as soon as I had disconnected from the well shagged boy, licking away, also from my deflating tool, what ever I had given to my sweet ‘son’.

“Milk you good! Morning you fuck, sure?”

“Sure, Tue! Don’t worry,” I replied silently, regretting it already, when not long after I could see the two bros so sweetly sleep, snuggled up to each other like puppy dogs, Tue still naked, and Mey’s boxer shorts below his knees …


It was around 5 am, when I got again disturbed by the smell of a charcoal fire from down in the restaurant, as the women were preparing the breakfast for costumers and had to grill pork-meat.

The two boys had separated, and slowly I squeezed myself between the little bodies and did not hesitate to quickly lube up Tue’s smallish bum, crack and hole.

I had promised it to the little boy, and now I had to fuck that very young child – and I wanted it then by myself too!

However, I thought it would help the tiny butt and my dick, if I put him onto the old fridge. And after the awaken boy was placed on a pillow on his back on the refrigerator, his thin legs stretched up, resting on my shoulders, my then god-damn’ hard penis was correct in height at the child’s rectal entry, and my sac felt the coolness of the fridge’s metal door.

“There is a little pain first, so I’m going to close your mouth now; after a while I’ll go slowly in to the full length, OK?” I whispered to Tue.

The 6-year-old boy nodded and even grinned a bit, slit-eyed, as ever, but I thought his grin wasn’t that strong as always, then …

“Mmmmpffffff … mmmmpfff … mmmmpffff … mmmpfffffmmmmmmpfffffmmmmmmpffffffmmmmppppffffff … mmmhhh … mmhhh …”

I waited for the ‘crack-loud’, but there was no bone broken, although Tue’s bum looked really as hacked apart with an axe, though still having my stem inside!

“Wow! You in! You really full in! Now tourist me fuck, can!” Tue exclaimed silently, when checking with his little fingers his extremely expanded hole and my badly hardened stake, before gripping his before erect, then deflated, and now again growing, for his age longish boy penis, starting to rub its foreskin up and down.

However, when I pulled some back, then tried to push in again, he squirmed a bit with a pain drawn onto his cute face; but that imp didn’t ask me to stop, but gripped the fridge’s brinks tighter, then poked his little heels onto my back and hissed:

“Now fuck me, Marc; a bit hard and, um … I cry you slap my mouth; sure, can … please!” he begged, then continued to wank his proud stiffie with his right, but gripping the fridge’s edge hart with his left.

I fucked him, shagged him – not rape-like, but a bit hard at the end, and then I slapped once very slightly his mouth, when he was whimpering a bit too loud, as his cherry then definitely got destroyed; and this stupid harmless ‘slap’ kicked me off of the playground, and trying to keep my mouth shut, I rammed a last few times quite hard into the child onto the fridge, pounded my then tight sac onto the door and then emptied myself almost literally into this damn’ horny, just six years old boy-child, making a noise by rocking the fridge around then – damn’ again!

“Shhhhhh!” Mey shouted silently, and we all froze, when a shadow passed by outside our window – passed by only!

I didn’t know how often I had pumped into the little kid; more then I had hoped, for sure, leaving me with the feeling, that my sex-tool and sperm-makers are working well again, letting me promise not to sexually overdue myself another time!

Oh yeah, I was still smoking cigarettes then, the one filled with tobacco, as well as all other kinds and sizes of pricks, of course!

Then I called Mey to the fridge, to quickly lick away, what probably would seep out of his half-brother’s butt hole, and when I withdraw carefully, we both, Mey and I, got a shock, as we had to see how badly expanded and stretched Tue’s sphincter was, red and sore, and lots of slime, that poured out then onto the refrigerators top, forced, as the child then probably let go a silent fart!

Mey hesitated, but licked at least some form the crack’s sides and the track, that just started to run down the fridges door, whereas I then grabbed the boxer shorts, which Mey had on the half of the night, up from the floor and cleaned with the fabric’s inner front Tue’s properly fucked bum, comforting it after then with a bit Nivea lotion.

Then I held my arms to him, and with some un-ease, Tue lifted himself up and let then carry him to the bed again, kissing me, saying “Thank you – see you again,” and then was grinning as always: slit-eyed!

Mey checked the boxer shorts, which had then a rather damp, slimy front. He wrinkled his cute nose, but after one or two seconds, he slipped into them and pulled them up, his precious boy-stiffie thru the wet fabric clearly visible then! And barely onto the bed again, he started to jack his boy-erection thru the cloth, and, with Tue’s little hand fondling the almost 5 years older, though not yet bigger saclet and the orbs, Mey needed not more then a minute to dryly cum into the cloth, shaking his legs a couple times, then grinned slightly panting at me, held the shorts’ wet fabric a bit up and said:

“Look, I milk now too muts. You wait; I big I make milk go inside trousers a lot!”

“Sure, Schaetzele,” I replied smiling, probing his jacked off, still hard pre-teen stiffie, then continued, “but don’t hurry with that, as I like you the way you are just now! Soon enough your eggs will grow and drop, and then your sweet kid-penis will get longer and thicker as well, then even change the color a bit, getting some browner, what I will appreciate and enjoy as well, then!”

“Oh no! I no like penis brown. If brown, I cut; you cook and eat; yesterday you say you like eat all, eat with eggs – like?” he asked.  

“Yeah, I would like to eat all your sweet cute private parts, Mey. But more I will like to drink your boy-juice, when you are ripe enough to squirt sperm, Schaetzele,” I grinning replied.

“Oh, joke only, daddy – no true!” Mey gave back with a cute hint of uncertainty, guessing, if I probably could really eat his immature penis and saclet!

Mey then gave himself a push, took his towel from a chair near the fridge and went out to the ‘bathroom’ on the balcony. Tue thought for some seconds, then got up too, stretched, and then, nude as he was and sporting a 20 degrees stiffie, followed Mey, waiting then outside the toilet for his turn.

When the two half-brothers came back, shuddering and still a bit wet, I helped them to dry their hair better and get dressed with their clothes, before both of them went downstairs to help in the restaurant.

An hour later, after I had had again a little nap, I joined them too, ordered rice with grilled pork and mixed pickles, then sat aside from Tai, who stood!

The 8-year-old grinned rather sheepishly at me, and without asking him, he bent and whispered:

“’Poumpua’ big too muts. He say he long 7.5” and thick 2.5 inches – I pain too muts, now go toilet ‘panha’ (problem). Now I stop; I good, you like fuck, can, um … wait three days, OK?”

“Oh, then take good care and lube with some cream. You can show me your bum later upstairs, then I’ll see how long I have to wait, until I can flush your young body with my semen, Tai,” I concerned replied, happy, that Tue’s defloration with a man-tool didn’t occur any problems so far! Well, um … with 6.5” length and barely 2” in diameter I couldn’t compete with ‘Poumpua’, but was then rather happy with my average size, still able to connect anally with a young male child, with Tue, with Walter … with Roman decades ago, who even was younger and slightly smaller then the little Vietnamese kid!

Tai then went with his mother and Mey to the local market; Tue was in the restaurant’s kitchen, washing dishes in plastic bowls on the floor, whereas Tac and his elder female cousin Batan were still serving the guests.

When I saw that all adults and the girls were busy or out of the house, I climbed up the ladder to see how Ko’s flu has developed and was happy, that he had already recovered some.

“If you want fuck, can! I cream hole already; I, um … fuck finger a bit,” he even offered, admitting his nasty sin. His face was before still paler then yesterday, but then colored up some, when he turned willingly to his left side, pulling with his right his thin night shorts behind down over his round tight ass cheeks, showing his Nivea-glancing crack!

I checked my wristwatch: 7.30 am; more then six hours to go and time enough to fill my nuts up again, until Chantha would hopefully loose his virginity!

“Um, slap two times, then fuck … please!” my sweet little masochist begged.

I nodded, breathed heavily and brought my palm forcefully down, hitting each of his big white globes, which quickly turned a bit red, making Ko gasp loudly! Then I pushed my fly-less shorts together with my briefs down to my knees and, after a quick adjustment, pushed the whole length in a not so slow motion into my most favorite ass in this house, then gripped Ko’s thick, white penis thru the fabric and started to give him a wank, when I simultaneously shoved my ‘boy-ass-cleaner’ in a neat pace to and fro, then faster … and faster … and harder … and stronger … and … and …

“Unnnghhhhhh … Maaaarc … I … ohhhh … mmnggghhhh … mnnggg … mngggg … ahnnggg … annhgg … ah … aaaahhhhhhhhh …”

That was Ko, whose wasteful produced boy-cream at his actual pubescent stage was boiling over rapidly in his fleshy peach-sac. It was pressed up the hard stem and out thru the tight foreskin’s narrow gap into the cloth, which was wrapped around his strongly throbbing, ejaculating boy-penis, held with my right fist in a tight grip, soaking then the fabric, making my hand slippery, making me …

“Ohhhhh shiiiit … Ko … my dear … I’m … ferti … lizing … you … n … noooowwww … annghh … annghhh … mngghhh … ahh … ahhhh …”  

I was still pumping and squirting into the 12-year-old boy, when he hastily shoved my fist from his mighty boy-cock and quickly began to finger its top thru the wet, slippery cloth, wanked it, rubbed its head only down with thumb and two fingertips, whereas I, after having shoved a last time fully into the pre-teen kid, grabbed his big sac out from between his thighs and kneaded its heavy nuts inside, kneaded and squeezed them, bent and kissed the pale cheeks, searched for his lips, and almost thought I would give it another try and fuck that damn’ horny boy again, when the slim pre-teen boy finally tensed, then sharply took some air in, before bucking several times, forming a fetal position and gazing totally lost at the opposite wall!

“Oh god, Ko; my dear sweet Ko,” I stuttered almost, feeling, that the kid was my number one at that time, when I carefully took his little, cum-shining fingers away from the freshly ejaculated organ beneath the cloth, where the spunk was pressed thru already during the 1st and, wet then, easily by the 2nd seminal emission.

I brought the delicate extremities to my mouth and kissed and licked them clean and kissed them again, nibbled at the whole sweet hand, before carefully lifting his shorts, accepting gladly, no: greedily the stroke his copious unloaded puddles and strings of both white and opaque boy-slime served to my brain!

“You are a wonderful boy, Ko,” I exclaimed, when I had sucked clean his dick’s slimy, ‘wrecked’  foreskin, “you shot gallons of healthy, surely fully mature boy-sperm into your thin shorts, and I really love you for that, and for your nice, tight ass too, and …”

“But my peni broken,” Ko interrupted me then.

“Shhhh … Ko! I even love you for that not perfect penis, which you can ‘repair’ later. But don’t hurry with that, as I’m sure we will have a good time together, Ko – for several more years, I guess, huh?”

“Yeah … I hope! Um … you want me, you take me – you no ask … Uiiiiihhhhh … OK … fuck me … ohhhhhhh … fuck fini? Um … OK!”

I really drove a bit wild again and hammered my still rather inflated stem five or six times into his fucked ass, before I thought better, thought about Chantha, and therefore left my sweet, anally well used Ko, asking him to carefully get out of his shorts, leave it for me and dress with a clean one.

I wanted them to dry up with the full boy-load inside at the front, but had to taste a bit, and then some more, until only a slimy texture was left to dry and stain up onto the fabric, hopefully starching the little shorts nastily … for me to feel and sniff on, of course!

“I’ll probably fuck you again later this afternoon,“ I let him know, and after I had lifted his fresh shorts and kissed his ball-sac, his penis and then his mouth, I carefully went backwards down the ladder, when Ko whispered:

“You come you bring rope for hand and feet, then fuck – I happy, can?”

“Can! I replied, breathing sharply about this thought, then went down and to the toilet for just an ordinary business.


Tac called me later and said, that Rotana was waiting downstairs.

I almost jumped down the stairs and saw the late pre-teen lad, clad in yesterdays black t-shirt, but wearing long, black school trousers, sitting at the farthest away table; his longish legs were spread and a neat, not too obscenely bulge could be seen on his left crotch side, almost resting on the chair.

I offered him and Tac a Coke and learned, that he would get me about 1.30 pm and later inform his younger bro, after he was back from school, that I wanted to see how people are living here, that I was a friend of Tac, and … if I could buy Chantha a present for his 12th birthday, not an expensive-one!

“Sure I can, um … for how much you think?”

“Oh, just 2 or 3 dollars – you can ask him what he wants, then I’m sure you can, um … aside from masturbating, he is not yet so much aware of sexual things; so I guess you easily can … you know …” Rotana explained, shaking carefully his right a bit above his crotch.

“And how about this?” I replied, and made a ring with my right’s thumb and digit, then was stinging thru with the cigarette I had lit.

“You ask and try carefully, but I guess he will love you anyway, so …” Rotana said, and blushed sweetly.

“You damn’ cute lad, Rotana! Um … do you have some time, or …” I asked, shoving my thumb in my mouth.

The kid blushed more, and the crotch was nastily bulged then.

“Come quickly upstairs, boy!” I said, not waiting for an answer, “It won’t take you long; just come and go first, while I’m paying!” I huskily demanded and stood, whereas Rotana then went clumsily upstairs, bent forwards to hide a bit his erection.

“Rotana good boy; you make Chantha new friend, no problem,” Tac said smiling at me, patting my shoulder.

“Thanks, Tac,” I said, leaving him worth half a dollar in local currency.  

Then I went quickly upstairs, where Rotana stood nervously aside from my bedroom’s door. I opened, shoved the horny, slightly trembling lad in, locked and pushed the kid at the door, kissing him, grabbing his bulge and kneading him there intensely.

The slender boy was hot, kissed passionately and did not reject my hand, which had started to give him an earnest wank thru his trousers … and briefs, that’s what I could clearly feel.

I jacked him quickly then, but held the boy at the door and had his mouth closed with mine, when the inevitable started to occur, as the still for two months pre-teen kid tensed, then shuddered and with several groans into my mouth discharged his surely thick semen into his briefs, bucking hard into my body then, before nearly collapsing to the floor, had I not steadied him.

“Good boy, Rotana, very good!” I hissed, still milking the strong pole I held thru the fabric, before continuing, ”let me see now how much you have shoot, kid!”

I went on my knees and opened the button and then the zipper, and right away could smell the freshly spilt sperm, the unique scent I so much liked from cute pubescent lads, but especially from ‘newly spunky-ones’, as Chantha seemed to be – I, the boy-sap-addict that I anyway was!

He had a white Calvin, a faked from China, I guessed, but white it was, and soaked with slime, and when I lifted the waistband, pulling his brown, cum-coated penis out, I licked it away as if I was almost starving to death! His cum was thicker then Ko’s, tasted somehow riper, had a tighter consistence, was not salty, but … it seemed as Ko’s pre-teen semen was really a bit sweet, what I did not realize, when eating his seminal release before.

“Did you masturbate this morning, Rotana?” I asked, slurping at his gorgeous thick penis, making it harder again.

“No, um … I thought you might be interested … ohhhhh … do you think … I can … aaahhh … f … fuuuck your … ohhh … mouth?”

“Oh … my mouth? Of course you can!” I relieved replayed, already thinking he wanted to fuck my … ass!

In the past it happened once in a while with a very close boy, but none had a too strong developed tool yet, and I really didn’t wait for Rotana’s fat thick.

However, I soon would allow his brother Chantha to unload himself into me, repeatedly later, and when Tue got spunky, but was already 14 then, he too could convince me a dozen times or so!

I gagged, when his firm tool went down my throat, though he didn’t really want his penis go too much in my gullet, and when he after not more then two minutes came, his fat, pulled-up sac slapping hard at my chin, I had to cough and spat a cum-gob or two onto his black, formerly school trousers, where I smeared it hastily away, leaving a shiny track on the fabric, that could be still seen later at his home.

“Thank you, Marc!” Rotana said panting, then stored his deflating tool and zipped up.

“I thank you, Rotana, for your nice thick, very delicious mature boy-semen you have spent to me, hey!”

“Daddy, you fuck Rotana?” Mey asked silently outside, back from the market.

“No, he was fucking my mouth, um … come, I open the door; it’s time for you to get another fuck, boy!” I replied, and let my real number one in.

“Hi,” he said to Rotana, who blushed fiercely, when giving a “Hi … Mey” back to the younger boy.

“I know, that you two love each other, therefore lets do what lovers do, boys!” I said, grinning, and as there wasn’t any protest coming, I was more then right about my thoughts, not yet knowing, that it would last for quite some years, later!

We still had some time, and I got a new idea then, when lifting Mey up and asking him to hold me like a chimpanzee, before I shoved the boy’s shorts down, just past his anal entry, then asked Rotana to get the Johnson’s from the bed-board. I oiled my ‘son’ by myself, whereas Rotana had to take out his genitals just thru the fly, both the penis and the sac, and then had to approach with the cock-glans ahead the desired goal.

“Oh, I think he fuck like this, no can!” Mey brought out his doubts.

“Can!” I just replied.

“I, um … I don’t know if I have some more … you know … sperm …” Rotana said then shyly.

“Have!” I just stated doubtless.

We stood in the room, and I wanted it to happen that way, when I snuggled Mey’s pretty head into my left armpit, whereas Rotana had to poke his victim’s rectum already a bit, then had to rest his cute face on my right shoulder. Now I was holding Mey’s right globe with my left, and pulled Rotana’s firm, still rather small butt closer with my right, forcing him that way to enter Mey, to penetrate him, to shove his for a thin lad massive weapon up into the tight tunnel, until I could feel no more space between the mating bodies of the two different races of a white, barely eleven-, and a brown, soon thirteen-year-old pre-teen boy!

When Mey had relaxed, I gave Rotana a slight nod, and the lad quickly started, pulled two, three times just the half out and back in, before removing his brown pole almost fully, then shoving it back forcefully, slapping his fat sac at Mey’s lowered shorts.

“Uiiiiihhhh, not so hard!” Mey shouted, gripping my chest tightly with his thin legs then.

“Just careful! That’s it, Rotana; now go some harder again … yeah … good boy,” I instructed and praised the Khmer kid, then pursed my lips and asked him to meet me … “Mmmmmpfffhhh!”

After that, Rotana turned his head all the while up to me, begging to get kissed again; and the more we pressed our wet mouth’s at each other, the faster and harder the lad banged his explosive tool into Mey’s small body, and because he had already shot two loads, it took the milk-coffee-brown kid quite some time to fire another salve of Cambodian boy-semen into the still pre-pubescent, white Vietnamese boy.

“Ro …ta … na … now … fuck … very … hard … pain … little … no … pro … blem. He … good … fucking … boy … huh?” Mey tried to express himself and briefly kissed my left cheek, but was gliding across to my nose, when the older lad was obviously nearing his sexual peak, and hammering then his strong penis piston-like into the younger boy’s little ass, bumped the lite body hardly against me.

Mey giggled and tried to kiss me again, failed twice, before he eventually stuck out his rosy tongue, licking me where ever he could, giggling sweetly again, though almost brutally fucked then by Rotana, who was right then tensing up, throwing his cute head into his neck, letting me see the white of his eyes, whereas I thought to feel the streams of pure, virgin boy-sperm the barely 13-year-old boy pumped faltering, but with all his young power into the slim kid’s little ass, stuffing his guts.

“Ahh … unnnghhhhhhhhh ...” Rotana gasped shortly, then just once moaned, pressing then his full lips tightly together!

“Oh Jesus, Rotana … my goodness … yeah … what a great job you are doing … damn’, yeah again … fill Mey up … let your spunk flush his young body … just pump out of your ejaculating penis, whatever is still in the tube and the heavy balls to deliver … fill up his little stomach and squirt your spunk up his gullet … make him spit out and swallow your cream … oh … ooohhhhhhhhh … what … ohhh … hold me … wait, I’ll help you … oh, some spunk here … never mind … huh? You OK again! Go … sit here onto the chair … damn’, Rotana …”

The poor lad had an extremely strong climax and tried his best to bring all his available spunk to his ‘new home’, when he was loosing power during the last 3rd of his seminal discharge, and, fainting almost, weak in his knees, slipped out of Mey, squirting a few last cum-blasts across Mey’s perfectly fucked bum, coating his globes, my holding hand and the little shorts.

Both Mey and I looked at the heavily panting boy on the chair, his small torso leaned at the back, his long arms and hands hanging limply down, his well-known longish legs stretched, and his used genitals as an obscenely lump into his open crotch, the sausage deflated, the big eggs dropped, a few cum stains around …

He locked just … beautiful!

“Just rest some; you really deserve it after that extraordinary job, Rotana!” I comforted the kid, who then smiled weakly at me.

I wanted to suck clean his genitals, but first had to work on Mey, when I had lifted the boy and then, turning him in the air, licked first his spunk-coated globes clean, then scooped a gob out of his shorts, before I dug my face into his crack, comforting his gaping hole there too, until I let him to the floor, then could finally lick my cum-shining hand.

When Mey had his little shorts up and wanted to sit onto the bed, he quickly lifted one ass cheek, as he momentarily couldn’t bear a certain ‘after-fuck-pain’ he suffered in his bum’s sweet little middle … well, that happens! He hesitated to join me, when I was licking Rotana’s genitals, but then came at least to nibble at the big eggs and kiss the fleshy, slightly tumescent tube, which was shortly before connected to his slim body.

Then he stood and asked me:

“You later go visit Rotana?”

“Yeah, just after lunch, for a while only,” I replied, then stood too, whereas Rotana stuffed his saliva-licked sex-tools away, then got up as well.

“Daddy … I afraid you fuck Chantha – I jealous!” Mey then honestly said, silently, not looking at me.

“Oh Mey – come to me, yeah … see, I love you, and if Chantha likes to get fucked, he and me will be very happy; um … and if I’m very happy, I can make you happy too, when I’m back home, um … yeah, my home is here, with you, Mey … only with you!”

Then Mey sniffed, let two tears, one for each eye, run down his white cheeks, whereas I had to rub some silly dampness out my own eye’s corners – we had things in common, Mey and I, what I would learn later all the coming years!

“I know, um … you fuck, you very careful – Chantha very thin boy!” Mey warned me, then pressed his sweet little mouth on mine, before he went downstairs, swiftly followed by Rotana, who himself had planted a kiss on my lips, when slipping out the door.


Later I could check Tai’s a bit bruised bum hole, but it wasn’t hurting him anymore, he assured me, and asked just for one more day, before I could fuck him – I didn’t know then if I really should, or would! At the other hand I wanted to shag Chantha, before I even had seen him; so it was surely just a matter of time, until Tai had to climb onto the old fridge in my room!

At noon I had lunch downstairs, sitting with the doc, Mey and his mom, talking a bit about what kind of school would be possible for him, as he didn’t attend any again after his first year at age six. They all were quite grateful, when I proposed an English school for kids, so he could later attend a full program private school then.

“You fuck Chantha, I no angry, no jealous. You like Chantha come here, you bring … I, um … like see his … penis coming out water milk!” Mey whispered to me, when the adults were gone.

That damn’ sly kid: for benefits he would do almost anything – ‘careful, Marc,’ I thought, ‘careful with that imp!’

After a nap with Mey, who wanted his penis twice jacked, once thru my hand, and once by sucking him, I had a coffee and a cigarette downstairs, before Rotana came at 1.30 pm with his Honda 90cc to pick me up, bringing me after a 5 minutes ride and buying two half-ripe mangoes to an a bit shabby row-house, where he locked his moto, then brought me up the messy stairway into the most upper 3rd floor, then into a small, but neat looking flat. He quickly pulled me into the two boys bedroom and lifted the pillow from the one of the right side, grabbing a little piece of a ‘bath-towel’, more a washcloth, holding it under my nose.

It was the scent of sweet young boy-sperm – no doubt!

“This little towel is new, but he did it his morning; I heard him wanking, when I was in the kitchen; see – here is a damp spot, but here is another one, still a bit wet!” Rotana eagerly explained, then put it back and hurried me out.

“He’s coming!” he whispered, pushing me further into the ‘living room’, obviously their mother’s bedroom, but furnished too with a sofa, a little table and a TV.

Then the door went open, and  - there he was: Chantha, light-brown-skinned, two weeks shy of twelve, and … already my secret pride!

‘Oh god, what damned long legs he has, that cute face, those long slender hands, that short torso, those quite short blue school shorts, his white, neatly ironed shirt: a copy of his elder brother Rotana; just lighter, not so milk-coffee-brown, but more slender, skinnier maybe, yet so cute, stunning, then smiling at me with big, white, perfect teeth!

“Jum rep soua, look!” he said with a thin, high voice, which would surely start to crack a few months later.

I was completely caught and touched by this young, slender kid; this gorgeous tall child with an actually and only temporarily non-proportional build, which then and always excited me extremely, his longish hands, folded to greet me in Buddhist manner in front of his sweet, flawless face with the cute snub nose …

“This is Chantha, um … this is Marc, a friend of Tac, um … he’s living in their house actually and, um … wants to see how people are living here, you know …” Rotana helped me to ease the tense.

I stood, gulped and folded my hands the same way, then stretched it for a usual Western style greeting, feeling that my face had to burn in flames, that much the kid impressed all of my sense – yeah, ALL!

His smooth slim hand was so smooth, seemed a bit weak, but it was a gift for me to hold it for a while … a while too long, what he didn’t mean, not at all, even let then go almost reluctantly – oh god!

Though quite friendly, Chantha was still a bit on distance and didn’t sit aside me onto the sofa, but, thankfully, pulled a chair vis--vis me and sat there.


Yeah, after some small talk, Rotana brought the cut mangoes and a bit of a salt/chili mixture, and when Chantha was eagerly munching away, he completely innocently lifted his left leg up and put his foot, a big one, onto the chair.

I was before already sure, that the boy had his private parts in a lump beneath his crotches right side, and then …

Then the most exciting shock: Within a second I could see all he had – ALL!

Chantha was dipping a piece of mango into the spice, and I just glared at the boy’s junction: His thin long left leg was straight, but the right as told was almost 90 degrees up with its grown foot onto the chair. I could, no: simply had to see all he had to carry with him and stared at the point, which matters all! As most boys his age, he still wasn’t wearing briefs, so I saw, where a longish, pubescent sac hung down, its content with two dropped, about jackfruit-nut-sized balls, not small at all, was resting on the chair, and a probably 1.25-inches thin, light-brown tube, but measuring already 5 inches, with its foreskin covered, was lying a bit sideward to the right onto his long pouch, just a tiny bit inflated, outdoing the sac about an inch in length, the head with its puckered foreskin on the seat as well!

Oh my god – what for a damn’ dangerous sight! What to do – how to react now?

“How … uuhckkkkkss,” I had to cough first, “how old are you now, Chantha?” I asked then, smiling like an idiot at him, I thought, when I had torn my gaze with all my might away from his blessed crotch, seeing Rotana nervously smiling, out of my eyes’ corners.

“Oh, 10 days my birthday, then I’m twelve,” he quickly replied with his soprano voice, resting his left on his respective bare thigh.

“You got nice slender hands,” I admitted, and dared to pat, then grab and lift up his slim hand with the long, filigree fingers, and I thought, that alone that was already bliss for me … ASIAN BLISS!