M/b, b/b

A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc


Part 6

The soon to be 12-year-old, rather tall, slim built boy, still more a child then his ten months elder brother Rotana, smiled sheepishly at me, as I continued to gently stroke and caress his longish left hand with its delicate, also long, thin fingers.

“Twelve, huh? That’s great! You know, I like slender boys with nice long hands; you could even become a piano player, and nicely play around, um … on yourself too, with your longish fingers, huh? You know, um … especially when a boy, um … a bit a developed-one like you, reaches the age of twelve, at the brink of puberty, um … you know, when a boy’s body gets bigger everywhere, um … what do you want for your birthday?” I asked, breathing shallowly, almost sweating after my nasty trial, but still holding his left hand in mine, trying not to tremble too much, but did anyway a bit!

“My … birthday?” he wanted to know.

“Your hands are so damn’ nice, so slim and long,” I turned again back to my nasty side, afraid, that I could loose the sexual track.

“Oh … yeah, um … my hands are really long, and bony; but my legs are also much too long now,” he commented, nodding a bit sadly.

With that, unluckily for me, he brought his right leg down, joining his other in a ‘neat’ position; he sucked in his belly, whilst automatically pulling the shorts’ leg opening over his dormant pee- and sex-tools. Not that it had disturbed him really, when having exposed his sexual equipment, not at all! He truly didn’t care about that, but was then destroying the fabulous sight I had at his shortly before so excitingly uncovered, pubescent, but still hairless genitals.

I gulped in pain about the lost view! However, when I shortly after discovered two small, not quite well visible, but definitely certain dried-up spots around his zipper, I got at least something back from him and guessed, that the child had had a wank at school and messed himself a bit up – great!

(It was not, that I haven’t seen such views anymore; in fact I could see that all the time then with younger boys, and often with pubescent, not briefs-wearing 12- or 13-year-olds too, as then all the shorts were still short shorts, like in the 60ies and 70ies in the Western world! Even Mey was later astonishingly still innocent enough at his just freshly spunky age of 13, when once e.g. eating an ice-cream cone in the restaurant, having a naked foot on the chair and giving free sight on his growing, ‘out- and down-hanging’ private parts!)

“Oh no, your body is perfect, um … well; I like slender boys, even a bit skinny-ones, and I like them, when they are growing, growing everywhere, you know …” I tried to sexually prepare him again, but didn’t make the internationally known ‘up-down-sign’, not yet!

“But I don’t need anything for my birthday,” he then remembered me.

“Oh, sure? But I guess you would probably like a new pair of nice, dark-blue boxer shorts you can wear at home after school, and later to sleep in too; what do you think?”

“Oh … um … I mean, yeah … but only if you … would you really?” he then asked with very big eyes and a hopeful, heart-braking smile, giving sight on his two big front-teeth behind nearly raspberry colored lips.

“I would!” I just replied, and dared to breath a kiss onto his left hand.

The boy giggled and shrugged his smallish shoulders, but didn’t pull back his smooth, though bony hand, still left it in mine.

“Um, you can get two presents in fact, if you want: that told boxer shorts I want to try on you later, and at your 12th birthday something a bit more expensive.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” the slim kid replied, suddenly sure, that I meant what I had said, but not so much, if he really could accept it – that’s what I thought then.

“Rotana, listen! Go back to Mey and ask him for new blue boxer shorts in the cellophane. Take the middle size from the ones I have there, it might be not too tight, but also not too loose, you know …” I blinked briefly at him, then, “and buy a big bottle of Coke on the way back,” I ordered, and gave him 2 dollars, saying, that the rest was for gasoline.

“Give me at least an hour and a half, OK?” I asked Rotana silently, when he was leaving the flat, giving me back a grinning nod, but a whispered “Careful!” too.

Then I went into the combined living/bedroom and, rubbing my palms, asked the pre-teen boy, who was undressing his shirt, showing me his perfect, smallish torso, which was still completely undeveloped, cute, and most adorable in my ‘boy-addicted’ eyes:

“What shall I do now with such a long-legged kid, huh?” and then I had already grabbed his slim waist and stemmed his lite body up to the ceiling, throwing him two, three times in the air, letting him giggle and then wrap his legs around me, when I held him afterwards firmly, feeling my horn protruding my jeans’ crotch obscenely, just an inch below his tight small butt.

I briefly kissed him on both cheeks, then even onto his still little snub nose, what made him giggle again, but then I went more down over his silky smooth skin to his two small nipples, and suckled shortly, and that made him smile then rather sheepishly, before I casually said:

“Come, show me your bedroom and the place, where you are sleeping!”

I didn’t let him down to the floor, until we were in the boy’s room, gently stroking his creamy back and one of his silken thighs, asking him then, which bed his was.

“This,” he said, stretching his right’s long digit to the bed on the right side, what I knew and where I then sat down, him straddling my lap, his barely covered crotch then pressing into mine, still involuntarily, I guessed. But he was then some more excited, what brief glimpses clearly made sure, as his quickly rising, then stiffened ‘wiener’ showed me its shape in a slight curve upwards to his flat belly, almost lifting up the shorts’ waistband.

I took his face, held his smooth cheeks in my hand and said something I once in a while used to say to cute, likely willingly, pubescent boys at the beginning of a potential sexual friendship:

“What do you usually do first, when you are back home from school and nobody is around, Chantha – huh?”

I smiled non-committal at the kid and yeah … WOW! I clearly recognized him gazing for a split second to his pillow, as if to make sure, that his cum-towel was neatly hidden beneath.

He blushed cute, what thanks his lighter skin color was better visible as by Rotana.

“Oh … after school?” he asked, searching for an appropriate answer, “I, um …” he lost his track.

“Well, I guess you have sometimes homework from the school to do, huh?” I helped him.

His body jerked, and his waistband lifted itself up for a second, as his stiff penis throbbed beneath, before he then said: “Yes, school work!”

“And what else, after, if you are still alone, Chantha; I mean, um … see, we are both men here, and nobody can hear or see us, when we are talking and then, um … discussing some special boy things, huh?”

The cute child, caught in my seduction-snare, looked briefly in my eyes, then at his crotch, then looked again at me, some more blushed, breathing a “Yeah!”

“Fine! Um … you are a growing boy now! The legs are longer then before, the arms, the hands, the fingers, and the things that a boys carries around, um … between his legs, those things are also getting bigger, um … much bigger sometimes! I mean: they can get real big and stiff and hard, sometimes very often a day, even at school in the class, huh?”

The poor schoolboy let then his head down, did not want to meet my eyes, but at least nodded slightly.

By then I breathed audibly loud, and my voice got huskier, when I continued:

“You surely know, Chantha, that the eggs are usually the first to get bigger, and then the sac grows longer too, so that the balls are dangling low inside, like yours, I guess, huh?”

The boy nodded again, quickly, like his elder brother Rotana yesterday, when he wanted me to leave that theme.

However, I hadn’t that in mind, not before with Rotana, and of course not at all with Chantha! So I continued:

“This nuts, called testicles, are then going to produce semen, Chantha. And with that semen you can make babies, if you later as a man are fucking around with a woman, when you put your stiff penis into the hole of her vagina, humping then to and fro, until, um … I think you know, what semen, or sperm, is, or …”

“I know, I know, um … now I know, I guess …” the child hurried me ahead, shortly throwing a gaze at me, grinning a bit sour.

“Oh, good! Well, that’s the white slime, as you obviously know, that sometimes comes itself out in the night of the stiff penis, when you are asleep, during a so called ‘wet dream’, because it makes your night shorts slimy wet in the front, leaving a starched spot there, when it’s dried up in the morning!”

“Oh!” Chantha just chirped a bit.

“Right!” I continued, “but mostly it happens after … you know, after playing a bit with the hard dick, wanking around, jacking it off or rubbing it down with the hand; in the bed or in the toilet, huh?”

The boy, blushed deeper so cute, glimpsed again very shortly at me, then let his head more down and giggled quite nervously, whereas I could feel another clear twitch, then one more, between our crotches; and when he then wanted to glide back a bit, I just held him around his waist with my left, and firmly onto his thin neck with my right.

“I don’t want to embarrass you, Chantha. But your age is the most important in your life, as your body is changing now, and your before little fruits are getting bigger and riper between your thighs! See, since you don’t have a father, as Rotana sadly had told me yesterday, I want to help you a bit with that instead and only need to know, if everything is OK down there beneath your shorts, and if you already can squirt spunk, um … the white slime!”

The poor child just giggled, not facing me and surely embarrassed about my nasty questions, but I liked such situations a lot, and always repeated them with new kids in my boarding school’s place!

“Um … well, do you have already some of that slippery snot in your eggs?” I then wanted it to hear from him.

He just nodded slightly, again not eying me, and giggled high-pitched some more, probably about my gross description.

“Say: ‘I have already white, slimy spunk in my large eggs’!”

He looked then at least for a second or two confused at me, but then obeyed and repeated weakly:

“I have already, um … white slimy … spunk in my eggs!”

“In my large eggs! They are large, I guess, huh?”

“Yeah, a bit, I think!”

“OK! And,” nastily as I was, I insisted further, “do you really know already, how to play with the stiff penis, until after a while the white cream shoots out?”

He hesitated for two, three seconds, but then jerked briefly and nodded, after his dick in his little shorts had again clearly responded to the boy’s thoughts.

Wow, congratulation, Chantha! I hoped, that you not only had sperm, but also would play around with your pistol, until it would fire the sharp bullets up in the air,” I said, let go of his neck, tousled his black mop and held then my right to him, which he then took stunned first, then slightly relieved, how ‘normal’ I obviously was handling such a most private thing in that, concerning sexual behavior, pseudo-conservative society.

“Thank you,” he said, not knowing, what else he in such a special case should say anyway, then.

“However, I further hope strongly,” I continued, remaining on my track, “that you are always emptying your ball sac not only two times a day, but say at least 5 or 6 times, maybe even 7, when necessary, um … how often it happens a day, honestly, Chantha?”

“I? Um … you mean … this?” he asked carefully, and then rubbed hesitantly along his left digit with thumb and all fingers of his right!

Oh god – that damn’ pubescent child had me, showed me how he usually would rub his long thin dick! If he only knew what he had provoked – no: I would anyway soon take his sperm and virginity!

“You do ‘it’ like this, like with all your fingers and thumb?”

“Yeah,” he breathed.

“And you rub on your stiff penis up and down, until ‘it’ comes out?”

He nodded quickly, adjusted briefly his hard-on, and still wanted me probably to leave that subject now … or not yet?

“How often you have a wank, tell me!”

“Um … about five times, sometimes more, um … yeah, more …” he said, looking quickly again a bit unsure at me.

“Like … around eight or nine times, then?” I asked further, feeling my heart poking faster, and my dick throbbing harder, almost painfully.

“Yeah, um … but not every day, um … but mostly, I guess …” he replied.

I could not help but to smile at that cute, sexually maturing child, and he smiled then shyly back.

“I did ‘it’ 7 or 8 times too, when I was your age, um … no, about from age 5 on, and then ahead until 15/16; and today, um … sometimes two, sometimes 5 or more times!” I explained to the still willing looking kid.

“Do adults, um … I mean, do you … masturbate too, um … sorry …” he grinned quite guiltily, then.

“Of course! I’m not married and don’t want to get sick with prostitutes, um … taxi girls, you know. But I’m working in a boarding school for boys, and I help them to grow up, and some of them need a special help, need my hands, and I need theirs, to better ejaculate, to squirt their and my semen out, Chantha!”

“Oh … you do it really … with boys?”

“Yeah, sure, and I like that, though not talking to other people about! Um … see, that’s why I’m so much interested about your sexual development, and I’m sure, if I would not be here, you had had already a wank in your bed, huh?” I said, smiling at him in a jovial manner.

“Yeah,” he replied, and giggled a tiny bit more then last time.

I giggled too, and tickled him between his clearly visible ribs, and he giggled some more, of course, and I didn’t stop, but went further down, and he still giggled and writhed, and further down I went, until …

God, I had his bone in my hand; thru the cloth, though, but I had it: a long thin prick of a tall, slender, pubescent, 12-year-old child!

WOW! You have got quite a big stiffie here, boy! Hey, that’s great, um … how long is it then, fully stiff!”

He looked down at his crotch, where even the waistband of his shorts was slightly pushed out below his navel, whereas I almost didn’t dare to breath then anymore!

“Oh, I don’t know, really, I …”

“Lets measure it, come-on, I want to know it! Do you have a ruler?” I said, finally forcing him more.

“N …no, um … on the notebook’s back-cover is a printed-on measurement, wait … oh … I better lock the door, um … I mean, if Rotana … he never should know about, please …” he stuttered, then quickly went to push the button and set the chain, then nestled in his backpack and …

“Do you know how long Rotana’s penis is; stiff, I mean?” I suddenly asked.

Chantha turned to me, a disgusting shock on his face!

“Nooooo! Um … I mean, I have seen him sometimes changing clothes and so, and he has once in a while a hard dick, but I don’t know how long it might be … I mean … but its longer then mine, and much thicker, with the balls and so, and more brown too …”

“So you two bros never ever had had a wank together so far, maybe even … sucking each others dick, or … fucking each others bum hole?”

“What? You mean? Oh …”

“And you even haven’t seen him masturbating by accident, or in the night or so?” I quickly added.

“No; never! I know he does it too, when I’m in school, because I’m often washing the clothes, and he uses mostly one of his dirty briefs, sometimes a shorts or a shirt to clean up his … his spunk! But … he’s my brother, and it …”

“Did you ever smell at his cum-damp briefs or clothes, Chantha?” I interrupted him.

“I? Uh … sometimes, if it is still rather, um … slimy, um … mostly with one of his two slips, then … “


“Well, I wear them sometimes before washing, then make it, inside the briefs, you know … I … I shouldn’t, though …”


“But other than that … no, it would be not good to do something like … real sex, um … like all you have said before; understand!”

“Yeah, Chantha; everything clear!” I simply replied, not loosing my hope, though.

“I have the book,” he said, pulling it out of his backpack.

“Then let’s measure your growing things, come!” I ordered, but then …

WOW again!

No, I really hadn’t expected that! I mean, he was until then quite cooperative and on a good way to spill his semen again today, even to loose his cherry maybe, um … at latest at his 12th birthday, I hoped!

But I didn’t expect him to lift his shorts’ right leg opening, fishing careless out, what was hidden there beneath, showing me seemingly without embarrassment his stiff, long, after the half length slightly to the right crooked bolt, and his low hanging sac with the two oversized, dangling eggs inside!

“Do you can measure it that way, or should I get … naked?” he asked, the last word almost whispering, grinning a bit.

“Naked it is!” I just stated, but had to swallow, when he snipped his button open, then let the cloth with the two little sperm-spots slip down his thin legs, before stepping out, approaching me with his notebook and his not so perfectly straight-lined erection, where just below his for his slender build rather heavy nuts nicely swung in their longish pouch!

With trembling hands I took his notebook, then touched his hard boy-penis, which jerked immediately in my hand. The boy’s dick was hard as steel, but at the same time felt soft in my hand! I impossibly couldn’t resist anymore ...

“Mmmmmpffhhhh! … Mmmpfhh … mmmpfhh!”

I had planted a two-second-long, wet kiss onto his pulsating dick head, where the foreskin was halfway retracted, then breathed two brief- ones onto both his extremely grown nuts, inhaling at the same time the intoxicating scent such young boys have, their unique odor at the time they are just getting spunky, mixed with a slightest hint of sweet pee!

“Ohhhhh …” Chantha exclaimed, jerking back a bit.

“Did you like that?” I asked him smilingly.

“Oh, um … I don’t know, um … a bit, I guess, um … yeah …”

I did not hesitate!

“Ohhh … ah … aahhhhhhhhh …” he moaned, almost chirped in high soprano, when I boldly had engulfed his crispy wiener sausage, which jerked badly in my mouth, making the pubescent child push his slim hips, his bald, soft pubic-mound involuntarily into my face, what I gladly appreciated.

“No! That’s … gross!” the then hissed suddenly, and quickly pulled out, then tried to get his shorts up from the floor.

“Just a moment, Chantha – please! We have to measure your penis first, and I just needed to make it very stiff with my mouth!”

I felt, that the boy was checking me for a second, guessing probably, if I was insane, or if the thing with wetting the dick was likely OK, before he fortunately decided to ‘jump’ onto my side.

“Sorry, um … I didn’t mean it … I …”

“It’s all right; I just have to wet it again; come …” I interrupted him slyly, then grabbed his thin waist, pulled him to me and let his saliva-wet, throbbing tool glide into my open mouth.

“Ohhh … aahhhh … ahhhh … mnggghhhh … aaahhhhhhhhhhh …” he moaned, accelerating the intense, what let me then hesitantly spit out his thin, but longish, pre-sucked, 12-years-old schoolboy penis, though I had loved it too much to get his young nectar right away splashed at my tonsils.

“Was that a … blow-job now?” he shyly asked.

“Yeah, um … just the beginning, though. How do you know that word?”

“Oh, I heard it in school; a friend told me, that taxi girls suck dicks, and that foreigners like blow-jobs a lot …”

“Yeah, that’s true; but I prefer to be sucked by a boy, Chantha, not a girl!” I said, pushing the case further.

“Oh, um … I see, um … can you measure me now, then?” the thin, pre-teen boy in early puberty asked.

“Well, yeah - it’s nice stiff now, huh? Um, we have to measure it with the foreskin down, Chantha,” I huskily then said, and pulled at the ‘praeputium’, then bent the wet sex-tool in a horizontal position and tried to even the crooked shaft, what wasn’t really possible, and he then said:

“It looks not so nice with the bend there, um … Marc?”


“Another boy in my class has also such a crooked … penis. And another had once said, that he might not be able to marry and to make children! Is that true?”

That beautiful naked boy looked so deliciously eatable in his state of concern!

“Do you have seen his penis then, um … stiff?” I wanted to know.

“Yeah, um … he, and another and I showed each others our dick during recess in the school lavatory, and then we all got a stiffie, and then we saw it …”

“And then you did wank together and squirt your slimy sap over each others trousers, huh?” I grinningly continued, but wouldn’t confront him with the left over cum stains on his blue school shorts.

“Nooooo! Um, just a bit we rubbed, but not that any of us had spunked up, not then … uh, I mean, I do it always alone in a stall,” he confessed, and grinned too.

“Well, boys do that sometimes, wank together, even suck and fuck, Chantha! But back to your bend penis: it can make problems, and some really can not marry, and prefer then a man or a boy as friend and for sex, Chantha!!”

“Oh no …” the kid whined.

“However,” I quickly continued, for not to worrying the boy too much, “if boys with a slightly crooked penis, like you, masturbate very often - one time with the fingers, another time then with the fist – it will not become worse, and he can marry later, as an adult!”

What for a shit! But it worked!

“Oh then … I will do it like you said, um … I make it a lot already, but I hope, that I can marry, if I later want!”

“Just wank often, boy; then everything will be later all-right!” I encouraged him earnestly.

 “Thank you, um … I … it’s good to know, that … very often, um … masturbating is not a problem, then, huh?” he needed to be sure about.

 “Yeah; wanking, sucking licking, kissing and fucking is OK, um … if nobody sees and knows about, Chantha, understand?”

“Oh yeah, I’m … nobody knows about me, um … can you then,” he said, and pushed his penis again down in a horizontal position.

I nodded and then had his long kid-tool again in my fingers!

“Hey, that’s a good 5.25 inches, about, and … well, barely 1,25 inches across! And your sac is a … 4+ inches long, and the largest width here is … 2.75, um … more, almost 3 inches! You have got super nice sex-tools, Chantha, and I’m proud, that I could measure your very private parts; um … of course I would do some more, you know, helping you to … unload your sperm, Chantha!”

I had said it now

“Oh, um … I don’t know …” he then seemed to change his generous style, looking again for his shorts on the floor.

“I know, it’s a bit weird, but if I take mine out too, then we could do it together, and squirt together, and clean up together; um … do you have a tissue to wipe the cum away, later?”

Yeah, he gazed to his pillow, he-he, then gave himself a push and took it out from beneath, the told ‘washcloth’, serving him as a cum-rag!

“But I want you to get naked too, um … Marc!” he made it clear and then got big eyes, when he saw my very hard, straight upstanding tool in its a good 6.5 inches length and just 2 inches fat glory; and the heavy sac, then quite tight beneath, as my sperm was on the way to boil over soon.

“Oh my … you are very, very big; and … so nice straight, not the smallest curve! I never ever have seen a man’s penis, even not limp, you know, less a foreigner with a … beautiful dick …” Chantha exclaimed, admiring my tools and blushing then damn’ fiercely!

(Oh! What was wrong, I mean, quite OK with that pubescent child? I knew I had always more willingly boys from fatherless homes, and Rotana seemed to be a little pederast already, what later partially became true. But with his younger brother Chantha I wasn’t so sure yet, but then thought, that he might fancy men more in his near future then the opposite sex – what also became true, although married!)

“You can touch it, if you want, um … come, sit on my lap again; come, let’s compare our birds and eggs!” I encouraged him.

He came, and hesitantly he positioned himself on my lap, then got closer, and closer, and then our sacs, both rather fat to our respective frames, touched each other, then were pressed together, and the 12-year-old child’s crooked penis was, though thin, strong enough to even push my hard dick a bit aside, when it throbbed and jerked once in a while!

“Can …” he had to swallow, “can I?” he asked, nearly cheeping, looking in my eyes, and then approached his slender right.

“I would like that too much,” I gave back, nodded, and held my breath, when his hand made soft contact with my hard bird’s shaft.

Oh damn’ shit!

It was, like when I had my very first foot-reflex-zone-massage: I got electrified and stimulated everywhere, as soon as the smooth tips of all his four long, slim, delicate fingers and the thumb were carefully gripping my stem and right away started to move up and down, pulling the foreskin with them.

I knew then for sure, that it wouldn’t last long – not in my horny state, and not at all when wanked by such a cute, slender boy with such a precious hand!

The boy did that about two dozen times, and he did it damn’ good; but when he decided to play with his left at our both squeezed-together ball sacs, digging his fingers into our tight pouches, he did something wrong, yet it was wonderful:

I exploded extremely forceful, without warning!

“Annggghhhh …” I just moaned, when I felt the urgent power in my sac, then the strong jolt in my penis and the tickling lust in its head, when it was suddenly expanding, leaving its first strand.

“Uuuuiiiihhhhh … mmmmhhhh … mmmmhhhh …” Chantha cried out, when a strong salve of my hot, thick man-cum hit fully his beautiful face, coating his smooth, raspberry lips and the two big teeth on his open mouth, as he was looking down, concentrated at his lovely fingers’ work!

He quickly turned sideward, but the next blast was already out of my dick’s slit and splashed audibly along his left cheek up into his hair, whereas the 3rd rope splattered onto the chin, a few others onto his chest and belly of the surprised boy, who was still wanking my spitting organ and kneading my nuts, accepting then a bit hysterically laughing my semen, which finally, with the dying ejaculation, jumped just down over his long, thin, cum-drenched hands!

“Oh god, Chantha! Aaahhhhhh …that was incredibly good! You know … ahhh … you got a pair of very gifted hands – so long and smooth and so sensitive” I panted at him, I, the crazy fetishist of slim little hands of young, willingly male children and longish, fair, slender-ones of cute, curious, but already pubescent boys!

The slightly smaller copy of Rotana looked then quite puzzled at the mess on his small, slim torso and on both his hands, and jerked back, when a cum drop fell from his nose down onto his stiffie, and involuntarily he licked with his tongue around his sperm-shiny mouth and swallowed, before smiling rather sheepishly at me, knowing, that he just had eaten some man-spunk, his first ever!

I then did not hesitate and fed him a quite thick gob of white slime, sticking my finger between his sweet, pastel colored lips, him trying to escape then. But since I was still holding him on his neck, he gave in and licked my finger clean, but with a wrinkled nose, as Mey did two days before – somehow they both liked it, but would not right away admitting it too!

“I make now too,” Chantha then said, and had his un-cleaned hands already on his ‘spunkable’ genitals.

What for a sight again, when his sperm-glistening fingers twirled on his curved 5.25-inches wiener up and down, whereas his left hand kneaded and squeezed his swollen scrotum quite bad; abusive, it seemed.

At the same time he pressed his thin thighs onto my hips, and the nearer the inevitable climax of that 12-year-old child came, the faster and harder he clamped me, lifting himself more and more up, as the approaching orgasm took over control of his body actions.

“Look … anghh … come … a bit …  anghhh … down … annghhh …” he hissed, what I greedily did, well knowing then, what that imp had in his lust-filled mind!

And really: “Splash!” I had a first, warm cum-shot onto my face, hitting my lower left cheek near my mouth.

“Anngghhhh … unggghh … aammhh … Annghh … ungghh … ahhh … aahh … ahhhhh … ahhmmmhhhhh … ohhhh … pffffhhhhhhh …”

That were the sounds the kid made about during his very wet discharge, but as much as he had tried to pull me further down and squirt more onto my face, he sadly failed, as I wasn’t a snake-man, not able to bend myself more down as about 3 inches away from his ejaculating boy-penis, and at the other hand, the kid shot then his both a bit watery and whitish, yet enough slimy looking ropes onto my left breast and the stomach.

I waited most excited, watching with half-shut eyes the wads he fired onto my haired chest, until he was slowing his wanking-motions, when just some watery snot poured out of his gaping piss-slit, as he then obviously had spilled his actually available amount of young schoolboy-sperm.

I wanted to kiss him for his splendid effort and tried to hold his head, but he quickly scooped with two fingers quite some of his rich delivered cum from my chest and held it under my nose. Before he then stuck his longish, delicate digit and middle into my mouth, I could have a brief glimpse on a big strand and a smaller gob, and saw in the opaque sliminess some whitish swirls, what I of course most welcomed, knowing about his successfully ongoing sexual maturity, and encouraged him then to bring all his spunk up to my eagerly waiting and licking mouth and tongue.

“Now we have both eaten each others spunk! Um … do you think that’s … gross?” he then asked, licking his tasty raspberry lips!


“Not at all; it’s tasty, and healthy a lot!” I replied.

I knew it was the revenge for the spunk I had given him before without asking him first, and then I had to kiss him, again without asking for permission!

I clenched his black mop, pulled him to me and pressed my mouth onto his, taking him by surprise, as he looked quite quizzically into my eyes, even disapproving it a bit, then!

However, he did not resist, when I forced my tongue into his wet cavern, but did also not reciprocate my action, what let me then leave him after less then a minute, when both of us were catching our breath.

“You should not do that; um … I mean that with the kiss. That’s something for people who love each other, you know? Like for men and women, not for boys, or boys and men, or men … I guess, or … not? Huh? What then?” he asked, making big eyes again, when he saw me shaking my head always ‘no’, but was still smiling!

“Love is only the thing that matters, if you want to kiss somebody! I have said ‘somebody’, Chantha!” I expressed myself to him.

“Yeah, um … sure! But …”

“I love you, Chantha! That’s why I want to kiss you … sorry!”

The tall, slender school-child, who just had given me his wonderful young, delicious sperm, his costly boy-nectar, freshly cooked in his precious grown nuts, then wanked out thru his sweet, slender hand from his thin, longish, but crooked pre-teen dick … he looked for some seconds at me, before I saw a tender smile starting, around his mouth’s corners first, then overtaking his cheeks, the eyes … all, finally!

“OK,” he whispered, nodding a ‘yes’, then he licked his sweet lips and brought his wetted, secondary sex-tools to mine, touching me softly there, again and again, then resting for longer, letting my tongue allow to awake and duel his own, until we both were munching away at each others mouth, passionately exchanging saliva between kisses and giggles … it was bliss … oh god, yeah – ASIAN BLISS!

However, I also was sometimes a ‘pig’, wanting the whole meal on one plate at the same time, when I then pushed him softly further:

“You know, Chantha: When two people love each other and kiss and mess a bit sexually around and so, then they need to, um … to fuck each other too, just to make their love become true for real!”

“Oh … and you want to do that with me? Now?” the 12-year-old schoolboy asked, but then let his head sink down.

“Only if you love me too, Chantha!” I replied, knowing it was risky; I could loose my prey!

“I don’t really know, I mean … I like you, a lot, actually, and maybe I love you too, I guess, but …” he answered, then gazed a bit in fear at my meanwhile fully re-stiffened, in his eyes big and fat organ.

That should go up … my little butt, you think?” he said, doubting it.

“It will, I did that already many, many times, even with very young boys, such … (as Tue, I almost had said) um, as a bit smaller boys, nine or ten years old, you know; but it’s true: it will hurt you first, before it can make a lot of pleasure for both of us!” I promoted my offer to him.

He took a deep, sighing breath, then said in his soprano voice, thinner then usual:

“Yeah, I think I love you too and want it to make sure for you; so I guess it’s OK if you … fuck me now, um … yeah!”

He then smiled shyly and wanted to lie on his bed, but I held him back, pulled my right around his small waist and my left around his neck, and then said:

“Not here; I want to fuck you in your toilet stall, Chantha!”

“Oh, why not in the bed? In the bathroom - that’s not so nice there, no space and so, and wet on the floor, and …”

“Shhhhh, Chantha! It might be, that one or two little drops of your blood will come out during the very first fuck, that you soon will receive now, and we won’t have them onto your bed-sheet, to be seen for others, huh?”

“Oh no, Rotana … and my mom, oh god … will it be that bad?” he worried asked

“See, boy: the fuck itself must be done the right way, means; a bit long and strong, until I had deposited my sperm, maybe two times in a row, inside your thin body, Chantha – understand!”

“Yeah, then … if you say so; but I’m afraid now, Marc!”

“I know, but I’m guiding you, and I’ll be very close by you, um … in you, then!” I explained, grinning a bit.

I checked my wristwatch and saw: more then half an hour was left.

Then I nodded to myself, went ahead and pulled the soon to get fucked, hesitantly walking, naked male child with me, as if I would march him to the slaughterhouse, out thru the little kitchen and into the even smaller toilet cubicle, where the for just some more minutes virgin boy had to stand onto the in the meantime well-known ‘toilet-hole-cement-block’ on a single feet height, which was providing me the right line to enter the kid’s small ass.

“Now put your cute hands onto the window sill, oh … better grip the iron bares in the window yeah, but hold them tight! I will not tie up your thin wrists this time, but ask you not to interfere, when I have to slap your little ass a few times, should you not be able to take my dick up your bum, kid!”

“Don’t you have some … some cream, or so?” Chantha asked, worried, that I wanted to spank his small butt.

“Just relax; I’ll wash your crack first, then lube you up with my tongue, then with your spunk! The fuck itself will bring you less pain, when your bum stings already a bit after some slaps, Chantha! But now let’s better do it, as I don’t want Rotana to wait outside the locked door, you know?”

“Oh yeah, better fuck me then quickly, I guess … and slap me hard, if that will help,” he eagerly pushed me forward now by himself, then added, ”but please: never ever tell anything to him or mom! It would be too bad for our family to know what for nasty sexual things I’m doing, and I … I then couldn’t stay at home anymore!”

I nodded again, and felt a bit bad, as I was acting like a debauchee, exploiting a 12-year-old, sexually maturing boy-child!

I sighed, but then put my right hand in the water-tank and foamed it up with some soap from the window sill and sank on my knees, pulling the kid’s quite small globes apart, then sniffed a bit at his clean, just a tiny bit musky smelling pucker, washed then his not yet abused crack and hole, fingered with the slippery digit, then with my middle his tunnel and fucked him almost for a minute, before adding my ring finger too, what made the brave child jerk a bit and grunt.

After another minute or so I pulled slowly out, letting him clamp his pre-fucked rosebud shut, then took a small plastic bowl and washed him with some clear water, before sticking my tongue in, after a split second of hesitation, only!

Of course I was inhaling again, but had to mobilize all my fantasy, as I then missed the before just very faint musky smell from the bum hole, what should not happen next time, I mentally noted. I entered him with my tongue, then reached between and around him, gripped his dangling ball sac and took a good hold of his hard, curved, but anyway very nice 12-year-old boy-penis and started to wank the pubescent child.

My tongue inside him drove him wild, and I had to warn him to be more silent, as I wouldn’t let the neighbors know what was going on in the small stall up in the 3rd floor!

“Ungghhhhhh … mmmmhhhh … mmmmmpfffhhhhh … mmpffhhhhh … mmmmpffhhhhh … mmff … mff … mmmmmmhmmfffmaahhh …”

That happens sometimes!

Chantha came that fast and moaned that loud, that I simply had to shut his mouth closed, and so his jacked-off penis jerked and throbbed without a guiding, helping hand, just five inches away from the cement wall, where all his normally too expensive boy sap flew on, sticking to it in longish strands and puddles, before slowly and viscously running down.

“Good boy, Chantha,” I praised him, for not leaving the iron bares at the window, when the slender child still jerked spasmodically with his small torso and thin, longish legs during the dying down orgasm he was suffering.

I brought my head around to his crotch and quickly ate the throbbing, spitting dick, sucking out at least two more shoots he had and then some last drops, whereas I was still pulling at his by then dropping nuts.

“Three slaps; quickly now Chantha!” I warned him, then spread his little globes and …

“S  L  A  P  -  S  L  A  P  -  S  L  A  P”

“Uimmmmmhhh … mmmhhhhhh … mmhhhhhhhhhh …” the kid shouted, when I spanked his butt cheeks, but then right away kept his mouth shut, and then, after I had scooped up most of his seminal thickness from the wall, even had licked a puddle up, for my personal pleasure, I had smeared it onto his crack and into his quivering boy hole.

Then I went close to the child from behind, very close, setting my cock head at the entry, slightly poking at his shiny pucker from his own cum, and whispered into Chantha’s left ear:

“I’m going to do it now, boy! It will hurt, when I’m going right in, the whole length, because I have finger-fucked you already! I will fuck you then slowly first, then faster and harder, but if you need some more slaps, tell it early, because we don’t have so much time anymore, and I want to shag you two times in a row, if I can – everything clear, my dear?”

“Yeah, I love you, Marc; fuck me now the way you think is OK for me, and just slap me, if I need it …” he whispered, then gripped the iron-bares tighter, then …

“Mmmpfffffffffff … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm … mmhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

I had closed his sweet mouth with my right palm and then gripped his genital package with my left, feeling a slippery rest of cum in my hand, then pushed, pushed more, and … PLOP … I was in, proceeding continuously forward, squeezing the respectable balls, then wanking the young, ripening boy-organ, comforted the whimpering boy by nibbling at his right ear then, kissing his neck and cheek, before I finally was fully in.

I waited not a minute, when the real fucking began, and praised several times the kid, who nearly started to sob, but bravely could resist, until his thin, slender body got pushed forward, when I let go of his well pre-wanked genitals, then held tightly his hipbones and rammed the child onto the rough cement wall, where his sexual equipment got badly smashed, almost bruised.

That was the moment, when the child asked; no - begged: “Uii, it … hurts … too … much! Give … me … uiii … five – quickly!”

“Yeah, but not from hand to hand, of course,” I panted, trying to grin, but was glad, that the kid wanted some more spanks, and it was obvious, that he needed it. So I briefly pulled out and served him the five in below medium strength, but for free then two additional quite sharp, stinging-ones, right into the crack of his small, spread ass!

“SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP-SLAP  -    S    L    A    P    -    S    L    A    P”

He then was nearer on the way to sob, but when I had re-entered him, shagging him then forcefully, he suddenly tensed up and pushed me an inch or two back, giving his at the wall ruthless scoured, indirectly jacked penis the space it needed to spit again a load, produced by intensely maturing nuts and flushing up testosterone, and he really shot another copious, opaque-whitish cum-load of his boy semen onto the wall, audibly splattering at the cement.

I had then no chance and lost my five or six volleys to his young body, given to the child with strong, short fucking-strokes, letting the boy crash at the sperm-splashed wall, before I withdraw from him, kissing his mouth, then his spunk-drenched genitals and pubic area, then … yeah then the wall to, cleaned and licked away, what ever looked to be freshly spilt semen from my first-fucked child!

(I know it sounds gross, but when I already as a pre-teen and teen boy knew, that a nice, 12-14yo boy had shot his cream somewhere, I did not hesitate to get that spunk away from the wall, the door, the toilet lid, or almost wherever; once even from an urinal, having the sperm of a 12-a-half-year-old in my dirty mouth, then!)

Then I kissed the boy again, thanking him for his brave behavior and congratulated him to his lost virginity! He smiled thin and did not make any scene, when he had to taste his own spunk! It was just a rest, transferred from mouth to mouth, before I helped the by then quite weak, almost limp kid down, guiding him thru the kitchen, where I wanted to bump him onto the kitchen table, when I saw thru the window a neighbor woman on the balcony at the other side of the street, hanging up some laundry.

I grabbed Chantha and quickly led him into the small aisle, and then turning him there, I checked his deflowered gaping ass hole.

“Blood?” he asked, his smallish shoulders a bit shrugged.

“Not at all; no problem to fuck you again, right here … I, sorry, but Rotana will return within ten minutes or so  … and you and I need it again … now … there, on that small cupboard!”

“Can we not do it in my bed now?” the freshly deflowered boy asked.

“Not today, Chantha, as we’ll be here better aware, when Rotana comes! Come now, sit onto the cupboard and lie down, put your feet onto the edges and spread your legs … yeah, and now come closer to the brink, shove your bum cheeks a bit further and over – that’s it, boy; now come and lets fuck you again!” I hissed.

The child did quickly, what I wanted, anxiously, that Rotana might come up too soon, and then closed for a moment his eyes tightly, when the usual burning pain tortured him, as my cock penetrated his stamped butt once more. I waited some seconds, but got fired on by Chantha, who wanted this in his young mind obviously inevitable 2nd fuck done and passed, as fast as possible.

“Please, fuck me very quick now; make, that your spunk comes soon! I don’t want … Rotana; you know …” he whispered, knowing, that we could be heard outside in the staircase.

I fucked him then fast and really hard too, banging my sac at his lower back under his halfway in the air hanging butt, and whereas he then straddled my waist with his thin longish legs, he started to give himself another wank, even was able, to smile at me, when we both saw in each others eyes, that our unavoidable climaxes were very well on their respective ways!

It was then a most exciting sight for me to see, how his approaching orgasm was drawing its sketches onto his beautiful face, how he opened his sweet mouth more and more, letting his two big front teeth fully appear, contrasting wonderful with his smooth, pastel colored, raspberry lips; and as his eyes got more and more shut, his mouth’s corners were pulled down stronger and stronger, until the 12-year-old child tensed shortly, then, after a brief gasp, re-opened his eyes widely, before a sharp nod jolted his head forward, when a first rope of young boy-cum was leaving his masturbated penis, hitting both his chin and neck!

At the same time with his first cum-string, I felt behind on my lower back his crossed legs’ heels jerk, and then, with every next shot of semen, which left the boy’s long thin wiener, his legs clamped more and more down around me, as if they wanted me to speed up my nearing release. The boy began to wriggle on the cupboard, nodding and bending more with every cum-bullet he fired onto his chest, belly and finally, when his climax was dying down, his sperms jumped onto his pubic mound and were then later just pouring out over his fist - yeah, over his precious, slim boy-fist! More then the half of his 3rd ejaculation that afternoon was watery, just a bit opaque, but some puddles still had a few whitish little spots inside the child’s slimy spawn!

I needed to lick all that sap away, before it could ran further down on his skinny torso’s sides. But then I really was myself there as well, shot and killed his young schoolboy-ass with salves of hot man-cum out of my ‘magnum-dick’ (um, in the kid’s eyes only). I probably did not fire very deadly-ones, but together with my hard fucking penis they did the trick and brought great satisfaction and relief for both of us. Chantha, forgetting where we were doing our mating, grinned and smiled and giggled and moaned all together, gripping with his slender hands tightly the cupboard’s edges, letting me see his filigree white knuckles, and then, when my ejaculation subsided and my fucking came to an end, he fondled his maturing genitals again, then rubbed with his fist his sperm-glistening penis, milking out, what little droplets were still there in the thin, not yet deflated crooked tube!

As the dessert was served, I had to pull out for a while and started, tough still panting, to lick the ejected clear nectar and the few whitish puddles greedily from the child’s heavily breathing chest, even had to glide with my tongue over a few spots on the cupboards surface, as some of the kid’s watery snot had run down; but then I got rewarded with the more tasty and consistent cum-remainders on his flat belly, out from his little innie and from around his bald pubic mound and – last but not least, from both his a bit reddish, nicely used sexual organs!

I was happy, that all went so fast, and I dared to insert my half deflated dick up his still gapingly waiting little ass-hole, as we then still had some little time to meet each other orally too, for one or two minutes or so, before I asked, still inside him, shoving myself slowly an inch or so to and fro there in my … no, in just another ‘holiday-home’:

“How was it? Could you feel, how much I loved you, when my fat penis banged and fucked your little ass, Chantha?”

The kid looked for a second a bit unsure, not convinced, that the for him very first and at the beginning quite painful ass-fuck should have something to do with love; but then he started slightly to smile and nodded, saying:

“Yeah, but you loved me really rather hard, Marc!”

“I know, and I’m sorry, because I’m always too fast and too horny, when entering a new boy, um …” I derailed then.

“Oh, new boy! I see, but don’t worry! I’m only twelve and don’t know a lot of … of sex yet, you know, um … until before, though,” he said, then giggled shortly, adding, “but I want to tell you something: I know, where you are staying, because I sometimes use that way to school too, and I saw you with boys on the balcony, yesterday morning!”

“Oh boy! So you know, that I have quite some little friends around me, then, huh?” I said, shrugging, grinning a bit,

“Oh yeah! Um … did you love, um … fuck one of them too?”

“I thought you might ask me that now, um … yeah; I love a boy there, and I fucked him too - that’s true, Chantha! Jealous?”

The kid smiled at me, but I saw the pain behind, what touched me right away, more though, as he then answered:

“No, I’m not jealous, not really; but I thought, I would be … you know, the only one! I also have only one special friend - you, Marc!”

He then faced his fingers, and when I saw, that his lips started to tremble, his eyelids to blink, and then some tears were rolling down his smooth cheeks, I felt myself getting watery eyes!

“I would like to go now with you, Marc, and sleep with you there, and make … sexy things, but I can’t. I would like to be the boy in your bed, always at your side, always ready for you, if you need me, need my skinny body to use, my penis, my spunk, my … hole behind!”

“I would really like to take you with me, Chantha; please believe me that …” I tried to comfort him.

“But I’m now more sure then before, that you have always a boy in your bed, and I … I thought, when I gave you my body to … fuck and to love, you would be later maybe something like … like a … a new father … a dad … and now …”

“Shhhhhh!” I tried again to calm him, kissed his mouth, even his slightly salty tears and the little bit of snot from his stub nose, um … real snot from the real nose, not from the lower one, though liking the latter much better, of course!

“Oh, don’t say anything: I’m maybe too skinny for you, and my penis … I know it is also not nice, too crooked! But can you please be my big friend at least … not leave me, please; can you?”

I had to pull my own snot up the nose; then, my sight more unclear then before, I whispered to him:

“I liked you already, when Rotana was describing you, and when I saw you this afternoon the first time, I loved you right away. Then, after our masturbation, I fucked you, twice, and now I’m loving you more then before, and if you want, I really would be most honored to become your … big friend!” I assured him, well aware, that the sexual component was the major part in our short relationship, and surely would remain that way!

“Oh, thank you, thank you; thank you so much!” he chirped excitedly back, and then kissed me almost everywhere with very wet lips, before adding hopefully, hick-upping once:

“Then you will …eeks … fuck me again, sometimes?”

“I hope very soon, um … tomorrow already; then I want to love you again, to fuck your face first and squirt my spunk down your gullet, before you have to get some deadly cum-shots up your sweet little ass, Chantha!”

“Uiiiiii, that sounds scary; but don’t slap my ass again – that hurts! Um … Marc, I want also to fuck your … face, and, um … your butt too! But if you are going to spank me again, then I want to slap your big ass too! Can I do that tomorrow, the fuck, I mean?”

What for a surprise!

But as told, there was always once in a while a sexually not too far developed kid, who had a chance to flush my guts as well, and Chantha would become one, there I was quite sure, and maybe I would get, after decades, some claps on my behind again, delivered from cute, young, slender boy-hands!

However, I had not the intention to slap his bum again, as Ko was more into that, much more! But at the other side I wanted badly to feel his longish hands on my ass cheeks, so I simply had to give him some five or so, for sure I had!

“Yeah, if you want, um … I guess you have the same right, and since you are not so fat here as your brother,” I said, shaking his half deflated wiener, “um … as he might be, so I guess you will not hurt me too much, huh?”

”Yeah, I guess not – great, then! But, say: um … do you think Rotana is … sexy?”

“Do you want to know the truth, Chantha?” I replied, glad about this question, sensing a chance to make the story different, more interesting for all of us.

He nodded eagerly.

“Well, Rotana is just a bit a taller copy of you, and therefore also beautiful; but I like him quite well, as he’s not only cute as hell and sweet, but surely has a more grown penis and sac, I guess. He’s ten months older then you, and during puberty, the sexual parts of a boy are getting quickly ripe, sometimes!”

“Yeah, he really has a big one, um … would you like to make … sex with him?”

“I don’t want to lie, so I tell you clearly, that I would like to do him the penis and see, how his sperm shoots out, and then I would fuck his face first, then his butt!”

“Really? Um … maybe today?” Chantha replied, breathing faster, having an idea in his mind.

“Yeah, but I’m afraid you might get jealous, and if not, then I’ll have not enough sperm to do his slender body the right way, understand?”

The boy shook his head ‘no’, then said:

“I will never be jealous, if you are just going to take my brother, um … he also has no friends, um … not a special friend like you, as he does not make sexual things with other boys, such as Tac and so!”

“That’s a pity, as not only young boys should have a good special friend, but especially boys, who are freshly entering puberty, say from age 10 on, when the nuts are growing, or then at latest from 11 on!” I commented.

Chantha thought for a while, then asked:

“Um, can I tell you something, but don’t laugh, OK?”

“Big promise!” I replied, holding two fingers up.

“OK, um …” he then lowered his head, and continued, “I surely like my brother, he’s really nice and … sexy! I, uh … before, I didn’t really wanting him to make any kind of, uh … sex with me, even if he had asked; I was anyway afraid about his fat prick, um … now not so afraid anymore, he-he, um … and now I want him to … fuck me! Uh, I think that’s not good, huh? I know, I should not say something nasty like that, as he’s my brother, my family, and I cannot let him do me!”

The child glimpsed shortly at me.

“But you would like it anyway, if he did you, huh?” I interrupted him shortly.

“Yeah, that’s it! I can feel, that I want him to masturbate my penis and to make love to my butt; um, now, after you and I had … fucked! Can he do that, um … I mean, I will not love my brother like a man and a woman, um … I like him as a brother, but I want him to love me for … sex only! What shall I do now?”

“Do you really want, that your elder brother would love you sexually, wanking, sucking and fucking you, Chantha?” I asked, thinking at the same time what I should response.

The child nodded quickly, asking me:

“Can you not … I mean, you said you would! Can you, um … can you do the same with him as you did with me this afternoon, um … wanking, sucking and … fucking? I think … I would … oh please, try it … try it for me … I’ll go out for an hour, and mom wouldn’t be back before 6.30 pm … can you do that … as my big friend?”

What for an opportunity, what for a new bliss … ASIAN BLISS!

“Oh … I understand, and I guess, that a big older friend of a slim pubescent 12-year-old kid should lend a helping hand in such a delicious case – so I’ll try my best!”

I had just said it, and then had already Chantha around my neck, making my face wet with smooth kisses, whereas I got pushed back and slipped finally out of the fucked child. The boy followed swiftly, glide from the cupboard and fell onto his bony knees, then, without the tiniest hesitation, grabbed my dangling sac with his left and guided with his right my again tumescent penis into his little oral cavern, sucking more then the half down his tight throat, had to gag several times, but kept sucking, until …

I clearly could hear somebody climbing up the stairway … but I only was a half minute away from another great release!

Chantha heard it too, and after a brief glimpse at each others, him getting my approval to quickly continue, he nearly deep-throated me, and after that sight I came damn’ hard inside his gullet, although with just a few little spurts, sadly! We then both parted very reluctantly, but had him kissing my spunk-wet penis! Then Chantha stood, having a tiny bit of cum on his lips, quickly got his school shorts from the living room and ran with wildly dancing genitals out in the bath cell, whereas I dressed myself and was just in time to remove the chain, as Rotana inserted his key from outside. Carefully, as if to expect a certain surprise, he shoved his cute head into the aisle, then seeing me clad, grinned relieved and quickly came in.

“Where is he?” he whispered, putting a plastic sac onto the cupboard, not seeing what I there saw: a clear cum-drop – Chantha’s nectar!

“In the bathroom,” I whispered back, and then embraced the kid, who had opened his long arms already. I looked into his big, beautiful dark eyes, dove in for a moment, saw then his fine brows and long lashes clearer then ever, recognized him as the slightly bigger original of his ‘copied’ younger brother, though knowing, that both kids were extraordinary sexy originals for me. I saw his teeth, his big front teeth, which were not so prominent, as the teeth next to them were grown too, whereas Chantha’s neighboring ‘biters’ weren’t fully out yet, giving the young spunky boy with the otherwise so innocent face a clear hint of a growing, sexually maturing and blooming child, that I liked so much at him.

“You are a beautiful slender kid, just a bit a bigger child as Chantha, but as cute as your lovely younger brother, Rotana!” I whispered, praising him, fondling his tight crotch and gripping his strongly erect, fat penis thru his trousers, then kissed his tender lips again, letting him willingly grip my crotch.

“Could you … did you … masturbate him?” Rotana asked between kisses.

“Yeah, and I came too … then fucked him, twice, before giving him a shot down his throat, just a minute ago; um … here’s still some of your brother’s young cum, see!”

I showed it to Rotana, who scooped the little drop up and, smelling at it, stuck then his longish digit into his mouth, then embraced me again, kissed me and asked:

“Mhhhh, sweet! But say, do you still have a shot left in your eggs for me, or …”

“Not sure, and if, what I really doubt, then what are we going to do with Chantha in the meantime – letting him watch?” I replied.

“No; are you crazy? He never ever should know about you and me! Um … I’ll send him to buy some mangoes again, then, OK?”

“Oh … what did you say … mangoes? Mmmhhhhhhh …” Chantha chirped, as he was on the way out from the toilet stall, a very little bath towel wrapped around his slim waist; his hair was wet, and the visible naked 80% of his thin, slender, light-brown body was still sprinkled with some water droplets!

I wasn’t quite sure, if the child hadn’t heard more; but I had to dance on different parties at the same time, thinking then about Mey and his young, male family members as well, aside from Rotana, when Chantha briefly stood with us, then said casually, but smirking quite a bit:

“Wouldn’t that be nice to have … a big friend like Marc, Rotana? We would be a nice trio and could do, um … things together and so! He surely could handle our … our things – yours, and mine, huh?”

Both Rotana and I looked then a bit quizzically at Chantha, who had a happy-dreamingly face, when he turned to the boy’s bedroom, but then accidentally, so it seemed, let his towel fall to the floor, and bending, showed us his sweet bum with the still colored, used crack; he opened the bedroom door, but closed it the way he could face us, so we again had to have a full look onto his almost half erect penis with the curve, and the low hanging sac with the two dangling nuts in it, gorgeous in size!

Jesus: That entire child was so damn’ worth to look at!

I checked Rotana’s crotch. His fat 5.75-incher, not covered with briefs today, was rock hard in his trousers, and the lad breathed heavily, saying with a broken, trembling voice:

“Chantha is beautiful, he is sooooo beautiful, Marc; I …” he stopped, re-adjusting his big member … longing for that child!

“Yeah, so beautiful, that I had to fuck him, and … that’s exactly what you would like to do now too, if you only would dare it; huh, Rotana?”

I had said it silently, and in great earnest! And the slender kid did not disappoint me, when he clearly nodded, several times, and then was rubbing at his crotch.

“Then,” I proposed, gripping the handle at the closed bedroom door, “don’t let him go to buy mangoes; let us eat the delicious ripening fruits your younger brother has to offer: his sweet, smooth raspberry-lips, his thin, long banana, the nice, jackfruit-nut-sized balls in his longish pouch and his little, tight, but already well shot bum-cherry; before he and I are munching on your big, straight cucumber and the two extra-heavy plums in your bag – come!

“Chantha?” I whispered in between the door and its frame, but could not hear anything!

So I didn’t wait another second for a response, whether from Rotana, nor from inside the suspiciously silent bedroom, but opened quickly the door, when right then some very special, intimate noise emanated from there behind: pants and suppressed groans – indeed most alarming sounds for me, as I was mentally seeing the child’s so costly boy-sap already pumped careless into his cum-rag!