M/b, t/b, b/b (little spanks)

A true-life Story for Adults

Copyright 2005 by marc


Part 7, with EPILOG

(So I didn’t wait another second for a response, whether from Rotana, nor from inside the suspiciously silent bedroom, but opened quickly the door, when right then some special noise emanated from there behind: pants and suppressed groans – indeed most alarming sounds for me, as I was mentally seeing the child’s boy-sap already careless pumped into his cum-rag!)


The door went open silently, and both Rotana and I froze at the spot under the frame, as we had to watch the soon to be 12-year-old, rather tall, but slim built boy lying on the bed on his back, still completely naked; just his small chest was covered - with his spread cum rag!

“Aahngg … umhhh … ohhh … ohhhh… aahh … aaamngggg …”

The kid had his eyes closed and didn’t see us witnessing his ‘sinful act of sexual self-fulfillment’, as he was completely absorbed by a frantic wank he was giving himself, focused already on an imminent orgasm, as his right hand’s long fingers swirled along his thin, pubescent wiener, letting his balls in the long sac dance up and down in a wild staccato. His thin legs were pulled back, with the big feet near his small globes, where his left wrist was around and its hand was pushing one, no: two of his longish fingers rapidly in and out of his half an hour before deflowered ass hole!

Then the child was there, groaning more urgently, as the waves of pure sexual lust and pleasure were about to touch him, tensing his skinny body up; and as much as I had liked to be on the bed with the kid, I was quite happy to see, what I often couldn’t during a mutual act with a boy:

His long nut bag tightened, and the jumping balls went up, pulling the pouch seemingly with them, when the sac with its wrinkled skin got in excitement rounder and fatter, as the rather big stones then had reached its firing position!

A wonderful, barely three seconds long movie-clip!

Then the climax hit the boy, let his penis jolt in his rapidly wanking hand and the kid sharply nod, as then several watery-opaque ropes were splashed onto the kids upper body, and even farther!

“Unghh … unghhh … unghhh …unnhhhh … ungghhhh … ohhh … mmngggg … aahh … ungh … aaahhhh … mmgggn … aaahhhhh …”

Then Chantha opened his eyes wide, glaring first with a badly distorted face at the ceiling, then was all of a sudden aware of us, staying gaping in the open door, and his expression changed to guiltiness and embarrassment, and though he tried to stop his most private boy thing, he couldn’t, was somehow in an orgasmic shock glued with his nice hands to his cute, young body and simply had to bring his terribly exciting ‘two-hands-job’ to an end, working and jerking mechanically, as his sperms were flying thru the air, some of landing on the pillow, on his face and a few on the rag too!

Soon he came to an end and finished his wank abruptly, when all his cum-load (the probably 7th or so that day, including the one early morning and another during recess at school) was out of his nuts, prostate and penis, but didn’t remove whether his cum-drenched hand from his still rather stiff, reddened boy dick, nor did he withdraw his two fingers from inside his bum hole – he just lay onto the bed, panting, facing nothing and nobody but only his sperm-splattered chest.

I took a deep breath, after I had nearly creamed into my pants; um … probably with only a little drop, if; then turned quickly to Rotana, who was starting all of a sudden to groan, his face showing first signs of distortion, as his slender right was pulling in earnest at the horn, which was tenting out his trousers!

“No, Rotana! Don’t do that now; think about your younger brother!” I shouted, then …

“S … sorry Marc, I … uh Rotana, please … I didn’t want to do it, but I had … I know I’m bad, but I … please don’t tell mom,” the child on the bed said, not playing a game, but seriously troubled, as he was coming into life again and eventually withdraw his hands form their hot sex-zones!

I jumped to him, just before he could ‘clean’ his used hands on the cum rag, grabbed them and pressed them into my face, liking them, inhaling the faint, but nevertheless almost deadly scent of that lovely boy’s sexual front and rear, then stammered:

“Oh god … oh Chantha; it’s all right … everything … don’t worry about … Rotana wants to love you … I, um … sorry, but I told him about you and me, and he, um … wants me to help him, when fucking you … oh Chantha, be happy again, um … come now, Rotana!”

The child lit then up a bit, looked hopefully at his elder brother, then at me, still barely believing, that he could go away with that.

“Sure, Marc? He wants … you want me, Rotana? Um … for sex, with the, um … fuck and so; say?”

Rotana was almost beetroot-red, though having a milk-coffee-brown face, I thought, when he just nodded, what let me then say instead of him:

“Just a little spank is necessary, because you did enjoy yourself, whereas we were left outside, um … could at least see you shoot your boy wads, Chantha!”

I grinned, and the child smirked back, asking: “How many, then?”


“Oh, that’s OK, then …”

“On each of your bum cheek, and another three onto your ass hole, kid!” I made it clear, but was still grinning.

Chantha lost a bit of his joy, but agreed, that it should be done that way, and then giggled, when I pulled Rotana close to me, so that we both could lick his spilt boy nectar, from his genitals, belly, chest, neck, face – we even dueled with our tongues, as we both spotted a single thicker puddle on the child’s left shoulder, but after catching it, I gave it back to Rotana with a deep kiss!

“Do you, um … love Rotana, um … I mean … did you already …” Chantha wanted to know, when we had finished our hors-d’oeuvre and were licking our lips.

“Yeah, I did him yesterday, but couldn’t tell to you yet; and he knows I will fuck him again, as soon as he has splattered his hot, thick cum onto your face and flushed your little bum’s gut, Chantha!”

Then I asked the bigger kid to straddle his younger brother, opened myself his still badly tented crotch and fished out, was without briefs was beneath, but then could just not control myself better and did, what was supposed to be Rotana’s job!

I placed myself behind Rotana, then gripped his almost ready to ejaculate penis and his meanwhile rather tight, heavy ball sac, and enjoyed to wank a child like Rotana was, as he still had to go two more months, before becoming a teenager! He was a cute pre-teen boy, just 3 inches taller then his equally slender, younger, beautiful brother – they could nearly be twins!

Nearly; because it was really a special exciting feeling, to have a child’s man-sized penis in the hand, as maybe not even 10% of 13-year-olds were owning such a size in length and width; and that fat dick started then to throb, and Rotana pushed suddenly and in urgent need my wanking hand away from his gorgeous tool, giving his precious pre-teen member the well-known, familiar jerks it needed to cum.

“Grip his hair and pull his head up, close to your dick!” I ordered quickly and sharply.

Rotana did, what I wanted, and did it a bit ruthless, as his climax was then washing over his spasmodically jerking body, which I steadied.

“Open your mouth, Chantha!” I demanded.

It was just in time, as then the 12-years-10-months-old lad shot thick strands of white cum onto the face of his younger brother, the almost 12-year-old child; they hit his forehead, his left eye and cheek and shot two or three times right into the open mouth, making the younger boy gag and swallow, when just another rope fell across his then shut mouth.

“Keep the rest in your fist, Rotana,” I hissed, then shoved myself between the two brothers and licked the rich given boy sauce from the younger boy’s face, not missing anything, surely not the big puddle onto his forehead, even trying to get out some of Chantha’s sweet, willingly open mouth, before I had the bigger kid lift his brothers legs up, then smear his cum-coated fingers into the child’s ass.

As those preparation works were done, I tore Rotana’s trousers down, asked the lad to get onto his knees between Chantha’s legs and to push his bum up, as I then felt clearly, that I had to fuck the lad, had to fuck him hard, so Chantha could see, what his bigger brother was able to bear … or not!

The slender kid obeyed, but was a bit concerned about my harsh style, and tensed as I suddenly, unexpected …


… had slapped his ass, not too hard! He then relaxed some, when I started to lick and rim his still young, small boy ass, as it was not really remarkable bigger then Chantha’s. I inhaled, and inhaled deep, as I wouldn’t spill the scent this time, the slightly musky one from an otherwise super clean ass crack and hole, and when I thought it was enough saliva-lubed …


I was already halfway in and slowly went further, then pulled back, and in I went again, starting then a hard fuck from the beginning, ramming him harder and faster, though not yet feeling it coming.

“Chantha,” I hissed, “come here behind and knead my balls; and look, how your brother’s ass is getting fucked; come!”

The child was fast, sensing my impatience, and did, what he was told, and looked from an inch away, how my prick shoved its way inside his brothers tight channel.

That was another kick I needed to cum: the child’s curious face and the fact, that just this child would soon be in a similar position as his brother was, as he had to be ready then to get another shot up his really still tight little butt!

I came hard, stuttering: Oh … nnggh … god, Ro … ta … na … mmnnghh … ohhhnngg … ahhngggg … ah … aanngh … aaahhhhh …”

Then I pulled out, leaving the fucked lad with an “Ohhhh!” behind, but I wanted to be back ‘home’ (?) at least half an hour before the kid’s mom would be here from the center, then thought, and got quite hot: what, if she would be back sooner then usual?

“You … killed my ass, Marc!” Rotana sighed, and then he straddled his younger brother again, who was back on his right position, with his thin legs up!

“Yes, I really did; but thankfully your weapon is still unharmed; but first slap hiss ass cheeks with three swats on each – yeah, do it!”


Chantha did almost smile at his brother, and I knew, that those spanks hadn’t harmed him, but then I lifted the cute child’s low hanging sac up and …

“ S   L   A   P   -   S   L   A   P   -   S   L   A   P “

“Don’t sob, you’ll need the little pain!” I could convince the punished boy to keep his tears back.

“So, Rotana; go ahead and do with your brother, what I hope you will do every day, at least one time from now on, when you two are alone – go, insert your canon, then fuck him; slowly first, but then with full power!”

And Rotana did it the way I wanted him to shag his child-brother; a sexually ripening child, though, and also one of the rare species with quite far developed sexual parts at only age twelve!

The first minute, Chantha was even smiling at his elder brother; but then, when the fuck got faster and harder, the younger boy’s face got more serious, then lost for a while all the before so openly showed joie, letting the skinny victim even whimper a bit, though without tears, before he was used to the almost rape-like fuck! Rotana felt himself nearing the inevitable dead end of his high way to ‘Climax-City’, his well known home, but being in a new house then, where his suddenly so differently behaving brother lived; and he lived there too, was inside his home, inside … inside Chantha … inside his younger, secretly since years beloved, and since about two years sexually wanted, needed brother … his beautiful brother Chantha … oh god …

“Channnn … thaaaaaaaaaaa … aaanghhh …ahhhnnghhhhh … aaamnghhhhh … ahhnghhhhh … mnnghhhh … ahhh … ahhhhhhh …”

The child had sensed it, and since he could again enjoy the fuck, he felt the love he then got fed up his tight ass, um … yeah, the sexual love, but it was sort of love anyway … and then he had to do it again, felt his brother making him with his penis inside his hole wanting to masturbate, what he then did, and as soon as Rotana came to the brink, then shot the first bullet into his little ass, he had to tense his skinny body another time and released watery spurts onto his chest, belly and pubic area!

When after the two boys seminal unloading Rotana was slowly leaving his fertilized brother, turning like him onto his back, Chantha smiled at me, happily, his right hand with its stretched hand glistening, his to a kiss formed, sweet raspberry mouth pointing at his delicate fingers, asking me with his smooth lips to get my reward, the fresh discharged boy cum on his body and at his then rapidly deflating, sperm-shiny pre-teen dick!

“What for lucky guys we are! What a … a bliss, that you came to my country!” Rotana then just said, smiling happily at me, then at Chantha, who refused to leave his latest spilled child-sperm to his brother.

“Yeah, a bliss … ASIAN BLISS!” I nodded, licking Chantha’s filigree fingers, slurping his hand, his watery strands form his chest, his smooth, limp, cum-wet boy wiener, inhaling the unique scent, before I switched to Rotana, kissing him tenderly, then diving back into Chantha’s crack, licking the richer spent, stronger tasting amount of fully mature boy semen away, then squeezing me between the two bros, pulling them both close to me, kissing them, to and fro, kneading their small, tight globes, feeling a hint of warmth at Chantha’s spanked bum around his crack, knowing, that I had to have my nasty behavior better under control, then letting myself kiss from both the kid’s wet mouths and smooth lips!

“Can I tell Rotana something outside?” Chantha asked, seemingly to be quite nervous, then.

“Yeah, sure! Just go, but don’t let me wait too long!”

“No, just a minute!” Chantha replied, pulling his brother with him, jumping out, letting the dicks and sacs of both kids swaying around.

I was just sighing once, when the two came already back again, then Chantha started:

“You have said, that I, um … can get a boxer shorts and another present, huh?”

“Yeah, and you still didn’t tell me what else do you wanted from me, Chantha!” I replied a bit sternly, but was smiling.

The two boys, nearly twins now, smiled back, sheepishly though.

“It’s a bit expensive, I think!” Rotana then said.

“Yeah, you know, um … my birthday is the other next Sunday, and Rotana’s is in June, and you … you know, um …”

“He-he-he-he!” I laughed, “I damn’ well understand; but I’ll be back end of July, boys; sure!”

“Yeah, sorry, um …” Chantha tried again.

“OK boys; both of you get boxer shorts to wank with and each get a nice gift too, a birthday gift, huh?”

“Yeah, um … thanks …” Rotana then made a trial.

“How much, for both?” I needed to know.

“It’s difficult to say, um … it’s about a ‘five’ and a ‘zero’, um … yeah!” Chantha dared to explain.

“Hey-hey, boys! That’s fifty bucks then! Um … what for, if I might ask?”

“Oh, you might very well, sir!” Chantha said, grinning, then: “See, you like, um … my hands, you said it, and Rotana’s too; so we thought how about a … ring for both of us, with your name inside, um … like ‘from Marc for Chantha’ … or not?”

I was surprised and a bit proud too, to be not only chosen as their big friend, but they wanted me even to remember that special way. But then I thought, that Mey, my sweet, thin, cute Mey, my love, should be the first, or then … um, he would get a more expensive one, later though!

“Yeah, deal!’ I replied, grinning, but added, “that will you cost a lot of hard butt-fucks, though!”


That let the bros eagerly nod and grin as well, before I had both boys around my neck, got wetted thru their saliva, what I just liked the 2nd best after their lower noses’ snot, and: yeah, I damn’ liked their slender longish hands with the delicate fingers – oh boy how much I liked them!

However, it was then time to go back, as I really didn’t want to meet their mother in her apartment, not yet, and told that to the kids too.

“But I want you to come to my birthday, Marc – would you?” Chantha asked, now in his highest soprano voice.

“Of course I will … oh, then I better take the boxer shorts back; I mean, how would you explain it to your mom, um … I didn’t myself think properly about that!” I said, before then leaving the new place of bliss … yeah, you know it …




It was 5.30 pm, when Rotana let me from his moto, and Mey then came and stood for a while with his other predator, then came to me, asking, if he could have a shot up his bum from Rotana in our bedroom, and if he could be alone with him! I looked at the two children, the big slender, and the small thin one, saw, that Mey had a cute stiffie in his today very short shorts, and Rotana was sporting major hard-on in his long, black trousers. And whereas Mey smiled cute at me, Rotana could it only in a sheepish way.

(It remained that way until today: Mey was and is always open to me [sadly just in sexual things, though], whereas Rotana is mostly a bit embarrassed, although I had him regularly for several more years.)

“Well, don’t stay around with such dangerously loaded weapons – get up and do something with that; hurry!” I ordered, grinned and nodded, but I was a bit jealous too – honestly!

I had a Coke at the restaurant and chatted a bit with Mey’s mother and her daughter, then, as by 6 pm nobody came down but Ko, who had recovered some more from his night flue, I asked him to join me for the dinner, what the pale, 12-year-old kid most appreciated, sitting then vis--vis and spreading his legs that way, that, wearing shorts from Tai, his precious amount of a man’s handful genitals were down on the chair as well.

And this damn’ weak, sexually ripe wimp was fully aware, what he did, and grinned, when somebody was near, as he then closed his legs more, just to widen them again, as soon as the air was clear.

‘I love him, at least sexually, if not more,’ I thought, then said:

“You are a very nasty child, showing me your beautiful private parts that way, Ko! Do you know, that I have to spank you quite a bit for that behavior, boy?”

I was then already breathing heavier and had even to cough, when I had lit a cigarette, which trembled in my hand, as I was most excited in anticipation of ‘taking care of that weak, but sexually precocious kid’ in a short time!

“Yeah, I know! I think you have to spank me hard, and to tie me up too … please!” he whispered, and gently stroked my right hand, nodding several times, then again urging me (in a bit worse English then I’m just are trying):

“Do it, Marc! I won’t cry, and slap my … my face and mouth a bit too, um … not too hard, though, just … I want to feel your hand, I want you to punish me hard, want to do whatever you want me to, want to obey you … you … I love you, Marc, sure, for real! I … love … you like … a dad, who has to spank his boy … and I’m that boy, for you … ohhhhh, um … look!” he huskily in his freshly broken voice said.  

Of course I had to look!

The pale wimp was widening his right legs more then before, so that his strong, whitish sausage could swing up and bob in its healthy hardness, its large helmet tightly covered thru the badly stretched foreskin, what gave the fully erect boy penis the shape of a tensed-up cobra! And that made Ko then impossible to push it back into the shorts’ leg opening, as his mother came around, smiling at both of us, happy, that not only Mey, Tue and Tac had my attention, but also her weak 12-year-old son, who smiled some distorted at her, his cheeks unusually flushed, then; both his legs pulled up to squeeze and hide his sharp loaded gun between his smooth thin thighs.

She had mentioned the weakness of her middle son yesterday, when the kid fell sick; but did she know, what unusual big and strong developed genitals her 12-year-old offspring was walking around? Private parts, the younger and elder brother of Ko never could reach later!


That was Mey, my … just fucked Mey, seeing how my prey was walking, followed by Rotana, who had a satisfied grin on his face and some damp spots on his crotch, what would be more visible when dried up, I guessed.

“Yeah, son?” I said, first time using that word, casually, though.

“Um, I ask mom, and she say I go sleep Rotana’s place tonight, can! Can I? Um, you want boy, then take Ko; OK? You say yes, I go!”

“No!” I joked, and he jumped, but then saw I was joking only, kissed me then and was driven away into the dark evening by Rotana and his moto!

(Yeah, not so easy, my Mey!)

“Where are Tac, Tai and Tue?” I asked then Ko, who just pulled at his legs opening again.

“Oh, they go ‘Poumpua’; maybe sleep there or come back late; I don’t know,” he said, then added, whispering, “I think he fuck all!”

I grinned, was not jealous, but a bit worried about Tue, who really was still a small child; and then I felt myself blushing, remembering what I had done with that little boy!

“Ask your mom, if you can sleep in my room today, instead of Mey!” I pushed my guiltiness away, just to grab another nasty thought, when Ko came back, smiling and nodding.

“Come! Lets go upstairs and talk about what punishment you deserve and what tools we need for that, OK?” I said, breathing heavier and getting stiffer by then.

“Yeah, I want you to spank me now, then masturbate, then fuck, then spank again, … you want?”

I wanted, though in fact sexually spent: I wanted it! I sensed again our special relationship, which would go ahead for years, not knowing yet, that Chantha would become the better ‘master’, and Ko the even more eager masochist!

(However, I want it to make clear, that my to boys delivered, corporal punishment was always a moderate one! It was only, that I abused the ‘convicted kids’ verbally quite hard and excessive, what mostly both of us mad horny as hell – Ko was such an example!)

“Can you … um, carry me?” Ko asked, pointing between his legs.

I saw his stiffness, which seemed to be even bigger then before, and nodding, I squatted down at his chair’s side, then grabbed his thin neck and shoved my right under his thighs, pulling him quickly to me then, feeling his erection poking into my ribs!

Nobody cared about us, so I just went with him casually walking into the darkness of the steep staircase, kissed him on the way up repeatedly and massaged from behind his out-hanging fleshy sac with my right, then passing the upper kitchen table, I chose two ladles and a pair of chopsticks, then hesitated a moment, when I saw a small chopper … no, I did not want that game again, or … could use my sharp razor knife I always had with me on travel; but then I let the kid down and took something like an old baseball bat out from a corner, then shoved the boy back into the aisle and into my bedroom, locking it!

Ko’s penis was still hard, and like his fat sac out of Tai’s little shorts, which was OK for Ko around the waist, but not any more in length, or in width of the crotch – definitely not!

“What happened with your own shorts, Ko?”

“Oh, um … Tac fucked me this afternoon, after you went to Rotana. He did not ask, but just pulled my shorts a bit down behind, and when I wanted to shout, he slapped my face a bit, and I … I came then right away, and he came inside me and over my crack and bum, as he had to pull out, when mom came to look after me …” the pale wimp confessed.

“Did she see anything?”

“A bit maybe, I guess, um … she said, that it would be only good, that I wasn’t a girl! Then she gave me one of Tai’s shorts and asked me to throw the other onto the laundry pile!”

“Oh-Oh!” I sighed.

“I think she knows what you want to do with me now, that you will fuck me the whole night!”

“Oh no! Don’t say that’s true!” I replied, doubting it.

“Well, she asked me, if you are not … too big for me!” Ko continued, seemingly quite earnest.

“Really?” I almost whispered, rather unsure.

“Yeah; but I said, that you would be always careful first, but later, though …”

Ko then couldn’t fake any longer and laughed, urging me then to punish him for his lies, and in anticipation of my reaction he started to pull at his hard sausage’s head, masturbating only the foreskin-covered glans with thumb and digit, waiting for my hands to hit his body somewhere – just to hit him was all he needed from me.

That damn’ weak imp!

But was I still that ‘clean’ in the eyes of my ‘holiday-family’?

“What is now really true, Ko?” I wanted to know, grinning a bit relieved, and stopped his hand job, took his sinful hand away, kissing and sniffing at it, getting some odor from a child’s pubescent dick, to be analyzed by my boy-addict brain, then lifted and sat the to punish boy onto the old fridge and took a chair to sit in front of him, my legs straddling the fridge, as I had to be as close as possible to the 12-year-old’s genitals and his smooth filigree hands, waiting for an explanation.

“I, um … asked Tac to … rape me, when you were gone! He did it, and it was nice, um … just a bit painful; and then I had to change the shorts, but … mom did not come up!”

Ko did not laugh anymore, just grinned a bit sheepishly, then was fully again that a bit shy kid, sitting on the fridge, still clad, his legs spread, as he wanted me to give full sight and access to his private parts, as he had the right leg opening of Tai’s small shorts pulled over to the left side, just past the from his white, still bald pubic mound protruding stem.

The pale child’s shamefully rampant boner, 5.25 and 1.75 inches in the respective sizes, throbbed dangerously in its … yeah: angry King Cobra shape, thanks to the too tight foreskin, then twitched hard, as its owner knew, that soon something was to come, as I took the smaller ladle and a chopstick from the bed!

“Before I’m going to spank and fuck your white round butt, Ko, I’ll first have to punish your sinful hands, the very big bird and its large eggs, and …”

“Oh yes! They are bad, and you must spank them hard,” Ko interrupted me, looking at his small palms, then at me, already a bit ecstatic!

I also had problems to breath normally, and needed to adjust my penis, before I went ahead:

“I want you to hold your genitals, as if you would wank them; but first give me your hands, Ko!” I ordered.

The boy excitedly held his two young hands to me, and before he could think, he had already two a bit stinging smacks on each palm, delivered with the ladle’s stick.


“Don’t shout, boy; or I have to slap your mouth!” I hissed.

Then I let him grip his pale, hard sausage just below its head, whereas his left had to lift up his swollen scrotum and to cup it, so I could easily bring my ladle down onto the two big eggs inside.

However, I had first to kiss this unique picture, nibbled at the tightly foreskin-covered head, sniffed, kissed, licked – the finger and thumb, which held the prick too, of course; then I went down the rock hard stem, around and then along a light-blue vein, which was shining thru the white skin, before I came to the ground, circling with my tongue, feeling … might it be, that … yeah, practically invisible where some peach fuzz there, very easy to be overlooked, as only a tongue could be so sensitive!

I knew where my sharp razor knife was!

I sighed in pure lust, then licked his fat sac, lifted one egg after the other up from his cupping little hand, bathed them in my mouth and could have eaten them too, had it be a normal thing to do with masochistic boys, but was thinking at the same time, that the game would be over then – and I was definitely for game only!

“Ahhhhhh!” Ko sighed heavily, not really in pain, as the ladle came down, fitting so nicely two times onto each of his saliva-wet eggs, before the thin chopstick teased his hard pole at several points, what let Ko moan and groan with more “Ahhhh … aahhhh … mnghhhh … ahhhh … good … thank you … aaahhhhhh …”

Then I put from the opposite side my left onto his left, and my right onto his right, started to squeeze his precious, sperm cooking testicles, using his filigree fingers to mainly do it, what I had to watch, and rubbed the same way very slowly the boy’s cock head and the inch below – up and down, up and down, up and down …

“Can … you … slap … my … face … now … please?” Ko asked me, passing the half on his way to a climax.

I hesitated, but then:


“Noooo! Harder, please!”

I shook my head ‘no’.

“My mouth; give me then one smack only onto my mouth instead, but a strong one … please … I  …”

I came almost in my pants, damn’!

“Close your lips, quickly!” I demanded, what the kid did, then, leaving his well pre-wanked sexual organs:

“S  L  A  P”

I had done it, not too hard; it just was quite loud, when my right palm had hit his shut mouth, whereas my left had turned up his cute head by grabbing his black hair!

“Thank … you … uuuhhh …” Ko brought barely out, as then his mouth’s corners were driven down, and his sweet face began to distort, whereas the kid resumed his jack-off job, tensing up then, jerking some, and …

“Let it just come out the way it wants, Ko!” I quickly hissed, then had my face onto his ready to explode genitals, had my open mouth below his wanking finger and thumb and felt his left pull and massage his sac, which was pressed onto my right cheek.

“I … ahhhhhh … love … you … uuuhhhhhuuuuuu … mngggg … ahhhh … mnnggg … nnggghhh … nngh … nghh …nghh … ah … ahhhh …”

The 12-year-old boy came, and he came good and a lot, damn again!

He squeezed my face and neck with his normally weak thighs, but thankfully, I could keep my place and experience a wonderful ejaculation, one of the best ever, when Ko’s wanked penis signaled me with a final jolt, that the kid was there, when then the skin-jailed glans expanded and stretched the praeputium, almost would tore it apart, so it seemed, before between the wanking tips of Ko’s sweet thin thumb and digit the first, slimy-white cum gob appeared and emanated, viscously running over the child’s masturbating fingers, but before falling somewhere, got quickly caught by my tongue!

However, I had barely time to savor its most delicious flavor and its rich taste, as then gob after gob poured out from between the boy’s fingertips and the narrow skin gap, running faster down the stem, as they were given and spilt in short distance! Only a single sperm puddle could be seen onto his pubic mound, as I was able to lick and eat away, what was running down over his rubbing fingers and along his perfectly jerked-off penis.

Eventually I came up again and had to look at his still hard sausage and the slightly relaxed nut bag, still rolling my tongue around in my mouth. I wanted to last the taste and texture of Ko’s boy semen as long as possible, as I liked his young, yet ripe sperm, and he had given it to me copiously and rather thick in its consistence!

Ko was a boy wonder for me – an Asian wonder boy, and bliss it was too … ASIAN BLISS, as to say it once more!

However, I got then a bit nasty and had all of a sudden the razor knife out of my toilet bag in my hand, had grabbed Ko’s still strongly upright standing cock, and threw an asking eye at him!

“Oh … if you … marry me later, you can … can cut it off, um … the sac too!” the boy silently said, not smirking, seemingly not joking – he just tensed some, as if expecting me somehow to do, what I obviously wanted to!

“Hey; don’t say something so silly! I just have seen a bit fuzz here, see? Um … give me your digit, here, can you feel it too?”

“Yeah, but it’s almost nothing,” Ko replied, and sighed deeply, relieved … then smiled shyly at me again, nodding his approval.

“Kssssss … kssss … kssss”

More was not there, and almost nothing to see on the blade – but it did for me, what I thought it would:

I threw the knife back, then I stood and pulled Ko’s legs up and the little shorts into his knee-bend, spat a mouthful saliva into his spread white globes, and, having barely torn my shorts and briefs down, targeted his sweet rosy pucker and went home!

“Ahhhhhhh … mmhhhhhhhhhhhhh …” Ko moaned, then quickly relaxed, as I started a nice fuck, not too hard, but not slow either.

There was no home in Asia so far as the one Ko had usually hidden in his shorts; not that he had a fat ass for his age – just compared to his thin frame, his bum was prominent round and tight and sooooo white! It was a heavy contrast to my brownish man dick, which was then speedily fucking the child, parting the two beautiful globes!

“Why … did … you … not … spank … me …” Ko almost whined during the faster going fuck, already wanking his proud penis again, then.

“ S   L   A   P   -   S   L   A   P   -   S   L   A   P “

I quickly had pulled out and delivered, quite hard, what the kid wanted – fully onto his gaping, pre-fucked hole, before re-entering him!

“Annghhhhh … nggghhhhh … mnngghhhhh … nnnnnnggghhh … annghhhh … annghhh … ahhhh … ahh … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

Damn’, that child was fast! But when I saw him pour out some more whitish cum drops from his big, masturbated penis onto his flat belly, whereas his scrotum and its testicles jerked with each muscle contraction, I could not help but to unload myself with suppressed groans into the 12-year-old child, filling him up, ramming in, what my hard 6.5 inches would give, banging my sac at his white bum with the rosy bruises!

“Oh god … that … was … great …” I stuttered, while panting and slowly pulling out of the shagged boy, slurping then away the delicious slime from his belly, hands and genitals, what was a most welcomed dessert!

After that we were both rather spent, and when we had shared a cold Coke and then had each a separate shower (Hey, what would the adults otherwise think!), we went to bed, naked, but covered with a thin blanket, him on my preferred left side, spooning him, my dick half inflated between his smooth thighs, my hand fumbling a bit around at his rampant genitals, then holding them only, while drifting away, feeling the blow of the ventilator and its noise, covering the sounds from the street!




It was past midnight, when I had the urge for a piss, got up, wrapped a towel around my waist and went silently out to the balcony, where Tai just was about to close the toilet cubicle.

“Wait, please!”

The 8-year-old boy quickly opened and winked me in, what I eagerly did, feeling my towel getting lifted up between my legs, as I thought I probably could do what he anyway had wanted some days ago.

“Look, this milk ‘Poumpua’; he fuck me have this, no problem,” he whispered, showing me a used condom, tightly closed with a rubber, and filled with quite a lot of opaque liquid, what was just barely to see, thanks to the light from the street.

This is from … that old man?” I asked.

“Yes, he milk a lot! He like fuck no condom, no can. He condom, can, then give me I can look!” Tai replied, grinning slit-eyed.

“And what do you want to do with this used condom now?”

“I throw!” Tai replied, and then it flew already over the fence down to the road, making there a little “Splash”.

You fuck no condom, can; come!” Tai the urged me into the dark cubicle, then said: “I pee first, then fuck!”

I had to pee as well, but with a stiff penis, um … Tue had a nice 3-incher as well, and so we both splashed the wall behind the porcelain hole, then washed it down with water, before Tai stood onto the cement block, steadying himself with his small hands at the brick wall he was facing.

I knew what I had to do, and when I was probing his hole with my finger, I felt it slightly gaping and slimy wet.

“Oh, you …”

“Tac fuck me before, now you can, can hard!” Tue said quickly, and though not seeing him that good, I ‘felt’ him grinning slit-eyed.

I went into him, slowly, as it was my first mating with that slim 8-year-old boy! Well, plus 3 months, as his birthday was in December, but he could still go for a barely 7-year-old back in Europe.

I fucked him real hard, had his black mop in my left’s tight grip, whereas I fondled and masturbated his stiffie with my right, and as soon as he started to tense and shudder, sighing then almost silently several times in unison with his in rapid pulses given climax, feeling it clearly and thru his heavily pumping, dryly ejaculating penis, he let me no choice but to ram my pole to the hilt, pushing him then to the brick wall, pressing and holding him there, until I had forced my semen thru his man-fucked and knocked cherry up his young guts!

“Annghhhh … ahnghhh … mmmmmmhhhh … mmhhhh … ahhhmmmmm … mmmhh … ahhhhhh …” I had to groan, trying to keep my noise as little as possible, as it then was almost silent down onto the road.

Then Tai pushed back, wanted me to leave him, what I did, when he asked me:

“You like Tue now? I call!”

“Oh god – noooo! Tomorrow, maybe!” I replied, satisfied for the moment, but not yet satiated.

Tai then pulled his shorts up, without washing his crack out with water, then left the cubicle, kissing me briefly on the mouth, whispering a “Night!” and disappeared in the dark of the aisle.

‘That was now, what you call a quickie,’ I thought to myself, smiling, guessing too, that it was probably symptomatic for Tai: doing the necessary sex quickly!

I didn’t bother to wrap the towel around me again, as I saw or heard, that nobody was around, and, the door locked, I slipped back to my ‘big ass’, spooning him again, feeling my sperm reminders from my tumescent member lubricating his thin, smooth thighs, and when I searched for the sleeping boy’s penis, I was groping over a hard swollen sausage and tight ball sac!

I left the neatly dormant child and had a lock at my wristwatch on the bed-board: 0.30 a.m. only! ‘Tai wanted it done really fast,’ I thought, then shoved my tool back between Ko’s thighs and drifted some away, before I woke up again at 2 am!

“Annghhhh … mnngghhh … ngghhh … the kid at my left groaned and shuddered slightly, whereas his thighs worked in a fetal position scissors-like!

Wow! That was the way I used to wank for years from age 5 on, and often as a young teenager too! I had told the boy before, how much I liked him to masturbate this way as well, and now he did it, did it involuntarily, still asleep, jerked some, and then I felt his perineum pulse rapidly, as my hard penis was pressed onto that hot spot!

The pubescent, weak 12-year-old child had a wet dream, and I knew from my job’s place, that there were always some boys in young puberty around, producing sperm and seminal liquid in gallons, not literally, though; but always ready to ejaculate again, and always with a nice amount of fresh boy juice, delicious nectar, healthy boy cream … boy oh boy!

I bent my head over his hips into his groin and between his messed up, slippery thighs, licked the freshly spilt, still rather warm boy semen away, until …

“Oh … what? Oh … I’m sorry … oh Marc, I …”

“Shhhhh! Don’t worry; that happens with sexually healthy boys, Ko!” I said, caressing his thighs, then kissing his sweet smooth mouth.

“Please … punish and fuck me!” Ko then begged.

I breathed sharp, nodding ‘yes’ and ‘no’, then said:

“Yes, I need to fuck you, I, um … had done it soon, even if you would still be sleeping! But … there is no reason to spank you, and anyway: we would make too much noise with that!”

“But please … I need a punishment, now … please!” he begged again, looking at me with puppy eyes, then was stroking and caressing my right hand, kissing it too.

“OK,” I nodded, “lets see what we have … oh yeah!” I then came to a point, knowing that the kid needed some corporal attention, and I was not unlucky to be the one to serve it, really!

With a satisfied smile on his cute face saw Ko me pulling the leather belt out from my jeans, then did, what I wanted and stood at the wooden pole, where his thin arms got stretched, when his tied wrists hung at the hawk. The boy then had his face pressed into his pillow and at the pole, as I was holding him tight on his neck, keeping him at the point, before then …

“ S  W  A  C  K  -  S  W  A  C  K  -  S  W  A  C  K  -  S  W  A  C  K  -  S  W  A  C  K “

I heard his muffled cries, but also a muttered “Don’t stop!”

Well, therefore …

“ S   W   A   C   K   -   A C K   -   S   W   A   C   K   -   A C K   -   S   W   A   C   K   -   A C K “

And since I didn’t want him to ask for more, I grabbed the ladle and brought its stick more then a dozen times onto both his rather reddened bum cheeks and a few more into his spread ass! I could see and guess it about the darker skin color he suddenly had, though being in a dim light, shining in thru the aisle and room window from the road!


He groaned then into the pillow and tensed up at the pole, and his big stiff penis, which was rubbed constantly at the wood during the punishment, released its slime in several gobs, which ran a bit more watery then, slowly down along the post! I wouldn’t let it seep down to the floor, so … SLURP! … I had licked away what impossibly could dry up there.

It all sounded worse then it really was, and since we both enjoyed the thing, I had no problem with it, as it was then time to fuck, what the child badly wanted me to do. However, I thought he should have a lesson, as I did not want him to urge my always that much, though liking that kind of pre-fuck-game!

“Rape me, please … only this time … please!” he begged again, pulling at his just before vomited penis, which was still a major hard-on, when I had untied him, then was marching him to the bed.

He had scored before me, as I just wanted to intimidate him with a hard rape as proposal – to intimidate him only!

For a moment I was perplex, but then started to grin and said, that I liked only a nice ‘good-night-fuck’ now, but that I would masturbate him from then on and the whole day at any time I would see him around instead, until his pale sausage would be red and sore, and his fat sac would ache!

He then nodded and grinned back, saying almost happily then:

“OK, now my bum want to drink your good-night-milk; come!”

We spooned again, with him in a fetal position on my left, and without warning, but holding him tightly to me, I inserted my manly tool and fucked him slowly to a nice, though not sperm-rich orgasm, whereas Ko, after having thrown just two opaque gobs onto his left thigh, was drifting away quickly after that, at about 3 am.





Oh god, that was Mey – my Mey!

I jumped out of the bed and let the kid in; but it was only 6 am!

I locked and sat onto the bed, receiving the kid in my arms, where we both kissed each other intensely, then, after he had complained about Chantha, who was fucking him three times, but had from Rotana only one more shot, we kissed again, passionately, then.

“Do my penis, daddy, and after you fuck me quickly! Daddy look, it’s very stiff!” My prey said, having shoved his shorts hastily down his legs, stepping out, whereas he was keeping on his shirt, which was covering his cute, 3.5-inches stiffie.

I very eagerly obeyed his request and rubbed his penis down thru the fabric of his shirt, playing at the same time with his two little orbs in their saclet, and within a minute …

“Daddy! Unggghh … I’m … unnggghh … unggghhh … cuummmmminnnnggggg … nnggg … nnggg … ngghhhh … ahh … ahhhhhh …”

Sooooo nice, how that barely 11-year-old boy came dryly into his shirt, and how strong his dick jerked, jolting the kid’s small body even two or three times onto my chest, his filigree hands gripping my thighs tightly, steadying him barely, with wobbly knees!

Ko came then out from his sleep, and seeing us sexually involved, started to pull at his rapidly growing penis.

“Onto Mey’s bum; come, try to squeeze your dick with his ass cheeks, um … Mey, get in a fetal position, no, onto your left, yeah, better take your shirt off now!”

Then we had spooned together, and with my help, Ko was able then to give his sensitive dick head the necessary friction, without hurting his too tight foreskin.

“This … is … very … n … niiiice … aahhh … annghhh … anghhhh … mnnghhh … mnghhh … ahh … ahhhhhhh …” Ko groaned, when he had another orgasm, as I had kept his hard tool squeezed between Mey’s little globes and my flat hand, then felt it throb and expand, and then had in my palm, what was thought to be my prey’s lubricant: two, barely three gobs of a slimy, milky liquid!


Then I had only one, though, seeing, that Mey’s cherry was still slippery; and after sucking out Ko’s deflating sausage, he and I switched places, and Mey’s little ass got right after stung and killed by my sword!

“Uiiiiiii, daddy – you are big! Now fuck me hard!”

“Shall I really?” I replied, feeling it twitch in my penis inside the boy’s tight rectum.

“Yes! I know you like small boys with little butts, and you like bigger boys with milk – I know exactly. Now you have eaten Ko’s milk, now you fuck … your little boy … your … son, daddy!”

I was both touched and excited, and fucked my ‘son’ with love, though …

“Daddy, please fuck my small bum harder! I know it will hurt more, but then … then I know you love me!”

I fucked him harder, much harder then, I thought, and whereas he masturbated himself then, and Ko was drifting away again into another nap, I shook up the bed and slammed my swollen rod up thru his guts, where it exploded with an unknown amount of semen, likely not with a huge one, though giving me the feeling as if!

“Daddiiiieeeeee! Help meeee … I’m … cuuummmminggggghhhhh … nghh … nghhhh … mnnghhhh … nghh … anghh … ahhhhhhhh …”

And I helped him to cum better, brushed his prostate repeatedly and fondled his tightly pulled up saclet with the little nuts inside and pressed rhythmically at his pulsating perineum as well!

‘Oh god; could there anything go better in my life, abroad and at home?’ I asked myself, when Mey, back from cloud I don’t know what number, surely more then 7, whispered, craning his neck to me:



“Am I your beloved boy now … your only … son, then?”

He looked so cute, when asking that - I wanted to shag him again, had I had some more virility and respective sap available!

“Sure; you are my most beloved fuck boy,” I answered, knowing Mey well enough, that …

“Hey! Oh … but I wanted to be …” he stopped, almost frowned then some, until I quickly intervened then, assuring him:

“Come on, Mey; you are my son, my only one; and I love you with or without sucking, fucking and making or so!”

He then smiled proudly, managed to plant a wet kiss onto my lips, then another, much longer one, before saying:

“Stay in me, please; and when you can again, then fuck me, OK?”

“Sounds perfect, Schaetzele!”



I still had three more weeks to spend with my boys, except 16-year-old Doung, who wasn’t my type and had not the body for that; he was anyway too old for me.

Tac could Soklen lure to Rotana and Chantha, where the 9-year-old girl got, what she before had wanted: white squirts up her tiny twat! And the two boys got their rings, what let Mey almost angrily demand a bigger one for him – yeah, his was then almost 70 $.

Sadly, I had then to leave, as my un-paid vacation expired, but touched by all what had happened, I returned the end of July for another month, during school vacation at home, and shaved first Rotana’s small bush, then Ko for the first time with foam, as he then had a few wispy hairs growing above his pale, seemingly also bigger grown penis, whereas Chantha still had to wait.

A year later, in July 1997, I brought a lanky 14.5-year-old teen with me, as I had his legal guardianship. His stiff 7.5-incher, similar in width with mine, was very impressive and left quite some remarks, even some bruises at my boy’s holes. As Tac and Tue were in Viet Nam that time, Stephan emptied himself mostly into Mey, Ko and Chantha.

Soklen, then 10 years old, got also a quite stinging fuck from him, followed by me then, as I could not refrain anymore, having kept myself under control last year!

Again a year later, I brought my nephew Michael with me, a twelve year old smooth boy, just seduced 3 months before, and neatly spunky, sporting a hard 4-incher, what was OK for all, as they loved to fuck the blond haired, blue eyed sonny boy!

Mey then became my son, at least the papers show it that way (!), and he got that time just his first watery spurts and pumped it also several times up Soklen’s tight pussy, what I then wanted to be the last time, as Mey’s spunk got riper, and the girl older!

The other year, at the end, I withdraw money from sold shares of ‘dot-com-companies’ and bought a house, thanks to Mey, who was urging me, as the money later had be almost gone, after the bubble burst!

Rotana and Chantha came then often to empty their aching balls, and Chantha got then excited by masochist Ko, who liked to get ‘tortured’ by his new friend. I joined them sometimes, but mostly let them do their job and smiled excitedly, when shortly after their arrival the distinct slaps could be heard out from their (mine) making-room (Mey’s name for it).

I then settled permanently here. Tai came not so often, probably two times a month, and when he got spunky at age 15 already, a late bloomer, he wanted at least a dollar, um … he had to spend that anyway for the moto taxi, so I ‘had’ to give him two! Yet he came only once every two months, then, until last year, when he wanted a bike, and had to ‘work’ for it. He liked it mostly standing; only sometimes I could throw him onto the kitchen table. He’s looking for girls, as Tue does, who had his first wad with 14, liking to fuck me then several times, what I allowed, as his prick wasn’t that dangerous. Not that much as Rotana’s, who has a weapon I wouldn’t have up my ass, I mean: 6.5 inches would barely be OK, but not 2.5 inches in width. Yeah, prey or predator, huh?

Tac had it more with girls then too, and surely made one in Saigon pregnant. He’s now working in a neighbor country, whereas Ko remained still a bit a shy kid, is still a student, not yet circumcised and likes to get his pubes shaved, though being 21 now, but looking not more then a slim 16-year-old! He comes not so frequently, but I still like to wank his gorgeous penis, 6” and 2” in size, and mostly eat his now again thicker spunk!

Chantha is married and I haven’t seen him more then two times this year, whereas Rotana – well, he loves Mey, and he obviously him, and after quite some costly, financial escapades of my son, I’ll hope the things will go better now!

All the nine years I haven’t had another meal then the ones delivered from my family, respectively Rotana and Chantha too.

Well, just once, a year ago, I had a damn’ cute paperboy here, brought in into my car’s boot at night time, then, after wanking and fucking him two times in the garage in dim light, I drove him out the same way; you know, it’s quite a difference, if you are a tourist, or a foreign resident!

Take care all of you and have a happy New Year!


The End

I had to do something: now, that I knew I was still “clean”!

I grabbed the hand-tied kid and let him stay onto the bed

then tied both tightly around the thin wrists, pulled up behind his back!

The and when I lifted the kid onto the old fridge