At The Dike
By: Kewl Dad

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At The Dike

by: Kewl Dad

I was 21 that summer of 1970 and full of life and eager to taste the world. I was also a boy lover and eager to taste a few boys too. I had known I was different for most of my life. My first sexual experience was at about age 6 with a boy down the street we called Bimbo. I don't even know what his real name was, all I remember is that he visited his grandma who lived on the corner and we often played together. I don't know which of us started it or even  the first time it happened but I do remember us rubbing our little dicks together and poking at each other's butts though of course we didn't know about orgasms or what sex was about it was still  a lot of fun.

My next experience was at about age 10 or so with the boy next door. He was maybe a year or two younger than me but we were best friends the whole time he and his parents lived there. We played a lot of show and tell and touchy feely but never really did a whole lot. Years later when he and his folks came back to visit we picked up as if we had never been apart and played those same games most of the time he was there.

There were a few other boys along the way, but nothing special ever happened, mostly looking, a little touching, but that was enough to put me on my way to a lifetime of loving boys.

I was not a bad looking guy at 21. I had lost some weight since my teen years when I was quite chubby and grown a porn star mustache to go with my brownish red shoulder length hair. I had just moved into my own apartment, downtown over a dentist's office and for the unbelievable price of 35.00 a month plus gas and electric I had a spacious apartment all to myself. I had a new car, a 1972 Chevy Monte Carlo, and a Yamaha 250 enduro,  and a decent job that I liked a great deal. My family lived close by and my mom still did my laundry once a week when I'd drop it off. 

I had most weekends off and I usually used that time to go cruising for boys. On this particular Saturday I decided to travel a little and wound up in a small town on the lake just 20 miles away. 

There is a dike running along one side of the town separating the lake from the town and on this particular day I rode my motorcycle instead of driving my car. The dike had a narrow two laned trail the length of it and I decided to ride my motorcycle across it and survey the land.

There were houses on the town side of the dike and a picnic area with boat ramps on the other side, but there had been some flooding recently and no one was on the lake side. I was about half way down the dike when I saw them, two boys on the lake side of the dike pulling up rock and tossing them into the water. When they saw me they paused and one of them pointed toward  me and I thought to myself, these are just the boys I have been looking for.

As I got closer I could make them out better and I was pleased with what I saw. The pointer was slim but tall and maybe 11 or 12 years old. He was brown haired and wore jeans and a striped tee and seemed to be the leader of the duo.

The other boy was blond and cute as a button, he was smaller than the other boy but I guessed he was about the same age from his looks. He wore cut off jean shorts and was shirtless exposing a slim but well formed upper chest that was tanned and yummy looking. His little nipples were brown and looked erect and my mouth was watering by the time I got to where they stood.

They scurried up the hill and stood in the road before me and sensing that I was friendly as most boys can do, they swarmed my bike.

"Whoa, man...way cool," Brown hair said.

"My brother's gotta Yamaha, they rule," blondie added touching the front fender almost lovingly.

"Thank, so yo guys wanna go for a ride?" I said cutting through all the crap and going straight to the chase.

"Really could we?" the brown haired boy said eying me for some sign that I was joking.

"Sure, I'm Rob...what's your names?"

"I'm Ernie", the brown hared boy said and that's Chris."

"How old are you guys?" I asked next.

"Twelve," they both said at once then laughed.

"Cool, well who goes first? I was gonna take the oldest first but since you're both the same age, I guess we'll go by birthdays."

"Mine's first, Ernie said excitedly, "It's in March."

Chris frowned but I had the impression Ernie would have had first dibs regardless of who was older or who's birthday came first.

I removed my helmet and gave it to Ernie and he pulled it own looking sheepishly at his friend. Now for my favorite part, I thought as I said, "Okay put your arms around me and hold on tight. Keep your feet on the pegs and don't worry...I'm a good driver."

Ernie not only put his arms around me but he also moved up against me and I swore I could feel his boy junk against my butt. He was warm and soft and if it had been possible I probably would have rode around like that all day. 

As I took off across the dike I looked in the mirror and saw Chris waving enthusiastically and I couldn't wait to have his naked chest against my back and his soft arms around me. I rode as fast as safety allowed but it was enough to impress my young rider and when we reached the end of the dike where it joined the main road I skidded to a stop.

"Wow, that was awesome," Ernie said laughing out loud.

"Okay, time to go back now so Chris can have a turn." 

"Awww...I wish I could ride with you all day."

"Well, maybe some time we could meet and we could ride around a while. I come over here sometimes and just ride around." I said always trying to set things up for the future.

"Really, cool. I live right down there by the park, first house at the end of the dike."

"Cool," I said as I turned around slowly and started off.

I took a little longer getting back because I really liked Ernie hugged against me but when it was time for Chris to climb aboard I forgot all about that feeling. Chris was a bit more timid at riding on a cycle and he clung to me like a cockleburr on a sock. His little hands were gripped so tightly around my waist that they were turning red and I thought he was going to climb on top of me before we got back. To say the least it was enjoyable for me, even if a bit terrifying for him.

As he climbed off he looked at Ernie and smiled sheepishly, "See I wasn't scared."

I didn't think that was true and probably neither did Ernie, but neither of us said so, each of us for different reasons, and Chris kept his moment of glory. I was confronted with what to do next and my mind was working over time trying to figure out how to move to the next level.

I had proven I was cool and boy friendly and now it was time to offer a bit more. It had to be done carefully when you were dealing with more than one boy at a time, because these boys had to face each other later and unless they were already sexual friends it could be awkward.

"So you guys got girlfriends or what?" I said turning off my bike so we could hear better.

"Naw, girls are stupid," Chris said nodding at Ernie who shrugged.

"Wouldn't mind fuckin one though," Ernie said.

Bingo, here was boy who already knew he wanted that great feeling sex brings. I wondered if he jerked off a lot and decided that was a stupid question, of course he did. What 12 yo didn't?

"Ever had a blow job?" I asked nonchalantly.

"No," Ernie giggled, "Have you?"

"Oh,  yeah...lots of em?" I said leering.

"Who from?" It was Chris this time, and he looked curious and not at all put off by this turn of conversation.

"Oh, lots of different people," I said vaguely.

"Your girlfriends?" Ernie chuckled.

"Naw, I'm kind of like you, I think girls are stupid." I said without offering more.

Ernie picked up on that right away, "Then who from...guys?" he said looking smug.

I shrugged, "Guys give the best ones." I said smiling complacently.

"Huh, how come?" Ernie asked with interest.

"Well, I guess cause guys have dicks and they know what feels good and what they like so it's just easier to give a good blow job."

"Isn't it nasty to put a dick in your mouth?" It was Chris again and he looked eager to learn all about blow jobs.

"Naw, I mean if the guy washes it and stuff, it's not as nasty as a pussy. Ewww. they stink like fish all the time."

"Yeah, like fish," Ernie agreed, "And they bleed. My sister bleeds and leaves her rags in the bathroom and they stink too."

"So...have you know sucked a guy?" Chris asked cutting straight to the chase.

"Sure, lots of times, but mostly boys like you....I like boy dick best." I said gaging them for a reaction.

I saw that look pass between the two boys that I sometimes see when boys are really good friends and perhaps a bit closer than most friends get. I saw a look of indecision on Ernie's face for about a half a second then he said, "You wanna suck us?"

Just like that the prize had been offered and I hadn't even had to ask for it. The only question now was where could we do this? Certainly not on top of the dike but there were some woods on the lake side of the dike and I had actually scouted them out once before planning for the future.

"Sure, if you guys want. We can go down there, back into the woods a little and no one can see us."

The boys looked where I was pointing and nodded. The question now was did I dare trust them to go down on their own or should I stay with them. I finally decided to leave the bike on the dike and walk down with them. I made sure it was off the trail far enough to let anyone pass should someone happen by and locked the forks and ushered the boys down the hill. 

We had to go a bit out of our way to avoid some pools of water but eventually we made it to the tree line and pushed our way inside. We didn't have to go far before we were completely cut off from the outside world. There was a downed tree in a small clearing and surrounded on three sides and it was here that I decided we would have our fun.

I was a little nervous, but I usually was, and I could tell the boys were equally nervous but as far as I could tell committed to go through with this. Like most boys their age they were curious about all things sexual and always looking for diversion and enjoyment and I had promised all three.

Again it was Ernie who went first and I was surprised at  his enthusiasm. He was not the least bit shy as he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them town to reveal a tented pair of slightly yellowed FOL briefs. With a quick fluid motion he whisked the briefs down and I was confronted with the biggest 12 yo pecker I had ever seen. It must've been fully 5" hard and fat and was cut loosely making it look delicious. 

The boys must've seen the look of surprise on my face because both laughed and Ernie said, "I got the biggest one in my class."

"Nice," was all I could say as I reached for it and seconds later I was unable to speak as I took all of that delicious boy cock in my mouth.

I played with his balls as I sucked and they were nice sized as well. I also let a hand snake back to his butt and rubbed the smooth warm flesh there as he bucked against me. It was obvious this boy liked what I was doing and I wondered if this was his first bj. He took charge quickly and was ramming his hard boy cock down my throat as if it were a pussy. I didn't mind. He wasn't quite long enough to gag me yet (though he would be eventually during our two year friendship) and I let him have full control. That left my hands free to roam his soft smooth body and when he came I pulled him against me and held him deep in my throat as he pumped out a tasty and generous load of boy spunk. 

I licked him clean and praised him, "Damn, boy you are a little stud and you can come too, that is awesome. Thanks, that was great."

Ernie glowed with pride and well being having just had a very satisfying orgasm and being complimented on his performance but he didn't utter a word. Not even when I hugged him though he did hug back a  little.

"I hope we can do that again."

"Okay, when?" he said seriously and I laughed, the boy was hooked.

Next was Chris, dear sweet Chris and as much as I thought Ernie was experienced, I was sure Chris was not. He was shy as he slipped his shorts down to reveal those cute red briefs with white taping and a small bulge in them. 

He shrugged as he pushed those briefs down and said, "It aint much."

But of course he was wrong. Size didn't matter to me, it was the boy that mattered and his little 3" nail was as beautiful as any boy cock I had ever seen. 

"Sure it is, it's awesome. I said gently handling it and feeling his hot boy blood pulse through it. "It will be just as big as Ernie's some day but right now it's just right for you. I love it." I said sincerely as I nuzzled it with my face and he beamed with pride.

His little legs went weak when I took him into my hot wet mouth and he was humming softly with his eyes closed. I held his slender waist in my hands and made love to his hard little boy cock until we were both lost in the moment. I let my hands wander to his small soft butt and he pushed toward me taking a little initiative for his impending orgasm. I didn't know if he had ever had a real orgasm, some boys jerk it but never finish, but either way this would be one to remember.

I was aware of Ernie watching us with interest while rubbing himself and I wondered if he'd be ready for round two when I finished with his buddy. I really put myself into it then rubbing his body soothingly as I suckled him and moved along his shaft letting my lips touch the sensitive ridge on his cock head with each stroke. He was shaking and humming louder then  suddenly he pushed all of his slender boy dick into my mouth and grunted. I knew he had come not because he squirted (he was still a dry comer), but because of the way his body echoed with his release. He gyrated a little rubbing out the last of his orgasm and gripped my shoulders and slowly disengaged himself from me and stood back looking sated but shy.

"That was great buddy. Did it feel good?'

He nodded and there was a sparkle in his eye and he smiled shyly.

"Told you it'd be good," Ernie suddenly said and I realized these two had discussed just such an occurance as this before.

"I don't sperm yet though," Chris said shyly.

"Feels the same either way, but you will and soon. Especially if you keep getting blow jobs or jerking off." I said trying to put some urgency in return visits.

"Really? I'd let you do it again." Chris said pulling up his shorts, "I gotta go now though. I'm going to my grandma's for supper."

We walked Chris to the edge of the woods and watched him head across the muddy road and up the hill. When he went down the other side we walked back into the woods and I sat down on that downed tree trunk.

"So how was it?" I asked grinning.

"Nice, I liked it. I wanna do it again. When can you come back?"

"How about next Saturday?"

"Okay, I'll look for ya," he said sitting down beside me, "You wouldn't wanna...naw you wouldn't," he said blushing."

"What?" I said grinning. I had found a boy at last who was as horny as I was, "You wanna do it again?"

He turned red but nodded, " Only if you do."

"Hell yeah!" I said reaching over and grabbing his crotch as proof that I wanted it as much as he did.

So that's how round two began and this time he took his good slow time coming. He didn't produce much cum that second time but it was just as tasty and he was just as enthusiastic about his orgasm. When he finished I held him in my mouth for a long time hugging him to me as he laid his hands on my shoulder and we bonded. It was more than just a blow job and we both knew it. It was the beginning of something special that lasted for the next two and a half years. By the time he was 14 Ernie was packing almost 7" of hard boy cock and it was a mouth full even for a seasoned cock sucker like me. Over those 2 and a half years Ernie introduced me to three more of his friends and I was eager to share my oral talents with them as well. I only had Chris one more time during that time, but he had started shooting by then and it was wonderful. 

I last saw Ernie just before he turned 15. He was on crutches, having crashed a go cart a few weeks earlier and though he said he was interested in getting together when he got better, it never happened. I think of him often these days, he was very special to me. I can't really say I was in love with him but he will always have a special place in my heart, partly because of the way he expressed his sexuality without shame and partly because he was willing to share his friends with me without any jealousy on his part. Wherever you are Ernie, many happy orgasms.

The End

Wow, that took a lot out of me. If you liked it please let me know, but don't ask for more. It's a short story and I have written all about it that I can. 

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