The Aurora School for Boys

A Chronicles of New Atlantis Story

By Zackary Dillon


This story is intended for mature audiences. If you are a minor or not legally allowed to read erotic material, then please stop reading now. This story involves sexual relationships between men and boys. If that's not your thing, then please stop reading now. This story may contain sado-masochism and bondage, if that's not your thing, please stop reading now. If you can't separate fantasy from reality, then stop reading now. I don't endorse or condone any of the actions taking place in this story, it's just a story. In other words, don't try this at home.

Author's Note

Hello reader. I hope that I've found you in a state of arousal, or a desire to be aroused. What you are about to read is complete fiction. This story is a Chronicles of New Atlantis story. The world was first introduced by William Rush in "A Christmas in New Atlantis", but since has been expanded on by a few other writers, myself included. If you like this story, you might want to check out some of those other stories, which include "The Boys of Cockney Hills" by myself, "Boys Gone Bonkers" by Debonair and William Rush and "My Time in Eden" by William Rush, which can all be found on the PZA Archives. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the following story. If you'd like to contact me regarding this story, feel free to e-mail me at

Chapter One

Mr. Thomas sat back in his chair and enjoyed the mouth of the young slave boy kneeling in front of him. The little Laotian was quite talented and Mr. Thomas had no trouble believing that the boy would be an excellent addition to the Aurora School for Boys. Not only was Kye cute as a button, but he was also an excellent cellist, and he had a tongue to die for. The way the boy worked his glans nearly caused him to feed the boy an early lunch, but Mr. Thomas didn't want to cum just yet, there were many more boys to audition, so he grabbed the boy by the hair and pulled him free from his cock.

"Alright," Mr. Thomas said, "you've proven you're talented boy, don't ruin me for the others."

Mr. Thomas rung the buzzer and David came in. David was a tall lanky lad, just shy of nineteen years old, who could've easily passed for fourteen with his boyish looks and dark blonde hair. He had been Mr. Thomas' 'special boy' for most of his life, but once he had reached the age of majority he had been given his freedom, as the majority of slave boys were. David opted to stay on as Mr. Thomas' assistant. To be completely honest David had hoped to become a castrato for the Italian Opera, but his voice had broke, despite the fact that Mr. Thomas had removed the boy's testicles when he was twelve. Apparently it had been a tad too late. Now, without balls or much self esteem, David resigned himself to doing the one thing he felt he was talented at, ensuring that Mr. Thomas' needs were met.

"Make sure that we purchase Kye for the school," Mr. Thomas said. "Don't let them push you around this time David. I don't want to have to punish you again."

"I understand Mr. Thomas," David said, shuddering at the mention of a punishment. "I'm sorry about that, it wont happen again."

"I should hope not," Mr. Thomas said. "I'm beginning to think you like being punished David."

"No sir," he said, "I assure you I don't."

"Good," Mr. Thomas said, "This one has roused me terribly, send one in that'll be worth my seed. A blond lamb if there is one."

"Yes sir," David said, grabbing Kye's arm and leading him out of the room.

"He's got several more boys to see this afternoon," David whispered to Kye, "if you've caused him any delay with that damn mouth of yours, I'll personally heat your bottom up with a paddle."

"I'm sorry master," the boy said, "I was just trying to do a good job."

David looked at the boy jealously, knowing that Mr. Thomas no longer desired him, but rather this slim and lithe specimen. He dragged Kye back to the showroom and informed the broker that he should set the boy aside for the school. The broker was very pleased.

The boy David selected had just turned nine and was a bit on the small side, something that Mr. Thomas always found charming. The boy had almost white blonde hair and the smoothest unblemished skin. David had inspected the boys bottom and was happy to see the hole was pink and obviously rarely used. The boy's talents as a pianist were of more use to the brothel than the boy's ass, so it saved the lad from entertaining too many clients. A boy squirming from having his ass fucked, rarely played well.

"Fine choice David," Mr. Thomas said, turning the naked boy around to look at all of his charms. "What's the boy's name?"

"Stephen sir," David said, as the man looked over the young boy, particularly taken by the boy's blue eyes. "He looks to be quite tight sir."

"Good," Mr. Thomas said, stroking his thick eight inch cock through his robe, wondering if the boy would squeal much.

Mr. Thomas dressed, listening to the soft sobs of the young blonde haired boy lying on the bed behind him, his bottom propped up, a dribble of semen leaking from the boy's loosened hole. He was particularly tight, but not quite talented enough to join the school. No, the boy would have to remain at this sordid little establishment. Mr. Thomas would only accept the best and the brightest, not necessarily the prettiest, although all the boys he chose were pretty, David made sure of that.

Mr. Thomas stepped out of the room, surprising David as he knelt examining Kye's almond colored bottom.

"How much did you spend," Mr. Thomas asked, ignoring his assistant's indiscretions.

"Thirteen thousand sir," David said, "And they've thrown in another boy as well."

"For thirteen thousand I'd hope they would," Mr. Thomas said, even though he knew the price was more than fair. "Where is this other boy?"

"He's right over there sir," David said, pointing to a small dark haired boy, maybe eleven or twelve at most.

"Does he have any talents," Mr. Thomas asked.

"He says he's quite good at soccer," David said, laughing.

"Well he didn't cost anything, so in a sense he was free," Mr. Thomas said, then noticing the way David looked at the child added, "and I suppose now he's yours."

"What do you mean sir," David asked.

"Well you're quite busy now," Mr. Thomas said, "and I'm sure you could use the help. He can be your house-boy."

"Really master," David asked, then realizing what he'd said, corrected himself, "I mean sir."

"Yes David," Mr. Thomas said, smiling at the boy's slip. "Really."

"Thank you sir," David said, "Thank you so much."

"Quit the sniveling," Mr. Thomas said, placing a hand on the teenager's shoulder, "you're free now David and one of these days you're going to have to start acting like it. Be proud my boy, you're a master now, not a slave."

"Yes sir," David said, "you're too kind sir."

"I know David," Mr. Thomas said, looking at the other boys David had collected.

Poland normally was a good place to find children for the school, but this particular visit was becoming tiresome. If the boys were talented with their instruments, oftentimes they were reluctant when it came to the man's advances. This was something Mr. Thomas could not tolerate, not because the boys were slaves and should bow to the man's every wish, no, it was because that attitude would surely effect their education.

Boy's who were uncomfortable with their professors advances, would surely suffer in class during the day as they worried what might happen to their bottoms that night and undoubtedly their true talents would never quite be attained. No, boys must fancy to please their masters, to do everything they could to ensure their masters were happy in every way with their students.

David followed behind Mr. Thomas as he looked over the other lads, deciding which to take back for an audition. There were only three left and two would hardly need a looking after, David said that they were very talented and Mr. Thomas trusted David's opinion, perhaps more than some of the professors at the school.

"They shan't have to play their instruments," Mr. Thomas said looking at the two boy's David had recommended, "but I would like to see how they perform their other duties. Do you think you can run them through the routines David?"

David gave his former mentor a sour look. The man knew quite well that the teenager was not interested in sex. That horny little boy was removed with his testicles, leaving behind a calm serene child, that did what his teachers wanted, but nothing more and never with any passion. David was the first and last boy Mr. Thomas had castrated, in Mr. Thomas' opinion it showed the abysmal failure of the whole process. What was the most beautiful voice in the world worth, if it left behind a boy that did not enjoy sex?

"I'm sorry David," the man said, looking at the somber young teen. "It wasn't meant that way."

"It's alright sir," David said, "If you'd like I can give it a go. I just don't know how long I'll last."

"No," Mr. Thomas said, "I would never put you in that position."

"I insist," David said, certain he could perform the duty he was required.

Mr. Thomas always felt ill at ease watching David have sex, not because he had no testicles, but because the boy was methodical about it, like he was putting together the pieces of a puzzle or painting a statue. The problem wasn't that David couldn't please, he never ignored the needs of those he attended to, the problem was that he only attended to those needs so diligently because it meant that the act could be over sooner, there was no passion or even apprehension, just a cool discomfort.

David took out the small syringe that he had been given by the school's doctor and injected the hormones into the base of his penis, hissing as he felt the warm fluid enter his body. He looked at the boys, a slight twinge of urgency entering his mind, the result of months of hormones treatments. He motioned for one of the boys to come to him.

The boy was a slim eleven year old Ukrainian child named Maksim. He had brown hair and green eyes and seemed slimmer than the others. David stroked the boy’s bottom as he felt the blood surge into his cock. He felt embarrassed by the size of his rod, having been castrated it had not grown as big as it should’ve and now was a mere five and half inches in length and not nearly as thick as a man’s cock should be. David knew though, that it was almost the perfect size for the younger boys, if only he could muster up the desire to fuck them.

Maksim obediently licked the teen’s rod, silently thanking God that it wasn’t that large. He watched the teen’s placid expression for some sign of arousal, but found nothing there. It was when the boy reached up to massage theDavid ’s balls that he realized what was amiss.

“Don’t touch me there,” David shouted, pushing the boy away from him

The boy cowered beneath the teenager, fearing that the teen might hit him hit him. David looked at the boy, suddenly very aware of his shame, that somehow even this small boy was more of a man than he was. He wanted to run, but he didn’t, instead he stood there covering his empty sack with his hands, feeling more than naked.

“He didn’t know any better David,” Mr. Thomas said, “Apologize.”

“I’m sorry,” David said in a soft voice, patting the boy on the cheek, “I’m just sensitive there. You didn’t know any better.”

The boy wasn’t sure what was going on. He’d never seen a teenager without balls before. Thoughts poured through his mind. He wondered if the teen could cum and if he could how much there would be. His hand reached for the teen’s small rod, this time with a mixture of curiosity, pity, and fear. Would this happen to him if he displeased his new masters? Was this some kind of punishment for failing to perform those duties expected of him?

“I wont touch you there again master,” the boy said, “I promise.”

“See,” Mr. Thomas said, “he didn’t mean to.”

David put his hand on the back of the boy’s head and guided him back to his half hard cock, knowing that it would take a great deal more stimulation for him to get hard. The boy suckled the teen, not entirely displeased with the size, in fact it seemed the teen's pole fit inside of his mouth with a degree of comfort, in fact it was almost pleasant.

“That’s good,” David said, more interested in the warmth the boy’s mouth provided than the gradual increase of the sexual tension it brought.

David had found he enjoyed the massaging aspect of sex the most now. That sensation of the tongue running over his skin, the soft, almost velvety suction a boy could apply down there. Before he started to take the hormones the only reason he had a boy suckle him was for those sensations, not the orgasm that might come after some diligence. In fact he found the orgasms to be less important than the dominance he felt when a boy serviced him. When he was having sex with a boy he felt strong, something that seemed to escape him most other times.

David was surprised to find his cock was as stiff as it was. In fact he had no doubt he’d be able to fuck the boy, something that often times was impossible, since his cock tended to only rouse to a half-hardened state. He pulled the boy’s mouth away, afraid that he might miss his opportunity to penetrate the little brown haired nymph’s bottom.

“Hands and knees,” David said, “lets see if your ass feels as good as your mouth.”

The boy obediently knelt down in front of the older teen, exposing his well used bottom. David was not upset to find a slightly open brown hole, instead of tight pink one, in fact it helped to bolster his courage, for the boy was probably a bit loose and that would only help to ensure he could fuck the lad like he wanted to.

As David applied the lubricant to his stiffened cock, he started to breathe a bit heavier, something strange was building inside of him, a feeling he hadn’t had for quite some time. In fact it was the sight of the boy’s bottom and the thought of all the men that had taken the boy before him that caused it. David realized he was horny. Was this what it was like for other men, he wondered?

The emotion wasn’t entirely unpleasant, rather it seemed like a hunger, as if his belly was empty and needed to be filled. For a moment he wanted Mr. Thomas’s mouth wrapped around him or perhaps his cock inside of him, but he knew that wouldn’t happen, so he drove that thought from his mind and instead plunged his cock into the boy in one quick thrust.

The boy cried out at the intrusion, shocked by the placid teen’s brutality. As David continued to fuck the boy, the cries of displeasure quickly faded as the boy’s hole loosened up, accepting the hardened meat that had entered him.

“Oh master,” the boy cooed, only increasing David’s lust.

“Tell me you want it,” David whispered into the boy’s ear.

“Oh yes master,” the boy said, “I want it. You feel wonderful inside me.”

David groaned, thrusting his hips back and forth at the boy’s exposed backside. His hands gripped the boy’s shoulders firmly as he pulled the boy onto his cock. The rhythmic sound of the teen’s hips slapping against the boy’s bottom filled the air.

The other boy’s present stared at the scene, almost awed by the mystery of it all. They couldn’t understand the sensations the boy was feeling, how the teenager’s cock was just the right size to poke and prod the boy’s tender prostate with every thrust.

David reached around the boy, searching for his rod. It wasn’t quite hard and David found he wanted it hard, as stiff as a brick. He wanted to squeeze it and stroke it, to hear the boy cry out even louder with lust. The boy whimpered as the teen stroked his cocklet roughly. The boy hung his head, lost in the rising pleasure that filled his body.

David groaned, feeling his own bliss rising up like an ember, gently given birth by the boy’s soft whimpers. His rod was slick and more stiff than he could ever remember. The memory of the pleasures he felt as boy came back to him, how much he loved to have his own bottom filled.

“Yes,” David cried out, the ember now becoming a flame.

The boy gasped and rested his forehead on his arms, unable to hold himself up as David brought him closer to that point of no return. He felt his insides spasm, the small jolts of pleasure erupting each time the teenager's slim cock ran over that little spot inside of him. David looked at the sweaty child kneeling beneath him and the sight caused him to groan, he wanted so much to come, to fill the boy with seed he didn’t have.

“I’m almost there,” David said in a husky voice.

“Oh master,” the boy said, “it feels so good.”

David cried out as he felt his cock lurch inside of the boy, then yelped in surprise as he felt fluid shoot out from inside of his cock. He’d cum. He’d actually cum inside of the boy. Tears welled up inside of him and for the first time in a long time David felt like a man again, not a boy or half-man. The fluid kept flowing out of his cock. He had to see it. He pulled out and watched as a spurt of clear juice landed on the boy’s back.

When they took David’s balls, they took the hormones he needed for his prostate to mature, taking away the chance to produce fluid. The shots the doctor had given him had given his body the strength it needed to mature. Now as the young man cried out in joy, the gift of manhood spilled out across the boy’s back, coating it in a sticky fluid, not semen, but something close enough that David didn’t care.

“My boy,” Mr. Thomas said in surprise, “you’re cumming.”

“It feels so good,” David said unable to mask his joy.

David looked down listening to the boy below him whimper with lust, having been brought so close to his own orgasm, only to be denied when the teen left him empty inside. David ran his finger through the fluid coating the boy’s back, feeling how sticky it was. He thought it was quite more sexy than cum, pure looking, almost innocent. He brought his fingers to his lips and tasted the fluid, somewhat salty, with a hint of sweetness. He smiled, oblivious to the world around him. Only the soft pleading of the boy below him roused him from his state of contemplation.

“Please master,” the boy begged, “can I cum?”

“Of course you can,” David said, “you can cum as much as you want.”

The boy smiled at the teen and rolled over on his side, stroking his little rod urgently. David watched him, no longer placid and serene, but rather filled with lust and desire, wanting to see the boy’s own reward spill out of the boy’s small stiffy. He reached down and turned the child over onto his back and kneeled down to suckle the boy’s cock. The boy’s head lurched up as he saw the teen move towards him. As Mr. Thomas and the boy’s watched, a small groan rose from deep within Maksim’s throat, as the boy felt the teen’s warm skilled mouth envelop his small pole.

“Oh thank you master,” the boy squealed.

David said nothing, instead he continued to suck the boy, wanting so much to bring the boy to his own culmination. As the boy squirmed and wriggled beneath him, David felt his own rod twitch and for the first time in seven years he felt certain he could go again. That knowledge and the sound of the boy crying out as he came in the teen’s mouth, filled the teen up with emotions he’d never known before.

As the boy’s cock lurched in his mouth, David tasted the tangy fluid, relishing the way it splashed across his tongue and filled his mouth with a boyish taste. The boy couldn’t tell, but David was smiling as he saw the passion in the boy’s reddened face. He refused to remove the boy’s cock until the boy begged him to stop, then he let it go with a plop. Smiling at the small softened little prick that lay over an even smaller set of balls. In the past he might’ve been jealous of the boy, but now he wasn’t. He could cum, what did he need balls for?

To be Continued