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Part 3

Kim awoke and went through his usual ritual of stretching, yawning, and scratching the various parts of his anatomy that needed attention then leaving his bed went to the toilet to empty his bladder. His immediate needs taken care of, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. There he headed straight for the kettle to make his morning cup of tea, but this time his actions were stopped by a piece of paper resting against the kettle. Picking up the note he read it which requested that he call his mother at her office as soon as he was able. He crumpled the note and threw it in the bin, made his tea then took it to the sitting room sank into the settee and sipped it. His tea finished he went over to the landline picked up the phone and dialled his mother's office number.

"Hi mum, I read your note and doing as you requested."

"No I haven't anything planned for this evening, just wait till Jeremy gets back from work then hang out with him."

"I'm not in trouble am I?"

"Okay mum we'll talk when you get home, bye see you later."

After he'd washed and dressed he killed time by going down to the local shopping mall wandering around and generally gazing into shop windows at clothing items that took his fancy. By three pm his stomach was rumbling like there was no tomorrow, he made his way to the nearest bus stop and caught the bus back to the house. Fifteen minutes later saw him heating a steak pie in the microwave then sitting down to appease the pangs of hunger emanating from his stomach.

His hunger satiated he went into the sitting room picked up the remote control for the telly and was about to switch it on when he threw it aside and just sat back in the settee to let his mind recall his weekend with Jeremy. It had been the happiest weekend for a long time actually since his uncle had left to go to Australia.

Even though Jeremy had revealed his feelings to him the weekend had gone really well and Jeremy hadn't been angry when he had said, "He hadn't thought about him in any way other than that of a friend."

Jeremy had tried to hide his disappointment but he could tell by the look on his face that he had hoped the answer would have been different.

He spent the next hour or so letting his mind mull over the events of the weekend till eventually when he had explored every avenue at what had transpired over the last 72hours he picked up the remote control and switched on the television which he watched with not a lot of interest till he heard the front door close and knew his mother was home.

He waited for her to appear in the room then greeted her, "Hi mum."

"Hello Kim, so how did your day go?"

Kim was about to answer when he realised that his mother never asked him how his day had gone unless there was something wrong. He rose slowly from the chair and walked over to his mother and noticing the look on her face realized that it was serious. "What's the problem mum, and don't give me any flannel I know when you use that tone of voice asking me how my day went that we've got problems."

"Oh darling," his mother said stretching her arms towards him.

"Mum, for God's sake tell me will you and stop treating me like a kid."

"Alright Kimbal," the moment he heard his mother use his name in full his heart skipped a beat. The last time she had used it was to tell him that his Uncle Richard was leaving for Australia.

"Tell me mum please."

"Jeremy has decided to move out; actually he's already done so, so he won't be coming back."

He was stunned he couldn't say a word he stood staring at his mother as the words sunk in, then turned on his heels and made his way to his room.

He lay down on his bed and let the words that his mother had uttered reverberate around his mind. After the initial shock he tried to come to some reason why Jeremy had left. The man had promised he would be a good friend even though he had told him that he wasn't sure about his feelings towards him.

Now he had left and hadn't even bothered to say goodbye. He got up from the bed and headed to the room that had so recently been occupied by the person who at the moment was uppermost in his thoughts.

He tried the door to the room and as usual it wasn't locked. He entered and looked around to notice that there was nothing there to remind him of the man that had once occupied the room except the portable television and CD player on the table with an envelope and on closer inspection his name on it. Tentatively he picked it up then lifted the flap and extracted the letter that was enclosed within. He opened the letter and read.


I'm sorry that you had to hear it from your mother that I have vacated my room. Please forgive me for not facing you and telling you personally. There is no excuse for my actions I took the coward's way out and left it to your mother to tell you. Right now you must be using all of the four letter or more words you can think of to describe me or even wishing that I had died at birth. When I was your age and thinking back, I know what it was like when elders I relied on I felt had let me down, but it wasn't the end of the world and I soon forgot and moved on. We have only known each other for a very short time, but in that brief period I have grown to love you, and that is why I have decided to leave.

I wouldn't dream of laying out in this letter the reasons for my actions and burdening you with details of my emotions that as teenager you don't need to be heaped on your narrow shoulders.

Kimbal I hope you can find it your heart to forgive me, and maybe sometime in the future when I think enough time has passed I can phone you and we can talk.

Still Your Friend.


Ps. I've spoken to you're mother and she is agreeable to you taking possession of the television and the added bonus of a CD player.

He folded the letter and placed it in his pocket, then unplugging the television he picked it up and returned with it to his room, after a second journey for the CD player, having installed both of them he lay on his bed and once again thought back to the weekend.

It had been absolutely out of this world to be away from the family and on his own with a person that he really liked. They talked and did things that he never did with his mum, or his mum's elder brother Uncle Harry. Jeremy was really cool; he didn't ask questions he just talked about things that he found they both had an interest in. And he enjoyed their walks around the village especially when they held hands as they walked but of course now that he knew about Jeremy's feelings the man would have enjoyed their holding hands just as much as he did. He stretched out his arm to his CD rack, selecting one that he'd borrowed from his mother when his uncle had left for Australia and he'd never returned, he inserted it into the player closed his eyes as the sounds of Lean on Me by Jimmy Cliff filled the room.

As the music played with tears in his eyes he thought, "You said you'd be a friend but you've gone, you fucked off and left me just like my uncle, but this time I'm going to do something about it and you had better have a fucking good answer as to why you left."

When the music stopped he rose from the bed went to the bathroom washed and dried his face and made his way to his mother's room, knocking he heard her give permission to enter. Opening the door before his mother could utter a word he blurted out, "I need some money mum to go to Jeremy's house this evening."

"And how do you propose to get there?"

"I only need to get to Newbury I can catch a bus from there to the village where he lives."

His mother went to the phone asked for directory enquires and asked for National Express coaches. When she got the number she dialled it and made enquiries about the timetable for coaches to Newbury. The most appropriate one was at 19.30hrs and would arrive at Newbury at 21.00hrs. Mrs Walters booked a seat for Kim giving her credit card details over the phone, when she'd finished turning to her son she said, "If you want to catch that coach you'd better pack a bag and get down to Victoria coach station as quick as possible you have an hour and a half before it departs."

He kissed his mother on the cheek and was about to leave when she said, "You had better take this you might need," it pressing a fifty pound note into his hand.

"Thanks mum," and he was bounding up the stairs and into his room. He threw some clothes into his bag went downstairs where his mother was waiting for him.

"Take care son," and she kissed him on the cheek as he also voiced his goodbye, then he was out of the front door and on his way he hoped to see Jeremy.

His mother who had frequently used the National Express coach service had given him detailed instructions on how to reach the coach station. He took the underground to Victoria enjoying the experience to be out in the world by himself but would have rather have had the companionship of the man he was hoping to see later on this evening.

At Victoria he alighted from the train and made his way out from the underground and along the streets following the signs to the coach terminal. After providing identification and obtaining his ticket for the 7.30pm coach he had twenty five minutes to spare, he pulled out his mobile and contacted his mother to let her know that he had arrived at the coach station in one piece, he meandered around the terminal bought an evening paper for something to read on the journey and generally wasted time till it was time to board the coach. With all the preliminaries done by the driver of checking that all passengers were aboard the coach doors closed and they glided out into the mainstream London traffic. The first half hour was spent stopping and starting caused by the normal heavy traffic that even with the congestion charge in effect the traffic was still heavy enough to limit the movement of traffic to a steady fifteen mph till they hit the roundabout that took them onto the flyover that led to the M4 Motorway.

The moment the coach picked up speed Kim, who had been gazing out of the coach window taking in the sights of West London, took out his paper to read the sports pages that would give the results of all that had taken place over the weekend and Monday.

He tried to read the paper but his mind wouldn't let him absorb the words that his eyes sent to his brain, instead his mind was working overtime building a speech that he would make when he stood face to face with Jeremy. With his eyes staring at the paper his mind involved with other matters and the constant drone of the coach's engine his head sagged sideways onto the window that he'd been looking out of only fifteen minutes earlier and he slept like only the younger generation can do totally relaxed and in a world of their own.

His upper body being shaken from side to side awakened him from his sleep not knowing where he was he prepared to jump up when a hand restrained him and a voice said, "Take it easy son, get your wits about you and then stand up there's no hurry we've arrived at Newbury."

Kimbal looked at the face that was speaking recognising the driver of the coach, "Uh thanks mister," he stood and retrieved his bag from the luggage rack above his head and made his way to the coach exit again thanking the driver before alighting.

Outside it was still light and he walked around looking for the 232 bus stop which would take him to Woolton Hill, locating the stop he stood with an elderly couple to wait for the arrival of the bus. Ten minutes later saw him seated on the bus and on his way he hoped to see Jeremy, this time the journey was not long and fifteen minutes later he was alighting at the village green as the street lighting came into effect in a bid to ward of the first fingers of darkness that began to spread over the countryside.

He made his way to the house where he'd spent the weekend and as he walked up the driveway noticed the lights were on in the sitting room so someone was at home, he made his way to the side of the main gates where there was a small gateway which he passed through and walked up the driveway to the front door rang the bell and waited.

The door opened and they stood staring at each other.

His carefully prepared speech that he had rehearsed flew out of his mind and instead he blurted out, "Why did you fuck off and leave me."

Before Kim could finish what he had to say the man who stood before him took his arm and pulled him into the house shutting the door behind him, and at the same time wrapping an arm around him and pulling him into his body as the other hand clamped over his mouth firmly but not menacingly, then a voice spoke in his ear.

"Kimbal, I know you're angry but please let me have my say then if you wish you can say what you have to."

He felt comfortable pressed into the man's body, and having the hand over his mouth was in no way disconcerting actually it was held so loosely that if he wished he was sure he could have bitten the hand if he wanted to, instead he just nodded his head in agreement to Jeremy's wishes.

The man released the boy took him by the hand and led him into the sitting room where he sat on the settee the boy sitting beside him.

Jeremy lifted his hand and ran his fingers through the boy's hair saying, "I boobed Kimbal, I fell in love with you and although you didn't feel the same way about me I thought I could handle it, big mistake, I couldn't. I thought that just being near you would be enough but Sunday night while in my room I faced the reality that sooner or later I would try and do something which wouldn't meet with your approval that would turn you against me so rather than let that happen I thought it better I leave while we still had the respect of each other. I could say more but I would only be repeating myself in a roundabout way. The man was silent for a moment then said, "That's it Kimbal now you can say what you have to"

The boy looked at the man quizzically his brow furrowed and thinking about what Jeremy had just said, "So you won't come back to our house even after you said you'd be a good friend to me."

"Kimbal you don't know how hard I have to restrain my feelings for you, right now I want to take you into my arms and shower you with kisses which would most probably cause feelings of revulsion towards me."

"Then don't talk about it, try it, and I'll tell you what I think."

The man stood, "No Kimbal you're only saying that to try and make me feel better. You're still young and at your age because you don't have a lot of friends you should not indulge in matters that you might regret later, just so that you can retain another's friendship. Give yourself time you never know what tomorrow might bring."

The boy looked at the seriousness in the man's face, "Alright Jeremy, if you say so."

"Okay I'll take you home tomorrow, meanwhile do you want something to eat and drink before we go and sort out a bed for you."

Yeah my guts are beginning to rumble."

They went into the kitchen and after the boys hunger and thirst had been satisfied Kim asked if he could go to bed as he was feeling a bit tired.

Jeremy led the boy to the bedroom that he had occupied at the weekend and between them they had the bed made within a couple of minutes, excusing himself and wishing the boy goodnight Jeremy retired and went downstairs leaving the boy to undress and go to bed.

He remained in the sitting room with the television on but paid no attention to it until it became an intrusion on his thoughts so he switched it off and concentrated on the boy upstairs that had appeared on his doorstep unannounced.

Jeremy knowing Kimbal was over the age of consent knew that if he made advances to the boy at this moment in time the boy might just allow him to, only because he wished to maintain their friendship, but at the same time he knew it would be wrong to take advantage of the boy's vulnerability. By midnight after much soul searching he decided that after taking Kimbal home in the morning he would stick to his decision to vacate the room. Jeremy had realized that harbouring thoughts that a sixteen-year-old boy could fall in love with a man nearly twice his age was pushing the boundaries of optimism a bit too far. Sooner or later Kimbal, who seemed to have a character that made him remain faithful to his chosen partner, may in the future want to find a partner nearer his own age whether it be male or female, so it would be better that he distance himself from the boy now rather than get hurt later. He rose from his chair made his way to the bathroom to wash and change into his nightwear and then to his bed.

He lay down letting his thoughts focus on the boy again, and knew that it was going to be a long time before he would finally fall asleep, as his mind indulged itself in concocting scenarios involving the boy and himself. About an hour later he was at the state when the mind is struggling to stay alert and ward of the veils of unconsciousness when the bed covers were lifted and a body slipped in beside him.

Wrapping an arm around the boy and pulling him into his body he whispered, "Kimbal."

The boy swivelled in the man's arms so that they were facing each other, the boy's voice trembled as he said, "If you want Jeremy we can do umm you know umm uh sex."

The man leaned forward kissed the boy on the forehead, "All we're going to do is sleep Kimbal and we'll talk in the morning."

The boy lifted himself up gave the man a peck on the lips saying, "Goodnight," then he snuggled down against the man's body and shortly slept.

Jeremy with the boy in his arms was in heaven, he wanted to squeeze Kimbal even tighter into his body but resisted the temptation instead he just lay there revelling in the pleasure that the boy's presence in his arms brought, till towards dawn he finally slept.

A weight on his chest dragged his mind back to consciousness; he opened his eyes and in the light streaming through the window a pair of blue eyes were staring down at him. He let his gaze wander over the face that was directly above his, he noted the faint smile at the mouth the blonde hair hanging over the eyes but not completely concealing them, the eyes that stared at him seemed to twinkle in conjunction with the mouth that smiled at him. The face above his lowered and the lips of the smiling mouth puckered and made the faintest of contacts with his lips stayed there momentarily then lifted away again.

The mouth opened, "Mmmm that was quite nice, I think I'll try that again, and once more the face lowered and their lips came into contact again.

This time he moved his arm and wrapped it around the body that was resting on his chest and gently squeezed as they kissed. It wasn't a kiss of passion it was more of one of exploration by the boy, he felt comfortable in the man's arms as their lips continued to press against each other till he felt the man gently break the kiss. They lay looking at each other till Jeremy leaned forward and kissed him on the tip of his nose.

"Kimbal, phone your mother and tell her I'll bring you home later this evening, when you've finished talking I'll have to call in to work to tell them I won't be in today."

"Yeaaaah," the boy yelled he jumped off the bed and grabbed the phone and called home.

"Hi mum."

"I'm fine, Jeremy said to tell you that he'll bring me home this evening."

"I'm okay mum I promise, no problems at all."

Okay bye for now see you later," and Kim went over to Jeremy and handed him the phone.

It took him a couple of minutes to make his excuses why he wouldn't be in to work today and after replacing the phone he went to the loo to do the necessary.

Returning to the room he stood in the doorway looking at the boy lying on the bed, he smiled at him as he walked into the bedroom.

"We've got the whole morning to ourselves isn't that great." Kim his face beaming with pleasure enquired.

"Nope we've only got till 11.00am then the house cleaner Mrs Thompson will be here."

"Yeah well that'll not be for anther three hours."

"Okay Kimbal," he said, as he made his way over to the bed to lie beside the boy, "But we really need to talk and make sure that you know what you're getting into."

The boy jumped over from his side of the bed and on top of the man, "God, you're forever wanting to talk," as he looked down on the man, "I would rather be doing this as he lowered his head and brought their lips together."

He was lost, all his resolves to take the boy slowly along the way to his sexual awakenings, and try to convince Kim that this was not necessarily what the boy would want later in life flew out of his head.

The touch of Kimbal's lips on his own sent him once again soaring out of this world and into one that consisted of pure ecstasy.

He enveloped the boy with his arms and crushed him to his body then opened his mouth to let his tongue snake out and gently push against the boy's lips which parted and let him unite with that of the boy's.

The boy's eyes widened when he felt Jeremy's tongue caress then push past his lips and unite with his. Their tongues twirled and probed each caressing and stroking the other as the union of their tongues let them savour each others body fluids which to them tasted of the purest nectar. The boy's eyes closed and he was carried away out of the room and into the realms of pure joy where he just drifted with a pair of strong arms supporting him. Kimbal looked into himself and knew that this was just the beginning of a very long road that he would walk with the support of the man lying next to him, but that was in the future and this was here and now he wanted to make love to this man and bind their lives together forever.

The arousal of his loins caused him to move his body so that his loins were now pressed against the man's erection and he started grinding against Jeremy's throbbing manhood. As they kissed the boy felt emotions course through his body that he had never experienced before in his young life. Now he knew what he wanted and it was this man, him and only him and no one else. His mind now concentrated on the feelings emanating from his loins. He lifted his hips at the same time grabbing the waistband of his nightwear he ripped them down to expose his loins then grabbing hold of the waistband of Jeremy's night shorts lowered them till his manhood was exposed. His eye's widened when seeing it but then he lowered his body so that their naked flesh could come in contact and resume their love making.

With the feeling of the man's erection now rubbing against his with no clothing in the way, he soon felt the feelings of imminent orgasm approaching which made him redouble the pumping of his hips against that of the man's who was also now crushing him to his body and pumping just as hard.

He looked down at Jeremy then froze momentarily, as the feeling of exquisite pleasure reached the point when it would burst forth from his loins.

Then throwing his head back he gave out a long drawn out "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as his hips started pumping automatically with each blast of semen that was jettisoned from his cock between the two of them.

Jeremy hearing the boy's exclamations of pleasure as he obtained orgasm reacted to it, and now nearing his own climax squeezed the boy into his body even tighter and shouted, "Oh yeeeeeaaaaaah," and started to pump uncontrollably as globs of spunk flew from his cock to mix with what the boy had deposited moments earlier.

They lay subdued after their exertions, the boy stretched out on top of the man's body, his head resting on the Jeremy's shoulder. His head was turned so that he could gaze at the face that had just brought him such exquisite pleasure but more than that to realize that he knew what he wanted.

Kim leaned forward and kissed the man on the side of the face.

Jeremy swivelled his head to look at the boy, "What was that for?"

"Just to get your attention."

"Well you've got it, so tell me."

"Um, I'm not going back home."

"WHAT," and Jeremy jumped up dislodging the boy off his body and onto the bed beside him, "What d'you mean you're not going home?"

"I want to stay here for the rest of my holidays."

"I think your mother will have something to say about that, and even if she did consent to your staying here I can't leave you here on your own while I'm at work."


"I umm, uh I, what will you do all day by yourself?"

"Well I'll have some company there's Mrs Thompson and the gardener then it'll only be a few hours and you'll be back."

"Yes, but they don't come over here every day, and I was supposed to be giving up commuting between here and London, so how about we stay at your mothers place Monday to Friday and come down here at the weekends."

The boy look dejected he hung his head saying, "Umm, okay if that's what you want."

Seeing the boy looking so forlorn he took Kim into his arms pulling him into his body, "Alright if your mother is agreeable you can stay here and I'll commute to work."

The boy's face lit up and a grin spread across his face from ear to ear. He pushed the man onto his back and lay on top of him still grinning. "Anyone ever tell you that you're really cool?"

"No, but if that's what you're implying thanks."

"What's to thank I'm the one who should be doing the thanking, I'm just glad that we met up, and I got to know what was going on inside of me and that you helped to bring it out."

They lay on the bed enjoying the feelings of intimacy that lying naked with their arms and legs entwined, and from time to time the gentle coming together of their lips brought. Kissing the boy one more time Jeremy raised himself onto an elbow saying, "Mrs Thompson will be here within the next half hour so I think we had better be showered and dressed before she arrives.

"Nah, I'm going to open the door for her with my dangly bits swinging free."

The man laughed, "You do and I'll chop them off and have them for breakfast," then standing he grabbed Kim and lifted him into his arms and made his way to the bathroom.

They were just sitting down to toast and coffee when they heard the front door close and they looked at each with the boy silently mouthing, "Mrs Thompson."

To which the man responded with a nod of his head, and within fifteen seconds a plump 5ft 5inch woman with mousy brown hair, and eyes to match the colour of her hair appeared in the doorway.

"Good morning Mrs Thompson," Jeremy said, standing, "Can I introduce you to my nephew Kimbal."

Kim stood and nodded his head in the direction of Mrs Thompson and saying, "Glad to meet you Mrs Thompson."

The cleaning lady looked at the two males and smiled, "Good morning and glad to meet you Kimbal," she beamed, "What a pleasure to come into a house with its occupants still in."

"Well we wont be here for very Long," Jeremy responded, "As soon as we've finished breakfast we'll be heading for London."

"Oh well don't let me keep you I'll go and start the cleaning and leave you to finish your meal."

When Mrs Thompson had departed the boy spoke, "I thought we were going back to London later in the day."

"Yes that was before I knew you were going to stay here for your holidays. Now I think we had better get back to London as soon as possible, you can phone your mother from the house and tell her what you want to do for the rest of your holiday. If she is agreeable then you can pack sufficient clothing to last for your stay. Then when your mother returns from work I can have a word with her and then we can leave."

If not," looking at the boy's concerned face he stretched his hand out and ruffled his to reassure him saying, "Then I can leave you at home return back to Avalon and get what I need for the rest of the week and take up residency in my room again."

Why don't you pack enough clothes for the week just in case,"

"Good idea it will save me driving up and down like a yoyo

The boy's face split into a huge grin and he resumed his breakfast knowing that either way they would be in each other's company and he wouldn't lose his friend.

Two hours later saw the car parked outside the boy's house. Knowing that his mother wouldn't be back from work yet they entered the house and made straight for the kitchen to make a cup of tea, after putting the kettle on to boil Kim drifted over to where Jeremy was seated and lowered himself onto the man's lap wrapping his arms around Jeremy's neck and leaning forward to bring their lips together.

They let their feelings take over as their tongues entwined and caressed each other, their arms squeezed ever tighter as the kiss continued trying to make their two body's one.

"Ohhhhhh the boy moaned, as he relaxed in the mans arms, his body spent from the feelings of sheer joy, Jeremy broke the kiss looking down at the face that lay with the back of its head resting in the crook of his arm and eyes closed. He lowered his head and kissed the boy on the tip of his nose.

"You okay Kimbal?"

The boy let his eyes slowly open to look up at the man, "Uh huh."

The man rested his lips on the boy's, "Guess what," he uttered with his lips still brushing the boy's.

"What?" the boy responded.

The man now smiling as his lips still tantalisingly brushed the boy's, "The kettles boiled."

The boy laughed saying, "Let me up I'll make us a cuppa," he raised himself as Jeremy relaxed his hold on him and made his way over to the kitchen.

They drank the cups of tea that Kimbal made and when they'd finished the boy made his way over to the phone. Lifting it and holding the phone in his hand he looked over at Jeremy and said, "I suppose I had better phone my mum."

The man nodded in agreement and the boy dialled his mother's work number. He stood waiting for the call to be answered and when he'd just about given up hope there was a reply.

"Hi mum, I'm home."

"Yeah, I know we're early that's why I'm phoning to ask you if I can spend the rest of my holidays at Jeremy's house."

"Okay we'll wait till you get back from work, do you want to speak to Jeremy?"

The boy turned to the man handing him the phone.

Taking the phone from the boy Jeremy spoke, "Hello June."

"Yes he asked me if he could spend the rest of the holiday at my place in Berkshire. I agreed only if he got your approval so that's why we arrived here earlier than planned."

"Yes, I'm in no hurry to return to Berkshire, and we can discuss the issues involved when you get home.

"Okay, see you later bye."

He hung up and turned to the boy, so we'll have to wait till your mother gets home, do you fancy a bite to eat."

"I'm not sure what's in the fridge just let me go and check."

"No Kimbal, I meant that we go out and eat."

"Yeah, okay let's go Jeremy."

They made their way to the car and set off to have a meal at a restaurant that Jeremy knew the boy would feel comfortable in. They took their time over their meal knowing that they had another two hours before Kim's mother would be home.

Their meal finished and sitting once more in the comfort of Kim's house, the boy quickly eased himself into Jeremy's lap putting his arms around the man's neck.

"We've still got heaps of time Jeremy can we do, you know, umm, you know what again."

"The man smiled and lowering his head whispered in the boy's ear, "No."

"What, why not?"

"Because there is no guarantee that your mother hasn't left work early and can walk into the house at anytime, but more important I think that your mother should be informed how far our relationship has progressed and see her reaction to it."

"And what if she's against it?"

"Then we sit down and discuss the issue."

"Why do we have to talk, I'm over sixteen so I can do as I please."

"Yes Kimbal, you are over the age of consent and at liberty to do as you please where your sexual emotions take you, but I think it only common courtesy to discuss the issue with the person who brought you into this world, even if she is against your sexual preferences.

"Oh okay if you say so."

Looking at the boy's glum appearance he smiled ruffling his hair saying, "Come on Kimbal it's not the end of the world and I'll be here when we discuss this with your mother, and if it makes you feel any better I'm as nervous as Hell even more so than you."

Before another word could be spoken they heard the front door close, they looked at each other with Jeremy raising his eyebrows in a gesture implying I told you so, guess who that is.

Kim jumped up from Jeremy's lap and rushed to the doorway nearly bumping into his mother as she made to enter the room.

"Mum, you're early."

"Yes I left early I couldn't concentrate on my work so thought it best that I come home and hear what you have to say for yourself."

"Me, I umm I," and the boy turned to look at Jeremy for some help."

"Don't look at Jeremy, Kim, I know how he feels towards you, he's already told me that's why he vacated his room, now I want to hear what you have to say for yourself."

"I umm, I don't know mum, its just that when I'm with Jeremy everything seems to be just really cool and I just don't want him to be away from me. I know you're going to ask me if we had sex together and the answer is yes, but only at Jeremy's house. He wouldn't do it here because he felt that in some way we need to discuss the issue with you first and get your reactions."

"Do you Love Jeremy son?"

"I don't know what you mean mum. I know I love you and need to have you near most times, but with Jeremy it's something different, I know when I'm with him I have this nice feeling inside of me, and I just want to hug him really tight and I like the way he talks to me, but sometimes he's like you he starts to lecture, but not for long. On Monday when you told me that he'd left it wasn't like Uncle Richard leaving, this time I felt a whole heap different. I knew I had to do something about it and I did, so I guess I do love him."

"Kimbal, you're like all men it takes you an hour and a half to say four words, I do love him. Now that's established I don't think your staying in Berkshire for the rest of your holidays is such a good idea. Firstly I'll miss you terribly and secondly it would mean that Jeremy would have to commute to work again. So I would suggest that Jeremy come back to his room and then you can spend your weekends in Berkshire, and before you can ask it, yes you can share Jeremy's room if he allows it, if it was me I'd kick you out you're so bloody untidy. "

The boy stepped closer to his mother and leaning forward kissed her on the cheek, "Thanks mum."

June Walters disentangled herself from her son's embrace saying, "Okay stop being so sloppy I've got an evening meal to get ready."

"How about we eat out June," Jeremy said stepping forward, "My treat," we can all freshen up and by seven go out for whatever takes your fancy."

"That Jeremy Allen is the best proposition I've had all day, if my grown up son can find it in him to make me a cuppa then after that I can go and get changed."

"Sure mum I'm on it," and Kim made his way to the kitchen.

With Kim out of earshot his mother went over to Jeremy, "You know what you're letting yourself into."

"Yes June, I know he's a lot younger than me and may, when he becomes more self assured find a partner nearer his own age group it doesn't matter I'm prepared to take that gamble, but in all honesty it's not much of a gamble, you being his mother should know that Kimbal for a sixteen-year-old has a very high sense of attachment to people he needs."

"Yes I do Jeremy, but I also know that one can never take anything for granted and that the unexpected can always happen."

They continued to discuss the issue till their conversation was brought to a halt with Kim carrying a cup of tea in for his mother. He saw the two of them look towards him the moment he entered the room and knew that he had been the topic of conversation.

He walked towards his mother with the tea and handing it to her grinned saying, "So did the two of you come to a satisfactory conclusion in your discussion of me.?"

"For the near future it has Kim, but the decisions you make as you get older and more self assured will determine your happiness for better or worse."

"And what does that mean mum?"

"Exactly what I said Kim, now you're still unsure of what you want to do with your life and need someone to lean on other than me. That person at the moment is Jeremy, and yes you are very much attached to him at present but young people's attitudes change as they grow and develop, and you haven't had the opportunity as yet to get involved with the opposite sex."

The boy raised his eyebrows then smiled, "The opposite sex, you must be joking mum. I've never been attracted to birds sexually and have tried to hide the fact. It was only when I spent the weekend with Jeremy that I had to admit to myself that my attachment to Jeremy was more than just friendship. As long as Jeremy wants and needs me I'll be with him, at the moment no other man or boy interests me but if as you say that as I get older my desires might change then I'll deal with that problem when it arises, but I think it highly unlikely. Turning to Jeremy, Kim smiled, "We going to stand here talking all night or are we going out for dinner."

"If your mother can swallow that cup of tea down her throat and get changed I guess we can."

"Okay I'm going to get washed and changed and June Walters took a gulp of her tea then set her cup down and headed for her room.

With his mother out of sight Kim turned to Jeremy, "Do we have to freshen up, can't we go as we are?"

"I suppose we could, but if you're mother is prepared to make the effort I think we should as well."

"Yeah, okay, whatever you say, just can't understand what the big deal is, adults must sweat buckets if they have to wash and change all the time."

"Not buckets Kimbal just the odd drop from time to time as their feelings fluctuate during the course of the day."

The boy drew closer to the man so that he stood next to Jeremy with their bodies nearly touching, he then sniffed deeply and smiled saying,

"You smell just fine to me."

The man grabbed the boy and drew him close into his body, inhaling the boy's aroma he leaned over and brought their lips together with the faintest of pecks,

"And you smell even better but I'm going to change but you don't have to, you look great the way you are."

"Okay I'll wait down here, unless of course you want me to scrub your back."

"Umm, no, but you can always do that at a later date," he gave the boy another peck on the lips and made his way to freshen up.

They returned home three hours later and after another hour of sitting and talking together the man and boy took leave of the boy's mother and made their way upstairs. At the top of the stairs they separated. Inside his room Kimbal flopped down on his bed and kicked his sandals off then proceeded to strip, when he was naked he wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way to the bathroom.

Jeremy meanwhile was in his room also disrobing but then proceeded to don his nightwear and lie down on the bed. He lay relaxed with his eyes closed letting his thoughts recall what had happened to him over the passed few days, when those thoughts were interrupted by a body gently lowering itself on top of him.

His eyes opened to see a pair of pale blue eyes staring into his. "Were you sleeping Jeremy?"

"No just relaxing and waiting for you Kimbal."

"Huh, how did you know I was coming to your room, I could have slept in my own."

"And how do you know tomorrow's Wednesday."

The boy grinned saying, "Smart-arse," then lowered his face till their lips met and they could taste each other and start the ritual of their love making.

They made love with a passion of two hungry souls each trying to devour the other at the same time in need of one another.

With their desires fulfilled they lay naked in each others arms their night clothing strewn over the floor by the bedside. They remained that way till the man felt the boy's even breathing on his neck. He gently extricated himself from the boy's limbs then quietly made his way to the bathroom to clean himself. He returned to the room with a damp flannel and proceeded to clean Kim, and dry him off, then climb into bed beside the boy. As he did so Kim rolled over to face him and whispered, "Thanks," then snuggled into the mans body and sighed as a pair of arms enveloped and gently squeezed him as he drifted off to sleep knowing that his life was going to be a lot different to what it had been, and much more to his liking sharing it with this man in whose arms he now lay, and in the not too distant future after leaving school he would be taking up permanent residence with him in Avalon.

The End

cable4uw@yahoo.com I hope the story was to your liking, and that the story and final outcome left you feeling content.