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Story - Avery's Boy's

Chapter - - Chris, Greg and Travis

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Sir! Sir, you have a phone call." The flight attendant tapped me on the shoulder as she woke me up.

"A phone call? Who is it?" I asked, thinking to myself that it must be a very important phone call.

"He said that his name Chris. Should I take a message?"

"No. I should be done with this call shortly. Could you please bring me a glass of water, when you come back?" The woman smiled and walked away, and left me with phone.

"Hello Chris, what's going on?"

"Sup Av! Listen I have like a major favor to ask of you." Chris speed talked to me, which meant that he was trying to pull a fast one over me.

"Ok, what is it?"

"You remember Greg?" Chris asked, as if I should already know everything about him.

"Greg, the boy who you cleaned his pool? Yeah, I remember him. Why?"

"Well, for Fall Harvest break I was thinking that he and I could go on vacation."

"Sure, sounds good to me. What about Bryan?" With Rex still down South, and Jessie in England that only left Bryan who would be left alone.

"Don't worry bout Bry, he bein taken care of by my bro, but there is something else I need to ask of you. I need to borrow some money to go on dis trip."

"How much do you need?"


"Four hundred? Ok, but just remember how big of a favor this is..."

"Now not $400, I need $4000!'

"WHAT THE FUCK CHRIS!" The few people in first class turned around and looked at me as I screamed out in shock. "What do you need much money for?"

"The vacation, it's in Australia. We are gonna go there for some surfin and the outback. We will be gone 5 days, so we need to make it last.

There was a pause in our conversation, and I could hear Chris talking to someone in the background. "Ok Chris, I will give you the money. It will take about 12 hours for everything to be taken care of. I hope that you aren't leaving before that?"

"You are the greatest Av!"

We both hung up our phones, and at that time, the flight attendant came back with my water. She reached for the phone, and I asked her for an internet adapter for my laptop. Once she brought it back to me, I emailed my brother, who was also my financial advisor.

Please issue a credit card to Chris Taylor, in the amount of $3500; $300 in traveler's checks; $100 in twenties; and $100 in Australian dollars.

Due 12 hours upon receipt. If you have any questions, reach me on my cell after 4est.

Your younger brother,


*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"So what are we gonna do first Greg?" I asked my new friend, who was lying on the living room floor of Av's crib. Ever since that one day where I cleaned his pool, and `cleaned' his hole, Greg has been talking to me over yahoo msg. Greg, to me was someone that would always be there with his ass waiting for me, day or night.

Greg rolled over onto his back, which allowed me to see his bulge that was being covered by his boxers. "Well, first I'm gonna get your cock in my mouth!" Greg leaned up, onto this elbows and opened up his mouth. I needed no more offers, so I walked over to him and lowered my boxers to give him full access to my well-endowed dick.

Greg knew how to suck cock, from where he learned to I never really asked. Nevertheless, this kid could suck. It seemed as if he could not get enough of it, and his mouth seemed to fit perfectly around my shaft. I could feel the head of my cock, rubbing on the backside of his throat. Greg would get about 7 inches into his mouth and then pull back just leaving my head in, and then twirl this tongue around it. He worked his tongue, into my piss slit and then would dive back down on my shaft. After working on my cock for about 10 minutes, he would pull off and then work on my ball sac.

As a favor to Greg, I promised that I would keep my sac shaven. He did ask that I shave off all my pubic hair, so I groin area would look smooth like my chest, stomach, but I told him that I would look excessively young, and that I would keep in trimmed. He agreed, and never said another word about it again, as he worked his magic on my cock.

It had become such common place, that Greg would suck me off whenever I had a free minute that he allowed me to do other things, while he got his cock fix. So this time was no different, as he sucked on my cock, I reached over for the tv remote and watched a soccer game on a worldwide sports channel. It was not like I got bored and wanted to do something else, it was that Greg allowed me to do this and if I could please him by standing there letting him suck my cock, then he could please me by letting me watch a soccer game.

After 15 minutes of Greg sucking on my cock, I started to get thirsty. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and walked into the kitchen, and left him leaning up on the floor with his mouth still open. I grabbed a coke out of the fridge, and chugged it down. My boxers were tossed off, and I walked back into the living room with my hard cock sticking straight out with a strand of precum leaking out of it. Greg reached his tongue out, and I aimed the string of precum so it landed into his mouth.

Once my cock was in his mouth, the routine started all over again just like it never ended. His lips were turning a bright shade of red as inch by inch went in and out of his mouth. He could tell after many times of doing this, when I was ready to blow my load, as he could tell by my breathing and my ball sac tightening up. At first Greg would take my load in his mouth and then spit it out, or he would have me pull out so I could shoot across his face, but lately he has been letting me shove all the way in and blow my load down his throat. He had gotten use to the minimum 8 shots of cum down his throat, and after I was down he would continue to suck on my cock for a few more minutes making sure he got his entire well deserved treat.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Where's my passport at?" Travis screamed across his living room in his L.A. home. Travis was taking a weeks vacation, after he had finished wrapping up his so-so series `Tarzan' on the WB. He was heading back to his home country of Australia.

Travis was hot! Everyone that was around him knew it, and when ugly were allowed to be around him they look some what decent. Travis knew that he looked good, and millions of people who jacked off to his Calvin Klein underwear photos knew it as well. He worked out at least once a day, but that was getting harder to do since he had become an actor, but he could take a few days off without any happening to his almost perfect body. With his money that he had made, Travis bought a rather nice ranch in between the major towns of Cairns and Townsville. His new home will be his destination for this well deserved vacation.

No one answered his question, partly because there was no one else in his house. Travis had that habit of screaming out questions when he couldn't answer them, but he only did it when no one else was around. He laughed at himself, as he thought about how funny it would be for him to blurt out, just like he did when there was a group full of people around. But that is what he really didn't want to happen this week - be around people. It was tough for him, be a supermodel in the eyes of many. He hated going out to clubs, and he did he usually wore a baseball cap to cover his famous hair, and some baggy clothes to cover his overly famous body.

He double checked his duffle bag, to make sure that he everything packed. Travis checked his emails to make sure there is nothing else that had come up. He walked towards the door and picked up the important emails on his reservations at the beach house and his surf equipment that he needed to pick up.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Greg and I arrived at Detroit Metro Airport, for their flight to Chicago, 2 hours in advance so that way they will not be stuck in the huge line of passengers. The passengers on this connecting flight were your normal business men, and a few families taking their vacations in California.

The flight attendant led us to our seats, which was towards the middle of second seat. I took the window seat, while Greg opted for the middle seat. Sitting across from us, was this family of three with their teenage son. I knew that there was going to be a wait, so I fished out my Ipod and leaned my head against the window. Greg pulled his, Ipod out, also and leaned back in his seat. The two of us must have fallen asleep, because we woke up to the teenager, across the aisle shaking us.

"What the fuck!" I screamed!

Greg too was startled and he hit the lever on the side of his seat, causing it to slam back to its upright position. The kid laughed, and sat down next to us.

"You guys were going to miss the emergency announcements. Don't you guys ever fly?" The kid said to us. The kid looked like he belonged in Cali, with his blonde hair, with blonde highlights, a Hollister sweatshirt, with an oxford shirt underneath. He had a pair of worn jeans, but what stood out on him were his square style glasses. As I checked him out, for some reason my eyes diverted down to his crotch area and I noticed he had a small hole in his jeans, showing me a glimpse of yellow boxers.

Even though this kid had the west coast style going rather well for him, I still was upset that I was woken up.

"Yeah we fuckin fly, but you know what, after flyin since I was 5 you would think I would know what would happen if the plane is in trouble!"

"Back up `farm boy'!" The kid said with a slight grin.

"Farm boy? What the fuck that suppose to mean? What you want me to ram a pitchfork up your OC ass?"

Greg didn't, want to be in the middle anymore so he pushed me back causing me to smack my head against the side. The Cali kid fell back into the aisle causing his sweatshirt and oxford to rise up on my chest. And man what a chest that was. This kid worked out, and his six pack proved it. He ran his hand across his stomach, with was totally hairless, making sure he wasn't too hurt.

His parents were quick to react to him falling, with his mom starting to scream that her precious baby was hurt. His dad, on the other hand, looked as if he could care less. The kid pleaded to his mom that she not make a scene, but that didn't help out. She screamed and screamed, then screamed for the flight attendant to quickly get the captain.

"Damnit mom, just shut the fuck up!"

She just stood there and covered her mouth. It looked as if she was totally shocked that such words could come out of her son's mouth. His father leaned forward and smiled, which told me that this was the first time that he had ever blown up like that.

Within a few seconds that Captain came and asked what the problem was. "Oh I'm sorry sir. I lost my balance in this seat and I fell into the aisle. My mom and my tour manager didn't see everything that happened, and so she freaked out. This kid seemed to have a way with dealing with adults, and he was able to calm everyone down. Greg just sat there, thinking for sure that he was going to get kicked off the plane and miss his vacation. As this kid sat down I had to ask:

"Your mom and your tour manager? Who the fuck are you OC?"

"Listen, I'm sorry that I caused this all to happen. I just thought I was helping out. I'm just gonna go back to my seat."

The kid started to get up, and I reached for his belt loop and pulled him back down. "Don't fucking get up and walk away OC, just tell me who you are."

"For real, it's no big deal. Besides you are the type of people who for certain would never have heard of me." I gave this kid a quick up and down look and was starting to form some guesses in my mind.

"Take off your glasses." I asked which the kid did. "Ok, now just smile at me." The kid gave me a puzzled look but then gave me a smile that was posted on 50 plus pics that I had on my hard drive. "Aaron? Aaron Carter? I major got hard, Greg too started tenting in his pants, which caused Greg and me to look over at this teenage sex symbol next to us.

"You know me? But you two are like really handsome teenagers..."

I cut him off, "...please you ARE Aaron Carter. You have the body every teenager wants, with your hair, eyes, chest, stomach and feet. You are what all my old girlfriends listened too, shit I was fucking Stacy so hard and was ready to blow and once your song came on she made me stop so she could listen to you." Aaron's mouth opened wide, giving Greg a nice view of his tongue.

As the flight went on, Aaron asked if he could sit in the middle seat, to make the conversation easier on him. I'm sure Aaron never noticed, but Greg's eyes were totally glued on Aaron's slight bulge. This teenage pop star was totally the coolest teenager I had ever talked with. He was funny and listened to everything that we said, well to be exact - he listened to everything I said as Greg sat there staring into this young Adonis.

"So where are you two heading out to?" Aaron asked, as he pulled off his glasses, that were just part of his disguise to have more of a normal life.

"We are heading out on a vacation from school, to Australia." I replied.

"No shit! They have like the best scuba diving places in the world down there. Man, wish I could come with you."

"Well, why don't you? I mean, you are a celebrity, so that means you get to do whatever you want." Even before Aaron could answer, I pulled out my laptop and started to work my magic. And I must say, I really do enjoy airlines with wireless connections built into the plane. I connected to the airlines website, and picked up a third ticket that would seal Aaron's fate on our vacation.

Aaron told me his tour manager's cell number, I connected to his service provider's website and text messaged him a message. `We are taking Aaron. You take care of his mom and we will take care of you.' The three of us looked over towards Aaron's mom and tour manager as we waited for our message to get to his cell. Within a few seconds, we hit pay dirt as he reached for his phone then slowly looked over at us. He didn't know how to take it, and what did we mean by `we will take care of you'? Did it mean, Aaron will finally give him a bj? Did it mean that Aaron's two new friends, Greg and I would take turns fucking him? This was all too much, so he secretly gave us a smile and an ok sign. Our vacation was just now starting to get some fun.

The plane was some where over Iowa, when nature called for me. This is where the idea of having a window seat became pointless. Aaron and Greg where sound asleep, with Greg resting his head on Aaron's shoulder. The perfect right hand of Aaron had a small grasp on his package. I raised my leg and step up and over each of the boys, I had almost completed the feat when my back foot got stuck on Aaron's knee cap, causing me to stumble a bit and causing Aaron to wake up. I had no idea Aaron was up, and as I composed myself I made my way down the aisle towards the bathrooms.

This flight was almost perfect, as it barely had enough people on board to make it worth the while for the airline (if that was even possible). The people on board were nice looking people, and there were no freaks, no smelly people and no one that looked like they would crap a shit load all over the place. All this came into play as I came up to the bathrooms. There were banks of 5 rooms on each side, with a gap between them with a set of three then a set of two. As I waited to figure out which one was open, a man in this 30's came with his 6 yo son. The dad was cute, but the kid was even cuter. The kid was doing his pee pee dance and the dad seemed impatient, I soon found out why.

"Sir." The flight attendant tapped the dad on his shoulder. "Sir, you wife is calling for you."

He nodded to the lady, and the dad screamed out "EARMUFFS JON!" The kid put his hands over his ears, and the father started swearing like he was a drunk on Father's Day. He looked at me, "Sorry to bother you, but as you can see I'm in a bind. Could you help me out and take my kid in with you?" I looked at the dad and then the kid, and agreed; besides it wouldn't be that cramped in the overly sized airline bathrooms.

"Thanks. Ok Jon, this young man is going to let you go with him into the bathroom. Please remember you aim correctly." Once the dad said that, I looked down at my sandals and my bare feet. The boy, Jon, and I went into the bathroom together, and I figured that I would let the kid piss first and then I would come on back so I wouldn't be exposing myself to the kid.