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Story - Avery's Boys

Chapter - 24 - The beginning.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


I turned my head and threw the comforter over my head to cover the screams from coming downstairs. Unfortunately for me, once someone wakes me up, I am up. Don't get me wrong, I could still lie in bed for another 4 hours, but never able to fall back asleep. My body was nice and warm under the comforter and I really did not feel like getting up to spend another day at school.


"I'm up so stop your screamin!" I looked over at my clock; 615am. Classes didn't start until 755, but since I lived a few miles from the school the bus came around 645. The smell of breakfast finally got me up and out of bed, so I threw off my comforter exposing my tight 14 year old body.

My parent's house was nice, 4 stories including a basement, and a pool which was all surrounded by a small patch of woods. The closest neighbors were probably a half mile away in either direction. My town was a small farming community with large acres of farmland dotting the rural landscape, but in the heart of town was a major shopping and business section so there was always something to do in town but yet everyone in school always complained about how our town sucked.

My room was on the top floor of the house, which my rents referred it as the attic, but to me it was perfect. There was my room which covered about half the top floor, a newly installed bathroom and a deck on the back half of the floor, which faced away from the driveway. The deck was what I enjoyed the most of my room, because I could just sit out there do nothing. Of course the main reason was, I could invite Steve over and he would bring his latest pot plants and we could sit and smoke and not have to worry about any smell that my rents could figure out.

The sunlight came in through the patio door windows, which semi warmed up my naked body. I had stopped wearing clothes when I went to bed at around the age 10, when I found out that I had something special. I tried not to wear any boxers, but usually wadded up a few pairs and tossed into my dirty clothes to give my mom the impression that I was wearing the 'proper' clothing. My computer monitor lit up with IM windows from a few people who were watching my webcam on my website. I by no means was a 'camslut' but more of a 'camboi', meaning I enjoyed showing off in the morning and a few times thru the week but I wasn't on cam every single hour taking every dollar that passed in front of me. The membership for my site was $20 per month which really only included the webcam and a blog. The request for a gallery was always in my mailbox but I never did because I didn't want it getting too big and having everyone around town knowing me. Was it wrong that people were paying me, a 14 yo boy, to wake up naked and jo at night? FUCK NO! $20 x 300+ members equaled a nice cash fund for me. I knew what I was doing, and I knew that there was something between my legs that made a lot of guys jealous of me. The people that sent me the IM never expected me to talk back to them, and as I looked at them I could see that they were just saying "good morning", and "Damn your mom is loud". I grabbed a pair of boxers and put them on pinning my morning wood under the elastic band and went downstairs to eat.

"Biatch!" I said as I poked my head into my little sister's room.

She tossed one of her stuffed animals at me as I walked down the stairs, which I caught and shoved it in the front of my boxers. "MOM! CHRIS IS BEING A PYHSCO!"

"It's sickco, you piece of shit."

My bowl of raisin bran was sitting at the breakfast table which I ate it down, and then ran back upstairs to get ready for school. My backpack was full of my notebooks and wrestling gear. I pulled off my boxers and put on a pair of shorts and a tshirt then headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I didn't need to comb my hair, as it looked liked I hadn't had a haircut for several months.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Welcome to the last four years of you public school career..." our principal talked on and on probably because he just wanted to hear himself talk.

This was a tradition that Principal Myers had at this school for the last 30 years by having the freshmen class sit in the gym and he gave us his speech on 'what you are up against now'. Even though it was the first day of school and just the first 30 minutes of the day, I had already found my group of friends from the 8th grade and we were now sitting on the top row overlooking our class of students, some were new faces to us and we were already trying to figure them out.

"Yo Chris, what bout that blonde one?" James, one of my friends, said asked pointing to this blonde chick in the middle of the bleachers.

"I don't know. Kinda hard to look at the front of her."

"Kinda hard indeed." He joked. "Just look at that ass, damn that's like perfect."

At the end of his speech and the introduction of the freshmen grade teachers and coaches, we were dismissed to our shorten classes. My friends and I decided to get info on at least 3 new chicks and one new guy. We were handed our class schedules and we went off trying to find our classrooms. A few of the chicks had already found their lockers and were calling me over to talk to them.

"Please Chrissy, please come over here."

"I can't. I don't want to be late for my first class."

"Please Chrissy, who would give you a detention? You stud you." One of the chicks said and slapped me on my ass.

"Ok ok...what's going on?"

"How come you haven't been running the last few days?" Ali asked, referring to my jogging routine that I had to try and keep in shape for wrestling and baseball seasons.

"I twisted my knee last week so I had to work out at home." They put on their sad faces for me as I raised my leg and lifted up my short leg to show my black and blue mark. The chicks wanted me to raise my short leg higher, but without any boxers on I didn't want to take any chances.

So here I am, it's the first day of school and already I got chicks wanting me. What a year this will be.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***



I turned my head and threw the comforter over my head to cover the screams from coming from the bed across the room. Unfortunately for me, once someone wakes me up, I am up. Don't get me wrong, I could still lie in bed for another 4 hours, but never able to fall back asleep. My body was nice and warm under the comforter and I really did not feel like getting up to spend another day at school.

"WHAT THE FUCK PAUL!" I finally woke up once I got over my shock of having a shoe hit me on the head. I reached my hand out and turned off my radio and looked at the time; 615am. I tossed off my comforter and got out of bed and walked into the bathroom, that was inside our dorm room.

"Dude Avery, why don't you wear boxers?" Paul asked as I had to walk past his bed to turn into the hallway where the bathroom was at.

"You look because you are jealous."


"Slut." I closed the door and unleashed a stream of piss. I shook out the last few drops and then walked in front of the mirror to check myself out. At 18 yo I wouldn't consider myself a child genius at all, I just started my schooling early, and thus I was entering my second year of college. I had no idea what I was really going to do in college and so far I was happy and content with my Poly Sci major I was going for. My life so far was going good, I had plenty of friends to hang out with and I was dating this hot chick named Roxy, so all-in-all I was doing great.

My first class started at 8am, so I jumped into the shower and soaped myself up. Paul walked in thru the bathroom door and walked towards the toilet to take his morning piss. Paul was on the university swim team, while I was given a scholarship to play on the baseball team which was perfect, until I tore my rotator cuff during a workout. I brushed it off to the coaches, who just put some ice on it, and the next day I was out in practice again and I could barely pick up with ball. I was given the best doctor care I could ask for, but for some reason my arm was just not healing correctly, so thus ended my athletic college career. I continued to work out the best I could so I remained in shape, and usually got a few stares from many girls who I would run past.

Most stories that you read tell you that while they were in college, they experimented with other guys. Well, it's all true. It just depends on what you call experimenting. Paul and I were in the same room plenty of times throughout the day, and when we have to get ready for classes at the same time so of course we are going to see each other naked. Paul was handsome, but I can now say that he is hot, with his golden blonde hair, perfect face and toned body from his years of swimming. Paul was a little freaked out when I first moved into our dorm room 3 weeks ago, and stripped off my boxers at night but he got use to it and now its just a few wise remarks every morning.

"You are going to be in the union for lunch?" Paul screamed to me as I was putting the shampoo in my hair.

"What did you say?" I asked, and leaned towards the shower door to try and better hear him.

Paul opened up the shower door hitting me in the head. "Oh shit Av, sorry bout that." I fell back, and aimed my head underneath the water to get the soap out. The water down from my head and ran down around my abs, and like a waterfall it ran off my dick.

"What did you want?" I asked, standing in the middle of the shower stream.

"Gonna eat in the union?" Paul asked keeping his eye above the male equator line.

"Probably. Why?" I asked turning off the shower and walked out pushing past Paul who was still standing with the door open.

"Just wondering if Roxy is going to be there with Amber?"

"I'll call her before I get to the union and I'll see if she can bring Amber along, ok?"

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"GOOD DAY LADIES!" Coach Peters screamed at the wrestling team, as we all sat on the gym bleachers. The varsity and junior varsity teams sat together in our first team practice of the season.

My high school had a football, baseball, basketball, and soccer and wrestling teams. While we did ok in each sport, the wrestling team was the biggest winners, which had captured the state titles the last 2 yrs and a total of 10 times. We had numerous individual players win the state titles in their weight class, which made our team a threat each year. While the two teams sat together, all of us newbies sat just off to the right. There were 5 new guys, including myself. The 5 of us were all on the 8th grade team, in which we proved that we would help extend our schools dominance in this sport.

Wrestling to me is like soccer/football to an English person. My life revolved around it, I ate a certain way, I trained a certain way, I had my own special workout for myself, and I played a certain way. My record last year was 49-0, with a lifetime record of 137-1. The one lose came in the 7th grade, and was not my fault at all. The match was against our biggest rivals, the match had just begun and as I began to go for his legs the ref tripped, causing him to fall onto me which caused me to land on my back. My opponent seeing his chance, wrapped his arm around on my legs, pulled it up towards my chest thus pinning me within 10 seconds. At first my coach and I protested the defeat, but at the end I took defeat with honor and accepted the lose.

Coach Peter's was only going to pick two of us freshmen for the Varsity team, and fill the other spots with the players from the JV team. Not to gloat but my chances of getting on the varsity team were somewhat high, not because of my record but because of my weight. At 102lbs, I would be the only player on the team to qualify for that weight class. So with the schools high winning record in wrestling, I kinda knew that coach was going to pick me.

"Johnson, Taylor Varsity. Adams, Simmons, Peck JV. Ladies, I will see you on Thursday for our first workout. Remember the weight room will be open until 11pm every night, and on Thursday be prepared to sweat."

The other three freshmen started to joke around with Steve Johnson and myself that we were chosen for the Varsity squad. We were two completely different people, Steve was 175lbs with half muscle half fat, and I was 102lbs of bone. I worked out and lifted weights but for some reason I couldn't gain any weight, not that I minded because it made what I had in between my legs seems extremely large.

"CHRIS! CHRIS! WAIT UP CHRIS!" Someone screamed from the hallway outside of the gym. As I entered the hallway and saw that it was one of my friends.

"Sup Andy, what up?" Andy was probably my best friend for the last 3 yrs. He seemed to be there whenever I was bored and wanted to do something. He had reddish-blonde hair, green eyes, about 5'3", 110lbs, fair skinned with rosey red cheeks, and red pouting lips that almost looked liked he had lipstick on. He had on a pair of cargo shorts and a tshirt on, with a pair of sandals.

"Nufkin! Just talking with my counselor to get one of my science classes changed. You are getting out of wrestling?"

"Yeah. You are looking at the newest member of the varsity team!"

"No shit Chris? I guess that means all of your working out has paid off."

"That and being a scrawny ass kid also helped me out."

"Yep, can't pinch an inch on you." Andy said as he pinched my arm. "But I just wanna know what you are doing when you get home?"

"Nothin. First day of school so no homework, plus I wasn't going to work out today. Why?" I asked as we walked down the steps outside the school.

"My rents are out until 7 and sitting around the house don't some like much fun."

"Fine with me, if you want you can come over right now if you don't mind the walk?"

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

"MOM I'M HOME!" I screamed as I walked in thru the side door from the garage.

"Note here Chris. Says your mom is gone until 8 and she will bring home some dinner." Andy read the note aloud and then handed it to me. I opened up the refrigerator and got two bottles of water, handed one to Andy and told him to follow me upstairs to my room.

"Nice crib Chris. I haven't been over here since you moved in."

"Thanks. I get to do a lot of stuff in my room since everyone's room is on the other side of the house."

"What's up with the sign?" Andy asked referring to the sign I made and tapped to my door. 'By entering this room you agree to be taped and your voice recorded.'

I knew this was coming, but I didn't know how to let him know. "Umm....Well I will just come out and say it, I have a couple webcams set up in my room and I've set up a site were people pay me to watch." I smiled and opened up the door.

"Is that why you have so much money that you carry around?"

Once we were inside my room I gave him the quick tour, and pointed out the cams throughout my room. There was one on my dresser facing my bed, one on my pc desk, one under the desk pointed at me feet, and one in the top corner of the room to give whoever was watching an overview look. The one on the desk was a regular camcorder so it picked up sound which was the main attraction to my sight. Andy sat on my bed, as I walked to my pc and turned on my monitor. At that time people were sending me IM's on the screenname that I gave on my site.

"Damn Chris you got a lot of friends!" Andy said referring to the screen.

"Not really, it's mostly people from my site."

"Really what do they say?" I didn't know what to tell Andy.

"Umm....I'm going to be honest. Most of the people on my site are guys, and most of them are older guys like in their 30's and 40's."

"Do they pay you?" Andy asked pulling the chair from my desk closer to my computer.

"$20 for 30 days. They get access to all the camera plus a blog that I do, plus some still pics that I take."

"So what all do you have on your site?"

I clicked on my site icon and my website came up on my screen, and logged on using my master account. There before Andy's eyes was the 'Look into a world of a 14yo boy' main screen popped into view. I handed over the mouse and let Andy take control of what to look at. He came upon the gallery section and saw some pics of me standing in the shower with soap over my body, then as I was standing over the toilet taking a piss, looking out over the deck showing my ass. He adjusted his pants and clicked on the cameras, then looked around looking into each one.

He asked if I talked to any of the people that IM me, and I told him I usually didn't.

"Do you mind if I talk to them?"

"Go ahead, but don't give out any private info like where I or you live, ok? While you talk to those people, I'm going to take a shower, ok?"

"No problem." Andy said as he started to type in a few of the message windows.

I walked to my dresser and pulled out a clean pair of boxers and walked to the bathroom. I shut the door and turned on the water as I took of my clothes. Even though we didn't practice, I still semi-smelled probably from the walk. As the water was getting to the right temperature for me, I pulled out my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. So there I was in my bathroom in front of my mirror, naked brushing my teeth while my friend Andy was in my bedroom.

As part of my website I had a webcam in my bathroom, it was centered just to the right of my mirror, which looked right into the shower. I have plans to put in a 'user controlled' cam in there, but I'm not too sure how I would enjoy people looking at me as I take a shit.

The water hit me at just the right temp for me, and I stood there with the water hitting my face as I ran my fingers thru my hair, trying to get the caked on sweat off of me. The exhaust fan in the room worked well so the glass door and mirror didn't fog up.

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. "Chris you in the shower?" Andy screamed from my bedroom.

"Yeah, what's up?" Shampoo was in my hair and I had soap lathered up my abs and chest.

"I have to piss."

"No problem." Andy opened up the door and glanced over at me, thru the glass door. This wasn't a problem for me, to have another guy in the bathroom while I was showering. I've had lots of friends stay over and most of them where on my wrestling teams, so we had seen each other naked before. But, Andy was different. He was a true friend. I heard him lift up the toilet seat (something I rarely did since this was my bathroom) and then I heard his piss hit the water.

"Those guys are pretty cool."

"What?" Did I hear him correctly? Those guys are cool? I washed the soap out of my hair and off my face and stuck my head out the door.

Andy turned his head, still pissing and started to tell me about a few of them. "Yeah, they are pretty well off too. You got a couple doctors, teachers, and a lot of fathers. They said they would give you more money if you talked to them and did more stuff."

Seeing Andy with his pants down a little, showing his boxers and hearing him piss, kinda gave me an erection, which I had to pin against one of the glass sides. Just remember, for those that are reading this: You can see thru glass, so anything that you are trying to hide will be visible to the person you are trying to hide it from.

"Stuff like what?"

"Well......it mostly involves another person."

"I've fucked a few of my girls on cam before. Shit, is that all they want?"

"Sorta." Andy said. "But you run a boy site, so you are mostly going to get older men that join your site. So they want you have more guys friends."

"I'm not gay!" And I'm really not. Bi yes, but not gay.

"I'm not saying you are Chris. You are like the farthest guy I know from that, but you don't have to be gay to do stuff with another guy. I mean, shit, if people are going to pay as much as $300 to see you fuck someone then why not do it."

I kind of knew where this was leading to, but I really didn't want to push it until I heard it come right from Andy's mouth. I could feel my cock start to throb against the glass, and I'm sure there was some precum that was leaking out, but with the shower still on I couldn't tell when I would put my head down to shake off some water.

"So you would do it?" Andy said as he zipped up and flushed. This was it; this was my chance to find out. Everyone knows that if you flush a toilet in an older house then I the water in the shower gets extremely hot, but in newer houses that rarely happens, but I'm hoping Andy don't know this.

As soon as it flushed I screamed and jumped out of the shower, causing my hard dick to flop up against my stomach. My arms were extended out, so if Andy tried to dodge me I would engulf him. But Andy just stood there, like he was waiting for me.

"Whoa dude, I gotcha." Andy said as I wrapped my arms around him. He stood there and smiled, as I forced myself onto him, causing my hips to grind into him. He smiled as he put his hands just above my ass and rested his head on my shoulder.

"Andy, I'm not gay."

"Don't worry, it's gonna feel just like one of your girls."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why not? You are hot, besides......"

"The money?"

"$300 from one guy! Shit, you got at like a dozen that would pay that."

"Ok. I'm up for it if you are." I said to Andy, with my arms still around him, and his hands rubbing up and down my back and ass.

"In more that one way!"

We walked back into my room, and I sat on my computer chair, and Andy sat on my bed. I opened up my chat server to try and get some takers on our little fuck session.

Chat.server_Look into a world of a 14yo boy. Sept 1st 16:51 Admin: Chris

Chris_Admin: Hello guys

MikeUK34: Shit hes on

19top4u: wow he's never on

Ian54: Damn look at that cock on him!

Dr_Hung: I'm gonna blow a load just looking at him

29Steven: Damn! He's only 14? Look at him, he is perfect.

57yoTeAcHeR: I could teach him somethings

55lookin415boy: I wood luv to see him in my bed

Chris_Admin: Now I know y i dont cum here often.

Ian54: lol

Dr_Hung: LMAO

MikeUK34: sorry Chris

Chris_Admin: Im here with a friend say hello to ANDY

19top4u: Hello Andy

AsianBottom: Andy is cute

MilitaryMan: Wish he could service me!

Chris_Admin: Andy and i want to put on a special 'show' and Andy needs to raise some bling......if u wanna see u pay thru stormpay. it will either be a set price or if there is like a superbid then only that person will watch. u guys up for it?

"Holy Shit Andy!" I screamed as I watched the bids roll in.

"How much are they offering?"

"Well think $300 then double it, and take on an extra zero at the end?"

"No fucking way!" Andy said as he jumped off the bed and ran over to me. He wrapped his arm around my neck and rested his head on top of mine. I must say, that we sorta looked like a sexy couple.

"Andy, MilitaryMan wants you to open up your mouth and look at the camera."


"So he can see if his dick will fit in there." Andy laughed and then without pushing him, he moved closer to the camera and opened his mouth.

"Well what are we going to do?"

"We can either take Dr_Hung's offer of 6gs, or we can set a minimum rate and let more people watch us. It looks like if we set it at $200 then we will have 10 people watch."

"Chris, you are the honor roll student, but I think 6 is larger than 2."

I sent a private message to Dr_Hung, and told him to transfer the money into my account. Once the money was received, I asked him which camera he would like to watch on. He asked if he could watch it on the live stream camera with the sound on. Once I had figured out the code to make sure he was the only one able to get into it, I sent him the link. After about 10 mins, we were all set up and Dr_Hung was ready to watch us 'virgin' boys enter the world of male on male sex.

Little would I know that Andy was no 'virgin' to gay sex, and Dr_Hung was really a doctor and was really really hung.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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