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Story - Avery's Boys

Chapter - 25 - Scout camp

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Chris, wake up."

"Kevin wake your brother up." My mom asked my brother, who then hit me in the shoulder causing me to suddenly wake up.

"WHAT THE FUCK BRO!" I said glaring at him.

I looked out the window, looking at the trees pass by knowing that soon I would be sleeping in those woods for the next week. I have been in scouts since I can remember, which means I started off as a tiger cub then to cub scouts then a Webelos and now in Boy Scouts. My scout troop was one of the best ones in our council so we had over 50 kids in it. This week I would share the senior patrol leader duties with Josh, the assistant senior patrol leader who, when we started our meetings up again would be the new SPL. My one year tenure would be over and I would join the ranks of a regular scout.

Now you might think that being in charge of 50 boys would be enjoyable, and to some points it was, but as the SPL you have to be the go between the scoutmaster and the parents. I had to calm some mothers down, that her son was being picked on, and then there were times where I had to calm the scouts down because they thought they were being pushed around by campouts that the parents had chosen.

My troop ran like another other troop. We had our patrol leaders council, which was lead by me and had the assistant senior patrol leader (ASPL), the 5 patrol leaders (PL), the troop scribe, and the troop guide. It ran like a small business, and I was like the CEO. The hour to hour operations never came across me, because that was the job of the PL's to know where the kids in their patrols would be, I was in charge of overseeing that the ASPL made sure the PL's did their jobs. All in all it was a pretty easy job while at camp, because everything had been planned out weeks ago, on what merit badges they would be taking - to when they were going to go rappelling - to when they were going to have their meals and so forth.

My mom pulled her car into the long driveway towards the parking lot, and it was full with a sea of other cars. There were boys running all over the place, moms and dads were walking around carrying backpacks, fishing poles and other camping items. My mom found a spot towards the end of the parking lot, and turned off the car which made us all realize that this was going to be one fucking hot week in the woods.

I got out of the car, and did quick look around the lot to see anyone one from my troop, but couldn't really see anyone. My mom told me to start getting my backpack and gear out of the back, and pile it next to my brothers. People always say that Kevin and I look alike, and our matching backpacks and sleeping bags wouldn't help our cause to say otherwise. After about 5 mins our Scoutmaster (SM) walked past us, and did some small talk with my mom and then told Kevin and me that there was a group of us, up towards the front.

While walking towards the front, I had to look at the other scouts that I would be camping with, at this scout camp. You had your jock types; you average types, your nerdy types who looked like it was their first time in the sun, and your overweight types. Now, I'm not a mean person in general, but I couldn't really understand overweight scouts. I mean, you are supposed to be physically strong and swim and run and hike and walk and climb - but there you are 13 and topping at 200 lbs.

"Chris, please come here." My SM called from the front office. As I walked away I asked Josh to gather up the PL's and have them separate the gear into the patrols.

"Yes, Mr. Watson." I said, while walking up the ramp towards the office where my SM was at.

"Chris, there is a scout here with no troop."

"No troop?"

"Yeah, he is from Texas and his dad use to camp here and he always wanted his son to camp here."

"So is his dad here too?" I really didn't understand why you would drive all the way to Michigan to camp by yourself.

"No, his parents went on vacation. Look, we can have this conversation later if you want, I just want to know if you wouldn't mind if he camp with us for the week?" My scoutmaster looked at me and then down at his watch, waiting for my answer.

"Sure. I guess I could put him in Fox patrol or even Tiger patrol."

"No. Fox and Tiger will each have 8 scouts in their camp, so Stew would be tenting by himself, so he will have to go into Monkey patrol." He turned and gave the thumbs up to the office, giving the ok that we would take him.

"Monkey patrol? But, sir only the leadership patrol is in my Monkey patrol." Although, I didn't mind taking in this new scout, it just meant that I would be responsible for making sure Stew did his part of the chores and made it to his classes and activities. I could just pass the responsibility to Josh, but I thought this would just piss him off because of his work load he would have now. Monkey patrol was my patrol, fair and square. As the SPL I came up with the name of the Patrol and got first dibs on tents, and Monkey could stay up as long as we wanted, as long as we were up and around for our troops morning colors. With Stew in my patrol, it would be like giving one of the scouts in our troop a free pass for the week.

"Chris! Chris, this is Stew."

My mouth dropped open as I laid my eyes on Stew for the first time. There before me, with an oversized scout uniform was Stew, the Texan. Stew looked like an American version of Harry Potter. He was probably 11, with Potter glasses, brown hair that looked like Potter's as well. He was about 4' 6" tall and about 80lbs at most. He almost looked twice as small, because his uniform was a size too big. Stew had a few freckles around his nose and his lips looked like they were hand made, because they seemed to go together perfectly. He stretched out his hand to give me a shake, and when he did I was able to see how skinny he really was. He was just skin and bones, but because of this height it actually worked for him. I shook his hand for a little longer than I should have, but while I was touching him my teenage cock seemed to know what it liked. Stew, from what my eyes could tell, was checking me and reading my wrestling shirt from the 9th grade. I was taking a week off from my wrestling training of weightlifting and practicing my moves, but I would get my running in, plus now I would be able to swim a lot more.

My scoutmaster asked me to show Stew the rest of the troop and to make sure that his gear got placed in the right place, with Monkey patrol. The first troop members I introduced Stew to was my brother Kevin and Josh.

"How's it going Stew?" My bro asked and then took his gear from him and set it next to ours.

"I'm doing ok, considering. Are you two...?"

"No we are not twins." Kevin answered the question for him, and then walked away.

"Sorry, didn't mean to piss anyone off already." Stew said and hung his head.

"Don't worry about it. Kevin is 2 years older than me, and we have been dealing with that same question for the last few years. I guess it's just hard for him to realize that there is another cute guy that looks like him around the country." I nudged Stew and started to laugh, realizing that he did not get the joke. "And this is Josh, we will be the ASPL this week." Josh shook his hand, and I filled him in on the details.

"Whose tent is he going to be sleeping in?" Josh asked as we walked into the parking lot to talk, while we waited for the paperwork to be finished by our scoutmaster.

"I was thinking that he would have his own tent. He's a new scout, and doesn't know anyone so I'm thinking it will be hard for him to sleep with a complete stranger."

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Hello Scouts! My name is Owen and I will be your campsite host, which means if your tent leaks or you need some tools to help build your gate and fences, or just common questions about the camp just let me know. And now, it looks like you are the first full troop to get lined up so, follow me and we will do your health checks and swim tests."

Owen is an 18 yo staff member, who was now on his 2nd year of being on staff. Owen was our campsite host last year, so he kinda knew most of my troop. He worked on the Waterback staff, as one of the lifeguards and taught swimming and canoeing. Most of the older scouts in my troop planned on taking several Waterback merit badges, so we knew we would be seeing a lot of him. Owen was your typical farmboy type from Michigan, in that we was semi muscular from working on the farm. He had very short blonde hair, with icy blue eyes, that seemed to compliment him. Even though he worked as a lifeguard, and it meant that he wouldn't have his shirt on the majority of the time, he didn't have that good of a tan. You could say that he looked pale, but with his blonde hair it worked for him.

The health check was nothing exciting. You lined up outside of the Health building, which was adjacent to the Dining Hall, and waited to go in one by one so the Health Director could look over your health form. She would basically just look to make sure all the signatures were signed, and if you were taking any medication that it was noted. After that, we were cleared to go into the changing rooms, and get into our swimsuits. And again, nothing excited happened during this part, because our troop knew that if you came wearing our swim shorts we could speed up the process. Because as a scout we live by - Be Prepared! So everyone in our troop was ready to go to the swim checks, because we knew of the process, but Stew was not part of our troop.

"Stew, you can go in there and change into your swimsuit." I said to Stew as I stood next to the door of the changing rooms outside, while the scouts in my troop waited on the wall as they walked out. The changing rooms consisted of 5 rooms that you could enter thru an open door that had a curtain as a door. There is a bench that you can sit down on, and the walls only went down to your knees, so if you didn't want people knowing what you were doing, you had to sit on the bench to take off your wet shorts.


"You did bring your shorts right?" I asked, trying to figure out what the deal was.


"Yes or no, don't worry Stew it's not a big deal if you can't swim."

"I can swim, but I didn't bring any trunks." Stew said and looked towards the ground.

"How can you come to camp without bring your swimsuit?"

"Well, I do live in Texas so I really can't go home and get them. Now I won't be able to take my swim test and I won't be able to take the swimming badge." How could I let this happen to Stew? Here he is, in a different state, he knows n one and now his weekend is somewhat ruined because he didn't pack his shorts.

"Ok Stew, I got an idea." I asked him to stay there as I walked over to my brother Kevin and asked to borrow his towel. I walked into the changing room, and then called Stew in. I could see his bare feet in his sandals from under the curtain door. "It's ok Stew you can come in." His small fingers gripped the side of the curtain and slowly started to pull it back, probably thinking I was naked. "These are for you to use for today." I handed him my swim shorts that he would be able to fit in since it had a drawstring built in. As he grabbed for them I took off my shirt, and tossed it over my shoulder. So if you were to look at me it would look as if I had just finished swimming, because I had wrapped the towel around my waist, covering up my naked body.

"What are you going to do then?" Stew asked he started to un-button his shorts in front of me.

"I know Owen, so I'm sure I can do my swim test later. Besides that's what a good SPL does right? I'm supposed to make sure everyone in my troop has a good week." I stepped out of the changing room, before he pulled his regular shorts down, onto the grass.

"What up Chris? Why the towel already?" My brother asked.

I raised up part of the towel showing him, and whoever looked over at me, that I had nothing on underneath. A few minutes later, Stew emerged from the changing rooms in my shorts that went down at least halfway past his knees. Did it look funny? No, since it sort of looked like a regular white boy trying to go thuggish. Once my troop was all done with the health checks, we walked across the parade field and into the walkway of the Waterback. So here we were waiting for the Waterback Staff to let us in, with our shirts off standing along the fence in the sun. 50 boys aged 11 - 19, all ready to jump into the water.

Five groups of ten were allowed into the swimmers area, where they did three laps and three different strokes. If the lifeguards didn't think you did them properly you either had to start over, or be placed in the beginner's area. Most of the scouts in the troop were able to swim, but there were 4 boys including Stew that were placed in the beginner's area. After you got out of the water, the boys had to waiting on the benches until everyone was ready to go onto the campsite.

"Thanks for the shorts Chris." A half naked and wet Stew said as he sat next to me. I could tell that he wasn't in the sun that much, as the water ran down his hair and shoulders. The water was cold, and his two little dime size nipples were hard, as trails of water ran past them.

"You're welcome. When we get back to camp, just hang them up on your clothesline to dry."

" don't want them back now?"

"Umm.....not while they are wet. Besides, I'm kind of enjoying being naked." Stew looked away and then down to my towel covered region, blushed and then turned away again.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The tents were sent in a circle; with 5 tents per section thus each patrol had their own 'mini campsite' within the campsite. I of course chose the furthest back patrol site for my leadership patrol. I walked the camp with the PL and gave each one their group of tents. Once that was all done, each boy came and got their gear from the trailer and ran to pick out their tent, the SM and adult leaders got the very front tents and we had the very back tents. I picked the very back tent, so I was able to have a clear view of the entire camp.

"So what do you think of your tent?" I asked Stew, knowing that each tent was identical to all the others. Each one had 2 sets of pallets for the base boards, 2 cots and 2 mattresses. The tents were the same design as old Army styles.

"It's ok. I guess I'm still use to my camp that I go to." Stew said as he just sat there on his cot.

"Here is a trick that only the Monkey patrol gets to do." I had him get up, and I moved the cots together to make one large cot. "Now you won't have to worry about falling off." That finally brought a smile to his face, and what a cute smile it was.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

It was the beginning of our first full day at camp, and I had the wonderful job of waking everyone up today. The entire camp meets up every morning on the parade field for the camps morning colors at 7:15am and breakfast is at 7:30am. My troop had its own morning colors at 6:45am, where we went over the days events before we marched to the parade field. After today it would fall upon Adam's responsibility to choose a PL to be the first to wake up and then do the wake up calls. I decided to wake up the adult leaders first and then make my way back, so the Monkey patrol would be able to sleep in. Basically all I had to do was knock on the tent flaps and give them the countdown time, before they had to be lined up for our morning colors.

Of course, I couldn't help myself from opening up the flaps on some of the tents and walk in on some of the newer scouts, and some of my friends within the troop to take a quick look at their sleeping half naked bodies. Since it was summer and in the mid 80's everyday, most of the boys slept in their boxers on top of their sleeping bags, or in them with the top of it open. Over the few years in the troop, a few of us have started our own secret club. Now it wasn't anything bad, just a jack off club; because once you're in camp for 7 days you can really build up some extra energy.

"Wake up John and Mark; you have 30 mins before our colors." I walked into the tent, on 2 members of our club. They were brothers, John 15 and Mark 13.

"Dude Chris, don't you wear anything in the morning?" John said as I shook him and his brother.

"I'm wearing boxers! Besides, we are all guys this week. Now get your lazy asses up and dressed."

"You weren't calling my ass that early last week."

"You're right and you were moaning so load. Fagot. Now get up."

I walked out of their tent and went to all the other tents. The last three tents were Adam's, my brother Kevin and Stew's. Adam was just waking up as I knocked on his tent flap, saying that he could hear all the other scouts screaming as they horsed around. It was now 6:30, when I came to my brother's tent. Since we are brothers we would always wear each others clothes and we have walked in on each other, from time to time. We shared a bathroom together, so if one was n the shower we wouldn't anything of it for the other to just walk in and brush our teeth or do our hair. Like everyone that meets us we look alike, almost twin like. Kevin is a few inches taller, he has to shave his face about once a week where as I don't have to shave, and his dick is a little bit thicker but that's limp.

As I lifted the flap open, I let it close behind me. There still asleep on top of his sleeping bag, was my brother Kevin naked lying down on his stomach. Now I'm not into the whole brotherly love thing, but standing there looking at his naked ass did do something that did not help out my morning wood. Now this secret club that we had had both of us in it, but we didn't meet in someone tent or a group orgy, it was just when two of the club members could get away, did out jack off session begin. His legs were covered in a small batch of black hairs, like mine, that blended nicely with our tanned legs. He and I didn't have underwear tans, because he taught me last year that we tanned in the beds, to take my boxers off. As I shook my brother awake, I could feel his heat from his body enter thru my hand, and I swear I could feel some electricity run thru my hand as well. Kevin turned slightly to see who was touching him, and as he did his morning wood came into view.

"What...what is going on?" Kevin said in a morning muffled yawn.

"Morning bro. You have like 10 mins to get up."

"Dude you didn't walk around in your boxers to wake everyone up did you?" Kevin asked while reaching his hand under his cot to find a pair of boxers.

"I did. At least I didn't sleep naked like you."

Kevin found a pair of boxers, which I think were the same ones he wore yesterday, and pushed me out of the way so he could stand up and put them on. As he stood up his dick pointed straight out from him. I knew from measuring mine that I was 10 proud inches, and from looking at his I guessed that his was about the same but a little bit thicker. And just like mine it didn't point up but remained level like a balancing beam. Kevin knew that I was bi ever since he found some gay pics on my email account, but he has been pretty cool with it. He will make the occasional joke, but he hasn't told any of my friends or anyone in school. The only people that know that I'm bi are Kevin and a few boys in my troop, and that is only because they are part of the club.

The last person I had to wake up was Stew, and his tent was just to the left of mine. I knocked on his tent flap and asked if he was awake.

"Stew are you awake?" There was no answer. "Stew?" Still nothing.

As the light came thru the open tent flap, I could see Stew's eyes lock onto mine. His sleeping bag was up to his nose, as it looked as if he were hiding from someone. His mop of hair stood out against his white pillowcase, which showed that his has a very bad case of 'bed hair' in the morning.

"Can I get up now?" Stew said with the sleeping bag covering up his face.

"You can get up anytime you want, but yes you can get up because you only have like 5 mins before our morning colors. So get your class A uniform on, and stand next to my brother when we are lined up, ok?" I adjusted the waistband to my boxers, which caused Stew to look down at my abs and morning bulge.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

The scouts that sat around our campfire was dwindling down, from the 50 at the start to now just the four; Kevin, Adam, Stew and myself. Stew was probably just staying up because he was able to. From what I have been able to gather from him, he is a shy boy who probably did what ever we was told to do without back talk.

"Ok boys time to douse the fire." Kevin said, announcing the end to our campfire. He stood up and unzipped the front of his shorts and pulled his limp dick thru the fly. He stroked it until it became half hard, and started to unleash a stream of clear piss. He swayed his hips making sure his piss got on the flames and the burning logs. "I don't have that much piss in me guys!"

With that Adam and I stood up and took our dicks out and we too started to pee on the dying campfire. More than once our streams of piss mixed together, spraying around outside the ring of rocks that lined the campfire. Stew looked up at me and then focused on our piss streams. Out of the three of us dousing the fire, only Adam wasn't cut, but he had pulled his foreskin back. Adam's head flared from his shaft, making it look like it was tied off causing all the blood to stay there and enlarge it.

Kevin was the first to finish peeing, followed by Adam, and now I was in the spotlight as I continued to pee for another 2 mins which probably could have gone for a new world piss record. All the boys could do was watch as my stream of piss splashed on the now soaked logs, as I did figure eights with my piss stream. Once I was done, I zipped up and kicked the logs to make sure that it wouldn't restart later in the night. As we were walking back Stew turned around and stopped me, as Kevin and Adam continued to walk to their tents.

"I have to pee." Stew said in a whispered voice.

"Ok little man, just finish up and head to bed ok?" I said, thinking that he was going to go by himself and then to bed.

"But it's all over on the other side of the campsite. And it's totally dark." Stew was now doing the ever famous male piss dance.

"Ok let's go."

Stew walked into the latrine, which the walls only went part of the way to the ground, sort of like the waterback changing rooms. A urinal was just to the right when you walked in, and then a wall divided the toilets, with no doors anywhere on the latrine. Outside of the latrine was a bank of sinks to wash your hands, and in the morning brush your teeth.



"Just making sure that you are still there." Stew's voice was shaking.

"Everything ok?" I asked, knowing that he probably had a fear of the dark, and tonight it was completely black out with clouds covering the moon and stars.

"Ummmm can you come in here?"

I walked towards the side of the latrine and ran my hand along the side, to help guide me along until I got to the opening. "What's up?"

"Don't laugh at me, but I'm to scared to pee." He spoke, but I couldn't gage where he was.

"Well, I just got done peeing already so I can't help out that way."

"Can you turn your flashlight on, so I can see where I'm aiming?"

The flashlight clicked, as I pressed the button on my maglight. At first I had to move the beam of light to show him where the urinal was, and as I did I shinned the light to see his hands holding his limp dick. It was probably just around 4 inches and was now semi-erect. With his hands in the way I could only see just a small patch of hair above the base of his dick. Stew finished peeing with a couple shakes to get the last drips out, and then zipped up. We walked back to our tents, having to walk past most of the tents; I heard some sounds that can only come with a mouth. I said goodnight to Stew, as he walked into his tent. I closed the flap on the tent and started to take off my shirt and shorts to get ready for bed. Tonight was another hot night, so again I opted for a boxer free night, which I laid them next to my shoes just in case something came up during the night. My bag felt nice and cool against my bare skin, and just before I closed my eyes I set my alarm on my watch, and looked at the current time: 12:56am.

"Help me! Help me!" A scream came from outside my tent. My watch said 2:20am, which pissed me off that someone was breaking the 'lights out' rule. Again the plea came again, "HELP ME!" I slipped on my boxers and headed outside. The scream was coming from the tent that I had just seen Stew enter a few hours ago.

"Stew are you ok?" I asked, rubbing my eyes to get the sleep out of them.

"Chris thank you for helping me."

"What's going on?"

"Raccoons were just in here. And they were running around."

"Fucking raccoons......wake me up for this." I said under my breath. "Well, they are gone now so get some sleep."

"What if they come back?"

"Fuck it Stew, this is the woods they are going to come back. There is nothing we can do about that." I lashed out on poor Stew as he just lay in bed, with his bag up to his eyes.

"Well............can I sleep in your tent tonight then?"

"Will it make you go to sleep and not wake up again tonight?" I asked not noticing the apparent offering that was just given to me.

"YES!" Stew screamed out as he tossed his sleeping bag off of him, and jump on to his feet.

As I walked behind Stew back to my tent, I looked at Stew's nice little boy ass in his boxers. Damn what a cute kid he was in the middle of the night, my cock thought as it started to get hard and try and poke out of the fly in my boxers. I pulled it up under the band of my boxers so I wouldn't have the noticeable bulge. Stew went to the left side of my double cot and looked up at me.

"First time sleeping with someone?" I asked. Stew nodded, and I told him that it's just the same if you are alone, just don't do anything I wouldn't do. He laughed and crawled into bed.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"What the fuck is that?" The top of his sleeping bag was wet, but from where? Kevin felt around and sure enough there was a hole in his tent, just above where he slept. He pulled his pillow to the other side of his double cot, but still there was water leaking in. By now Kevin was wide awake and pissed off, but glad that he goes to bed naked, cause if he had a shirt on it would be clinging to him. He ripped his damp sleeping bag off of him and pilled it into the corner where it seemed there were no holes. He looked at his watch and decided that there was still enough time for him to get a few decent hours of sleep. Kevin grabbed his pillow and figured that his little brother Chris had a tent by himself, so he knew that he could just sleep on the other side of the cot. Kevin slipped on a pair of sneakers and with his pillow on his side, and his cock swinging between his legs, he walked in the rain over to his brother's tent. Thru the small amount of moonlight he saw his brothers sleeping head on the right side of the cot, so he walked over to the left side and crawled into the cot.

After a few minutes in his brother's tent, he felt his hand rub up against his chest. "Fucking move over Chris." Kevin said, picking up the arm and tossing it away. Again minutes later an arm and leg landed on top of Kevin, this time Kevin had enough.

"FUCKING LAY OFF CHRIS." Kevin pulled the sleeping bag away in an effort to physically push his brother away. Instead Kevin got a surprise. "What the fuck is this?" Kevin lifting his pillow and hitting me over the head. "Who is this?" He asked me pointing to the naked Stew in-between us. Stew's boxers were around his ankles, and sound asleep.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes after the rude awake that my brother gave me, but why was he sleeping with me? "What are you doing here?"

"Me? What is Stew doing in your bed naked?"

"How the fuck should I know why he is naked, but why the fuck are you naked?"

Kevin sat up on the side of the cot to continue to talk/yell at me, and each time he had to have one hand pushing his cock down between his legs. "Listen Chris, my tent started leaking so I came in here. But why is Stew in here?"

"Stew said that there were raccoons in his tent so I had him come over here to sleep."

"Fair enough but why are his boxers around his ankles?" Kevin asked as we looked at Stew as he slept face down in-between us.

"Cause that's what happens when you want to have sex." The muffled voice of Stew spoke. Stew sat up on his knees and looked at me and then my naked brother. "And it looks like you have something else leaking there." Stew said pointing at Kev's cock between his legs.

The three of us sat there in my tent in the rain, as we listened to Stew talk about how he had been waiting all week, and the flight from Texas to meet some hot guys to fool around with. He told us stories about him and his friends as they would fool around and stick carrots or cucumbers up there holes. As Stew talked, Kevin and I were in a trance listening to him, he would slowly jack his boy cock. It was if we were under his mind control because Kevin and I were also stroking our overly endowed cocks.

"Are you sure you wanna fuck around with my bro and I?" I asked Stew, knowing what his answer would be.

"Come on Chris, look at you two! I mean you guys are almost twins, and got the matching packages there." He reached over and grabbed the half hard cock of my bro.

Stew wrapped his little hand around the shaft, barely able to reach all the way around it, and slowly started to jack it. He would pull his hand up over the top of his cock and smear the precum that was leaking out. Kevin moaned as this young boy was jacking him off. Kevin said that he needed to adjust himself so he pushed Stew's arm off of him as he lie down on the cot, and let Stew continue to jack him. Kevin ran his hands thru the boy's hair and would push his mouth down a little further to give him the extra ecstasy, while I watched Stew get my brothers fuck pole nice and wet with his spit on tongue. Stew's mouth just seemed to fit perfectly around the mushroom head of Kevin's cock, as he happily bobbed his head up and down.

Stew would break from his deepthroating and pull off, with a long line of spit connecting his mouth to the cock, and then start licking his cum filled golf ball sized balls. Kevin was enjoying the attention this hot little fuck was giving him, as he would rub his left hand over his pecs and abs to give him the added excitement. Whenever Stew had a free hand he would rub it along Kevin's muscular thighs, and underneath his ball sac. Stew was an experienced in sucking cock, and he was enjoying it as much as my older brother was.

I stood off to the sides for the first ten minutes or so, watching this 11 year old suck on my brother's ten inch cock. My cock knew that this was a fantasy that it wanted to participate in; it knew that it wanted the rest of my body to do something else with my brother. My cock was forming a giant wet patch in the front of my boxers, so I took them off and set them on the side rails of the cots. Stew's boxers were still around his ankles as I walked around to the left side of the cot, and looked down onto him as he raised his bare butt in the air as if waving it at me. As I walked closer to them my leg brushed along Kevin's leg, in which I thought he would have pushed me away, instead I got an added thrill when my brother started to rub my leg with his foot. His foot ran up my equally muscled leg and ran it up past my V and then towards my abs. His foot felt cold but also very hot as it got me more aroused. Like my brother, my overly blessed cock pointed straight out from my body and leaked rather nicely when it was about to be stuck into something.

Stew was slurping and sucking on Kevin's cock, Kevin was rubbing his hands thru Stew's hair and still rubbing his foot on my leg, and I was just starting to rub my hands over Stew's not so innocent ass. Stew noticed my hands running around his ass and enjoyed it as he kept it more stationary, and included my name is his "Oh yes's" and "Mmmm that feels so good's". I grabbed my cock by the base and started to wave it around spraying some of the precum all over Stew's ass and Kevin's legs, which were not covered from Stew's body. I got brave and pulled his ass down a little, and started to rub my cock all over his ass, which Stew did not complain. It was as if his ass was emitting a scent that was control my body, as I started to rub my cock in between his ass, passing over his hole. Stew reached behind him and grabbed a hold of my cock and lined it up with his hole.

"Are you sure?" I asked him.

"It's either going to be you or Kevin, and I'm really having too much fun with him right now." Stew speedily spoke the words, and then dove back down onto my brothers cock.

Precum was now filling up the small indent that his hole created, and then leaked down and dripped off of him onto the sheet on the mattress. Stew dove back down on the cock he was taking care of, and Kevin was still rubbing his foot over my thigh and chest as I teased this boy hole in front of me. I grabbed a hold of his hips and slowly pushed my head into his tight little hole, sending shockwaves of pleasure over me. Stew enjoying this new friend inside him, purred while my brother's cock was pushing itself into his throat. Kevin wasn't looking directly into my eyes, and mostly kept them closed as he started to rub his hands thru this boy's hair, and still rubbing his foot over me.

I eased into Stew, inch by inch until finally all of my teenage manhood was inside this not so teenage boy. I left my cock buried into him, until his ass started to contract and spasm around my pole, and then I would ease it out until just my head was in it, then again I would push it back in He was pushing back into me with a nice rhythm and doing a nice job on my brother, that we all thought that the tent shaking was because of us. It must have been our brotherly instinct that we started to tense up at the same time and give Stew a nice meal in both ends. Kevin and I moaned for about the same amount of time, telling me that we were depositing about the same amount of cum into him.

After we finished shooting our cocks remained hard as Stew was still sucking and slamming back into me, that his body tensed up and unleashed a nice boy load right between Kevin's legs on top of the mattress. After our sexual high Kevin and I withdrew our cocks from Stew, mine drawing some of my cum from him and then our cocks fell between our legs, swaying with the motion of the tents. Stew rolled over to the other side of the bed and just laid there as if the wind had been knocked out of him.

Just in that moment our tent flap flew open and Owen starred at us and just screamed, "PACK YOUR SHIT UP THERE IS A TORNADO HEADING HERE!" Then he finally got the full picture of our darkened orgy and smiled. "And if there isn't enough room then you guys can come to my cabin." He walked off while adjusting his bulge and ran off screaming the same thing, again and again.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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