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*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"And you better shave that stupid peach fuzz off your face before we get back!" My dad said to me then gave that glare, that all dads seem to have.

My parents were leaving me along in the house by myself for two whole weeks. All of my friends knew that the plan was to have a major party on Saturday, and continue it on Sunday. That would give me six days to clean up the house. Two weeks without any parents! I was one happy 16 yo boy.

"Ok Chris. Here are the contact numbers to the hotel in Las Vegas. If you have any problems and need them answered right away, please contact Avery. He knows that you will be here alone so he might even check up on you." That was a clue that I was going to have someone check up on me. 16 and I needed a babysitter? I don't think so! But, Avery was hot so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.

My mom was already waiting in the car, as my dad was ready to take out the last piece of luggage, when the phone rang. "Chris, can you answer that?"

"Hello, Douglas' crib." The lady on the other end was nice, but I really couldn't understand her. I grabbed Steven and England, so I handed it to my dad.

The lady was my dads sister-in-law. His brother (my uncle), passed away five years ago, but since they lived over in England, it was hard for us to keep in close contact with them. The had a boy about seven years, named Jaimie, but I barely knew him. We sent him and his mom a Christmas and New Years card, and both a birthday card and that was about it. The last time I saw him was at the funereal and that was five years ago, so I would have been 11 and he would have been 9. I remember that he was blonde, shy and talked in an accent. But then, everyone talked in an accent over there.

I was already crashed on the couch searching for something to watch on tv, and I was catching a little bit about of my dads conversation. The mostly "yeps" and "oh no's" were most of the words coming out of his mouth. Finally I saw him walk over to the calendar and check out some dates, and then looked at his plane tickets. He hung up the phone and then called my mom back into the house. My Aunt Mary's mom was in a car accident, in Northern England and she take her son with her because of all the emotional stress that she was going thru, so she was asking my dad to take his nephew in for a few days. Now I didn't understand why sending him to the USA was better than driving him 6 hours, and why sending him to a family that really didn't know him would be better than staying with his mom, but who was I to say? My dad was actually the closest family member to England, as we lived just outside of Boston, so getting him here would be no problem. The other problem was, my mom and dads vacation! They spent a frantic 20 minutes on the phones with the airlines and hotel trying to reschedule their vacation, but their work schedules couldn't work out with any open dates. That's when their eyes turned towards me.

"Chris, do you remember your cousin Jaimie from England?" My dad asked me, as I continued to watch tv.


"We took you over there to see Uncle Jack, when he passed?"


Twenty questions later, and a lot of yelling at my part and the threat of my dad taking my car away till I was 18, I agreed to baby-sit my little cousin, until my grandparents could drive out here from Michigan, or they got back from their vacation. The latter was probably going to happen first, since grandpa Taylor likes to coast at 35mph. Jaimie wouldn't be arriving for 18 hours, so here I am trying to figure out how to get to Boston airport by myself. That's when I figured it out; I would call Avery and have him take me into the city to pick him up. Avery and I set it up that he would pick me up at 5:30 and get to the airport around 6:15 with the flight coming in around 6:50pm.

I couldn't sleep as my plans were now going to be changing slightly due to my new visitor, so I crawled out of bed and turned on my monitor. I threw my top cover over my chair, because I slept naked so I didn't want my skin sticking to the chair. My cock also wasn't planning on sleeping as I started to crawl up and point up past my bellybutton. My right hand instantly grabbed a hold of the top 4 inches and slowly started to stroke, leaving the last 6 inches untouched as my ping pong sized balls started to bounce. Oh, that's right I'm packing 10 inches of delicious teen age man meat!

To say I was in shape was an understatement. No I'm not being rude and I'm not making it up. I'm like fucking hot! And to say I haven't jerked off to myself while looking in a mirror would be a lie. Now, did I know I was hot? Yes. Did I think I was hot? No. I was short, which was my downfall. At 5'8", I was smallest person on my wrestling team and baseball team. I was good in basketball, but at my height I was better at playing Horse. I worked out almost every day, I hit the school gym when school was going on, and when I got home from school I did a 8 mile run around the town. So my legs were built, my arms, my chest, my abs and my cock were all nicely sculpted. Over-muscled? No. I'm not a steroid freak.

The glow off the screen lighted up my body, and I was looking pretty good in a shade of blue coming off my desktop photo. I clicked on the icon; to help satisfy my bi side. My tastes tended to go for boys around my age up to about 21. Did I have crushes on some of my teammates? Of course. You ask any gay guy that played high school sports and they will say the same thing. I used some good old fashioned spit to use as some lube, and then my pre-cum kicked it and started to flow like a river. When I jack off I usually grab the top few inches and jerk, I like this because my cock is so long that it would just hurt too much to stroke all the way, or as I like to call it COCK BURN. I usually like to read the Adult-Youth stories and Celebrity section. As I was scrolling down the stories, I saw a babysitter themed one so in my mind I thought `this is gonna remind me of Jaimie later'. Not more than half way into the story and my balls tightened and I was spraying my abs with some thick covered cum.

Why does cuming make you tired? Ever since I started dating some girls in high school, every time I finish having my fun I'm always yawning or finding a couch or chair to sit in. So I finish rubbing my cum into my body and I crawl back into my bed and pass out. I would love to see a sleep aid commercial that promotes jacking off! My sound sleep was ended with Avery slapping my bare ass. I didn't feel it, I just heard the loud smack. He tossed me a shirt and a pair of jeans telling me that I had to get up and get the house ready for Jaimie.

"Shit Av it's only 12:14! Why the fuck do I have to get ready for a kid I don't know anything about?"

"Because he is family, and that's what you do for family. Now go into the spare room and make sure there are clean sheets on the bed."

"Fuck that, I'm putting him up in Kevin's room. He's still at college so that way he will be out of the way." The guest room was right next to mine on the second floor and I wasn't going to have him sleep next to me.

"Chris, put yourself in his shoes. You are coming to a different country and you don't know the person you are staying with, and now you want to put him the farthest away from you? You are just mean."

Avery was my brothers best friend, and has since become a close family friend. My parents almost considered him to be another son, while was looking up to him like an older brother. Avery was 5'11", brown hair, blue eyes and about 170 lbs. He is 20 yo and is about ready to go into his senior year of college, so he was still pretty cool. Once the house was given a quick look over, we went to the grocery store to pick up some food that maybe Jaimie would enjoy. And then it was off to the airport.

"How are we gonna know who he is?" I asked as Avery was pulling something out of his pocket.

"That's why you have to come prepared." Avery had printed out a sign with the name `Jaimie' in big bold letters, and held it front of us as the passengers started to come out.

We waited about 30 mins and still no little blonde 14 yo boy. Just as we were about ready to walk over to the desk, the flight attendants walked out with this hot boy in between them. My mouth dropped as I was seeing this hot boy with some shaggy blonde hair falling into his eyes. He looked to be about 5'5" and around 100 lbs. His perfect skin went perfect with his blonde eyes, and perfect lips. He was wearing a pair of shorts and sandals His legs were well defined, probably from playing English football. And they had a light dusting of blonde hairs. A white shirt covered this body and his tanned arms and neck just made him all that cuter.

"Ah, you must be Chris. You cousin here is such the cutest little British boy." A hot flight attendant gave Jaimie a fake hug then pushed him towards us.

The ride home was fun. I learned a little bit about my cousin and what he could remember about his dad/my uncle. I also told him a little about what I knew about his dad, and we both brought up some funny stories. This English accent was getting me all boned up and I'm sure he could see it in my shorts. As he was talking I had to adjust my shorts to conceal my hardon, and I caught Jaimie looking down a few times. It was a little challenge to understand my English cousin, but that made him more cuter. His little button nose on top of this little boy Adonis.

Once we got to my house we unloaded his bags and Avery carried them in, while I was showing Jaimie around my crib. He took hold of my hand as I showed him the kitchen and living room and told him that he would basically help himself to whatever he wanted to eat or watch. We climbed the stairs and showed him my room, his room and the bathroom. Whenever we stopped walking he seemed to stand closer and closer to almost where his face was just below my neck. It was getting late and Avery had made a small meal for the three of us, and for Jaimie it was actually 2am due to the five hour time difference. He was slowly closing his eyes as he was trying to keep up with the conversation that we were having. He propped his head up by his left hand as he was dozing off, and his little mouth was slowly opening and then he would jerk himself up, then take another bite of food. Jaimie finally dozed off, just as we were finishing up our dinner. Avery picked him up and carried him into his bed, that he would sleep in for the next few days.

"Ok Chris, if you need anything please give me a call ok?" Chris said as we were walking down the stairs and then to the front door.

"Yep." After he left I looked at the clock and decided that it was time for me to head to bed as well. It was still pretty warm out so I pulled off my boxers and laid on top of the bed.

My sound sleep was again ended short, when I felt something crawling into my bed. It had been years since we had a dog, so I semi freaked at that thought. I had some sleep crust in my eyes so I had to squint to see who/what it was. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Jaimie who was not laying next to me, and not only was I naked but he was naked as well. He rolled over to face me and smiled to show me his perfect little white teeth.

"I don't want to sleep alone tonight. Is it ok that I'm here in with you?"

"Yeah, but don't you think we need to put on some boxers?"

"Don't you like me naked?"

"Jaimie you are my cousin. And I'm not gay." I didn't want him going around telling the family that I was gay. What would my family think? What would everyone in school do to me? I had been in the mob that had started a few hazing to some of my classmates, and I knew what they would do. What Jaimie did next was not part of any plan that I waned to have happen.

While still looking into my eyes, he threw one leg over me and was now sitting on top of my chest. He leaned forward to he was looking right into my eyes. "I was eyeing your dick once we got into the car. Do you know how to use it?" Jaimie licked his lips as he was talking and started to grind his dick into my stomach.

"Sorry little cuz but I think it's a little big for you." Oh, I really did want to have some fun, but not with my cousin.

"Don't worry, if I hurt you I will stop." And with that Jaimie picked up my hardening cock, which his little hand was barely able to wrap around and lined it up with his little hole.

Jaimie leaned forward a little to raise his ass, and slowly lowered his butt onto my cock. It was like someone had put a penis pump around the head of mine and started to pump away, it was that tight. He lowered and lowered himself until my shaven pubes were ticking his bald ball sac. He was so full of my cock that he couldn't talk and was just mumbling sounds that just got me harder. His little hands found their spot on top of my pecs and then slowly down feeling my abs as he continued to adjust to my enlarged cock that had grown in its girth due to the excitement. After a few minutes he was finally ready and started to slowly pull himself up and then slowly sank back down, this went on until he said his legs were getting tired and asked me to help him out. I grabbed a hold of his cock filled butt and slowly lifted him up and then letting him go, so he would sink back down from his own weight. Jaimie was getting into it and his little 4 inch cock was enjoying it as well, as it started to leak some precum onto my stomach.

I was having sex with my cousin for about 15 minutes when I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so I told him to spin around on my cock and get on all fours. I got on my knees and into a sexy doggie style and started to long fuck him, as my balls were slapping against his balls, causing Jaimie to scream in pleasure. My cock was nice and shiny with my precum that was leaking inside, and causing my cock to go faster and deeper into his little hole. My speed was picking up as I grabbed a hold of his little hips to slam into him. To change it up I would grab his shoulders and push him back into me, while giving my ass muscles a break. My cock was at its breaking point so I knew I had to speed up to get the most sensation out of this.

"Oh Jaimie, I'm gonna cum. Jaimie...oh...where do you want it?"

"Pull out I wanna have it on me chest."

I pulled out and grabbed him by his ankles and lightly flipped him over so his ass was right at the edge of the bed, and then lifted his legs and pushed my precum leaking cock back into his still tight hole. I had sex a few more times, until I could feel my balls starting to pull tight so I pulled out and grabbed the base of my cock and watched it spew my hot cum over to cute little cousin.

After I calmed down from my post cum high, I looked down to see Jaimie's little cock at balls covered in the trail end cum shots. His cock was throbbing from what looked like a dry orgasm, but I knew he was old enough to cum. I grabbed his cock in my hand and with my cum as lube and jacked him off, until his cock exploded and shot four cum shots onto him and had it mix with my cum.

I laid back down next to him and Jaimie snuggled his head onto my chest. I slowly ran my fingers thru his sweat coated hair, while Jaimie pushed some of his fingers thru the puddle of cum on him.

"Wanna do it again tomorrow?" Jaimie asked.

"Only if you are up to it." A smile came across my face.

"How about 5x tomorrow?"

"If you think you can take it that many times."

"On Friday we will rest so we can do it all day Saturday!" Jaimie was coming up with a plan.

But I had my party on Saturday? Shit, what was I going to do when all my friends coming over and Jaimie still here? Could I have my cake and eat it to? Maybe but I knew a piece of sweet ass pie that I wanted to take a bite out of.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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