****Hi there, as always this is a gay boy love, diaper love story that I have written. It is a nice short story that I hope everyone enjoys. As per usual, it comes from my twisted mind, I wrote it for fun and am sharing it with you, and unfortunately this story is not real. This story involves some implied abuse and torture, love and sex between a minor boy and his uncle, and very course language at times, so please be warned. Once again I talk about something of which I have little to no knowledge of, and that is the law, so please ignore any mistakes I may have made during the legal sections of this story. If you liked the story and would like to contact me, you will have to do so at my new email address, it is now erich5748@ymail.com. I would love to hear from you, but please no flames. Thanks for taking the time to read.****

Baby Josh

To say the last couple months were odd would be an understatement. I own a business, a medical supply store, and I have had the sneaking suspicion that I have been having someone come into the store during the night and steal things, but it was never a lot. After the first week, I checked the entire exterior of the building to make sure there was nowhere anyone could get in, and there had been an old root cellar door that had been chained shut, but could be opened ever so slightly, so I tightened that. Everything else though was as tight as a drum, yet still after that, every morning when I came in, I still felt as if someone had been there during the night.

After the second week, I started realizing that things were being used, but they were certainly not things that you would expect to go missing. Since I reface the shelves all throughout the day, and know that when I leave there is never anything with a hole in the stock, I can always see when something is missing. At first I did not pay any attention to it, it was just one can of meal replacement every other day or so, but then I started realizing that my sample packs of diapers were being used faster than I knew I was giving them out.

The odd thing though was that it was the child formula meal replacement and the youth sized diapers that always seemed to turn up missing. As hard as I tried though, I could not figure out any way that a child could be inside my store. The root cellar access door was very well secured, a rather sizable shelving unit rested on top of that, so should have prevented anyone from gaining access to the store, even if they did manage to get inside the old root cellar anyway. Even knowing this, one day I was curious enough to actually move the shelving unit and open up the old access door that I had not opened since before I had opened the store a few years ago. I shone a flashlight all around, but could see nothing of any concern, so I put everything back to where it was supposed to go.

The suspicions kept getting stronger and stronger, but still I could not figure out how someone, most especially a child could get in. I quite literally had the only set of keys, the spares were at my house, so even if someone had managed to get in once, they would not have been able to get in again via a set of keys that they had stolen. I did not have an alarm system, never felt the need for one, I mean who would break into a medical supply store, my business was a virtually cash free place, and if I took maybe twenty dollars in cash in the average day, that would be a surprise. But still, diapers and meal replacement kept disappearing.

Another really strange thing though was that I clean in the mornings, by the end of the day I didn't feel like cleaning up, so I did that first thing in the morning when I arrived, but these past couple months I have not had to clean anything at all. I'm talking I did not even have to clean a toilet, a window, sweep or mop the floor, nothing, it was always spotlessly clean.

Finally, one night I just decided to come back to the store and attempt to sneak in and catch whomever was breaking into my store and confront him or her. I carried with me a baseball bat, for just in case of emergency, and very stealthily I snuck in through the back door. At first I was disappointed, because I saw or heard nothing at all, but then I heard it, the sound of feet scuffing around. I stayed very quiet, I listened intently to try and determine where the person was, and once I was sure of where the intruder was, I positioned myself so that I could catch him or her unaware.

“Whoever you are, I would appreciate it if you'd stop and put your hands up right now?” I jumped out and said forcefully, holding the baseball bat at ready.

The figure dropped the broom that it was using, screamed quite shrilly at my scaring it so badly, and then spun around to face me, knowing that they were caught red handed, but I had caught it cleaning my store.

“Ah, I finally caught you, but you're a young boy. What's your name boy?” I asked softly, seeing from the nearly naked boy that I had nothing to fear. Not only was he wearing only a diaper, but he was so tiny that it defied logic. I could see from his face that he was in around the eight to ten year old range, but his body was the size of about six or seven.

“I-I-I-I-I don't know mister.”

“You don't know your own name?”

“N-n-n-no Sir.”

“What happened to make you forget your name, and please, stop stuttering, I'm not going to hurt you.”

“I'm scared though, you're gonna send me back to h-h-h-her.”

“If you clearly hate her so much, I would never send you somewhere like that. Now, why do you forget your name?”

“I don't forget S-s-s-sir, I just don't have one.”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“I-I-I-I-I-I'm just a useless boy, and useless b-b-b-boys don't deserve names. The Ma'am says I was a serious mistake.”

“From how clean my store has been these last couple months, I'd say that you're not entirely useless. How'd you get in?”

“From that small chained door outside, but then you tightened it, and I could never get back out.”

“Oh, I see. How is it that you could get from the root cellar into the store, the only access is blocked?”

“It's not the only door Sir. There's another one right over there, see, I left it open so that I could easily find it, because if you close it, it's really hard to see.” He said pointing the way, and I'll be damned if he was not correct too.

“Well, that explains a lot. I assume then that you ran away?”

“Yes Sir, but please don't make me go back to her, she'll kill me for sure this time.”

“What do you mean this time?”

“After the last time I escaped and she found me, she beat me even more horribly than normal, and she didn't let me eat for days and days.”

“Oh my.” I gasped, and then I took a much closer look at the boy, and could see many scars on his front, I felt as if I were going to be sick.

“What happened to you?” I gasped out again.

“Ma'am beats me all the time if I don't do exactly what I'm told. I'm to clean the house, make no sounds, I'm not to talk unless spoken to, and lots of other things, but if I so much as touch two glasses together as I do the dishes and it disturbs her, I get beaten, usually with the stick.”

“That's disgusting.” I spat out.

“I had to go, I had to get away from her. She told me that if I made too many more mistakes that I wouldn't wake up again, she's already hurt me enough, I couldn't take it any more, I had to get out.” He said, his lip trembling, but he was not crying.

“I don't blame you in the least. Why didn't you go to the police though?”

“She said if I ever told anyone, anything, that she'd find me and kill me, but that she'd torture me so bad I'd be begging to die, but she wouldn't kill me, she'd just keep doing it until I finally just died, and I know she'd do it too, I've seen her do it to another boy, she made me watch, I was chained to the wall and I had to watch for days while she made him ask to die. She never did kill him, she just kept torturing him until he couldn't take it any more.” He said, he was ashen white at having to say it.

“That's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. Who was he?”

“I have no idea, I'd never seen him before that first day in my life.”

“Oh. So she kidnapped a boy and killed him to teach you a lesson then I assume?”

“I don't know. I don't think he was her first though.”

“Oh, I don't think I want to know. Why are you wearing a diaper?”

“I don't think you want to either, but I have to wear diapers, because I'm a filthy baby. Ma'am says that useless little boys have to wear diapers, because they don't deserve to use the toilet, but that diapers are expensive, so I have to wear them all day or 'til they're leaking, and I have to pay for the privilege of wearing them by cleaning up and doing whatever I'm told.”

“Well, I don't think you're a useless boy, and if you don't want to wear diapers, then why wouldn't you just use the bathroom here?”

“I try to as much as I can, but I don't feel when I pee, but at least I make it there to poop most of the time, at first it was hard.”

“Oh, you probably need to see a doctor to have that looked into. I have to wear diapers, but my bladder failed quite a few years ago, and the doctor couldn't fix it. I don't mind wearing diapers though.”

“No, no doctor, doctors tell police, police find my Ma'am, Ma'am will kill me. No, I can't see a doctor.”

“Okay, no doctor then.”

“Thanks. I like wearing diapers though, these ones feel real nice.”

“They are good ones, that's for sure. So, you've been hiding in my cellar for two months now, sleeping during the day I assume and coming in here and getting some food and diapers, and then cleaning up to help pay for it, haven't you?”

“Yes, I couldn't take them without working to pay it off. Ma'am says I have to pay my way or she'd make me pay.”

“You never have to worry about that again.”

“Thanks, but if she finds me, I'll be killed.”

“Then we just have to be sure that she never finds you huh!”

“She'll be watching for me, if I move, she'll know about it. Then when she finds me, you know what she'll do to me.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it. How old are you anyway?”

“No idea how old I am, but I don't think you'd be much use against Ma'am, she hurts men all the time. They come to the house and she takes them downstairs and I hear them screaming. Sometimes I'm forced to come downstairs as well, and I either have to watch or help in some way. Most of the time when I have to help though, I have to bend over the table and get chained down to it, and she forces the men to fuck me hard, to really make that baby scream. I have to force myself to scream though, because I like it when they fuck me, but she wouldn't like that, it's supposed to be torture, so I screamed.”

“Your mom's a dominatrix, I think I know who she is.”

“Oh god, don't go anywhere near there, I know she's killed before, she'd do it again, and if she finds out anything that I've told you, she'll kill you to.”

“Don't worry, I won't say or do anything. So, you liked getting fucked then huh?”

“Yeah. I probably didn't like it when I was younger, because I was really small then. It's just always been like that, and the men probably hurt me less than she did, so I probably enjoyed it more. I really like it now though. Why, would you like to fuck me?” He asked.

“No, absolutely not. I'd never do that to a boy.” I said vehemently.

“Oh, okay.” He said dejectedly, obviously crushed by my not wanting to have him.

“It's not that I don't like you, it's just that you've been through so much already as it is, I couldn't add more to it, it would be horrible, especially after you've found so much freedom here.”

“But for the first time, I'd want to do it. Yes, I've been more free here, but I miss getting fucked, it happened at least every few days.”

“I'll see what I can arrange for you, but I can't do it.”

“Why not though?”

“It'd be so wrong.”

“More wrong than what Ma'am did to me?”

“Probably not, that was the utmost in wrongness, but still, it'd be wrong.”

“I don't think so.”

“Well, I do. By the way, I'm Jeff, but what should I call you if I want to ask you something?”

“Piece of shit, it's what Ma'am always calls me.”

“Like bloody hell I'll call you that. Pick a name, a real name, something that you like!” I urged softly.

“I-I-I-I-I can't do that, pieces of shit don't get names.” He said aghast.

“Well, maybe pieces of shit don't, but as best I can tell, you're a fine little boy who deserves to finally have a name of his own. Now, pick a name before I pick one for you.”

“I-I-I-I-I don't know, no one has ever asked me for anything.” He said, actually starting to cry now.

Of all the things he had told me that did not make him cry, but my asking him to become a person made him cry. I could understand the reason why though, so I stepped forward and knelt down and hugged him tenderly. From the way he tensed up, I figured that a hug was the last thing on the planet he expected. After a few moments he practically melted into the hug and cried even more still, and was still crying some fifteen minutes later.

“That was one hell of an emotional purge, but given some of the things you've told me, I can understand that a great deal. I'm also willing to bet that crying only got you punished more, didn't it?”

“Yes, I was to ask to be punished if I cried for any reason.” He hiccuped, wiping the snot and tears from his face on the back of his arm.

“I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but you're gonna come live with me and I'll help you get over all that you've been through, I'll let you cry, a lot, and I'll give you the one thing that you need most of all.”

“What, you'll fuck me!” He asked hopefully.

“NO, I'll give you hugs and understanding.”

“What are hugs?”

“It's sad that a young boy like you has no idea what a hug is, but that's what I just did for you, wrapped my arms around you and let you cry. Of course, crying is optional, you don't have to cry to be hugged.” I said softly.

“Oh, I think I liked that. It was almost like being loved, but I don't really know what that is, I've just heard about it and saw it on TV a bit.”

“I'm glad you liked it, and real hugs are real love. Come on, I think that I should take you home with me and I'll figure out what to do with you later.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I'm tired and need to get back home to bed, and I can't just let you live here in my root cellar and do all my cleaning during the night. We'll figure something out for you, don't worry.”

“Why not though?”

“As far better as I'm sure it was than your previous experience, it's not what a young boy needs. Now, since you obviously won't do it, I'm going to give you a name. I'm going to give you the name of my very first boyfriend when I was thirteen, he was small and cute, just like you, his name was Josh, and I lost him when he was fifteen and I was sixteen. I think that you can use his name and honor him like no other could. He too lived a tortured life, not nearly so bad as you, but bad in his own mind.”

“I like that name. What happened to him?”

“His dad was a very mean spirited backwards man, and he caught us having sex, he wasn't supposed to be home. He told me to go home, so I did, and I never thought anything of it. The next morning I found out his dad killed him. I cried for weeks and had to tell my parents why. The worst part though was how he did it. He tied Josh up, and showed him the knife and apparently told him what he was doing and why, so he knew he was going to die before it happened. When I went to court, I had to hear all about it, I just had to know, even though it was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do, he told how he just carved his son up, starting first with his dick and balls, and he didn't die for more than an hour. I puked right there in the court room and screamed and yelled at that bastard. As far as I know, he'll never get out, and hopefully someone killed or kills him in there.”

“I'm sorry, that had to be so hard for you.”

“Yes, it was, but hearing your story makes our little pain seem like a great day. Like I said, I think you can honor Josh by taking his name like no one ever could.”

“Thanks, but it's what I always knew, I was used to it for the most part, but I knew I had to escape.”

“I'm glad you did.”

“Me too.”

“Come on, let's grab you a pack of diapers and then head to my house so that we can get some sleep.”

“I'm not tired though!”

“No, but you should try and get used to sleeping through the night again instead of the day.”

“I've slept way more than I normally got to, I never got enough sleep when I was at Ma'ams, she told me that useless pieces of shit didn't get to sleep, I had to work, or else.”

“Hence the reason you're so small. Have you any idea how old you are?”

“No, not a clue. Not even sure when my birthday is.” Josh shrugged.

“Then I'll give you Josh's birthday as well, which was January twenty first, and I'm gonna say you're nine years old.”

“Thanks, I think.”

“You're welcome. Come on, let's get going.”

“Okay, but what if one of Ma'ams people sees me, we'll be dead?”

“Don't worry so much.”

“You don't know her though, she'd hurt us more than you can imagine.”

“Actually, I think I do know her.”


“I think it's my older and far more evil sister. She hates men, she treated me horribly when we were growing up, thankfully she was a lot older than I was, so she moved out before she could do too much to me.”

“So, you're my uncle then?”

“Probably, at least it sounds like it.”

“Can I call you uncle Jeff then?”

“Yes, I'd like that very much. Do you know what Ma'ams name was by chance?”

“I'm not too sure, but I think I remember a friend of hers call her Hillary once.”

“Yep, that's the name of the bitch I hoped I'd never hear again.”

“So, you really are my uncle then, aren't you?”

“Sure sounds like it, unless you're not her son, but somehow I think you must be. Knowing how she feels about boys, your being her son is the only reason she'd keep you around at all.”

“Oh, I know I was her son, she told me once that I was only a mistake caused by a broken condom on a useless piece of shit man. She may hate men, but she loves having sex with them.”

“Still the same old slut bitch that she always was. She uses men, hurts them, and then spits them out.”

“No kidding.”

“Well, come on kiddo, lets get going then.”

“Okay, but I'm still not sure about this.” Josh said, allowing me to pick him up. I took him to my office, where I had a couple spare shirts and pairs of pants, for just in case of a leak. I put one of my shirts on him, to cover him up at least a bit, and then we headed out the back door, I locked it up, and then we were off.

We arrived to my little house a few minutes later and headed inside. I was not worried about neighbors seeing that I had a young boy in my arms, it was very early in the morning and no one was likely to be awake anyway. We got inside the house and I showed Josh to the spare bedroom.

“Here you go, a nice big warm bed for you to sleep in. I'm certain that it'll be far better than what you're used to, so enjoy. If you'd like a glass of warm milk to help you get to sleep, I can go grab you one. Would you like that?”

“What's milk? I've heard of it before, and I know people drink it, but I've never had it before that I can remember.”

“White fluid, it comes from cows, and it's good for you, but when it's warmed up and you drink it, it can help you get to sleep. I know you're used to sleeping during the day, but even still, I doubt you got a great sleep, even if it had been better than what you were used to, so I do want you to try and get some good sleep.”

“Sure, I'll try it, thanks.”

“Great, be right back.” I smiled and headed to the kitchen. It took only a few minutes for me to make both of us a glass of warm milk, and I took both large glasses to the bedroom and offered him the glass. He took it gently and took a tentative sip at it, and then smiled and drank down the whole glass in only a few seconds. I was finished a few moments later.

“Liked that a bit huh?” I grinned.

“Yeah, it was really good, thanks. Normally I don't really like what I'm eating, but I don't get the choice, I'm told eat or else, so I eat, but that I really liked. Those cans of meal replacement stuff were really good too, way better than what I usually got at Ma'ams.”

“I'm sure it was, knowing some of the crap she fed me whenever she had the chance. Now come on, off with that shirt and climb into bed and try and get some sleep. I have to head to bed now as well, but it's a good thing I don't work the next two days.”

“Why don't you?”

“Because I keep the store closed on Sunday and Monday, and it's currently very early Sunday morning.”


“Yeah. So goodnight, see you in the morning. If you wake up before I do, feel free to go watch the TV for a bit quietly and try and let me sleep okay.”

“Okay.” Josh said and stripped off the shirt and climbed in. I pulled the covers down for him and then pulled them up over him once he was in place, and then I reached down and kissed him tenderly on the forehead and wished him good dreams. I saw a few tears come to his eyes, but he did not say anything and closed his eyes. I knew the reason for this, so let him be for now. It was going to take some serious time for him to heal.

I headed to bed myself after stripping down to just my diaper, it was still good, and then climbed in and got ready and was soon asleep as well. I slept through the night and even slept in a little, it was just a little after seven when I woke up, and I was happy that I got a nice sleep and was not disturbed throughout the night by Josh. I got up and changed my diaper really quickly, and then headed to the living room to see if Josh was in there, because I did not see him in his bedroom as I went past.

“Morning Josh, how do you feel this morning, how long have you been awake for?”

“I thought last night was just a dream, but when I woke up and it wasn't, I cried for a while, I was so happy. I don't know how long I've been awake for, I can't tell time, but I think I've watched four shows, but I don't count so well either, but I can count to ten, so I'm pretty sure it was that many, but I think I lost count.” Josh said quickly.

“So, you've been awake for at least a couple hours, that's just fine. We're gonna try and keep you awake as long today as we can without having you fall asleep during the day. If you really need to go to sleep, you can have a nap, but I won't let you sleep too long, so that you can start sleeping at night again properly.”

“Oh, okay, I'll stay awake.”

“I don't doubt that you'd try, just out of training, but if you're tired, tell me and we'll lay you down for a nap. How's your diaper, do you need changing?”

“It's getting pretty full I guess, but it'll hold for a long time yet 'til it starts to leak.”

“Then you should go get changed, we don't want you to start leaking, and you don't have to wear it that long either. I'll also give you some cream to put on your diaper area to help relieve rash and itching.”

“Oh, okay.” Josh said uncertainly.

“Trust me, around here you don't have to wear a diaper until it's leaking. Once it becomes uncomfortable, change it, or else you'll get nasty rashes.”

“Okay, thanks. A rash is when you're really itchy right?”


“Then I have a rash already.”

“Then go change and put on lots of cream when you do.”

“I don't know how to, could you help me please?”

“It's really easy, all you have to do is take off the lid and scoop some out on your fingers and then spread it around your diaper area. As for can I help you, no, I'm afraid not, and from the look on your face, you know the reason why as much as I do, so I won't bother answering.” I smiled warmly to him, thinking that he really did know how to, but was trying to lure me.

“Okay, fine.” He said dejectedly again, but headed to his bedroom. I followed him and grabbed the cream and set it on his bed and then turned and left as he was pulling a fresh diaper from the pack I had brought for him.

I headed to the kitchen, and a few minutes later a freshly diapered boy came sauntering in and sat down at the table.

“Feel better?” I asked softly.

“Yeah, lots better. That cream really helps with the itching, doesn't it?”

“That's what it's for, and it's the best on the market for doing just that, hence the reason I carry it. I don't carry any diaper products unless they can pass my tests, which are pretty harsh, and this was the only one so far to do so.”

“That's good for me then, huh?”

“That it is. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Um, I have no idea. I don't even know what breakfast is, other than the first meal of the day.” Josh shrugged.

“That pretty much sums up the description of what breakfast is. What it really is though is the best meal of the day if you ask me. I'll make us something really nice, something I hope that you'll enjoy a great deal as well.”

“Oh, okay.”

I spent the next half an hour just working away quietly as Josh sat there and watched me intently as I cooked, absorbing like a sponge every little detail of both me and what I was doing. I knew what he was doing and why, and it felt good to help him out like that. As soon as breakfast was ready, I set the food in front of him and sat down myself and started to dish up. A few moments later I realized that Josh was not moving, just staring at the food, and I realized I would have to tell him he could dish up.

“Josh, dish up, you don't have to sit there and stare at it, it won't bite you, but you're invited to bite it.” I teased.

“Are you sure?” He asked fearfully.

“Of course I am. Dish up, take as much as you want, but don't take more than you can eat, so only start with a little and then take seconds if you so desire.” I said softly to him, and he dished up. He only took a couple small spoon fulls to start, and then ate that, and then tentatively went back for seconds, and even thirds.

“That was really good, thanks.”

“I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope you didn't eat too much.”

“No, I'm good.”

“That's good. Now, I need to leave you for a little bit this morning to go get a few things for you. Do you think that you'll be fine all alone here for a bit? I won't be leaving for a few hours, but I want to know if you'll be okay if I do leave you here alone for a bit.”

“Yeah, I'll be fine. I've lived in the basement of your store for two months you said, I was always alone then, a little bit today will be okay.” He said in a bit of shock at my even asking, once again I knew why, but did not mention it.

“Good. Come on, let's go sit back in the living room and cuddle up for a bit and watch more TV.”


We headed to the living room and I turned the TV back on and turned it to the cartoon channel, and we watched for a bit.

“You know what I just realized buddy, you're smelling a bit ripe. Why don't we go get you dumped into a nice hot bath with some bubble bath in it? Actually, how have you kept yourself so clean in the past couple months?”

“I don't stink do I?”

“A bit, but not too bad. Definitely not nearly as bad as a boy who has lived on his own for two months should, unless he's been keeping clean somehow.”

“I just washed in the sink in the bathroom. I used the soap on my hair and body and washed as good as I could whenever I started smelling myself.”

“Oh, then a nice hot bath would feel real good right about now I bet!”

“I've never had a hot bath, the closest I've had was when I washed myself in your sink and I got to use hot water then. At Ma'ams I was washed in cold water. The only time I felt hot water was when I washed the dishes.”

“Oh. Come on then.” I got up and instructed.

We went to the bathroom and I got the water started and then put in some bubble bath, and then I grabbed the towel and cloth for Josh and set them aside.

“Okay, now I'm gonna leave you to your bath, so go ahead and strip and climb in, and just soak for a bit. Once you're ready, go ahead and start washing yourself, and make sure that you wash your diaper area real well to help get rid of the rash that you've got. Once you're all good, go ahead and head to your room and get into a fresh diaper.”

“Okay. Aren't you gonna wash me? Ma'am always said that little boys are useless and needed help to do everything and that I couldn't wash myself. She used a big scrub brush on me and really scrubbed me clean?”

“No, I think you're old enough to wash yourself, and instead of a big harsh brush, you can use a nice soft cloth to wash yourself now. Go ahead, give it a shot, I bet you'll love it.”

“Okay, I'll try it I guess. Thanks, for everything.”

“You're welcome.” I smiled warmly to him and left him in the bathroom to get cleaned up.

It was almost two hours later that I finally heard him leave the bathroom. I had heard him drain and refill the tub a couple times to warm it up, and I was perfectly okay with that. I was sort of surprised that he would have done so on his own though, it was not the sort of thing he expected yet. About fifteen minutes after I heard the bath start draining for the last time, out came a squeaky clean young Josh, looking far more comfortable and relaxed.

“You look better, and it looks like you feel better as well.” I mused.

“Yeah thanks, I feel a lot better.”

“Did you put more cream on before putting on your clean diaper?”

“Yeah, I put lots on like you said I should, and it really feels good now that I'm all clean.”

“That's good. You'll want to use it lots for the next little while to really clean up your rash, and then only use a little bit once it heals at almost every change to prevent rashes from happening.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“No prob. Now, I think I'm gonna head out now and take care of a few things. I'll have my cell phone with me, and I'm gonna leave my number for you in case you need anything at all. I'll be at the very least three hours, but I could be longer than that as well. I'm sure that you'll be fine, but I want for you to call me for any reason okay.”

“Um, I don't know how to use a phone.” Josh admitted sheepishly.

“Well then, I guess we'll just have to show you that then won't we?” I smiled warmly to make him feel at ease.

It took at most ten minutes to show Josh how exactly to use a phone, I gave him my phone number, and then with a final goodbye, I was gone. My very first stop was to go visit my dear old sister, the bitch I had never wanted to see again.

“What the fuck are you doing here you little piece of shit?” She asked the second she opened the door. Our last meeting had not been at all pleasant, I had left telling her that the next time we met, I would be bringing the police. I did not have the police with me, so she knew she was not in as much trouble, if only she knew.

“I thought I warned you the last time you dumb fucking piece of shit bitch that if you ever thought about talking to me like that again, I'd tell everything I knew, now, you care to try that again?” I snarled.

“Fine, what do you want, I thought you said the next time you saw me it was going to be with the police?”

“So, you went and got pregnant and hid the pregnancy and the birth of your son? How could you, I didn't think you hated men so much as to treat your own son like you treated me and countless other boys and men?”

“How, how did you find out about that?” She gasped, no one knew a thing, except those that were in no position to tell.

“I think you should invite me inside right about now?” She did not say a word, just opened the door further and I walked in.

“Where is the useless little piece of shit then?”

“Uh uh, I won't have you talk about Josh like that any more. And in case you wonder who I'm talking about, I had to name the poor boy, because you didn't.”

“Fine, where is he?”

“At my house, but don't worry, you'll never have to worry about him again, I'm going to raise him as my son, just like he should have been in the first place. Why the fuck didn't you come to me when you found out it was gonna be a boy and ask me to take him? You knew I would have done that to protect the child from you, and I know just how much you hate men, other than to use them for sex and dominance.”

“No one could know.”

“Yeah, the ultimate disgrace to have the leader of the female domination party to give birth to a son.”

“Tell me about it.”

“He told me a very interesting story about you killing another boy, care to elaborate on that one for me?” And yes, I knew about her killing a boy before, but she swore to me it was an accident, and begged me not to tell anyone, and that she promised to never allow it to happen again. It had happened when a woman had brought her astray son to her to be cured of his desire to be an alpha male, well he would not give in, demanded that he be allowed to be a boy, not some beaten puppy like his mother wanted, and my sister accidentally killed him.

“If he told you that I killed a boy while he was watching, it was only for show, I was losing control of him, so I borrowed one of my followers disgrace of a son and tortured him until he passed out. Took three days, was good work if I do say so myself.”

“You really are an evil bitch, you know that.” I said in disgust.

“Normally I'd take that as a compliment, but I know you don't mean it like that. Look, I was losing control of him, and the boy needed to be shown his place, so I killed two birds with one stone. Other than that, I've lived to the letter of the law that you set out for me.”

“No, actually you haven't, I told you no more boys under the age of eighteen, no more people that did not give themselves freely to you to abuse, and we both know that that boy did not do so, his mother gave him to you to punish and torture.”

“Yeah, I know, but what would you have me do?

“Try and be normal, but I doubt that's gonna happen any time soon.”

“Look you little.......No, look, I am normal, my normal, I like it the way it is, I'm not gonna change for you or anyone, so there's no point in trying.”

“I'm not gonna try changing you, you're beyond help. The problem is Josh. Have you any idea how scared of you that he is, how much work it's gonna take for me to make him normal again. And for fuck sake, you had men rape the poor little boy so often, he now enjoys it.”

“Figures he'd start enjoying it. He's so much like you, it's sick.”

“You dumb bitch, you're the reason I can't even stand to be with a woman. You tortured me so badly that it took five years of intensive therapy just to realize that I was a fucking man. I only had to deal with you for four years, Josh is at least nine and you did all that and more to him his entire life. Give me one reason, just one reason why I shouldn't have brought the cops with me and have your ugly fucking ass tossed in jail.”

“You're just a fag.”

“Oh no you don't, not even one more word or I go to the cops. And in case you forget, you can't scare me any more, I'm not the scared little boy you tried to create all those years ago. I used to believe that you were capable of doing anything to me, now I know you can do nothing to me. In case you forget, it's I that holds all the power now, not you. Now, one reason, just one reason why I shouldn't call the cops now?” I asked dangerously.

“Fine. I know people, big people, high end people, I can get them to make fake paperwork for Josh as you call him, I can make him your legal son, I'll make it look like you had no idea about him until today, that I could not care for him any longer and asked you to do so.”

“Good, use your contacts, get it all done. Who's that doctor that you have in your back pocket as well, we'll need to go see him to get Josh checked up on the quiet as well.”

“Dr. Walsh, I'll call him and tell him he's to cooperate fully with you.”

“Good, make the call as soon as I leave. What exactly is Josh's birth date?”

“Not a clue, never marked it down, never celebrated it, sorry. You know how I feel about boys, he didn't matter to me in the least.”

“You really do disgust me. Do you at least know how old he is?”

“He should be ten, or very close to it.”

“You've mistreated him so badly that he looks no older than the average six or seven year old.”

“His father was very small as well, it could just be genetics, I treated that boy as best I could, given how much I hated him. He was always fed two good meals a day and given plenty of water.”

“Knowing how you feel for boys, I'm sure that was the best you could do. He hates you even more than I did while growing up, and if he ever sees you again, I fully expect him to react very poorly. If he accidentally spills your secrets because he sees you, I won't be able to help you, I hope you understand. It may be in your best interest to move again, at the very least to the other side of the city so that he's far less likely to ever see you.”

“You're probably right. A couple neighbors have started getting suspicious again from the screams, and have been asking too many questions, so I might just have to move anyway.” She actually laughed.

“You're sick.”

“Thanks.” She said,and then realized who she was talking to. “Sorry.” She said, upset that she had to say such a thing to a male. To her, that was the ultimate betrayal of her position of her own authority.

“Now, I'm gonna ask you this once and once only, and you're going to answer me truthfully, because in a few minutes you're going to take me throughout this entire house, and I am going to inspect it to make sure of this. The question I am going to ask though is one I'm sure you don't want to answer. Do you have any more children here, has there been any other children here, and are you still torturing boys? Before you answer that though, remember, I will be touring the place, and I'm sure I'll see the evidence.”

“I have no other children myself, but I do have another woman's child here right now for behavior modification, but I promise, he hasn't been tortured.” She said bitterly.

“Let me guess though, he's naked other than a diaper, you probably have a dildo up his ass like you did to me, and you probably yell at him and tell him how horrible he is because he's a boy and that he's nothing but a piece of shit who needs to do only what women tell him to do.”

“Almost, you told me I wasn't allowed to touch any more boys at all, so I don't use the dildos on them any more. However, his mother did want that, so he's wearing one, but she has to come once a day to remove it and give him a cold water enema to clean him out, and then she puts it back in again.” She admitted.

“Call her now and tell her the boys treatment is finished and that she's to come pick him up, and that if anything is ever done to the boy again, she'll lose him. Am I making myself clear?”

“It won't work, she's adamant that the boy has to learn his place, and he's only been here two weeks, and it usually takes at least two months.”

“I don't care. Tell her that the police will be called, that should hurry her up, and tell her they'll be called if I find out more of that shit is happening. I'll be taking her name and address, and I'm going to talk to the boy as well and let him know a few things. You're not to say a word, got it?”

“Yes.” She hissed.

She took me on the tour of the house, and I checked every room, leaving the one she said the boy was in for last. As soon as I made it to the room, I found the boy tied roughly to the hard table in the middle of the room. It smelled as if he were very messy, so much like she had done to me when I was younger, she gave the enema, and then stuffed the dildo back in, and I had to mess my diapers like that, and then was left in it for god knows how long. At least when I was a kid, I had parents coming home at some point, so she had to at least let me go and clean me up somewhat, this poor boy clearly did not have that option. As with me, I was sure this poor boy had been told may times that if he complained or told anyone, that what he was experiencing now would only feel like a walk in the park in comparison to what would be done to me. He looked to me with what I can only call a relieved look on his face, because he had only seen women for so long, that the sight of a man must have seemed heavenly. When I started untying him and removing his diaper, I must have looked like a god.

“There you go, now let me get you all cleaned up and get this dildo out of your bum.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“Do you want me to put you in another diaper after I get you cleaned up?”

“Yes please.”

“Okay. Now, sadly I'm not entirely here to rescue you, but I'm doing all that I can for you. Your abomination of a mother will be here soon to pick you up, but before you go, I want to tell you a few things and ask you a few things. Would that be okay?”

“Do I really have to go back to her?”

“That depends. I can't possibly take you in, and I know you hate it there, but I'm going to do what I can to make it better for you.”

“Oh, okay.” He said sadly. He was a cute little guy of at most eleven years old.

“I want your name, address, telephone number, and all your moms information that you know. Then I'm going to give you all mine on a piece of paper, so that you can call me at least once a week so that I know you're doing okay. In this way, I hope to be able to have you better taken care of. If it doesn't work, then we'll figure something else out.”

“Oh, okay.”

“There you go, all better. Sorry I don't have any diaper rash cream for your red bum, but being cleaned up will probably help a great deal.”

“That's okay, I feel a lot better already. Thanks. Who are you?”

“That bitch of a woman that's been holding you here is unfortunately my sister, and I came here to make sure she was doing what she was supposed to be doing. She told me about you when I asked her to, because she knows she can't lie to me any more, so I came to rescue you as best I could. Do you know if you have any male family members that you could live with?”

“I have an uncle, but he doesn't live here, my mother said he moved to be away from her, I think I know the reason why.”

“I know you know the reason why. Do you know his phone number?”


“Then give it to me as well.”

A few minutes later, we traded all our information, and then I headed back out to talk with my sister again.

“I want that boys mothers name and all the information you have on her, all of it?” I asked, not bothering to be nice about it.

“I already got it for you, I figured you'd be asking for it.” She snarled as she passed me a piece of paper.

“Wow, so you're not as dumb as I thought you were.” I laughed, she grimaced, because she knew she could say nothing.

“Now, one final thing, before I leave, I'm gonna make this real simple for you. No minors, at all, are to ever cross your door. You are to never ever again treat a boy the way you treated me, your son, and all those other poor boys that got in your way. I will be checking up, and if I ever suspect that there's a boy in your house, it won't be me that knocks on your door, it will be the police, and they will not be leaving you here. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” I snarled.

“Yes.” She growled.

“Good. Have you been fixed yet to prevent any further pregnancies?”

“NO, I want to have a daughter.”

“Like bloody hell. You will not have a child and pass on your affliction to another poor kid, you will be going to get fixed, as soon as you can.”

“You can't make me...”

“Oh, can't I make you do that. Let me see, get fixed and never have children again, or go to jail and never have children. The choice seems pretty clear to me. I want the records as well, fax or mail them to me, I really have no interest in seeing you again, but if you lie to me, jail will seem like a nice country club, because I'll find every male that's ever been bashed by women like you and we'll tear down your entire network and have every last one of you vile beasts thrown in jail. And tell all your friends that I will be watching them too, and if they have sons, that they better start treating them like humans again, or get them to family who can, or else. I'm really sick of you, and if I ever see you again, it'll be too soon. Now, do what you said you were gonna do, have the documents mailed to me, keep the promises I'm making you take, and you get to live a somewhat happy life. Don't do it and I'll make the way you treated me and Josh seem like kids play as to what me and all the beaten men will do to you.” I growled and then turned and walked out.

After all that bitch had put me through, it really felt good to do that to her, and I hoped beyond hope that this time it would work and she would never touch another child again. It was good to actually have the power over the person that had held all the power when I was a kid. Thank god our parents never found about her before they died, it would shame them to no end. Maybe if they had known though they would have gotten her the help that she so clearly needed.

From the bitches house I went to the local department store to pick out a bunch of clothes for Josh, so that he could go out in public. I spent more than an hour in there picking out all sorts of nice clothes that would make him look even better than he already did. He really was a very pretty little boy. He had long strawberry blond hair, bright blue eyes, nice full red lips, nice full eyelashes, very pretty figure, he had it all, and then some. So, as such, I bought him the clothes that would make him look that much better. He may have looked a little feminine, but I bought him very boyish clothes that would really show off how good his body really was, even though he was far too skinny. I would get that taken care of right soon.

To that end, I headed back to my store and entered through the back once again and went right to where I wanted to go. I carried a full line of protein shakes and such for people that wanted to add bulk and quick, the weight lifters energy drink really. I grabbed a couple cases of those in a couple flavors, so that Josh could get some real protein into him and help him put on some good weight and quick. I also grabbed a couple more packs of diapers, more cream, and a few other assorted things I did not already have at the house.

From my store I went to the local grocery store and picked up a bunch of food. I went with lots of good high quality high protein and calcium foods, again so that we could get Josh closer to where his body was supposed to be as quickly as we could. I would of course monitor him very closely, since I had been trained how to do so, hence the reason I carried the products, but it was not dangerous unless you went overboard, of which I would not do.

I then headed over to the doctors house, knowing that the evil bitch would have called him by now, and I knew where he lived. I went up to the door and knocked, and a minute later a mousy little man came to the door. At first glance I knew the reason he went to see a dominatrix, he was already a pussy whipped male, even being gay I had far more masculinity than this little thing of a man had.

“Yes!” He asked.

“I believe the evil bitch has already called you.”

“Yes, Ma'am already called and said that you'd be here, and that I was to cooperate fully. How can I help you master?”

“Please, just call me Jeff, I am not now nor will ever be your master?” I asked, actually blushing.

“She told me that I was to treat you as if you were my master, and I can't disobey Ma'am. So, how can I help you master?” He asked again, actually bowing to me. How this man became a doctor was beyond me, but oh well.

“Whatever. You need to come to my house in an hour or two with you full medical kit and do the full workup on my new son. He'll need to be checked and tested for anything and everything. All tests will be destroyed after you have documented them, and then the information will be given to me and to me only. Am I making myself clear?”

“That is a very difficult thing to do Sir, but I will get it done for you. It may take a few days to get all the tests though.” He answered fearfully.

“I don't expect the information immediately, but I do expect it in exactly that manner. Not one other person is to see the data, how you go about it is your problem, not mine.” I know it was wrong of me to abuse this man like this, but he clearly liked it, and I was not above using it to my advantage, lord knows it was used against me more than enough. The major difference of course was that he signed up for it, whereas I had not.

“It will be done Sir, please give me your address, and then I'll be there. Should I be dressed in the usual attire?”

“Sure.” I answered, not thinking that he meant something other than a doctors outfit.

“I will be to your house in exactly one hours time Sir. Should I be clean?”

“Yes, of course, you'll be examining my son, you should bloody well be clean.” I said in shock, but once again, I never thought that he was not talking about being clean in a doctors sense.

“I understand Sir, I will be very clean then.” He bowed.

“Um, okay. See you in an hour then.” I said, and then backed out of the house warily. That was just plain weird.

I made a couple other stops on my way back to the house and grabbed the other things that we would be needing for the next few days, but only fifteen minutes after leaving the doctors house, I was home. As soon as I walked in the door, Josh poked his head over the back of the house with a fearful look on his face, and then saw that it was me and smiled brightly.

“Uncle Jeff, you're back. I missed you.” He said brightly, hopping up and bounding to me happily.

“I wasn't gone all that long, only just a little more than two hours. Have you just been watching TV the whole time?”

“Yeah, well not really. I cleaned up the house, but you said I could watch TV. Did I do something wrong?”

“Of course not, and you didn't have to clean the house. I told you to just watch TV, so that was all you had to do. How's your diaper, do you need a change?”

“No, my diaper's good. I wanted to clean the house for you though, it's the least I could do.”

“Well, thanks I guess. Could I get you to come out to the garage with me please so that we can get all the stuff from the car?”

“Sure, but won't the neighbors see me?”

“No, it's a closed off garage and I closed the door, so no one can see anything.”

“Why didn't we go in there last night?”

“It's too full of things, so if I have to use both doors of the car, I can't pull in there, but we're just getting stuff from the trunk, so we're safe. Last night I could have come in through the garage, but I don't normally, and I hadn't parked in there yesterday evening, so if the neighbors saw that, they might wonder. They probably wouldn't notice something so trivial, but you never know.” I answered.


We took all the bags into the house and just piled them in the living room for the time being, while we were doing that, I explained to him that we were going to have a visitor. At first he was scared, thinking that he was going to be taken away, but I reassured him that that was not going to happen, ever, because I was already working on making him my son. He wanted to know, but I told him that I would tell him all about that later, after the visitor.

At exactly one hour to the bloody second, I heard the doorbell, so I went to the door to answer it. There stood the doctor in a long coat carrying a bag.

“Wow, punctual, aren't you!” I chuckled.

“Sir said I should be here in an hour, and what Sir says, I must do.”

“Oh for crying out loud, stop with the Sir stuff, just come in before you embarrass me further.”

“I apologize for embarrassing you Sir, I shall have to punish myself later for that.”

“You really are a disgrace to man kind, you know that right. Grow a back bone, stop seeing that evil bitch and find yourself a real woman.” I said in disgust.

“Oh no Sir, I could never.”

“Your loss. Come with me to the living room and you can get out of that huge coat. I don't know why you'd wear such a large coat during summer, you must be boiling.” I said and led him to the living room.

As soon as we made it to the living room, he shed off his coat, and then I knew the reason for the coat, he was wearing nothing but a leather thong that had leather straps attached to it that crisscrossed his chest multiple times before ending in a leather studded dog collar. I admit my jaw dropped to the floor.

“What the fuck do you think you're doing coming to a doctors appointment for my son dressed like that?”

“But, Sir said I should come dressed in the usual fashion. Ma'am says this is how I must be dressed for any of her appointments.” He said, sounding as if he were going to start crying.

“Christ almighty. Let me guess, when you asked me if you should be clean, you meant internally, didn't you?”

“Of course Sir, what else could I have meant. I have also shaved perfectly for you as well, so that you may use me and abuse me in any way you see fit.”

“Good grief, what the fuck did I just get into. Please tell me that you are in fact a real doctor and can do all the standard doctor stuff?” I asked, aghast.

“Of course Sir.”

“Well, I think that's at least the best news of the day so far. Well, I'm sure Josh won't be shocked to see you like this, I bet he's seen it a few times.” I said in utter shock. Then I called out to Josh, I had asked him to wait in his bedroom. “Josh, can you come to the living room please?”

“Yes Uncle Jeff, what do you want?” He asked, and then saw our guest. As soon as he saw the man, he dropped to his knee and went into what I can only assume was a subservient position, meant to honor a master.

“First of all, get up Josh, this is Doctor Walsh, and he's here to check you out to make sure that you're in good health. I'm sorry for the way he's dressed, I had no idea that he'd be like this, but from now on, you are no one's slave, in any way shape or form.”

“But Uncle, he was one of the men that I had to always bend over for, he was always given temporary control of me and I had to obey him as if I were obeying Ma'am.” He gasped out.

“Never again. You do only what you want and when you want. You are not a slave, you are not a piece of shit any more, remember that. Now doctor, you will treat Josh as if he were a real patient in your office. If you even think of giving him an order, I'll kill you on the spot.”

“Yes Master, I understand.” He said, going white. He knew that a threat of that nature meant that his very life was being held in my hand.

“Good. Please continue.”

“Uncle Jeff, since you won't fuck me, and you seem to control him, can I take control and have him fuck me?” Josh asked almost giddily.

“I don't know. That's so wrong.”

“No it's not Uncle, I promise it's what I want, and you won't do me.”

“I'll tell you what, once your tests are all done, I'll leave the room for half an hour and I'll pretend I have no idea what's happening in here.” I said, knowing that to say no outright might be bad right about now. Josh clearly knew what he wanted and needed.

“Sir, I was told that I was here for your pleasure as well, and I would be more than happy to do so.”

“No, absolutely not, most especially with Josh in the room.”

“Uncle Jeff, I've seen lots of people having sex, I'd like to watch you doing it.” Josh asked tenderly.

“No, that's okay. Personally, the whole slave thing does nothing for me. I want a fully participating partner, not some useless puppet.”

“I could be willing.” The doctor tried.

“Somehow I doubt that.”

“But Master, if Ma'am asks me if I took care of all your needs, I'll be forced to say no, and then I will be punished severely.”

“Okay then, here's how it'll work, I will not be your master from here on out, Josh will be, you will do what he says, unless I say otherwise, and you will fulfill his every desire. Therefore you will not be going against what your Ma'am said.”

“Oh thank you Sir, you're much too kind.” He said, clearly relieved.

“You really are a strange little man. Now, go ahead and do the exam, check and test for absolutely everything remember.”

“I will Sir, have no fear.” He then got his medical bag and got out everything that he would need, and then proceeded to do a full physical checkup on Josh. Josh was even laid out on the dining room table for a few things, including a full prostate exam and testicle probe. I stayed in the room to be sure that Josh was okay, but in retrospect, I probably should have left, because seeing him naked wore even more at my resolve to not touch him sexually.

He was a splendidly beautiful boy, one that was my every single fantasy, and what I would not do to fill the boy up as much as we both wanted to, but I just could not. Not after all he had been through already. Seeing his hard pulsing erection though was a real test, and I was painfully hard inside my diaper, which was thankfully covered by my jeans. It took almost an hour for the exam to be finished, and then the doctor told me that I should leave, because he had to do what he was told now. I nodded and left the room and went to my bedroom.

I could hear the two of them going at it still though, and an hour and a half later, and at least four of my own orgasms later, I heard a knock at my door. I said enter, and Josh came in.

“Hey there buddy, feel better now?”

“Yeah, lots better. I had him fuck me five times 'til he was dry, and then I sucked his dick and fisted his ass through two more cums, which were dry, and then I made him suck my dick three times. It was the best ever, thanks. I know you didn't want to do that for me, but thanks. I'm gonna stay here for a few minutes, I think you should go down and try out his ass, it's pretty good for a useless puppet.” He grinned.

“No thanks. I came enough from hearing you go at it. You're quite the vocal little thing.” I laughed.

“Thanks, it was fun, and I got to really enjoy, for the first time ever.” He grinned brightly.

“That's good. Go to your room and get into a fresh diaper before you start peeing all over the floor please, and don't forget to put on lots of cream.”

“Okay.” He said happily and skipped from the room. I headed to the living room.

“So, the little horndog drained you completely did he?” I laughed.

“Oh god yeah, I hurt worse than an evening at the Ma'ams house, and he not once hit me.”

“Now that's a good pain, you should try that more often, find yourself a nice partner who can do things to you that cause you untold pain and joy, all at the same time without once hitting you.”

“I can't, I don't know how to.”

“Well, until you find out, you'll never be a man. Feel free to bring the results here as soon as you have them, but if I'm not at home, I'll probably be at my store, and I'd rather you not come there, especially if you're going to be dressed the same way again, of which I'd rather you not. Just come dressed in your regular clothes.”

“Are you sure Sir, I can come dressed any way you wish, the young Master sure seems to enjoy the leathers.” He grinned.

“You really are twisted. You may leave now.” I said in dismissal, knowing I would have to dismiss him before he would leave.

“Yes Master, thanks again Master.” He said bowing, and slipped his coat back on and grabbed his bag and left.

“Where'd the doctor go?” Josh asked as he sauntered back into the living room in just his diaper.

“I sent him home, you wore him out and he was getting on my nerves. You're more a man than he was, he's totally into being a woman's slave, and I just can't stand that. Besides, he was no more use to us tonight.” I answered simply.

“Oh, I don't know, he had plenty of dick that tells me he was more than enough man for me. He's certainly a bit wimpy though.” Josh mused.

“Just because you have a dick, it doesn't make you a man. Not letting other people control your every move, now that makes you a man. You're already starting to become a man, you're making your own choices, deciding what's good for you, and that's how it should be. No one, and I do mean no one has the right to control any other person. Sure, a parent has to do some controlling as their child grows up, but really only to a certain extent. No, that person will likely never truly be a man, he needs to be controlled, he doesn't have the strength to say no. Like fucking you is completely and totally wrong, yet he did it because your thing made him do it, and then even tonight, you made him do it too.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right. Ma'am had lots of men like him though, she said most men need to be controlled or they make bad choices. I don't think I believe her, and besides, she made bad choices even worse, like killing a kid in front of me.”

“Actually, she didn't actually kill him, just led you to believe that she had to regain her control of you because you were resisting her.”

“Huh, how do you know?” He asked aghast.

“Well, it's like this......” I started off, and then pretty much relayed the entire visit with my evil sister to Josh, who sat there totally enraptured in the tale, amazed that a man could walk into her house and talk to her like that and do all that I did and walk out alive.

“So, you see, your mother isn't nearly so strong as she'd like to believe she is. She knows she's walking an incredibly fine line as it is, but doing to children what she has been, well that's totally against the law. Just what I saw today would be enough to have her thrown in jail for a great deal of time.”

“Then why didn't you call the cops?”

“Because, there's horrors that are far worse then prison, and if she crosses me, I can and I will unleash them on her, and she'll wish she were dead, she'll pray and beg for us to just call the cops on her, but we won't.”

“Like what?” He asked curiously.

“Let's just say that bitch has made a lot of enemies over the years, has humiliated a few too many people, but like me, they don't want to go to the cops, because then their names and faces also get splashed in the papers, and none of us want that. However, if she wrongs us again, well, maybe we might just band together and teach her a little bit about male domination. Oh, we won't kill her, I'm not that kind, but she'll learn what it's like to have the tables turned on her.”

“Count me in on that one when the day finally comes, I'll be right there shoving that huge dildo up her ass and making her scream, I'll be there with the leather strap, smacking it across her crotch or her back, or even the soles of her feet. I'll be there adding the weights to her feet as she's hanging from the rafters, and I'll be there ripping off her fingernails with a pair of pliers because all I did was drop a glass and break it.” Josh said so venomously that I had no doubt that he meant every word of it, and I for one would not stop him either.

“I wouldn't stop you either, because I'd be standing right beside you too, doing all that and more to her as well. The major problem is that causing that kind of pain and misery in someone will really harm you, but I know as well as you do that we'd do it in a heartbeat.”

“I wouldn't care about how it harms me, as long as it harms her more. She's done far worse damage to me than my repaying her could possibly cause.” He spat out.

“I know how you feel, even if you dealt with it far more than even I did. Come on, let's go get something to eat, and then we're gonna sit back and relax for the rest of the night before bed.

“Actually, I'm getting really tired. You think I can just have one of those drink things and just go to bed?”

“Yes, you can have one or two of them if you wish, as well have a good drink of some orange juice too.” I said warmly.

“Thanks.” He said happily and we headed to the kitchen.

I Just grabbed myself a sandwich and ate that while Josh drank down two protein shakes and two large glasses of orange juice. I was willing to bet that his diaper was not going to hold up under that onslaught tonight, but I did not worry about it in the least, nor did I say anything, because there was a rubber sheet on the bed, so he would ruin nothing. As soon as he was finished, he came over and gave me a hug, and I kissed him on the forehead and wished him a good sleep, and he sauntered off to his bedroom, already yawning.

I finished my sandwich, then had a glass of juice and went and sat in the living room to watch TV for an hour or so. After at most half an hour, I was yawning too much to keep my eyes open, so I too headed to bed. I checked in on Josh, felt his diaper, and he was already wet, but nowhere near full, so I left him and headed to bed myself. I changed my soggy diaper and climbed into bed, and was asleep a few minutes later.

Chapter 2

“Uncle Jeff, are you awake?” I awoke to Josh quietly calling me from the door.

“Yeah buddy, what's up?” I grumbled out.

“I kinda leaked, a lot.” He answered fearfully.

“I kinda wondered if you might from all that you drank last night. That's okay though, it happens, even to me. There's a rubber sheet on your bed to prevent the mattress from getting ruined, so all we'll have to do is wash it and your sheets and it'll be good as new.”

“Really, you're not mad?” He asked in shock.

“Of course not you silly boy. Now, go get out of that leaking diaper and go climb in the shower, or you can have a bath if you prefer. I'll get your bedding all taken care of for you.”

“Oh, okay, thanks. What was that thing you were wearing on your face?”

“It's my breathing machines face mask, I suffer from something called sleep apnea, which means that my nasal cavity closes when I sleep, which makes it so that I can't breath. This pumps air into me so that it keeps my nasal cavity open, so that I can breath properly, so therefore sleep properly.”

“Oh, that doesn't sound good, and it looks uncomfortable as well.”

“Actually, it's quite comfortable to wear, but it did take a few days to get used to when I first got the machine. It's lots better though, because now I sleep through the whole night easily.”

“Oh, that's good I guess. I sometimes have troubles breathing, but that's usually during the day.”

“You might suffer from asthma or something like that, it runs in the family. I have it quite bad myself, as well as pretty bad allergies too. I'm a real mess, but oh well.”

“I don't think you're a mess, you look really nice, and you're really kind too.”

“Thanks, but that wasn't quite the mess I was referring to. Now, why don't you go hop in the shower, and I'll get your bedding all taken care of and then get some breakfast started for us okay.”

“Okay.” He said happily and skipped out of the room.

I crawled my sorry butt out of bed, grabbed my diapers, wipes and cream and went and changed my soggy diaper before I too leaked, then grabbed all my bedding and took it to Josh's room, grabbed all his bedding, and then headed to the laundry room to throw it all in the wash. I then took the disinfectant cleaning spray and went and washed both our mattress protectors. I could hear that Josh had decided on a bath, so I knew I had plenty of time, and I wanted a nice breakfast this morning, so headed to the kitchen and got the stuff needed to make a really nice big fattening breakfast. It was almost an hour later that I heard the tub draining and Josh leave the bathroom, so I got started on the couple last minute things that I could do. A few moments later, a freshly cleaned and diapered Josh came into the kitchen.

“Feel better?”

“Yeah, lots better. I really like living here.” He smiled brightly.

“That's good. You see, you don't need sex to be happy.”

“No, but I need it to get relief, but it really makes me feel good too.” He pointed out simply.

“You shouldn't even know what that is yet. You're only ten, you should be worried about going outside and playing and getting into mischief.”

“Until the first time I ran away, I'd never even been outside, and that was about a year ago. I've never played before in my life, not even sure how to.” He shrugged.

“You know, hearing that is almost as sick as some of the things you told me yesterday. I want you to try and forget about sex, and I'm gonna try and teach you how to be the boy you are.”

“I can't forget about sex, I like it too much, but getting to actually play would be nice I guess. Not sure how I'm supposed to though.”

“Don't worry about it all right now, come sit and eat.” I said softly.

He came and sat at the table, and I joined him a second later with the last of the dishes of food. There was likely to be way too much for just the two of us, but it was nice to cook for someone else for a change, so I might have over done it a bit. Whether I over did it or not, it was damn good, and we both ate far more than was healthy, little Josh packing away almost every bit as much as I did, possibly more.

“Oh man, that was so good.” Josh sighed while leaning back and patting his belly.

“Glad you enjoyed.” I smiled warmly.

“Oh yeah, it was awesome.”

“Good. Now, I bought you a bunch of clothes yesterday, and we need to try them on and make sure they all fit, so let's go do that.”

“Okay.” Josh simply said, but got up and followed me.

We just went right to the living room where it still was, and I had him try on every article of clothing that I had bought. As I suspected, they fit him perfectly and made him look even better, and I told him so repeatedly. I was mostly checking to make sure there would be enough room for growth to make it worthwhile, as well as not show off his diaper all that much. Three articles of clothing would have to be returned for one or both of those reasons. I would also have to take back the one pair of shoes, because they were a little too small.

“Okay, get dressed in whatever you like and we'll head back to the store to exchange these few things.” I told Josh.

“Okay, but I don't know what to wear. I've never even had clothes before and I don't know what looks good together.”

“That's okay, I'll help you out.” I smiled warmly and helped him to pick out a nice outfit and I even helped him to get dressed.

As soon as we had him dressed, I headed to my room to also get dressed, and then we headed out. We went back to the department store and to customer service to get the credit for the items that were not correct, and then went and picked out the proper sized items. I also grabbed Josh a few more things that I thought he would look good in, but of course with him being with me this time, I had him try everything on. He was quite enjoying himself I think, because it showed from the smile he had on his face.

“There you go, now I think you're pretty much all set for clothes for the next little while.”

“Why'd you buy me so many though, I won't wear any while at home?”

“Because you won't always be at home, you'll be at the store helping me during the days, and you have to be presentable there.”

“Oh, okay, I get to help you at the store?”

“Yes. I don't want to leave you home all alone, especially not for the first little while as you get readjusted to having a proper life. We still have the better portion of the day left to us, and I think we're gonna go do something fun, do some playing, and get you into being an active boy, just like you're supposed to be.”

“What are we gonna do?”

“You'll see.” I smiled.

We headed out and hopped into the car, storing all our purchases in the trunk, and headed on our way. I figured, what better place to show a child the best part of being a child, was to go to an amusement park, and we were lucky enough to have a rather large amusement park in our city, so I headed there. When we pulled in, Josh had no idea what the hell it was that we were looking at. Sure, he may have spied something like this on TV before, but given he had never truly been allowed to sit and watch, he would not truly understand it all. He would soon enough though.

“Where are we?”

“At an amusement park. This is the type of place you want to go if all you want to do is have fun. There's no such thing as boredom in a place like this. We'll start out small, we'll start on the smaller kids rides and work our way up from there so as not to shock and or scare you too much, even though I doubt much could do that to you.”

“Okay, I'll take your word for it.” Josh said with some hesitation in his voice.

“You'll be fine, trust me.” I smiled warmly to him.

I myself loved coming here, it was a great deal of fun, and was an even better stress reliever. I paid for us to be able to get onto all the rides and see all the exhibits, and we went inside. The first thing I did was to go to the lockers and pay for one for the day, and then stuffed our diaper bag inside. I then headed straight for the kids rides area, and we queued up in the line to wait our turn. Once we got into the ride and it started, Josh started giggling like a little girl.

“That was neat, I liked it.” He said excitedly.

“I'm glad, and there's lots more where that came from. Now, sometimes, especially for those that are new to this, some of these rides can make you feel as if you're gonna throw up. If your stomach starts feeling queasy or uneasy, you tell me and we'll take a break, okay?”

“Okay, will do.” He said happily, and was already dragging me towards the next ride in line.

For the next two and a half hours we rode as many rides as we possibly could, until we were both starting to get more than a little hungry. We headed towards the eatery section of the park, and found some horrible for you but oh so tasty food, and I paid for whatever Josh wanted to try, and he tried a few things. After the meals we headed back to the locker, grabbed our bag and then headed to the family washroom so that both of us could get a much needed diaper change. I had to warn Josh that there was to be no playing around, and that we were there to change our diapers, plain and simple. He looked down, but I could see his grin too, and we each changed our own diapers. I did see him look to my crotch more than a few times though as I was changing, and from the smile on his face, I would have to say he liked what he saw, and I knew that he was trying to figure out even more how to get me.

After stuffing our bag back in the locker, we headed to the games section to play a whole bunch of games, so as to allow our food to settle some before hopping back on the rides. At first Josh was horrible at the games that required any amount of coordination, but eventually he started winning things and having fun. He ended up with a dozen small stuffed animals, of which he took to a booth and had them trade them all for one larger one. We went and stuffed that in the locker as well, and then headed back towards the rides.

For another few hours we rode all the rides we could, and as we went, I steadily got us going on bigger and faster rides, and Josh only laughed more and harder. He was a boy after my own heart for sure, I loved the big rides the best. We went and had more junk food for dinner, and again Josh tried a few different things, and then we went and played more games, thus earning Josh a few more toys of which he traded in on an even larger one this time.

After that we went and rode all the rest of the rides that the park had to offer, and even though by the time darkness was setting in, and I could clearly see how tired Josh was getting, he did not want to stop. He was amazed as all the lights of the park started coming on and how beautiful it really looked. I let him continue going for a good couple hours after the lights came on, because he was having such a good time, and it really did not matter that before too long he was going to pass out where he stood, it was good for him, he had to learn to just keep playing and having fun, and oh was he.

We hit a food place and then went for another diaper change before leaving the park, mostly because Josh was hungry again, and then we headed to the locker and grabbed our things and headed out. I was not surprised in the very least that Josh passed out in the car in under five minutes. It was only a fifteen minute drive home, and when we got there, I took everything inside first, and then came out and grabbed Josh and carried him to his bedroom. I had forgotten to remake his bed earlier, so I set him on mine, and then went and made his bed. I then took him back to his room, stripped him of all his clothes, deemed his diaper good enough for the night, covered him up and gave him a kiss on the forehead and wished him a good sleep.

I went back to my room and remade my bed, then remembered that our bedding was still in the washer, so went and transferred that over to the dryer, and then went and fell into my bed and passed out for the night as well.

It was my turn this morning to wake up to a wet bed, because when the alarm clock buzzer woke me up, I awoke to the familiar feeling of being cold and clammy. I groaned out loud and slipped out of bed and stumbled to Josh's bedroom to wake him up.

“Mmm, good morning.” Josh sighed as he came too.

“Well, it's definitely morning, but good I'm afraid is debatable. I woke up in a wet bed this morning, and I so hate that, but oh well. Are you leaky as well?”

“Hmm, nope.” He said as he used his hand to feel all around himself.

“That's good. I'm gonna go hop in the shower, you should do the same, and then we'll go get some breakfast before heading to work.”

“Okay.” Josh said brightly and I headed out.

I went and got the shower started and stripped out of my leaky diaper and stepped in. A few moments later, a naked Josh came into the bathroom and opened the shower door and stepped in as well.

“Um, what are you doing?” I asked, somewhat in shock.

“You said I should have a shower too, that means with you, and there's no point in having two showers going at the same time, and I want you to wash my back for me please, because I can't reach it properly.”

“You know exactly what I meant, and you know even more the reasons you shouldn't be in here Josh. You can't stop yourself from being sexual, and I can't be with you in the way you want me to be. I'll allow it this once, because you're already in here, but from now on, you shower by yourself, okay.”

“Fine.” He sighed.

I had to smile, he really was trying his damnedest to get me, but I was trying harder not to fall for him, but we could both see that eventually I would cave. I did have to wonder how long I'd last before I either caved, or he used on me a few of the tricks that had been used on him to restrain him so effectively while growing up. I was actually already envisioning the bonds that would secure me to my bed, and I even chuckled lightly. Josh gave me an odd look, I just laughed and shook my head and played it off. I washed him off and then he even washed my back. I really had to admit that his hands sure were soft and felt very nice washing me, but when he started washing my ass for me, I just removed his hands gently and shook my head again and turned him around. I sighed again, he sighed again, our reasons were different.

As soon as we were all cleaned, we hopped out and dried off, and then I instructed Josh to head to his room and pick out something to wear and get diapered and dressed. He left and I too headed into my bedroom to get ready for the day. I first got myself all nice and thickly creamed and diapered, then got dressed in what was my normal work wear, then headed to the kitchen. Josh met me there a few seconds later, and we sat down to breakfast. I was just having toast and juice, but I gave Josh two more slices of toast, one of his protein shakes and some juice. When he polished all that off, I asked him if he wanted more, but he said no, not yet. Once we were ready to go, we headed out.

“Okay there handsome, why don't you go ahead and do the cleanup that I know you do so well, while I do the restocking of product?”

“Okay.” Josh said excitedly and went about doing a first class job of cleaning everything.

“Okay there handsome, you did a great job of cleaning, thanks. It's almost eight now, so we open in just a couple minutes for the day.”

“What should I do?”

“To tell you the truth, there's not really a whole helluva lot that you can do. During the day, even I myself do very little other than to make sure that everything is nice and neat and tidy. I answer lots of questions, and I help people with finding things, but most people that shop here know exactly where everything is, so I don't really have to do a lot.”

“Oh, no wonder you can run this place all by yourself. I always wondered how you could do it alone like it seemed you did.”

“Oh, you saw me did you?”

“Yeah, you see that wall vent right over there, well I could see through it, and I watched you sometimes.” He admitted ashamedly.

“I can well imagine some of the things that ran through your mind.” I said softly, giving him a quick hug.

“Yeah.” He said, knowing that he really did not have to say anything, that I really already knew, and I did too.

“Here's what we'll do, you can offer to help people out to their vehicles with anything that they purchase. I often have to help people do that, but given that I'm the only person in the store, and I can get pretty busy at times, it's sometimes not a good idea to do so, so now you can do that. You probably also know where everything in here is, so if anyone asks you where something is, then you can feel free to show them to the item. If anyone asks you a question that you don't know the answer to, then just ask.”

“Thanks.” He quite positively beamed.

“No prob.” I smiled warmly to Josh and went and opened the store.

Throughout the day Josh was a huge help. He helped every customer he could, he helped them out to their cars with their goods, he was the perfect gentlemen the entire day. At least one good thing about his upbringing, he was certainly not shy, even if he did not talk all that much with the customers yet, but he did answer questions when they asked. Almost every one of the regulars also asked who he was and what he was doing there, I too had the same question mind you, and we both answered the same way, that he was my nephew and that he was having problems at home and was coming to live with me. At least it was in no way a lie, in fact it was the total truth. The old ladies just loved him, and even though he politely refused no less than ten times, they all insisted on giving him a couple bucks if he helped them out to their cars, I think he was more embarrassed from that than almost anything.

“Josh, you did very well today, thanks so much for all your help, and all the customers really liked you as well.”

“You're welcome. I just wish they wouldn't give me money though, I don't need it.”

“You were helping them out, and you were so nice and kind, it was their way of saying a special thank you. Of course you should always politely refuse if they ask, but if they insist, then take it and thank them, of which I'm proud to say you did, although you did refuse too much.” I smiled warmly to him.

“I don't even need money though. Not even really sure what to do with it.” He shrugged.

“Eventually, once we get all your paperwork taken care of, we'll open a bank account so that you can save all your money. Now, we've done everything that we need to here, so let's head home.”

“Okay. Hey, before we go, can I grab a pack of the diaper doublers please?”

“Sure, go for it. Grab a pack of the small for yourself, and because I don't have any left at home, since I rarely use them, grab me a pack of the large as well please?”

“Okay.” He said happily and skipped to the diaper section and grabbed the two packs, and was back only a few moments later.

We headed out to the car and were home within a few minutes. I told Josh to go ahead and take the doublers to our bedrooms and told him that he should get a change and that I was going to start dinner. As soon as I had a good start though, I headed to my bedroom to also get changed. I found my doublers on the bed, the pack already opened and one pulled out, one of my diapers and the cream were also out and waiting there for me. I had to smile, Josh really did try so hard to be helpful. I stripped quickly and then got creamed and diapered, and then headed back out to the kitchen. When I arrived, Josh was already there.

“Thanks for setting my stuff out for me, but you don't have to do that.”

“That's okay, I was there anyway, and it only took a few seconds.” He smiled back.

“Well, I appreciate it.”

“And I appreciate all that you're doing for me too.” He smiled warmly to me.

I did not know what more to say, so just stayed quiet for the time being and continued working on dinner. Less than half an hour later it was done, so we dished up and went to sit and eat. As always, I enjoyed, but Josh savored his meal, enjoyed it to the power of ten. I guess he really did not get great meals while he was growing up, but I can relate to that, so I knew exactly what he had been eating. After dinner was done and cleaned up from, we headed to the living room and sat back and watched TV for the rest of the night.

The rest of the week went much the same way, Josh came to work with me every day, and every day he was a great help, and I told him so repeatedly, as well how good and kind and good looking he was. He needed all the positive reinforcement that I and my customers could possibly give to him, because that was the only real thing he needed, until he needed to start worrying about schooling that is. My sister the bitch did not believe that boys should even learn to read, because she did not feel that the male species was worthy of thought, and were there only to serve women, so I knew that he needed a lot of work there, and I would get Josh some stuff to help in that endeavor.

As soon as we got home Saturday afternoon though, I was shocked to see a car waiting for us, and as we pulled in, a man got out. I checked to see who it was, and then I recognized the doctor. I gave him the signal to not bother talking, and told him to enter the house with us, and he did so.

“Finally got the results did you?” I asked gently.

“Yes Master, I apologize that it took me so long, but as I informed you, it was tricky to do so that no one else would notice, and I had to access the lab today while no one was there to do all the tests.”

“I'm not upset Dr. Walsh, on the contrary, I'm quite surprised that you were able to do it so quickly. I didn't really care how long it took, only that you got it done, and you did so very quickly. So, what are the results then?”

“Thank you Sir, that will please the Ma'am so that I was able to make you happy.”

“You'll find our pleasure in that area differs greatly, and as such I would request that you no longer refer to that vile woman while around either of us please. I believe that you must at least be smart enough to know why Josh here would not care to hear of her.”

“Yes Master, I understand fully, and I'll endeavor to never say anything of her again. However, if I mess up, please punish me accordingly.”

“I'll never hit you, I'll never hit another person ever, unless it's her, in which case I may make an exception. Now, the results please?” I asked.

“Ah yes, my apologies Master, here they are.” He said quickly and then grabbed a folder from his briefcase. “As per your request Master, no one but me has seen these, these are the only copies, and I've already forgotten everything that was in them.”

“Very good. Give me a few moments to look this over, just in case I have any questions.”

“Uncle Jeff, while you're looking that over, can I take the doctor to my room, I think I need a prostate exam?” He asked cheekily.

“Ask the doctor if he would like to go, as a person, not as a slave. There'll be no more master slave shit in this house, ever, understood.” I said pointedly, looking to them both.

“Oh, okay. Doctor, would you like to come to my room and give me a really nice prostate exam?” He asked happily.

“Um, um, I'm not used to being asked to do things.” He said in shock.

“It's up to you, you know he wants it, but you also know how illegal it is for you to do so. I'll never say anything, but this has to be your decision, neither of us will make you do it. If you decide not to, he'll survive.” I said softly.

We waited probably five minutes for his mind to decide what HE wanted to do, and when he did, he smiled, and looked to Josh.

“No, I'd really rather not, thank you very much. I know you like it, and I apologize for being the very first person back when you were only two years old to have fucked you, but I was being made to do it. I'm not gay in any way, but, well you know who told me I must or be punished far more. Refusal to not do as I was told was very bad, and she punished most severely.”

“Oh, okay, I guess.” Josh said dejectedly, but I smiled. “Can you tell me, did I cry the first time you fucked me?”

“Actually, you didn't really, I think by that age, you were already fairly accustomed to having your little bum invaded, and she pulled out a rather large butt plug from your ass before telling me to fill it. Apparently I was the largest you had taken so far, and you did whimper a bit, but otherwise you took me amazingly well. While she did say that I was your first, I have no idea if that is true or not.”

“Thanks. I suspected as much.” Josh nodded.

“You did good there Doctor. Did it feel good to make a decision based on your own wants?”

“I don't know. It was more scary than anything.”

“I'm sure it was. There's a few yes's and no's on here, but I can't tell if that's a good or a bad thing, can you explain that please?”

“For the most part, that's a good thing. There's only one real concern on all the tests that I ran, and that was a lower than normal reading on Josh's blood oxygen levels. What that usually means is that even though he's breathing fine, he didn't at that time appear to be taking in enough oxygen to his blood stream. That's not uncommon though and may have just been a temporary issue. A larger sample reading, and over a few days is the best way to determine if it's good or bad. Given that I found nothing else of any concern at all, I'd say that it's nothing.”

“Would asthma in the family be of any concern to you then?”

“Asthma could certainly cause a reading such as that, especially if he has slightly lower lung capacity. If you wish for him to be tested for that, he'll have to go to the hospital though, and there's no way that I can do that sort of thing under the table.”

“I understand, and I thank you. All I'll need though is just a prescription for an inhaler for him, for just in case. It's very common in my family, so the likelihood is quite high that he too may suffer from it. Is there any way that you can get me a oxymeter though to test his levels over the next few days, as well as while he sleeps, so that I can test if he too suffers from sleep apnea, as I and a few of our other family members do?”

“I don't have one on me, but I have a few at my office, so I could easily drop one off to you. Test for a few days and I'll download the information and check it out fully. I'd want him to wear it all night, and test five or six times throughout the day under normal circumstances. I might be able to get a fair determination on the asthma as well just from that too.”

“That would be appreciated, so next time you're out this way, after four in the afternoon, just swing it by please. Don't make a special trip out here, or if you promise to dress properly and not call me master, of which I really don't want you to ever call me again, then you could just swing it by my store.”

“Sure, your store isn't far from my office, and I'm usually down in your area every afternoon for lunch, since the best place to eat in town happens to be your next door neighbor.”

“Really, never ate there before. If I get hungry at work, I just crack open a meal replacement shake and call that lunch. With only me working, I don't get to take lunch breaks.”

“Oh, you'll have to try it out. If I go for lunch on Monday, I'll swing it in to you then.”

“Can't, I'm closed Monday's. We're open Tuesday through Saturday.”

“Right, I forgot about that. It'll have to be Wednesday at the earliest then, because I work the hospital on Tuesdays. I cold probably do it, but then I'd have to make an excuse, and if you're not in that much of a hurry and aren't ordering me to do it, then I'll do it Wednesday.”

“No, from now on, no more orders. I would however like for you to take these records back and take Josh on as a new patient, and I'll switch over to you as well. We'll also come to you from now on like regular patients should.”

“I actually don't mind coming here, you're quite nice.” He smiled warmly, probably the first time he had actually smiled in a long time.

“Thanks. But dealing with wenches like the bitch probably doesn't help.”

“No, probably not.” He laughed.

“Well, I'm sure that you have better things to be doing, so I'll let you go, and we should go get some dinner ourselves.”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have to be going myself. Thanks.” He smiled and headed out.

“Well handsome, what do you think of that?”

“I think my dick is really hard and I need some relief, but you killed the only thing I had to get it.” He muttered.

“You'll survive, don't worry. You could always go jack off.”

“What's that?”

“When you rub your little member until you get the good feelings.”

“Don't know how to do that. I've only ever gotten the good feelings with someone's dick up my bum.”

“Well, it's like this....” I told him the basics of how to jack off, even showing him with my hand a few of the methods that worked well.

“Thanks. Can I go try it out now?”

“No, it's getting late and we need dinner, and because it's so late and I'm rapidly losing the desire to cook, let's go out for dinner. You ever have pizza before?” I asked.


“Then let's go.” I smiled, and we headed out to the best pizza joint in the entire city, bar none.

I ordered us the house salad and house special and bottomless root beer, and we had ourselves a good meal. I think Josh liked the root beer more than anything, and he loved the pizza, but admitted that he hated the salad, well mostly the lettuce, he said it tasted icky, but I told him that that was one thing he had to eat, was lots of that sort of thing. Somehow I doubt I'll ever get another complaint from him about that.

After a nice filling dinner, we headed back home, because neither of us had gotten changed out of our already wet diapers when we were there, and we probably should have. Josh however had drank roughly a gallon of pop, and it was about to come back out, very soon, and I knew that my diaper was not going to hold up what I was about to put it through, so his was likely to be even worse. As it so happens, the ten minute drive home was too much, and by the time we made it, there was already a good sized wet patch on the back of his pants.

“I knew we should have changed before leaving the house. Oh well.” I shrugged “Come on, inside, go get your diaper changed and you can just shower in the morning. There's a better than even chance that with the amount that you drank that even with a doubler in your diaper that you'll leak, so there's no point showering tonight as well.”

“You drank almost as much as I did.” Josh said simply.

“Yes, I'm already envisioning my wet bed as well, and I'll be doubled up too.” I laughed.

“Can we put another diaper right over top of our other diapers as well?”

“Sure, if you want to. You'll have to poke some holes in the inner diaper though so that it can easily drain into the outer diaper.”

“Okay.” Josh said brightly and skipped to his room again.

I was starting to wonder if he maybe did not like his diapers just a bit more than normal, somewhere right around where my love of diapers was. It sounded like a good idea to me though to effectively triple diaper myself, so I headed to my room and did the same thing. We met back in the living room a few minutes later, within only a couple seconds of each other.

“It looks like you put another diaper on as well, this is really thick.”

“Yeah, it sounded like a good idea, and it's been a long time since I enjoyed such a nice thick diaper.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course you can. I'd think that with the amount of information we've shared that you wouldn't have to ask that.”

“I know, but, well, do you love wearing diapers?”

“Sure. Even if I somehow didn't need them any more, I'd still wear them.” I answered honestly.

“I think I'm the same way now. I hated it when she'd diaper me, she was always so harsh and cruel about it, telling me how much of a baby I was, but now I really enjoy them.” He smiled.

“Well, they're certainly comfortable and convenient, that's for sure.”

“Yeah. So, I know you're gay, that much I know for sure, but have you ever had sex with a kid?”

“Sure, all the time.” I grinned, knowing just where this was going.

“Then why won't you have sex with me?”

“Because, you're too young.”

“But you said you'd had sex with kids.”

“I did, but the last time I had sex with a kid, I was one too.”

“Oh, you know what I meant. Now you're just toying with me.” He pouted so cutely.

“I know.” I grinned evilly.

“That was mean. I need to have sex though.”

“Why not just go to your bedroom and jack off like I showed you?”

“It's not my dick that needs the attention so much as my bum.” He pointed out.

“Ah, getting the deep itch are you?” I laughed.

“Yeah.” He pouted again.

“Then let me go get you something.” I said, and took off before he could say anything.

I headed to my room and grabbed one of the dildos I had, as well as an unopened box of condoms and a new tube of lube. Hey, I was a gay man that had not seen much action lately, what can I say.

“Here you go, I think these will help out in that endeavor, and I know you know what a dildo is and how to use it. The condoms are to keep the dildo far cleaner, but you must still wash it off thoroughly after every use. The lube I doubt I'll have to explain. Now, you can take this to your bedroom now and play, or you can wait, the choice is yours. Either way, feel free to keep this, because I don't need this one anymore, I have a better one. When you get low on lube or condoms, just grab some from the store, as you know we keep both in stock.”

“Oh, okay, but you do realize I want the real thing right?” He asked, but did take the offered items.

“Yes, I do know, and you know as well as I do that that's just not gonna happen, and that this'll just have to do. Now, go put that away or use it, whichever. I'm gonna go sit and watch TV.”

“Okay.” Josh said and came back a few moments later.

“I suspected that you'd take care of the itch before coming back out.”

“With as thickly diapered as I am right now, I don't think it'd work so well, so I'll wait 'til tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, good thinking.”

“What are we gonna do tomorrow?”

“Not a clue. Is there anything you'd like to do?”

“I think you know the answer to that.”

“Yes you little horndog, I do, but we can't, so stop thinking about it. Anything else you'd like to do?”

“Can we go back to the amusement park?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure, why not. We can't make a habit of it though, because it's really expensive, and even though I do make a fair bit of money from the store, it's certainly not enough to be spending three hundred dollars every weekend like that.”

“Is that a lot of money?” He asked innocently enough, he really had no concept of money.

“Yes. It may not seem like much in comparison to some things. Like for instance a good car will set you back thirty thousand dollars and up, a house might be five hundred thousand if you're lucky, and so on. A full weeks worth of groceries for us would be right around three hundred dollars though, so that puts it into a better perspective for you. So, in the one day we might spend as much money as it takes to feed us for an entire week, and I don't really buy all that many groceries either.”

“Oh, so that's lots of money then.”

“A fair bit, that's for sure. Once you really learn how to count and use numbers, as well as get better educated in general, you'll really start to understand money. I know you have next to no concept of money, only that you need it to buy things, but that'll come in time, as will many things that you were never taught.”

“Thanks. We don't have to go there though if it's so expensive.”

“That's okay. I like going there as well, and I was sorta hoping you'd say that. Next weekend we'll do something different though, so that you can learn about other fun things to do, and maybe we'll try something that's virtually free, so that you can see that you don't have to spend money to have fun.”

“Oh, okay.” He said happily.

I just smiled warmly to him, pulled him into me so that I could cuddle him more, and we sat back and relaxed and watched TV until bed time. As soon as it was time, we headed to bed, and I knew that if Josh had already peed his diaper as much as I had, then it would hopefully all still be held by our triple thick diapers, because my doubler was already soaked, and was starting to make the inner diaper wet. I just thought oh well, if it leaks, then it leaks, that was what rubber sheets were for. We wished each other a good sleep, and then crawled into our separate beds and slept until morning.

I woke the next morning to Josh gently knocking on the door and then padding in, his diaper so wet and big that if he turned sideways, I would easily see all his goods, because his diaper was hanging so low.

“Mmm, good morning there handsome, how are you this morning, did you have a good sleep and did you leak?” I asked while stretching.

“I'm good, I had a really good sleep, and no, I didn't leak, amazingly. How about you?”

“I had a really good sleep too, and it doesn't feel like I've leaked.” I said after checking quickly. I threw of my blankets and sat up and stretched some more.

“That's good. You look almost as wet as I am.” He mused.

“I probably am. What say we just ignore the fact that both our diapers are gonna leak soon, go get ourselves some breakfast, and then we'll get cleaned up after that?”

“Sounds good to me, I'm hungry.” He smiled brightly at the mere mention of food.

“Me too.” I smiled as well and we headed to the kitchen. A triple thick soggy diaper knocking at both our knees, it was interesting to say the least. We went and had some breakfast, we both had cereal and toast, and Josh had a protein shake as well.

“Okay kiddo, head to your bathroom and get cleaned up, you can have a nice long hot bath while I do the same. If you need to spend a few minutes in your bedroom alone using the toy I gave you last night, feel free to do so and then go have your bath. We have a few hours to kill before we can head out anyway, so take as long as you need.”

“Oh, okay.” He said happily and skipped off to his bedroom.

I decided that that actually sounded like not so bad an idea for myself, so I too headed to my bedroom, locked the door just in case, and then headed to my bed. I removed my soggy diaper, it made a rather large mess as I did so, but I cleaned it up quickly and was back to business. I grabbed my nice large dildo and the tube of lube I was working on, as well as a fresh condom, and got down to scratching my real deep itch. I spent maybe thirty minutes giving myself some good anal pleasure and three good strong orgasms before I stumbled to the bathroom and started a nice hot bath for myself.

When Josh made it to his room, he grabbed the things that I had given to him the night before, and with far more expertise than any ten year old should have, he rolled the condom onto the dildo and expertly applied the lube to it and then set it aside for a moment. He then removed his soggy diaper, just leaving the mess on the floor for the time being, and then crawled into bed. He got some lube on his small fingers and started working his little hole so that it was more comfortable. He had become accustomed to just having large dicks shoved up his ass with little to no preparation, but once he escaped and started fingering himself, he realized that starting small and working up was much more preferable, so that was how he was starting this morning.

As soon as he was ready for it, Josh grabbed the dildo from the end table and worked the entire thing up inside him quickly. He sighed deeply as it was buried nearly all the way inside him, it just felt so nice. He left it buried all the way inside for a few moments before even starting to move it, but when he did, he started a long stroking motion, pulling it almost all the way out before almost brutally ramming it all the way back inside. He kept this up for ten minutes before having his first orgasm.

Panting and gasping for breath, Josh laid there happily luxuriating in his feelings for a few moments. Josh decided to push the entire dildo inside himself, and then he clamped his legs closed and rolled so that he was laying on his back. He was now laying there with a fairly large dildo inserted all the way inside himself, on his back, and his proud young erection standing tall. He then did something that he had never done before. He took hold of his best friend and got to really know himself, and started stroking, trying out all the different techniques that I had showed to him, and settled on one that he liked the best, and stroked himself through three more orgasms back to back.

Josh then rolled over, got up onto his hands and knees, and then reached back with his left hand and started really pounding his ass with the dildo. In fact it was coming out on nearly every extraction before he rammed it right back inside himself. This was what he was used to, being brutally fucked, he had no idea, yet, that it could be so much better if just done slowly and tenderly, but soon he would find out, very soon.

Another two orgasms later, and Josh felt that he was satisfied, but as soon as he removed the dildo from his little ass, he felt empty. He tried to just leave the dildo in himself, but knew that that was not going to work, so decided to come ask me.

Just as I slipped in my nice hot bath, I heard Josh knock on the door.

“Hi, sorry to bug you, but I just fucked myself real good, but now I feel empty. Do you have any butt plugs?” He asked casually, as if asking an adult that sort of thing was a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

“I do. Would you like to borrow one?” I asked, knowing full well his answer.

“Yes please.” He smiled brightly.

“Okay, in the end table on the side closest to the door, choose whichever one you'd like, with the exception of the large purple one, that's the one I like.” I answered.


“Wait!” I called out.

“What?” He asked, hoping that I was not going to change my mind.

“Have your bath first, and wash the butt plug with you, then go to the bathroom and empty yourself out real well, and then put it in before you diaper yourself. Or actually, go to the bathroom first, then have your bath. Don't forget to cream yourself up real well though before diapering yourself, oh and wear a doubler today as well.” I said, he only smiled brighter, and skipped from my bathroom to his, grabbing the butt plug he wanted on the way.

It probably should not have come to too much of a surprise when I got out of my bath almost an hour later, all nice and clean, to find when I checked that he had taken the second largest butt plug I had. I just smiled and grabbed my large one and the lube, and then got it ready to slip in. I had already gone to the bathroom before hopping into my bath, so I was good and clean already. I grunted as the large beast slipped inside, and then sighed, because it really did feel good. I sometimes wore this even to work, just because I enjoyed the feeling. I also got myself double diapered and then dressed, and headed out to the living room to watch TV until Josh was ready.

Josh got to his bathroom and started the bath and then sat on the toilet to evacuate his bowels as much as he possibly could, and he did too. He cleaned himself up, and then jumped into his bath, carrying his butt plug with him. He cleaned that first and set it on the tub wall, then laid back and relaxed. Forty five minutes later, he started cleaning himself nice and clean, and then he hopped out and dried off. After brushing his teeth and hair, he went to his bedroom with his butt plug in hand, and as soon as he was able to, he slipped it inside. The only difference there was that he only sighed as it went in. He then double diapered himself with a good helping of diaper rash cream, and then got dressed as well.

“Hey there, feel better now?” I asked as Josh finally sauntered into the living room some thirty minutes after I had.

“Yeah, that was nice, thanks. Not nearly so nice as a real dick, but until you fall, and I know you will, it'll have to do.” Josh grinned cheekily.

“What makes you think I'll fall?” I asked confidently.

“Just a gut feeling is all, and I think you want me as much as I want you, so sooner or later you'll fall, and you won't want to say no anymore, and then I'll make you really happy.”

“Just having you here makes me really happy. I never thought that I'd have kids, and that really is more than enough for me.”

“And you're lying.” He said simply.

“Believe that if you must. Come on, let's get ready to go.” I said, trying to change the subject.

“Okay.” Josh said happily enough, but I could see from the look in his eye that he knew I changed the subject and that the matter was not closed in his mind, and I too had to wonder just how much longer I could take it.

Somehow I doubted that he would rape me, given how much was taken from him, I had a feeling that he would not want to take something so important from me, I would have to want it, but he was going to try his hardest to make me want it to no end. I already had our bag packed and as soon as we had our shoes on, we were ready to go, so we headed out.

Today was an almost exact repeat of the time before, except we did not hit quite so many of the kiddie rides, Josh said they were boring compared to most of the bigger ones. We went for four diaper changes after eating four times throughout the day, and by the time we left, Josh was nearly asleep on his feet, and as per the record set the previous time, he did not even make it five minutes before he was sound asleep. As I put him into bed and stripped him of all his clothes and changed his already wet diaper, we had changed just before leaving, but he had had a lot of pop, I had to truly admire the young package that he had hidden inside his diaper. He was short at maybe five centimeters when he was soft, but grew to an admirable eleven or twelve centimeters once hard, and he had at least six centimeters around as well, which was a pretty good size for any boy his age, but given his size, I would have to say that he was actually well endowed. I put him into his dry diaper with a good healthy dose of diaper rash cream, and gave him a kiss to his forehead and tucked him in. As soon as he was all good to go, I headed to bed as well, and decided that I should probably get changed as well, but then decided to just slip a diaper doubler in instead, because I was not that wet yet. I passed out a few seconds later, and slept the sleep of the dead until well after sun up the next morning.

Chapter 3

The next week was once again much the same, and nothing much changed. Josh did get a little more used to the older people giving him tips, and while he was averaging only about ten dollars a day in tips, to hear him talk you would think it were a thousand, and I enjoyed hearing and watching him talk so animatedly about it. We did get lots done though, and I really was starting to appreciate having someone at the store with me every day, so that I could more easily concentrate when I was trying to find new product or do my orders and stuff like that. Josh was not comfortable with using, and therefore did not want to even know how to use the till, so I still had to do all that, but he was doing a good portion of the customer service now, only asking a few questions here and there.

Sunday morning, when I awoke, I could tell that even I was more horny than normal. Before even thinking of it really, I grabbed a couple things from my end table and started really giving myself what for. Before I knew it, Josh entered the room, and I had not noticed, he just stood there and watched for a few minutes. Suddenly I realized I was being watched.

“Oh god, Josh, please, go to your bedroom and leave me for a few minutes please?” I gasped out, while still pounding my ass with quite the impressive dildo.

“I'm enjoying the show, but I could help you out.” He smiled warmly to me.

“No, please leave Josh?”

Instead of leaving, he took a couple steps forward.

“No Josh, please no.” I pleaded with him, knowing that in my current state that I would be unable to push back his advances, I think from the glint in his eyes that he knew the same thing.

“But you want it so much, don't you. You want to roll over onto your back and pull your knees up so that I can take over for you, don't you?” He whispered so softly that it seemed like he was talking directly to my mind.

“Oh god, no, you can't.” I panted out, but powerless to stop him.

“But I could make you feel so good.” He whispered softer still, moving just a few inches closer.

“But it's so bad, so wrong.”

“But I could make it feel oh so good.” He whispered softer still while taking over on the dildo work now, he was that close.

That was it, that was all it took, I was now his, he knew it, I knew it, and I wanted it, almost as much as he did. I rolled onto my back and instinctively pulled my legs up and out, opening myself to anything and everything that he could possibly want. He smiled brightly, knowing that I was his, and started really thrusting the dildo deep inside of me, and then started rubbing the soft plastic of my very wet diaper right over my throbbing hard cock.

“Oh god, so good.” I panted out.

“I knew you'd like this, and I can't wait until I can have you fully.” He whispered seductively.

“Oh god, don't stop and you can have anything you want.”

“Oh, I know that already, don't worry, and you'll love it, don't worry about that.” He grinned, and really started working me now.

I was already quite hot when Josh entered the room, but now I was boiling, I was so close to exploding that it was not even funny, and then it all stopped, the little puke stopped, he pulled the dildo right out, he removed his hands, and batted my hands away as they instinctively tried to regain the pleasure.

“Uh uh, no touching baby, I'll take care of all that for you, don't worry. I just have to poke a hole in the front of your diaper first, and then we'll get that bothersome boner of yours nicely satisfied.” Josh said softly, and then did just that.

As soon as I was pulled out the front of my double thick diaper, Josh re-inserted the dildo in one brutally swift motion and engulfed my entire dick into his mouth and throat in one go. I admit that I went a bit out of it then. No one, and I really do mean no one had ever made me feel so good, so incredible before, and it was too much. I exploded in the single most fantastic orgasm of my entire life. I realize that a teaspoon is about the average ejaculation, but it sure felt like a cup full instead, and Josh never once let a drop escape, and from the look on his face, at least from what little I could see through what my totally sex hazed mind could see, said that he enjoyed that a great deal himself.

“Oh god, you're the best tasting man I've even swallowed.” He sighed happily, smacking and licking his lips as he said so.

I still could not say anything, I was still completely and totally gone. I must have still been hard though, because he just smiled brightly and started stroking me again, causing my poor battered mind to go into overdrive. What happened next though was the stuff of dreams. How he had managed to do so while he was sucking me, I have no idea, but must have poked a hole in his diaper and prepared his tight little baby boy pussy, because what he did next was scoot up until our crotches were pressed firmly together, and then he moved around until I was inside the hole in his diaper and poking his little bum hole, and then with a deep sigh, I was all the way inside him.

The heat, oh the heat, it was fantastic, it was torture, it was burning me so deeply within. Oh how soft he was, inside he felt softer than the softest velvet, softer even than any baby's skin, softer even than the finest silk. And slick, oh how slick and moist he was inside, he was heaven inside, it was no wonder his little ass had controlled the doctor so much, because no matter how much in control of him the bitch had been, no one would risk everything so entirely if it was not worth it, and boy was this worth it.

I admit I screamed, how could you not really, name one person that would not when feeling exquisite bliss, even a mute would have to scream out, and still, as I hit bottom, Josh only sighed deeply. No one had ever taken me fully inside them before, and it was amazing to say the least. This is of course not to say that I was huge, just well endowed, and at eight and a half good thick inches, it was more than most men could easily take until they were well prepared, and Josh was certainly neither, a man or well prepared.

He started rising and lowering himself steadily, pulling until I was at risk of slipping out, and then slowly reversing direction, slowly swallowing me back inside his very talented hole. There was no doubt in my mind that this boy was gay, only a gay boy could do this without a complaint and look to be enjoying it every bit as much as I was, and I was enjoying it a lot.

Normally anal sex hurts, at least a little at first, there's no real doubting that, but if it hurt Josh at all, it never showed once. Then again, it was done to him repeatedly and brutally, so now, feeling it at his own pace and with lube probably was heaven. Within a couple minutes, I was finally able to really and truly join in on the action, and started thrusting my hips to join in on the fun. At one time, Josh stopped his motions at the nearly fully extracted point, and made me take over wholly and thrust deeply into him. If I were anywhere near over weight, I knew that with this kind of exercise daily, that I would be a much thinner man in only a few weeks. Poor Josh though that could not afford to lose any weight at all was also sweating every bit as much as I was and was grunting now with every one of my animalistic thrusts up and into his prime grade “A” little pussy. Never before had I imagined such an ass, it was an impossible thing at best, yet here I was enjoying it to my fullest, or to Josh's fullest, depending on how you looked at it.

It was maybe ten minutes later that I started to realize that I was already getting seriously close. Now, normally I was the type of guy who could routinely go for fifteen to twenty minutes no matter what, I was able to hold on, but now I was already starting to hold it in. From experience, I knew that once I started having to hold it all in, I had at most five minutes left, but I wanted to hold it for even longer. I mean, who would want heaven to end so soon, I knew I did not. Even though I knew that I would be able to have this at any time, and maybe more, but still, I was greedy and wanted this to go on forever.

Obviously Josh was close too, because a moment or two later, I realized he was holding his breath, his face was going deep red, his entire body was quivering, his muscles looked as if he were attempting to win a best flexed muscle contest, and his eyes were shut tightly. This only made me hotter still, knowing what this was doing to Josh, with neither of us touching his hot diapered erection even once. I had to close my eyes as well, and I knew that everything else looked much the same otherwise, so we were in the same boat there.

Thirty seconds later, not a second more or less I swear it, and we were both exploding. If I thought the last orgasm was the best ever, well, I was just plain wrong, in every way possible. Twenty or thirty orgasms together may still not have totaled what that one did. It burned so good, it felt like my entire balls were being ejected out my dick head, and I would have gladly said goodbye to them to feel that once again. Twelve strong pulses I felt in myself as I came deep inside Josh, but Josh, now he was amazing, I felt his asshole contract around my dick twenty two times. How I was even coherent enough to count them was beyond me, but I did, and I was proud to have not even passed out. The same could not be said for Josh though.

As soon as his orgasm finished and it released him from its powers, Josh slumped down as if completely and totally boneless, rolled to the side, and there he stayed. I actually had to laugh, at least he finally looked relaxed, even while asleep he rarely looked relaxed, at least totally. There was no way I was moving any time soon, my body was still in the throes of the massive orgasm that had just plowed me over, so I knew I was not getting up for a few minutes. I did at least tuck my now wilted member inside my diaper, for just in case, even though I knew the large hole in the front would not help much, but it would at least keep most of the mess contained should I pee. Since Josh was on his stomach, hopefully the same could be said for him.

Almost fifteen minutes later I was finally able to get out of bed, and I removed my diaper and threw it away. I then removed Josh's as well and threw it in the garbage. I then grabbed us each a fresh diaper and doubler and the cream and then went and cleaned, creamed and then double diapered Josh. It was amazing, but even throughout all that and my diapering myself, he still never even stirred once. If it were not for the fact that I could see from his chest that he was alive, because he was still breathing quite heavily, I might have been worried.

I pulled the covers up over both Josh and I and cuddled up to him and rested until he was able to wake back up. It took at least half an hour after slipping into bed with him for him to wake back up, and when he finally came to, it was with the biggest and brightest smile I had ever been witness to, possibly the biggest ever witnessed period.

“Wow, that was incredible, you were the very best ever, no one has ever made me cum like that before, no one has ever made me feel so good before.” Josh whispered throatily, his voice not having come back properly yet.

“I agree totally, I came so much it was unbelievable, and what you did to me was even more so. I really do love you my little baby Joshy.”

“And I love you too my big baby uncle, daddy. I really do want you to be my daddy.”

“I know baby, and that's what we will be too. Officially you'll still be my nephew, but together we're father and son, babies together forever.”

“Thank you, thank you, that's all I ever wanted, just a nice loving daddy to love me and hold me and rock my world, and daddy, you rocked my entire universe.” He smiled brighter still.

“I think I can agree to that last statement easily enough.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I figured as much.”

“Come on baby, let's go get some much needed breakfast.” I sighed, and we slipped out of bed.

We headed to the kitchen, having to hold onto each other still just to be able to walk correctly. Once there, we each had a very large glass of orange juice, and then another of milk. Josh started with a protein shake, while I started on some good filling breakfast for us. Once done cooking, I set it all on the table and we pigged out, attempting to replace at least half the calories that we had to have used up this morning.

“So, what are we gonna do today?” Josh asked after we finished cleaning up the kitchen together.

“No idea actually, I haven't even really thought of it. We won't go to the amusement park again though, we'll save that for another day.”

“I wasn't gonna ask, not after what you told me last weekend.”

“That's good. I don't suppose you can swim can you?” I asked curiously.

“Is that what you do when you're in water?”


“Then probably not if you have to learn it, because other than a bath tub, I've never been in the water before.”

“Sorta figured as much. Would you like to learn, we can go to the pool today and have some fun there?”

“Sure, why not, as long as I'm with you, anything would be great.” Josh smiled warmly.

“Same here. We won't be able to wear diapers in the pool, but that's okay, and we'll have to get changed in the family change room so that we can use a private cubicle to save getting embarrassed from wearing diapers, but otherwise we'll be fine.”

“I wouldn't be embarrassed.” Josh shrugged.

“I wouldn't really be all that embarrassed either to tell you the truth, but still, others may not appreciate it, although many would too I'm sure, so we'll still use the family change room once we get there. Do you know how to change your own diaper while standing?”

“Yeah, I've had to do it a few times before, but I'd prefer if you changed me.”

“And I you, but that'll have to wait until we get home. We can't very well change each other in a small change cubicle, that's for sure. It'll be hard enough diapering ourselves in there. I just hope the pool has a life jacket large enough for you.”

“What's a life jacket?”

“It's a vest that helps you float in the water, so that we can teach you how to more easily swim. It'll keep your head above the water pretty much all the time, allowing you to get more used to the water and faster too.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Come on, let's go get ready to go.” I smiled and we headed back to my bedroom first.

Josh helped me to get dressed, and then we packed a bag with everything that I would need, as well as towels and other essentials. We then headed to his bedroom, where I helped him to get dressed, and then we picked out what he would wear in the pool as well. As soon as we were ready to go, we headed out and made good time to the local pool center. It was a fairly large facility with a little bit of everything there, but the best parts were the wave pool and the four water slides that they had. I paid the fees to use the facilities, and then we headed to the family change room and found a free cubicle. We went in and stripped down to just our diapers, and then we removed them, balled them up, and put them inside our bag. We then got into our shorts and washed off before heading to find a locker and then to the pool.

For two hours after arriving, I had Josh in a quiet corner of the main pool, where I told him everything that he would need to know to be able to swim, and he took it all in quite quickly and easily. They had had a life jacket to fit him, but we did not even put it on him yet, just had it there for when we ventured out into the deeper water later.

“There you go buddy, you're doing quite well with the basics, all you have to do is keep practicing and you'll be swimming in no time at all.”

“Thanks, I like it, it's very relaxing.” He smiled.

I helped him into his life jacket so that we could go and play, and at first he said he did not like it, but when we went into the deep water, he admitted that it was quite handy. While in there though, I did teach him the basics of deep water swimming, including treading water, and he said that was easy. The first time the waves came on, because they did not run them all the time, Josh absolutely loved it, even though he was swamped by the water more than a few times and was completely dunked under, he thought it was the neatest ever. Once the waves quit and they opened the slides, we headed up there to have some fun there. After the first one, Josh said he never wanted to leave, and I had to just wait at the bottom for him after the first six times of climbing the long flights of stairs, because I was getting tired, but Josh just wanted to keep going.

Eventually they closed the slides again and we went back into the pool and enjoyed the waves, since they alternated them for safety reasons, and we had a blast in there again. After that, I wanted to go sit back in the hot tub, and Josh said he would join me. It was safe enough for him to remove his life jacket in the hot tub, so I helped him out of it and we laid back in the hot bubbly water and relaxed, not even talking at all. We went back and forth a few more times, but by just a little after five, I was getting more than a bit tired and ready to go, not to mention that we both looked like the average raisin. We headed in to get a change cubicle after grabbing our stuff from the locker, and washed and dried off. Josh was actually better at diapering himself while standing up than I was, and before I was done, he had already readjusted his diaper so that it was perfect and started getting dressed.

“Well baby, I don't feel like going home and cooking, so what say we head out for dinner?” I asked as we climbed in the car and buckled up.

“Sounds good to me, I'm really hungry, we didn't even stop for any lunch.”

“I know, I realized that too while we were getting dressed, and realized that I was getting more than a little hungry myself. I had to wonder how hungry you were though. What would you like for dinner?”

“I don't know, don't forget, I don't really know all that much for food yet.” Josh said simply.

“True, and that's more than likely the reason you never said anything about being hungry too, you're still used to going with very little food, aren't you?”

“Yeah, I guess so, even though I've been eating a lot more while living with you than I ever have before.”

“And you've certainly needed it, and you're starting to fill out a bit now too, so that's good. Hopefully soon we'll have you to a proper size and weight for your age.”

“I don't even know what's supposed to be normal.”

“No, you probably don't, but trust me, you're very small for a ten year old. We'll get you all fixed up though, no worries there at all.”

“I know, and I trust you to do what I need to grow up good.”

“Good, I'm glad. Let's hit one of my favorite places then and get some good food.” I smiled and took off.

I headed towards the best Chinese food restaurant that I had ever had the pleasure to dine in, and parked. We headed inside, and Josh's mouth started watering as soon as we entered from the great smells that were present, I had to chuckle, because had I let him, his nose would have dragged him right to the kitchen, where I was sure he would have eaten everything he could get his lips around, and not just the cooks either.

“Oh god, smells so good.” Josh sighed, just as a waiter approached us.

“Glad you appreciate the great smells of our fine restaurant young Sir. Will it just be for the two of you this evening?”

“Yes please, and by the window if you have one available please?” I asked.

“Certainly, follow me please?” He said and led us to a nice table by the window.

This particular restaurant was special in that you actually entered in through the rear of the restaurant and down a hall to the dining area. From the road, you could not tell, but the back yard of the restaurant was done up in a most spectacular garden, and the windows looking out onto the garden were large, giving a great view of the gardens. The waiter seated us at a table that was right in the middle of the windows, so we could see a large expanse of the gardens from everywhere that we could see. Josh actually forgot about the smells for a moment as he took in the splendor of the magnificent masterpiece before us, then his stomach took over again.

“Thank you, the best seat in the house, a difficult one to get.” I smiled.

“You're very welcome Sir, the last people just left, and I know you have been here enough that you know that these tables are always first come first serve, so you just got lucky today. Can I bring you anything to drink?”

“Please. We'll each take a Chinese tea and a glass of water if you could?”

“Of course, please browse the menu, and I'll be right back to take your orders.”

“Okay Josh, I know you don't know what to have, so once again you'll just have to trust me on this. One of these days we'll hit the buffet restaurants in town so that you can try a tiny bit of each and every thing that they have to offer, so that you can really start to see what you do and do not like, but tonight I wanted real Chinese food, the way it was meant to be cooked.”

“Thanks.” He smiled brightly.

A few minutes later our waiter was out with our tea and water, and took our orders. I ordered us a starter, because I knew from experience that the main course would be at the very least twenty minutes before we saw it, and I knew that there was no way that Josh was going to be able to last that long. Our starter came out a few minutes later, and at first Josh made an odd face at the taste of the food, but then he smiled and gobbled up all of his, and was looking expectantly at mine. I just smiled and nodded, and he gladly finished mine as well.

Almost ten minutes later, our meal finally arrived, and all talking ceased, in fact Josh was mid sentence when the food arrived, and he never did finish what he was trying to say, I had to laugh. In fact, the plate was barely out of the waiters hand before Josh was already trying to dig in. I had to warn Josh three times to slow down and enjoy his food, but it did little good, he was just enjoying the good food too much.

“Oh wow, that was the best food I've ever eaten in my life.” Josh exclaimed effusively.

“I'm glad that you enjoyed it, even though I have to wonder how you even tasted it with how fast you ate.” Showing him my plate, which was still nearly half full.

“Oh, I tasted it alright, and it was good. If you're not gonna finish that....” He grinned.

“I won't be able to, no, so yes, you can have a bit of it.” I smiled, and scooped a little of my food onto his plate, and he gladly gobbled it all up as well.

“Thanks.” He said brightly with a smile that nearly split his face.

I just laughed, and once again, he was finished eating before I was, but this time I was nearly finished. We finished off our meal each with deep contented sighs. There really was nothing better than a very well prepared meal, I think that Josh would have to agree. Our waiter asked if we would be having dessert, and I politely said no, much to Josh's dismay of course, and we paid our bill and left.

“Why couldn't we have dessert?” Josh pouted when we climbed into the car.

“Two reasons. One, we really didn't need it, you ate too much as it was, and I don't want you getting sick. Two, their desserts there are actually nowhere near as good as their food is, so you certainly wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly so much.”

“Oh, but I could have eaten more.”

“I don't doubt that you could have, but to do so can actually be very bad for you, and we don't want that, now do we.” I said pointedly.

“No, I guess not, but I really wanted dessert.”

“Don't whine baby, don't worry, you'll get dessert.”

“What's for dessert?” He asked brightly.

“It's a surprise.” I grinned.


We got home a few minutes later and went into the house. The first thing that I did was take our swim bag and empty all the contents out. Our wet diapers were put into the garbage, while the wet clothes and towels were put into the laundry room to be taken care of later.

“Can we have some dessert now please?” Josh asked as I exited the laundry room.

“Sure, go ahead, meet me in my bedroom please?” I asked, and he looked at me strangely, wondering why we would go there for dessert.

He did go though, and I smiled. I left him for a minute or two, to see if he would figure it out by the time I made it to the bedroom. I shut down the house for the most part, because I did not figure that we would be leaving the bedroom for the night, and then I headed there as well.

“What's for dessert?” The look of confusion on his face clear as he saw that I had nothing with me except myself.

“You're lookin at it. We're gonna have each other for dessert. What you started this morning I can't and don't care to stop, and now I want to suck you so bad it hurts, and I wouldn't mind you sucking me either.” I said, and his face once again split in a large smile. I am not so sure he was so devastated by this news.

“Oh goody.” He groaned out.

I stepped closer to him and motioned for him to stand up, and he did. As soon as he was standing, I went about slowly removing his clothes and putting them in the hamper. As soon as he was down to just his diaper, I stood there and he took the hint and also stripped me down to just my diaper. We were both quite soggy already. I then reached in and pressed my lips to his, while my hands went to his diaper and released the tapes. Josh met my kiss with enthusiasm, and as soon as he felt what I was doing, he did the same too, and within a couple seconds, we were standing there very naked, very hard, and very horny I am quite sure, since I knew I was.

I picked Josh up, cradling his very cute little bottom in my hands as we kissed, and moved us so that we were laying on the bed on our sides facing each other, still kissing. Not once had we broken our kiss. Josh, I had to admit, was quite the little kisser, he was kissing me like no one had ever done before. Gently I rolled us so that I was on my back and Josh was laying on top of me, and then a few minutes later, I started urging Josh to turn himself so that we could suck each other at the same time.

Josh finally took the hint and turned around so that our faces were pressed into each others groins, and we both started licking each other at the same time. If Josh was only enjoying this half as much as I was, I knew he was having the time of his life. He sure knew how to use that talented little tongue of his, and I was working to try and reproduce the same feelings in Josh. From the noises he was making, I would have to say I was succeeding, and that made me happy.

At much the same time, we engulfed each others erections as far as we were able to. I was able to take Josh fully of course, while Josh was only able to take about three quarters of my length, but he sure was trying his hardest to take the rest of me as well. He sure did not seem to have a gag reflex, because the only thing that seemed to be stopping him was that his mouth and throat would not open wide enough for my girth. This did not stop him from trying though.

It sure did seem though that neither of us was trying to hold it off any at all though, because we were both giving it our all to try and bring the other off. Maybe like me, Josh could tell that I had at least two to three loads worth in me, so I was good for at least a couple rounds. I knew though that even though dry, that Josh would be able to go for at least four or five times before he was too drained to continue.

At most four minutes after starting to suck each other, we had both had all we could take and fired off round number one of the night. Josh slurped up all the cum that I was able to give to him, and while a good sized load to be sure, it was not more than he could easily take in, and he greedily sucked it all down. I also enjoyed feeling and hearing Josh go through such an intense orgasm of his own, and even though he did not spray anything at all, his dick sure did twitch as if it were.

Without barely taking any time at all to rest, we started sucking each other once again. Josh was now able to take just a tiny bit more of me than he had been able to at the start, and I was still taking all that he had to give me. At least his dick anyway. Without hardly thinking of it, I decided to suck in his hot little balls as well, and he squeaked and released from me for a moment as his body took in the even greater feelings that I was causing in his body.

It only took a few seconds for Josh to realize he was supposed to be doing something, and went back down on me and continued sucking me with a vengeance. I was really giving him what for as well, using my tongue to torture every bit of his dick and balls that I could, as well as sucking to put shame to the best of vacuums, and I even reached up and started tickling his cute little pucker all at the same time, just to drive him nuts.

And nuts he started going too, it was too much what I was doing to him, and he crashed head first into another incredible orgasm. I was not yet close, it would take far more time for me to explode again after such a nice big cum only a few minutes before. Josh however was able to go back to back to back with little recharge time in between, not to mention all that I had just done to him.

Instead of stopping though and letting him catch his breath, I just kept right on going, and now Josh was nearly howling in immense pleasure. It took nearly a minute after his cum ended for him to realize once again that he was not sucking me. He started again and worked his hand down to my hole to start tickling and torturing it as well, and I too loved this. The major difference of course was that I had far more control and was still able to keep sucking Josh. Josh was the first to introduce one of his slim digits inside my anal cavity and start to finger fuck me. Well, I was not to be outdone and did the same for him, slipping only one of my fingers inside him, but going every bit as deep as I possibly could.

We started really probing each other now as we were sucking each other, and the feelings were rising rapidly once again. A couple minutes more of this was all that we would be able to take, but that was okay, I had no plans to stop, at least not yet. As soon as we both crashed through our orgasms and came down from them, we continued right where we had left off, each of us adding a second finger inside each other, and Josh was now able to take almost all of my dick down his throat.

Again Josh had another orgasm before I was ready to fire once more, and same as before, I did not stop at all, even though Josh had. I added a third finger inside his hot little ass though, and when he came to and started sucking me again, he too added a third finger, and we really started working each other now. Four orgasms for Josh and two good ones for me was almost starting to get to be too much, and we both knew that neither one of us would be able to continue on for too much longer. Even though we both knew this, neither of us were ready to stop, not yet.

Five more minutes later though and that was all either of us could take, we both exploded for the final time of the night, and we slumped down as if boneless. Surprisingly enough though we did not pass out, even though technically we were not entirely all there at that time either, but we were still mostly awake. Josh was the first to break out of the hold his multiple orgasms had held him in, and he staggered from the bed to the closet to grab our diaper supplies. By the time he made it back, I was down as well, and we each helped to diaper the other, Josh diapering me first.

“Wow, that was absolutely the best ever.” Josh sighed out once we were laying there luxuriating in the intense afterglow.

“Definitely. I love you baby, from the day that I met you I loved you and knew that eventually you'd make me see the light. Well, I didn't just see the light, I felt it, I tasted it, I enveloped it, and it was better than I ever imagined it could be.”

“I'm glad, because I feel all that and more.” He sighed out again.

“Do you want to watch a little TV before going to bed, or are you ready now?” I asked.

“Let's just lay right here and watch TV for a bit. I don't think I'm ready to sleep yet, but I'm sure getting tired.”

“Same here.”

I turned on the TV and we cuddled up to watch it, and that was how we awoke the next morning. The light was even still on, and we had slept through it all. I am not even sure we even finished watching the first half hour program, because I could not for the life of me tell you how it ended.

Monday we stayed at home the entire day and just enjoyed each others company. We played a few card and board games, we sat and talked and got to know each other even better still, even though we already really knew everything there was to know, we sat and watched TV for a bit, and we played on the computer for a bit as well. All in all it was actually a really nice and relaxing day. At bed time we sucked each other again, but this time only once, and neither of us fingered each other. After the intensity of the day before, neither of us felt that we needed it again so soon.

Chapter 4

Three weeks have now passed since the weekend that Josh and I first made love to each other, and everything was going great. We were doing incredible at the store, and with Josh's help, I brought in another couple lines of product that he thought would do very well, and they sure seemed to be too. He was now averaging about fifteen dollars per day in tips, and he was getting even better at accepting them as well. And the sex, well the sex was incredible, out of this world even. We either made love to each other or sucked each other every day, and one day we used nothing but our hands too, but every day we shared our love together in some form or another. Josh was absolutely insatiable, and I was enjoying just tagging along for the ride as it were. It was Friday early afternoon when the phone rang, and answering it like I do for every phone call, expecting it to be a customer, I found that it was not.

“Yes, this is Jeff, how can I help you?” I asked when I was asked if I was who I was.

“My name is Darren, I'm an attorney, and I was asked to do anything and everything that I could to help you out to take on the sole custody of a young man by the name of Josh.”

“Ah, good to hear from you, but I wasn't expecting to hear anything yet.”

“I'm not quite finished with all the details and getting everything done Sir, but I assure you, I will be soon. All I need from you is some personal information if I could, but I'd really rather not ask for such information over the phone. Is there any way that we could meet, we could do it at your leisure, I was told that I was to treat you as master, so I must.”

“Then how about we meet for dinner and I'd be happy to give you any information that I can give to you.”

“That would be agreeable Sir, but some of the information will be sensitive, so if possible, find somewhere that is more private.”

“Understood. That won't be a problem at all though I'm sure. Now, given just how the last person the bitch asked to help us was dressed, I must insist that you're dressed properly and professionally. Will this be a problem?”

“I understand Sir, and I appreciate it as well, given that we'll be in public, and I'm not inclined that way.” He laughed softly.

“Excellent. When can we meet you then?”

“You tell me what time's good for you Sir and I'll meet you wherever you wish.” He answered.

“Okay, meet us at five thirty then.” I said, and gave him the name of the restaurant, I decided to go back to the Chinese food place, seeing as how Josh sure seemed to like it that last time.

“Excellent Sir, I'll meet you there then.” He said, and then disconnected.

I then had to relay all the information to Josh, and I was not sure if he was more happy about getting the ball rolling on making our family relationship legal, or the getting to go back to the restaurant that he loved a great deal. I did have to laugh though, because I was certain that it was the latter of that statement that was true. I made the call to the restaurant though and booked one of their private rooms for the appropriate time, they had three, and I booked the smallest of them, so I was pretty sure that I would get one no problem.

We finished out our day at the store, and before leaving, we each changed the other into a nice fresh diaper, so that we could make it all the way through dinner. We made it to the restaurant a few minutes early and the waiter showed us to our table in our own private little room. Our drink orders were taken and brought out to us, and just as they were being set down, a portly man was shown in. He was dressed impeccably in a three piece business suit, a far cry better than the last one was, that was for sure.

“Good evening.” We all said at much the same time as he sat down to join us. His drink order was also taken, and a few minutes later it was brought in as well.

We all perused the menu, pretty much entirely silent, and then the waiter came back to take our orders, something different for Josh and I this time. As we waited for our meal to arrive, we chatted amongst ourselves, but not yet getting to the heart of the matter, we would wait until after dinner, so as to be certain of at least a small amount of privacy. Our starters came out first and we all enjoyed that, and then finally our meals came, and once again Josh out ate both of us adults. The only difference between Darren and I though was that he had ate all of his starter and his meal, whereas Josh had taken the last of my starter and meal and polished that off again.

“Oh man, that was so good. Can I get some dessert this time please?” Josh asked.

“Sure, when the waiter comes back you can ask him for whatever you want, and then we'll all talk.”

“Okay.” Josh said brightly, and a few minutes later, he had his dessert, and was busy polishing it off.

“Now, what all do you need from us?” I asked to get the ball rolling.

“Well, the first thing is, no matter how hard I try, when this goes to the judge, he's gonna need to see doctors reports, and we have no choice but to pass this by a judge. I asked Ma'am if she knew any judges, but sadly she does not. I don't know how to do it any other way, and I know that Josh has been sexually active, and with adults, since I was forced to partake at least a couple times myself. If a judge sees that in a doctors report, no matter what, it'll cause huge problems, and I can't proceed until that's all cleared up.” He laid it on the line for us, quietly so that no one could over hear.

“I think I might have a solution to that problem then. Does it have to be any particular doctor, or can our family doctor take care of the doctoral stuff?” I asked, honestly not knowing how all this would work.

“No, your family doctor can do all the checkups and whatnot, but by law he has to divulge any and all sexual activity, and any doctor will know of that if they check, and they have to.”

“That won't be a problem with our doctor, I assure you. We'll go see him with the paperwork I assume that you must have for us to fill out, and we'll have him do it all, and nothing at all will be mentioned about that. I assume then if you're already this far into the proceedings that Josh has now been legally born and has a proper birth certificate and all that!”

“As a matter of fact, they arrived yesterday. I even got him a library card and perfectly acceptable, yet fake school records. I took care of everything, and according to all known systems, he has grown up a perfectly legitimate life, in another city of course, and it's all as legal as it can possibly be.”

“That's excellent news. I trust you have all that information for us then?”

“Yes, I do. I also have a number of other questions for you, and while not necessarily private, they are certainly important. That first question was of course the most private, and the reason I didn't want to do this over the phone.”

“Understandable, and I'm glad you didn't either. Ask anything of us that you need to and we'll answer it honestly, assuming of course we can.” I smiled happily.

For the next half an hour, he asked both Josh and I questions and we answered them. Our waiter came in a few times and refilled our tea and water, and I was glad that Josh and I changed our diapers before leaving, because I was already getting full. Once everything was taken care of, we all shook hands and I thanked Darren for all his help, and he assured me that the next time we met then that it would be in the courthouse to have Josh transferred into my sole custody. We were assured that the bitch would not need to be there, nor would she, only us, and both Josh and I were happy with that, because I did not really want to see her any more than Josh did, and he was still scared stiff of her. We left the restaurant and headed towards home, and as soon as we made it there, Josh and I shared a celebratory love making session that lasted just over an hour, and we were both very tired and happy because of it.

I made an appointment to go see the doctor and he gladly accepted us, so we had an appointment on the following Monday to get Josh all checked over. Of course he was just done, so all the doctor had to do was fill out all the paperwork accordingly, of course making absolutely no mention of his little boy hole. We thanked the doctor once again and headed out and took the paperwork to the lawyers office. He was pleased to see the papers, and took them and said that he'd call us once everything was all set.

It was once again three weeks later and everything was going great. Josh and I were doing great together, he really was turning out to be such a fine young man. He was smart and witty, although none of those smarts were book smarts, but that was okay. I was starting on that, and every evening before bed, I read to Josh, getting him into reading, and showing him what all the words were. I even went over the full alphabet with him, and he could now recite it perfectly, and was already starting to recognize many small words. I even went out and bought him a learning program for the computer once I felt that he was at least somewhat able to read, and had him spend at least two hours per day in the office doing the program to try and learn all that he could about math and reading. We still made love to each other at least once a day, but most of the time we used our mouths, only once or twice a week did we share anal.

“Oh hello Darren, how's everything going?” I asked after he said who he was. We were once again at the store, as usual actually, and I had just answered the phone.

“Really good. It's all set, I need you guys to meet me at the courthouse at courtroom number three at ten am on next Wednesday. It's just the final stuff, the judge just has to sign off on it all, but if he calls you in, it's because he's already pretty much made up his mind, he just has to ask Josh directly to be certain. It's more a formality than anything. Will you guys be able to make it?”

“Sure will, I'll just have to close the store for the few hours that it'll take, no big deal.” I said happily. Josh was in the office, so he had no idea.

“Excellent, I'll meet you there Wednesday morning then.”

“Awesome, meet you there.” I smiled brightly and we hung up.

“Guess what baby!” I said after entering the office.

“What?” He asked curiously.

“We have to be at court on Wednesday morning to get everything signed over nice and legal, and then we'll properly be father and son.” I said happily.

“Really, he got it all done?” Josh asked excitedly.

“Yep, he sure did.” I smiled happily.

Josh just launched himself from his chair and slammed into me and hugged me tightly, crying happily. I just smiled as well and hugged him back tightly until I heard the door buzzer, announcing that someone had entered. I wiped my eyes, kissed Josh on the forehead and headed back out to the front to help the customer.

I had put a sign up onto the door a few days prior to Wednesday to let everyone know that I would be closed on Wednesday, I had decided that taking a full day off would not hurt anything. So Wednesday morning Josh and I got cleaned up thoroughly and then dressed up nicely and we headed to the courthouse to meet Darren. I had never been there before, so I had to ask directions, and was shown where to go. When we got to the courtroom where we were supposed to meet Darren, he was already there and waiting for us.

“Good morning, you two look happy.” He smiled to us.

“Thanks, we are.” We both said as one.

“Good. I don't expect this to take more than half an hour, if it takes any more than ten minutes, like I said, it's more just a formality than anything. The judge will ask both of you a few questions, and all you have to do is answer them honestly and we'll be all good.”

“Thanks.” We said again.

A few minutes later we were shown into the court room, and all the preliminary stuff was taken care of. The judge confirmed all our information, asking us a few questions, so on and so forth.

“Now, Jeff, how did Josh end up coming to you?” The judge asked me directly, the first actual question to be asked directly of me, most of them had been asking about Josh.

“Well, as you can see from the papers your honor, he's my nephew, and on one of my visits to my sisters, of whom I despise more than any other single person on the planet, I realized that she was being very hard on Josh, every bit as hard as she was on me, so I made her sign Josh over to me.”

“What do you mean by hard?” He asked curiously.

“I do not care to go into it too much your honor, as I promised I would not press charges if she handed Josh over uncontested, and as you can see from the papers my lawyer was able to provide to you, she has handed over complete parental control. However, I know you at least want somewhat of an answer, so I'll tell you this much. Josh was spanked for any reason, if he talked out of turn for instance, he was spanked. He was also treated much like a slave, whenever he was home, he was forced to do everything in the house, he was not allowed to have any life whatsoever. She did much the same to me as we were growing up, and given that she was so much older than myself, and both my parents worked, she was often in charge of me. I could not allow Josh to be treated like that any further.”

“I see, and while I would love to press charges, if she was promised that that wouldn't happen if Josh was signed over, then I'll accept that.”

“Thanks your honor. We all felt that in the long run it was the best choice rather than to take up more valuable court time when we could easily remedy the situation within the family far more easily.”

“And given how busy we are, I'm sure we all appreciate it. Now Josh, has any of what happened at your mothers house affected you to the point of having bad dreams or anything else?”

“Please don't call it my mother Sir, she's nothing to me.” Josh spat out, actually shocking the judge with the amount of bite to the comment. I just laid my and on his knee reassuringly. “I'm fine though. Ever since I came to live with uncle Jeff, life has been awesome, I never have bad dreams or anything like that. I never want to leave, and the reason we're here today was because I wanted him to properly become my daddy.” He said.

“I apologize Josh, I had no idea that would cause such a reaction in you.”

“It's okay Sir, you had no idea.” Josh said softly.

“I probably should have after what I just heard though. I guess that answered my next question though, and that was do you really want to be permanently adopted by Jeff.”

“Oh yes Sir, no doubts there at all.”

“Excellent. Well, I think that was about everything that I needed, so as soon as I sign this, you're free to go and be father and son.” He smiled happily, but that was nothing in comparison to the smile on Josh's face, it nearly blinded us all.

A few seconds later he signed all the documents and handed them over to us, and congratulated us. We thanked him profusely and headed out. We took Darren out to lunch at a nearby restaurant to thank him for all his work, and I even gave him a check for all his work, since I did not want him to do it free of charge. I had no idea if it was enough to cover all the time or not, and I doubt I would ever find out. He tried not to take it, saying that he had to do this for us, but we both said nonsense to that, and reluctantly he finally took the check. After lunch, I took my baby home.

“Now baby, it's time for us to go celebrate. I realized something though, it occurred to me that while you've used the dildos on me more than a few times, you've never made love to me. Well, today is all about you, I want you to make love to me until we can't go any longer.”

“But, my dick isn't big enough.” He said sadly.

“Sure it is, it'll feel just as good in me as anything, and I know you'll love it too.” I said softly while leading him to our bedroom.

“Okay, but I don't know how to.”

“Somehow baby, I don't think you need to worry about that too much. I've made love to you, you've been roughly fucked, and you've done me with a dildo, all you have to do is just use your own dick this time and make love to me. You're natural urges will take over and you'll know exactly what to do, so all you have to do is tell me how you want me.” I whispered softly.

“I don't know, I'm so much smaller than you though, the only way I can see it working at all is if you're on your knees and me behind you, but I'd rather see your face like when you make love to me.”

“Doggy style would definitely work, but like you said, it's far nicer to see your partners face as you make love. Doggy style is great for just fucking, but not for loving. I think it'll work just fine if I'm on my back though. I'll open myself up for you, and you just crawl in and slip inside and just let your instincts guide you, but try not to go too fast, make it last as best you can.”

“Okay.” Josh said softly, clearly more than ready to begin though.

We spent maybe twenty minutes total kissing, caressing and undressing each other before we even got started, and it was real nice as well. But then I laid down on my back and opened myself up fully for my little baby boy, and he did not waste any time at all in moving into position. His first chore, if you wish to call it that, was to loosen me up, and he was used to this already, so dove right in tongue first, and reiterated just how talented his little tongue was. He could do things inside me that no one had ever done before. After a couple minutes of tongue only action, Josh slipped in a finger from each of his hands and really started opening me up.

Strictly speaking, Josh only had to tongue me to get me ready enough for him, hell even for my dildos that was all he had to do. However, what he had to do and what he liked to do were two totally different things. He loved doing this to me, almost more than I loved him doing it to me, he loved to hear me squeal and pant and moan and groan in the ecstasy that he could cause in my body, and today was no different. You would think that a guy would get used to this, but I sure hoped I never did, because what he did to me there was no sufficient description.

Josh must have realized that I was getting seriously close to imminent explosion, because he removed his face from my ass and engulfed me fully. He had gotten so good at sucking me by now that he could suck me all down without gagging once, while his fingers continued playing inside me. He had now slipped another finger from each hand inside me as he sucked me masterfully, and I was rapidly approaching what felt like thermal nuclear meltdown. With one final grunt from me, and one final push on my tortured prostate from Josh, I exploded, and Josh happily sucked down the entire offering.

As soon as he finished draining me totally, Josh pulled off my still hard member, removed his talented digits from my ass, and crawled up my body, his hard little dick leading him right to his target. I felt the tip hit my ass, and then he centered himself, completely without his hands, and then he started slipping inside. Oh how we both sighed as he slipped all the way inside. Even in my sexual haze, I was amazed at how well he had done that for his first time, he never even had to use is hands to guide himself. Granted, I was well opened, and was probably still gaping, and his erection was more than likely steel hard and straight as an arrow, so once he felt my hole, it would have been an easy chore to slip in.

Oh god, how wonderful, I was moaning and sighing, and was loving every second of it. The last time I had had a dick so small inside me was when I was that small too, and back then it felt huge, or at least large, and as much as I had told Josh that he would be able to make me feel good, I had my reservations that he would be able to do too much to me. Well, I happily admit that I was so very wrong, he felt utterly amazing inside me, and so far he had yet to start moving, he had had to stop to prevent his orgasm. I wanted it though, so I started massaging his hard little dick with my ass muscles, and the groan that escaped Josh was the most erotic sound I had ever heard.

It took at most ten seconds of me massaging Josh like this for him to explode. He had gotten too close while preparing me, and then the entrance into my hot wet hole almost sent him over the edge. I knew that he would be able to go at least four times in a row, maybe five or six if I let him, so I was not worried about it ending yet. I was watching Josh closely as I massaged his orgasm out of him, and it was amazing, and when he exploded, I did in fact feel his hot young erection pulsing inside me, and then I saw him totally blank out. He had slumped down, but his dick never went soft either, he was still every bit as hard as he had been when he started.

It took a couple minutes for Josh to come back to, and when he did, it was with a huge smile plastered on his sweating face. Without even waiting any at all though, Josh started thrusting his hips, just enjoying the feeling of my insides too much not to. At first he was sloppy and uncoordinated, so I grabbed a handful of hot little ass with each hand and helped him with his rhythm. Once he got the hang of it though, I stopped guiding him, but why the hell would I want to remove my hands from one of the most perfect asses in the world.

If I died and went to heaven at that moment, I doubted very seriously that it could have gotten any better. Oh, how he felt inside inside me, it was spiritual at the very least. He felt so good that he was causing me to slip into another orgasm already, and that was after only three or so minutes of him starting, and not that much longer since my last one. We lasted no more than a minute after that, and I started first, but very quickly Josh followed suit and started exploding inside me as well.

This time Josh did not collapse, he did not even stop, he just kept right on thrusting inside me. His eyes were totally glazed over, he was sweating even more than I was, his muscles were all taut and vibrating, and it was possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. It was completely and totally the sex that was keeping him going now, nothing more, nothing less, his dick was controlling everything, and it was not going to let a little orgasm stop it from feeling so good. I know boys especially have a tendency to be controlled by their dicks, but I had never seen it so much as right now, and it was kind of comical. It was certainly hot though, and I did not mind his dick controlling the both of us like this at the moment, because it felt nearly as good to me as it looked as it felt for Josh. I was good with that.

Two more times Josh came inside me, and I exploded once more, and it still looked as if Josh were on autopilot, but now he was actually turning red, he was vibrating all over, his eyes were glassy and half closed, and he was rutting feverishly now. If I had not been nearing that myself, I probably would have been concerned, but to tell you quite honestly, I knew that I probably looked much the same, and even though I knew for a fact that there was no way we could continue on after our next cum, I knew that we would both want to still be making love.

Finally, some five minutes later, we both gasped and came, and then that was it, Josh was gone, it had been too much for his battered body and mind to cope with. Instead of passing out when the orgasm ended though, Josh passed out as the strongest orgasm he had ever felt slammed right into him. I knew I was close to that point myself, but somehow managed to hold on and stay somewhat awake. I felt empty a second later as Josh slipped from my abused asshole and I actually thought of grabbing one of my butt plugs and slipping it in, but I did not have the energy at the moment to do so.

It took me nearly ten minutes, forcing myself to stay awake the entire time, to get the energy to roll Josh off of me and go grab our much needed diapers. I doubted that Josh would be able to last too much longer without peeing, because I was getting there myself, and I was getting so tired now it was not funny, and I too needed to have a good nap. I stumbled out of bed and went and grabbed our doublers and diapers, the cream and the wipes, and then went back and diapered Josh first, and then got myself nice and thickly diapered as well. I slipped back into bed, rolled Josh so that he was in a more comfortable position, curled up to him, and then passed out myself.

It was almost two hours later that I woke up, and Josh was still asleep. I just laid there for the longest time watching him, amazed at how beautiful he really was. I admit that I cried freely then, I was so happy. It took almost half an hour more for Josh to wake up, and he saw me laying there awake with a happy smile on my face, and that caused him to smile as well.

“How do you feel baby?” I whispered.

“So very loved. I love you daddy.” He whispered back and reached in for a nice tender kiss.

“I love you so much baby, I can't begin to explain it. How does your little dick feel?”

“Like it went through a meat grinder.” He laughed.

“Gee, no wonder. Do you even remember the last two orgasms?”

“Yeah, but it was like I was being totally controlled by someone else.”

“You were.”


“Yeah, another personality if you will. You were being controlled totally by your little head.”

“That's funny, but somehow I think true too.” He laughed.

“Trust me, I saw it, you weren't there at all.”

“Oh, I was there alright, it was so amazing, but it was like I was in a dream, an amazing dream, and while I felt everything, I wasn't really able to control it all.” He admitted.

“I've never seen anyone be so totally controlled by their dick as that, it was enjoyable to say the least.”

“I'll say. I'm hungry, what time is it?”

“So am I, but it's just a little after four. You know what though, let's go out for dinner and have an early dinner, I think we both deserve it and could really use it as well.”

We got up and got ready to go, and then headed out to a good buffet restaurant down the road. We had an enjoyable meal together, both eating far too much to be anywhere near healthy, but you know what, we enjoyed it, and that was all that really mattered. Once we got home, we stripped down to just our soggy double diapers, as we were both quite soggy by then, and we sat back and relaxed for the night.

From that day on, we were daddy and baby, we made love to each other as often as we possibly could, at least once a day in some form or another, but at least once a week, we would go all out and make love for a couple hours straight, half the time we passed out and woke up the next morning in a very wet bed. Josh did all of his schooling at home, or at the store as it was most often, and graduated high school only a year after his peers would have had he gone to school. He did join a few after school programs though to get used to being around other kids, and he enjoyed his time there, and even made a couple good friends, but none ever caught his eye as I figured would eventually happen and that he would drift away from wanting and needing sex with me to someone a little closer to his age. I was not complaining though, I had told him right from the start that the decision had to be his and his alone, and that while I would be saddened, I would also be happy for him to find himself a nice younger lover.

Josh did not go on and do anything after school, we just managed the store together, and we always did really well. We never did hear again from my sister, his horrible bitch of a mother, but we did not complain about that. It did not come as too much of a shock to us though, nor did it come with any sadness, that about ten years after we met, so Josh was just twenty, that she had gone too far with someone and he killed her, she had made him snap so bad that he came back and just carved her to pieces, and as we understand it, she lived for quite a while as she was being tortured, and we both hoped that now she would understand what she had done to so many.

Surprisingly enough, at least to me anyway, we have now been together for twenty years, and while the sex did slow down some, we still enjoy going at it for at least a couple hours once a week. We also adopted another little boy that year, he was an abandoned and abused little boy of five years old, and as soon as I met him, I knew he was going to be just like Josh. We never had sex with him though, even though he asked, oh how he asked, we just found him a cute little boyfriend, an adorable nine year old, and we hear them playing many nights. Oh, and both of them love diapers as well.

The End

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