Chapter 10

They all slept until a fair bit later than they were normally used to waking up in the morning, but it was Brad and Jackson that woke first. As soon as they realized that they were both awake, they turned to their sides, smiled warmly to each other, and then shared a nice tender and passionate kiss together.

“How does your cute little baby bum feel this morning baby?”

“A little tender, a little sore, but a lot great.”

“I know how you feel. It'll take a few times before you're truly used to it and it no longer really hurts, but no matter how much it hurts, the wonderful feelings just overwhelm it so totally to make you want it again and again, no matter the pain. Thankfully though the pain is only a temporary thing. Would you complain horribly if I were to say I wanted to suck that cute little baby dinky of yours?”

“Nope, unless of course you said I wasn't allowed to suck yours as well.” Jackson grinned.

“Then I guess there won't be any complaining this morning. We definitely won't be touching your cute little ass today, and maybe even tomorrow though, to let it heal a bit, and I probably should have checked it out last night to make sure that we didn't tear you any at all.”

“How would you be able to tell that?”

“If you bleed, you've torn.”

“Then the evidence will probably be in my diaper, so just check when you suck me.”

“Good point, and I'll check to make sure you're not too bruised either.”

“Then, by all means check, I'm more than ready.” Jackson grinned as he rolled onto his back and spread his legs wide open.

“Yeah, it looks like it. That's a pretty impressive tent you have pitched in that hot soggy diaper.” Brad laughed.

“Feel like camping? If so, climb into your tent.” Jackson said huskily.

“Oh yeah.” Brad said, and then reached in and released the tapes on only one side of Jackson's diaper.

Brad looked to Jackson's cute little asshole first, and was pleased to see that although there was definitely bruising evident, it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been, especially considering their size differences. There was also no evidence anywhere that Jackson had torn, so that was good, and he told Jackson so as well.

Without any further words, Brad laid down fully and inhaled all of Jackson to the root, and sucked him like mad. Brad was not wishing to make this last, he wanted his morning treat, and soon, because he was more than aware that their time was more than likely short, because at any time Bradley and Shawn could walk through the door, even though he knew they would likely knock first.

Jackson was thoroughly enjoying the blow job that he was receiving, and like Brad wanted, he was rising rapidly towards the highest peak of his limits, and after probably only two minutes of suction and tongue play, Brad worked the orgasm from Jackson that he had so been seeking. Jackson squealed and exploded, and Brad sucked every last drop from his dick that he possibly could.

“Oh wow, that felt so good. Now, trade places, it's my turn.” Jackson said a few moments later.

“Let me just tape you back up first baby, then I'd be more than happy to.” Brad smiled, and then did so.

Brad then traded places with Jackson and opened his legs. Jackson took brad's previous station, released the tapes on one side of Brad's very soggy and tented diaper, and pulled it aside. Even though Jackson did not need to look at Brad's asshole, he wanted to, so he did, and he thought that it looked amazing. He then dove in and also sucked Brad with a vengeance for at most two minutes, until Brad also came with a loud moan.

“Mmm, you taste so good.” Jackson said, smacking his lips together after suckling and nursing every last drop from Brad that he could.

“Oh wow, you're amazing at that.” Brad sighed.

“Thanks, you're pretty damn good yourself.” Jackson smiled brightly.

“Thanks. Here, let me get your nice soggy baby diaper taped back up.”


“You really do love diapers now too, don't you, just like us boys?”

“Yeah. I guess I always really did, but I needed help to get back into them. As much as my father tried to beat and berate it out of me, I guess he never really truly could.”

“Did you know back then that you loved diapers, and did he somehow find out?”

“I don't really know to tell you the truth. A lot of the past is really fuzzy, but I think maybe I did, but if he knew or not didn't really matter, he still would have treated me the same anyway. Well, should we order some breakfast for the four of us, because the other two are gonna be up soon as well?”

“One of these days I'd really like for you to tell me all of your past that you remember, that way I can help you to get over it even more. I know you say you've forgiven him and gotten over it, and I think in some ways you have, but I don't think you have as entirely as you think you have. The diaper thing kinda proves that. Don't answer now, I don't want to hear it yet, that's for when we get home at the absolute earliest. As for breakfast, sure, I'm really hungry for some reason.”

“Thanks baby.” Brad smiled warmly. “Go ahead and grab the menu from the table on your side please, and then we'll see what their options today are?”

“Okay.” Jackson said, and grabbed the menu and they looked it over. Just as they were almost decided on what it was that they wanted, the other two walked in after knocking gently.

As soon as Bradley and Shawn woke up, which was only a minute or so apart from each other, they smiled warmly to each other, said good morning I love you to each other, they started kissing tenderly.

“How does your bum feel this morning baby?” Bradley asked once they broke apart.

“A little sore, but otherwise really good. How about yours?”

“No pain at all. Care to suck a load or two from each other before getting up to see what the other two are up to?”

“I can bet what they're up to if they're awake, because it's the same thing that we'll be up to in a minute, because hell yeah.”

With that being said, Shawn pushed Bradley onto his back, crawled down and released the tapes on one side of Bradley's diaper, and sucked him to the root, and sucked him hard for about two or three minutes before Bradley exploded.

After giving up so much the night before, Shawn was not surprised to only taste a tiny hint of Bradley's sweet cum. It was more than enough though to tide Shawn over, but already he could not wait until the next time he sucked more of Bradley's hot ball juice from him. He taped Bradley back up, and then rolled over onto his back, so that Bradley could also get his morning treat, something that Shawn was only too willing to give him, and the bulge in his diaper also showed this quite clearly.

Bradley did not wait for any sort of invitation either, because he moved, untaped Shawn's diaper on one side, and then sucked Shawn fiercely for not even two minutes, until Shawn also gave up all that he had, which was more than Bradley had, but neither boy complained.

“Ah, much better.” Shawn sighed out a few moments later, Bradley had already taped his diaper back up and they were just laying there relaxing.

“I'll say. That's the right way to start a morning if you ask me.”

“I think I have to agree with that. Well, you think the other two are done yet, you think it's safe to go over and see if they're ready for breakfast, because I sure am?” Shawn asked, the rumbling of his stomach emphasizing that fact.

“Should be safe, we slept in quite late, and daddy almost never sleeps late, no matter how late he stays up the night before. We'll knock, but we'll have to open the door to hear the response, so if we hear anything, then we'll just come back in here.”

“Okay, let's go then.”

They hopped out of bed and headed to the other room, knocking before they fully entered, and they heard nothing out of the ordinary, so opened the door all the way, and saw that the other two were just sitting on the bed with the room service menu open up between them.

“Ah, good timing, we were just trying to figure out what to get us all for breakfast. Was there anything that you boys wanted in particular for breakfast?” Brad asked.

“We're just glad that we didn't catch you two doing anything naughty.” Bradley grinned

“Liar.” Brad grinned as well.

“You're right.” Bradley grinned wider still.

“That still leaves the original question, breakfast.”

“For sure. Let's see the menu and we'll tell you what we want, thanks.”

Brad handed over the menu and the boys looked it over and decided what they wanted, so brad called the order down, while the boys hopped on the couch and turned the TV on. They flipped it to gay TV to see what was on, and there was a good cartoon on, so they sat and watched it, laughing along with the cartoon antics. This was of course not your normal every day cartoon that most people would allow their children to watch, considering it was gay oriented, but it was good none the less. Not five minutes to the end of the show, their breakfast was delivered, by a naked man of course, and he hungrily looked over the three boys and the man all sitting around in only their diapers. He set all their food on the table and told them all to enjoy. Oh boy did they ever. They had worked up a hell of an appetite the night before and now this morning, and the food was so good, how could they not.

“Well boys, I say showers and then to the gym for a good workout.” Brad said after they finished eating.

“I can agree to most of that, but how 'bout we try out that awesome tub instead?” Jackson asked.

“I think I can agree to that.” Brad said after only a second thought.

“I think we might just do the same, but in our tub.” Shawn said.

“Okay. Let's say we just meet down in the gym then once we're done, and don't forget to put the sign on your door for the cleaners to know that it's safe to enter to clean your room.”

“Okay.” The boys both said.

They each headed to their respective bathrooms and started running nice hot water in the tubs so that they could sit back and relax. Both Brad and Bradley opened up the baskets that were on the counters to find what all the hotel had given to them to use for their stay. In both there was shampoo and conditioner, body wash, scented bath oils, and some salts as well. Both chose the same things to go into their baths, and that was the oils, as well they added the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Within seconds of each other, both pairs slipped into their hot soothing baths and hit the jets, air bubbles, heaters and music. The hotel had music played in all the rooms at all times, it was always soft soothing classical music, almost all the guests loved this during bath times. All four of them laid back, the biggest of their pairs in the back, the smaller of the two sitting in front of the bigger, laying against their boyfriend, and there they laid for a long time, just relaxing, enjoying the feelings. It was nearly an hour before any of them spoke and or really moved any at all, and that was to start getting cleaned up. Minutes later they all hopped out of the bath tubs and dried each other off, and then brushed their hair and teeth, sat on the toilet to take care of those needs, both Brad and Bradley showing the other two how to use the bidets, and then they headed down to get a good workout going.

Within only about a minute of each other, both couples made it to the gym, and started working out in the impressive gym that the resort had for them to use. For about an hour they worked out, just getting a nice sweat on, mostly to help work off some of the huge breakfast that they had just had. Once they all felt that that was good enough, they went and sat in the sauna, then the hot tub, and then finally they jumped in the pool. They hit the showers once they were done there to rinse off, and then they headed out to the beach to get some sun and to have some fun.

They played on the beach for the next few hours until it was lunch time, and then ate lunch. After lunch, one of the other fathers arranged an all under fourteens volleyball game, so the boys decided to join in and have some fun with the other boys that were there. There were not many left there that wanted to play, only fifteen others, but it made for large teams, nine on each side, but they were okay with that. They played for more than an hour, all having a lot of fun, and the team that the boys ended up all being on won their impromptu tournament, five games to four. All the boys had a blast, a couple looked as if that might literally come true soon from how hard they were. After dinner, they all decided to stay in and watch a movie or two and hit the hay early, so that was what they did.

When they all got to the room that Brad and Jackson were using, they all got more comfortable, which when you're naked is an odd thing, but they wanted to get diapered, so they did.

“Oh crap, I forgot that I was gonna check to see if we had that soothing cream for Shawn's bum.” Bradley said just as he was taping Shawn into his diaper, he had already been diapered.

“Ah, so you two had a little anal fun last night did you?” Brad smiled.

“Oh yeah, I'm no longer a virgin.” Shawn smiled brightly.

“Me neither.” Jackson said just as happy.

“Cool. Did you pack it daddy, because it seems I forgot to, I didn't see it any of our things?”

“Nope, it wasn't in my things either.”

“Crap. I'll run down to the store and get it, they probably have some.”

“No, that's okay, I'll run down and get it, I'm still naked, and you're not allowed any clothes or coverings while outside the rooms or outside the change rooms, and there's no point in you taking your diaper back off.” Brad offered, he was just about to get diapered by Jackson.

“Okay, that sounds good. I can well imagine that Jackson probably could have used it this morning as well!”

“Yeah, but it doesn't feel too bad now, just a bit sore.” Jackson said.

“Same here, and Brad's a heck of a lot bigger than Bradley, so you must be a lot more sore than you're admitting, because I'm sure feeling it.”

“Nah, it's not too bad at all. Some cream would feel really nice though.”

“Then I'll be right back boys.” Brad said and took off.

While Brad was gone, the boys talked and laughed for a few minutes before turning on the TV and checking to see what was on. Gay TV had a movie that was scheduled to start in about ten minutes, and it looked really good, so they decided to stick with that, as well as watch the end of the comedy that was currently playing.

Brad made it to the resort store a few moments later and looked around for a minute before finding what it was that he had come for, so he grabbed that. While he was there, he checked it out to see what else they had, and he was pleased to see that they had all sorts of nice things, but he did not take anything other than the cream. It was of course added to his bill, and then he headed back up to the room to give it to the boys that really needed it.

“Here you go boys, this should help make those cute little bums of yours feel lots better. Jackson, you come here, Shawn, Brad will help you out.” Brad said as soon as he made it back.

The boys took up positions by standing in front of their boyfriend, and then bending over to touch their toes, thus making themselves much easier to cream up. Brad and Bradley each took some cream on their fingers, pulled the back of their boyfriends diapers back enough to insert their hands, and then they applied the cooling and healing cream to the boys bruised bum holes.

“Ah, much better already.” Shawn sighed deeply a second after the initial shock of the cold cream wore off.

“Yeah.” Jackson sighed as well.

“Sorry boys, I should have thought about that this morning, it would have made it a lot easier on you throughout the day. We'll apply some more right before bed as well. Now, I need to be diapered as well.”

“Okay.” Both boys said, but Jackson went to his boyfriend and diapered him up nice and thick.

“So, what are we gonna watch?”

“There's a movie about a pair of teen boys that are having a hard time adjusting to the fact that they're gay, and find each other and find the love that they've been missing. It's starting in just a minute here, so sit back and enjoy.” Bradley said.

“I think I've seen it before, it was really good.”

They sat back and watched the entire movie, all of them enjoying it, Brad for the second time, because he had in fact seen it before. As soon as the movie ended, the two bruised boys were told to once again assume the position, so they did, and some more cool cream was applied to their already healing bums.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm tired and am ready for bed, so goodnight.” Bradley said, yawning as he did so.

“Yeah.” All three of the others agreed as one.

“Goodnight boys, have a good sleep, and no anal tonight at all for Shawn, and probably not in the morning either.”

“Don't worry, I have no intentions of doing that tonight, and I probably won't in the morning either, because I don't want to hurt my baby, and that would hurt a lot.” Bradley said, softly looking to Shawn, who did nod his agreement. Even Jackson nodded that he was not going to want that tonight or tomorrow.

“Good, well have a good sleep, see you in the morning.”

“You too, goodnight.” The boys said, and then Jackson added his good nights as well.

They all headed to bed a few seconds later, and other than some gentle kissing and cuddling, they did nothing more and fell fast asleep within minutes.

For the rest of their three week vacation, all four of them had a great deal of fun. They played a lot, tanned just as much, and they were all looking even more incredible for it, they worked out a lot, because they were eating a lot of really good food, they swam, and most importantly, they made love to their boyfriends a lot.

It was the next night, after many applications of cream, that either Shawn or Jackson really felt like having their hot little asses penetrated again, and then a couple days later again, but they were finding just as much as Brad and Bradley did, that they were craving it, even though it still hurt some at first. They all also experimented with a lot of different positions and ways of making love to their partners, and by the end of the three weeks of freedom, they were almost certain that Jackson and Shawn were as adept at lovemaking as their partners were.

“I can't believe it's our last day here already and that we have to go home.” Jackson said, sounding more than a bit bummed out.

“I know how you feel baby. I don't really want to go any more than you do, but we can't stay here for forever. Not to mention the fact that we only brought enough diapers to last us until last night, so we don't even have any more diapers. What's gonna be the hardest of all though is putting our clothes back on.”

“Crap, I never even thought of that. It's gonna be so hard wearing clothes around the house now.”

“Well, you can always go naked there, but your mom might be a bit shocked at first.”

“No thanks.”

“Then you're more than welcome to come be free at our house as often as you want to.” Brad offered.

“You got it.” Jackson said just a little too quickly.

“I thought you might like that. What about diapers though? You realize you haven't woken up dry once since we came here right.”

“I know, I'll manage I guess.”

“You can take some home with you if you want.”

“I better not. My mom still cleans my room, so that might be a bit awkward.”

“You're kidding right?” Shawn sputtered.

“What, what's wrong with that?”

“My mom told me when I was eight that there was no way that she was cleaning my room, and that it was my job. She comes in and gets my hamper and puts my folded clothes on my bed, and she tells me at least once a week to clean my room, but otherwise, she doesn't do much of anything in there.”

“It's not like she cleans it all the time for me, it's my responsibility, but sometimes if I leave it too long, she'll go in and do it, and then I'll hear about it later. Usually it's like how disgusting my bedroom is, how I should be ashamed of myself, how I'm old enough to be able to take care of such a small space all by myself without her help. I just don't see any reason to keep it as clean as she expects it. I mean, I know where everything is, it doesn't usually smell bad in there, and I can at least see the floor, but rarely is it ever to her standards.”

“Know how you feel there, my mom's given me the same gripe more than a few times herself. Difference is though that she's not afraid to spank me if I keep forgetting to keep it clean. Thankfully it's been more than a year since the last time that had to happen.”

“Yikes, my mom's never spanked me. Then again, I doubt she could now, she's pretty small compared to me.” Jackson shivered.

“Not my mom, I'm taller, but she's still way stronger.”

“Not to mention your mom can be downright scary when she wants to be.” Brad laughed.

“You're telling me!” Shawn said.

“Somehow I don't think he has to.” Jackson laughed.

“Well boys, let's get the last of our stuff packed up and get ourselves on our way home. It's been a very long and tiring three weeks, and I'm actually getting somewhat ready to go home now.”

“Ah, I was hoping we could go for one last swim before we headed home.” Jackson said with a fake pout on his face.

“And the moonlight swim last night wasn't the perfect last swim for a week or two?”

“Man that was nice, wasn't it?” Jackson said dreamily.

“Yeah, it was.” Everyone else said.

“Come on boys, let's head home.” Brad said, and they made one final sweep of their rooms, to be sure they had everything, not that there was all that much.

They found nothing else, so they headed out, stopping at guest services to let them know that they had now vacated their rooms and that they could clean them for the next guests. Seeing as how it was the end of the month anyway, they gave Brad his current statement, and he was thankful that he had just received a rather healthy bonus, because this vacation had cost them a whole hell of a lot of money, but it was worth every last penny of it too. They headed out to the car after stopping in the change room to get dressed, and it was pretty universal their feelings, disgusted to be putting clothes back on. Although they all went without underwear or shirts, so they were wearing only shorts and sandals, since it was the least they could legally get away with.

“I really don't like having to wear clothes again.” Shawn said as they were climbing in the car. They had all said it a few times by then.

“I know, but it's a necessity I'm afraid. We can't stay there for forever, we do have homes to go to and family that needs to be visited.”

“Yeah, I know. Mind you, Jackson is the only one that has to visit any family right now, mine's not in the country, and I've never heard of or seen you guys visit family, so I'd assume there isn't any to visit for you either.”

“True.” Brad acknowledged.

“And it's only my mom, no one else now.” Jackson said.

“Still, we need to go home.”

“I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it any. So, what are we gonna do once we get home then?”

“Sit back and relax for a few days and do nothing much I say.” Bradley answered.

“Pretty much exactly what I was thinking.”

“Can we at least buy a satellite system daddy, so that we can get Gay TV, they don't carry it on cable?”

“Sure, why not.” Brad said in thought a second later. “I sorta liked watching movies and shows about gays and for gays, it's sorta refreshing. And don't worry, I won't bother blocking the gay porn channels either, because I'll just get all the channels.”

“That might be fun. We watched a few minutes of one of them one evening, and it was pretty fun.” Bradley admitted.

“Only a few minutes, I'm surprised, we watched quite a bit.” Brad said.

“Well, a few could mean thirty or so as well.” Bradley admitted again with a grin.

“Yes, yes it could.” Brad laughed.

“So, how much did that vacation cost anyway, I saw you flinch when you got your statement?” Jackson asked.

“The hotel was a little over six thousand, and food was almost a couple thousand as well with all the snacks, drinks, treats, and the few things we bought from the store. It was just under eight thousand dollars total, but I guess that's not too bad for what we got.”

“Wow, that was expensive, but I certainly think it was well worth it.” Jackson whistled.

“Me too.” Everyone else said.

The rest of the drive home, they all talked and laughed about their vacation, how sad they were to be leaving, but how happy they were to have gone, and how much they were looking forward to going back again. Bradley actually had the nerve to ask if they could go again during the summer, and before Brad could shoot that idea down fully, the other two piped up, saying that would be totally awesome, so Brad had to admit that it might not be so bad. It was not like he could not afford it after all, and it certainly was free and relaxing, as well he had all the time in the world this summer to do it, so he figured that they may as well.

“Well boys, here we go, we're home. Jackson, after a nice kiss, I think you had better head straight home and spend some time with your mom as soon as she gets up.”

“Yeah, here we are. It'll be a really long kiss, because it's gonna have to last me for at least a few hours.” Jackson said sadly.

“For sure.” Brad said, and they leaned into each other and kissed tenderly, passionately, for at least ten minutes. Bradley and Shawn at least had the decency to exit the car to give the two love birds their privacy, and they headed inside the house.

“Well, bye bye baby, love you, come over tomorrow as soon as you can, okay.” Brad said sadly.

“Bye bye, love you too, and you bet, wild horses couldn't keep me away.”

And with that, Jackson was gone, he headed straight home, exiting out through the garage door, forgetting to say goodbye to the boys, but they would not mind. Brad headed into the house to join the boys, who were currently sitting on the couch naked.

“Come on boys, let's go get diapered up nice and thick, and then we'll get some dinner going, I'm getting hungry.” Brad said, he was missing the diapers as much as the boys probably were, and he was getting hungry, because they skipped lunch and headed straight home so that they could have an early dinner to get to bed early as well.

“Okay.” Both boys said happily at the prospects of diapers and dinner as well.

They went and got diapered and then headed to the kitchen to all help make dinner. Their only problem that they found when they got there was that they had next to no fresh food, because they had eaten as much of it as they could, and did not restock it before leaving for vacation, so that they did not have food going bad while they were gone. They made do though, because none of them felt like getting dressed and or going out and getting dinner, nor did they want anything delivered, although they did deliberate over that prospect.

It was not long after they ate dinner that they decided to call it a night, and they all headed to bed, at least a full two hours early. That is one thing about vacation, it sure does tire a person out, because they had done things each and every day, they kept going and going, having as much fun every day as they possibly could.

When Jackson got home, his mom was up and waiting for him, patiently awaiting his arrival. She was of course more than a bit happy to see her son, he was after all gone for three weeks. She commented on how much she missed him and how good his tan looked, she even had him pull his pants down a bit in the back so that she could see that he had no tan lines, because he would have far less of a line now than he did before, and he had none, he blushed, but proudly did it anyway. He told his mom all about all the things that they had done while there, skipping any and all naughty bits of course, but she knew, she knew full well he had a boyfriend, the way he talked about Brad, and she knew that his boyfriend was more than old enough to be his father, but she was okay with that.

They sat down and ate an early dinner together, so that his mom could eat with him before going to work, and shortly after she left, he too went to bed. Every last one of them slept soundly the full night through, but Jackson was about to find out that he probably should have taken Brad up on the offer to bring some diapers home, because he did not just wet his bed, he saturated it. When his mom came home in the morning and checked on him, she smelled it instantly, so went to check to see if his diaper had leaked, and was surprised to find he was not wearing one.

“Wake up Jackson.” She called out a few times.

“Oh, good morning mom. You just getting home?” He asked groggily, and then realized instantly that something was wrong. “Oh no.”

“Yeah, you wet your bed quite badly. Why aren't you wearing one of the diapers I know you've been wearing?”

“How did you know about that?” Jackson asked simply, his panic disappearing.

“I've seen you wearing them before, but I've never noticed whether or not you wore one to bed. I just sorta figured that you must, although I couldn't figure out where you've been hiding them.”

“No, I don't wear them to bed, because then I'd have to keep them here, and then you'd have noticed. I guess that's not such a big deal now then?”


“How'd you know, it sounds like you've known for a while?”

“You honestly think I give you unrestricted access to the internet without having some way to keep track of what you're viewing?”

“Oh god, that means you know everything then, don't you?”

“Pretty much, yeah. If you've viewed it online, I've seen it too. I also read what you wrote about your new boyfriend, he seems very nice, and I guess it comes as no surprise that he's more than old enough to be your dad. One of these days I'll have to meet him.”

“And you're okay with it all?”

“Of course I am you silly twit, if I wasn't, I would've talked to you about loving diapers and boys when you were ten. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised you didn't start wetting the bed by then just to get diapers.”

“You have any idea how often I thought of doing just that?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Yeah, you probably do. Well, I'm up now, I may as well get up and get changed and get my bedding in the wash.”

“Yeah, you may as well, and grab the steam cleaner as well and quickly clean your mattress. We'll have to get you a good mattress protector one of these days, so that you don't ruin your mattress as well. I'll go start breakfast, come down when you're done.”

“Thanks mom.”

She left the room and Jackson stripped his soaked underwear off and threw them on the bed, went to the bathroom naked, a daring move he thought, and washed himself up as best he could until he could have a shower later, and then headed back to his room to put on a new pair of underwear. He grabbed his bedding and took it to the laundry room and put it all in the washer to clean. He then grabbed the steam cleaner and cleaned his bed as best he could. He headed down to the kitchen a few minutes later to sit and talk with his mom.

“You haven't come down in just underwear in a long time.” His mom mused.

“Yeah, well to tell you the truth, after spending so much time at a nudist resort, even this feels constricting.”

“I bet it does. You could take them off if you wanted.” She offered.

“No thanks, that'd feel just too weird.”

“Weren't there any females at this resort, you had to have gotten used to being naked around them there?”

“Actually, no, there wasn't. You'd figure it out sooner or later anyway when you read it on my computer, but it's a mens only resort.” Jackson blushed.

“I won't bother reading any more, we both know what you like, and I just had to know who your new boyfriend was, otherwise I haven't snooped much lately at all, just checking occasionally to make sure that you're not doing anything truly stupid.”

“Thanks.” Jackson blushed.

“No worries. As for going to a mens only nudist resort, I suppose that's where gay guys would want to go.”

“There's straight guys and their kids there too.” Jackson said defensively.

“Yeah, probably not many though.”

“No, probably not.”

“So, do you want some money to buy yourself some diapers today?”

“Yes please.” Jackson whispered.

“Oh don't bother going and getting shy on me now, I already know probably all of your secrets, except maybe what you and your boyfriend got up to for three weeks at a gay nudist resort.”

“Men's only, not just gay, and you probably don't want to know.” Jackson grinned and blushed.

“I think I have a pretty good understanding of what all you two might have been up to, I'm not totally naïve after all, even about gay sex. I just hope you two took it easy.”

“Oh yeah, I hardly bruised even, and it felt amazing.” Jackson said dreamily, and then realized who he was talking to and blushed fiercely from head to toe, his mom laughed.

“That's good.” She laughed.

“What's for breakfast?” Jackson asked, attempting to change the subject.

“Bacon, eggs, and toast.”

“Mmm, sounds good.”

“I bet it will be after eating at a hotel restaurant for three weeks. So, how much money will you need for the diapers then?”

“You have no idea how wrong you are about that. We ate like royalty every day. They're a four star rated restaurant there, and the food was to die for. I'm talking three course breakfasts with anything and everything you could ever ask for, waffles that are as light and fluffy as clouds inside, but with a perfect crisp shell, topped with real fruit and whipped cream. I even had a steak and lobster done the chefs way, not well done like we always have it here, and I tell you, it was pink in the middle, but it was the best thing I'd ever eaten in my life, it just melted in my mouth. And their burgers are to die for too, in fact, with the amount of calories that are probably in them, you probably would die if you ate too many of them.” Jackson said, laughing most of the time.

“Good grief, then why the hell did you come home? If I got to eat like that every day, I certainly wouldn't come home?”

“Trust me, it was against all our wishes and desires, but we didn't really think the next people to have our rooms would appreciate sharing with us.” Jackson laughed.

“I bet.”

“As for how much money, about forty dollars should cover it I think.”

“Wow, not cheap, are they?”

“No, they're pretty expensive for the really good and comfortable ones, but that'll last me almost a month, maybe more.”

“Oh, well that's good then I guess.”


They sat there and talked more while waiting for breakfast to be finished, Jackson's mom hopping up to do whatever she needed to do every so often. Once breakfast was ready, they sat down to eat it together, and then they both worked to clean up the kitchen and then the rest of the house as well. Jackson transferred his bedding from the washer to the dryer, put a new load of his dirty laundry in the washer, and then headed to go get a nice hot shower. His mom had pretty much also done the same thing, except she would be getting ready for bed after her shower, whereas Jackson decided to get dressed for the day, which by the looks of the weather outside that morning was to be pants and long sleeve shirt.

“Well, here's fifty dollars, get what you need, have a good day, I'm heading to bed, so I'll see you at dinner time, please?”

“Thanks mom, have a good sleep, see you at dinner time.”

As soon as Jackson was free to do so, he headed over to Brad's house to spend the day with them. He knocked on the door and just walked in as he had been instructed to do, and was happy to see that the others were up and sitting there in the living room in only their soggy diapers.

When Brad and the boys woke up, they all went downstairs and made some breakfast, ate that, then cleaned up what little needed to be cleaned up in the house, then sat back and watched TV until Jackson arrived.

“Morning guys. Have a good morning?” Jackson asked, sounding awfully chipper they all thought.

“Not too bad, was nice and relaxing actually. Sounds like you did though.” Brad said.

“It started out not so good, but it ended up really good. I wet my bed, well actually I totally flooded it, and my mom woke me up when she got home from work to tell me I did. We then ended up talking and she told me how she's known I loved diapers for a long time and that she was surprised I wasn't wearing one. She said she knew my boyfriend was old enough to be my dad, and we just talked about a lot of things. It actually feels really good to be so free at home as well.” Jackson said happily.

“I bet it does. So, are you gonna take some diapers home now then?” Brad asked.

“Actually, my mom gave me fifty bucks to buy some today for at home, so I want to go get some today if we can?”

“Cool. You should buy yourself a diaper shirt or two as well, just so that you have one of your own to wear.” Bradley offered.

“I just might do that, and we should pick out a couple for you too Brad.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. So, we desperately need to go grocery shopping today, we have next to nothing here, I want to check out satellite systems, we need diapers and cream, and probably wipes as well, and I'm sure there's at least a dozen other things I'm forgetting.”

“Cool, so shopping we go today.” Shawn said.

“Yep, let's go get changed and dressed then and we'll head right out.”

Jackson followed Brad up to his room, and it was not entirely so that he could help Brad get changed and dressed, because he wanted a diaper as well. He did change Brad first into a nice dry diaper, and then helped him to get dressed into some clothes that would not show that fact that he was diapered. This was a tricky thing though, because Brad still had mostly tighter fitting clothes, but he was going to rectify some more of that today as well. Brad then stripped Jackson of all his clothes, and lo and behold, Jackson was not wearing any underwear at all. Jackson grinned when Brad made the comment, but said nothing. Brad diapered him up, got his diaper shirt on, and then helped him to get dressed again.

Bradley and Shawn had went to their room and changed each others diapers and then helped each other to get dressed. They too were in pants and shirts today, because it was cooler and threatening to rain. They headed to the living room once they were ready to go to meet the other two, who were probably already there they figured, but they all met in the upper hallway and went down together.

“Jackson, why don't keep your money and I'll just buy everything today, because diapers and diaper shirts is gonna cost more than fifty bucks anyway.”

“Yeah, I know, but I'll at least give you the money, I don't want you to be buying everything for me.”

“That's okay, I don't need it, you need it more.” Brad shook it off.

“Thanks.” Jackson smiled warmly.

“Okay then boys, medical supply store first, and then the mall I think, so let's go.”

“Okay.” The boys all said happily and put on their shoes and headed out to the car.

They took the short drive to the medical supply place first, and all went in. All four of them stayed at the diaper section this time, no problems at all there.

“So, Jackson, what ones do you want for at home then?”

“I think I want the ultra thick ones please, the largest package they have please.”

“Then go ahead and grab them, you can't expect me to carry everything.” Brad smiled.

“We want another pack of those for at home as well daddy, and we need more of the regular ones.” Bradley said, also grabbing one.

“Okay. Each of you grab a pack of the regular ones then, and I'll grab mine.” Brad said, and grabbed himself one of each as well, just for good measure. The only one to not have two large bags of diapers was Shawn, so he was relegated to carrying the wipes and cream as well.

“There we go, I think that's everything. Are we still okay for lube?”

“I think we are, I'm pretty sure we have a full unopened tube in our bedside drawer.” Shawn answered.

“Same here, so we should be good. Let's go pay for this boys and head to the mall.”

They went and paid for their diapers and supplies and then took it to the car and stored it in the trunk. It was nearly full, and they still had to go to the mall and grocery shopping. Brad figured that after the mall they would have to stop at home and drop all that stuff off so that they could fit their groceries in. The boys agreed to this plan when he informed them. The drive to the mall was once again pretty short, and when they arrived, they grabbed a cart and headed inside.

For nearly three hours they stayed in the mall looking around and buying all that they wanted and or needed. Each of them got at least one new diaper shirt, but Brad and Jackson took three, they all got some new clothes, but for some reason none of them bought underwear, and Bradley even risked asking to get his ears pierced, and Brad agreed, so they had that done. They went for lunch in the food fair and ate whatever they wanted, and then headed out.

From the mall they headed to an electronics place that had all the satellite equipment that they could ever want, and they looked around at all the options, but mostly the programming that the varying companies had to offer. There was one that certainly seemed to be more gay friendly, having five channels dedicated to them, so they looked solely at their equipment. They found the one that they wanted, so Brad put in an order to have someone come out and install that system and all the highest end receivers that they would need.. The time was set for the following afternoon, and they were all good with that.

Bradley also asked for a new TV for his bedroom, because his old one had been dying a slow painful death, something that Brad had known for quite a while, but the color was now getting so bad it looked like a black and white TV with the occasional color streak, so he agreed. The store had a great deal on a thirty inch plasma TV and stereo combo set, and Brad felt that that would do just fine, because Bradley's stereo was really quite old and did not play DVD's, whereas the new one would play them and Blu-Ray discs, and it had all six speakers, so he decided to splurge on that. He also decided that there was no way he was going to allow Bradley to have a better one than him, so got himself one of the packages as well.

“Is there anything else that we need from here before we go?” Brad asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

“Well, we already have a really good TV and surround system in the living room, but we don't have a Blu-Ray player, and you said before that you wanted to get one, so if you're already spending like ten thousand dollars, what's a few more bucks.” Bradley said simply.

“Good point. The problem though is I think we're maxed out for HDMI ports with the new satellite receiver and the other DVD player. That TV for some reason only has two inputs.”

“You can get HDMI switch boxes that can be programmed to work from your remote, so you can just plug everything into it and let it do the switching for you.” Jackson offered.

“Hmm, might just have to look at that, but I doubt the remote we have can do that.”

“Then get one of those really nice all in one remotes, they can even be used to do your lights and everything if you have the proper stuff. They're pretty cool, I've seen them here before, I love this store.” Jackson said.

“Okay, show me what this stuff is and we may as well just get it all at the same time.” Brad sighed, but he was enjoying this as well. It really did feel good to spend stupid amounts of money for what amounted to no real reason at all, other than they just wanted it.

Jackson took him over to the display, and Brad nearly choked at the prices, three hundred just for the best remote, and then the accessories for all sorts of other things ranged from twenty to a hundred dollars, depending on what they needed. He decided what the hell though and picked out everything he would need, including new switches for the lights, so that the remote could do that as well. They also picked out a six port automatic HDMI switch box and all the cables that they would need for that, the best Blu-Ray player the store had, and even a few new movies to go along with the new player.

“Okay, anything else?” Brad asked, once again fearfully.

“Nothing that I can think of off the top of my head.” Bradley said.

“Good, because this is gonna hurt as it is.” Brad grinned.

“Yeah, but it'll be worth it, and it was fun.” Bradley smiled.

“Yeah, it was.”

They headed to the cash desk where everything that they had been grabbing was being piled, and it was rung through and Brad paid the extremely large bill, they were loaded up and they headed home to offload everything. Everything from the car was just piled in the middle of the living room floor for the time being it would be sorted and put away later, but for now, they really seriously needed to go grocery shopping. So, as soon as they were ready, they headed off to the grocery store once again. This stop was one of their shorter ones for the day, but it was almost as expensive or more so than a couple of their other stops. They pretty much needed everything, and had filled two buggies up, both nearly to the maximum weight limits.

From there they headed back home, and this time it would be to stay. It was unfortunate though that as soon as they got home, Jackson said that he had to be going, because it was almost time for dinner, so he gave Brad a nice tender kiss goodbye, and then promised to come back to spend the night after his mom went to work. He double bagged his pack of diapers and headed home. Brad, Bradley, and Shawn then took on the onerous task of putting everything away, as well as get dinner. The boys said they would get everything put away if Brad wanted to cook, and he was okay with that, so that was what they did. The electronics were left for the time being, but everything else was put away where it belonged, and the boys also grabbed a much needed diaper change. They had changed while at the mall, but that was many hours ago, and more than a few drinks ago as well, so they needed it. Brad decided to hold off though, because he felt he would last a little while longer.

After dinner, the three of them sat around in just their diapers, Brad had finally had to go and change his diaper after dinner, they were just watching TV. Only about an hour after sitting down to watch TV, Jackson came in and joined them, stripping off his clothes and down to his nearly saturated diaper, because he had not yet changed. Brad took him up to his room and changed his diaper quickly, and then they were down again to watch TV with the others.

“Well boys, I think that that's more than late enough, I'm beat.” Brad said, turning off the TV and standing up.

“Not as much as you're about to be by the looks of the grin on Jackson's face.” Shawn laughed.

“No, nor as much as I bet you two will be in a few minutes.” Brad laughed, looking over to Jackson and getting a nod.

“Probably true, heck, it's totally true. Well, goodnight.” Bradley said, and then dragged Shawn up to their bedroom.

Brad and Jackson laughed, locked up the house, and then headed up to their bedroom as well. Given that all four of them were more than a little tired, it was not surprising that they only laid down and kissed tenderly for a few minutes while stroking their boyfriends to the release that they needed so that they could sleep. Each and every one of them extracted their hands from the diapers that they had been inside and licked off the mess that they had collected in them. With final kisses and wishes of goodnight to each other, they were fast asleep minutes later.