Chapter 3

The next morning, Shawn woke up so much more horny than he ever remembered being. Not only that, but he had sexy dreams all night long, and his underwear were more than a little sticky, in fact, they were so wet, it was like he had peed, except his bed was not that wet. Even with as wet as his underwear were from the wet dreams, it was those same dreams of the things that Bradley wanted to do to him that made him really want to jack off even more, so he did so. He took his hot hard teen erection into his hands, still inside his sticky underwear, he liked that, and started stroking and stroking. Thirty seconds was all it took for orgasm number one of the morning to spill out and add more wetness to his underwear. He kept stroking though, until load number two, and then load number three were quickly added to the mess. With a deep sigh, Shawn slumped down and did something that he had never done before, he pulled his hand out and licked up all the mess. After tasting himself the other night, he now craved it, but this was better.

“Oh, wow, so good.” Shawn sighed once again to himself and stuck his hand back down more than a few times to retrieve more and more, until there was nothing more to get.

Shawn however was not the only one having a good time that morning, for right next door, Bradley had waken up early after having yet another sexy dream about his up and coming boyfriend. He though grabbed one of his dildos and the lube, pulled his very wet diaper aside, slipped his dildo inside, and the proceeded to fuck himself silly with that while stroking his hot hard young meat through said soggy diaper. Bradley though managed five back to back orgasms before he was ready to face the day. He slipped his dildo out, slipped his butt plug in, and hopped out of bed. Making sure to reposition his diaper so that it would not leak should, or when he peed again, he headed to the kitchen.

“Morning kiddo, sounds like you were having a good time in there this morning.” Brad chuckled when Bradley walked in.

“Yeah, I was, thanks, and good morning to you too.” Bradley grinned.

“You're walking a little gingerly today, did you steal another one of my butt plugs again?”

“Well, not really, I just never returned it, because you never use it anyways, it's too small for you. Same with that small dildo, I just never returned it. I'd really like it if you could buy me a cock ring though, one of the nice vibrating ones? Yours are way too big for me.”

“You're right, they're too small for me anyways, so you may as well just keep them. You feel better this morning though?”

“Yeah, much better. What's for breakfast?”

“Whatever you feel like making, because I don't feel like cooking today.”

“Okay, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast it is then.”

“Sounds good to me baby.” Just then they heard a knock at the door, and Brad was the only one half way decent, he was somewhat wearing a robe, so he went to the door to see who it was, making sure to close the robe before he opened the door though.

Shawn headed downstairs and found his parents sitting there drinking their coffee.

“Morning mom and dad.” Shawn said cheerily.

“Morning Shawn, you sound happier this morning than you normally are. And you're dressed too, what's up?” Lori asked.

“I'm gonna head right over to Brad and Bradley's, so I'll catch you later.”

“It's only seven in the morning, isn't that a bit on the early side?”

“Nah, they'll be up already, they're always up by six thirty at the latest, and Brad said I could come over first thing in the morning as soon as I was up.” Shawn said, he knew it was a lie, because Brad had not said any such thing, but he just had this inexplicable urge to go visit Bradley.

Kevin and Lori though did not have a chance to say anything further, because Shawn bolted from the room, and from the house pretty much as fast as he could.

“He really is in love with Bradley, isn't he?” Kevin mused.

“Yeah.” Lori sighed.

“Oh, good morning Shawn, you're up awful early today. From what I understand from your parents, it's not normal to see you on the weekends before ten am.”

“Yeah, well I just wanted to come over and I was awake. I hope you don't mind.”

“No, of course not. Come on in, but you'll have to forgive the fact that we're still in our pajamas, or is that maybe part of the reason you're here this early, you wanted to see Bradley in his pajamas?”

“Well, maybe a bit, but I just wanted to see you guys again.”

“Uh uh, not me, you can't fool me that easily. Admit it, you came over to see your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, I did, just don't tell him yet please?”

“I don't have to, he already knows.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I know. So, can I join you guys today and do something?”

“Sure, I hadn't had any plans for the day, so I have no idea what we'll do. Is there anything you'd like to do?”

“Well, I'd sorta like to go back to the beach again today?” Shawn asked hopefully.

“Yeah, it usually only takes one day before you're addicted to that place. Sure, why not though, we've hardly gone this year, so we can make up some time.” Brad grinned.

“It's so nice and free, and I noticed in the mirror this morning that my tan looks really good, and I have no tan lines.”

“I know how you feel, and you do look better not being so pale.”

“Thanks. Is Bradley up yet?”

“Oh, he's been up for a while, if you catch my drift. In fact, he's already played in his room for almost an hour this morning.”

“He doesn't have any toys in his room, he has a play room for all those.” Shawn said in confusion, because about the only thing in Bradley's bedroom was his bed, dresser, book case, and his desk.

“Well, the sort of toys he was playing with this morning you don't usually leave laying around, like his dildo and butt plug.” Brad grinned evilly, and was satisfied to see Shawn blush again.

“Oh man. You really bought him those types of toys?”

“No, not really, more I bought them for myself years ago and he just stole them because I no longer use them, they're too small for me. Granted, most boys would think they're far too large to stick up their tight little asses, but Bradley is far from tight, never has been I guess.”

“Oh. And you didn't get mad that he took them?”

“No, he used to just borrow them, clean them properly, and then return them, but he stopped returning them I guess. Not like I noticed mind you, I never use those ones anyway.”

“Oh. So, where is he then, in his room still?”

“You wish. No, he's in the kitchen.” Brad said, and Shawn blushed more.

“Oh, okay.”

“If you want to take him up to his bedroom for a while though, I'm willing to bet he'd be more than okay with that.”

“Um, no thanks.” Shawn squeaked out.

“Your loss.” Brad shrugged, and followed Shawn into the kitchen.

“Shawn, good morning.” Bradley screeched out and launched himself at his boyfriend.

Shawn barely had time to register what was happening before Bradley nearly smashed into him and hugged him tightly, and then reached up for a kiss. Shawn grabbed hold of Bradley, putting one arm around his back, and the other cupping his cute little diapered ass, and reached down and gave the younger boy the kiss he was searching for. For almost three minutes they stood in the kitchen kissing, and Shawn learned what French kissing was all about, because Bradley slipped him the tongue. The shorts that Shawn was wearing did little to hide the fact that he was very aroused, but then the thick diaper that Bradley was wearing just barely concealed that fact about him as well, but Brad could tell.

“Wow, good morning to you too.” Shawn sighed deeply as the kiss ended, he very nearly collapsed to the floor from lack of oxygen.

“You kiss real nice for someone who's never kissed anyone before.” Bradley sighed.

“And you kiss really well for someone who probably shouldn't even know how to kiss.” Shawn grinned.

“Yeah, except he's been practicing on his pillow since he was four, and then with his friends since he was six.” Brad laughed.

“You have?” Shawn looked to Bradley and asked.

“Probably yeah, I don't remember that far back, but I've kissed more than a few of my friends, most of them liked it, even when I slipped them the tongue, but a couple thought it was gross. I just like to kiss.”

“When I was younger, I probably would have thought it was gross too, but now, oh wow.”

“Yeah, that's about what most people say after he kisses them. Granted, I only saw him kiss two of his friends like that, and quite by accident as well.” Brad laughed again.

“Well, one boy last year said I was sick, the first time, but he came back again and again to practice he said. I knew he liked it too though, because he was always as hard as I was. Too bad he moved away last summer, but he wouldn't have been a good boyfriend anyways, he wasn't big enough, but he was fun to play with.”

“Good grief, you're going to be a size king, just like me, aren't you?” Brad sighed.

“The bigger the better, boy am I happy that Shawn is so big already, because that means he'll likely get even bigger still.” Bradley said, patting the front of Shawn's still tented out shorts, causing Shawn to blush still more yet.

“You're horrible.” Shawn squeaked out.

“Thanks. But it's true, you're already five inches at least when you're hard, and I'd say two to two and a half inches around, and you're only thirteen. By the time you finish growing, you could easily be two inches or more longer, and an inch or more bigger around, and that's a real nice size, just ask daddy, those are the guys he likes.”

“Oh yeah, now there's a hunk of meat I don't mind riding all night long, and then some.” Brad sighed out this time. “And yes Shawn, you probably will get around that size by the time you finish growing, because like Bradley said, you're a real good size already. Now, have you had breakfast yet, because Bradley was just making some, and if you haven't, he can make more for you too?”

“Thanks, I think, but no, I wanted to come over right away.”

“Okay. Bradley, you better go turn the bacon before it burns, it's starting to smell hot, and do up the full package for the three of us.”

“Oh crap yea, I forgot I was cooking.” Bradley said and then rushed over to the stove.

“Oh, you were still cooking alright, I think Shawn can agree to that one.”

“Definitely.” Shawn said, and then blushed when he realized what he had said.

“You know, for someone who became quite comfortable being naked like you did yesterday, you still embarrass far too easily.”

“Yeah, but I'm not used to talking like this. My mom and dad don't even kiss or say I love you in front of me. And besides, you didn't give me too much choice in getting used to it, now did you?” He smiled warmly.

“Nope, and I think you know why too.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“You're welcome. After breakfast Bradley, Shawn has requested that we go out somewhere special, he asked to go back to the beach, and I said yes, so you'll need to go get changed.”

“Why can't I just wear a diaper there, no one will mind? I've seen a few others there change out of or into their diapers, and a couple I know for fact don't need them either.”

“No, the problem will be that if you strip down to just a diaper, more than a few people might end up getting kicked out, because they'll go nuts over seeing you like this.” Brad grinned. “But yeah, there's more than a few diaper lovers there, isn't there?”

“Then I'm definitely wearing my diaper. It'll hold up. Do I have to take my butt plug out?”

“I'll be wearing mine, lots of guys do, but it'd probably be a good idea to take yours out, I don't know if they'd like seeing a kid with one in, although, once again, that might arouse many.”

“I'm gonna do it daddy.”

“Okay, your choice, I just hope it doesn't backfire on us.”

“Your diaper's already pretty soggy, are you sure it'll last until we get there?” Shawn asked curiously.

“Sure, it'll last at least two more good wettings, but I'll probably only pee once more until then, I just finished peeing before you came in, so I'll be good for a bit yet.”

“Oh, okay.”

“He's got it down to a science how long he can push a diaper.” Brad laughed.

“Sounds like it.” Shawn laughed as well.

Ten minutes later, they stayed chatting the whole time, Bradley set all their food on the table and told the other two to dig in, so they did, and they all enjoyed a great deal.

“That was really good Bradley, thanks a lot.” Shawn said.

“Thanks, it was quick and easy. Wanna come help me get dressed?”

“I'd better not, thanks though.”

“Aw nuts. Well, I'll be right down.”

“Can you bring me a pair of shorts and a tank top as well please baby?”

“Sure daddy.” Bradley said, and then skipped happily from the room.

“Wise decision, because had he got you up to his room, we never would have made it to the beach today.” Brad laughed.

“That's pretty much why I'm still here, I don't want to do that yet, I don't think I'm ready for it yet.”

“Just take your time, Bradley will be fine waiting a little longer.”

“Yeah, I just hope I am too. Oh, before I forget, can I get you to cover for me a bit with my parents if they ask you something?”

“That depends I suppose, what did you tell them?”

“That you told me to come over first thing in the morning. I just really wanted to come over and see Bradley again, and I sorta lied to them without really even realizing it.”

“Well, you know I won't lie to your parents for you if they ask, but believe you me they'd understand, they've been there themselves as well.” Brad laughed.

“I was afraid you'd say that.”

“Yeah, well they've been friends for a long time, and besides, I'm willing to bet that they already knew anyway, so don't worry so much.”

“Okay, here I am, get your shorts on daddy and let's go right away.”

“Thanks baby. Do you think you could have possibly grabbed a smaller tighter pair of shorts? With those things on, you can so clearly tell that you're very heavily diapered and wet.”

“That was the point, and besides, they're coming off real soon anyway, so it's not a big deal.” Bradley grinned.

“You're a brat.”

“Thanks.” He grinned cheekily.

“Come on then you two, let's get going.”

“Yippee.” Bradley cheered, and grabbed Shawn's hand and dragged him out the door and to the car.

It was probably a good thing that the car was parked in an attached garage, so that none of the neighbors would have seen that, not that they would have anyways, it was still too early for that.

“Oh, what about a picnic lunch, shouldn't we take something with us?” Shawn asked as Brad climbed in and was starting the car.

“Nah, not today. We'll just eat lunch there, and head home before dinner, no worries.”

“Oh, okay then.” Shawn said, and then for the next hour, they all talked happily until they pulled up.

They found a parking spot that was about as close as possible to the main building, since it was still quite early in the morning, and then they all got out and headed inside. This time without any convincing at all, or any words for that matter, Shawn stripped down and shoved his shorts and shirt in the locker. He was not even wearing underwear today. There were a few others in there already when they walked in, and more than a few of the men and boys could be heard to groan deeply when they saw Bradley remove his shorts to reveal the very wet diaper, and then when he removed it and bent over, showing them the not so small toy that was firmly seated in his hot little bum. Even Shawn groaned when he saw that, because he was behind Bradley at the time, and he too was amazed such a large looking thing would fit into what looked like such a small bum.

“Okay boys, come on, let's go find a spot.”

They all headed out happily to the beach and found a nice spot, and set all their things out. Once again, they started their stay by tanning a bit, and once again Brad called out flip every few minutes, so that they got a nice even tan. After tanning for nearly an hour, they headed to the waters edge and went for a nice swim, enjoying the freedom as usual.

“I can't believe how embarrassed I was yesterday, I wouldn't miss this for the world.” Shawn said lazily as he was floating on his back, his erection at full mast, just like nearly everyone else within the vicinity.

“Hell, I can't believe I was embarrassed the first time I came here at the age of sixteen, but like you, I wouldn't miss it for the world either. It actually took me two days though to get used to it.” Brad said back, not even opening his eyes. All three boys were just laying in the water, floating on their backs, their heads actually touching.

“I don't even know what it's like to go swimming with clothes, don't think I even want to.” Bradley commented.

“No, I don't think I want to anymore either.” Shawn sighed.

“Either of you want to head out to the floating dock and dive off and play for a bit there?” Brad asked.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Shawn answered and Bradley nodded his head as well.

“Cool, let's go then boys.”

They headed over to the large floating dock where there were a number of others already there and playing. There were two slides, a diving board, and a swing for everyone to enjoy, and all were enjoying them. It was quite the sight to see to see a bunch of men and boys jumping around with not a stitch of clothing on, and while some were almost hard, none were fully so. The three of them played there for almost an hour, having a blast, and they had already spent nearly an hour in the water playing, so they were getting pretty close to hungry.

“Come on boys, let's go back up to shore and lay back and dry off and tan for a bit more before we get some lunch.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me.” Shawn said.

“Me too.” Bradley added.

They swam back to shore and headed to their blanket and laid down again, and for the next half an hour, flipped from back to front and back again, getting nice and toasty and dry once again. After that, they headed up to the restaurant and ordered themselves a good hearty lunch. They all went with something different than what they had had the night before, and no alcohol this time either, but the one thing that did not change was how much they enjoyed the meal once again.

“Okay, what next boys?”

“Can we play horseshoes again?” Shawn asked.

“No, let's try something different today, okay.” Brad answered.

“Oh, okay, how about lawn darts?”

“Sure, why not. Similar to horseshoes, just more dangerous, just remember to never throw if someone's in the way, they really hurt.”

“Yikes, I never thought of that.”

“Yeah, some countries have actually outlawed the bloody things, but I don't understand why. It's far more dangerous to fire a gun or a bow and arrow, yet they're still sold all the time. Horseshoes and hockey, football and Frisbee, no matter the sport, there's always a certain amount of danger, yet one kid gets killed playing lawn darts and they pull it. I can't tell you how many people have been killed playing football and hockey, but I'm certain it's a lot.”

“Yeah, well that's government thinking for you.” Shawn laughed.

“That dear boy is an oxymoron of grand proportions, government and thinking do not belong in the same sentence. However, we're here to forget the drudgeries of every day life, and politics is at the very top of my list of despised subjects to talk about, so I'd really rather we not talk about it.” Brad said perfectly straight faced.

“Actually, me too, and you're definitely correct about that being an oxymoron, probably the biggest of them all. So, let's go play, but of course you'll have to show me how to play.”

“Too true, come on then.”

They went over to the area where the lawn darts were set up, and Brad and Bradley told Shawn all the rules, and he took to it right away as well. They played for a little less than an hour before deciding to call it quits.

“So, what should we do now boys? I don't feel like heading home yet, but I don't feel like swimming anymore either.” Brad asked.

“Do you just not want to get wet again?” Bradley asked.

“You thinking the hot tub?”

“Yeah, that and the sauna.”

“I could go for that.” Brad mused.

“Where are there a hot tub and sauna?” Shawn asked.

“Actually, there's a full indoor facilities, including pool and full exercise area set up for the guests for days that aren't so nice, so it's all inside.”

“Oh, that makes sense then.”

“Well, it sounds like a good idea to me, so let's go boys.” Brad said, and then led them to where they needed to go.

They hit the hot tub first and sighed deeply as they slipped into the hot soothing water. Other than the noise of the jets, the only sound was that of a nice waterfall and some birds in a nice large cage. It was very peaceful and relaxing, and that was probably why none of the others in there were talking, it just felt wrong to talk during such a peaceful time. After about fifteen minutes, they hopped out of there and hit the sauna and laid back with about a dozen other people in there and sweated out a lot of toxins from their bodies.

“Okay boys, let's hop in the pool for a nice cool down dip, no real swimming though, just cool down.”

“Okay.” They said, and did just that. Shawn was somewhat prepared for the shock, but it was worse than he thought it would be, and squealed quite high pitched when he dove in, thankfully most of that was muffled by the water. Bradley did giggle though when they surfaced, because he had heard some of it, since they were so close to each other.

“What, it was bloody cold, and I'm not used to it.” Shawn laughed as well.

“Don't worry Shawn, most people have the same reaction.”

“I wasn't worried.”

“Well boys, I think it's about time that we headed back home. It's been a long couple days and you have to go to school in the morning and I have to go to work so that I can pay for all this.”

“Okay, I admit that I'm getting pretty tired.” Shawn said.

“Me too.” Bradley added.

“Let's go get our stuff then.”

They headed out and grabbed all their stuff and then headed into the change rooms to shower and change, and then as soon as they were ready to do so, they headed out for the drive home. They stopped at a drive through just as they reached home and grabbed their dinner and just ate in the car. They didn't eat a lot, because they were still mostly good from lunch, but this would now do them for the rest of the night they figured. As soon as they made it home, Bradley and Shawn shared a nice passionate kiss in the back seat, it lasted for at least five minutes, and finally Shawn got out, said goodbye to the others, and then headed home.

“Well kiddo, go get yourself diapered and then it's TV for half an hour before you get to bed, okay.”

“Actually daddy, I think I'm just gonna go straight to bed, I'm beat.”

“Okay baby. Don't forget to take your butt plug out though, you can't leave it in for that long.”

“I know daddy, I remember the rules you told me, I don't want to have them taken away, again.”


“Night night daddy, love you. Thanks for this weekend, it was great.”

“Night night baby, I love you too, and you're welcome, it was fun for me, and good for Shawn as well.”

“Yeah, it was. I can't wait until he finally admits that he wants to be my boyfriend. I know he wants to be, but he's afraid still. Well, goodnight, love you.”

“Yeah, he is, love you too, have a good sleep baby.”

“Thanks, and you too.” Bradley said, gave his dad a hug and kiss goodnight, and then headed to his bedroom to get ready for bed. He took out his butt plug, set it aside for a moment, grabbed a diaper and his cream and got himself all nice and thickly creamed and diapered, and then headed to the bathroom to clean the toy properly before putting it away. He slipped into bed a few minutes later, and was asleep only minutes after that.

As soon as Shawn made it home, Kevin and Lori wanted to know what they had done today and if he had fun. He told them that they went to the beach again and had a blast. He then told them that he was pretty tired and that he was going to head up to bed, so that was what he did. As soon as they were sure that Shawn was not going to come back down, Lori called Brad.

“Hey Brad, did you guys have a good day today?”

“Sure did. I took the boys back to the nudist beach today, Shawn asked to go again, so I thought why not. He's come out of his shell a great deal already, and he seems far happier for it too.”

“I can't believe he asked to go again, but I agree, he sure does seem happier.”

“Yeah, so, was there anything else, or were you just wanting to make sure he behaved today?”

“Mostly just that, but did you actually tell him that he could come over first thing in the morning, because the way he told us, we were pretty sure that he was lying through his teeth?”

“No, I hadn't, but it's not a problem. He was just too horny and needed to be near his boyfriend again, don't be too hard on him.”

“Nah, we knew the reason why, we won't even mention it, this once. So, have they officially become boyfriends yet then?”

“No, Shawn's still scared a bit, so he's holding off, but it won't be long. I wouldn't be surprised if it's tomorrow or the next day.”

“Oh, good. He'll be ecstatic, we haven't truly seen him happy for quite a while now, and it feels good to see it again. Well, I suppose I should let you go, have a good night.”

“Yeah, I should probably be heading to bed here real soon, so have a good night.”

“Thanks, and see you later.”

“No prob, see ya later.”

They hung up and then Brad headed up to his room to get ready for bed, because like he told Lori, he was ready to go to bed as well. He was normally in bed quite early, because he had to be up early, so he was more than ready for bed now. It took only a few moments to get ready for bed, and before too long, he too was sound asleep.