Chapter 4

Monday morning came, and the boys and Brad headed off to their daily drudgeries. Of course, Bradley and Shawn were not able to see each other during the day, because they went to different schools, and they went at different times, so they did not even see each other in the morning. One thing though, everyone noticed how happy both boys were, even Bradley was far happier, and he seemed even more focused than normal. Shawn's smile all throughout the day was infectious, and he caused many others to smile as well, he even said hi happily to most of those around him, something most everyone realized he had not done a lot lately.

One thing though that both boys wished was that the school day could end and they could go home to see each other. Finally the day did end, and both boys ran almost all the way home. The schools were almost equal distances from their houses, just in opposite directions. They both entered their street from opposite ends almost at the same time and continued running, they saw each other, and their smiles increased even more. Bradley headed to his house, knowing that they should get inside, and he arrived their first, and was unlocking the door as Shawn ran up.

“Hey there gorgeous, how was your day?” Shawn asked.

“Pretty good, but too long if you ask me. How about you?”

“Same, I really missed you today.”

“Me too.” Bradley said as he opened the door and they headed right inside. As soon as the door was closed, they attached themselves in a nice tender kiss, swapping tongues for about ten minutes. The ringing of the phone interrupted them.

With a groan, they pulled apart, and Bradley went and grabbed the phone.

“Hello.” Bradley said a little shortly.

“Stop kissing your boyfriend and get your homework done.”

“Oh, hi daddy. Fine, be like that. You do realize that homework was the last thing on my mind though?”

“Exactly the reason I was calling, it has to be done, or else Shawn won't be allowed to come over after school, don't make me do that. You can both sit at the table and do your homework together, because he needs to get his done as well.”

“Okay. See you in an hour then.” Bradley sighed.

“Yep, see you in a bit baby.”

“Bye.” They both said and hung up.

“Daddy says we have to stop kissing and get our homework done, but that you're allowed to stay and do homework with me at the dining room table.” Bradley looked to Shawn and sighed.

“Yeah, we probably should, because if my grades slip because I have a boyfriend now, my parents will kill me and won't let me come over until my homework is done every day.”

“Does this mean you'll be my boyfriend now?” Bradley asked happily.

“Yeah, I always was, but yeah, now I guess so.” Shawn said happily as well.

“Good. Come on, let's go get our work done, because the sooner we get it done, the sooner we can go play a bit.”

“No, I don't want us to play yet, we can hold off on that for a bit okay.”

“I can't even suck you?”

“No, not yet. I can maybe accept petting as we kiss though!” He grinned.

“Am I at least allowed to go under your pants?”

“Only if I'm allowed to go under yours as well.”

“Yippee, come on, let's go.”

They headed to the table, dumped everything from their packs and got to work on doing their homework. And for once Bradley did it all, did it quickly, and even did it correctly. Shawn was done not even thirty seconds after Bradley, and unceremoniously dumped all his work back into his pack and stood up. Bradley was already standing there waiting for him, and you could clearly see that he was not wearing any underwear under his cotton shorts.

They grasped hands, both doing so without really even thinking of it, and headed up to Bradley's room. When they got there, they both hopped onto the bed and attached themselves at the lips again, and started petting each other, outside of their clothes first, and only on each others bums, but they both liked it a great deal. Almost five minutes later, they both slipped their hands inside each others shorts and started petting each others bare bums, and they both sighed even more.

Shawn, amazingly enough, was the first to start moving his hand towards the front of Bradley's shorts, and within a second, he was petting and stroking Bradley's hot hard little boner. Well, Bradley was not to be outdone, and he too reached front in a second and latched onto Shawn's more than ample hardness. Their kiss and their petting reached a fevered pitch only a few minutes later, and before either was ready for it, they both exploded. Bradley made sure to catch all of Shawn's ejaculation in his hand, and as soon as they were both down enough, he pulled his hand out and licked up the mess, taking a couple seconds to break away from the kiss. He savored the taste of his boyfriend for a couple more seconds, and then reached back in for another kiss, and shared the entire load with Shawn. They both sighed and started petting each others bared bums again. They stayed like that, kissing and caressing each other for at least twenty minutes more, before they broke apart.

“Shawn, could you diaper me please, I have to pee, but I want you to diaper me?”

“Sure, where is everything?” He answered happily.

Bradley told him where to find everything, so he went and grabbed it. As soon as he came back, he helped Bradley to strip right naked, not even leaving any clothes on him at all. He then, for the first time ever, diapered someone else, and he very much enjoyed doing so. As soon as the diaper was taped on snugly, Bradley grabbed Shawn's hand, placed it on the front of his diaper, palm down, and let his bladder go, and the past two hours worth of holding his pee came out slowly, and he sighed. Even Shawn sighed, he thought it felt so very erotic. As soon as Bradley stopped peeing, he released Shawn's hand and smiled warmly to him. Shawn removed his hand and looked at the now soggy diaper and smiled as well.

“That felt neat, I liked it.” Shawn said happily.

“I thought you'd like that. Would you let me diaper you too?”

“No, I don't think so.” Shawn answered, but Bradley had seen the tiniest of glimmers when he asked, so he knew that Shawn wanted to, but just could not admit it yet.

“Okay, maybe another time, maybe when you don't have to go home so soon.”

Shawn just left it at that. “Speaking of which, I suppose that I probably should be heading home. My mom's probably wondering where I'm at.”

“No, she'll know you're here.”

“Probably. Would you let me say I love you?” Shawn asked sheepishly.

“I'd be very disappointed if you didn't, because I love you so much too.”

“Thanks. Kiss me once more, and then I should be heading home.” Shawn asked, and they stood there and kissed for another few minutes before Shawn headed to the kitchen to grab his pack and headed home.

Lori knew where Shawn had been for sure, she had seen him run to Bradley's, and she saw the smile on his face, so she knew the boys had played a bit. She was not going to say anything though, he would tell them when he was ready to. She just asked if he had done his homework, of which he said he had, and she believed him.

Brad came home shortly after, and he made sure to check Bradley's homework, he had had to start doing that to make sure it was all done, and then they made dinner. Bradley of course unashamedly told Brad all about what he and Shawn had done, and how happy he was, and Brad was happy that his son was happy. After dinner, they sat back and watched TV for the rest of the evening, and went to bed at their normal time.

The rest of the week went by in almost the exact same way. They would run all the way home, meet up at Bradley's, do their homework, and then go and kiss and caress for a while. The only difference from the first day was that Bradley asked Shawn to diaper him as soon as they made it home the rest of the week, so that he did not have to hold it any longer, and each time, without being prompted, Shawn laid his hand on Bradley's diapered bulge and felt him pee and wet his diaper, enjoying it each time. Of course, this also meant that the petting was now inside and outside of a soggy diaper, something that Shawn did not seem to mind in the least, in fact he really liked it. Also, each day Bradley asked Shawn if he would like to be diapered, and each day Shawn politely refused.

Brad had already arranged with someone to go out on Friday night, and wouldn't you know it, but Shawn was more than okay with coming over for the evening to babysit Bradley. Shawn had already arranged it with his parents to come straight to Bradley's after school, and then stay until Brad got home. Before Shawn left that morning though, Lori stopped him and told him that if it was too late when Brad got home, that he may as well just stay the night. Shawn had to hide his smile, thinking that no matter what time Brad got home, that it was definitely going to be too late, but Lori knew it anyway.

If you asked either boy, they would have said that Friday went far too slowly to be healthy, and by the time school ended for the day, they were both itching to go home. The bells had not even finished ringing before both boys were up and out of their seats and bolting out the doors. They had also had their packs pre loaded with everything that they would need, so that they would not have to stop at their lockers at all, they could just leave right away, so they did, and before anyone else was even out of their classrooms, they were out of their schools. Once again, they ran all the way to Bradley's house, and met up inside.

“Oh god baby, today was far too long, I missed you so much.” Shawn said as he reached down and stole a kiss that Bradley was more than willing to give up.

“Mmm, same here, it went so slowly.” Bradley said after the kiss broke, but reached up and went in for another.

They kissed for a few more minutes before breaking apart, and headed right up to Bradley's bedroom to get Bradley diapered up nice and thick. As soon as Bradley was diapered, Shawn pressed his palm into the nice little bulge and Bradley let go with his entire load of pee that had been attempting to burst out for the last hour, and with a deep sigh, from both, he finished.

“Ah, much better, thanks. Come on, let me diaper you please baby, I know you'll love it, and I know you have to go pee as well, and I really want to feel you do it too?” Bradley asked softly.

“I just don't know. I mean, you look so sexy in your diapers, and I love to feel you pee in them, but I just don't think that I can wear one as well.” Shawn sighed.

“But you'd look so sexy in diapers as well, so nice and thick and soft and soggy, and I bet you just love the feeling of wearing a wet diaper as much as I do.” Bradley said softly.

“Yeah, but even if I did decide to wear one, you don't have any here that'd fit me.” Shawn pointed out.

“Um, have you never taken a close look at my diapers?”

“Well, yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Look how big they are on me, the tapes pretty much overlap. The only reason I wear these is because the Pampers became just a bit too small and I was starting to leak, but the smallest adult diaper is still a bit too big on me. What that means of course is that given the fact that you're really not all that much larger than me is that these diapers will probably fit you better than they do me. Granted, you might not be able to pee quite as much into them, but you probably could, they hold an amazing amount of pee.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you're probably right.”

“I am. Now, go ahead and lay down, I really want to diaper you, and if you really don't like it that much, I'll never ask again.”

“Okay, fine, but you'd better hurry, I really have to pee, and real soon.”

“Goody.” Bradley said happily and skipped away from the bed and grabbed a diaper and the cream to properly diaper his loving boyfriend.

Bradley worked slowly and gently to diaper Shawn for his very first time since he was little, although he had worn Goodnites up until a couple years prior, but that was not quite the same as having someone else diaper you instead. Bradley slipped the diaper underneath Shawn first, scooped out a good portion of diaper rash cream, spread it around gently, making sure to get everywhere, and then he pulled the diaper up and taped it closed.

Bradley gently laid his hand on the much more impressive bulge in Shawn's newly acquired diaper and waited. Shawn did not let him wait long, he really had been bursting to pee, so with a grunt and a sigh, he let his bladder go, and for the first time since he was a toddler, he purposely peed a diaper, and even he had to admit that it felt nice. The warmth spread over his groin like nothing else could, and he smiled shyly as he finished filling his diaper.

“There you go, I loved that. How does it feel?”

“Warm, squishy, but not too bad I guess. It'll take some getting used to I think, but I don't think I hate it, at least yet.”

“That's the exact reason I love diapers, so warm and squishy and comfortable as well. Come on, we can save our homework for Sunday I think, let's lay down and kiss and stroke a bit. I'm really horny today for some reason.”

“Okay, me too, because I couldn't wait to get here and spend the whole evening with you, and my mom even told me that if your dad was too late getting home tonight, to just stay the night. You know, I think your dad will definitely be staying out too late tonight.” Shawn grinned.

“For sure, even if he gets home at seven, but you get to sleep with me.”

“Definitely.” Shawn grinned, and they fell back onto the bed, attached their lips, and both started kissing and caressing each others hot soggy bums.

The kiss increased in its passion, and as it did so, the boys moved from stroking the outsides of each others diapers, and went inside, still on each others bums, but now stroking bare skin. Shortly thereafter though, they moved to each others front as the kiss increased in intensity once again. Both of them grasped onto each others equally hard erections at the same time, and stroked for not even three minutes before they both exploded, and as always, Bradley caught Shawn's offering in his hand, extracted it from his nice soggy diaper for the first time, and licked off all the mess. He then reached in for yet another kiss, of which Shawn was only too willing to participate in, enjoying his unique flavor as well, but even more so in this manner.

“Ah, much better. This weekend, I'd love to get to suck you, I haven't sucked a nice hard dick in forever, and I miss it.”

“I don't know about that, I think we should just take our time.”

“You have any idea how difficult it's been to not pin you down and sit on your dick and ride you like a prized bronco bull, I've been holding back like you wouldn't believe. If you really don't want to yet, then okay, but I'm warning you, I don't know how much longer I can hold off.” Bradley grinned wickedly.

“Yes baby, we can hold off just a little longer still, I'm not in any rush, and nor should you be. Let's get to really know each other with our hands first, and then move to our mouths.”

“Okay, that does sound nice I guess.”

“Yeah. You've always gotten what you wanted because the other boys were just as horny and wanting to get off as you, but I want and need love and tenderness, even though I'm just as horny as you are. Do you think that your dad would take us back to the beach tomorrow?”

“He might, we can ask. So, how does your diaper feel now, you look so hot in it?”

“Not too bad I guess.”

“Good, come on, let's go get our homework done now I guess, and then we can start making something to eat. Daddy's not gonna eat, and I'm starting to get hungry already.”

“Okay, may as well.” Shawn smiled, and they headed off to the dining room to do up the little bit of homework that they had to do.

They had both been finding that if they worked harder during class, that they would end up with less homework, thereby allowing them more time to spend together, and less time doing tedious pointless homework. Bradley's teacher had noticed the marked improvement, but had no idea as to the reason why, and he would probably be very shocked if he knew the reason behind it. Then again, it might turn him on as well. They both dumped out their backpacks and sorted through what they had to do, and quickly did the last bit of the work that they had been assigned throughout the day. Shawn only had two subjects to finish up, whereas Bradley had one, but he had more of it to do, so he took as long to do that one as Shawn took to do two.

“There, done. What should we have for dinner then?” Bradley asked.

“Almost anything sounds good to me.”

“Good, let's go back to my bedroom,. I'll bend you over the bed, and I'll eat out your ass for at least half an hour. Problem though is that that might not kill my stomach appetite, but my sexual appetite should be good.”

“That's disgusting, funny, but disgusting. How could you even think of doing that?” Shawn asked in shock.

“Not think, have done, and as long as the other person is good and clean, trust me, it's not disgusting. In fact I'm willing to bet you'd find it more than a little blissful after only a few seconds.” Bradley said brightly.

“Well, don't think that I'll be doing that to you any time soon, because I just don't think I could do that, it just sounds too gross.”

“I'll teach that to you, eventually, but for now, let's see what we have for dinner, because earlier was enough to tide me over for a while in the sexual appetite.”

“Somehow I doubt that, to tell you the truth, but dinner does sound good.”

“You're right, because earlier was just an appetizer, a teaser really, and I'd like nothing more than to take you to my room and do to you things all night long that would make you scream with the most pleasure that you've ever imagined, and then I'd start using my tongue, and then maybe if you're really good, I'd use another part of my body.” Bradley grinned cheekily.

“When I finally do let you make love to me and I you, I'm in real trouble, aren't I?”

“Oh yeah, and you'll more than likely pass out cold from it too, but I promise you one thing, you'll love every torturous second of it.”

“I don't doubt that, but you might end up killing me too.”

“Nah, you've got a good strong heart right?” Bradley grinned.

“Yeah, but probably not for what you have planned.” Shawn grinned.

“You might actually be right there, but if you've gotta go, can you think of a better way?”

“No, come to think of it, I don't think I can.” Shawn laughed, the logic sure was sound.

“How does hamburgers and french fries sound to you?” Bradley asked as he was digging through the freezer, because he found a package of ground beef and a half bag of hamburger buns.

“I'm not sure I feel comfortable using a deep fryer and a barbecue.”

“I didn't ask you to cook it, I can cook, I asked if that sounded good to you. Daddy's taught me how to cook anything with anything, including both the deep fryer and the barbecue, so we'll be fine. You can help of course if you want to.”

“Really, your dad taught you how to use them, even lighting the barbecue, not even I know how to light the damned things, and mom won't let me use the deep fryer?”

“Why the hell not, if she wants you to be able to learn to cook, you have to be able to use everything, including those. Hell, during the summer, we almost never cook in the house, so daddy had to teach me how to use the barbecue, because I usually start dinner before he even gets home.”

“I've noticed that you guys barbecue an awful lot, my mom won't use it, and my dad doesn't use it all that often.”

“Not sure why. If you ask me, there's very little better than flame licked food, it just has a better flavor, especially when we put the smoker in there and add some apple or hickory chips to it and smoke the food as well.”

“Really, you guys do all that?”

“Sure. Haven't you ever had something smoked like that before?”

“No, never.”

“Then that's what I'm gonna do for you, you'll love it. I like the hickory chips for hamburgers, so that's what we'll use tonight. Would you cut the fries for me please, while I get the meat prepared? You'll find the potatoes in that cupboard and the fry cutter in that drawer there.” Bradley asked, pointing out the two locations.

“Sure, peel on or off?”

“I prefer it on, better taste, and there's at least some nutrients in there, even though we'll mostly be frying them out I think, but still, tastes better.” Bradley grinned.

“I prefer them that way as well, but my mom hates the peel on, so I usually have them peeled.” Shawn said as he went and got the stuff out.

“Pity, oh well. Get a pot of water on to boil as well so that we can par boil the fries a bit, so that they cook faster and are more tender inside, but crispier outside please?”

“Really, is that how it's done?” Shawn asked, honestly having no idea.

“Sure. Doesn't your mom ever do that?”

“Not that I know of, and I've helped her cook a lot, so I'd probably know it if she did.”

“Hmm, I guess either she doesn't care, or doesn't know.”

“Probably doesn't care, even if she does know. I wouldn't call her the worlds gift to cooking, but at least she does a good job most of the time.” Shawn laughed.

While Shawn did what he had been asked to do, Bradley got to work on getting the meat ready. He had to first defrost it, because they had not taken anything out previously, and that was a pain in the ass, but oh well. It did not take long though before he was adding everything that he wanted to add to it. He made the patties and laid them out on a plate, and then got the deep fryer out and plugged in, and then went out and fired up the barbecue so that it could get nice and hot.

“Okay, now what, the fries are cut and the water is boiling?” Shawn asked.

“Here, I'll show you. Can you get a bowl of cold water out and ready as well please, bowls are in there?”

Shawn did that while Bradley grabbed a strainer that would fit right into the large pot, put about half the fries into it, and then plunged them into the boiling water. He let it start boiling again, and once it was, Bradley let it boil for two minutes, and then plunged the par boiled fries into the cold water, and got the rest of them ready to go as well.

“There, now all we have to do is drain and dry those, and then they'll be ready for cooking.”

“Why dry them?”

“Because you don't want that much water going onto the deep fryer, not only does it lower the temperature too much, causing it to take longer to cook, and we don't want that, but it also causes the oil to really bubble up, and that's dangerous.”

“Oh. I didn't know that. You know, I'm learning more about cooking from you than my mom has told me in the last couple years at least.” Shawn chuckled.

“Good, always happy to teach someone new and interesting things.” Bradley smiled.

“Yeah, but I bet you'd rather teach me new and interesting things in your bedroom, wouldn't you?”

“Is that an offer?” Bradley asked brightly.

“No, you brat, it wasn't.” Shawn laughed.

“Oh sure, get my hopes up, like how fair is that!”

“I bet it wasn't the only thing that went up.” Shawn laughed even more.

“Ain't that the truth.” Bradley giggled, while cupping his cute little diaper covered boner, but truth be told, he'd hardly gone down from earlier.

As soon as the next load of potatoes was ready, they too were plunged into cold water to cool them off, because they did not want them to continue cooking, that would make them soggy, and then they dried them off. Bradley went and checked the barbecue, scrubbed the grill and then oiled it so that it was ready, threw some chips into the smoker box and set it on the lower searing grill, and then came in and checked the deep fryer to make sure it was ready as well. Everything was ready, so he took the burgers out to the grill and threw them on and closed the lid, it was already starting to smoke nicely, so it would provide a huge amount of flavor. He then came in and put half the fries into the fryer and then he and Shawn set the table. Just as they were doing so, Brad walked in.

“Making an early dinner tonight are you boys, it sure smells good? It almost makes me want to say to hell with my date and stay here with you guys.”

“Yeah, but heck no, you're not staying and ruining my date, you're going out.” Bradley stood straight up, planted his hands on his hips, and said in the biggest and most commanding voice he possibly could.

Brad and Shawn both burst out laughing, it just looked and sounded too funny to not laugh at. Being scolded by someone with a still somewhat squeaky voice was always something to make people laugh, not to mention what he looked like, standing there in only a diaper.

“What, what did I say?” Bradley pouted.

“You're too funny sometimes brat. Don't worry, I'm looking forward to this date, so don't worry, but it does smell real good.”

“Good, and thanks.” Bradley smiled warmly.

“So, what are you making then?”

“Burgers and fries. I had to teach Shawn how to do it all as well, his mom's never taught him any of it.”

“Speaking of whom, why exactly is there two diaper boys standing here, when I clearly remember there only being one before today?”

All of a sudden Shawn remembered that he was in fact diapered, he had forgotten all about it, his hands automatically went down to cover himself, and the blush went right up.

“Oh knock it off Shawn, he's seen you naked and hard, like a diaper is the worst thing. I finally talked him into trying it, and so far I think he really likes it. Don't you Shawn?”

“And I knew that he was going to get you diapered sooner or later. To tell you the truth though, you outlasted my expectations, but then again, I'm surprised you haven't fallen to the brats begging to fuck him deep and hard.” Brad laughed, because Shawn was still really blushing.

“He still seems a bit embarrassed, but if you'll excuse me, I have to go check dinner.” Bradley said, and the headed out to check.

“There's no need to be embarrassed Shawn, I think you look really cute in just a diaper, as does Bradley I'm sure. Take your hands away and look at me, it's no different than when I first saw you naked, you just have to get used to it.”

“But, teens aren't supposed to wear diapers.”

“Ah, who says? Just because it's not normal, doesn't mean that it's wrong or bad. Besides, if you actually did a poll of boys, and told them that they had to answer truthfully, you'd be surprised just how many would like to wear diapers if they could.”

“How would you know, do you like to wear diapers as well?”

“There have been times that I've wanted to, that's for sure, but my love of diapers was beaten out of me by a cruel father, now just thinking of wearing a diaper makes me cringe. That's the main reason why I let Bradley have such freedoms, I let him have the freedom I didn't have. Granted, my dad was put into prison for a long time for beating me up and a few other things, just before I turned ten, I went into foster care, and then I had unlimited freedom, and I used it considerably, but never for diapers. I wet the bed too you see, and my dad used to beat me black and blue, and then diaper me and call me all sorts of cruel names, and made me do all sorts of things no father should ever do to a child. I would have loved diapers too I'm sure, but now I just can't, but I love them through my son, and now you.”

“Oh wow, I'm so sorry that had to happen to you.” Shawn said awestruck at the tale.

“There's no need to be sorry, I'm not. I forgave that man many years ago, and decided that what he did to me shaped me into the person I am today, and although it was a horrible thing to go through, I wouldn't want to change it now.”

“I don't think I could forgive someone of that.”

“For a long time I didn't think I could either, but I did, and I felt better for it.”

“I almost want to ask what he did, but I don't think I want to know the answer to it. So where are you and your date going tonight?”

“I wouldn't tell you, even if you did ask, so don't worry. It'd probably give you nightmares, and really, not even Bradley really knows any more than you now know, a bit, but not much. It's in the past, and that's where I'd rather keep it. I don't have to hide it, but I also don't want to talk about it, and I know you understand that too, so thanks for not asking.” Brad smiled warmly. “As for where we're going, well to dinner and then to a club for some drinks, and then maybe back to his place for a little fun. He's one of the types that's not really good boyfriend material, he doesn't want that, but he loves to play, and so do I, so we'll play, no strings attached. Actually, there'll probably be strings, or more correctly ropes, but that's a whole different story, but you don't want to hear that.” Brad grinned, because as he kept talking, Shawn kept blushing.

“You really have no shame either, do you?” Shawn squeaked out.

“Certainly not when it comes to sex, where do you think Bradley got it from. Oh, and don't be surprised if one day he breaks out the ropes and handcuffs, he likes to be more than a little kinky too, but I guarantee you'll enjoy it just as much.”

“Gee, no wonder he has no shame, but not bloody likely I'm letting him tie me down. There's no telling what he'd do to me once he had me tied down.”

“Ha, who are you trying to kid, he'll be the one wanting to be tied down first, and I suggest you make the best of it and make it last for hours if possible without letting him cum. Torture him for as long as you can sexually without letting him have the release he'll be begging for, and then finally let him, and I guarantee you'll make him pass out. As for what he'd do to you once he had you tied down, probably just that too. Within ten minutes he'd have you begging, within half an hour, you'd be nearly crying, and after at least three hours, you'd wish you were dead and wish it'd never stop.” Brad grinned again.

“Oh god, then I'm definitely not letting him do that to me.”

“I bet if you did, you'd think you hated it during, but you'd be asking for it again in a few days once you fully recharged.”

“Probably not.”

“You say that now.” Brad smiled.

“Are you two talking about me behind my back?” Bradley asked while he was walking back in the room.”

“Nah, we were talking about something interesting, like politics.”

“Yeah, like that's interesting to you. You'd rather cut your ears off than to listen to that drivel.” Bradley laughed, quoting his dad word for word.

“You know, for someone who does so poorly in school, you have an impeccable memory for something so trivial that I said to someone like three years ago.” Brad shook his head in amazement.

“I have a good memory, but that doesn't mean it translates to the useless crap they try and teach me at school. If they'd only listen to me and teach me in a hands on way without having to read everything in such a boring book, then maybe I'd do better. I hate reading, it's so boring.”

“And I find reading relaxing.” Shawn mused.

“Oh sure, if it's a good book I don't mind sitting down to read it, I have a good imagination, so I can read fine and enjoy it, but not that crap they make us read. Like all that history and social crap, I couldn't care less about what happened a hundred years ago or more, or about politics and how it relates to me. Even in English class when they make us read a book to do a book report, I hate that, because it's always some really stupid book that no one has cared about in years and or is so boring I want to claw my eyes out. If I could choose the book, then I'd do just fine, and I have when I had the chance.”

“We've both asked the school to do that for you, but like they said, they can't change the curriculum for just one student, and you know just as well as I do that they're right. As for history, you forget that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Granted, the history books are usually written by the winners, so the information is skewed at best if you ask me. Today's events are going to be much better in portraying what happened in the future, because much of it is caught in real time and on video, whereas that was rare even twenty years ago.”

“I know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it any.”

“What do you mean that the history books are skewed?” Shawn asked curiously.

“Well, just that really. Take a look at world war two, the information that you read is mostly the Americans version of what happened, there's some from Canada and Britain as well, but almost nothing from the Germans or even the Jewish people. What little we do know from them though almost totally contradicts what the Americans say happened, so who's telling the truth, what really truly happened, probably no one really truly knows anymore, if even then. I don't remember a lot of the facts any more, but even in school I asked the same questions, why it seemed that some of the information contradicted other stuff, and I was pretty much told just that. There's just not enough information about what happened to cause everything. They have bits and pieces, they can pretty much say what did happen, but is it totally accurate, probably not. That's only in the last century, just think of the Roman wars, the French wars, those were a lot longer ago now, and once again, we really only have the winners version of what happened, did it really happen that way, no one knows, no one will ever truly know now I think. It's actually quite fascinating, but Bradley could care less. That's fine too Bradley, not everyone likes history, but even you enjoyed ancient Greek mythology, but it's so fascinating, who wouldn't really.”

“Oh, I never knew that before, and I loved ancient Greek mythology too.” Shawn smiled.

“Yeah, but that was always interesting stories, and even the teacher said half of it was more myth than reality, but that myth had a tendency to come from reality and just stretch a bit over time.”

“Exactly. So, how's your dinner coming along?”

“Should be done any second now actually, and don't you have a hot date to go get ready for?”

“Yes, in fact I do, thanks for reminding me, I have to get good and clean, inside and out.” Brad said, and then skipped off up the stairs.

“What did he mean, clean inside and out?” Shawn asked curiously as he followed Bradley back into the kitchen.

“Just that really. Haven't you ever had or heard of an enema before?”

“Oh, well I've heard of it, but I've never had it done.”

“Usually, if he's going out for a night of real good fun, he'll get himself nice and clean inside, so that there's little to no mess, because no one likes a mess. Before too long we'll do that for each other as well, because while there's always some mess during gay sex, I always like to minimize it. Most of the time though, just making sure that you go to the bathroom a good hour or two before is all you need if you're only going to make love once or twice, and you're only using your dicks, but longer and using other things, you'd best clean yourself out.” Bradley said nonchalantly as he was draining the last load of fries.

“Oh.” Shawn said with another full bodied blush.

“You embarrass so easily. That's why I know you and daddy were talking about sex when I came in, that's why I knew you were talking about me, because you were blushing over your whole body again. Could you go get the burgers please, they'll be done now, just remember to turn it off like I showed you so that we don't waste more gas than is necessary.”

“Okay.” Shawn said, glad to have a reason to leave so that he could stop blushing. Bradley just smiled at his overly shy boyfriend.

A few seconds later, everything was piled on the counter so that they could dish up, and they did so. A few minutes later, and they were sitting down to eat, and they both enjoyed it a great deal.

“Man, you really are a good cook, thanks, that was delicious.” Shawn sighed once he finished his last bite, of which did in fact put him well over stuffed, but he just could not stop, it was that good.

“Thanks, but you helped.”

“Yeah right, I hardly did anything. Come on, let's get this cleaned up, and then can we go lay down and watch a movie?”

“Sure, that sounds like a good idea.” Bradley smiled, and they quickly cleaned up the last bit of a mess that there was, before heading to the living room to pick out a movie.

Bradley let Shawn go and pick out the movie that he wanted to watch, while he went and laid down on the couch, turning everything on with the remotes. Shawn put the movie he had selected into the player, and then went and joined Bradley on the couch, laying down behind Bradley and pulling him into him, so that they were cuddling right up.

About half an hour later, Bradley paused the movie, because Brad came in, all nice and clean, and wearing pretty nice clothes.

“You boys look nice and comfy.” Brad commented.

“We are, thanks.” Bradley smiled.

“That's good. Well, I'm gonna head out right away, and don't expect me until quite late, I don't expect to be home too terribly early.”

“Then don't bother waking Shawn, his mom told him to stay the night if you were too late, but then again, even if you decided not to go out now, it's much too late for him to go home now.” Bradley grinned.

“I bet.”

“Yeah. Oh, and can we go to the beach tomorrow please?”

“Sure, Shawn wants to go back again does he?”

“Yeah, I do, it's awesome there.” Shawn grinned at Brad knowing exactly who wanted to go, but he also knew Bradley wanted to go just as much.

“I'm glad that you enjoy it, and you should. Well boys, see you in the morning, have a good night, love you.”

“Love you too daddy, have fun tonight, and get well drained.”

“I'll certainly try my best.” Brad grinned, and with that, he put his shoes on and headed out.

Bradley restarted the movie, and then they continued watching it. As soon as it was over, they hopped up, made some popcorn, made some juice, chose another movie, and then sat side by side and ate every crumb of popcorn and drank the entire jug of juice while they watched this movie. As soon as they finished eating and drinking mind you, they laid back down and cuddled up.

“You know, even if a person didn't like diapers, they'd have to admit that they're very handy while watching movies, because I was able to go pee and not ever have to get up.”

“So, you like them then huh?”

“Yeah, you were right, they're quite soft and warm, and even better once wet. Speaking of which, I'm really wet, I should probably get this one off.”

“Not before a little playing, that's for sure.” Bradley grinned.

“Oh, if you insist.” Shawn sighed animatedly.

“Oh, I do insist..” Bradley smiled as he rolled over, and started a nice tender kiss while laying right on the couch.

As they kissed, like usual they were petting each other tenderly, slowly moving towards each others heavily padded and wet crotches.

“My god you're wet. I've never felt your diaper so wet before.” Shawn broke the kiss and said just after he had started really feeling Bradley's diaper covered erection.

“Yeah, and you're so nice and wet as well, probably every bit as much as I am, and it feels so good.”

“Yeah.” Shawn sighed, and then reattached the kiss, continuing their petting where they left off.

Shortly after that though their hands were deep inside each others diapers, stroking the others erection softly and slowly, both of them moaning and sighing into their kiss. Because they had played earlier, they were able to last a bit longer before their orgasms took them for a ride, so they got to play for an extra few minutes, and neither boy complained. As usual, Bradley collected all the cum that Shawn sprayed and when he pulled his hand out, he licked off the tasty treat, and then went in for another kiss.

“Ah, much better.” Bradley sighed once they broke apart.

“Definitely, much better than having to do it myself before sleep.”

“For sure. Well, should we head to bed then?”

“Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired.” Shawn yawned. It was already a little past ten, so it was late for both boys.

They headed off to Bradley's bedroom and Bradley grabbed all the diapering supplies, and then they changed each others very soggy diapers.

“Boy, you sure were wet, you must have really enjoyed wearing diapers!” Bradley smiled at his boyfriend.

“Yeah, it was really quite nice. I wondered how it was going to feel once you finally got me into diapers, but I don't think I expected it to be so nice.”

“Yeah, now aren't you upset that you didn't let me diaper you when I first asked?”

“No, not really, because I wouldn't have been able to truly enjoy them like I did today, because I always had to get home pretty much right away.”

“Who says you would have had to take it off in order to go home? You wear baggy enough clothes that no one would have noticed at all.”

“That may be true, but how would I explain a wet diaper in the garbage in the morning?”

“Your mom doesn't still clean your room does she?”

“No, not usually anyway, unless I don't keep it clean, in which case she does, but she does go in there every day to put laundry away, so she probably would have noticed that. Not to mention the smell, how would I hide that?”

“I almost guarantee that your mom wouldn't even notice the smell, because most moms ignore the smell of teen boys' rooms, because they like to think they're not doing what they know you are, and most teen boys' bedrooms smell the same, and that's a lot of cum and sweat. As for the garbage, not really a big deal, just put them at the bottom and empty your garbage can every couple days, and make sure to put it into another bag. You'll have to start doing that anyway until you get the courage to tell your parents that you like diapers, because I almost guarantee that before too long, you'll be wearing them most of the time, even at home, just like me. You might last a week or two without doing it, but then you'll really start missing them.”

“Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that you're correct?” Shawn laughed.

“Because I know.”

“Yeah, I don't doubt that. Well baby, let's get to bed then.” Shawn smiled warmly.

“Sure baby, I really do love you, you know that right?”

“Yes, and I hope you know I love you too.” Shawn smiled brightly as they laid down and gave each other a nice gentle kiss goodnight. Bradley reached over and turned off the lamp, plunging the room into darkness, and they curled up together and fell fast asleep.

When Brad finally got back home at a little after one am, he checked on the boys and found them sound asleep, all curled up and looking in love, even in their sleep. He smiled warmly, stumbled to his bedroom, because he was very tired, and very drained, and he needed to get to bed. They all slept well, actually sleeping in a bit.