Chapter 6

“Mornin' boys, how was your sleep last night?” Brad asked all three boys when they walked in the next morning, he was already sitting there sipping his coffee.

“Good.” They all said.

“That's good. Jackson, you're pretty soggy this morning, did you pee during your sleep?”

“I must have, because I know I woke once and peed in it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pee this much, because I'm pretty wet.” Jackson blushed.

“That's good, I'm glad you're enjoying your diapers.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Jackson blushed a bit more.

“So, what should we do today boys, it's supposed to be a pretty nice day out today?”

“I think you know mine and Shawn's response to that.” Bradley said and Shawn nodded his head in support.

“Okay. Jackson, would you like to come to the beach with us today, you'll have to call your mom and get permission?”

“Sure, I'd love to.” He smiled brightly.

“What time does she normally get up, and will she be up now?”

“She's normally in bed until late morning or early afternoon, because she works so late, but she always tells me that even if she's asleep to call her if I need something, she gets back to sleep really easily, so it's not a problem. She'd be way more mad if I went to the beach without asking first than to wake her up for a few minutes.”

“Oh, then go ahead and call, because I think we'll get breakfast there.”

“Oh, okay.” Jackson said, wondering what beach had a decent enough place for breakfast.

He took the few minutes it took to call his mom, and she said it was perfectly fine.

“She said yes.”

“Good. You boys go ahead and get dressed, I'll grab everything else that we'll need.”

“Okay, but what about a swim suit for me?”

“Like I said, I'll grab us everything else we'll need, I'm sure we have something around here that'll work.” Brad smiled, not letting anything away.

“Okay.” Jackson said, and then the other two boys led him to their bedroom.

“Just leave your diaper on Jackson, Shawn and I will be. We won't have to worry about people seeing us, so just wear your diaper, because there's no point in taking it off.”

“Um, I don't think I can wear a diaper outside anywhere.” Jackson said fearfully.

“Sure you can, we will be, so don't worry. Trust us, okay.” Bradley said softly as he and Shawn were pulling their shorts and shirts on over their soggy diapers.

“Um, okay, but what if someone sees us, they'll easily see that we're wearing diapers?”

“No, no one ever has before.” Bradley said, slipping just a little white lie in. Shawn almost smiled, but held it in check.

Reluctantly Jackson put on the same shorts and shirt that he had worn the day before, and then looked at himself in the mirror to see how bad it was. He thought that it was painfully obvious what exactly it was that he was wearing, and even with multiple assurances that no one would see him, still Jackson was fearful of going out like he was. Eventually Jackson followed the other two out of the room and down the stairs to find that Brad was already there and waiting for them, so as soon as the boys had their sandals on, they headed out.

“Isn't the beach the other way?” Jackson said, because the cities only real beach was in fact the opposite way from the direction that they were currently heading.

“If we were going to that one, then yes it would be, but we aren't going to that one, so no. We're going to one a little further away, but it's far more private and relaxed, so we prefer going there.”

“Um, how can it be private and relaxed, yet we'd still be able to get breakfast there, and while wearing a diaper? Somebody 'll see us for sure and know that we're wearing diapers!” Jackson said fearfully once again.

“Don't be so uptight, you need to learn to calm down a bit. You're much too young to always be so wound up.” Brad said reassuringly.

“I'm not normally, it's just that, well I'm out in public in only a diaper, someone will see me and then I'll be dead meat at school.”

“I hate to tell you this, but you're wearing far more than just a diaper.” Brad pointed out.

“Well, I may as well be with how bloody big this thing is, it shows up like a beacon in the night under these shorts, and Bradley and Shawn's aren't really any better.”

“And yet they don't seem to be so concerned, so why all the fuss?” Brad asked softly.

“I don't know, it's just, well I don't know.”

“You're panicking for no reason, just relax and enjoy the ride, it's almost an hour away. As for your comment about being dead at school should anyone see you like this, I don't think they'd be telling, even if you do see anyone you know from school.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Why, is this some diaper lover beach or something?”

“No.” Brad said truthfully enough, yet did not elaborate, and Jackson could clearly tell that he would not, so just held it and relaxed as best he could.

For the rest of the one hour trip, they mostly just sat back, relaxed, watched the scenery and listened to the radio. Soon enough they pulled up to the gate and Brad reached out and entered the code to allow them entrance.

“What kind of place is this to have such a large fence and gate around it and require a code to get inside?” Jackson asked curiously.

“Just a nice quiet relaxing place where we can be free to be who and what we are.” Brad said simply once again.

Brad quickly found a parking space in the lot, fairly close to the main entrance, and they all got out and headed inside. Jackson kept looking around as if someone were watching him, or someone would pop out from behind one of the tall hedges surrounding the parking lot and accuse him of wearing a diaper. As luck would have it, there was no one in the change room when they entered, so that would be at least a little easier on Jackson for his first time, because the next part would be hard enough as it was. He noticed the others starting to strip, so he looked around once more to make sure there was no one in the room, and he quickly tore off his clothes, ripped off his diaper, balled it up, and then threw it the five feet from where he was standing to the nearest garbage can, and he actually made the shot, considering just how bad he had said he was in sports.

“Where's my suit?”

“You're wearing” Brad said, pointing at the sign.

“No, I can't go out there naked” Jackson panicked again, going to grab for his clothes, but Bradley had already gathered them up and was currently locking them in the locker.

“Well, if you want to stay in here all day with no clothes, then you're by all means welcome to, because we're not opening that locker until it's time to leave, and we're going out there. Now, don't worry so much, in just an hour or less, you'll love it. Just ask Shawn here. His first time here he was probably even worse than you are now, but you'll get used to it real quick.” Bradley said softly.

“He's right, and now I love coming here, it's so free.” Shawn acknowledged.

“You'll be fine Jackson, trust us. This is also more than just a nude beach, it's also a males only nude beach, so there's no girls to turn you off, but that doesn't mean that you're allowed to touch anyone in the sexual areas, at all, not even to oil them with suntan oil, even if you're here with your boyfriend. You would be kicked out immediately if they see it, and I would probably lose my membership here, so don't. That rule is in place to protect everyone, and if you can't figure out why, I'd be happy to explain it to you. Now, come on, we're heading out, so you may as well join us. Oh, and don't cover up, everyone will notice and look at you, because they'll want to see you blush.” Brad smiled and warmly explained to Jackson.

“Oh god.” Jackson said, seeing that he really had no choice.

At least he was already somewhat used to being nude around Bradley and Shawn, but Brad had yet to see him nude, and no one else had seen him naked since he was probably six he figured. He however did not mind Brad seeing him naked, because that was what he wanted in the first place, for them to be naked together, but he never imagined that it would be with many other boys and men all while on a beach. Jackson turned towards the exit with the others, and followed them slowly. He made sure not to cover up, because he did not really want anyone else to pay any more attention to him than necessary, but he was also more than a little excited about seeing other naked boys and men, but it had yet to start showing, because his fears were still keeping things down.

They walked out onto the beach, and so far there was only about twenty or so other people there, most of them were still laying down and enjoying the earlier morning rays, but a few were walking about, and as the others were, Jackson was watching the scenery, enjoying himself. They went and set out their blanket and oiled each other up with some sun screen, except the naughty areas of course, and as they did so, Jackson asked to be informed of the reasons why they were not even allowed to touch their boyfriends groins, so Brad told him the reason, and he understood, same as Shawn had.

“Okay, now that our spot is set, and we're all oiled up and ready for the day ahead, let's go eat, I'm starving.” Brad said, standing up and heading towards the restaurant area.

“Good.” All three boys said happily at the same time, all being quite hungry.

“Just a bit hungry are you boys?” Brad laughed.

“Yes.” They all answered at the same time again.

“Yeah, thought so. I'm hungry too though, so let's go eat.”

They headed towards the restaurant and found a nice seat, where they could still see the beach and a couple games areas, sat down, and waited for their waiter. He arrived moments later and took their drink orders and passed them each a menu. He was back minutes later with their drinks and took their orders, because they were already ready.

“So, how does it feel to be sitting in a restaurant totally naked?” Brad asked Jackson after their waiter had left them.

“Really weird, but it's not too bad I guess. Everyone else here is naked, so that's easier I guess.”

“Yeah, and soon enough you'll totally forget that you're naked, and you'll be free. Oh, and don't be ashamed when you get an erection here, no one will laugh, but you might get some appreciative looks, a few droolers, and more than a few caught boners, because boners are catching after all.”

“I noticed that a few had boners already, especially those two men that were walking on the beach holding hands, and I probably would've gotten hard too, except, well I'm still so embarrassed.”

“Yep, you're bare assed alright.” Brad grinned.

“That wasn't quite what I meant.” Jackson laughed.

“Maybe not, but it was funny anyway. So, what should we do first after we finish eating boys, swimming or sunning?”

“I say sunning.” Shawn answered first.

“That sounds good to me too.” Bradley added.

“Works for me.” Jackson added last.

“Okay, sunning it is then.”

Shortly after that, they received their meals, and they all enjoyed them a great deal. As per usual the food was exceptionally tasty, and even though they were all full well before they were finished, they ended up finishing what they had, just because it would have been a shame to waste such good food.

“My god, that was so good, but now I'm so full. It's probably a good thing that we're gonna sun tan first, because I'd probably drown if I got into the water right now.” Jackson sighed.

“Same here.” The other three said pretty much at the exact same time.

“Yeah, well if we're ready to go boys, let's head down there and free up the table for someone else, because there's others waiting to sit and eat.” Brad added.

“Okay.” The boys said, and they got up and headed out.

They all headed down to the beach and laid themselves out, and Jackson of course chose the lesser of two evils and laid on his stomach, but within only a few minutes, he had to bare his front for everyone who was walking by to see, for there were more than a few people walking the beach now, and they looked, why would they not. For nearly an hour the four of them laid there, turning over and over again, so that they could all get a nice even tan, without burning, until they were ready to go swimming.

“Okay, let's go swimming boys, it's a beautiful day and the water 'll feel great.” Brad said, sighing and sitting up.

“You know, I probably should have realized yesterday that you guys frequented a nude beach, because you all have great full body tans.” Jackson mused as he too sat up and stretched, it had been very relaxing.

“Yeah, but with so much going on in your head, you probably didn't really notice that small detail.” Brad said.

“Yeah, I guess you're right.” Jackson said as they were walking to the waters edge.

They all jumped in the water and splashed and played around for at least an hour before getting out to go play some games. For a couple hours they played games, they tried a couple new ones again, and they had a great deal of fun. Once lunch time rolled around though, with all the exercise they had been getting, even though they had had a huge breakfast, they were getting hungry, so they headed back to the restaurant and waited about five minutes for a table to free up before they could go sit and order.

Their drink orders were taken, and then their meal orders, and as they sat there waiting, they chatted. The talk centered mostly around Jackson and how free he felt, much the same as Shawn had felt by the end of his first day. Once the food arrived though, all talk ceased, because there was no point in talking when such good food was presented to you, and once again, they ate heartily.

“My god, that was even better than breakfast, and I thought that was the best meal ever.” Jackson sighed.

“Try their dinner here and get something really good, like a good T-bone and lasagna, and even their seafood here is to die for. Don't get me wrong, their burgers and onion rings that you had are the best there is anywhere I'm sure, but the steaks here are a beautiful thing, I swear it.” Brad sighed, almost starting to salivate, even though he knew he could not eat another crumb.

“I can't wait to try it. I bet this place is even better at night.”

“I take that to mean that you'd like to come back some time?”

“Oh yeah, I'd love to, whenever you guys come, I'd love to.”

“No, remember, there's none of that allowed here.” Bradley chuckled.

“Huh.” Jackson said in confusion.

“Cum, as in sexual, you're cumming.” Bradley said, spelling it out for Jackson.

“Oh, you're a brat.” Jackson smiled.

“Why thanks.”

“That wasn't a compliment.” Jackson said dryly.

“Oh well.” Bradley grinned.

“Come on boys, let's go lay back and get a few more rays and then go for another swim before we head out.”

“Okay.” The boys said as one, so that was what they did.

They stayed laying in the sun for a while before getting up and going to play in the water once again. They stayed in there for a couple hours, and then got out.

“Well boys, it's time to head out.” Brad said.

“Aw nuts, just when I was starting to get used to this, now you're gonna make me put clothes on.” Jackson grinned.

“Know how you feel kiddo. I once spent a full three week holiday here, I didn't wear a stitch of clothing the entire time, and then when I finally had to leave, it felt horrible to put clothes on again.” Brad said gently.

“I bet that was hard.”

“Nah, by then I was soft, I was hard too much during the stay, you just can't possibly stay hard twenty four seven for three weeks, not even Bradley could, although he's certainly tried.”

“My god, now I know where Bradley gets it from.” Jackson spluttered.

“Yeah, the apple sure didn't fall far from that tree, did it?” Brad laughed.

“I'll say.” Jackson said, still trying not to laugh. The other two though were not trying to hold it in any.

They headed up to the change room, and as soon as they made it, they got into their clothes that they had arrived in, and then headed out. The drive back was somewhat subdued, but they did talk.

“Hey Jackson, didn't you say you lived near to us?” Shawn asked.


“And you're fourteen right?”

“Well, almost.”

“Okay, so that makes us about the same age and therefor we should be in the same grade. Even if you skipped or missed a grade, I should still know you from school, but I've never seen you. So, where do you go to school?”

“You probably go the the middle school down the road, but I go to an arts school a little ways away. It's a bit of a ride to get there, but it's better for my learning disabilities, because I don't learn from reading, mostly just from doing, and they can teach me like that. I love to read, but I don't really learn like that.”

“Oh, okay, that makes sense.”

“You say you don't learn well by reading, mostly by doing?” Bradley confirmed.

“Yeah, why?”

“I'm the same way. I barely pass because I never learn anything from just reading it in a book, I have to be able to do something before I can learn it, and they won't let me do that at school.”

“Then you should be in the same program as I'm in then. It's helped a lot. I went from barely passing, and sometimes not, to being a B plus or sometimes even an A student.”

“Wicked, Daddy....”

“Yes, we'll check that out for you next year Bradley.” Brad said before Bradley could even get the question out.

“Thanks daddy.”

“No problem. No one ever told me about that before. I knew there were a couple arts schools around, but no one said that they taught in a more hands on method for students like Bradley. Now I'll have to bash a few heads together and find out why.” Brad said, actually upset, because he would have done that for Bradley a long time ago if he had known.

The rest of the drive home, Jackson mostly told Bradley about how he was taught at school, and he really liked that idea, and Brad had to admit, it sounded perfect for Bradley as well. They made it back home in good time, and Bradley and Shawn once again shared a nice tender loving kiss in the back seat before Shawn got out, because he knew he should be heading home.

“Well guys, have a good day, it was nice to meet you Jackson, and I'm glad that you stayed the night.” Shawn said.

“Thanks, it was really nice to meet you too.”

“Good. Well, I'm gonna head home now then, see you tomorrow baby.”

“Love you, see you tomorrow.” Bradley said lovingly.

“Love you too.” Shawn smiled warmly. This was officially the first time they had said that in front of someone else, even Brad.

Shawn took off pretty much right away, leaving the other three standing there. He headed right home to spend the rest of the evening with his parents.

“Well, I guess I should be heading home as well, I still have to do my homework, and I'm sure my mom will want to see me at some point in time.”

“It was nice having you, I'm glad that you came over.” Brad smiled warmly.

“Thanks for having me.” Jackson smiled back, all the while thinking that he would have given himself to Brad in a much different way, but maybe next time.

“I'm glad you had a good time Jackson, you'll have to come spend the whole weekend next weekend, come over right after school on Friday, and we'll have some fun.” Bradley said.

“I'd come over after school Friday, but I have no intentions of being there, since Thursday is the last day of school, remember.” Jackson grinned.

“Oh yeah, I would have felt silly going on that day, considering how much I hate being there in the first place.” Bradley laughed.

“I bet. Well, see you guys later.”

“Bye Jackson, have a good night.” Brad said.

Jackson headed out right away as well, and before too long, it was just father and son once again. They noticed that Jackson seemed to walk with just a bit more spring in his step than when they first met him, and he had a happy smile on his face, so they too were happy.

“Well brat, let's go sit back, relax, watch TV and have dinner when it's time.”

“Sounds good to me daddy, but I want to go get into a nice thick comfy diaper first.” Bradley smiled as they were walking into the house.

“Yeah, I know.” Brad smiled back.

As soon as Shawn made it home, he was surprised to see both his parents sitting there, waiting for him to arrive.

“Hey mom and dad, whatcha up to?”

“Nothing much, except we have a question for you.”

“What's that?” Shawn asked, almost apprehensively, because even though he knew they knew, he still was not quite ready to admit what he feared they were going to ask.

“Well Shawn, it's this. Your dad was given a huge promotion and raise at work, but it comes with a bit of a stipulation.”

“That's really good, but what's the stipulation?”

“Well, he has to go to Europe and do a bunch of training and see how things are done at the offices over there, which means twenty or so different cities, and they're saying probably three months.”

“Oh.” Shawn said sadly.

“The problem though is that we're not allowed to bring you.” Kevin said.

“Oh.” Shawn said, sounding happier that time.

“But we also don't want to leave you home alone for that long a time.” Lori said again.

“I could stay and Brad and Bradley's.” Shawn said a bit too excitedly.

“Somehow we thought that might be your stance. I'll call and ask Brad.” Lori smiled.

“Thanks.” Shawn smiled.

“Do you have any homework to do?”

“No, I did it all already.”

“That's good. Why not go and get changed, those are the same clothes you wore to Bradley's, so they're probably dirty, and then clean your room as well.”

“Okay, then I think I'm just gonna lay back and read for a bit.”


Shawn headed straight upstairs to his room, and the first thing he did after stripping out of the clothes, that were not nearly as dirty as his mom would like to believe they were, but she knew, he slipped into a nice soft thick diaper himself. The only difference than Bradley was that he put on baggy pants and a long shirt to hide the bulge. Seconds after taping it on though, Shawn let loose the torrent of pee that he had been holding onto for nearly the last hour.

Shawn quickly cleaned his bedroom, probably not to his moms standards, but it was markedly cleaner than it had been, so he thought that was fine. He grabbed the book that he was reading, laid down on his bed, and then got engrossed in it totally. As it turned out though, Shawn was quite tired, because not even two hours later when his mom came to check to see why he was not coming down to dinner, he was sound asleep, his book covering his face. She grabbed the book, put his book mark in it, set it on his bedside table, and then went and grabbed his plate of food, so that he could eat it if he woke up during the night. Otherwise she pretty much left him as he was, except she did pull his shirt down, to cover up his well exposed, and very wet diaper. She did check to be sure that it was not going to spring a leak any time soon, and she felt that he was good.

Brad and Bradley ate their dinner, and then shortly afterwards, Bradley headed to bed as well, because he too was quite tired. He felt that his diaper would hold up throughout the night, so he did not bother to change, just slipped into bed, and fell fast asleep. Not long after Lori knew that Bradley was normally in bed, she called Brad.

“Hey Brad, how was your weekend?”

“Good Lori, and yours?”

“Really good. We got word Friday night that the promotion that Kevin was hoping for went through, so that means a great raise for him, but it leaves us in a bit of a bind.”

“That's really good to hear, I'm happy for you guys. What kind of bind does it leave you in though, and is there anything I can do to help out?”

“Actually, that's why I'm calling. You see, Kevin needs to go to Europe for about three months for training and to see how things are done. He has to visit like twenty some locations and pretty much learn everything there is to know, but while I'm allowed to go, they don't want us to bring Shawn, because they don't want his life risked, since there are a few places that aren't exactly safe, not to mention we'll be in places where there's little or nothing for him to do. We wouldn't have taken him, even if it were perfectly safe though, he needs to be with his boyfriend more right now, and he would have been miserable with us, he even sounded sad when we said we were going, but perked right up when we said he wasn't allowed to come. So, that brings us to you. Would you keep him for a few months for us, we'll of course give you some money, at least enough to offset the amount that the bloody kid eats, as well as some to do his back to school shopping, because we won't be here to do so.”

“Sure I'll take him, you know I would. Besides, if I'd said no, my son would have ripped me to pieces.” Brad laughed.

“I bet.”

“You don't have to give me any money though, I don't need it.”

“I didn't ask if you needed it or not, I said I'd give you some. As in don't bother questioning it.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Brad laughed.

“Good man, you know your place.” Lori laughed.

“I've been with enough women to know that tone, and besides, I probably couldn't afford to feed both boys anyway.” Brad laughed.

“No, probably not, why do you think Kevin has worked so hard to get this promotion, so that we can afford to keep feeding Shawn. My god, that boy can eat.”

“I know how you feel, Bradley is getting nearly as bad.”

“I bet.”

“So, when do you head out then?”

“Early Friday morning, so we'll say our goodbyes to Shawn Thursday when he gets home from school, and then we'll send him to your place for probably a good two and a half months, but possibly three.”

“Okay, that works for me.”

“Good. Well, I'll let you go, because I know you're usually in bed pretty early yourself, so have a good night.”

“Thanks, and you too Lori.”

“Goodnight.” They both said, and then hung up.