Chapter 7

The next morning, Shawn came over before his parents were even awake, but he did think it prudent to leave them a note, so that they at least knew where he was, not that they would have suspected him of going anywhere else anyway. Brad and Bradley had only just come downstairs themselves, and Brad was just pouring his first cup of coffee, he thanked God every time that he got up in the morning that his coffee maker had an automatic setting, so that he did not have to wait for his morning fix. Neither was overly surprised to hear Shawn come in, and they waited for him to enter the kitchen.

“Good morning Shawn. I assume you came over to tell us the good news?” Brad asked.

“Yeah, did my mom already call you then?”

“Yes, she did, and I've agreed.”

“Awesome, thanks.” Shawn said, and then launched himself at Brad and hugged him tightly.

“I don't mean to be rude, but what the heck are you two talking about?” Bradley asked curiously, because he had no clue as to what was going on.

“Do you want to tell him, or should I?” Brad asked.

“I'd love to. My mom and dad are going away for like three months, but they can't take me, not that I wanted to go anyway, so your dad agreed to my staying here while they're gone.” Shawn smiled brightly.

“What, no way, that's awesome!” Bradley said even more excitedly.

“Yeah, it is.” Shawn agreed.

“Daddy, how much vacation time do you have coming to you?”

“Three weeks, why?”

“Well, you only booked one week at the beach, can you change it to all three weeks do you figure?”

“Probably not now, but I can always book another two weeks as soon as they have a couple rooms open. I can check though. I take it that you'd like to go for the full three weeks then?”

“Heck yeah, if we can that is. Even if we have to push it back a week or two, that'd be fine with me.”

“I can give them a call then and see what they have open, if anything. It's getting pretty late.”

“Or you can just ask when we go there, because I think I speak for Shawn, Jackson, and probably even you when I say we'd all love to go again today.”

“Yes, I wouldn't mind going, but we have other things that need to be done today as well.”

“Like what?”

“We have to go grocery shopping at some point today, and there's a few other things that we need, so we should go shopping first. Not to mention, we'll have to wait until Jackson arrives, to see what he's allowed to do today.”

“Oh, yeah groceries would be a good thing for sure. You know just as well as I do though how much Jackson will want to go to the beach, he loved it, and he'll definitely want to be going back too.” Bradley grinned.

“Oh, I know he'll want to go, but it's also a matter of what he's allowed to do. I also have no idea when he'll come over.”

“I'm willing to bet that it's sooner rather than later.” Bradley laughed, just as they heard a knock at the door.

“Hmm, I wonder who that could be?” Brad laughed.

He got up and headed to the door to let Jackson in. He of course stood behind the door so as to not shock any of the neighbors with his nudity, just in case any of them happened to be looking. As he opened the door, he found Jackson there, and as soon as Jackson saw Brad, he smiled brightly, and then blushed a bit.

“Um, good morning, I hope I didn't wake you up, I wanted to come over.” He almost stuttered.

“No problem at all Jackson, Bradley told you yesterday that we're normally up before now, so no worries.”

“Yeah, I know, but it's still pretty early.”

“Yeah, to some maybe, but not us. Now come on in, I don't feel like hiding behind a door all morning.”

“Thanks.” Jackson smiled, and came in. He looked appreciatively at Brad as he entered and Brad closed the door. He had gotten some really good viewing in the day before, but that did not stop him from looking once again.

“Come on, the boys are in the kitchen, I was just enjoying my morning coffee.”

“Oh, Shawn's here already too?”

“Yeah, he arrived a few minutes ago.”

“Good, at least I'm not the first one here.”

“Yeah, he got here early to tell Bradley the good news.”

“What's the good news, or are you allowed to say?”

“His parents have to go away on business for three months, but he's not allowed to go, so I already agreed to keep him while they're away.”

“That must be nice, getting to stay with you guys for a few months, I'm happy for him.”

“I'm sure he agrees.”

“I bet.”

“So, what would you like to do today?”

“Well, I'd kinda sorta like to go back to the beach again today if you guys want to!” Jackson asked hopefully.

“We thought you might say that, so sure. We have to go grocery shopping this morning first though, so we won't be going until after lunch today probably. Come on, let's go find the boys and tell them that it's an all go for the beach then, they'll be happy.” Brad said, because they had just been standing in the living room talking.


They headed to the kitchen, and Shawn and Bradley were sat on only one chair, Bradley on Shawn's lap, and they were kissing tenderly. Jackson actually blushed a bit at the sight, and Brad cleared his throat to let the two love birds know that they were once again in the room.

“Oh, sorry about that, good morning Jackson. I just had to have a good morning kiss from my baby.” Bradley said dreamily.

“No worries.” Jackson said, still a bit of a blush on his cheeks.

“Well boys, as you suspected, Jackson would also like to go to the beach today, so we'll go, but we have to go shopping. Let's get some breakfast, and then we'll go shopping.”

“Okay.” They all said.

“If we're gonna go shopping, I should probably get a diaper change, I'm still in my night diaper, same as Bradley is, and I'm getting pretty full.”

“Yeah, I should change my diaper as well.” Bradley said.

“You're wearing a diaper Shawn, I couldn't even tell?”

“Sure am. With these pants, my diaper shirt, and a nice loose shirt on, you can't even tell at all. That's why Bradley and I'll be wearing diapers when we go shopping, because it's so much nicer than having to find bathrooms, and no one will ever notice anyway.” Shawn smiled.

“Oh, okay.” Jackson said in surprise.

“Come on up to my room Jackson, and we'll diaper you up too, so that we're all the same. And don't worry, no one's ever noticed me or Shawn wearing diapers before, and they won't notice you either. Shawn can just loan you some of his looser fitting clothes and a diaper shirt that he keeps here.” Bradley offered, because Shawn had already purchased a couple of the shirts in a larger size for himself, so that they fit a bit better.

“I don't know about that.”

“Ah, what have you got to lose, come on, if you can tell once we're finished getting you dressed, then you're welcome to take it off.” Bradley said softly.

The true diaper lover side of Jackson finally pulled ahead and convinced Jackson to just do it. He nodded subtly, and then followed the other two up to the bedroom, and submitted to getting put into a diaper for the day, even though he was going out in public. Once they had him nice and thickly diapered, and then dressed properly, they sent him to the mirror, so that he could look at himself. While he was doing that, Bradley and Shawn diapered and dressed each other properly.

“So, what's the verdict?”

“I can't even tell I'm wearing it, other than I can hear it rustling when I move.”

“Yeah, but no one else can hear that, unless they're standing next to you and it's perfectly quiet all around, otherwise they'll never notice.”

“Okay.” Jackson said resignedly, and followed the other two from the room.

While the boys had been up getting changed, Brad also went and got dressed. He was out first, so he started a simple breakfast for them all, so that they could eat and head out right away. As soon as the boys made it there, they helped to finish making breakfast, and then they ate and got ready to go.

“Okay boys, medical store first, Wal Mart next, and then to the grocery store for the rest of the stuff we need.” Brad called out once they were done.

“Okay.” The boys all said, and they headed out to the car to get going. About half way there, Jackson remembered that he was in fact wearing a diaper, and he got embarrassed and quiet again.

“Just remembered that you're going out while wearing a diaper underneath your clothes for the first time?” Brad asked softly.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“I've seen it before let's just say.”

“Well, okay, but how did you know I was wearing a diaper under my clothes?”

“That's even easier, I knew the other two would get you into them, whether you felt comfortable doing it or not.” Brad grinned.

“Yeah, and I sure didn't feel right leaving the house in a diaper, even if I can't even tell I'm wearing it.”

“Yeah, but it's just years of incorrect programming coming back to haunt you. I could tell that you were wearing a diaper right away, but only because I know what exactly to look for, not to mention I was certain that the other two would get you into them before too long. No one else will ever be able to tell, unless they too know what exactly to look for, and they're not likely to say anything to you, because they either wear or know someone who does, so also know the signs. It's also not wrong in any way for you to like and wear diapers, even in public, just keep it discreet, and no one ever has to find out about it.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.” Jackson said, getting a little better now with the reassurance.

They made it to the medical supply store a few minutes later, and they all went in. Up until then, Jackson obviously did not realize the true reason behind going there, because when they entered the diaper aisle, he squeaked and decided that he wanted to go look at something else. Brad told the others to just leave him, that he would be fine, and they picked out everything that the boys wanted and or needed, which was not a lot this time. As soon as they were ready to go, Bradley headed to find Jackson, while Brad and Shawn went to the tills to pay for their purchases.

“Just couldn't be seen buying diapers yet huh?” Bradley asked softly.

“No, what if someone saw me, I'd be dead!”

“Nah, not really. We're too early in the morning to really have to worry about other kids here, hell, we're the only ones here at the moment other than the employee, so there's no worries there, and they're not gonna say anything either. Don't worry, you'll get used to it sooner or later, either that or you'll have to stop loving diapers.”

“I can't do that, they feel too nice, and they're wicked convenient.”

“Then some day soon you're gonna have to go and buy diapers on your own as well. Don't worry, the first time is the hardest. Come on, Dad and Shawn are paying for everything and taking it to the car, come with me and we'll head straight to the car right now.”

“Oh, okay, but I don't think I could go to a store and buy diapers, I think I'll just buy them online, it's much easier.”

“Maybe so, but then you're not supporting your local economy, and my dad says that's more important than saving a few bucks and being a bit more discreet.”

“Yeah, I suppose that's true too, but I don't think I can do it.” Jackson said as they turned and headed towards the car.

“Well, until you're ready, we'll help you out anyway, because I doubt you want to be ordering diapers and then having your mom wonder what you're ordering so often. Not to mention, how would you pay for it anyway.”

“Very true. I certainly don't want my mom finding out about that, ever.”

“Believe it or not, she'd probably be just fine with it.”

“I seriously doubt it.” Jackson said just as they were arriving at the car.

“Eventually you're probably gonna wanna wear diapers while at home, and sooner or later she's probably gonna notice, but you can cross that bridge when the time comes.”

“What makes you think I'll want to wear diapers while at home?”

“Because I know, because I do, and so does Shawn now, almost all the time, and he only started wearing them a few weeks ago.”


“Yeah. Well here comes daddy and Shawn, I'm gonna open the trunk and help them load up, you may as well hop in.”


The three of them loaded up all their purchases, and then headed off to the next stop on their list, to get the few things there that they would be needing for the next week or two. This trip took longer, and they got less, but they got all that they needed to get, so that was all that was important. Off to the grocery store they headed last, and there Brad got everything that they would be needing for the next week for food. As soon as everything was paid for, they headed back out to the car and stored it all in there, and then headed home to get it all put away.

“Okay boys, let's get this all put away quickly, because the sooner we do, the sooner we can hit the beach.” Brad said as soon as they made it home.

The boys excitedly and quickly helped to put everything away where it belonged, and within half an hour, they were ready and raring to go, so they did. They hopped back in the car, and headed off to their favorite beach. They made it there in good time, and this time when they walked in, there were almost a dozen people in there in various states of undress, and a few that were already naked, presumably waiting for someone, or maybe just enjoying the views, possibly or probably both.

“Oh god, I can't get undressed in here, look at all these people.” Jackson whispered hoarsely as they walked in.

“Sure you can, just do it like you did yesterday, and you'll be fine. Besides, you see that sixteen year old right there, he's not undressed yet, but when he does start, you'll see that we're not the only ones in diapers, but he needs them.” Bradley said in normal tones, but no one seemed to notice, since it was quite loud in there at the time.

Jackson just stood there, looking scared, but watching the older boy none the less, discreetly of course, and waited while the others started getting undressed. Bradley and Shawn were down to just their diapers a few seconds later, when the older boy finally finished talking to who Jackson assumed correctly was his boyfriend, and then he started getting undressed as well. A few seconds later, and he too was down to just his very soggy diaper. Just then he looked to Jackson, winked and waved, and then removed his diaper, walked slowly past where Jackson was, and whispered to him.

“Never be ashamed to wear diapers, especially here, where there's more diaper lovers than you'll ever know.”

“Thanks.” Jackson whispered back, and watched as the boy threw away his diaper, and then sauntered out the exit door with his boyfriend.

Jackson finally decided to get undressed, but he did so as quickly as he could, trying to not allow anyone to see him in just a diaper, but almost all the remaining people in there did see, and they appreciated the sight as well, and most of them smiled warmly to him, or maybe longingly, Jackson was not entirely certain.

“Much better Jackson, you'll get used to it.” Brad smiled warmly, patting Jackson on the back tenderly and leading him out, following the other two boys that were already ahead of them.

“So, what should we do first boys?” Brad asked once they were all set up in a good location on the beach. They were just finishing up oiling themselves.

“We may as well just sun ourselves for a bit, since we just put on the oil, we may as well let it soak in.” Shawn offered.

“Sounds good to me.” Brad said, and the other two nodded their agreement.

For the next hour and a bit, they laid there on the beach, getting just a bit more of a great tan to go along with what they already had going. After that, they headed to the water and swam for a good hour or so, and then went and played games for a while. They stayed there, playing and having fun, until just after dinner time, of which they had there of course, and as always, the food was nothing short of spectacular, and they were all sufficiently stuffed. They headed home shortly after dinner, having just enough time to roll their way to the change rooms to get dressed, and then they were on their way. As soon as they made it home, the two guests took their leave, and headed home.

Bradley failed to remember the conversation earlier that day about checking to see if their reservations could be changed, but Brad remembered, but was too tired to worry about it before they left, so decided that he would do it the next day while he was at work.

The rest of the week for the boys went surprisingly fast, considering it was the last week of school, it was also a shorter than normal week, because they got to leave early on Thursday, and before they knew it, it was in fact Thursday afternoon. The boys came crashing into the house at much the same time, a shock considering that they all went to different schools that got out at different times.

Brad had called the beach office, and checked to see what arrangements could be made. He was not surprised to find that there were no double rooms available for that particular time, or for that long, but they did have an opening for the following week that would allow them to stay for the full three weeks, so he took it, making sure to also add Jackson to his membership now as well. He figured that that would be prudent. Brad decided to spring this news on the boys once they were all out of school, and the excitement of that wore off. He arrived home at his normal time, to find that Bradley was home alone.

“Hey there my little soaker, where's the other two?” Brad asked, because Bradley was in fact only wearing a very wet diaper.

“They both had to go home for a bit. Shawn has to say goodbye to his parents tonight, because they leave early in the morning, as well as they wanted to have dinner with him and spend their last few hours together, so I told him he needed to go. He's gonna come over once his parents go to bed though, because there's no point in him staying there. Jackson also had to go home to have dinner with his mom and to pack his things and take his school stuff home. He should be here pretty soon though, because he was supposed to have dinner about half an hour ago he said, he left shortly after three.”

“Oh, that's probably for the best. Did Jackson wear a diaper home, because I know that you guys would have gotten comfortable as soon as you got here?”

“Yeah, he did, surprised even me. I didn't think he was ready for it yet, but even though he was blushing, he seemed happy, if not a bit nervous.”

“I was thinking that it was gonna be soon that he chanced it, he's becoming nearly as big a diaper lover as you are, and he'll even soon surpass Shawn. Granted, Shawn was thrust into it late in life, whereas Jackson's been dreaming about it for a long time.”

“True. So, what would you like for dinner, I couldn't figure it out, so I haven't made anything yet?”

“I don't really care all that much, as long as I get to eat soon, I'm starving. I ended up skipping lunch because I was too busy.”

“Then we should probably order something in, because I have nothing defrosted, so it's gonna take a while. What would you like?”

“I could go for a bit of Chinese!”

“Ah, want a little cream of sumyunguy?” Bradley grinned cheekily. (Pronounced some young guy, just in case you missed that.)

“The last delivery boy we had certainly wouldn't be turned down if he made the offer, but to tell you quite honestly, right now I'd actually prefer food over sex.”

“Tell me about it. Go get changed and I'll make the call. You want the usual I presume?”

“Definitely, you know what I like.”

“Yep.” Bradley smiled, and Brad headed to his room to get changed.

In under half an hour their food arrived at the door, and because Bradley paid over the phone already, they were good to go, so they sat down to eat right away. Not even half way through their meal, the door opened and shut, and before the first boy could enter the kitchen, it did so again. Shawn was first, followed seconds later by Jackson.

“Mmm, something sure smells good in here.” Shawn said, sniffing his way in the kitchen.

“A little cream of sumyunguy.” Bradley grinned.

“Hmm, never heard of that, what's it like?” Shawn asked curiously.

“You've had it before.”

“No I haven't.” Shawn said in confusion.

“Sure you have. I'm a young guy, and you've tasted my cream, what little I produce, but you've tasted it, and liked it I might add.” Bradley said with a perfectly straight face. Brad and Jackson however were not able to do so quite so easily, and were bursting out in laughter.

“You sir, are absolutely horrible. Funny, but horrible.” Shawn laughed once he got the joke.

“Thanks. Would you like some, I always order way too much, and there's lots here for you two if you're not quite full?”

“I'd love a little of the honey garlic pork and an egg roll please?” Jackson said, taking no time at all to decide, because it sure did look and smell good.

“Mmm, good choice, I'll have the same please?” Shawn said.

“Go grab plates and forks, or you can use the extra sets of chopsticks I had them send if you prefer, then dig in.” Bradley said.

“I think I'll stick to a fork, I never could use chopsticks at all.” Shawn admitted.

“Same here, I just make a huge mess.” Jackson added.

“Took me a while, now I can pick up a single grain of rice with no problem.” Brad said, showing the boys that fact right away.

“And I'm getting almost as good. You may as well try it and get used to it, and besides, who cares if you make a bit of a mess.”

“Okay.” Both boys said as they came back with plates and dug in.

By the time they were finished, and Shawn and Jackson did not eat only what they said they would, they ended up trying a little of everything that had been ordered, and there was still enough left over for Brad's lunch the next day. They all helped to clean up the mess, but before doing so, Shawn and Jackson stripped out of their clothes and down to just their soggy diapers.

“So, Jackson, tell me, how did it feel to go home in a diaper?” Brad asked.

“Really strange, but good. My mom didn't notice, or if she did, she sure didn't let it show.”

“That's good, I'm proud of you. So, how was your last day of school then boys?”

“I think I can speak for everyone here when I say it was too long and I'm very thankful that it's over for the rest of the summer.” Bradley said.

“I agree.” Jackson said.

“Yep, me too.” Shawn added.

“I thought that might be your stance. Now, I don't know if you remember your question on Sunday about our vacation Bradley, but I called the club and asked them if we could bump our vacation to three weeks, and they said no.”

“Oh crap.” Bradley said sadly.

“Yeah, that's what I thought too, so I asked if they had any other openings for a double room for a full three week stay, and they had one open, but it's for the following week.”

“Wicked.” All three boys said.

“I knew you'd like that. Jackson, I need your mom to give me a full permission slip to take you on a three week vacation, even though it's only an hour away, and I'll talk to her about it as well. I may have to tell her that it's at a nudist resort though, if she asks, because I won't lie to her.”

“I'll get it, and if you have to tell her, go ahead. To get to stay for three weeks, I'd let even her know I was a diaper lover.”

“I figured as much. The place has really grown on you, hasn't it?” Brad grinned.

“Or I did a lot of growing there.” Jackson grinned right back.

“I'll say you did.” Brad laughed.

“Hey daddy, what about the fun hunk that you'd invited to go with you?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot bout him. He actually called me the other night and told me that he wasn't gonna be able to go anyway, because he met someone that he fell in love with, so was calling to back out of our date tomorrow night. I could've sworn I'd told you that, but maybe not.”

“Oh, I'm happy for him, and that's good for us as well, but I'd certainly remember you telling me that, so you must have forgotten. Oh well, no biggie.”

“Hmm, you would have realized it sooner or later anyway. That however does leave me with no date tomorrow, but if you boys don't mind, maybe I'll hang with you tomorrow night instead.”

“Absolutely not, we wouldn't want some old guy cramping our style.” Bradley said all in a huff.

“Just remember brat, this old guy can still pin you down and tickle you until you pee so much you start to leak, and you know for a fact that I'll do it too.” Brad said menacingly.

“Yikes, okay, you can spend the evening with us.” Bradley said, backtracking quite quickly.

“I thought so.”

“I take it that you're very ticklish and your dad doesn't mind taking advantage of that?” Jackson laughed.

“I'm so ticklish, and definitely not, he loves to do that to me. I usually end up hyperventilating because he tickles me so much, not to mention how much I pee. Once he attacked me when I wasn't wearing a diaper and I peed so much that we had a puddle nearly three feet around us. Good thing we have wood floors, or that might have been a bit messy to clean up. I might also add that usually I pee so much that by the time he's finished, my bladder hurts so much from squeezing that much that I usually have to wear diapers for at least two days afterwards, because I end up losing a bit of control.”

“Wow, that's harsh.” Jackson said, trying not to laugh, but failing, as were Brad and Shawn.

“With as much as he challenges me, you'd think that he enjoys it, of which I know he does.” Brad grinned, trying to stifle his laugh.

“Well, yeah I enjoy it, to a certain extent.” Bradley grinned.

“So, what should we do tonight then boys?”

“Not a clue.” Bradley shrugged.

“Same.” The other two said.

“Yeah, that's been my problem all day too, what to do tonight. Wanna just head to the mall and look around for a bit?”

“Sure, may as well.” Shawn answered.

“Okay, you three go get changed out of those soggy diapers and into some nice dry ones then and we'll head out right away.”

There were no arguments, just a rushing of the three boys heading upstairs to get changed and dressed. Jackson figured that if his own mom did not notice, then no one else would either. His mom had noticed though, just thought it prudent to not say anything. She had known for quite some time about Jackson's desire for diapers, his computer access was not quite as free as he would have liked to believe, so she knew everything that he was looking at, and for a long time too. The boys came back down minutes later, all ready to go, so they headed out right away.

Once they arrived to the mall, they began to look around, not really looking for anything in particular, just enjoying hanging out and joking around a lot as they did. The boys played in the arcade for a bit, they looked at clothes, they even stopped in at a pharmacy at the mall and the boys all gravitated towards the diaper section, but were all disappointed at the selection. They spent a while in the two electronics stores, looking and playing, they checked out all the department stores, and even stopped for an ice cream. Eventually they got tired of just looking around, so headed home.

“Okay boys, I think it's pretty close to bed time, so upstairs, get those soggy diapers changed, and then head to bed.” Brad instructed.

“Okay daddy, that sounds like a good idea.” Bradley smiled warmly, adding a yawn just for good measure, because he really was tired.

“I'll come tuck you in in a few minutes.”

The boys all nodded their heads and then headed up to Bradley and Shawn's bedroom to strip off their clothes and change their diapers.

“Hey baby, we never tried out those new really thick diapers we bought, not sure why, but let's try them tonight, okay.” Shawn said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about them too. I'll grab everything while you two get undressed.”

Bradley went to his closet and dug around for a few seconds until he found the package of diapers that had gotten tucked behind other things, so he grabbed that and the cream, and then took them to the others. Bradley also got undressed while Shawn helped Jackson to get changed, and then both boys changed Bradley, and then Bradley and Jackson changed Shawn.

“Wow, these really are thick, aren't they, but man are they comfortable.” Shawn said in awe, stroking the front of his nice thick diaper.

“Sure are, I like these, but you certainly wouldn't want to wear them outside the house, not unless you really wanted others to know you were diapered. I'd wear them to the beach though, no problem, because there's a few diaper lovers there, and the others really don't mind seeing hot boys in diapers either.”

“I agree, and maybe if your dad decides to take tomorrow off, we can just go in these.” Shawn said happily.

“Maybe he will, he has so many unused personal days to use up, that his company has been hounding him to use a few, hence the reason he took those two days off last week with us.” Bradley said.

“Must be nice. Your dad must have a good job. My mom doesn't get anything like personal days, and she barely gets much for vacation either.”

“He's been working there since he was fourteen, he's never taken a sick day in his life, he works any overtime that they ask him to work, he's the only employee that's never had an accident, he'll do nearly anything from being a foreman to a grunt, and he has serious skills. The owner of the company just loves him, and does anything he can to keep dad on, because he makes him really good money.”

“Oh. What does he do?”

“He's in construction. Right now he's on the crew as head foreman for the new bridge that they're building over the river to replace the old one. When I said he makes the boss serious money, I meant it. So far he's managed to keep the job ahead of schedule, below budget, and there's a nearly one million dollar bonus for doing one or the other, not sure what they'll give for both, so daddy 'll get a nice big bonus if he manages to do it below cost and ahead of schedule. Daddy bought the house quite a few years ago by doing that. He had a mortgage on it, like most people do, but he led the job for the new overpass they put in about five or so years ago, and did that, his bonus was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, so he paid off the house in full and bought his new car. Not sure what he'll do if he gets another big bonus like that again, but it'll mean he's gonna buy himself a nice new toy or something I'm sure. The rest will probably go in the bank, but I'm sure he'll buy something.”

“Wow, that's cool, but if he wants to keep the job ahead of schedule, isn't he worried that taking time off will affect the schedule?” Jackson asked curiously.

“If he took too much time off, then maybe yes, but one day here and there isn't gonna make much difference. He's got a really good crew who knows what to do, so he can leave things in their capable hands from time to time if he really wants to. He doesn't do it often though, so he probably won't tomorrow either, but last week he wanted to, because he needed some time off to relax. Every now and then he just has to do that, and he makes sure to send his guys home if they're looking as if they need some extra rest, because they all push themselves quite hard.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Your dad must be a good boss to do that for his guys.”

“They certainly seem to think so. He's never had a complaint against him either, another reason the owner likes him so much. I'm willing to bet that his boss gives him an extra week off when the project ends, so that he can use up some of his personal hours, that's what he did a couple years ago.”

“I know the bridge is almost complete, so won't your dad want to be there for the final completion of it, because we'll be on vacation?” Jackson asked curiously.

“They haven't said it in the newspaper yet, because the company hasn't told anyone yet, but the bridge 'll be finished by Thursday at the latest. Daddy's known that for a while that they should be finished by the end of next week, hence the reason that he agreed to go to the beach for a week, and now three. He wouldn't have gone if it wasn't finished. One or two days he'd go for, but he won't leave his guys for a whole week, and never for three.”

“Wow, really. They'd said that it was a month ahead of schedule the last time I saw it in the paper, but they're still a month ahead more than that, because even as it was, they weren't supposed to finish for a month.”

“Yeah, they've been pushing hard, that bridge is really needed, and they wanted to get it done in time for the busiest time, which just happens to start officially today, summer vacation. He'd hoped to have it finished for today, but knew that was unlikely.”

“If they've been pushing so hard, aren't they worried about safety?”

“Heck no, not my dad. There's three crews working that bridge, it's being worked on twenty four seven. Two day crews doing the actual construction, and the night crew is there solely to check absolutely everything every night. It's x-rayed in every spot to check for bad welds, they use an ultrasound to check every section of concrete, every bolt is triple checked to make certain that it's tight enough and has it's lock washers and pins in place. His boss scoffed at that idea the first time he wanted to do it, but it's proven a good way of doing things. The safety crew is of course only a couple guys, but they check everything at least four times, and daddy'll personally check everything himself and recheck each and every report before he passes it. He works on average ten hours a day, because the first two hours of his shift, before his main crew arrives, he goes over the safety report with the lead safety inspector. Trust me, it'll be the safest bridge you'll ever drive on, and it'll be so for many years I'm sure.”


“Talking about me again are you?” Brad asked as he walked in, catching the tail end of the conversation and knowing what Bradley was telling the others.

“Yeah, but only the bad stuff.”

“Like there's anything else.” Brad grinned.

“For sure.” Bradley grinned right back.

“Well, hop into bed boys and curl up, I'll tuck you in and shut off the light. I'm gonna head to bed soon as well.”

The boys hopped into bed, got comfortable, and Brad pulled the blankets up and covered the boys. He gave Bradley a kiss goodnight, and then said goodnight to all the boys, left the room, and shut off the light before closing the door.