Chapter 9

They all headed to bed, and they all had a really good sleep, even Brad. Jackson had cuddled up as tightly to Brad as he could, and whispered soft caring things into his ear until he fell asleep, he kept reinforcing how good he was, how cute he looked in his diaper, how such a good baby he was, things like that, and it helped, because by the time Brad fell asleep, he had a small smile on his face again.

They went to the beach both Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday Brad went right to work with a renewed spring in his step. Wednesday the inspector came as he was told to, and although the lines had not yet been painted, they were just starting, he gave it a complete and total pass for absolutely everything, so Brad was happy. By the end of the day, they were cleaning up their equipment. It would take another day to clean everything at the very least, but on Thursday, Brad gave the okay to the mayor to go ahead and announce the opening, which he did that very afternoon on every news media there was. It was now to be another crews job to remove the old bridge, but Brad's company did not want to demo the old one, so that contract was given to someone else. That weekend, they once again went to the beach and had a blast, although there was no blasting allowed, at least while there.

So far Brad and Jackson had only been kissing and caressing, not even touching each others naughty bits in a sexual manner, but they sure were learning each others hot spots. Brad had also taken to wearing diapers more willingly quite quickly. The following day he had to be asked, the day after he asked, so that was good. He was also wetting them now nearly as much as the boys were, but they were still ahead, only because they also wore during the day. They were all still careful to keep holding their pee until they had to go, and then letting it go slowly, so that they would keep their bladder control.

Jackson had went home that Monday morning and asked his mom straight out if he could go on a three week vacation with Brad and Bradley, and at first she was unsure, but she called Brad and asked him what was happening. He had told her that they had a resort on a nice beach and that Jackson was welcome to come. Then she asked where, and he had to tell her that it was at a nudist resort that they frequented. At first she was shocked that Jackson would even want to go somewhere like that. When she asked him, he blushed, but said that it was the greatest place ever, and then had to show his mom how he had no tan lines, although he did not pull his pants all the way down, just enough so that she could see. He was also trying to hide the fact that he was once again wearing a diaper, but she had already noticed that. He had a few spares in his bag too.

Obviously Jackson's mom gave her okay for him to go, she had said yes pretty much right away, but she did let Jackson stew for a few minutes at least. Finally the day for them to go arrived, and you would think that they were only going for a night or two, with how much luggage they were taking, because all they had was their toothbrushes, hair brushes, deodorant, lube, and then the rest of their luggage was all diapers. Very excitedly they hopped in the car on the day that they were to go, and off they went.

“I can't believe it's finally time, we get to go on vacation.” Jackson said giddily from the front seat.

“Me too.” The others all said happily as well.

“So daddy, how did the meeting with the city people go this morning anyway, because you haven't told us yet, we just packed up as soon as you got home and left?” Bradley asked, because he had a meeting, which had bummed the boys all out at first, because that meant they could not leave first thing in the morning, but in the end, what difference did it make leaving two hours later.

“About as I expected I guess.”


“Well, they were of course extremely pleased with the quality and the speed of the work, as well as the fact that we were nearly a million dollars under budget, something that they had never had happen before. Not difficult when I had a budget of nearly fifty million dollars. Anyway, I met the criteria to receive the bonus, me and the boss were there of course, so they gave him a check for that, and then decided to give him another of the same size for doing the other as well. All the reports were of course handed over when they were given the bridge, and they finished reading it, and were amazed at the reports.”

“That's really good daddy, so what did your boss give you then?”

“Well, and no one is to know this either boys, but he got a three million dollar bonus in total, he gave me a third.”

“You got a million dollar bonus?” Bradley asked in awe.

“You bet I did. Now I just have to figure out how to split it all up, and then I think I want to by a couple new toys.”

“Split it all up!” Jackson said in confusion.

“Well yeah. Haven't you ever heard the old adage, never put all your eggs in one basket?”


“It's the same with money. Never put it all in one place. Your money works better for you if you spread it around and work it a bit. It's also safer that way, just in case someone decides to crash on you, you won't lose everything that way. Also, a bunch of it goes into Bradley's education fund, assuming of course the little shit manages to graduate.”

“Hey, I'm sitting right here you know!” Bradley said all in a huff, pretending of course.

“I know, hence the reason I said it loud enough for you to hear. I wouldn't want all that money to go to waste, now would I?” Brad grinned.

“It won't go to waste, don't worry.”


“So, what toys are you gonna buy then?” Jackson asked.

“Not too sure yet, but I've sorta been thinking a pool and hot tub would be nice, but other than that, I have no idea.”

“Have you ever thought about a boat?”

“No, not really.”

“Maybe you should. Where I used to live, we had to go on a ferry every so often, and I loved it. It was only about half an hour, but it always felt so nice.” Jackson said dreamily.

“Never really been on a boat before, so not so sure.”

“Maybe rent a boat then and see if you like it, or don't bother, doesn't really matter.” Jackson shrugged.

“That might be a nice idea, maybe we'll try that out after our vacation. I'm not going back to work for the rest of the summer break anyway, so we have plenty of time to do stuff.” Brad said, dropping that one on the boys, because he had said nothing before then.

“What, really, how come?”

“Few reasons actually. There's nothing on the go at the moment that desperately needs me, I have a full two months of vacation and personal time coming to me, because the boss gave me an extra couple weeks for doing such a good job, so I told him I'd see him September first then, unless something else came up that he needed me for.”

“That's awesome daddy. I've never had a summer off with you before, that'll be so cool. Normally you only get any real time off during the winter when it gets too cold to work.”

“Yeah, that's why I decided to do it now.”

The rest of the drive to the beach, they talked happily about Brad's being off for the summer, as well as their up and coming three weeks of complete and total freedom. Both Shawn and Jackson though were both thinking of something more, about their up and coming loss of their useless virginity, because they both wanted it, and very soon too. Once they arrived, they went and got undressed, and Brad did not seem at all uncomfortable about stripping down with a diaper on, he just did it like the boys did, even though there were a few people in the change room. Once done there, they headed to guest services and got the codes for their rooms, as well as what rooms were theirs, and then headed up.

“Wow, would you look at this room!” Jackson said in awe.

“Pretty nice huh?” Brad said happily.

“For sure.”

“It's definitely worth the hundred and fifty a night for each room.”

“Wow, you're paying three hundred dollars a night for three weeks?” Jackson asked in shock.

“Yep, I'd pay twice that if I had to, but you're also forgetting the cost of all the food we'll eat while we're here, so it'll be way more than that for this vacation, but for the first time in a long time, I have more than enough money to really cover it and never have to worry.”

“True. I love how they've decorated the place, really nice pictures of boys and men in every way, yet not one of them sexual.” Shawn said.

“Many of the pictures here were done by guests, some are photos, some are paintings, and some are drawings. In a few rooms now there's even sculptures done by guests. I think you'll also agree that they don't have to be posed in any sexual manner to be beautiful and or erotic.”

“Definitely.” All three boys said.

“You guys should see the size of the bathrooms too, come on, come take a look.” Bradley said, pulling both boys towards the bathroom in the room that they were currently in.

“Wow, would you look at the size of that tub, you could easily fit five or six people in there.” Jackson said.

“Yeah, but they're designed only for two. The functions are easy to control, just choose the options on the panel that you want and these tubs come to life.” Brad said, pointing out the command pad with all the functions.

“Wicked, I can't wait to try that out later.” Shawn grinned.

“Same here, but what the hell is that?” Jackson asked, pointing at the thing next to the toilet.

“That's a bidet.” Brad answered.

“And what exactly is that for?”

“For washing that cute little bum of yours after you go to the bathroom, but these are also a little more special, they will really clean you up and out. I'll teach you how to use that later, and Bradley will teach you Shawn.” Brad grinned.

“Oh.” Both boys said.

“I've never seen such a large bathroom before, but it's very nice.” Shawn commented a moment later to break the silence that had fallen over the room.

“Yeah, and every room is pretty much the same. The only real difference in any room are the colors, the views, and the artwork.”

“Cool. So, what room are we taking then?” Jackson asked.

“We'll take this one, and Bradley and Shawn can have the other one. Let's get unpacked.”

“Gee, that should take, what thirty seconds. I noticed that there's not even a dresser in here, but why waste the money I guess, because no one wears clothes anyway.” Shawn laughed.

“Definitely. Lube and diapers can go in the bedside tables, and the rest just stays in the bathroom. Go on boys, your room is through that connector door, go get unpacked and meet us back in here once you're done, and then we'll head down for some lunch and for some fun.” Brad smiled, and like a shot, the two boys were off to their bedroom.

Like Shawn had surmised, the unpacking really did only take about thirty seconds or so, and then they were done. Bradley and Shawn were back only a minute later, and then they all headed from the room down to the restaurant, because they were all getting more than a bit hungry. As always, they enjoyed the food more than words could say, and then they headed out to the beach so that they could get some nice sun, and they laid there for a little more than an hour tanning.

“What's happening over there Brad?” Jackson asked after they got up. They had seen something being set up earlier, but now there seemed to be lots of people gathered around.

“I think they're doing a photo shoot.”


“Well, cameras here are prohibited, unless you get previous written permission, and then an area is cordoned off, so that people who do not wish to be photographed naked do not have to be. Many of the pictures in our rooms were done this way, because there are people that want to have their pictures taken while naked, so they're allowed to do that every so often here. Most of the time, it's a particular person that wants to take pictures of his boyfriend or children or something like that, but they've also been known to do a photo shoot and sell the pictures for any of those who want to get theirs done at the same time. The area that is cordoned off though, if you so desire, can still be used, you just might end up as background for someone's picture, but we won't be doing that.”

“Oh, cool. Why wouldn't you want to do that though?” Jackson asked curiously.

“In order for a picture of a boy to be taken, the photographer must first have written permission by the boys parent or guardian, of which we do not have for either you or Shawn. Even though technically I could provide it for Shawn, I will not. The other reason is, I don't like to be photographed, at all, so that's just not gonna happen.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense. I suppose that's in place to protect all the people here as well?”

“Exactly. Even though there is a clause in the contract you have to sign that very clearly states that you may not make any pictures done of other people public, it doesn't mean that it can't happen. If they're you're own personal pictures, then that clause is void, but some people forget that technically speaking, if there's anyone in the background, then it's not allowed to be posted publicly. I'm not really worried so much that someone would see any of us and recognize us, I wouldn't give a damn about that, and I doubt you boys would either, but I still don't like it.”

“That's okay, I don't really like having my picture taken either.” Jackson said.

“Can we go over and watch though?” Shawn asked.

“Sure, why not.” Brad said, and they all headed over there.

When they arrived, they found that a volleyball net had been set up in the cordoned off area, and a group of ten boys were busily playing a round of volleyball, while a photographer was busy taking dozens of photos. After that, the boys were then set to wrestling on the sand, and they certainly appeared to be having a lot of fun, though when any of them started to get hard, they were told to stop for a bit, and then they were in the water for more pictures yet. Once those boys were finished, there was another group of boys that came up to do the same thing. In both groups, the boys were ranging in age from about eight or nine years old, right up to about fourteen. After all the boys' pictures were done, the photographer called out to everyone, telling them that he was also there to take pictures of anyone else who wished to have their pictures done. He did warn though that all his pictures would be posted in and around the resort, of which almost no one would have any problems with at all.

They stayed and watched as a few more groups of boys and or men went inside so that they could have their pictures taken, and there were some very nice poses, but only once was a couple asked to back off and think of the ugliest female they could conjure up to get rid of their boners. The entire audience of course laughed, but then, so did they, after they shook in disgust from the comment of course.

“Well boys, I think it's time that we hit the water, I'm starting to get pretty hot.”

“I'll say.” Jackson grinned.

“Thanks, but I didn't mean hot in that way.” Brad grinned.

“I know, I just call it as I see it.” Jackson smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Brad smiled back, and then they headed to the water to go swimming.

For the rest of the day there, they swam and played, ate when it was time, and then just as the sun was starting to set on their first day of vacation, they headed up to their rooms for the night.

“You boys have a good night, and please stay in your room, unless it's to come over to ours.”

“Okay daddy. Goodnight, love you.” Bradley said, thinking in his own mind that he had absolutely no intentions of moving from their room until sometime late the next morning.

“Love you too baby.”

“Goodnight.” Shawn and Jackson both said at the same time, and then Bradley and Shawn headed to their room, because the four of them were congregated in Brad and Jackson's room at that moment, but not for long.

“Finally, we're alone.”

“Yeah.” Brad sighed.

“Look, I know you still think I'm too young, we've had this discussion a few times over the past few days, but I want it just as much as you do, I want you to make love to me tonight, and then I want to make love to you. And remember, I'm older than you were when you started having sex.”

“Yes, that's all true, but like I told you before baby, I wasn't having sex with adults, just other kids. I know what we both want, but I just can't get over what would happen if we're caught. I mean, we've already broken the law seriously just by kissing and caressing, I just don't know if it's such a good idea to make love as well.”

“If we've already broken the law, then really, what difference does it make. In for a penny, in for a pound as they say. You know as well as I do that I'm going to be losing my virginity during this vacation, and I want it to be tonight, and I want it to be with you. You're the one I love, you're the one I want, and I want you deep in me.” Jackson whispered seductively now.

“True.” Brad said simply, and with that, Jackson reached up and pulled Brad into a deep and tender kiss, and that, as they say, was that.

Slowly the two of them made their way to the bed, laying themselves down, without hardly having to break their tender embrace or their passionate kisses. They continued kissing and caressing each other for nearly ten minutes, neither one touching each others sexual zones yet, but they were both incredibly hard none the less. In fact, they were poking into each other to the point that had they not been so preoccupied with their kissing, they might have found it to be uncomfortable how they were being poked.

“Make love to me now please, I want your first load of the night deep inside my hot baby ass?” Jackson pulled away and whispered.

“I'll have to prepare you, can I suck your cute little baby peepee and taste your first load as I finger your hot little baby bum?” Brad asked softly.

“Oh yes.” Jackson whispered hoarsely.

Brad rolled over and opened the drawer in the bedside table, grabbed the lube that was in there, and then rolled back over to be with his boyfriend. Jackson had rolled as well, so he was now flat on his back, they had both been on their sides before, and his legs were splayed wide open, presenting himself fully for anything and everything that Bad wanted and he needed.

“Are you absolutely certain about this baby, once we start we can never go back, and I doubt I'll be able to stop?” Brad had to ask.

“I've never been so sure of anything in my life, and don't you dare stop. I know it might hurt, probably won't though, but I can take anything with you doing it to and for me.” Jackson whispered.

“Okay.” Brad said softly, and then dove in and sucked Jackson for his very first time.

“Oh god, so good.” Jackson moaned out deeply.

Brad slowly sucked Jackson for a few seconds first, enjoying his unique flavor, and his size was just right too. Jackson was pouring forth a good amount of precum, of which Brad was enthusiastically lapping up, as well as he was moaning up a storm, and Brad thought in the back of his mind that it was a good thing that the walls were sound proof. Removing the cap from the tube of lube, Brad got a couple fingers coated in the thick slippery gel, and moved them towards Jackson's waiting and wanting hole. Jackson shivered every so slightly as the cool gel was rubbed into the outermost creases of his anal lips, but he moaned even more deeply from it as well.

For a few seconds Brad just massaged the outside of Jackson's bum, not daring to go inside yet, because Jackson had to relax a bit more for that, but he was quickly doing so. After about a minute of this, Brad slipped a single finger inside Jackson, and once again Jackson moaned more deeply than he had been, though he made no sounds of discomfort, and Brad was amazed that his finger slid all the way inside without hardly any resistance. Brad left his finger inside for a few seconds without moving it at all, and then started very slowly opening Jackson up with it, all the while he was very slowly and tenderly sucking Jackson's dick.

Jackson was currently feeling things in his body that he had never before imagined. How it felt with Brad doing this was far more than Jackson could have ever dreamed possible. He had had a number of things buried in his little asshole before, he was no stranger to anal stimulation, but Brad truly knew what he was doing, not to mention his cock sucking skills were beyond extraordinary. Even Jackson was surprised though that he had not yet cum, but Brad was purposely working his dick very slowly, so that he would rise slowly, because he wanted this to last.

Brad was more than a bit surprised that Jackson was taking this so easily, and decided that he may as well slip a second finger inside, so he did, and once again, Jackson took him easily and without complaint at all. Brad worked his little boyfriend for another couple minutes like this, and then slipped the third and final finger inside Jackson's ass, and once again, he only moaned deeper still.

For at most ten minutes Brad worked Jackson like this, and just as Brad was ready to pull off and give to Jackson what they both wanted more than anything, Jackson finally had enough and exploded the largest amount of cum that he had ever sprayed, and Brad sucked it all down, savoring every single last drop before swallowing it.

“Oh wow, that was amazing, you did things to me I never thought were possible, and your fingers felt so amazing inside me.” Jackson moaned once again as he came down, Brad still had his fingers buried inside, and his dick still in his mouth, but he was no longer moving.

“I'm glad that you enjoyed that baby, but I think you're ready for me now, or at least as ready as you'll ever be. Are you certain?”

“Oh yes, more than I've been about anything in my life before.” Jackson sighed, and Brad smiled.

Brad nodded and removed his fingers from Jackson, got up onto his hands and knees, and crawled up until he was hovering over Jackson slightly. He then worked himself into position, so that his dick was mostly lined up for entrance, and Jackson pulled his legs up and wrapped them around Brad's back. Brad grabbed his dick, placed it to Jackson's entrance, and gave a slight thrust. Jackson was still tight though, so it did not go in right away, he slipped away from his target, so he retried, and this time he slipped in ever so slightly. Once he was inside a little, he removed his hand, and started sliding in very slowly.

“Oh my, you're big.” Jackson moaned.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, not really, just really stretches, but I can take it, don't stop.”

“Make sure and tell me if you need me to pause, okay, I don't want to hurt you?”

“Don't worry, just keep going until you're all the way in.” Jackson moaned even more, because Brad had slipped a bit more inside his tight bum.

It took about five minutes for Brad to insert himself fully, he had had to pause a few times as Jackson fought to accommodate the rather large intruder, but never once did he truly feel pain, although he did hurt a bit from stretching so much. Once he was fully inserted, he held there for a few moments, and then started reversing direction almost as slowly. Brad pulled about half way out before reinserting himself, and Jackson started moaning even more now than he had been before.

“Oh man, simply amazing.” Jackson sighed.

“Any pain now baby?”

“No, none, just incredible, go deeper now, pull all the way out and then put it back in.”

“Okay.” Brad whispered, and then started doing just that, although he did not pull until he slipped out, that would be too much for Jackson right now. He was going to be sore tomorrow as it was.

After only five minutes of making love like they were, and they were, they were even kissing tenderly as Brad was thrusting, Brad could not hold on any longer. With a final deep thrust, Brad came deep inside Jackson. Jackson could feel the extra warmth spreading through him, and he liked it.

“Oh man, so good. I even felt you cumming in me, I didn't think I'd be able to feel that.”

“Oh yeah, that was good.” Brad sighed a minute later.

“I'm glad you enjoyed.”

“You have the tightest ass I've ever fucked before. But the reason you felt me was more than likely because I think I came a lot more than normal inside you, that was a huge load. I haven't cum in a few days.”

“Why not?”

“Didn't feel like it I guess.”

“No, you wanted to save it for me, didn't you?”

“Yeah, a bit. I knew you were saving yourself for this weekend, or you would have had me before now, even as much as I was trying to resist.”

“Too true. I wouldn't have minded a blow job or ten though.” Jackson grinned.

“I bet. Now, I think it just might be your turn, make love to me please baby, I need you?”

“Okay.” Jackson said brightly.

Brad laid on his back, and Jackson grabbed the lube and crawled into position, so that he could suck and finger fuck Brad. He wanted to suck Brad as well while he prepared his ass for penetration, even though he was aware that Brad would not require much, but that did not mean that he did not want to play either. Jackson had never sucked a dick before, but after only a few minutes, Brad realized the boy must be a natural at it, because he was doing all the right things, and the things the boy was doing with his fingers, no one had ever done to him before.

Jackson was having a great time too, he loved sucking Brad, and fingering his hot moist ass felt so good, and he was doing everything and anything that he thought might feel good, and from the constant string of moans, sighs, and other verbal sounds that were not coming out entirely as they probably would have otherwise, Jackson was certain that Brad was enjoying it as well. Brad was starting to get very close after only about five minutes of fingering, and this surprised him, because he had just cum not all that long ago, so he figured that he would last longer, but not the way Jackson was playing him. He only managed to hold on for another couple minutes before he exploded once again, and again it was a huge orgasm, but as large as it was, Jackson still managed to not lose a single drop. He too savored each and every drop as it was delivered to him, and he held the last shots in his mouth for a few seconds and truly savored it, much like a wine taster would savor a truly magnificent wine.

“Oh my god.” Brad whimpered a few minutes later.

“Did I do it right?” Jackson asked softly.

“ did it perfectly.” Brad sighed.

“Good, I'm glad you liked it. I wasn't sure how to do it, but I just did what I thought would feel nice.”

“Never change a thing then, because that was amazing. Make love to me now please?”

“Okay.” Jackson said happily, and then extracted the fingers that were still buried in Brad's ass, moved up into position, moved his still very hard dick into place, and then with a nod from Brad, he slipped all the way in.

Jackson had not intended to slip all the way in like he had, he had not even expected to slip in so easily, but Brad was a pro, and he was more then well enough prepared, but none the less, he was all the way inside, and they both loved it. Brad too wrapped his legs around Jackson's back, and pulled him in just a bit tighter still, so that he was sunk in as far as he could possibly go, and then Jackson started thrusting. Jackson was pulling until he was almost popping out, and then using the resistance that he was receiving from Brad's legs, he nearly slammed all the way back in, and in this way, they created a moderately quick pace. Jackson leaned down after only a few seconds and attached themselves at the lips once again, and as they made love once again, they kissed deeply and tenderly.

It was all just too much for Jackson though, because with everything that had happened to him, and the fact that he was a horny teenage boy after all, he was only able to last about six or seven minutes before he exploded once again, and he slumped down. He ended up laying on top of Brad for a while, until his dick finally wilted and slipped out of brad's ass, he was nearly asleep.

“Wow, you sure know how to do that, are you sure I was your first?” Brad whispered.

“Oh yeah, as much as I've dreamed about it, I've never experienced it, but that was far more than I ever dreamed of. I'm tired now though, you better diaper your little baby boy, because I'm gonna pass out like real soon.”

“You're far more than I ever dreamed of as well. The things you do to me are far more than anyone ever has before. I suppose that it's because I love you more than anyone I've ever loved before, so that just might make the most difference. I'm really tired too, so you should diaper me up as well, and then we'll get to sleep.”

“And I love you so much as well.” Jackson smiled.

Brad hopped out of bed, grabbed the wipes, the cream, and the diapers, and then came back and diapered Jackson up nice and thick, and then laid down to get diapered as well. Jackson was of course only too happy to do so, so within minutes Brad was just as thickly diapered, and then they curled up in bed. With a final kiss and goodnight I love you from each of them, they were sound asleep.

In the next room, as soon as the boys had entered, they started kissing almost as soon as the door closed. As they were kissing, they too moved towards the bed, until they nearly fell onto it, but still their kiss did not break.

“I want you to make love to me tonight please baby, I want to, no I need to lose my virginity tonight?” Shawn broke the kiss and asked tenderly.

“And I want you to make love to me tonight as well. I hope you're not the only one losing their virginity tonight though, because I know Jackson is planning it too.”

“Oh, I know he's gonna tonight as well, and I don't want him to beat me to it, so we'll both lose our virginity tonight.” Shawn grinned.

“If you'd have let me, you could have lost it weeks ago.”

“I know, but then it wouldn't have been as special. Now, make love to me baby?”

“Let's suck each other while we each finger each other so that we're nice and ready, because I want to suck a nice tasty load from you first?”

“I'd love to have your first load inside my bum though!”

“The problem though is that I'm not gonna last long, and neither are you. We haven't played in two days, waiting until we got here, and there's no way that I'm gonna last long enough to prepare you for me and get inside you.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right, because my balls hurt so bad right now it's not even funny.” Shawn admitted.

“Yeah, and being hard all day and not cumming hasn't helped us any either. I wonder how long Jackson 'll be able to hold out.”

“I'd be surprised if he holds out more than a minute.” Shawn laughed, because Jackson had been dripping half the day, whereas Shawn had only started dripping near the time that they headed inside.

“No kidding. Come on, let's suck.” Bradley said seductively, and swung around on the bed.

“I'll grab the lube.” Shawn said, and then grabbed the lube from the bedside table.

They both laid on their sides, raising up their upper leg so as to give their boyfriend all the room he would need to work, and then they started sucking. Shawn got some lube on his fingers first, and then passed the lube over to Bradley, who did the same thing, and then they both started stroking each others tender backsides.

At almost the same time, both boys slid a single finger deep inside their boyfriends assholes, and they both moaned. Shawn had not yet had anything inside his ass, he had not worked up the courage to do it, and he sort of wanted for Bradley to be the first to do it as well, so this was totally new to him, and although it felt a little strange, it also felt very good as well. He was not however very sure of what to do once he was inside Bradley, so he copied what Bradley was doing to him, because it felt really good. Bradley was moaning enough to tell Shawn that he seemed to like it as well, so Shawn kept up what he was doing. When Bradley added a second finger, so did Shawn, and they both moaned again, Shawn with just a hint of a groan that said that he was just a touch uncomfortable. Within seconds though, the discomfort was replaced only by the utmost in incredible feelings.

A few moments later and they each added their third fingers, even though Bradley knew that he really did not need Shawn to finger him any further, but he was enjoying it, so why not. It took them only maybe five minutes to get this far, and both boys were more than a little surprised that they had not yet exploded, however, they were both getting extremely close as well. All of a sudden Shawn tensed up and exploded, and Bradley followed suit half a second later, and they both sprayed their loads right into their boyfriends sucking mouths. Even Bradley sprayed a good sized load, considering that so far he had still not actually sprayed any real cum, but this was, his first true cum.

“Oh god, you taste so good, and I think that it was real cum this time, not just precum.” Shawn moaned a moment later, leaving his fingers right where they were, and disengaging his mouth only long enough to comment.

“It sure felt different, but very good. Now, are you ready to lose your virginity baby?”

“Oh god yes. I've wanted this for so long, make love to me please?”

“I would have done this to you so long ago, if only you'd have let me do it, I would have been yours more than a year ago.”

“I wasn't ready, and even though I wasn't really ready when you made me admit it, I still would have let you that very first night when you tried to rape me. I was just scared, but I'm not any more.” Shawn smiled.

“I wouldn't have raped you, don't worry, because in just a few minutes had I pushed you any more, you would have let me do it willingly. I didn't want to push you quite that far though, only far enough for you to admit it. I wanted you as a willing boyfriend, not a sex slave, of which you certainly would have been then.” Bradley grinned.

“Probably. Now, make love to me.” Shawn said, pulling off of and out of Bradley, and extracting himself as well, and then laid on his back, opening up his legs so that Bradley would have had to be blind not to see what Shawn wanted.

“Okay.” Bradley said brightly. He grabbed the lube and added some more to his dick, and then crawled into position.

Once he was in place, Bradley positioned his dick so that he was properly aimed, and then proceeded to push into Shawn. Shawn grunted a tiny bit as Bradley broke through the first barrier, and then sighed as Bradley sunk all the way in. Bradley had went slowly of course, but he went steadily as well. Once he started, he did not stop until he was all the way inside Shawn. He knew that he was big enough to fill Shawn up well, but not large enough to hurt him, and he was already well prepared, so he knew Shawn would be able to take him with ease.

“Oh god, this feels amazing. No wonder gay guys like this so much, and I think I'm really gonna love doing this as often as possible.” Shawn moaned.

“I'm glad to hear that, because I love having sex, I crave it, and I love to give and receive, so I'll be wanting this as much as you do.” Bradley sighed deeply and started a slow rocking motion, hardly pulling out any at all.

There were no more words after that, only the sounds of two very loving boys making slow tender love to each other. Bradley kept changing his rhythm as well, he started out just gently rocking, and then moved to pulling almost all the way out, and then slipping all the way back in, and then he went to a moderate pace, really moving. Shawn was amazed at how good it felt. There had still been a small amount of discomfort when Bradley had started, but that had worn off rather quickly, being replaced only with the utmost in pleasurable feelings.

It was with a great deal of sadness, yet no real surprise, that Bradley could not continue going forever, but to have it only last at most five minutes was too short for them. Bradley though was a master at multiple orgasms, so instead of stopping, just kept right on going. He did pause for a few moments to get his bearings back again, but as soon as he was able to, he continued right on where he had left off, and that was giving Shawn as much pleasure as he was able to give, and that was a considerable amount if you asked Shawn.

Shawn of course was more than a little surprised to feel and see Bradley go through what looked to be a pretty intense orgasm, yet other than a few seconds pause, he just kept right on going. Shawn though was not about to complain any time soon, because for once he felt like he was doing the right thing, the best thing. Never before had ever felt so good or right in his entire life. He had not been looking forward to their love making ending, and now it would not have to for at least a few more minutes, because he was pretty sure that Bradley would not fire quite so quickly again.

And he was right, Bradley lasted for his second go round for about ten minutes. Shawn though was surprised that this time he was being taken along for the ride, and even though neither of them were touching his dick, he knew that he was going to cum again real soon. In fact, it was Shawn that went off first, but the contractions in his ass caused Bradley to blow as well. This time was enough for Bradley though, and he slumped down with no intentions of restarting.

“Wow, twice, that was amazing.” Shawn gasped out a moment or two later.

“Yeah, well you make me so horny, what do you expect.” Bradley grinned.

“I hope you don't expect me to make love to you twice, as it is I'm already getting tired, it's getting well passed our normal bedtimes.”

“I don't expect it, but I wouldn't complain about it either, even though I'm getting really tired too.” Bradley smiled.

“I bet not. Maybe another night we can go for a triple feature, three times each.”

“That sounds like a date to me. Tomorrow night okay with you?” Bradley grinned.

“That might depend on how my ass feels. It's a bit sore already, so tomorrow might not work so well.”

“I think I packed the cream for that, if not, you'll be fine. The discomfort usually wears off in a day or so, until you get used to it more. It took me about four or five times before I got to the point where I could easily have sex every day without problem. Granted, the first time taking a much larger dick than you're used to causes the same thing.” Bradley said.

“Yeah, I assumed that much already. I bet the resort store carries that type of cream here though, given the type of place this is and who they truly cater to.”

“What do you mean, they cater to men?” Bradley asked.

“Gay men don't you mean. Sure, they may have a few straight men visit here occasionally, but probably never the resort hotel, because you have to admit, the artwork here says gay all over it, there's no way any straight guy would truly appreciate the artwork here.”

“Yes, I suppose that that's true, but I think they do have rooms that are designed more for straight people as well, with more normal artwork.”

“Yeah, probably one. I'm still willing to bet that the store here carries a good cream for taking care of sore bums, and I bet they wouldn't even bat an eyelash at you going in and buying it.”

“No, I don't doubt you there at all. Gay men seem to all be in agreement there, boys love sex, and they all know that we do it, and they know that some of the lucky men find boys that want them as well. Just like Daddy and Jackson. They could parade around this place, telling all that they're in love, and as long as there's no uptight straight men here that don't believe in that, then no one would say anything, other than maybe congratulations, and I bet they'd be talking mostly to Jackson.” Bradley grinned.

“Somehow I doubt that the type of straight guy that'd visit this place would be too terribly uptight.” Shawn laughed.

“Ain't that the truth. Now, I want you to make love to me now, before we both pass out. I think that we've rested up enough.”

“Okay.” Shawn said happily, and then grabbed the lube and smeared some on his dick, while Bradley laid down on his back and got into position.

Shawn wiped a little more lube onto and then into Bradley's hole, just because some of the lube had dried up since it was first applied, and once again Bradley moaned deeply. Shawn did not do too much work, mostly because Bradley was still nice and open, but he also knew that Bradley would not need it. Shawn was well aware that he was not the largest that Bradley had had inside himself, he had seen the supposed trainer toys that Brad had had that Bradley had pretty much stolen. They were a hell of a lot larger than he thought that he would be comfortable taking, yet he knew that Bradley not only did that, but took larger from time to time.

Shawn moved into position and placed the head of his once again rock hard dick at the entrance to Bradley's very fine little ass, and then gave just a tiny push, and he slipped inside quite easily. Shawn stayed still, with his dick just barely inside of Bradley, not because he did not want to hurt Bradley, because he knew Bradley could take it, but because he all of a sudden rose quite rapidly towards orgasm. He had not been expecting the feelings to be quite as good as they were, and even though he knew he would not last too long, because he was still very hot from their previous love making, he had come down a lot, but this almost brought him right back up to the peaks.

Once he was able to, Shawn started slowly slipping his firm teen meat deep inside Bradley's very hot, nice and tight, and very juicy ass, the feelings still nearly overwhelming him. When he reached bottom, he stopped once again for a quick break, but this lasted only a few seconds before he started long dicking Bradley. He may not have ever had sex before, but generations of built in programming told his body what exactly to do, and he did it was enthusiasm.

Even Bradley was amazed at the prowess that Shawn was showing in this act, and he was so far from complaining that it was laughable at best, because he wanted this to go on for forever and a day, but even then it would not be long enough he felt. No one, and he really felt that too, had ever been able to make him feel quite so good before, Shawn really truly was the boy of his dreams, and this just served to prove that even more so.

Shawn too was feeling that this just could not possibly get any better, he was enjoying himself so much, and his orgasm was attempting to break free, but he was holding it back as much as he possibly could. It was getting painful though, holding something back as much as he was that really and truly wanted to escape. It became too much not even five minutes after starting for Shawn to contain, and with a scream, he came, and that was it, he was gone, he passed out. The orgasm was just too intense for his mind to cope with.

“Wow, fucking awesome.” Bradley gasped, because he too came, almost as powerfully.

It took a minute for Bradley to realize though that Shawn had passed out, because he had slumped down and was still breathing hard, so Bradley thought he was still just coming down from his orgasm. When Shawn did not stir though when his breathing calmed back down, Bradley knew what must have happened, so he rolled Shawn off of himself, and his still almost half hard dick popped from his well used ass, and he fell onto his back.

Bradley laughed, because Shawn was still almost hard, he had a grin plastered on his face, yet he was very clearly sleeping peacefully. He gingerly climbed out of bed and grabbed the cream and their diapers, came back and got himself diapered first, because he had to pee quite badly, and then he diapered Shawn up nice and thick as well. As soon as they were both ready for bed, Bradley repositioned Shawn in a more comfortable sleeping position, laid right down and cuddled into Shawn, pulled the blanket up and turned off the light, he then gave Shawn a kiss and whispered goodnight I love you, and then he went to sleep as well.