This famous 'Gypsy Monarch Series' consists of many consecutive books; narrating about a retired psychotherapist, who meets a badly burnt little Gypsy boy and takes the eight-year-old orphan into his house.

While living through many happy, sad, fearful, informative, complicated, and engrossing adventures, both the retired psychotherapist and the eight-year-old burnt Gypsy boy are discovering their complex connections to each other and to the outside world...

The books are written by a Dutch psychotherapist, living in The Netherlands.

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Gypsy Monarch

-1- Burnt little Prince


Another famous 'Gypsy Series' book

Written by a Dutch psychotherapist and writer


Genre: psychological fiction




1. That strange first day of the rest of my retirement.

   The first day of the rest of my life in this small village was a beautiful day, with a blue sky full of sunshine and happiness.

Sitting on my new porch for the first time, I already started to feel at home in my newly bought 'house with a surrounding garden'.

While searching through a few local advertisements, I had found this nice looking two-story abode, and immediately fell in love with it.

The very moment I saw my new house, everything in and around it already offered me a strong sensation of 'coming home'!

According to my realtor, the house had been inhabited by a single man, who suddenly passed away two months ago. 

The man had been living here all alone for more than twenty years...

His family sold the house for a very reasonable price; and I bought it without much haggling, hoping to enjoy my retirement and the rest of my life here.

Everything was in reasonable condition; and I only had to make a few minor adjustments to enjoy the feeling that, from now on, this would be MY house.

For the first time, I sat on my new porch and looked around...

A couple of twittering sparrows were playfully chasing after each other through my 'surrounding garden', obviously having lots of fun.

One of them landed on the railing of my new porch, staring curiously at the newcomer it hadn't seen here before...

    I smiled at the little bird; and it looked back at me as if it thought:

    "Don't you have any crumbs for me? Shame on you!"

    Shaking its small head, the animal took off again, probably resuming whatever sparrows were supposed to do for a living.

Still smiling, I made a mental note to make a couple of little friends, starting tomorrow, by offering them some breadcrumbs.

Very much enjoying the nice feeling warmth of the descending afternoon sun on my face, I closed my eyes.

Slowly dreaming away, I started to look back upon my life...

A few months ago, my wife and I decided to go our separate ways.

Both our daughters were married and living their own lives in another town.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any grandchildren to spoil.

During the last few years, my wife and I had been living in the same house, but we didn't share the bed any more.

One evening, we had an emotional talk; and then, we made our decisions...

We divorced, sold our house, and went our own ways.

My wife moved towards another town, near our two daughters.

I decided to rent a temporary condominium, while looking for something more appropriate...

    Now, I was the proud owner of this new home, hoping to enjoy my retirement and the rest of my life here, in peace and quiet.

All my life, I had been working as a freelance psychotherapist; helping both troubled children and their mostly desperate parents.

Finally, I had reached the so-called 'age of wisdom'. At least, I hoped so, as I was a rather bright and energetic sixty-fiver...

I stopped working and retired; planning to enjoy my well-earned freedom, and to relish the peaceful rest of my life.

Today, I lounged on the porch of my new residence for the first time, dreaming away and contemplating my life.

This morning, the movers had unloaded all the cardboard boxes into my new garage, and helpfully put my too bulky possessions in place.

Now, my new sitting room held a cozy couch and two easy chairs, my kitchen was usable, and my bedroom already had a comfortable double waterbed.

After opening a couple of cardboard boxes and gathering the most urgent necessities, my new home was livable and ready for the night.

Tomorrow, I would empty the remaining cardboard boxes, and put all my possessions in place.

I also needed to clean up my new yard, which looked rather overgrown and definitely needed some work.

Plus, I wanted to have a closer look at some strange spot I had found in a corner of my new backyard, after I accidentally stumbled over a couple of painted stones.

Because I didn't have a so-called 'green thumb'; to me, the spot looked just like another bunch of abundantly flowering weeds.

However, somebody seemed to have marked it out by several white cobblestones, as if it could be a little garden...

Who could have placed it here, and why?

Around three o'clock in the afternoon, my old and a bit rusty muscles started to feel tired from the unaccustomed work, and I decided to call it a day.

After brewing myself a cup of coffee, I brought a folding chair to my new porch, and sat down.

Granting myself the luxury of being lazy and enjoying the peacefulness of my new surroundings, I closed my eyes and slowly dozed off...

Within a minute, a couple of voices pulled me out of my reveries!

Inwardly, I muttered about the suddenly gone 'peacefulness'.

A few nosy neighborhood children seemed to be discussing the newcomer they hadn't seen here before...

Why were these kids talking about ME?

Feeling curious, I listened in to their arguments:

"You KNOW that Dad warns us never to talk to strangers!"

    "Yes, but I still want to know who lives in Harry's house now."

"Maybe, as our new neighbor, he is no longer a stranger?"

    "To me, he looks more like an old man, or an old grandpa..."

Feeling a bit insulted, I couldn't believe my own ears!

Which nosy kid had the audacity to call me an 'old man' or an 'old grandpa'?

Who was that kid? And, why had another kid called my new house 'Harry's house'?

Although 'Harry' was my own first name, these kids couldn't possibly know that...

Of course, I felt now curious about them; and certainly about why one of them thought I could be 'old'!

Ultimately, I was only sixty-five years old; and, in my heart, I certainly felt much younger.

Everybody always told me I still looked relatively young, despite my grayish hair and neatly trimmed beard...

Slowly, I opened my eyes, squinted at the bright sunlight, and looked around.

Five young children shuffled towards my new property, curiously staring at the new inhabitant they hadn't seen here before.

When they saw that I opened my eyes and looked at them, they stopped their bantering.

Hesitantly, they approached my closed gate...


    "Do YOU live in Harry's house now?" a small girl asked me, ending her question with a giggle.


    "Of course, silly, can't you see that's obvious?" a slightly taller boy admonished her, still staring at me.



Apparently, the former owner of my house had been named 'Harry' as well; sort of an odd coincidence...

However, the former 'Harry' had left his house two months ago; although he did it involuntarily, by passing away.

Thus, from now on, these children would have to get used to me, being the new inhabitant and their new neighbor!

What were they waiting for, now leaning against my closed gate and staring at what the 'old grandpa' was doing?


Feeling a bit annoyed, I glared back at them...

What did these kids want from the 'old man'?

I came here to live in peace and quiet; and not to be gawked at by some curious neighborhood youth!

My new property was not a zoo, displaying 'old grandpas'!

Did they pay at the entrance?


Then, I chuckled inwardly, when I realized that my ego felt VERY upset with their childish words 'old man' and 'old grandpa'.

Of course, in the eyes of these young children, every grown-up with a grayish beard could be only very old...

I also felt more curious about why these kids were here.

What were they waiting for, still leaning against my gate and staring at me?


Surprisingly, my inside had a 'gut feeling' as if they wanted to talk to me!

Only, they didn't know how to initiate a conversation...

Maybe, they were waiting for ME, to take the first step?

That would be understandable from their point of view; because my 'ego' hadn't behaved too nicely, by glaring at them and looking angry!


    Still chuckling inwardly, I silenced my insulted ego, by unselfishly forgiving the children for calling me 'old'.

Now feeling a lot better, I decided to help them break the ice.

After all, these kids could be my new neighbors; and, if so, we were to be around each other for a long time.

I also didn't want them to think I was some grumpy grandpa or an annoyed old whiner, because I was not!

Besides, it always pays off to befriend your neighbors and their offspring...


I relaxed my frowning, and smiled at the staring children.


All the children reacted immediately, as if they felt relieved!

Obviously, my 'gut feeling' was right, and they really wanted to talk to me.

However, although their eyes lit up, they still hesitated...


Okay, I would try to help them overcome their hesitancy.

Slowly, I raised my hand to greet them, using the universal greeting gesture.

Still smiling at the hesitating kids, I told them:




    The oldest boy immediately smiled back at me, lifting his own hand to greet me in return.

The boy had a warm and open face, and seemed to be a nice kid.

The other children still hesitated; maybe because their parents had warned them never to talk to strangers...


Automatically, I started to feel a little bit cautious.

We were living in an extremely mistrustful world, where every single man easily could be seen as a potential child molester...

What would happen if their worried parents showed up, to rescue their kids from this unknown 'danger stranger'?


In the meantime, the smallest girl started to push against the closed gate, obviously trying to open it.

After the gate didn't give in, she tried to pull at it, also to no avail.

Now, she started to fumble with its rusty lock...


Suddenly, the gate opened itself with a squeaking sound; and five surprised kids tumbled over each other and into my driveway!

For a moment, they looked at each other with shocked faces...

Then, they started to shriek with laughter, while trying to disentangle from their disordered pile.


    Honestly, I could not help it; although I really tried to behave as a responsible grownup...

Involuntarily, at seeing all those entangled kids in my driveway, I started to bellow with laughter!

This comical incident could easily be the catching introduction to some funny slapstick!


My heartfelt laughter seemed to convince the kids that I wouldn't be too angry with them for trespassing.

After disentangling from each other, they hesitantly entered my front garden, although looking a bit warily at my reactions...

Only the oldest boy took a few more steps towards my backyard.

From there, he craned his neck, as if trying to look past my house...

    Obviously not seeing what he wanted to see, he asked the others:


    "Does Harry know that somebody else now lives in his house?"


    Why would the oldest boy be looking for some 'Harry'?

Then, I had been wrong in my earlier assumption!

The former owner of my house had died two months ago; so the 'Harry' this boy was looking for had to be somebody else!

And, why had this boy called my new abode 'his house'?

Could this 'Harry' be living in or around my house, after the former owner had passed away?

That wasn't likely; as the former owner had lived here all alone, according to my realtor...


Perhaps, the former owner had left the kids a cat, or a dog?

Yes, of course! That had to be what they were looking for!

Well, I had always liked domestic animals; and it would be fun to have a cat or a dog around...


    Wanting to help the kids find their lost animal, I asked them:


    "What is this 'Harry' you are looking for?"


    Much to my surprise, the children reacted as if they felt suspicious!

Suddenly, they stared at me with doubtful faces, as if they didn't know what to think of such a question...


Now, I was even more curious about the 'Harry' they were looking for.

What could be their problem? Didn't they trust me to help them find their lost animal?

    While beckoning them over to my porch, I told them:


    "Of course, I will try to help you find Harry. Only, first, you have to tell me what kind of animal it is..."


    This time, the children looked ANGRY; as if I had insulted them!

They glared at me with affronted faces, as if they didn't understand how I could ask them such a horrible question...


    Feeling very surprised, I still didn't know what to think of these hostile reactions.

What could I have done wrong, at least in their eyes?

Had I really asked my little neighbors such an impossible question?

Obviously, I had unwittingly offended them...


Feeling confused, I lifted both hands in surrender, while I joked:


    "Of course, this 'old man' is no longer a stranger to you; because I have bought this house and am now living in it!

"Although I may feel sorry for asking the wrong question; I don't plan to bite any of you.

"However, as an afterthought, this 'old grandpa' might take a small nibble... but only a tiny one, to spare his false teeth."


    For a moment, the children stared at me, with confused faces.

Then, they looked at each other, trying to understand my silly joke...

Finally, they chuckled and nudged each other, looking relieved.

Obviously, they decided that this 'old grandpa' might be acting a bit strange; but he wasn't dangerous enough to be afraid of.


Suddenly, a boy daringly climbed the few steps to my porch!

That seemed to be the signal for take off. All the other kids followed him, now giggling and pushing each other.

Within a few seconds, five young children huddled together on my porch, still keeping some safe distance...


I estimated them to be from the age of the eight-year-old youngest girl to around the twelve-year-old oldest boy.

They seemed to be nice kids; and I already regretted my unfriendly behavior.

However, I also wondered why they were paying their new neighbor so much attention.

Was it something to do with the mysterious 'Harry' they were looking for?


    Trying to rephrase my 'impossible' question, I asked them:


    "Who wants to tell me some more about 'Harry'?"


Hesitantly, the children looked at me and at each other; as if they weren't sure whether they could trust me, or not...


Why were my young neighbors behaving so distantly?

Could they be sharing some secret; and didn't they want me to find out what it was?

If so, they hadn't acted very cleverly, by mentioning 'Harry' while I could hear them...


All the time, the oldest boy stared into my eyes, as if he tried to find out what my real intentions could be.

Now, hesitantly, he took a small step towards me.

With a slightly quivering voice, he explained:


    "Harry is not an animal; he is our FRIEND! This is Jack's former house, and Harry used to be here all the time.

"Two months ago, Jack suddenly died; but Harry still cries every day, because he misses his Big Friend terribly...

"Please, sir, could you try to be nice to him and not chase him away? Harry still has a very difficult time..."


The boy had a nice and open face, with two inquisitive dark brown eyes that pierced straight into mine.

Did I really see a few tears, welling up in his sad looking eyes?

This boy seemed to care very much for their friend Harry, who still missed his 'Big Friend' terribly...


    Unexpectedly, a very powerful gut feeling welled up in my inside!

Much to my surprise, my heart was sure I RECOGNIZED this twelve-year-old boy with his inquisitive eyes!

This sad kid immediately felt like my dearest friend, or like some long-lost blood brother...

At the same time, my confused mind was absolutely sure I had never seen this boy before!

This was very strange...


The boy's deep brown eyes also made me think of my own little brother, Joshie.

In some way, the boy resembled Joshie, having the same intense looking eyes and sad expression.

They could have been family...

While Joshie was still alive, he always stared at me with the same intensity; as if he knew something important that I didn't have to know yet.

Therefore, I never looked into my brother's eyes, but always immediately averted mine...


Suddenly feeling uneasy, I tried to push my unwelcome feelings out of the way.

Maybe, this boy only resembled somebody else I had once known; sort of an odd coincidence...


Only, my extremely strong feelings of recognition didn't go away!

Faint 'memories' showed up in my mind, of us sitting together around a crackling campfire, talking and drinking coffee.

We were trappers of around the same age; and I had a little son who was very fond of our mutual friend and always sat on his knee.

Until a grizzly bear killed all three of us; and we went to 'heaven', where we waited to return to Earth and be together again...


Feeling rather shocked, my baffled brain didn't know what to think of my unexpected 'remembrances' from a so-called 'past life'.

Therefore, I refused to accept my strange experience, and forced my mind to go back to the boy's answer that had clarified the mystery...


Of course, the mysterious 'Harry' turned out to be another boy!

I should have guessed it myself...

Only, why was that other boy hiding in my backyard, instead of joining his friends on my porch?

Could 'Harry' be afraid of me; because I was the new owner of 'his' house, while he used to be here with his former 'Big Friend', Jack?

Had I looked that grumpy?


In the meantime, the twelve-year-old boy still probed my eyes...

He seemed to feel more and more unsure; while his curious brown orbs now felt like staring straight into my soul...

My heart was sure that the boy had recognized me too; and he clearly felt just as surprised as I was!

Bashfully, he tried to wipe his teary eyes with a sleeve of his shirt.


Unexpectedly, I felt a couple of tears, dripping down my own face.

Had I been crying, involuntarily, while remembering my own little brother?

What the heck could be happening to me? Was I suddenly becoming senile, at this relatively young age?

This certainly was not my normal 'professional' behavior as a well-trained psychotherapist!


Desperately, I tried to suppress my emotions.

What would these kids think of me; at seeing such a blubbering 'old grandpa'...

Feeling irritated, I worked my handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped my tears away.

Then, with a sudden feeling of compassion, I handed my handkerchief to the silently sniffling boy.


The boy offered me a thankful smile.

Still heaving a couple of deep sighs, he wiped his teary eyes and blew his nose in it.

Then, he handed the wet thing back to me, looking apologetically...


Without thinking, I stuffed the wet thing back into my pocket; involuntarily heaving a deep sigh of frustration.

Desperately, I tried to understand what could be happening to me, and why I felt so many disturbing feelings...

Why did I suddenly feel all these strange emotions, apparently without any reason?

I was a trained psychotherapist; and should always be in control of myself, for crying out loud!


    The twelve-year-old boy continued to stare into my eyes, as if he still probed my deepest intentions...

My gut feeling told me that the boy wanted to tell me much more about his friend 'Harry', but hesitated.

Obviously, he still didn't really trust me...


Out of professional habit, I switched into my therapist mode, by 'tuning in' into the boy's aura.

That always helped me see things a lot clearer; by 'reading' the inner feelings and emotions of my clients.

Looking at the still sniffling boy, I also probed his deep brown eyes, trying to find out what could be his problem...


Immediately, I sensed a deep feeling of sadness and loneliness; as if nobody really cared for this boy.

After living through Jack's sudden death, he now felt even more alone...

This boy seemed to miss 'Jack' badly; just like 'Harry' seemed to miss his former Big Friend.

Maybe, the boy had seen Jack as sort of a replacement father; and he now felt abandoned...

Or, had the late Jack and this boy been Big Friends too?


Much to my surprise, an extremely powerful and overwhelming sensation of 'coming home' welled up in my inside!

My heart seemed to be sure that our meeting was 'predestined'; and that my life was rapidly reaching its 'final destiny'...

This boy and I had finally found each other; and we would be best friends again, for the remainder of our lives, including Harry...

Again, faint 'memories' showed up in my mind; showing the grown-up boy as my best trapper friend, and Harry as my own little son.

I had also been some 'Beloved Monarch'; having the grown-up 'Harry' as my Vice Leader, while this boy was Harry's oldest son...


This time, I really thought I was becoming senile, at this way too young age!

However, at the same time, my inside was sure that all my strange 'memories from our past lives' were genuine; and that both this boy and 'Harry' belonged to me for all eternity...

Never before had I felt such a strong feeling of 'belonging' to each other; not even with my own spouse and children!


Again, I stared back into the eyes of my twelve-year-old 'friend'...


This time, I felt like drowning in two deep brown orbs; while my happy heart jumped around in my chest with pure joy...

My 'gut feeling' was sure that the boy was sensing the same overwhelming feelings, making him feel just as confused as I was.

Being still a young boy, he didn't know what to do; thus he now tried to rely on ME, being the responsible grown-up...

Could this boy and I really recognize each other from our so-called 'reincarnations' or 'past lives'?


A long time ago, an old Indian Shaman had tried to convince me about some ancient belief that our 'souls' were living temporarily in our mortal bodies.

After we died, our souls returned to our 'timeless Eternal Realm'; from where they would be reborn into another body, to gain more powers and develop even more abilities.

According to the old Shaman, I already possessed many powerful abilities; but I would be able to use them only after I had met several friends from my past lives.

In my present life, I had to fulfill an important task on Earth; but only after I met my 'former friends'...


At that time, I didn't really believe the old Shaman; although he also told me several private things he absolutely couldn't know.

However, now that I clearly met one of those 'former friends', and we seemed to recognize each other, I started to doubt...

My inside seemed to be sure that this boy and I had been best friends during several of our 'past lives'!

I only didn't know that one of my 'former friends' would be such a young boy...


After a moment, my twelve-year-old 'former friend' went on with his explanation, still sounding a bit quivery:


    "Harry used to live here, in what is now your house.

"He and Jack were very good friends; and Jack helped Harry with everything that he needed.

"Only, we kept it a secret from everybody else; because Children's Protection Services would take Harry away and put him in an orphanage...

"Officially, Harry is in our custody; but, in reality, he lived with Jack and had his own room in the house; upstairs, second door to the left...

"Please, sir, don't betray us; because CPS would take my little brother away from us, and that would break his heart."


    Well, this clarifying answer explained quite a lot; certainly to an active psychotherapist who had supported and helped many abandoned and neglected children.

Apparently, Harry was such a neglected child; and he had sought shelter with Jack, the late owner of my house.

I only wondered how Jack could have gotten around the rather bureaucratic CPS...

However, I decided to ask my own questions later on.

For the moment, I only wanted to let the children know they could trust me and had found a friend!

    Again lifting both hands in surrender, I told them:


    "I sincerely promise I will NEVER betray any of you!

"I also promise I will always be there for you, when and wherever I can.

"From now on, you can trust me and always count on me, because I want to be a friend.

"Cross my heart and hope to die."


    For quite some time, all the children remained dead silent, as if they still didn't trust me.

They only stared at me with wide-open mouths...


Why didn't they look happier, now that I had offered them such a well-meant promise?

Hadn't they expected me, an 'old' grown-up, to offer them such a generous vow?

Or, had I overdone it too much, by using their 'children's promise'?


Suddenly, the youngest girl started to giggle, looking at me with almost adoration in her eyes.

At the same time, all the other kids started to smile broadly, while involuntarily shuffling a bit closer...

Obviously, all the kids had decided to trust me from now on!

I had used exactly the right words.


After listening to my generous vow, my twelve-year-old boy again stared into my eyes.

This time, his eyes not only showed a lot more trust, but also a deep longing to be with me, or to belong to me...

My inside was now sure that my 'former friend' had recognized me too, and he wanted to be my friend again!

How would we go on from here?

Without thinking, as on autopilot, I opened my arms towards him...


Immediately, my twelve-year-old friend launched himself onto me!

Blindly, he threw himself into my open arms, clamping himself onto me with all his might.

Burying his head into my chest, to muffle his sobs, he started to cry his heart out!


Suddenly, I had a lap full of a crying twelve-year-old boy...

For heaven's sake, what should I do now?

This had not been my intent!

Stealthily, I looked at the other children, who moved nearby and started to crowd around us.

How would they react, at seeing their friend crying on the lap of a stranger they had never seen before?


Much to my surprise, all the other kids SMILED at me and at each other, while they crowded even nearer!

Obviously, none of them seemed to think this could be an embarrassing situation...


Hadn't their parents warned them about blindly trusting unknown 'danger strangers' like me?

Or, were these kids already USED to seeing one of their friends crying on the lap of a helpful grown-up?

Maybe, the late Jack had been quite a lot more familiar with his young neighbors than I presumed...


Feeling reassured by their positive reactions, I let my heart take over, and wrapped my arms around my sobbing boy.

Of course, many children had cried in my arms and on my lap, during or after their therapeutic sessions.

However, never before had I felt such an absolute trust and surrender, from a child I had met only a few minutes ago!

Obviously, this boy KNEW he would be safe with me; and that I would understand and accept him unconditionally...


Surprisingly, in my inside, it felt 'normal' to have this sobbing boy on my lap and comfort him.

My heart was sure that he and I had been helping and encouraging each other many times before!

Only, my confused brain couldn't remember when or where that had been; other than supposing we had been close friends before...


    The other kids started to comfort their sobbing friend, telling him:


    "Just let it go, John; and don't bottle it up! In a few minutes, you will feel a lot better."


Obviously, none of the surrounding children thought this could be an unwanted or awkward situation...

However, what would their parents think of me, a total stranger, if they found one of their crying children on my lap?

Wouldn't they immediately think the worst of it, and call the police to arrest me?

We were living in an extremely mistrustful world...


I started to feel more and more uneasy about this situation...

Normally, I would have been in the safe intimacy of my consulting room; while all the parents knew me and trusted me.

Only, what could I do here, sitting on display for everybody, having a crying twelve-year-old boy on my lap...

Should I tell my sobbing young friend to leave my lap immediately?

However, I also didn't want to reject my trusting boy...


Fortunately, after a few minutes, the boy's sobs started to diminish.

I held him close for another minute, until his death grip relaxed and his wet face showed up from my chest.

Two teary brown eyes looked up at me, now smiling bashfully.

Then, the boy pulled himself together, and timidly looked around...


Because I again had tears in my own eyes, I worked my already wet handkerchief out of my pocket.

Carefully, I wiped both his and my eyes, while looking for a relatively dry corner...


The boy looked up at me again, showing me his gratitude in his deep brown orbs.

He took my already wet handkerchief; and blew his nose in it before giving it back.

A moment later, he hopped off my lap, while a thankful smile crossed his face.

Unexpectedly, he threw his arms around my neck, and planted a warm kiss onto my bearded cheek!


Feeling very surprised, I returned the kiss onto his forehead.

Wow! This twelve-year-old boy surely was affectionate!

Did he do this to every total stranger he just met?

Or, could he have sensed the same powerful friendship that I felt...


Surprisingly, all the other kids still reacted 'normal', as if nothing unusual had happened.

They only smiled broadly at me and at their now slightly better looking friend.


Trying to dispel my built-up tension, I asked the kids:


    "I don't have any sodas; but would you care for a cup of hot tea?"


    All the children nodded enthusiastically, smiling even broader.

Crowding together, they sat down on the wooden floor of my porch, waiting for the things to come...


Much to my surprise, my new friend followed me inside my house!

He went straight to my kitchen, as if he already knew the way and was used to be around.

First, he went to the sink, washed his face, and dried it using the only kitchen towel I had been able to find so far.

Next, he rummaged in my cupboards without asking; and started to fill a tray with cups, milk, sugar, and a spoon.

Obviously, he already felt at home in my kitchen!


In the meantime, I had poured some water into a kettle, and put it on my brand new electric cook top.

Fortunately, I had already found out how to utilize its slightly confusing electric knobs...

Patiently, we waited for the water to heat up.


Unexpectedly, my young friend trustfully leaned into me!


Feeling very surprised, I put my arms around his firm frame, and held him close.

Obviously, this affectionate boy was still craving for a lot more tender loving care...

Didn't he have his own Dad, to love and cuddle him?


I also wondered why this boy and I already felt so at ease with each other.

This was very strange... unless we really knew each other from our 'past lives', and had been close friends before.


Still, my stubborn mind refused to believe in the strange 'new age' things the old Indian Shaman had told me about.

Everybody knows that dead is dead; and death is the definite end of everything!

There had to be a more reasonable explanation, other than so-called 'reincarnation'...


After a few minutes, the water boiled; and my new friend left my arms, while I switched off my electric cook top.

Again, he helped me, by fetching some tea from a cupboard.

Smilingly, I realized that the boy had found my tea effortlessly, while I couldn't even remember putting it there...

Obviously, I was really becoming a forgetful 'old grandpa'...


When our tea was ready, we returned to the porch and the still waiting kids.

I carried the kettle of hot tea, and my new friend proudly carried the filled tray.

Crowding together, we sat down on the wooden floor of my porch.

Everybody took a cup of tea, and added some milk and sugar.


Sitting together, we sipped our drinks, putting the emptied cups back onto the tray.

Now and then, we smiled at each other, already starting to feel at ease in each other's company...






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