This story is pure fiction and is not intended to encourage any activity between a man and a boy. Enjoy what the story offers and let your imagination wander. This is my first story into the erotic, so I hope it lives up to your expectations.

(M/B-Mast/Oral, fantasy, Magic)

BalloonBoy Part I

Vultan was a powerful wizard who could travel the different worlds, in search of heavenly pleasures. Though he was ancient, he could still find those innocents who would spark his lustful desires. In his many years of feeding his cravings for carnal satisfaction, he came to realize that only one of a kind could bring him to heightened pleasures. Vultan searched the worlds for such a companion, and he now found himself on a world called Earth. He was able to blend in, playing the magician for parties and other gatherings to search for that elusive companion. Today, Vultan found himself entertaining a family of 5 and an odd assortment of friends and family. All were there to celebrate the birthday of Jordan, who was turning 5 today. Such an innocent boy, he had an aura about him to struck Vultan with inspiration. This boy would be tested to see if he were capable of handling the pleasures his body could produce. Vultan knew that any boy his age was able to respond to the pleasures of man, and only if the boy were willing could he open the boy to what he was able to do.

Jordan was a slight boy, very skinny but full of energy. His small frame only bottled the magical energies that Vultan needed, and he was sure he could help this precious little boy break free of his non-magical existence. All through the day, Vultan studied the boy, looking for that one weakness that he could use to gain the friendship of Jordan. Near the end of the birthday party, Vultan found what he was looking for. The little boy, like most his age, loved balloons and chocolate, and this would be the means to find if the boy was willing to delve into the magic arts with him and in turn explore their sexual sides together. As the party ended, Vultan approached the sweet young boy, eager to engage him in conversation and set the wheels into motion.

"So Jordan, how did you like my magic?" Vultan lowered himself to Jordan's level, to speak with him eye to eye.

"WOW MISTER, YOUR THE BEST MAGIC MAN I EVER SAW!!!!" Jordan was so excited at seeing magic that he wanted to see more. "You made cool things happened and I was happy, you made my birthday the best ever!!!! SHOW ME MORE PLEASE????" Jordan was jumping up and down, so eager to see more; he just about threw himself at Vultan.

"Well my precious little boy, I do have one more magic trick just for you. But in order for it to work, I have to be with you in private to test you. Only you can make this magic work, so if you want to help me do magic all I ask of you is to take this gift I am about to give you and put it in your bedroom. Then tonight, toss this on the floor and a magical toy will appear. When it does, hold it close and call out my name. If you truly want me to show you more magic, then I will come to you. Will you try this for me?" Vultan could not hold back his lusts for this boy, but until the boy called to him, he was off limits.

Jordan's eyes opened wide, craving the magic he was about to possess. "YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Oh I wanna do magic so bad, CAN I PLEASE?" His little body was shaking with excitement, anticipating the magic show he would perform.

"Okay then, take this and hide it in your bedroom under your pillow." Vultan handed the little boy a pellet and closed it into his palm. "Tonight when you go to bed, take this toy and throw it on the floor. When it hits the ground it will create a wonderful toy, just for you. When the toy is in front of you, hold it close and call out my name. Can you remember all that?" Vultan caressed the little boys face, casting the charm on the boy to make sure he remembered exactly what to do. Jordan nodded, acknowledging what he was to do. "Okay there my special little boy, let me go home and prepare to visit you tonight." He looked around, and upon seeing nobody around, gently kissed the boy on his forehead. He pushed the boy away, and he watched as he ran upstairs into his bedroom and slammed the door. Tonight was going to be a wonderful night.

Jordan waited an eternity for the night to come, this being the first time he WANTED to go to bed. Finally his mom sent him to his room and he quickly closed the door. He was dressed in his loose fitting pajamas with spongebob all over them. Jordan reached under his pillow and held the little pellet that the magic man gave him, holding it close. The thrill of doing magic consumed this boy's heart, and he wanted more then anything to make Vultan happy. He took the pellet, and as instructed, threw it on the ground before him. The pellet hit the ground and a puff of smoke appeared. From the smoke came a gentle hissing sound, and Jordan backed up and stood on his bed. As the smoke cleared, he could see what caused the hissing sound. It looked like a small red balloon on the ground, and it was getting bigger. Jordan became really excited seeing a balloon in his bedroom, and it was his favorite color too. He jumped off his bed and stood before the swelling orb before him. Soon the balloon was as big as he was, and it stopped growing. He moved closer to it and poked at it gently with his finger. Sure enough it was a balloon and it rolled away from him. He ran to it and held onto it with his small fingers. He could feel as if this balloon was alive, and he hugged it lovingly. While he held the big toy before him, he remembered that he needed to call out the magician's name.

"Vultan." He whispered the name and closed his eyes, hoping he would come. The balloon started to move and grow bigger as Jordan imagined the magician in his room with him. Soon the balloon was over 7' round, when Jordan could see someone standing inside the balloon. It was Vultan, and he moved out of the balloon and into the boy's bedroom. Vultan was pleased, the boy was able to summon him here, and he had potential. As he left the inside of the balloon, the toy shrunk down to its normal size and moved towards Jordan.

"My boy, you possess magic. You have summoned me here, and I am certain that I can teach you how to use the magic inside of you. But I cannot teach you here in this world, and I must take you back to mine. There all the secrets of magic will be yours to learn." Vultan watched as the boy tried to take this all in, seeing in his eyes the desire to become one with the magic. "Will you come with me and learn? You would be my only student and I would be your teacher. I will release inside of you great magic and you will give me pleasures only a boy of your power can." Vultan held out his hand, knowing this boy would follow. The boy put his hand in his, and he cupped his fingers into his mighty grasp. "There is only one way to get to my world and it involves magic, and if you are strong enough you will get there." Vultan raised his hands and cast a spell. The words encased them and removed them from the room to outside of the house.

Jordan looked scared upon appearing outside behind the house. He looked up to Vultan and wanted to be held. Maybe he didn't want to learn magic. But he wanted to do magic so bad he was willing to do anything to have it. "That was way cool Vultan, can you teach me to do that?" "Sure thing my little friend, but first we must get to my world. Are you ready?" Vultan reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.

"YES YES YES!!!" Jordan was jumping up and down, so happy to go.

"Okay my eager little pupil, in this box I have two pieces of candy, one for each of us. I want you to eat your candy with me and together we will go to my home. But before you eat it, we have to make it a lucky piece of candy. Whenever we have these candies we make it lucky by kissing each other on the mouth. By kissing, we will enjoy the magic together. Can you do that with me?" Vultan watched the boy, gauging his reactions.

Jordan didn't want to kiss the man, but he wanted to do magic so bad he would do anything he could. "I guess, if I gotta. I never kissed before though."

"Well, let me teach you and we can learn magic powers too." Vultan was eager to place his lips on his special little boy. He bent down and picked up the slight boy and caressed him into his arms. Holding the small boy in his left arm, he opened the box and inside were 2 pieced of candy. Jordan took a small piece of chocolate and held it while Vultan took his chocolate as well. "Would you let me kiss you and show you my magics?" Jordan nodded yes and closed his eyes. Vultan leaned forward and with gentleness worthy of love he felt for this boy, he kissed him on the lips. He could feel the magic flow between them and could taste the innocence. For what seemed like an eternity in paradise, he kissed him, savoring the sweet child. He pulled away and encouraged the boy to eat his chocolate. Jordan quickly consumed his candy and he then took his piece of chocolate and ate it too. He let the boy down, eager to see his boy enjoy his first experience with magic. Vultan kneeled before the boy giving him a sweet and gentle hug, breathing in deep the smell of such a lovely boy. Jordan returned the hug and held onto his magician friend. It took only a moment for the aroma of chocolate to come off the boy. Within minutes, the boy smelled of the deepest chocolate, and Vultan found this sensation arousing. Oh how he wished he could lick him up right now.

Jordan relished the hug his new friend gave him, and the chocolate was the best candy he ever had. A funny feeling came over him as the candy settled in his empty tummy. "Vultan, my tummy feels funny, it tickles." With that he started to giggle, an infectious laugh that made Vultan happy. Vultan rubbed his tummy, eager to speed up the process that was brewing inside of him. Vultan spoke a few words of magic and it started to happen.

Slowly, Jordan could feel like his body was expanding, slowly but it was still growing. Vultan's hand rubbing his belly was causing it to expand. Jordan looked at Vultan with a puzzled look on his face, and he smiled back at him, assuring he was okay. Both could smell the chocolate in the air as the little boy puffed up more in his soft pajamas. Vultan could see the swelling of his little boy before him and knew he had to tell him what was going on. " Jordan, I have to do this to you so you can travel to my world. Your body is becoming lighter then air so you can float with me to where I live. My body is growing like yours and we will both float high into the sky. Do you trust me little one?" Jordan nodded his head, smiling at knowing he was going to fly. "Good because soon we will both be fully inflated and will float up to the clouds"

Vultan watched his youngest pupil, as his body grew bigger by the moment. Soon his small frame was stuffed inside his spongebob pjs. The sight of a once skinny boy blowing up into a fleshy balloon before him flooded his thoughts with lust. But now was not the time to explore the pleasures they were to surely have; now it was time to take his boy off to his home and teach him about the magic inside of him. Vultan took a hold of his blimping boys' hand and held onto it tightly. Soon both were so big their clothing was about to burst at the seams. When it seemed that neither could grow any bigger, both of them slowly lifted off the earth and was carried by magic into the clouds together. Though Vultan had done this hundreds of times, the feeling inside him as he rose into the air, seeing the happiness on his young boys face brought a tear to his eye.

At first Jordan was scared, grasping Vultan's hand tight. A brief look of panic struck him as he rose higher and higher into the air. As they rose above the peeks of his house, Jordan felt more at ease as Vultan looked at him and told him how much he cared about him. Seeing the look of happiness on his face, Vultan let his little bubble boy float freely in the night sky. He watched as his sexy little blimp boy float around, he could see that Jordan had a small protrusion sticking up from his pajamas. His boy at the sweet, tender age of 5 was aroused and none to ashamed to show it. As they reached the clouds, Vultan spoke more words of magic, and as the words were said, a light began to form around them. Within seconds, the light flashed brightly and both floating bodies were transported to another world.

It has been almost 2 months since Vultan whisked the little boy Jordan to his castle, and the times they had together were astounding. Vultan showed the boy many forms of magic. Every episode of magic was rewarded with the chocolates that Jordan came to enjoy, and relished when he would get some. Vultan always ate the candy with his boy; assuring him that together they would experience the pleasure of the magic inside. Each piece of candy was eaten after they kissed, and in no time they would embrace each other, truly caring about each other. In his castle, he had created a special playroom for his new student, full of stuffed animals, games and anything else the boy desired. His student had been learning well, and progressed faster then he dreamed.

"Grandpa Vultan, look what I can do." Jordan was so excited that he could do magic now, he could not contain himself. He started to call Vultan grandpa shortly after they got to his home. Jordan never had a grandpa and was pleased Vultan approved. Jordan raised his hands and spoke in a language of magic; and placed his hand on his favorite teddy bear. A shimmer came over the teddy bear and it came to life. Vultan was amazed that he could do such a feat at such a young age.

"Wonderful my precious grandson. I am so happy that you can bring things to life." He picked up his student, his grandson as it were, and hugged him tightly. Since coming to this land, Vultan had desires to change this boy from the skinny little runt, to a plump and vibrant boy eager to be loved. Vultan could tell the boy was overjoyed at his success, and knew he had to reward the boy with some chocolates. Everyday, the wizard gave his pupil some of the chocolates laced with magic; each one having a different effect on the 5-year-old boy. Though it was his goal to fatten this boy up, he took satisfaction in seeing the boy enjoy the magical effects of the chocolate. This candy made them change colors every few seconds, not the grandest of effects, but still the boy loved it. After the candy's effects wore off, it was time for their lessons again.

"Have you been practicing the words I taught you this week?" Vultan asked his boy.

"Yes Grandpa Vultan, I have. Will you tell me what it will make me do?"

"Well I want you to create something with your mind. Picture something you like and then speak the words and watch what you think of appear before you. Now before you do this I need you to follow my instructions carefully okay?" Jordan nodded, smiling; wanting to do more magic. " Okay I want you to imagine your most favorite pet in the world and make him appear here. Don't worry, it will be imaginary, just an illusion, but you will see it." Vultan watched as Jordan concentrated really hard, and he spoke the words. At first nothing happened so Vultan encouraged him to do it again. This time it worked and a small puppy appeared before the excited little boy. For a brief moment the puppy was there and disappeared.

For the next several hours, Vultan encouraged the boy to perform feats of magic, always pleased with the results. Jordan was able to make his favorite toys appear, foods he liked, and even made some balloons that he liked very much. "Jordan, now I want you to think of the bestest friend you have ever had in your WHOLE LIFE and make him appear." He watched the boy immediately speak the words and without thought, a mirror image of Vultan appeared smiling at the young boy.

Vultan stood there, looking at the boy before him. He smiled as he looked up at Vultan and hugged him around his legs. So touched by the warmth of this boys love, he picked up the boy and kissed him without thinking. Jordan did not flinch and returned the passionate exchange. They both wouldn't let go, but Vultan knew it was time for chocolate. He reached into his robe pocket and pulled out the box containing his chocolates. Vultan rewarded the boy with more candy, which the boy gobbled down; followed by Vultan eating his chocolate as well. This time the candy's effect caused Jordan to grow taller and bigger, like an adult. It was not soon thereafter that Vultan's body expanded to dizzying heights. Soon the little boy stood 10 feet tall, but because of his sudden growth, his pajamas could not withstand the new size, and they shredded off the boy and fell to the floor. Vultan also found his clothes in a heap at his small feet.

"LOOK AT ME IM A GIANT!!" Jordan not worried about the sudden loss of clothing stomped around the room playfully totally nude. Vultan loved this part of the adventure and awaited the effects of the candy to wear off. As they started to shrink Jordan realized he was naked, and covered himself up with his hands, embarrassed that his grandpa saw his naked body. Vultan stood there, fully naked and acting as if nothing were wrong. When he was his normal, little boy self, Jordan started to cry because he was afraid.

Vultan scooped up his naked little boy and held him close. He could still smell the sweet scent of chocolate on the boys skin, causing a rush of emotions in him. "What is wrong my little giant? You made me so happy by picking me as your best friend; I don't think anyone ever liked me as much as you do. I think you're the most special boy in the WHOLE WORLD TOO!!!" He wiped the tears from his eyes and cuddled him close to his chest.

Jordan sniffled quietly, "My clothes are ripped and no good. And I don't got any other clothes to wear. I didn't mean to do that really I didn't." Jordan was almost ready to cry again, afraid he upset his magical grandpa.

"Well it happened to me too and its okay my boy. If you want, we can stay like this and never wear clothes again. Just in case we inflate again or grow tall like this. I like to use my magic to change my body and I lose clothes like that a lot. Its easier for wizards to stay undressed." Vultan patted the sobbing boy on the head to reassure him it was okay. "I think you're a beautiful boy with or without clothes and I am totally comfortable being naked with you. Besides we can do more magic when we are naked like this."

Jordan blushed a bright red. He kinda liked being without clothes too. He totally trusted his grandpa and if he was okay seeing him naked then it was okay. "REALLY? I mean its okay cause I know I'm not supposed to do that in public cause it naughty. Mommy said I shouldn't let anyone see my peepee." Jordan giggled saying that word and buried his face in his shoulder.

Vultan laughed out loud, proud that his boy was so open with him. "Well my child, I have seen many peepee's in my life so I am not embarrassed to see yours. If you want we can cover your peepee up, I don't want you to feel weird about it." Vultan looked into his eyes and could tell his boy was not embarrassed. Jordan shook his head, indicating he didn't want to. "I love you Jordan, you make me so happy. Lets have another piece of chocolate and see what happens to us okay?"

"YEA YEA YEA!!" Jordan squirmed in his arms; so he let him down. He looked down at his naked little 5-year-old boy. He admired how his once skinny frame was beginning to plump up, all the sweets he was eating was making him into a chubby sex machine. He knew the time was closing when this boy would bring upon him the sexual delights that any man would cherish from a boy. This boy moved around so excited to once again indulge in consuming the magical treats, and his 'peepee' danced up and down. Vultan could feel the fires of lust brew inside his soft cock, but only with the willing touch of this boy could he spring to life and give pleasure to his boy.

Vultan went to what was left of his clothing and retrieved the box that contained the candies. The 2 candies in the box were red in color, which was unusual, but Jordan ate it eagerly. With that he ate his as well, and watched the boy as swirls of red formed around on his soft skin. They watched each other as the red swirls grew and stretched about their skin. In a matter of minutes, the strips of red circled their bodies, creating the image of two human candy canes. The smell of peppermint filled the room as both man and boy stood together, laughing at the change they went through.

"IM A PIECE OF CANDY!!! LOOK AT ME!" Jordan was ecstatic as he looked at his grandpa Vultan. Jordan put his finger in his mouth and realized he TASTED like a candy cane. "GRANDPA I TASTE LIKE A CANDY CANE. Lick me you will see." Jordan lifted his finger to Vultan, and he opened his mouth, awaiting the plump little boy's finger to slide into his mouth. When the boys's finger was in his mouth, he softly closed his lips around the pudgy little digit and sucked it gently.

Vultan could taste his precious little boy's sweetness as he let his tongue wash over the little boy's finger. He savored the flavor he knew would come from this boy. "You taste so sweet boy, I could just eat you all up." Playfully he slid the boys finger in and out of his mouth, like he was making love to it. As he pumped on the willing boys finger, Jordan's arm started to grow bigger, inflating with each thrust of Vultan's mouth. For a few moments, Jordan watched as his left arm puffed up like a balloon, just like the day he was able to float with Vultan. When his arm was fully inflated, Vultan popped the finger out of his mouth and watched the boy as his arm floated upwards.

Jordan giggled, as he could not contain his arm from floating in the air. "OH GRANDPA do my other finger too, make my arm big too." Quickly he lifted his other hand up to his Grandpa Vultan's mouth. Without hesitation, Vultan took the boys middle finger and proceeded to suck it gingerly, sliding up and down on the sexy boy. His right arm began to swell, just like the left one, and the giddy sensation overwhelmed the little boy. Soon his arm was fully inflated, and again Vultan removed his mouth and watched the arm float upwards. The boy laughed and giggled as the wizard him grow. The sensations the innocent boy felt were sensual, a new feeling, and one he enjoyed.

"My little boy is blowing up so big and you taste like heaven. I hope you are enjoying this my boy as I am making you into my own little balloon. But only your arms are big like balloons. Maybe if I make your legs big too you can fly. Would you like to fly again?" Vultan looked down at his boy as his arms stretched upwards as if begging to be hugged, and looked down to see his precious 5-year-old boy sporting the sexiest 2" boner he has ever seen. Cautious that he was moving to fast, he focused on his toes.

"Sit down on the ground and let me suck on your toes like I did your fingers so I can blow you up and make you float around our castle." He watched as Jordan plopped down on the ground, arms still floating above him. When he was in place, Vultan placed a big toe in his mouth and with great care sucked on it, letting the magic inflate his leg, swelling up bigger and bigger. Vultan was in little boy heaven as he gave this boy the strongest feeling of pleasure he had ever experienced. When one leg was full, he quickly worked the other foot, not wanting the boy to lose the ecstasy. Jordan, fully engrossed in the feeling he was getting cooed softly as his Grandpa Vultan performed his oral magic on his other leg. Once the leg was its properly inflated size, Vultan let the toe slide out of his mouth. He stood up to see the boy on his back, his naked body lying there with arms and legs extended into the air. The look of sheer delight could be seen on Jordan's face, and he knew this boy was willing to go the next step, to float gracefully around his wizard teacher.

Vultan picked up the boy and caressed him to his body. So light the boy had become, he thought for sure he would be able to float away. "Do you want to float my little boy balloon?" The little balloon begged to float away, and Vultan was going to grant him his wish. He held the boy under his inflated arms and pushed him upwards towards the ceiling. He watched as the boy rose quickly into the air, puffy arms and legs waving in the air. But the boy was not light enough to stay afloat, and drifted down to Vultan like a feather in the breeze. The 5-year-old boy balloon floated into Vultan's arms and he held him close again. "I thought for sure you would float my heavenly boy. Maybe we need to inflate your tummy and chest too. But there is only one way I can do that, and I don't know if you would allow me to work my magic on you like that."

Jordan begged and pleaded, "PLEASE MAKE ME FLOAT!!! I WANNA FLOAT GRANDPA VULTAN!!!" Jordan could only hope that he would do it, and he thought if he cried he would. Jordan saw as Vultan smiled at him and pulled him close. Together they locked lips and kissed. So strong was the passion Vultan felt, he would do anything to please his balloon boy.

"Of course I will my young love, if it pleases you, then it pleases me. But I must warn you, the feeling I am going to give you will be so intense you may not want me to stop." Vultan reached down and started to slowly massage the 5-year-olds stiff little boy cock. The boy shook at first, startled by the hands of his grandpa on his peepee, but when he saw the love in his face, he welcomed his touch.

"I wanna float Grandpa, please make me float." The desire to float was all Vultan needed to welcome the boy to sexual delights. Gently, Vultan stroked his balloon boys' stiff dick, watching for any signs that he didn't like this. He was pleased to see the boy moan in pleasure as he experienced his first sexual encounter. Stroking the boy would not bring the boy a fully inflated belly like he needed to achieve flight, and Vultan knew that. He held the boy up so that his stiff little member was looking him square in the face, and looked up at the boy making sure one last time he would enjoy this. So enraptured by the feelings, the boy allowed Vultan to take the last step to fully inflate him.

Jordan watched as Vultan pulled him closer and he could see him open his mouth and let his stiff peepee enter his mouth. He craved the contact that was about to come, as he knew when his mouth touched him, he would swell up and begin to float on his own. Vultan enveloped his mouth around the boy' stiff dick and lapped at the head with his tongue. The taste of peppermint, chocolate and boy sweat filled his mouth as he pumped the 5-year-old boy with his mouth. As he thrust his mouth on the little boy shaft, the boy let out a gasp, expressing the ultimate pleasure he felt. Slowly he moved his head up and down on the tasty little boy peepee, feeling the boys' body begin to lighten up more. He knew that as he got close to experiencing his first sexual climax, the little balloon would float away in sensual bliss.

"Grannnndppaaaaa, ohhhhh it feels nice, my body is growing I can see it." He watched as his Grandpa played with his boydick, and how his tummy began to swell. As his tummy puffed up, the boy could feel electricity all around his tightly inflated skin. The normal sexual response received was amplified by the magic, as the boy was brought to a magical climax.

Vultan had to hold the boy down, fear of letting him float away before he had his first orgasm. He pumped faster on his aching member, which only served to expand the boy even more.

"Grannnndddpaaa, OHHHH IM SO BIG!!!! I feel like I'm going to pop." Jordan was so fully aroused that he let out a moan that revealed the intensity of the emotional response he was having. "Please stop, I don't want to pop grandpa..Please---" He could not tell if Grandpa Vultan heard him as his little boy body expanded to its limits. With sudden force, he could feel his boydick inside Vultan's mouth erupt violently. Every inch of his balloon body quivered as he experienced his first little boy orgasm. The eruptions came fast and furious, and with each thrust from his stiff little cock, his body shook and grew even bigger. His tight skin magnifying the pleasure he was receiving.

Vultan could tell the boy was about to have his first climax and quickly brought it to its frenzied peak. As the 5-year-old thrashed around in ecstasy, Grandpa Vultan worked his little toy over as fast as he could, slowing the tempo as the boy came off the high of his first climax. He could feel his cock throb in his mouth. He wished that this boy was mature enough to produce the boy seed he craved, but that would be later. Upon making sure the boy had every ounce of sexual energy removed from his body, he let his boy go and watch as he floated peacefully into the air. The taste of peppermint and chocolate still in his mouth, Vultan dreamed of the day when little Jordan would return the favor and fill him with sexual energy as he did today to his floating 5-year-old balloon boy

End of part I
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