Beach Bum

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I first saw him as I was laying on the beach enjoying the sun and the sand, I was reading a book, but I felt as if I were being watched. He never even saw that I had seen him. I have never seen him around before, and since this is a private beach, no tourists allowed, we have a tendency to know each other. Well, not know each other, most of the people in my snobby neighborhood are, well snobby. If it were not for the perfect house on the perfect lake, I would certainly not stay.

I suppose some of the reason they do not talk to me might be somewhat my fault, I am really not good at talking to people, they think I am weird, I talk too softly when I meet new people, and then if I get started on my favorite subject, their eyes glaze over and they start trying to get away. I kind of do not stop talking though to let them. It is hard for me, but they do not help either.

Anyway, I would say the boy is thirteen, a young thirteen, but the nice bulge he has hidden in his shorts says that he is at least in puberty. He is tall and slim, just about skinny, but not quite. His hair and features though, oh my god, near on perfection. If I were a painter or a sculptor, he is the boy I would put into everlasting paint or stone.

His hair is the perfect blend of red and blonde, I call it golden, and I am talking if the perfect red head and the perfect blonde had a child, he would be him. His hair is cut to a shaggy eight to nine centimeter length and left to play naturally all over his head, but it looks clean and well brushed.

He has hundreds of the finest freckles on his nose and upper cheeks, but they are so fine that it almost looks as if he is lightly blushing, and you have to look straight at them to even truly notice them. His skin is soft and creamy looking though, his nose is a cute little rounded button, his lips are full and lush (girls call them kissable and pay huge amounts of money to achieve them), his eyes are an absolutely stunning deep blue, such a colour I have never seen before and could not describe it if I tried.

His legs and arms are well proportioned to his body, and look as soft and creamy as his face, no hairs yet mar his perfection. His tummy and chest are also smooth and soft, and though he is skinny, his ribs cannot be seen, and he has a nice well muscled stomach. It is not yet a six pack or anything like that, but if he works out at all, it soon will be. He is wearing a pair of satiny swim shorts that are not too long, but unfortunately not too short either, they are not too big, but sadly not too small, yet they still show off all that he has well.

Over the course of the next few days, I spend even more time at the beach than I normally do, and he is there every time I have been. It almost seems as if he is waiting for me and comes out when he sees me. Of course, maybe it is just my imagination. Why would a gorgeous young boy god of thirteen be so totally checking out an almost thirty year old guy who really has nothing to offer.

I know pretty hard on myself. I would never call myself hot, or even good looking, I suppose I do have a decent enough body, I do try and keep myself in shape, but still, why would he watch me, it is all in my imagination.

This morning I came to the beach again, it is only just barely eleven in the morning, and I am the only one here, though that happens a lot. Here we are on the most beautiful lake in the country, maybe even the world, it is private and quiet, it is wonderfully warm and clear and fresh, and yet, most of the locals never even come down.

Not even five minutes after arriving, he arrives as well. What shocks me though, is that he throws his towel down right beside me, then lays down. I am laying and reading again, I looked over when he set his things down and said hi. I have said hi to him a few times, and he always whispers hi back, this morning is no different. I then continue to read, yet I am not, I can still see him in my peripheral vision, and he is watching me. I decide to play with him a little and see just what he is wanting.

I roll onto my back, still pretending to read, reach down and give myself a good scratch, but just trying to enhance what I hide in my shorts. He stares, and with how he is laying, I can see that he is getting hard. Suddenly he gets up and runs for the water.

My god, he does want me. What the hell. What do I do. I have to play it cool. Not only is he insanely illegal, but he is just horny, clearly gay, and anything will set him off. He does not really want me, just anything sexual will do it for him.

Twenty minutes later, he emerges from the water, shakes off, and then comes and lays back down. Still neither of us say anything at all.

Two more days this goes on for, every time I come to the beach, he follows within five minutes. He has been setting his towel next to me each time, and each time I can feel him watching me. Each night I go home and jack off furiously dreaming of the amazingly hot boy, but knowing that it will not happen.

Then it happened.

“Excuse me.” He whispered about an hour after we had arrived to the beach, and once more, there is no one else there.

“Yes, how can I hep you.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“I suppose that depends on the question.”

“Oh. Well, I've seen you here before, and you always come down for a couple or a few hours. You come every day it seems, because so do I, so you must not work. But, well, I was wondering, I get the feeling, that, well, don't take offense to this, but I think you're gay.” He stammered and stuttered, he sounds just like me when I get nervous.

“Ah yes, I think that that's a question that I really shouldn't answer.”

“Oh, I see, I'm sorry, I'll leave you alone now.” He said, looking absolutely crushed.

“No no, I said I shouldn't, not that I wouldn't. You know that there's a considerable difference between the two. What I meant by that is that I probably shouldn't, but by your asking, you're already a hundred percent certain, yet you don't know why and it scares you. Yes, I am gay, and how long have you been afraid that you are?”

“How'd you know?” He whispered, sounding as if he were about to cry.

“Same way you were certain about me. I could feel it. Not to mention, you may not have seen it, but I saw how much you've been watching me, and the other day when I rolled onto my back and scratched myself and accentuated my dick to get your reaction, yeah, well, I saw your reaction. I was already pretty sure by then, but I was certain after.” I said softly.

“And you don't hate me.”

“Of course not. I was checking out all that I could when I was your age as well, it doesn't make you bad. Granted, you probably shouldn't be so obvious when you check out other guys.”

“I'm not normally, but I couldn't help it with you, you're gorgeous.”

“Thanks kid, I appreciate the compliment, but gorgeous, hardly.”

“I think you are.”

“Well, I think you are too, you're definitely the hottest kid I've ever seen in my life.”

“I'm not.” He stuttered and blushed again.

“You're incredibly shy, and I'm guessing you're not good at talking to people are you?”

“Yeah, you could say that. It took more courage than you can know to talk to you.”

“Actually, yes I can, 'cause I'm the same. I'm horrible at talking to people, I'm so totally geeky, nerdy, anti social, you name it, I'm normally that bad, just not with you for some reason.”

“Oh, same, I've at least been able to talk to you.”

“That's good. So, you must either be new to the neighborhood, or you sneak in to use the private beach.”

“New. I'm staying at my aunt and uncles place, They're not even here right now, they're away more than they're here, but they said I could live here. My parents kicked me out, and my aunt's pretty cool with gays, not so much my uncle mind you, which is probably why they hardly come. She thinks I'm okay on my own anyway, I graduated high school last month, so she knows I'm smart enough.”

“How old are you?” I asked softly.

“Just turned thirteen.”

“Thought as much. You must be wicked smart then, just like me. I graduated high school at almost fourteen.”

“Yeah, I'm so smart, I can't even talk to people.” He grunted.

“Know how you feel. Even when I do, if I get on the subject of math, you can actually see people's eyes glaze over and they wanna escape, only I just can't shut up, and nearly make them pass out from boredom.”

“Yeah, I'm the same with science, especially space.”

“Glad I'm not the only one.”

“So, you don't work then huh.”

“Technically speaking, no. I don't really need to.”

“That's cool. How can you afford to live here, my aunt and uncles place is on the third tier from the lake, and it's a four million dollar house, so you must have tonnes of money as well.”

“I'm the biggest house, right in the front centre. I have the largest lot too. I paid six million for it three years ago, it's valued at eight now. The reason, I'm incredibly good at math. I've done massive amounts of work for both the Canadian and American space agencies, as well as a bunch for computer tech firms and whatnot. How I really made most of my money though was playing the odds in casinos. The day I turned twenty one, so seven years ago, I went to Vegas and toured all the casinos, learned all the card games, played and won. I'd play 'til I reached their maximum and was asked to leave, and I just kept going. In two weeks there, I won over three million dollars. Then I did the same thing in Reno and even Seattle. I also play the lotteries, at least I used to, 'til they asked me to stop. I was winning too much too often, so yeah, I don't strictly have to work. I mostly just work from home now, someone calls me up with a complex problem, and I solve it for them. Just one equation can cost a person a hundred thousand dollars.”


“So, what do you wanna do when you grow up?”

“Physicist I think, working mostly on space exploration I think. Haven't quite decided. Problem is, I have no parents any more. I was planning on taking the year off anyway, and I received a crap load of grants and scholarships and all that, but I still can't afford to do it on my own, and they refuse to acknowledge I exist. My aunt told me not to worry, that they'd help me, but my uncle refused, said he'd never pay for that. I think she's pretty well off herself, so I don't think he has much say, but still, now I have no idea.”

“That's too bad. I say go anyway, just say to hell with everyone and make a go of it for yourself, no matter what. I'm willing to bet that if you applied, that with how brilliant you are, they'd let you in virtually free anyway, they did for me, and I had nothing. I had no family whatsoever.”

“You think so.”

“More than likely. Hell, I'd pay if you had nothing else you could do. Not like I need all the money I have anyway.”

“I'd never ask you to do that, I don't even know your name.”

“Ah, yes, we haven't introduced ourselves, have we.” I laughed.

“No, but I'm Ashton.”

“Good to meet you Ashton, I'm Corbin.”

“Good to meet you as well Corbin. So, what happened to your family?”

“No clue. Was dumped on the steps to the police department when I was two, no note, no nothing. They could find absolutely nothing on me whatsoever, but I could already talk by then and knew my name and birth date and a few other things I guess, and I was put into foster care. No one ever looked for me, and no one ever adopted me. I was brilliant, but I was regarded as a freak, even by most adults.”

“Yeah, same here.”

“They thought I was severely autistic, and maybe I am, I don't know, they say I'm not, but I still have some of those tendencies, and I was way worse as a kid. I've actually gotten lots better as I grew up. So yeah, no one or anything to help me, I had to do it all on my own with no help at all. From the time I was eight, I was put into fifteen homes 'til I was kicked out at sixteen, I'd already pretty much flown through university, and they didn't really feel they needed to pay for my care any more. I still stayed in university for another couple years, but by the time I was eighteen, I already had every conceivable diploma and award for math that they could give to me, I received the highest grades they'd ever heard of, so I was done. I had no clue what to do though. I was, and really still am, totally and completely lost in the world around me.”

“Me too.”

“What's funny, I've talked to you more and hardly even mentioned math at all, than I've actually talked to anyone in probably two years total.”

“Same here actually. Even the teachers at school, who I'm pretty sure were scared of me, hardly ever talked to me. Why bother, I always knew the answer, and more often than not, I knew far more than they did, and could explain things that they couldn't even understand. It's like I just see it in my mind how things are and what they're supposed to do.”

“Same here with math. I just see it all in my mind and it always makes sense.”

“I bet that you know lots about space stuff as well. You're way better in math than I am, I bet the two of us could do so much together.”

“I know a lot about the math side of space technology, not so much the science side of it. You're probably right though, together we could probably do a lot.”

“That'd be totally sweet.”

“Yeah, it would. I've never met someone who I can talk to and feel comfortable. I like it. It's almost dinner time, would you like to come to my place for dinner, we can talk more.”

“I'd love that. I'll head home and get changed and meet you at your house.”

“Okay, see you in a few minutes.” I said happily.

I meant it too. I have never had a full conversation with someone and not had them appear to be dying, nor had I ever talked about anything other than math. I know, I did talk some about it, but not really. Normally I explain in nauseating detail how a specific equation makes the sky blue or some such stuff that no one but me really cares about. Like I said before, I just can't seem to shut up about stupid stuff like that, but for some reason I can with Ashton.

I headed home as well, went to my bedroom to get changed, and then had a mental fight with myself over something. I know that to do so would likely creep Ashton out severely, but really, I do have to know too. You see, I am a full on diaper lover. I love wearing and wetting thick thirsty tape on diapers, the more babyish the better, but no, I do not mess my diapers. Yes, I have in the past, but I do not care for it.

In the end, the diaper lover in me won out, so I laid down and diapered myself fully, I never forget the baby lotion, diaper rash cream, or the sweet smelling baby powder. I taped myself up, and then proceeded to wet it right away. I have only a little in me to wet it with, but it is enough. I can not honestly tell you the last time I actually peed in a toilet, I always hold it until I have a diaper on, so that I can use it. I know, one of the many things that makes me strange.

Just as I am throwing on my robe, I hear the doorbell, so I tie it as I run to the front door. As soon as I make it there, I whip open the door and am delighted to see the bright smiling face of the amazingly hot boy that I am falling in love with. I know, I cannot do what we both want, but that does not mean anything.

“Hey there Ashton, come on in.”

“Thanks Corbin. Man, this is a wicked house, it's so beautiful.”

“Thanks. I designed and had built the entire thing, this whole place is all me.”

“Nice. Can you show me around?”

“I'd love to. Before we do that though, I have a secret to tell you. I think you should know, so that if you hate me because of it, we know right away and you can just go home, no harm, no foul.”

“Oh, well, if you tell me your secret, I'll tell you mine then, because I have a secret like that too.”

“Okay, deal. Here goes, I'm a diaper lover, I love to wear and wet thick thirsty tape on baby diapers.” I said softly.

“What, really, you mean it, so am I.” He nearly squealed.

“Really?” I said in shock.

“For sure. I almost didn't put one on, but I decided I really had to, I had to know if you'd still like me, even though I'm a freak.”

“I did the exact same thing.”

“Wow, we're so much alike then. Could we strip down to just our baby diapers?”

“I'd like that. When I'm at home, that's how I prefer to be.”

“Same, except when I lived with my parents, they never let me. Living at my aunts house has been great, because they're never there, I get to all the time.”

So I shucked off my robe, and Ashton whipped off his over sized shorts and shirt so fast he is lucky they did not tear.

“My god, you're hot.” We both said at the exact same time.

We stood there staring at each other for what had to have been five minutes, neither of us saying a thing. I know that he can see how hard I am because of it, but I can see just how hard he is too. Ashton also seems to be just like me in that a warmed up diaper is the best diaper. He cannot have been wearing his diaper any longer than I have been, and he is already about as wet as I am.

If I had thought that he was hot before though, I was wrong. In just his shorts, he is plain, but in his diaper, he is pure godliness in boy form. I know, probably only to me, but this is how I feel.

“I never thought I'd meet someone else like me.” Ashton said softly.

“Same. Now, I know you're hard, and I can see in your eyes what you're thinking, dreaming, and you have no idea how much I wish we could, but we can't.”

“I know, it's so illegal. I don't think you really care any more than I do though, do you.”

“Not really. I'm scared though. I mean, what if we do get caught, I go to jail, they mentally abuse you, we get broken up, it'd be horrible. Then I'm also scared of what we both want, I've never done anything, with anyone.”

“I know, I'm scared of all that too, because I'm the same.”

“Well, you're thirteen, you're not supposed to have experienced anything yet, it's supposed to be scary for you, but not for me, I'm almost thirty.”

“Yeah, well, I don't wanna go do what we both wanna do right now anyway, let's get to know each other first, and then, when we're both ready, we can, and for once, I'm not really nervous.”

“Okay.” I whispered.

“Come on, show me your beautiful house.”

So here I am, leading the most beautiful baby boy that has ever existed through my house. I show him everything about it. I have five bedrooms, one of course is mine, it is huge, and the master bathroom even more so. I have a king size bed, a seating area with a beautiful fireplace, a massive walk in closet, and yet, it is so large, it actually feels almost empty. The wall overlooking the lake is all glass, and it features automatic electronic shaded glass. I have no idea why I made it so large, but I suppose that is how it has to be if I wish to sell one day. My bathroom has a tub that the average kindergarten class could use easily as a pool, a shower that could probably fit almost half a football team, two sinks, and then, inside a separate little room, is the toilet and bidet. Again, the wall overlooking the lake is all glass. Clearly this glass is designed so that no one can see in, but I can see out.

My bedroom and bathroom are on one end of the house, it takes up almost a third of the main floor area, but at the front of the house on that side is my office and the houses main powder room. Both are nice and large, and my office is almost all glass as well, only this looks out the front of the house and into my gardens and up onto the street.

The other end of the house has the rest of the bedrooms, two bedrooms on either side of the hall, and in between each bedroom is a fully appointed bathroom that can only be accessed from the bedrooms. Each bathroom has a very nice spa tub, large shower, toilet and bidet, all in one area closed off by a door, and each bedroom enters into the main area of the bathroom where two sinks are. These bedrooms too are nice and large and bright, the back bedrooms of course lucky enough to have lake views, but the front bedrooms do get the beautiful garden views.

At the end of the hall is my garage, it actually forms an 'L' shape off the house, so there is a large workshop area before the garage doors start, and there are three large doors. I could easily fit six or seven cars if I wanted to, yet I only have one. The utility room for the entire house is in here, and in it I have all the very best of everything to run my house as efficiently as I possibly can. It is a pretty cool system, and yes, I designed the entire thing myself.

The central area of the main part of the house is the kitchen, living and dining rooms, as well as a very nice butlers pantry with bar. The kitchen is massive, the stove almost as massive in its central island, two ovens, two sinks (one of which is in the island), and no upper cabinets whatsoever. There are a few towers that go right up, and I do have wine glass racks and a couple other things suspended from the ceiling, but, for the most part, I designed it to be as open and inviting as I could.

In contrast, the rest of the main level is pretty boring, but tastefully decorated, at least I think so. The dining set can seat twelve comfortably, but I can extend to seat up to twenty (yeah, like that will ever happen). The couches are set in an 'L' shape and there are recliners at each end, and they all face a really nice stone fireplace. This is only my seating area, there is no TV here, that is downstairs.

Downstairs is where I actually began my designing when I first designed everything, so the rest of the house is only as large as it is because of how large I had to make my basement. Trust me, I do not need ninety percent of the space I have upstairs, but then, I do love all the space I have in my kitchen. I just wish I had more people to cook for. Cooking for one in a restaurant sized kitchen is kind of depressing.

The entire basement is first split in half, side to side, leaving a front half and a back half. The back half has an entire wall of glass, once again, only this wall can be moved right out of the way if I ever wanted to, and also features the same automatic tinting glass.

The best feature though has to be my massive pool and hot tub. My house is about eight to ten meters above the water, we are clearly on a hill, so from the edge of the pool, I can look out and almost feel like I am in the lake. I do have a fair bit of back yard still, but it is mostly just sand with some nice gardens here and there so as to not block the view I paid a bloody fortune to get.

The hot tub is really cool though, it is right at the edge of the pool by the glass, nearly dead centre, so the only way to get to it is to swim to it and climb in from the pool. You can barely even see that it is there though until you are right at it, they did the infinity pool so well.

On one end I have a sauna and a steam room, as well as the pool and hot tub utility room, and on the other is plenty of seating. The entire floor is done in slate slabs, so each one is completely random, and it looks amazing. The pool and hot tubs are tiled in simple white tiles with cobalt blue border and random tiles for effect. The walls are painted in fun colours.

Then the back half has the rest of the fun stuff.

A twelve seat theatre takes up almost a quarter the remaining space, I have the largest screen I could fit and a sound system that would be perfectly suited for any full on proper theatre. There is a proper popcorn maker and pop machine in here as well, though I actually do not have pop piped into it, just juice, but a couple of them are carbonated. The reason for no pop is because I am sugar sensitive, so I cannot have refined sugar too often or I suffer, so carbonated fruit juices are my go to drink when I want something fizzy.

The rest of the space is my games room. I have tables and arcade games galore in here. I do really enjoy my arcade games, as well I have probably every games system that was ever released, you name it, I think I have it, as well as almost three thousand games now. The TV for that system is a sixty inch bad boy, coupled with a wicked sound system, and a great chair for playing. That is one full wall in fact, so I can play video games until I pass out, and I have.

It took well over an hour to show Ashton my whole house and just about everything about it.

“My god, you have an amazing house. It's huge, but it's worth it. And here I thought my aunt and uncles house was huge and grand, but yours is even better yet.” Ashton said. He had commented lots, but had really said nothing more than wow or amazing the entire time I showed off my pride and joy.

“Thanks. I really love my house. Really, it's way too big for one person, this house really should be enjoyed by people who have lots of friends and like to have parties. Until today, I've never even had one visitor. A couple repair guys here and there, my pool guy who comes once a month, a cleaning person who comes every other week to do the shit chores I hate doing, and that's about it. I can honestly say I've never had a friend before.”

“Yeah, well me neither, so we get to be each others first friends, so that's cool.” He smiled warmly to me, because he understands me.

“I like that. Well, we did come here to have dinner, so let's go see what we can burn up, shall we.”

We headed to the kitchen and found something to make, then we cooked together in near silence, side by side, two diaper lovers in nothing but soggy diapers. When we sat down to eat, we did so for a few minutes in silence, enjoying our meal.

“So, Corbin, how'd you become a diaper lover, and when did you know you were gay?” Ashton asked me.

“Well, I remember potty training quite clearly, it was brutal and fast, I was given no choice in the matter whatsoever, my diapers were taken away and I was told that I had to pee and poop on the toilet now like a big boy. If I had an accident, I was scolded and berated, but if I did what I was supposed to, I was never congratulated.

“In fact, most of the time they found something to complain about, I peed on the seat, the floor, dribbled in my pants, forgot to wash my hands, there was never anything good. Then there was bed time. I've never had a dry night in my life, I doubt I ever have or will, but I wasn't given diapers, I was made to wet my bed and sleep in it, and every morning I was berated and scolded even more.

“I was never taken to the doctor to find out why, I was just being lazy. I was three when this all happened. I was in that home 'til I was eight, but by then I was such a wreck I'm surprised I never shut down. They were put in jail for the abuse of me by the way.

“None of the other families cared about me either though, wet pants and beds, who cares, it's just the animal, he's not worth spending any money on.

“By then I could already do math that even university grade mathematicians could barely do, so I was regarded as a freak, by adults and kids alike. Even in the rest of my schoolwork I was already well into the eighth grade work, but I excelled at math, and they hated me for it.

“Then again, it was my own damn fault some of the time for how they treated me. I forever corrected people, no matter if I was in the conversation or not, hell, even if they knew me or not, I couldn't help but to butt in and tell people the proper information, and if it was something about math, then I just wouldn't shut up. I was hated so totally that I had no idea what having a friend felt like. As for when did I know I was gay, five. At the oldest. How about you?”

“Actually, not far from what all you experienced by the sounds of it. The day I turned three, my diapers were taken away, full time, I was told that I had to use the toilet, and no was not an option. I wet the bed so badly though that even they felt that there had to be something wrong, because no matter what they did, no matter how little I drank, I still wet the bed. They even totally dehydrated me once so bad that I ended up in the hospital because of it, and even then I still peed the bed.

“When they took me to the doctor, they tested me and found out my issues and were told it was permanent and irreparable, that I'd forever be in diapers for bed. I was so happy about that to tell you the truth, I was so tired of wetting the bed, but they always bought me the cheapest of cheap pullup diapers, so I was still wetting my bed almost every night, but at least it wasn't as bad, and lots of times I woke up in the night and changed, so I was going through two a night.

“I still have daytime accidents as well, or at least I did, but since the day they kicked me out, I've been wearing every day, and I buy the really good diapers with the money my aunt gives me for food and diapers.

“As for being gay, I think I knew by the time I was five as well. Was probably because, of all the people I hate, I hate my mom the most. She was so brutal to me most of the time it wasn't funny. School though has been the same for me as it was for you.”

“That bites. I mean, foster parents and other kids, okay, but your own parents treated you like that.”

“Yeah, well, my mom hated being corrected, and like you, when I hear something wrong, or just plain fucking stupid, like she always spouted off, I just couldn't help but to correct her, and trust me, talking back to her or correcting her earned me a smack across the mouth every time. My dad wasn't much better, but at least he didn't smack near as hard as she did. You'd think as smart as we are that we'd be smart enough to pick our battles.”

“Yeah, you'd think so, huh.” I had to laugh.

“Could we go watch a movie and have lots of popcorn and juice, and then play in the games room do you think?”

“Sure, what time do you have to be home?”

“I have no curfew, my aunt and uncle don't live here, I haven't seen them since the first day I came, they live like four hours away, and they never call. I could be dead for all they know, so whenever I get home is just fine.”

“Okay, if it's too late, I'll walk you home then.”

“Or I could stay here.”

“Or not.”

“I'd stay in a different room, don't worry, I don't wanna rape you or anything.”

“I'll think about it.”

We headed to the theatre and I told Ashton to go ahead and pick out the movie that he wants, so he went to the cabinets and started looking. I am incredibly anal when it comes to organization, so I have everything sorted first by genre and then alphabetically, so it is easy to find what you want. He searches for only a few minutes until he finds one that he likes, so he hands it to me and I go and put it in.

We then head to the top row, there are three rows of four, and take the two centre recliners. We each set our powered chairs to where it is most comfortable, and then watch the movie happily. I get up half way through, pausing the movie as I do, and get some popcorn on the go, and then ask Ashton what he wants to drink, and as soon as he answers, I pour him a huge glass of it. I get my drink as well and put them in the cup holders in our chairs, and then go and finish off the popcorn, bring it back, start the movie, and we finish it while we enjoyed our treats.

As soon as the movie was over, we refilled our drinks, then headed to the games room. We played for the next few hours, and just as it was just about to turn eleven pm, I realized that my diaper had finally had enough and had sprung a serious leak.

“Um, I've done sprung a leak here, I've been having so much fun I didn't realize how wet I was really getting. I'm betting if you haven't started leaking yet, that you will soon as well, and now that I've stopped, I've suddenly realized how tired I am.”

“Actually, now that you mention it, I'm totally the same. I'm glad I remembered to bring my diaper bag. So, can I stay the night please, I'll stay in one of the other bedrooms, I promise, I'm suddenly very tired and I really don't wanna walk home.”

“Okay, as long as you promise, because yeah, I'm really tired too.”

I shut everything down on our way up, and show Ashton to a room that he can use, we make the bed together, and then I excuse myself. We both desperately need soggy bum changes and sleep. As I am changing my diaper though, I find that even though I am incredibly tired, I am even more hard and horny, so I lay down and take care of that before I even diaper myself, which is a rarity, because I really prefer doing it through a soggy diaper. I jack off a total of four times, licking up the mess each time, and then finally I can tape myself up, because trust me, before then, it was not happening.

Finally I roll into bed, pull up the blankets and turn off the lights, and pass out into a very blissful sleep, possibly my best ever.

Finding the person that seems to fill your heart with all that it needs does have a tendency to make a person at ease, and said ease caused me to sleep well.