Chapter 3

Assuming I know what I think I know, I decide to very quickly go to my bedroom and lube up my backside as well. If Ashton feels that he is ready, then I definitely feel that I am ready. I take only seconds to lube myself up, and then head back to the table. As soon as I have sat down, I poke a hole in the front of my diaper and pull out my erection, because I am impossibly hard, yet again. Hiding myself as I have, under the table, Ashton will not be able to see how I am until I stand up. I am doing it this way, just in case I am incorrect. I know I am not, but one can never tell, right.

I was not wrong, because not even a minute later, I saw Ashton come from his bedroom, I pretended not to see him at first, but I can see his erection poking out the front of his diaper, and fuck, it is hotter than I thought it would be.

“Corbin, I, I know we said we have to wait, but I can't.” He whispered.

“And I know we should wait, but I can't either.” I said, standing up to show off myself.

We stared at each other for several seconds.

“How'd you know this is what I was doing? You had to have known, otherwise you wouldn't have been waiting for me like this.” He asked, nearly panting.

“You went to the washroom not all that long ago, and you were gone long enough that I assumed you'd cleaned yourself out well for now. Then you drank so much since putting on your diaper so that you're so nice and soggy. Then there's the fact that you were blushing furiously when you excused yourself from the table. We both know we shouldn't be doing this, we both know just how insanely illegal it is, but I don't care if you don't care, and I'm ready whenever you're ready.

“I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, I've fallen deeper in love with you since. The first time I saw you, I dreamed of what you'd look like in a nice soggy diaper, and the dream fell far short of the reality, and I think you felt the same for me if I'm not mistaken. So, I went out on a limb, knowing that this is how we each wanted to see the other most of all, since we both said so earlier, and guessed that this is exactly what you were doing and how you'd wanna see me too. I'm not wrong, am I?” I say softly.

“Oh god no, you're so far from wrong, you couldn't possibly be any more right. My god, seeing you here like this, it's my every dream come true, and then some. I did fall in love with you the first time I saw you, I had no idea how I was gonna get to know you, I just knew I had to. I was so shy though, I wasn't sure if I'd have the courage to, but my dick just kept telling me to go for it, and eventually I did. When we told each other earlier that this is how we wanted to see each other most of all, I made up my mind then, that tonight's the night, and that I was gonna do just this for you. I never dreamed I'd come out and find you already waiting for me in the same way, and my god, you're fucking gorgeous like that.”

“Thanks, but you're far more gorgeous than I am.”

“Thanks. Please take me to your bedroom, I've lubed my little gay baby bum, I'm ready and able, I won't last long though, I just need you to take me and make love to me, and if you can, please fill me up as fully as you can.”

“Okay, as long as you promise to make love to me and fill me up as much as you can as well. I know you want me to cum and pee in you, and I want you to do the same to me. I won't last long either though.”

Ashton came and grabbed my hand and we walked hand in hand to my bedroom, our bedroom, because I have a sneaking suspicion that I just got a permanent room mate, or even better, a boyfriend.

Ashton crawled up onto the bed, laid on his back, opened and raised his legs up to give me all the access that I would need, and I can clearly see that he has poked a hole in the seat of his diaper as well, so he is fully ready for me.

With one final nod from Ashton, I crawl up onto the bed to join my baby boyfriend. I crawl up between his legs, get into position, and as I guide myself in, I press my lips to his, and I kiss his lips as my dick head presses against his hot little ass.

Ashton gasps and opens his mouth, and I take that as all the invitation I need and slip my tongue in his mouth and start kissing him deeply, and just as my head slips inside his incredible bum, he gasps in the kiss, pulls his legs up behind me, locks his ankles around my soggy diapered bum, and pulls me all the way inside himself.

It is my turn to gasp in our kiss. He is so tight, so soft, so moist, and oh so very hot. I have never felt anything like what I am feeling now, and the urge to jack hammer fuck him and cum bucket loads is very much there. That is not what I want though, so I force my big head to take control from my little head, and I start slowly making love to my baby.

The only problem though, I am so very hot and horny. Already I am trying to hold my orgasm at bay, I am doing everything in my power to not cum already, but it cannot be contained for long, and I know that.

Forty five seconds, at the absolute most, is all I can last for. Still kissing, I gasp and pant, and then I cum. I fire off what feels like twelve or thirteen good strong shots, my god, what an orgasm, I have never felt anything so amazing.

Then I was shown something even more so.

My orgasm very clearly set Ashton off, because he gasped and started panting, and though neither of us had touched his diapered dick, he exploded as well. Hearing him cum could be considered a highlight of my life, but feeling him cum while I am as deep inside him as I can be, that could be considered a highlight of all eternity.

Neither of us broke the kiss that we are sharing in the least, I have paused in my motions though, not only to allow myself to come down some, but to hopefully force myself to relax enough to fill Ashton up as much as he wants me to. It takes several seconds, though neither of us are going to complain any time soon, but finally my flow starts. Now, considering I wear diapers twenty four seven, and I never try and hold my pee, I cannot hold very much for very long, so I do not have very much, a couple hundred milliliters at most.

Ashton moans deeply into our kiss, and considering how much I feel his ass spasm around my dick from this, I can very accurately assume that it is not a moan of discomfort, that is definitely a moan of absolute delight.

I am still so hard, and if possible, I had actually gotten harder from peeing inside Ashton, and I know that Ashton does not want me to stop yet, so I start moving again. This time I am pulling until I am almost all the way out, and then pushing all the way back inside, until our diapers are pressed together as intimately as our tongues are.

We are still kissing passionately as we make love, Ashton is still guiding much of my movements with his own feet, his ankles are still locked behind my soggy bum. It is a fight, he wants me to stay buried deep inside him, I want to pull out very slowly. From how much we are both sweating from this, I am guessing that this is every bit as hard for him as it is for me.

Already I can feel my back and legs burning from the efforts, but it is worth every blissful, torturous second.

Two minutes, two measly minutes, that is all I can last this time, and I explode yet again. Thankfully Ashton does not do so again. I want his hot teen baby seed deep inside me too, and if he cums too much, he will not have any to give me.

I slump down in my sexual bliss, my head resting next to Ashton's, I am still buried deep inside him, and though I am not actually hard any more, neither am I fully soft, I am still plugging him sufficiently so that he does not spill out everything that I have given to him. Almost five minutes later I regain my senses, making love to Ashton for our first time totally drained me of everything that I had. I go back in for one final kiss.

“My god baby, you're amazing.” I whisper softly as I pull away from our kiss.

“No, you're amazing, that felt so good. I've never felt better in my entire life.”

“Mmmhmm.” I sigh deeper than I ever remember hearing, that is for sure.

“Before you pull out, because I know you're gonna have to soon, do you have a butt plug that I could wear?”

“I have a few, yes, and after you fill me up with all your love, I want you to slip my biggest one in me as well. My smallest one will likely be too small for you, so I'll grab my medium one, it should be the perfect fit for you.”


I reach into my end table and grab the plugs, just going by feel, because I did not want to pull away to look. I ended up grabbing the smallest and largest ones first, so grabbed the last and threw the smallest back in.

“Okay, I'm gonna pull out now Baby, try and close yourself up a bit 'til I get your butt plug in, okay.”

“You got it Baby.” He smiled warmly.

I pulled out slowly, really taking my time, and as I exited, Ashton gave a deep sigh, he already misses me being in him, I miss being in him more. I go down and slip the butt plug deep inside him, and then turn on the vibrator that is built in.

“Oh, mmmm.” He sighs deeply.

“You like Baby?”

“Oh yeah, me like lots.” He sighs even deeper still.

“Good, but now it's your turn Baby, make love to me, fill me with all you can, then plug me up as well.”

He says nothing as I roll us over so that I am now on my back, opened up the same as Ashton had opened himself up to me. Without hardly thinking about it, Ashton guides himself so that he is inside my diaper and pressed against my ass. He already feels amazing, and he has not even entered me yet. He slips just his head in and sighs deeply as he presses our lips together once again.

Using the same method as Ashton had done to me, I lock my ankles on his hot soggy baby bum, and pull him so that he is as fully inside me as he can be. We both moan so much deeper now.

Feeling Ashton inside me is the one thing that I have desired since I was his age, maybe before that. Feeling his hot hard teen baby dick, his hotness, his silky softness deep inside me is making me feel things I never even dreamed were possible, he feels better in me than I ever dreamed.

I admit I shot right back up to full hardness as Ashton slipped deep inside me, how, even I have no idea.

Then he starts gently making love to me.

With a good couple cums already out of the way, neither of us are in imminent danger of exploding, so we get to enjoy this ride far more than before, though we both very much enjoyed our first round, trust me. Getting to go for longer, though, will not be a bad thing either.

Ashton is long dicking me, pulling out until he can go no further, and then slipping all the way back inside me, until our soggy baby diapers are pressed together, then he adds another dimension by grinding so sexily inside me, before pulling almost all the way back out again.

Almost three minutes we both last, I had no idea that I would be able to cum again, and so soon, and with only the sensations of Ashton making love to me, but I am about to explode all the same. As soon as I feel Ashton explode, I do too. I can feel him filling me up, and it feels so utterly amazing.

All the while, we have still not broken our sensual kissing, though Ashton has paused all other movements, and I know why, he too is trying to relax enough to pee. Finally he sighs into our kiss, and I feel him filling me up even more. Nothing, and I do mean nothing can prepare a person for the feelings that I am feeling now. Why I had dreamed of this for so long I simply cannot say. Just reading about it sounds hot, feeling it for the first time though, full on thermonuclear melt down hot, centre of the sun hot, no, not hot enough.

He fills me up as much as he possibly can, and then he starts making love to me even more.

Same as Ashton had done to me, I am now doing to him. As he is pulling out, I am trying to pull him back in, I need him as deep inside me as I can possibly have him. I could spend my entire life laying here with just him and his amazing dick deep inside me, and I would be totally satisfied.

Making love to Ashton had felt amazing, there is simply no denying that, yet, having him make love to me is a thousand times better still. I know I am fully gay and all, but everyone always says how much they prefer making love to someone else, no, not me, I definitely prefer being made love to. Feeling Ashton inside me, filling me up as much as he can, that there is the most wonderful thing in the universe.

At least to me.

Almost six minutes later we both cum again, and Ashton also slumps down, resting his head next to mine. I can also feel that he is no longer quite so hard, yet he too is not soft. I feel the same way though. I did spill a fair bit more cum inside my diaper, since I had tucked myself back in when we rolled over, though I have no idea how I could have cum any more. It felt, on the first and second of my orgasms, that I had pumped out at least three days worth. My last cum though felt every bit as copious.

Finally, almost ten minutes later, I feel Ashton fully shrink and slip from my ass. I sigh in deep loss. I already miss him inside me, and now I know why he made that sound, because I just did as well. He grabs my butt plug right away though and slips down to insert it into me.

I have always loved my toys, I have played with them at least three times a week for so long, yet, I would happily give them up permanently to just have my baby back inside me. Ashton turns on my vibrator as well, and I do sigh contentedly. That, at least, does feel very good.

“Wow Baby, you were absolutely amazing.” I whisper.

“Thanks, so were you. You felt so good inside. I have to tell you a secret though. As good as it felt to make love to you, I preferred you making love to me.”

“That's no secret, because I feel the same way. I guess there's nothing to it then, we just always have to ensure that we make love to each other.”

“I hoped you'd see it my way. Well, our soggy baby diapers are totally ruined now, so we need to get changed. Are you ready for bed though?”

“No, I'm not ready for bed, it's just after seven, so way too early to go to sleep. As for diapers, yeah, we both need them desperately. I'll get up and grab the diaper supplies, you fix the bed, okay.”


We did that, and by the time I grabbed everything, Ashton was only half way through fixing the bed. Seeing him bent over the bed in his holey soggy diaper, the hint of his butt plug just peeking through, was so sexy it damn near made me hard again. I admit I watched until Ashton was done.

“Were you watching me as I was bent over the bed?” Ashton stood up and turned around, totally catching me staring.

“Hell yeah, was so fucking sexy seeing you bent over like that. A sight not even a diaper hater could deny would turn them on.”

“Then next time you get to make the bed and I get to get the diaper supplies.”

“You got it Baby.” I smile brightly.

“Good, now come change my ruined baby diaper.”

I say nothing, just move forth and change Ashton. He lays on the bed himself and I move in and remove his diaper and clean him up tenderly. I then lotion and cream and powder him generously, then finally pull up and tape closed his nice thick diaper.

We trade places and Ashton changes my diaper in the same way, giving me way more lotion, cream, and powder than is strictly necessary, but hey, we are diaper lovers, so it is very much appreciated.

Finally we are both diapered and ready for the rest of the night.

We hit the kitchen first, because we both very much need a drink and a snack, and then we head downstairs to go watch a movie or two before we are ready for bed. We drink even more as we watch two movies, and by the time we are good and ready for bed, we are both totally saturated yet again.

“Well Baby, time for diaper changes and bed, I hope you're sleeping with me, because I definitely want you to.” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Satan himself would have to drag me through the gates of hell, kicking and swearing to make even him blush, in order for me to not sleep with you tonight.”

“Again we're on the same page.”

We headed upstairs after shutting everything down, went and changed our very wet diapers, and then curled up in my nice large and comfortable bed. We laid there kissing and tenderly petting each other, and even though I am hard, and I have absolutely no doubt that Ashton is as well, we did nothing more than this. Finally we whispered goodnight, I love you to each other, then we both fell asleep.

Last night was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best sleep I ever had.

This is what ran through my mind as I woke up and luxuriated in the loving embraces of my very young and loving baby boyfriend. We are still cuddled right up together, and, if I am not mistaken, in the exact same way we went to sleep in. I gently start tickling Ashton's back, and a soft smile forms on his angelic face. He is still sleeping, though I can see that he is going to wake up soon.

Not even five minutes after I started tickling his back, Ashton opens his eyes, looks to me, and smiles brighter than the sun.

“Mmm, good morning Baby. I sure had a good sleep, cuddled up to you last night, and after our amazing lovemaking. I feel so loved, so right, finally in my life I feel like I truly belong somewhere.” Ashton whispers to me, then lays on me a very good morning kiss.

“Mmm, and good morning to you too Baby. I feel the same way, I had the best sleep I've ever had in my life, and it's all because of you. I too finally feel as if I belong. I love you so much already I can't even begin to say it, to truly comprehend it.”

“Ditto.” He giggles.

“Gee, thanks.” I have to laugh.

“I wish I could put into words just how I feel for you, but I doubt all the worlds best writers together, working for hundreds of years, could come up with how much I truly love you.”

“Glad I'm not the only one that feels that way then. Well Baby, we're soggy, hungry, and awake, so let's get up and get started on our day.”

“Okay. What are we gonna do today?”

“Doesn't much matter to me. Probably go to the beach for a couple hours, I love reading on the beach, it's so relaxing, we'll play some, and maybe even go out, I don't know.”

“We can just play right here.” He giggles, while patting the front of my diaper.

“Yes, we could, certainly, and if I have anything to say about it, we will too, but not right now, and I don't think we should make love again. We're also gonna have to get outta our butt plugs here soon, it feels like I'm getting pretty full back there, and it could be nasty.”

“I was thinking the same thing. We don't have to make love to each other every day, maybe a few times a week, but kiss and stroke, or even suck each other would be awesome. Hell just laying here kissing and cuddling you last night was pure bliss.”

“I agree. So, come on Baby, it's to the bathroom with us. If you'd rather use the other washroom, then feel free to do so, but I'll help you clean up, I don't mind.”

“And I don't mind either, so I'll help you to clean up.”

We went to the bathroom, and I offered Ashton first go at the toilet. He sat down, reached underneath himself and started pulling his butt plug out. A few moments later he had it out, and the purge was total. I took his butt plug and washed it well and rinsed it in straight hot water, then took it and put it away. By the time I made it back, Ashton was about to grab toilet paper to start cleaning himself.

“Here, hop over to the bidet, I think it'll help clean up the mess far better.”

I show him how exactly to use these bidets, because even if you have used one, you have not used them all, and they can differ. Mine are the best on the market, they wash, dry, and damn near give a blowjob. Ashton claims to have never used one before, and as soon as he gets used to it, he enjoys it.

Once he is all cleaned, I dry him off of any water that was missed by the blow dryer, and then I go and sit down and take care of my messy business as well. Ashton takes my butt plug and goes and washes and rinses it off well, then puts it away, then comes back to wait for me to be all washed up. He then helps me to dry off.

“I like the bidet, it's nice.”

“Me too, hence the reason I put them in my house. I got used to them while traveling, they make the messy work so much easier to manage. Well, we better go get into our baby diapers so that we don't peepee all over the floor, because that's a very real possibility.”

“Okay, but me too.” He says brightly.

We head back to our bedroom, where we lovingly diaper each other, giving each other lots of lotion, cream, and powder, and even though we are both rather hard, we manage to do so without playing.

“There you go, my beautiful baby boy. Let's go get breakfast.” Ashton says to me warmly.

“Thanks, my beautiful baby boy. Breakfast sounds good though.”

We head to the kitchen and just grab cereal and fruit, and sit down to eat. It is only now that I happen to look outside and see that it is cloudy and threatening to rain, a bit of a rarity this time of year, but much needed none the less. I point this out to Ashton.

“Well, I suppose that that means no beach today, but that's okay too.” Ashton shrugs as well.

“Since it looks like it'll be a nice cool day, maybe I should take care of my gardening.”

“Don't you have a gardener?”

“No, I like doing it, it's relaxing to me.”

“Oh, okay, I'll help you with it then. What needs to be done?”

“Mostly just weeding and cleaning. I made all my gardens to be as low maintenance as possible, they're all nice rock gardens, as you've probably already noticed, and all the plants are native to this area, so that I really don't have to do too much with them. I have an automatic irrigation system in place for it, so that I don't have to worry about it, so really, all we have to do is take care of the weeds, and then clean out anything that doesn't belong in there.”

“Okay. I gotta say though, you do have some of the nicest gardens around, I saw them easily when I first came here and I was amazed. How do you get around the watering restrictions?”

“Thanks. As for watering restrictions, I get around them in a few ways. First and foremost, I don't have grass, I never saw the point of watering grass anyway, and it's a pain in the ass. Second, you are allowed to water your gardens, you just have to do so at certain times for a certain amount of time. But then there's the fact that even if I was stupid enough to just water against the restrictions, they really couldn't say anything about it anyway, since my gardens are all watered from my own rain water collection. We don't get lots of rainfall here, but more than enough during the spring and fall, as well as snow melt, to completely fill my tank, and that's always been more than enough to water my gardens.

“Granted, all my gardens are trickle watered, so only a small amount of water goes directly to the roots every other day, and the system only runs for an hour, starts at five am and turns off at six am, so that the plants get the most amount of benefit from the small amount of water. I figure I only use maybe a hundred litres of water per watering day, but my tank has a capacity of roughly twenty thousand litres, so roughly two hundred days worth of watering. Granted, I do use that water for other things too, such as; washing the house and driveway, and my car when it needs it as well. I use a pressure washer for all that though, which, believe it or not, is the most efficient way of using water to clean things.”

“Wicked. More people should do that.”

“Yes, even here we get more than enough rainfall to take care of all a households garden watering needs. Really though, no one gives a damn, but they sure will when there's no more clean water to drink. Sure, there'll always be water there for us, but will it be suitable for drinking, at least without costly cleaning.”

“No kidding.”

“And it's not like it was even expensive to do. The tank only cost a few thousand dollars, and it probably cost that much again to install it while they were doing the rest of the house and to get it all hooked up and plumbed. Even the pump was only a few hundred bucks, so not bad at all.”

“Then I say it should almost be mandatory, if you want gardens, that's what you haveta do.”

“I agree fully, but you have to have noticed most of the people just in this small community. They don't give a damn. They're rich, why should they care about a silly thing like watering restrictions. I've called in complaints so many times about people running their sprinklers for hours at a time, during the day when it does no good, on days when they're not supposed to, and yet, no one, and I do mean no one, has ever come and done a thing about it, because everyone here is rich.”

“That's sick. I hope my aunt and uncle weren't one of them.”

“Not a clue, I don't even know which one's theirs.”

“I'll show it to you later. They do water though, their lawn's way too nice and green to not, but I don't know when. It must be automatic, because I haven't seen or heard the sprinklers come on, so that hopefully means it's early in the morning. I know they have a gardener that comes in and takes care of all that though.”

“Most of the people here use the same gardener, and if they use him, he'll have set their water timers correctly. He seems to know what he's doing. He came and offered me his services and told me what all he does, and one thing he said is he manages the water systems, so that the lawns and gardens are getting the proper amount of water, without using too much, which does nothing any good. I've had him do a little work for me here and there, but like I said before, I prefer doing the work myself. Only when I'm gonna be away do I get him to take care of things for me.”

“That's good at least.”

We finished our breakfast a few minutes later and went to get dressed. Ashton went to his room and brought back the rest of his things, but he will have to go to his aunts later to do the same there, and only a few minutes after we finished breakfast, we are dressed and ready for the day ahead.

We go outside, through the garage, so that we can collect all that we are going to be needing to complete our chore, and get started. All the weeds are thrown into the wheelbarrow, while any garbage found is thrown into a garbage bag. We take care of the gardens first, taking only an hour to do so, then we each grab a broom and start sweeping the driveway and the sidewalks.

As we are doing the sidewalks, I notice that the windows are looking dirty again, so I told Ashton that we should just clean them right away, since it is cool enough outside that the windows won't dry too fast. I just use the window cleaner that attaches to a hose and sprays, it is easy and fast. It may not be perfect, but a far cry better than the alternative, that is for damned sure. I have a few bottles of the cleaner, and I have lots of hose, so I hand one to Ashton, while taking another myself, and teach him what to do, but is is so simple even Ashton's parents could use it, and they are stupid, these are Ashton's words.

With both of us doing the windows, and even though I have a huge amount, we manage to get them all done in only an hour. The house and the driveways were all washed not that long ago, I usually do them before summer anyway, so they are good, and with the gardens and the windows being done now, I feel that we are really done all our chores for the day.

“Well Baby Boy, thanks for all your help, it's really appreciated. I think we're done though, so what should we do now?”

“Not a clue. You don't have a boat do you?”

“No, never bothered to buy one for just myself.”

“I've never been on a boat, so I was wondering what it'd be like.”

“I've been a couple times. If we go into town, we can go on one of the afternoon cruises. There's a few really big boats I always see, and I think one of them even does a really nice lunch on the lake. Let's go do that.”

“Okay, that sounds great.” He smiles brightly.

We go and get changed into some nicer clothes, I pack a diaper bag for us both, and then we head out. When we get into town, we hit the marina and go and find the boat that we want, and inquire about what we are wanting, and we are told that they will be leaving in only half an hour, that they supply a buffet lunch, that they still have six seats available and how expensive it is. At a hundred per person, it is expensive, to say the least, but for four hours on the lake, a big lunch served, live entertainment supplied, and all that is included, I thought it was not too bad. I pay right away, and as soon as they are ready for us, they get us on board with all the rest of the passengers.

We are forced to sit with others, and for once it does not bother me. Each table seats eight, and there are six others with us, two couples, and one of their sets of two kids, a boy of about eight and a girl of about six. We are on the top deck underneath a cloth cover, so the views will be amazing, but, if it does rain, we will not get wet, not that we really care though.

Shortly after we all get on board and take our seats, we are given all the safety information, and then we get underway. The boat is quite large, so, as such, does not move too terribly fast, but that is okay too. The kids at our table are quite excited, but then, so are Ashton and I, it is Ashton's first time, and I just love being on boats.

As we went, Ashton and I even made small talk with the other couples at our table, and this time it was not horrific. Twice I almost slipped and started going on about math, and Ashton would giggle and say comatose, and once he started up as well, so I laughed and said the same to him.

“Um, don't mean to be rude, but what's that about, it seems an inside joke?” The father of the kids asked.

“Sorry, we're both sorta really bad with people, we're both kinda autistic, and we both love our respective subjects, Ashton space related science, and me math. When we get nervous, we start spouting off nonsense about that to the point we cause others around us to nearly go into a coma, hence the comments. We're trying to get better, but it's very hard.” I answered honestly.

“Now that's funny. I take it, then, that you're not father and son?”

“No, Ashton's much too old to be my son, I'm only twenty eight and he's thirteen. I suppose it's physically possible, but no, we're just friends from the same support group to help us. This is one of the things we're supposed to do to help us learn to cope, get out there with people and actually talk. We just live really close to each other, but nowhere near town, we're quite a ways outta town?”

“Ah, I admit I did wonder, you look nothing alike, and like you said, he's much too old, but you're right, you could still be his father. My brother got his girlfriend pregnant when he was fourteen.”

“That's horrible, how can a fourteen year old hope to raise a baby?” Ashton said.

“He agreed, and so they agreed to adopt the baby out. Neither of them were ready.”

“No kidding, I doubt I'd be ready even now, and not just because of my antisocial issues.” I had to laugh.

“Trust me, you never truly feel you're ready.” His wife laughed.

“I don't doubt that.”

Just as I said that, we rounded the point and got a view of my house. Everyone craned their necks to look at them, they are spectacular to look at.

“My god, would you look at those places, they're amazing, especially the one in the front centre, I wonder what something like that costs?” The other man at the table with us said.

“Current market value is about eight million.” I said without thinking.

“I don't doubt that in the least, but how do you know?” His wife asked curiously, and from the look on her face, I could tell she had guessed.

“Because it's mine.” I said simply.

“Good grief, what do you do for a living?” The father asked.

“Just math. Technically speaking I don't actually work, only once or twice a year.” I explained softly.

“Wow, you mathematicians sure make the money, don't you?” The mother whistled.

“Thanks, but no, I just know how to play the odds. I started with absolutely nothing and worked up from there because I know math.”

“That's amazing. You're only twenty eight and you started with nothing.”

“Yeah, started working at it though when I was nineteen.”


Oh thank god, they just called lunch. I think they could tell that I was embarrassed about the whole thing though, because they did not say anything more about that entire topic as we ate lunch and then continued talking.

The meal was amazing, and both Ashton and I had had far too much pop to be healthy, but then again, no amount of pop is healthy I suppose, but most especially for me. As soon as lunch was finished, the band got up and started playing, and they are quite good, and we enjoyed. The people on the lower deck would wander up to check out the band as they played, and we had had to go downstairs to get our food, as well that is where the washrooms are, but so far Ashton and I had not needed them, but we would both soon be needing a diaper change. In fact, shortly after thinking that, Ashton said he had to go to the washroom, so I said that I should probably do the same.

We realized that we would have to go separately, so as to not arouse suspicions, so I let Ashton go first. He took the diaper bag and headed in and was back out only a few minutes later. I then went in and changed myself as well, he passing me the bag on his way out, and I too took only a few moments to do so. We had both put our wet diapers inside a garbage bag and then once I was done, I tied it up and disposed of it in the trash can, I did it that way so that people would not see that. I know, it is no big deal, but strictly speaking, we do not need diapers, but no one would ever need to know that.

When we got back to our table, we continued talking with the others there, and Ashton even talked with the kids a bit, but they were not really interested in him too much, he just talks too smart, and that makes kids uncomfortable, but then, it makes some adults uncomfortable as well. The boy is cute, but nowhere near as hot as Ashton is. There are only a few other kids on board, and most of them are younger as well.

All in all, we had an amazing four hour journey around the lake, and we saw tonnes of amazing sights that you can only see from the water, because, trust me, I have lived here for a long time, but I have never seen what we just saw, especially from that vantage point. Finally we are back at the marina we took off from though, and we all disembarked. Ashton and I headed to our car, and got underway.

“That was actually a lot of fun.” I admitted.

“Yeah, even though we had to talk to strangers so much. With you there with me, it wasn't so bad, and we only had to warn the other a few times, and none of them seemed to slip into any comas, so that's good.” Ashton giggled.

“Yeah. So, where to now then Baby?”

“Just home I think.”


So to home we headed. As soon as we make it home though, we both know we will need to change our soggy bums, and I for one will definitely be putting on my thickest diapers, but I know Ashton will as well. As soon as we made it home, we did too, we change each other into our thickest baby diapers, and then go around in nothing more than them and smiles.