Chapter 4

Before we knew it, an entire month passed us by. We are both so happy and having fun that the time is just flying by for us both. We have only made love to each other a few times, but we have managed to keep each other well drained as well, but in other methods. Our personal favorite other way is at the same time, diapers pushed down in the front, hands in the back, sucking and fingering each other, fondling each others balls while doing so, and in a way, we prefer doing that over making love to each other.

This morning, Ashton woke me up with his face buried inside my diaper, for instance, and as soon as I came to, after waking from a dream to a dream come true, I swung around and buried myself as well, and less than thirty seconds later, we both fed the other our morning load of cum. The problem for us both was that we also had a morning load of pee, and as soon as we had exploded the main force, we had to pee.

I felt Ashton let go, so I did as well, and we both ended up drinking down the others full morning load. I had thought about doing so before, but every time I got my piss aimed up to my face, I lost my nerve and could not do it. I was shocked to learn that it was not so bad, but then, it did come from my baby too, so anything from him is okay.

“I'm so sorry for peeing, but you peed as well.” Ashton said as soon as we had finished and he pulled off.

“Think nothing of it Baby, I had to go too, so I paid you back, and even though I've thought about it before, I'd always lost my nerve and not done it. It was nowhere near as nasty as I'd thought it might be, in fact, it was pretty good.”

“Same here actually, I just never could do it, even though I'd thought of it, and no, I sorta liked your flavour as well.”

“Well, should we get up and get started on our day then Baby?”

“Yeah, we probably should. Are we gonna go swimming, or should we change our soggy baby bums now?”

“Well, since I no longer have to go pee, I say swimming.” I laughed.

“Not bad reasoning, at least for a diaper lover, so I agree.” Ashton giggled as well.

We got up after kissing tenderly for a few minutes, headed downstairs, went and showered off after removing our soggy baby diapers, and just as we were about to leave the washroom, I remembered to activate the tinted glass. We swam for a little more than an hour, laughing and playing a good portion of the time, but getting in some good quality exercises as well. We then hit the steam room, then the sauna, dove in the pool and swam for a few minutes, and then went and sat back in the hot tub for a while, just relaxing, not even speaking.

We cleaned each other up, then headed upstairs to get diapered and dressed for the day ahead.

“So, what are we gonna do today?” Ashton asked once we were ready.

“I don't know, do you have any ideas?”

“Well, it's been a few days since we went out and actually did anything, so we probably should. Could we maybe find somewhere to play mini golf and other things like that?”

“Sure, why not, I know of a place, so let's get a diaper bag packed up and we'll head out.”

As soon as we were ready to go, we headed out and went to the play centre. There are a couple mini golf courses and several arcade games to play, though I must say what we have at home are better, but this way we can at least get out and interact with other people as well. Granted, mini golf I do not have at home.

We went and played both courses back to back, then went and played in the arcade for a while, even playing a couple games of pool and air hockey. Yeah, we have it all at home, and there it is free, as well as better too, but it was still a nice morning. There were not that many people there, but enough, and we did talk to a few kids there too.

Once we were all played out, we changed our soggy diapers and then headed out for some lunch. Just as we were finishing our lunch, Ashton's cell phone rang. He grabbed it and said hello, and then said nothing much other than a few grunts before saying okay and goodbye.

“What's up Baby?”

“My aunt, just telling me that they're not gonna be coming back out this year at all, and that the house is mine for the rest of the year, that she's depositing a few extra bucks into my account for everything, and that they're gonna be outta the country for the next few months, so she won't be able to call. She told me to go ahead and start looking for schooling, and that she's putting enough money into my account to help me get started.”

“That's good. You probably should start looking at schooling though, if you haven't already.”

“I've looked into the UBC campus here in Kelowna, and they have a couple courses I want, just not everything. I was gonna take them to just get started anyway, and I don't even have to go into class most of the time either, which is good, they do distance education as well, so I'd only have to go in a few times a month. I wasn't sure how I was gonna deal with the money though, so I hadn't done any applications yet.”

“Now you don't have to worry. I'll help out in any way I can, but with all the scholarships I'm sure you earned, and what your aunt's giving you, you probably won't need anything. I'll drive you any days that you need to go into class, so there's no issues there at all.”

“Yeah, and thanks. I wasn't so sure of taking buses and things to get to class.”

“As soon as we get home, we can get you all set up then.”

“Okay, thanks.”

As soon as we got home, Ashton did go and get online and went to the university's page and started up the registration. The problem that he ran into is that because he is so young, he needs parental permissions. Crap, neither of us foresaw that.

“Now what do I do?” He asked, starting to panic, because he knew that there was no way on Earth that his parents were going to do anything for him at all.

“I don't know. I know a lawyer in town, I'll call him and see what can be done.”


I called the lawyer, explained to him what Ashton's dilemma was and asked him what we could do about it. He told me that I could either be placed as Ashton's guardian, or we could try and have Ashton made an adult, but he warned that that is hard to do, so suggested we just go with me as guardian, at least for now. I asked him if he could do all that for us, and he said sure, so we are all set, now he will take care of everything. He warned me that it could be a few weeks. I explained this to Ashton.

“Crap, that means that if it takes a few weeks, that there's no chance at all I'll start for the fall semester then.”

“No, but really, this late in the summer, I almost doubt you would've gotten in 'til the spring semester anyway.” I shrugged.

“I suppose that's true enough. I never thought of it that way.” He too shrugged.

“Since we're in the office anyway, and I haven't done so in probably more than a week, I'm gonna check my email and do some work. Feel free to play on your computer while I do so.”

“Okay, I'm gonna find out what books I need for the courses I wanna take and order them anyway, so that I can have them ready, as well I wanna see if there's any other really good books that I wanna get.”

“Go ahead and do so, if you need me to buy anything with my credit card, just ask.”

“Okay, but I'll pay you back.”


I booted up my computer and checked my email, I have a request by an aeronautical engineer to help him solve a problem, he gave me the parameters of the problem he was working on and what he was looking for, so I emailed back and told him that I'd be happy to take on the challenge, how much it will cost, that I'd have the answer for him as soon as possible, and that he could just forward the funds, same as the last time, for I had worked for him a few times now.

Another email was asking my opinion on something, just making sure their math was correct, and if I agreed with their theory on what it meant. It only took me a few minutes to look it all over, but I found an issue with their math, so I had to redo it, and then found that no, their theory was incorrect because of it, but that I do have the correct information. Said information would cost such and such amount, but that I'd be happy to work with them and give them my opinion.

The rest of my emails were junk, as per usual of course, so I deleted them all, and then went and started browsing the internet. I checked the local news, since it is the only way I really keep in touch with anything that is happening around me, and stumbled on an article that made my blood run cold.

I said nothing to Ashton, but I excused myself, grabbed my phone, and called the lawyer that I had called earlier.

“Hi again, this is Corbin, do you have a few minutes?”

“Hi Corbin, yeah, I do, what's up, I haven't been able to do anything for you and Ashton yet.”

“I know, but I just read the news, did you see the story of the two boys in Penticton?”

“Yeah, sad story, I hope they live and that their mother's locked in prison for life.”

“Same here, but I wanna take them in, can you make that happen as well?”

“Ah, now that I don't know. You certainly have the means, I suppose I could see what I can do, but I can't promise anything.”

“Do what you can, I want those boys here as soon as they're released from the hospital, assuming of course they survive. They should, they're in stable condition now, but I can't believe their own mother shot them just because they're gay.”

“Yeah, well, you know as well as I do that some people are just stupid.”

“Sadly true. Do what you can please.”

“Will do.”

As soon as we hung up, I went back to the office to explain to Ashton what is happening.

“Hey, can I interrupt for a few minutes.” I said as I walked in.

“Of course Baby, what's up?” He asked, then he looked up and saw my face and he must have seen how angry or sick I am, because his face fell. “What, nothing's wrong is there?”

“Actually, yes, there is. Last night a mother in Penticton shot her twin sons because she found them having sex. They're both incredibly smart as well, and the article said she was screaming at them, calling them dirty filthy gay baby boys, so while they never said the boys were diapered, I think they were. One neighbor, the one who called in the screaming and sounds of shots fired, says that the boys are very nearly shunned, because they're so brilliant, but have such a hard time dealing with other people, that they never have friends around them or anything. They're ten years old, and I've asked our lawyer to get them put into my care.”

“Wow, I'm glad you're doing that. I take it they're alive then?”

“Yes, in stable condition, one got hit in the shoulder, the other the stomach, but neither was life threatening. They're both all fixed up, so if they make it through the next twenty four hours, then they should be fine. So, yeah, with any luck, in a day or two, I might be adopting.”

“Good, we can help them out so much.”

“That's what I thought as well. I hoped you wouldn't have a problem with it, thinking I was replacing you or anything.”

“Of course I wouldn't, I love you, you love me, nothing will change that. If they want us, maybe we could play with them, but even still, not sure I'd wanna do that.”

“No, never, I could never do that to you. Not to mention them. They can play together, and maybe we can help them to find actual boyfriends, so that brothers aren't lovers too, but only if that's what they want.”

“Good idea.”

We talked for a while more, before going back to our research, and Ashton did steal my credit card from me for a few minutes, then asked me for my banking information, so that he could transfer the money from his account to mine. With that all taken care of, we headed downstairs to play.

We played in the games room until our diapers were leaking and we were starving. We changed each other first, and then went and made and ate dinner. It is just after dinner time when my phone rang. I saw that it is my lawyer.

“Hi there, so find out anything?”

“Yes, I did. The boys are gonna be fine. I went to the hospital once they woke up and explained to them that I'm acting as their lawyer and that I've already found someone who'd like to take them in and allow them to grow up in happiness. I asked them if they'd like that, and they said yes. I had to explain to them a little about you, so they're happy.

“I'm bypassing child services altogether, even though they're currently trying to cause problems, but I told them that the boys already have a godfather and that I'm working on having him appointed full guardianship.

“I had to go talk to the mother and have her sign the forms saying that you were the appointed godfather to the boys and that if anything should happen to her, that you were to be their father. It's the fastest and easiest way. I told her that there's simply nothing that we can do to help her out for helping her boys out, but that, at the very least, she should do it for them, since she tried to kill them.

“She was pretty drunk last night, so today she was at least a little distraught over what she'd done, so she agreed to sign everything. So, yeah, with that all being said, you're now the boys' guardian. They're gonna be released from the hospital in two to three days, but I'd like to meet you there tomorrow morning to meet the boys and get to know them.”

“Oh, that's excellent, we can be there for whenever you want us there then.”

“Nine okay with you?”

“Absolutely, we'll meet you there at nine then.”

“Have a good night.”

“You too.”

I explained everything to Ashton and he too is happy to hear that. After we hung up, Ashton and I went and watched a movie before bed. Tonight Ashton wanted to be made love to, so I made love to him through our soggy baby diapers, and then he made love to me as well. We filled each other up nice and full, then plugged each other, and finally we diapered each other up nice and thick before going to sleep.

This morning I woke Ashton with a very nice good morning blowjob, and when he woke up, he spun around to gain access to me, and we started playing with each others butt plugs that are still firmly inside us. We would pull out slightly and then let them slip back in, twist and turn them so that nubs and grooves in them would drive us nuts with pleasure, and of course we had turned on the vibrators to cause even more pleasure yet. We lasted not even a full minute for our first orgasm, but we kept on going and caused each other to cum twice more before we were ready to face the day. It is not even six AM.

“Mmm, good morning Baby, that was amazing.” Ashton sighed deeply, before planting his lips to mine and kissing me tenderly.

“Mmmhmm.” I sighed deeply once we let go.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” I whispered.

“We still have a few hours before we have to be to the hospital, so we should go swimming and get some breakfast.”

“Yeah, but it's an hours drive from here, and I guarantee that there's gonna be lotsa traffic this morning too.”

“That's okay, we can leave an hour and a half before we're supposed to be there, which still leaves us about that much time to swim and eat.”

“True. Come on Baby, let's get up then shall we.”

“Only after one more kiss Baby.”

Well, one more kiss often lasts us for several minutes, so ten minutes later we finally stumbled out of bed. We both have to go to the washroom, we had filled each other up well last night, so we are both full. Ashton told me to go ahead first this morning, so I did, and as soon as I pulled out my plug, I handed it to him, and then proceeded to empty myself completely. I hopped on the bidet and cleaned up, and then Ashton took my place on the toilet and emptied himself, passing me his plug as soon as I was clean as well.

Once we are both well cleaned out, we head downstairs naked and hit the showers. Yes, I know, risky to walk naked without tinting the windows first, but really, no one will be out this early anyway. I really should just leave it tinted all the time, but why bother.

We swam and played for only forty five minutes this morning, then relaxed in the hot tub, sauna, and steam room, so that we would have plenty of time to make it to the hospital. As soon as we were diapered and dressed for the day ahead, we went and had a quick breakfast, then headed out.

The drive was slow to start, but once we made it to the highway, we sped up and kept a good speed until we made it there. We got to the hospital and my lawyer was waiting in the lobby for us.

“Hi there, the boys are nervously awaiting you. I've told them that they have nothing to be afraid of, that you know well what they're going through, but still, they were just shot by their own mother.”

“I can't imagine what that'd be like, but then, I was abandoned as well, and so was Ashton, so almost as bad.”

“Yes, I told them that as well. So, come on. You're a bit early for visiting hours, but since you're classified as family, you're allowed.”

He led us to the boys' room, and when we entered, both boys looked over to us nervously. The boys are not truly identical, but incredibly close. They have much the same features, but just different enough to tell them apart, yet I know that it will still take both of us time to not get them mixed up. They both have short light brown hair, little button noses, brown eyes, thick eyelashes, and nice full lips. Even in their beds as they are, I can see that both boys are small, far smaller than the average ten year old should be, I would have guessed them to be eight instead. They are also far too skinny to be healthy, as is shown because both are bare chested, both have their blankets thrown off and are only half covered by their sheets. I can see that the boy closest to us is diapered, so I assume the other is as well.

“Okay boys, I'd like to introduce you to your new father. This is Corbin, and his other adopted son here is Ashton. Corbin and Ashton, on the bed furthest to us you'll find Billy, and on the other is Bobby. Now, unfortunately I have to go, I have some work to do to get you boys released to Corbin as soon as you're free from here, which will hopefully be tomorrow. Corbin, most everything's done, but the ministry of children are trying to be dicks, as they usually are. I'll call you tonight. Feel free to visit for as long as you like, the hospital knows you're the boys' guardian now.”

“Thanks a lot, have a good day.”

“You too.”

He was gone only a few seconds later.

“So, Billy and Bobby then, it's really good to meet you boys. I understand you had a pretty rough night the other night, but now you're both gonna be okay.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Bobby, you might wish to pull up your sheet just a little higher, your soggy diaper's showing.”

“Oh, um.” He blushed huge.

“No big deal, I just didn't want you to be embarrassed about it should anyone else see it. I assume you're wearing as well Billy?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Thought as much. So are we.” I smiled warmly to the boys.

“Really, you are?” They both asked as one.

“Absolutely.” Both Ashton and I said together.

“Why do you wear diapers?” Bobby asked.

“Have to at night, like to during the day.” Ashton answered. “How about you two?”

“Um, we don't have to, we could be dry if we wanted.” Billy admitted.

“Yeah, we probably could be too, except for night. Well, maybe we could if we actually tried, never bothered to. So, you boys are definitely gay, I can sense that much for sure. The news said your mom caught you two playing in that fashion, but of course it could've just been innocent playing, learning about certain things, but I don't think that's the case, and I definitely don't think it was the first time either, was it?”

“Um, no.” Both boys said, blushing furiously.

“That's okay, we are too, and being gay diaper wearers is the reason I specifically asked for you, because so are we.”

“Really.” They both said more animatedly.

“Absolutely. We're all also the same in another way too. We too are really smart, and not so good with other people. We're trying, but we were never taught, so we'll all learn together. So, what do you boys like to do?” I asked.

“Cool, so you really do know what we're going through. The lawyer said you did.”

“Yes.” Both Ashton and I said together again.

“Oh thank god.” Bobby sighed.

We both understood that, hence the reason we are here after all.

“Well, I'm really good in math, and Bobby's really good in science. I can see a math problem and solve it almost instantly, whereas Bobby just loves anything to do with space travel.”

“Same with us, I'm math, Ashton's science.”


“Absolutely.” We both said again.

“That's awesome. Hey, um, do you think you could change my diaper for me please?” Bobby asked.

“Me too please.” Billy added.

“I don't see any reason why not. Let me just go ask the nurse for everything we'll need and then we'll each change one of you, would you like that?”

“Yes please.” They both said as one.

I went and asked and received everything that we would need, I was told to be careful with Billy, because his stomach is still very tender, but that as long as I do not turn and pull him too much, he is just fine. I asked about that and was told that the boys were shot, yes, but that the gun was a twenty two caliber pistol with poorly home loaded bullets, so they barely even penetrated the boys. Of course, like she said, had they been hit in worse areas, they would be just as dead, but clearly their mother had been a very poor shot, which she said she was thankful for.

I went back to the room and told the boys all this, so that they knew as well, as Ashton and I each took one and changed his diaper. I did take Billy though, so that I could ensure that I did not pull him too much. Neither boy really looks in bad condition, to look at them, so that is good. Billy had probably been in the most amount of danger, just because a stomach shot can cause so many unforeseen issues, but Bobby could have had serious damage as well being hit in the shoulder. Thankfully neither boy is really in that bad a shape.

“There you go boys, much better, and I must say, you're both very cute in just your soggy baby diapers.”

“Thanks.” They both said.

“Um, can you tell me something though?” Billy asked, already blushing, so I was pretty sure I knew what was coming.

“Absolutely, what would you like to know?” I asked.

“Um, how are we down there. We're so small compared to the other kids in class, but, well, we've never seen another boy our age naked?”

“Ah, I see. Sadly, to tell you the truth, I have no idea. I never saw another kid naked myself, and sadly I don't remember how big or small I was when I was your age.”

“It wasn't that long ago for me though.” Ashton said. “And I don't think either of you have anything to worry about. You're not very big yet, but I'd say you're right where you should be for your age.”

“And I think they looked perfect anyway.” I added.

“Thanks.” Both boys sighed in relief.

I can understand their fears there. I grew up the same way, I had never seen another boy naked in my life, so how was I to know how I stacked up. Of course, they are much smaller for their age as well, but still, I understood.

We talked for the next few hours, just getting to know each other. When lunch came, we waited for the boys to eat, and then I suggested that they have a bit of a nap, while we went and had some lunch ourselves. The boys both said that that sounded like a good idea, that they are pretty tired. We did hit the washroom on our way out though to change our diapers, and then we went and found a good restaurant and had some lunch.

“I wanna stop at the store and get the boys some things to keep them a bit more busy 'til they're released.”


We headed to the mall and found the boys each a good book, a puzzle book, a stuffed animal, a colouring book and crayons, and then we found a portable DVD player with two screens and a few movies to go with it. By the time we made it back to the hospital, we had been gone for two hours, so I felt that it would be a long enough nap for the boys to regain their strength.

“Okay baby boys, wakey wakey, I think you've slept long enough.” I said as we walked in.

“Oh, hi, you're back already.” Billy said.

“We've been gone for two hours.”

“Oh, just feels like I went to sleep.” Bobby said.

“Yeah, and I daresay you needed the nap. You both look a lot more alert now. How are you feeling?”

“A little more sore right now.”

“Okay, I'll go talk to the nurse about that. Ashton'll show you what all we have here while I'm gone.”

I went to the nurses station and talked to the nurse in charge of the boys. She told me that they are starting to wean the boys off of their pain medications, so that they can stay more awake and alert and to allow their bodies to mend more naturally. She said they will be in a bit of pain, but that they are keeping them on low amounts, so to keep most of it at bay, and that no matter what, the boys will have some pain. She also said that they want to get the boys up and moving about soon as well. I told her what all we bought for the boys, and she was okay with that. I headed back to the room and told the boys.

“Oh, they want us to be in pain?” Billy asked dejectedly.

“Yes, but you'll live. They just don't want you to sleep all the time, you have to get up and moving about to heal naturally as well.”

“Oh, okay. I don't really like laying around all day, so I guess that's good.”

“Yes, it is, so, would you boys like to watch a movie?”

“Yes please.” They both said.

I got everything set up, one screen for each boy, then Ashton and I in between both beds, turned so that we too could see the screens, then I put on the movie that had been chosen. We watched in silence for a good couple hours, then I went and got drinks and snacks for us all, and we watched another movie for almost an hour and a half. Just as we were finishing that movie, the boys' dinner was being delivered.

“Okay boys, we're gonna head back home for the night, you have a good night, and we'll come back first thing tomorrow morning again, okay.”

“Do you haveta go?” Billy asked sadly.

“Yes. Probably right after dinner, they're gonna come get you boys to take you for baths and to get you up and moving. That's probably gonna make you very tired, but they're likely gonna make you keep going 'til you're nearly dropping. I'm surprised that they haven't come to do so already, to tell you the truth. We also need to have some dinner, we're hungry too, and by the time we make it back from that, you boys won't even be here, you'll be out getting your exercise. Don't worry though, like I said, we'll see you first thing in the morning, okay.”

“Okay.” They both said sadly.

I went and gave both boys hugs, and kisses to their foreheads, wished them a good night, then Ashton and I went and changed our soggy diapers before leaving the hospital. We headed to the same restaurant that we had lunch at, since they had done a good job earlier, and had some dinner. As we ate, we talked about the boys and how we felt that they are doing.

After making it home, we stripped down to our diapers and relaxed for the night and did not much.

This morning after swimming, Ashton and I headed to the hospital to again be with the boys and to see how they are feeling.

“Oh, good, you're here. We both need soggy bum changes, but we didn't let the nurses do it.” Billy said as soon as we walked in.

“I understand, but you shouldn't sit in it for too long once your baby diapers get uncomfortable.” I laughed.

“We know, but they only just did.”

“That's good, let me go get the supplies then.”

I was back a minute later, and Ashton and I each took a boy again and changed him, as we did so, we talked.

“So, how are you boys feeling today?”

“Tired and sore. You were right, last night, right after you left, two people came and got us and got us moving round lots. The best part though was the bath in the jetted tub, that did feel nice. But then a woman nurse came and diapered us and got us ready for bed, and that was embarrassing.”

“Yeah, but it's what they do.”

“We know. So, did you talk to the lawyer yesterday?” Billy asked.

“Actually, no, come to think of it, he didn't call. I should go and call him right now and see what's up?”

“Okay.” All three boys said together.

I went out to the hall and called the lawyer. He apologized for not calling last night, but that by the time he had heard anything, it was already pretty late. I was informed though that the boys are now mine, that the ministry of children are now officially off the case, and that as soon as the boys are freed from the hospital, they get to come home with us.

I went back into the boys' room and informed them, and they both cheered happily. I told the boys that I was going to go and ask when said freeing would take place, and left them alone once again and headed to the nurses station.

I asked the nurse in charge, and she said that they are now just waiting for the doctors approval to do so, since neither boy had had any issues the past couple nights, and that they are healing just fine. She told me that they will be leaving today, and it is only a matter of when the doctor comes around to check them out and kick them out.

Once more I went back and told the boys this, and they are happy once more. I told them that I am going to leave the three of them for a bit and go get some clothes, since we have nothing for the boys, and they were all okay with that. In fact, before I even left, they were setting up to watch a movie. I stopped at the nurses station and told the nurse what I was doing.

I headed to the mall once again and bought a few clothes for the boys. Not knowing their sizes totally, I just bought a few simple outfits that would be more than sufficient. I grabbed each boy two pairs of shorts, I went about a size larger than I thought they might be, so that they can grow into them and hide their diapers better. I grabbed a tank top and two tee shirts for each, one pack of socks for both, a pair of flip flops each, and one sweater each.

I also hit the medical supply store and grabbed the boys a pack of diapers, but only one for now, because I will order them more when we get home, this is only to get them by until they arrive. The store does carry diaper shirts, and they have ones for all of us, so I grabbed each of us a few. By the time I made it back to the hospital, I had been gone just a hair over an hour.

The boys are still watching their movie, so I sat down and watched it with them. About ten minutes before the movie ended, a doctor walked in.

“Good morning gentlemen, I trust we had a good sleep last night?”

“Yes Doctor.” Both boys said softly.

“Excellent. The nurses tell me that you've been complaining non stop and that you've been murder to get along with. Should I keep you in here longer?”

“No.” They both said, a whole decibel louder.

“I thought not.” He laughed. “So, you're Corbin then, you're taking the boys?”

“That's right Doctor. Is there anything that I should be aware of?”

“Nothing really. Obviously if any fever appears, or if they get overly dizzy, faint, or anything else out of the ordinary, get them into the hospital immediately. Really though, they both had only what amounted to flesh wounds, there was no real internal damage at all, just to muscle and a few localized nerves. They're all stitched up, and that's about all that really needs to be said. They'll need to see a doctor in a week or so to have the stitches removed, but, otherwise, I see no reason to keep the boys here any longer, so get them outta my hair, they annoy me.” He said, smiling, then he turned away and left us before any of us could say anything further.

“Well boys, you heard 'im, let's get you outta here shall we. I have diaper shirts and shorts and tee shirts for you to wear for right now, and we'll go shopping in a few days or so to get you fully set up.”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily.

Their diapers are still reasonably fresh, so we helped both boys to get dressed, I took Billy and Ashton took Bobby. We were careful, but really, the boys are pretty good to go. I decided that the shorts I got were still way too big, but at least with the drawstrings on them, cinched up as tight as they will go, the boys are good enough for the time being. We packed up the rest of the items that we had, then hit the nurses station to sign the boys out, and then we were on our way home.

We hardly talked at all on the way home, the drive was good, and when we pulled up to the gate the boys asked where we are, so I said home. We entered and the boys could easily see that this is a high end neighborhood, but then we got to our house, and they are in awe.

“Holy crap, we get to live here?” Billy said.

“Yep, nice huh.” Ashton turned and smiled to the boys.

“This is the nicest looking house I've ever seen.” Bobby said.

“Thanks, just you wait 'til we're inside and you really get to see the house.” I said as we are pulling into the garage.

As soon as I shut off the car, I closed the garage door, and we hopped out to head into the house. As soon as we made it inside, I stopped the boys.

“Okay, let's find you a bedroom to use. Would you like garden or lake views?”

“Lake please.” They both said.

“Okay, then you'll get the bedroom that Ashton recently vacated.”

“Why'd he vacate it?” Billy asked, looking at us shrewdly.

“I think you already know the answer to that, and truth be told, you think you knew all along. Yes, we are baby boyfriends, however, that must not leave this house.”

“Wow, we thought so, and even talked about it last night.” Bobby said happily.

“Hopefully in only a whisper.”

“Yeah. After everyone left, I went and climbed in with Bobby and we kissed for a bit and whispered to each other. We ended up falling asleep in his bed, and when the nurse came in, she just laughed at us. We can't help it though, we've always slept together, even though our mom sure tried to make us sleep separately.”

“That's sweet. You're lucky you didn't get in trouble, but what could they do really. Now here there's no question of you getting to sleep together. So come see your new bedroom Babies.”

The boys were super impressed with their new bedroom, and even loved the fact that they have their own private bath. I told them I would teach them how to use the bidet later.

“Wow, I can't believe this bedroom and bathroom, together I'm pretty sure they're larger than our old house is. That bath tub's huge, and the shower even more so, then the bed, it's massive too. I think our closet might even be as large as our bedroom was in full.” Billy said effusively.

“I don't doubt it. As I'm sure you noticed already, we're not exactly hurting for money. I'll tell you all about it later. First though, we usually go around in just our baby diapers, so, if you'd like to, you may feel free to strip down to your diapers.”

“Really, you mean it?” They both asked.

“Absolutely.” I said, and then started us off by starting to strip myself.

Ashton followed suit immediately, and then Billy and Bobby did so as well. Once we are all down to just our diapers, the boys looked at us appreciatively.

“Now, boys, the thoughts going through your heads right now, they're not wrong, however, they're not reciprocated, we love each other, so no, we won't make hot steamy diaper love to you.”

“Oh, you saw that.” Billy looked up and blushed huge.

“Yeah, but really, if we were you, we'd be thinking the same thing, so no worries.” Ashton smiled warmly to them.

“Absolutely. You boys are still young, and as such, you're not exactly huge in the dick department, and that's okay, we know you wanna feel something larger inside you, and there's nothing wrong with that. We'll see about getting you boys boyfriends, if you'd like, or we can get you the toys you need to help fill you up better.”

“Oh, um, I don't know if I want anyone else.” Billy said.

“But what kinda toys?” Bobby added.

“Special toys for gay baby boys. Sex toys; dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, and maybe even anal beads.”

“Um, not sure what that stuff us, but if it helps us, then okay.” Bobby said, and though they may not have understood it all completely, that did not stop their little dicks from pulsing extra hard. They had both had to adjust themselves, yet again.

“It'll help, and don't worry, you'll figure it out soon enough. Now, gather your clothes and let's put them in the laundry room, then we'll show you the house.”

We all gathered up our own clothes and took them to the laundry room, and then proceeded to tour the entire house. The boys loved our bedroom, as well the rest of the upstairs, but they too fell in love with the entire basement.

“Wow, I can't believe we get to have all this right at home.”

“But you do. Now, how well do you boys swim?”

“Not great, but not too bad either. We've been walking to the lake lots this year to swim, and we're both doing better. What's funny is that it's the same lake we're seeing right now, and we're an hour away from where we used to live.” We are currently standing by the pool, looking out over the lake.

“Yes, well, if you follow the speed limits and drive from one end of the lake to the other, I'm told it takes more than two hours, and considering the speed limit along a good portion of the road following the lake is a hundred kilometers an hour, it's a good distance. If I remember correctly, the actual length is roughly one hundred and thirty five kilometers, which is one of the largest lakes in the country, if you don't count the great lakes, which personally I don't, I consider them land locked oceans.”

“Yeah, we know. It's also one of the warmest lakes in the country because we get so much sun here, and the lake is surprisingly shallow for its size.”

“Too true. Now, why don't you boys go ahead and play in the games room for a while, I need to go do something, I'll be down in just a few minutes, okay.”

“Okay, come on boys.” Ashton said and took their hands and led them back into the games room.

I headed up to my office and booted up my computer, then went to first the diaper website and ordered the boys one case of each the two diapers they will be needing, paid for express delivery on that as well, and then headed to a different site. I went to the same site where I buy my sex toys and chose a few good toys for the boys. Clearly I am going considerably smaller than what Ashton and I enjoy, yet still not their smallest. I know the boys have played, so I am certain they will be able to manage these toys easily. I also hit another website and got the boys baby lotion, diaper rash cream, baby powder, several more diaper shirts, and even a pair of soothers. They probably thought we had not seen them sucking their thumbs, but we had. I think that they will likely enjoy them.

I headed back down to join the boys and we all played until lunch time. After lunch, we all went for soggy bum changes, Ashton and I changed each other, and we told the boys to go to their bedroom and change each other, and they did. The diapers I had bought them are a far cry better than the ones the hospital gave them, but are still not as good as the ones I have coming, but the boys do look good in them, and they are nice and thick, so they will hold up well. Of course, they will show up under their clothes, but that is okay too. We will not likely leave the house now until after we get the boys' new diapers, which will disappear under their clothes. We will let the boys get more comfortable first before we go out and do too much.

Once all nice and clean and dry, we headed back downstairs and continued playing and having fun. I realized shortly after though, that we can all play video games together, except one problem, no seating. I have one really good gaming chair, but there are now four of us, and pretty much all my games can be played with four players anyway, so I thought that maybe I should order some more. Then I thought about how hard it is playing games on one TV like we are, because we are just using folding chairs currently as we are playing, so thought that maybe I should upgrade our games area and add another few TV's. I will have to look into how to do that though, because I have no idea how to do so, I might need to add one games system per TV, but I do not care about that. Still, it would be silly to do so if I do not have to do so.

I thought about all of this as we played, getting a plan of action set up in my mind long before we finished playing the game we are playing. From there we all played arcade games, pool, air hockey, foosball, and whatever we wanted to play. I had made some popcorn as a snack about half way through our playing, and we had that and some juice.

After dinner, we all went and watched a couple movies, and during the second, we had more popcorn and juice. I do not doubt in the least that the boys are getting every bit as soggy as I am, but that is okay too. We will all last, and if we do not, that is not a big deal either. At the end of our second movie, I decide that I am starting to get tired, and I have a pretty good idea how to make myself even more so. I know all three boys will likely be thinking the same thing anyway, so it is probably a good time to head to bed.

“Okay boys, time for bed. Just remember, you're not fully and completely healed up, don't do anything that'll tear your stitches, but don't be afraid to have some fun. Here that's not only acceptable, but downright permitted. I doubt you ever had the freedom to play as much as you wanted, but now you do, so enjoy. I don't have any lube to offer you, we only have one for ourselves, but baby lotion does work well enough, and I'm sure it'll do just fine for you boys. Now, come give me hugs and kisses goodnight, and you can change your soggy baby bums when you're ready to. Just try and remember to, but if you forget, or if you pass out, no worries, the bed comes equipped with a good waterproof mattress protector.”

“You mean it?” Bobby asked happily, his mile wide smile attesting to this.


“Wicked.” Both boys breathed out as one.

They came and gave me hugs and kisses goodnight and then skipped happily to their bedroom.

“Now, as for you my beautiful baby boy, take me to bed and make hot gay baby love to me.” I said.

“Sounds great to me, but only on one condition.”

“And what would that be?”

“That you make hot gay baby love to me as well.”

“I think that could be arranged.”

So, on that note, we nearly floated to our bedroom, where we did make love to each other. Ashton prepared me as we kissed tenderly, and then slipped into me and made long slow love to me, until he filled me up with his first load(cum), then filled me with his second(pee), before making love to me again, and giving me his third load(cum). He slipped my butt plug into me, then we traded places and I paid my baby back fully, pun absolutely intended. We then changed each others ruined diapers and curled up in bed.

“Mmm, now that's the way to end a perfect day huh!” Ashton sighed deeply.

“I agree totally Baby.”

“You don't think Bobby and Billy should be boyfriends for life, do you?”

“No, but you don't either, do you?”

“No, not really. I mean, it might be fine for them, but I think that they should have someone else for that.”

“Me too.”

“How do you plan to find them boyfriends though, they're so much like us that it'll be hard to do?”

“Not a clue. I think I'll just let the chips fall how they may, they have a tendency to bring us what we need when we need it.”

“Too true. Well Baby, let's go to sleep, shall we.”

“Of course Baby, love you.”

“Love you too.”

We passed out all cuddled up together, and slept like logs.