Chapter 5

This morning I woke up, and just as I opened my eyes and turned over, so did Ashton. So we are waking up at the same time. That is actually a first, we usually wake at slightly different times, but that is okay too.

“Mmm, good morning Baby.” Ashton sighed as he stretched.

“And good morning to you too Baby. Wanna play a bit this morning again, I think I have a nice big load of cum for you, and I'd very much like your nice big load of cum too.”

“Okay.” Ashton said brightly.

“Oh, you're certain, there's no way I could persuade you, is there?” I laughed.

“Nope.” He giggled and nearly jumped up and spun around to get at my diapered dick.

He presented his to me, and I took full advantage of it as well. We pulled down the fronts of each others diapers at the same time and engulfed each other, and then half a second later, we each reached into the back of the others diaper and started playing with the nice plugs currently lodged inside us. We started this by turning them on.

We both moaned deeply around each others dicks, and started really sucking and tonguing each other well. Our first loads of boiling cum exploded only twenty or so seconds after starting, yet neither of us even bothered to stop in the least.

Still toying with the toys in each others tushes, we continued sucking each other for another couple minutes before cumming once more. With two good sized loads of cum now drained from us, I can safely say I am ready to face the day.

I have no idea how I used to manage, I could go for days, sometimes even weeks without jacking off and cumming, now I can not start or end the day without cumming at least once.

“Now that's how to start a day right.” I sighed deeply this morning.

“No kidding. Well, should we get up and get cleaned up Baby Boy, and go see if the boys are still passed out from fucking all night long?” Ashton giggled.

“Given the freedom they now have, I wouldn't doubt you in the least that they had a great deal of fun, but I'm betting they didn't stay up any later than we did, they were pretty tired by the time we headed to bed.”

“True enough. Well, come on Baby, I just peepeed my baby diaper, and it's gonna burst soon, and my ass feels like it might soon too.”

“Then you get first crack at the toilet this morning Baby, but I do agree with you.” I had to laugh, because we had probably let out our morning loads of pee at the same time, though I am certain Ashton had as little as I did, because we always pee during the night too.


Ashton hopped out of bed and extended his hand to me and pulled me out of bed, then we headed to the bathroom. As soon as Ashton had his toy out, I cleaned it up and put it away, and as soon as he was off the toilet, I hopped on and emptied myself as well. Once cleaned, Ashton hopped off the bidet and took my plug and went and washed it up for me as well.

I met Ashton in the bedroom, then we headed to the boys' bedroom to get them up so that they could join us for our morning swim. On the way though, Ashton asked a good question.

“Um, what about the boys' wounds? Won't the pool water sting them?”

“Never thought of that, to tell you the truth. They'll likely be fine though, it's salt water, and that has healing properties of its own, so, while it might sting a bit, it shouldn't actually hurt them any.”

“That's true.”

We made it to the boys' bedroom just then, so I knocked on the door and received no answer, so we entered and found the boys to still be asleep. I felt bad for doing so, but they should get up, so we each went to a side and shook them awake.

“Come on baby boys, up and at em, it's time to get up and go swimming.” I said once their eyes opened up.

“Oh, is it morning already.” Bobby said.

“Yes it is sunshine, did you have a good sleep?”

“Oh yeah, this bed is amazing, I don't think I've ever slept better.”

“Same.” Billy added.

“That's good, and I trust you made yourself extra sleepy before going to sleep last night?”

“Yeah.” They both blushed.

“Good, you deserve to. Now, spin around so that we can get these soggy baby diapers off of you two soggy baby boys, then we're gonna go swimming.”

“Oh, okay. We don't have any swim shorts though.” Billy said.

“We're not wearing any, so why should you have to. Not that they'd be allowed in the pool to start with, but that's beside the point.”

“Really, we swim naked?”

“Sure do.”

“Wicked.” Both boys said as one.

I was with Billy this morning and when I opened his diaper, I could clearly tell that the boys had played well last night, and from the small amount of mess inside his diaper, I could tell how too.

“Uh oh, looks like someone pooped his diaper a bit.”

“Same with this someone.” Ashton giggled.

“Um, sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, am I to guess you boys enjoy peeing inside each other then?”

“Yeah.” They both said, blushing even more.

“Yeah, so do we, it feels amazing. Just wait 'til you boys get your own butt plugs, they hold most of the mess inside, so that you hardly even make a mess in your diapers at all. All we have to do in the morning is go to the bathroom, then let the bidet clean us up, it's great.” Ashton said.

“What, really, you guys do that too, we thought we were sick because we liked doing that to each other.”

“Nah, nothing's sick if you enjoy it and you both agree to it, and it's not bad either. Granted, many would think it's horrible and disgusting, but hey, they're wrong.” I said.

“How long have you guys been doing that to each other though?” Ashton asked curiously.

“Don't know, couple years at least I guess.” Billy shrugged and Bobby nodded.

“Nice. Well, come on, let's go swimming guys.” Ashton said again and we all headed downstairs.

As they said, the boys are not great swimmers, but they do do not too bad either. Their form is not great, and they only really know how to do the doggy paddle and a basic crawl. Really, not too bad for having taught themselves. Ashton and I did teach them more though. We exercised for a bit, then went through the relaxation process and a little over an hour after entering, we are getting out to wash and dry.

“That was amazing, I love swimming naked, and I love living here even more.” Bobby said happily.

“Good, we're both glad that you like it. Come on, let's go get diapered and get some breakfast, shall we.”


After getting diapered, none of us getting dressed of course, we went and made and ate breakfast, then went and played games for a while. After lunch, we headed down to the beach, where I read and the boys played in the sand and swam in the lake some. After dinner we all watched a couple movies, and then went to bed and had a good sleep, though getting sleepy enough to sleep was the best part of it.

This morning Ashton and I sucked another couple loads from each other before getting up and going to get the boys up. We do not have our plugs in, so therefore we do not need to go to the washroom yet, so we both felt that we would leave our diapers for the extra few minutes. When we made it to the boys' bedroom, we found that not only is their door open, but they are already awake. I think I just realized that the toys that I have on the way for them may be too small.

The boys are in the sixty nine position, the fronts of their diapers pushed down, sucking each other, while their hands are in the backs of each others diapers, and by the looks of it, fully buried inside each other. From the sounds they are making, they are very nearly done, and half a second after thinking that, they came, and came hard. They slumped down, Bobby on top of Billy, their dicks still in each others mouth, their hands still in each others ass. Their breathing was fast and ragged.

If Ashton is only half as hard as I am from witnessing what we just saw, then he is going to explode out the front of his soggy diaper any second now. I can already feel my dick head above the waist band of my diaper, and I am so hard it hurts. So, I looked to his diaper, and he too is in the same predicament.

It took a full minute before the boys came down, and when they did, they extracted from each other, and then Bobby went to turn around and caught us watching them. He made the cutest little squeak when he did so.

“Um, sorry for interrupting boys.” I said and Billy looked around.

“Oh, we didn't close the door.” Billy blushed.

“No, you boys take each others hands.” I said in awe.

“Yeah, we have for a few months already.” Bobby admitted, though he blushed.

“That's hot.” Ashton breathed.

“So are you guys, standing there with your dicks hard and pulsing out the tops of your super soggy diapers.” Billy sighed.

“Mmmhmm.” Bobby agreed.

“Yeah, well, so was what we saw.” Ashton admitted, and I nodded.

“But even though we all found it hot, doesn't mean that we can share boys, so stop dreaming. We're gonna go swimming, so come on down.”

“We know.” They both said.

The boys did get up to join us though, and we all headed downstairs together to go swimming. I do not have to bother setting the windows correctly any more, because we have just been leaving them shaded at all times, but only just enough to hide us from view. We arrived in the washroom and stripped off our sodden diapers at the same time, and hopped in the shower together to get all cleaned up. When we jumped in the pool, we all swam for a while to exercise, and then for a while longer just to play, and finally we slipped in the hot tub.

“Did it hurt the first time you guys first took each others hands?” Ashton asked.

“A bit, yes, but not that bad, because we'd prepared each other really well.” Bobby admitted.

“Was really hot to watch, but you guys should close your bedroom door, even we don't need to see that.” Ashton admitted, even though he would very much like to see it again and again.

“Yeah, we know, but not like you don't already know anyway.” Billy said.

“I know.”

“And no,” I said. “I won't even attempt to fist you, I'd split you in half.”

“Well, not right away, but you gotta admit, it was hot, and I bet we could both do it pretty easily with a bit of practice.”

“Yeah, but the boys are the same size, my hand's still considerably larger than yours is, so, even if you could take your own hand inside yourself, which you probably could with a little work, my hand will likely be way too much.”

“It wasn't as much work as you'd think it'd be.” Bobby said.

“Yeah, we were just sucking and fingering each other one night, and after every cum we inserted another finger, 'til we managed to just put our whole hands inside each other. Sure, it hurt a bit at first, but man did it ever feel good as well. Granted, the next day was hard, we couldn't even go poop without it burning like crazy, and even walking was painful. It only took a couple days to heal, and every time after that's been a lot easier.” Billy added.

“Still, Ashton, no. I'm sorry, I can't do that to you. I'll hurt you too much, and I really don't have any interest in having it done to me. Our own dicks, and the occasional toy of course, but not that.”

“Okay.” Ashton said.

“I know, you wanna try it, but we really have no need to. We both have more than enough to fill the other with, whereas the boys really don't yet, which is why they probably started doing that.”

“Yeah, we're not exactly huge here.” Bobby said, cupping his hot little dinky.

“No, but you're just fine for your age and size, so don't worry.” I said to Bobby, then turned to Ashton. “I'm willing to bet that once the boys grow more down there and can truly fill each other up, that the desire to do that'll likely wane.”

“I don't think so.” Billy said.

“No, probably right now you don't, but you probably will, and if you don't, then that's okay too, for you two. Not so much for me.”

“Okay.” Ashton sighed.

We did continue talking, but moved to other topics. We hit the sauna and the steam room, took a nice cool dip to close our pores, and then went and cleaned and diapered each other to be ready for the day.

Just after breakfast, the phone rang, it is the signal for the gate, so I answered it and it is the courier company. I told the boys to go to their bedrooms, while I grabbed my robe. As soon as the driver was gone, the boys came out and I shucked off my robe. Everything that I had ordered had arrived at the same time, so that is good.

“Okay Boys, here's some new diapers for you, these are the same as the ones we wear, just in your size, so they're way more comfortable and hold more, even the thinner ones will hold better than what you're wearing. I also got you more diaper shirts, lots of cream and lotion and powder, and then a couple surprises. Go ahead and open everything.” I said, and the boys tore into their stuff with a vengeance.

“Wow.” They both said when the full glory of what I had bought them was revealed.

“I thought you boys would like all that. Clearly the sex toys must never leave the house, but I suggest that your soothers don't either. I'm certain after what we saw this morning that I have no need to tell you how to use these, so enjoy. Just remember to keep them clean. After lunch, we'll change our diapers to our thinner ones, and then we really should go out and go shopping.”

“Wow, thanks.” Both boys said and came and gave me huge hugs and kisses in thanks.

“You're welcome.”

“How'd you know we wanted soothers?” Bobby asked.

“Not only are you both thumb suckers, and yes, we saw the few times you both did so, but you're gay baby boy diaper lovers, so I went out on a limb and thought you might like them. Ashton and I don't really care for them, but we can appreciate those who would. Again, feel free to enjoy them anytime you're at home.”

“Thanks so much.” They said and hugged me again.

As much as the two horny little boys wanted to take their new toys to their bedroom and try them out until they passed out, I would not let them, and we ended up sitting in the living room until lunch time just talking. After lunch, as promised, we all went and changed our soggy diapers and got dressed. We all met by the garage door a few minutes later.

“There, that's much better. With these new diapers being so much better fitting, and with your diaper shirts, you can barely even tell you baby boys are diapered. Now all we have to do is get you new clothes that fit and look better. So, let's head out, babies, and go shopping.”

“Thanks, and they're way more comfortable too, they fit so nice and are really soft too, and they do feel like they'd hold more than the other diapers, even though they're thinner.”

“Good, and you're probably right too, just remember though, the more full you get, the more they'll show too.”

“We know.” They both said, smiling brightly.

I already have a diaper bag packed and with me, so I quickly went and grabbed a few of the boys' diapers and added them to my bag, and then we hopped in the car and headed out.

Our first stop is a good boys clothing store. Even Ashton will get a few new things, because he still does not have a lot, and I could use a couple things too. Billy and Bobby though ended our shopping trip with four pairs of pants, six pairs of shorts, four long sleeve shirts, six tee shirts, two packs of socks, and four more pairs of shoes. Even though they are twins, and they do look a lot alike, I did not buy them matching outfits and whatnot. I did buy everything with both in mind though, they can share, they are the same size anyway.

In the pants are two pairs of jeans and a couple pairs of cargo pants, there are two pairs of swim shorts for the beach, and the other four are nicer shorts, similar to the cargo pants. The long sleeved shirts are nice and almost dressy, but not too fussy, and are button up. The tee shirts all vary, and some have logos and others have sayings. The socks are all white, low cut, and simple. The shoes are just a pair each of a good quality running shoe and a pair of good quality leather strap sandal.

Ashton and I did end up with a few things as well, but not much, most of this shopping trip is about the boys.

We hit another couple clothes stores, just to make sure the boys are all set, and we did add a couple more pants, shorts, and shirts. Nothing too much or too fancy though. They will be set for a while at least.

Finally we really should go grocery shopping, so we head to the store and take care of all that, and a little over an hour later, we are leaving with two rather large buggies filled full of food.

“So, after we get this all home and put away, what should we do Babies?”

“We could watch a couple movies.” Bobby said.

“Or play in the games room.” Billy said.

“We could, but I was thinking more on the lines of going out and doing something.”

“Oh, but we're not really good around other people.” Billy said.

“We're the same, remember.” Ashton said.

“Yeah, and as much as we'd all prefer to stay locked up and away from others, it's really not good either, we really do haveta try and get out and about with others, for our own good.” I said.

“Yeah, we probably should.” Bobby sighed.

“Could we maybe try something like mini golf then?” Billy asked.

“Sure, let's do that then.”

As soon as we made it home, we all helped to take in all our groceries and supplies, and then we headed right back out again. We hit the local play place and started our visit off by playing two rounds of mini golf on two different courses. Neither of the younger boys are good, hell, neither Ashton nor I are really any better, but we did all have fun. We stayed for an extra couple hours, all of us playing the games and having fun together.

When we decided to head out, we went and changed our diapers in the family washroom, and then headed out.

“So, where should we go for dinner boys? I don't feel like cooking tonight, but not fast food.”

“I don't know.” The twins said as one. “We've never even been to a restaurant.” Billy added.

“Really, that shocks me.”

“Yeah, well, our mom never had money, and when she did, it wasn't to be wasted on something like food. No, she'd rather drink it away instead.” Bobby spat.

“Yes, well, that's all in the past, your mom can't hurt you now. I don't ever want you to forget the pain or the anger, but you do need to learn how to deal with it better. Believe me, I understand better than most, both Ashton and I do, we dealt with much the same shit as you guys did. No, we weren't shot, but just as bad in some ways. If you let it, that pain and anger will eat you up and spit you out and not care in the least. Just remember, we're here for you to talk to, there's nothing you can't tell us, and we can help you lots.”

“Thanks.” They both whispered.

“So, since you've never been to a restaurant before, then let's do it right for your first time. Steak and lasagna.” I said, it sounds amazing, and I have been craving a good steak lately.

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

Now, even though I had very much been a recluse, rarely did I ever leave the house, I did still go to the restaurant I have pointed us to a few times, because they do make the best steak and lasagna anywhere. I never bothered to make myself lasagna before, why bother for just one, and I can never seem to get my steaks as perfect as they always seem to, so whenever I want one or the other, this is the place I go, and we just pulled in.

As soon as we got inside, all three boys groaned, the amazing smells assaulting their senses instantly. I am pretty sure by the looks of the boys, that drool buckets might be in order. I actually laughed at them.

“Snap out of it boys.”

“Oh god, so good, and that's just the smells.” Ashton sighed.

“Yeah, just wait 'til you taste it then.”

Just then a server came and showed us to a table and asked what we would like to start the night off with drink wise. Ashton and I chose Earl Grey tea, while Billy chose apple juice and Bobby chose pineapple juice. Our drinks were brought out a few minutes later, all four of us perusing our menus just to make sure.

“Now, boys, make sure and not fill up on your juice, or you won't eat all your food.”

“Don't worry.” They both said.

“No, I doubt it.” I had to laugh.

None of the boys knew what to get, so I said I would order for them, and so when the server came back, I told him that we would start with the house salad, and then for our main we would all take the rib eye steaks with baked lasagna. Billy and Bobby I ordered six ounce, while Ashton and I went for the ten ounce. I know that that will be more than enough for all of us, especially with the salad and bread that will be out shortly.

Once the bread made it, I had to warn all three boys not to fill up on it, but it is really good bread, this restaurant does their own sourdough bread, and all three boys love it as well, even though they were tentative at first, since it does have a stronger than normal scent, but is very tasty, especially with fresh butter, which this restaurant also does.

When our salads made it, we ate them with gusto, because they are very good, but thankfully not very large, or we would never eat our meals. The boys were starting to wonder where the hell our food was almost half an hour later though, when finally it arrived. I had to tell all three of them, repeatedly, that they cook everything slowly and to perfection, so therefore it takes a while, but that they also do so, so as to allow our stomachs to settle a bit, so that we can eat our main course.

As soon as our food was set down though, all three boys had to be warned not to eat too fast, the server laughing as he left us. Ashton, being older, did take my warnings to heart, but even he was still done well before me, but all three of them had nearly spotless dishes.

When asked if they could get dessert as well, I smiled and nodded, and the next time our server was by, we all ordered something.

By the time all was said and done, we had ate like freaking pigs, yet we enjoyed every scrumptious bite of it too. I damn near rolled from the restaurant, but I will likely do so again the next time I break down and come, because it is the same every time, I always eat way too much.

“That was the most amazing thing I've ever eaten in my life.” Ashton said as we were walking out of the restaurant, I had just had to cough up an average persons annual wage I swear.

“For what it cost, it should be, but I do agree.”

“No kidding, that was expensive, but so good.”

“Yes, and worth it every so often, though it'll only be a rare treat.”

“Yeah, we know.” The boys all said as one.

When we made it home we all stripped off our clothes in the laundry room, exposing our only slightly wet diapers. We considered ourselves good for the rest of the evening, then decided to go and watch TV until bedtime. When bedtime came, so did we all.

I have no doubts about the boys in their bedroom, more than likely enjoying their new toys fully, and yes, I do mean that in every possible way. Ashton and I made love to each other, we ended up cumming three times, once into each others mouth as we were preparing each other, and then twice into each others ass, with another load of pee as well. We plugged and diapered each other nice and thick, and in a whispered conversation we pondered how the boys were doing across the house, wondering if they would even remember their diapers. Finally we said goodnight, I love you, to each other and fell fast asleep.

“Mmm, good morning Baby.” I sighed deeply, then came, because Ashton is once more sucking me as I wake up, only this time he had me so close before I woke up, I never even had the chance to truly enjoy.

“Morning.” He mumbled around my erection, still in his mouth, still savouring my load.

“Don't talk with your mouth full, it's rude.” I giggled. “Now, swing around and let me at your hot hard baby bone as well.”

He did so, and I sucked him in, and seconds after starting, he exploded and unloaded in my mouth as well, so, it seems, he is very hot this morning as well.

Ashton gasped and panted around my dick, the feelings are intense to say the least, and I damn near came again.

I reach into the back of Ashton's diaper and start playing with his butt plug as I continue sucking him, and he does the same to my plug, and only a minute later, we are exploding once more. Even still, neither of us seem to be ready to stop, because we are both still hard, and though I am burning up, I am still more than willing to carry on for at least one more amazing orgasm.

This time we get to truly enjoy though, and last just a hair over five minutes before exploding at nearly the same time again. With our final cum, we are now able to focus on the day ahead, so we stumble out of bed and go and get ourselves cleaned up and ready to face the day.

Now naked, we head to the boys' bedroom to witness the carnage that they may or may not have left for us to witness. Thankfully their door is closed this time, so I knocked and received no answer. We waited a few seconds, just in case, then entered, and found the boys in a right mess.

They are still mouth to dick, (so clearly they were sucking each other at the same time) there are wet spots around their mouths, but not that much, (so they must have nearly drank all their nightly output, and only some of it leaked out) all their toys are spread out all over the bed, and we can see that they had all been used. The only toys not on the bed are their butt plugs, though we can see where at least one of them is, because Billy's naked baby bum is facing us, and the way they are laying, we can see it lodged deeply inside him. The tube of lube is even on its side, a fair bit pooled underneath it, because the lid is still open.

I almost laughed, and I almost felt bad for waking the boys. Clearly they had had a long night, but they should get up too. I went up and started lightly smacking both bared baby bums as I called out their names. It took several minutes for them to come to. When they did, they broke apart and turned and blushed as they looked at us.

“No need to blush Babies, we all know what you boys were doing last night, and that's good, there's no need to be ashamed. Looks like you boys enjoyed your new toys though.”

“Thanks, we did.” Billy whispered.

“Yeah, they're awesome.” Bobby added.

“That's good, I'm glad you enjoyed them. It seems though that no diapers were used last night, so I'm willing to bet you both need to go brush your teeth something fierce.” I laughed.

“Yeah, you could say that.” Bobby giggled.

“No kidding. You boys go get your mouths and your toys cleaned, then join us downstairs when you can, okay.”

“Thanks, we will.” Billy said.

Ashton and I headed downstairs, and as we were washing ourselves off fully, Ashton laughed at what the boys had done. I had to admit that had I been free to do so at the boys' age, that I would have done so in a heartbeat, even if it meant drinking someones pee all night long. Ashton said he would have done the same.

Just as Ashton and I were jumping in the pool, Billy and Bobby came down and headed to the shower as well. A few minutes later they joined us in the pool and we did our morning workout and then played, and finally we ended up in the hot tub together.

“So, you boys seem to have had a good night last night.” I said once we were all seated and relaxed.

“Yeah, we did, but I hope you guys had as good a night as we did.” Billy smiled.

“And then some.” Ashton grinned.

“Good.” Both boys said.

“How do your bums feel this morning after having the butt plugs in you all night long?”

“Really good. They're nowhere near as large as our hands are, but they actually feel better inside us, especially when they're vibrating like they were, though I think the batteries died sometime during the night, because I don't remember turning them off. I don't remember anything after our twelfth cum actually.” Bobby said.

“Yikes, twelve cums, as in each?” I said in shock.

“Yeah.” They both grinned.

“Fuck me, that's more than even I've ever managed.” Ashton said.

“Hell, that's more than I've ever managed in two days.” I had to laugh.

“Yeah, well, the toys made us real horny last night.” Billy giggled.

“I bet, and thinking about them all day long, and all that you could be doing with them, probably didn't help any at all either, did it?” I asked.

“No, if it wasn't for the fact that we went out yesterday, I don't think we could've held off.” Billy said.

“Hence the reason we did go out. I knew you boys would wanna run to your bedroom almost instantly, but you certainly didn't need to. Just remember, just because you can go and have fun, doesn't mean you always have to. Take Ashton and I, for instance, we could do so at any time we want, but we only really make love to each other every couple to a few days, but we do play every day too. Just remember, hands and mouths are just as good, and are even better more often, because then it makes when you do make love to each other that much more special.”

“We know. That's usually all we do, so don't worry.”

“Good. So, what should we do today boys?”

“Doesn't much matter to me.” Ashton said, shrugging his shoulders for added emphasis.

“Same.” The boys added.

“Then let's head to town and just walk, we'll wander around all the shops, check out all the sights, maybe even hit some of the tourist traps, since not even I've ever done that before, but with you boys with me, I think I could actually do it.”

So that is what we did. After soaking in the hot tub for a little longer, we hit the sauna and the steam room, then did a nice cooling swim for a few minutes, went and washed and dried, then headed upstairs to get diapered and dressed. We packed a diaper bag, then headed out.

We hit all the touristy type places we could find, we had junk food galore, we saw lots of cool things I never even knew my city offered, we shopped and we browsed, we had lunch and ate and drank way too much junk food and pop, we all had a blast. Even I was having no trouble managing all the crowds, and the boys made not one complaint about it. We were all just having so much fun that we all totally forgot about our horrendous social anxiety. We had had to find a washroom shortly after lunch, and now nearly dinner time, we are spilling into the house, laughing and joking, stripping almost before we even made it in the door, until we are down to just our soggy diapers.

“Looks like we're all soggy baby boys again. We better go get changed before dinner, so split up and change, then meet in the kitchen.” I called out once we are all down to just our diapers.

“Okay.” They all said.

Ashton grabbed my hand and led me to our bedroom, Billy and Bobby clasped hands and headed toward theirs as well. We all changed our soggy baby bums, then met in the kitchen only a few minutes later. Together we made dinner, then sat back and enjoyed it. We decided to just kick back and watch TV for the evening, since it had been a busy, fun filled day already. We are quite tired though, so even though we are going to bed at what seems to be our normal time, it is not to play for the one to two hours that we normally do, for I have no doubts that Ashton and I are the only ones that only want just a little loving before bed, but that it would not last long.

I was right too, because Ashton and I only laid on our sides facing each other, attached ourselves at the lips and started rubbing each other through our already soggy diapers. We stayed on the outside of our diapers, just making each other feel as good as we could through only two orgasms tonight, before I hopped up and grabbed our diaper change supplies. We changed each other, then curled up to each other and fell asleep at least a full hour earlier than we normally do.

Bobby and Billy, as we found out the next morning, had done much the same thing, and they lasted probably the exact same amount of time that we had.

We all had an amazing sleep cuddled up to our babies.