Chapter 7

We all headed to our bedrooms and changed each other, then checked our diaper bags to ensure that they are still good, and they are, so we all meet in the garage and hop in the car to head off. We are going to hit the Christmas villages first, since they are open, whereas the greenhouse is not yet, at least for their Christmas display. The first was really cool, and they had some amazing things to look at. The second though, in my opinion anyway, was a bust, poorly thought out and not very tastefully done, but at least they tried, so I did put a generous donation in their box, just not quite so large as the previous one. We hit the greenhouse next, and here I have to admit that they had gone all out. It is an amazing display. Their craft items are also incredible, and each of us took at least five items. They too are collecting, though these people are collecting for charity, so, when I paid, I took out the maximum cash that they would give back, and put that into the collection box with the other few hundred dollars I had. All told I donated almost five hundred here, and that much between the two other places, but I am now out of cash, so we are going to head to the bank next.

After stocking back up on cash, because I prefer having cash whenever possible, we now only have just enough time to make it to the performance hall where the play is being held. I paid for our tickets and we went and found some good seats. We slid in as far as we could get, so that someone else could sit as well, but there is only one seat left in our row, and not many more left after that.

Just as the lights were dimming, someone sat in the seat right next to me, I looked over and saw who it is, and found a young curly haired boy next to me. I said hello, and he whispered it back to me as well. For the next hour, before the intermission, we all sat and watched the play. I have to admit, this is my first ever play, and they are doing an amazing job. I have no idea what I had expected, but this is simply not it.

When the house lights came back on, we all turned and talked to each other, but I noticed that the young boy next to me did not move. I had just thought that he was with family, but because they had arrived so late, they could not sit together, and that at intermission, he would meet up with them. I turned to talk to him, since this did not seem to be the case, and saw him more clearly.

A simply stunning young boy of about nine years old, fine looking medium coloured hair that is quite curly, yet not a tight curl, just a nice wavy long curl, almost ringlets, but not quite. His eyes are deep rich brown, his skin is soft and milky white, his lips rosy red, and his nose cute and button like. What struck me though are his choice of clothes. He is wearing a pair of nice looking jeans, a really cool coloured plaid long sleeve shirt, and then a pink and purple patterned bag to set it all off.

“Hi there, I thought you'd go find your parents again during intermission!” I said to the young boy.

“No, they're not here. I came to watch my best friend, he's in the play. I thought it'd be nice, since I think this is the last time I'm gonna be able to see him.”

“Oh, that's too bad, I'm sorry, are you moving, but aren't you a little on the young side to be out this late by yourself in the dark?”

“I'm nine.” He said in a huff. “But no,” He said more softly and sadly this time, “I'm not gonna live with my mom any more. She kicked me out.”

“She what?” I said, almost too loudly, before clamping down on it. Reducing my volume considerably this time, I continued. “Why'd she kick you out, you're only nine?”

“Cause I made this.” He said pointing to his bag.

“Ah, I see, so she thought because you made yourself a pink and purple satchel that that'd mean you're gay or something?” I asked softly, but, to be honest, I picked up the fact that he is gay right away, the bag only accentuated that feeling.

“Yeah, something along those lines.”

“It looks very well done, may I?” I asked, I wanted to see the bag, he said he had made it himself.

“Um, okay, just don't open it, okay.”

“No worries, I just wanna check it out.” I said and took the offered bag. It is made out of cloth, appears to be hand stitched, and seems to be very well done. As I handle the bag, I can very clearly feel what seems to be diapers inside.

I hand it back to him. “This is very well done. It looks like you hand stitched it, you're very good.”

“Thanks.” He whispered.

“Where'd you learn how to sew like that?”

“My grandma taught me. She died last month though, now I have to live with my mom, I used to live with her, my moms mom. Or at least I did before she kicked me out again for being a disgrace. She couldn't raise me before, and she only did for a month and she still can't.” He sighed.

“That's too bad. All three of my boys beside me were treated much the same way when their parents found out they were gay too. Tell me though, is that a soggy diaper bulge I detect in your pants?” I asked, whispering the last part.

“Oh, you saw that?” He whispered, looking down in shame.

“Yes. I thought I noticed it when you first sat down, it's more prominent now, and when I checked your bag, I checked to see if I could feel diapers inside, and sure enough, this is your diaper bag, isn't it?” I smiled warmly to him.

“Yeah, please don't make fun of me though, I'm used to it, but I still don't like it.”

“Yeah, know how you feel. It got to the point that others making fun of me for wearing diapers just slid right off, I didn't even feel any more. So, as you may have noticed, I too have to wear diapers. So do all three boys to my left. My sons.”


“Absolutely. Why do you wear diapers?”

“Not too sure, just can't hold my pee. It's all I've ever known though. I think my grandma told me once that there's something wrong inside my head that won't allow me to hold my pee, but I don't know what. Was too long ago. How 'bout you?”

“I'm just a diaper lover. Though I did truly wet the bed, at least most of the time, and I definitely do now full time again, and during the day now too, I'm totally incontinent now, same as you.”

“Wow, that's great.”

“Yeah, it is. So, which one's your best friend?” I asked, pointing to the stage.

“He's nine, like me, he was the dancer who did both the ballet and tap dance routines, he's a really good dancer.” He smiled shyly.

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“No, we've never even played before, but I really wanted to.” He blushed cutely.

“I bet he's wanted to play with you as well, because, unless I'm mistaken, and I don't think I am, he's every bit as gay as you are.”

“You think so?”

“Yeah, I'm pretty sure. How about diapers, how does he feel about you having to wear them?”

“He's okay with it. He's a bed wetter himself, so he wears as well. Just for night though.”

“He's wearing a diaper tonight, I can almost guarantee that.”

“Really, I hadn't noticed.”

“Yeah, his diaper shirt's holding it mostly in place, but I'm certain that's what I saw a few times.”

“I know he has to always concentrate, so maybe he has to during the performance so that he doesn't pee his pants. That'd be super embarrassing.”

“No kidding. So, where are you gonna go after this then?”

“Not too sure. Was gonna see if I could go to my friends house and figure things out from there, but his mom's almost as bad as mine was. She's constantly nagging him about being a dancer, saying how he should be in boyish sports and stuff like that. We can never spend the night any more because of our moms. He used to come spend the night at my grandma's all the time though.”

“Then it sounds to me as if you boys should both be finding new homes.” I said, thinking that they would both fit in very much with us.

“Yeah, but where?”

“After the show, find your friend, and then meet us in the lobby, and we'll all go out and talk. Actually, did his mom bring him here?”

“Nah, he had to walk here more than likely again. She never takes him anywhere, especially if it's somewhere he wants to go.”


I timed it perfectly, because the intermission ended, and the play restarted. We continued watching for almost an hour more, until the play was done, and all four of us, plus the young boy beside me, stood up and gave a standing ovation at a play very well done. Granted, a good portion of the audience joined us as well.

I know the boys would have eavesdropped somewhat as I talked to the boy earlier, but there is simply no way that they would or could have heard it all, so, as we first went and changed each others diapers, and then went and waited in the lobby for the two boys, I told all three of them all that I currently know.

“So, are you gonna adopt again?” Billy grinned brightly.

“Yeah, 'cause you should, it sounds like they need us a great deal.” Bobby added.

“I agree.” Ashton said finally.

“I only wanted your opinions on that before I made the offer, but I see no reason why not. Now we just have to offer it to the boys.”

We only had to wait a further ten minutes before both boys came and found us. The friend is also incredibly cute, though his darker shade of brown hair is very straight and not very becoming him while cut in the nasty bowl cut he is currently sporting. Trust me, if he stays with us, we will be taking him to a hair dresser very soon. His eyes are large and doe like, a warm chocolate brown, his nose and ears are neither large nor small and seem to fit his face perfectly, he has a darker skin tone, but not quite a tanned appearance, and he too is small and petite, just like his friend, who we can now see far more clearly that he is standing.

“Good evening Boys, my name's Corbin, and here are Ashton, Bobby, and Billy.” I introduced us all, pointing to each boys as I went.

“Hi.” They both said softly. “My name's Zach, and this is my best friend Tyson.” The boy I first met said.

“Good to meet you boys. Would you boys like to come spend the night at our house, or did you even tell Tyson yet Zach?”

“Yeah, I told him. I'd like that. Tyson told me that his mom's being a real cow lately too, 'cause he didn't listen to her and came and did this play and danced in it when she didn't want him to.”

“I think I'd like that as well.” Tyson said, even though he does not even know us at all, and Zach barely does, but they know they are free with us.

“Okay, here's some quarters, go use the payphone over there and tell your moms that you're spending the night at friends' houses. Tell them you're spending the weekend actually, that way it'll make it easier. And you don't have to worry about diapers or clothes, you'll both easily fit Billy and Bobby's stuff for now.”

I am thankful that this place still has some payphones to use, since they are disappearing rather quickly nowadays. I would have given them my cell phone, but I do not want their moms to be able to trace anything back to me quite yet. I will call my lawyer first thing in the morning and get him to take care of everything, I will just have to have the boys give me all their information tonight if they wish to go ahead with it.

They both come back only a couple minutes later, both smiling shyly. I can tell that they are both coming.

“So, did they actually say yes, or are you just coming anyway?” I had to ask.

“My mom said no, so I told her I was going anyway.” Tyson said.

“My mom just said good.” Zach said.

“Okay, then let's head out. Zach, you need a diaper change, but it can wait 'til we get to our place, and Tyson, if you wish to wear a diaper, even though it's not bed, then you're welcome to. I see you took off your diaper after your performance.”

“Oh, you saw that?”

“Yeah. Why'd you wear one, Zach says you only need to at night?”

“Well, I need to during the day too when I haveta do something like that. There's no way I would've been able to do all that and not pee my pants. It's happened before. My dance teacher gives me the diapers and diaper shirts I use for performances and whatnot, he's really good, and he understands.”

“That's nice. Well, let's go.”

We all headed out, and as we drove, we all told the boys our stories. They are shocked and awed, and are amazed that Ashton and I are boyfriends. I never said it outright, but I very much intimated that maybe the twins would like to split up and keep one of the others company. My words were, 'The twins usually sleep together, and I imagine that when you boys slept over at each others houses, you did as well, but you could split up and each of you could spend a night with one of the twins so that you can learn more.'

I do not know if the twins caught the meaning behind my suggestion, but Ashton sure did, because he looked to me and grinned. A few seconds later and we pulled up to the gate of our community and I hit the button to give us access. The boys asked where we are, and I said, 'home'.

When we pulled up to the house, and I hit the button for the garage door, both boys are in stunned awe, clearly they can see the house in all its lit up glory, because I did really do it well this year, in fact I had spent an extra several thousand dollars in outdoor lights and whatnot this year, over and above what I already had. As soon as we parked and were shut down, I hit the button to close the door, and then we all got out. We led the two newest members of our family inside. I know, they are not yet, but they will be soon if I have my way, and I will, I know it.

Still with no words, we took the boys on the dime tour, and to say they are shocked and impressed would be a large understatement. We have still not gone for diaper changes, even though all of us really should be, but we have just finished our tour, and it is getting very close to bedtime now anyway.

“Okay, Bobby, why don't you and Zach take your bedroom, while you and Tyson take the one next to it Billy. You can change each others diapers, and then you can talk and tell each of the new boys all about living here. Just try not to stay up too late playing.”

“Okay, but I've never slept with anyone other than Billy before.” Bobby said.

“I know, but it'll be good for all of you. You're all pretty much the same age, and you all have so much in common. Go for it, I promise you'll be okay, okay.”

“Okay.” Both twins said dejectedly.

I almost laughed, and I could tell from the way Ashton spun around and stuffed his fist in his mouth that he too was trying not to.

“Okay, you boys have a good sleep, okay.”

“You too.”

“So, they're really boyfriends?” I heard one of the boys say before we were out of hearing range.

Ashton and I went right to our bedroom, where I know for a fact that we both have some very good ideas on how to make ourselves more than tired enough to go to sleep. And we did so, for almost an hour, before we are very well worn and even more happy. We then talked about the four boys on the other side of the house, and how we both hoped that we could split up the twins. Sure, maybe they could all play together from time to time, but having different boyfriends would be so much better for them, and this seems to be working out perfectly.

This morning I wake up feeling very refreshed, and ready to fire off another couple rounds. And if the way Ashton is sucking me means anything, he is hoping for that as well. I grunt and fire, and Ashton sucks it all down.

“Mmm, good morning Baby. Here, swing around, let me at that hot baby bone of yours as well.”

Ashton swung around, not even detaching from me at all, and I push down the front of his soggy diaper and latch on right away. Ashton must have been super heated though, because he did not even last three seconds this morning before feeding me his sweet teen baby cream.

Now with both of us having gotten rid of the urgency, we are now both able to focus far better and enjoy what we are doing, and boy do we enjoy doing so as well. This morning we are finally satisfied after a grand total of three amazing orgasms.

“Mmm, good morning Baby.” Ashton finally says as we detach, and though I wish to say something, I cannot, because Ashton has flung himself right at me and attached us once again, only this time lip to lip. He is kissing me so very passionately, and I am kissing him back likewise. For probably pretty close to ten minutes we kiss each other.

“And good morning to you too Baby.” I am finally able to say.

“Yes, it has been a rather good morning, hasn't it?” He giggled.

“Yes, yes it has been. So, breakfast first, or swimming first?”

“I'm getting pretty hungry, so let's go for breakfast first. Hopefully the boys'll all be ready for breakfast as well.”

“Yeah. I hope they all played and wore themselves out real well. Billy and Bobby play every night and every morning, same as us, and Zach and Tyson need to feel that as well, so hopefully the twins talked them into playing. I have no doubts that diaper changes were fun.”

“Same here, I hope they're all stumbling this morning.”

“I just hope that if they fucked last night, that they weren't too rough for the boys' first times. I almost doubt they would've done that though.”

“Same, actually.”

We headed to the kitchen right away and got started on a nice big filling breakfast. Almost half way through, the first pair stumbled in, their soggy diapers nearly knocking their knees, and then, before we could even say good morning to them, the other pair walked out, also with soggy diapers.

“Good morning Boys, you all look like you had a good sleep, and my goodness Zach and Tyson, you're both right hot little soakers, just like the rest of the boys. You both peepeed your diapers lots and lots last night, that's great, and you look really nice like this too.”

“Thanks.” They both said, though they did blush, but I am certain more than half that blush is from the fact that they are currently staring at both Ashton and I in our soggy diapered near nakedness.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, we're all the same here, we're all gay baby boys, and I think we all love our diapers just as much as the other do, and yes Tyson, I'm certain you're a diaper lover as well, and if you just wanna wear your diapers all day every day like the rest of us do, then you're more than welcome to as well. Neither Ashton nor I truly have to wear diapers, at least all day every day, we told you that much last night, we just love to, and so can you.”

“I'd really like that.” He whispered.

“Good. So, did you boys all have a good sleep then?”

“Yes.” They all said.

“Good. I trust you had a better time making yourself more than tired enough to sleep, and diaper changes were likely very good?”

“Yes.” All four boys said, though our two newest were very shy.

“Excellent. A diaper change that doesn't result in at least one hot baby cum just isn't a very good diaper change at all in my opinion.” I grinned brightly.

“Try four.” Billy said.

“We managed five, each.” Bobby giggled.

“That's great boys. Feel free to keep the same arrangement then, so that you all get to know each other better then. And Zach and Tyson, no need to be embarrassed that we know that you're playing, I'd be more shocked if you weren't, and it's perfectly normal and healthy. Enjoy, Bobby and Billy can teach you so much.” I said, because both boys still look as if they are about to puke or cry.

“You mean it, what we did last night's really allowed?” Zach asked softly.

“Absolutely. More than likely Ashton and I did much the same things. Did you play with each others bums as well, or did you just suck and rub?”

“Um, we sucked and rubbed, but we did put our fingers in each others bums too.”

“Excellent. And how did it feel?”

“Mmm, so good.”

“Excellent, and you Tyson?”

“Same, it felt really good.”

“Excellent. If you boys would set the table please, breakfast will be ready in just a minute, and then we can talk more.”

Just a couple minute later we are all sitting down to eat. We sat in silence for a few moments eating, before I started the conversation again.

“So, Tyson, tell us a bit about you now. We really didn't get too much information last night?”

“Like what?” He asked shyly.

“Well, who are you, what are you, when and how'd you know you were gay, when and how'd you know you were a diaper lover, and all that?”

“Oh, well, I guess I can tell you guys all that, since you really already know. I didn't really even know what gay was 'til a couple months ago, but I've always sorta loved Zach. We've been best friends since we met in kindergarten, and I always thought he was so cute, and I wanted to get to know him, and then since then, get to know him better. I don't know when I first thought the word gay though.

“I've always wet the bed, and I probably always will, if I have anything to say about it, because I never plan on giving up my diapers. When Zach's Grandma was still alive, she'd happily diaper us both up and let us run around in just our diapers. I only got them before bed, whereas Zach was diapered all day, and it never bothered me at all. I always wanted to ask to be diapered, and I think if I had've asked her, she would've done it too. Zach did diaper me a couple times during the day though, but we didn't do that too often, because I didn't wanna get caught, but we did do it for good reason too.

“I don't have as much trouble holding during the day as Zach does, but if I have to do something like dance, then I can't hold for long enough while doing that. It was during a practice almost a year ago, thankfully it was just my teacher and me, that I peed my pants. I was so embarrassed, I cried so much, and he made me admit to him my troubles with that. He then told me that he'd have diapers and diaper shirts from then on for whenever I needed them. He just gets me Pullups, but at least they work well enough for then, and I'd just get changed like normal. As far as I know, no one ever noticed.

“I love dance so much, but my mom's always complaining about how I'm such a sissy and that boys aren't supposed to dance. About six months ago I yelled at her and asked her why on 'So You Think You Can Dance' that there's so many boy dancers if boys aren't supposed to dance. That's the first time she ever hinted that she thought I was gay, because she said they're probably all fucking gays. She never asked me if I was or called me that, but I know it's what she was thinking. She always looks at me like I'm disgusting though.”

“How'd you end up in dance then?” I asked quickly.

“Not really even sure. My mom was gonna put me in football, and I remember I told her I didn't wanna play football, that I didn't even like it, that I'd like to try dance classes. I know we fought about it, but eventually I ended up in dance class. I don't know how or why she'd even put me in anything at all, she has no money at all, she's always complaining of it, she doesn't work, and it's always like she's afraid of me. Mind you, someone does come and visit once a month and asks me how I am and if I want or need anything. I think it might've been one of those times I said I wanted to go to dance, but my mom was making me go into football, even though I hated it. He only comes and visits for about an hour or two and we talk, my mom's never in the room, and he's always asking me if I'm happy and doing well, that sorta thing.”

“Interesting, are you sure she's your mom, sounds more like she's your caregiver and he's your social worker or something?” I asked curiously.

“I don't know, but if she's not my mom, then I don't know who else she could be, 'cause we look a lot alike, everyone tells me I look so much like my mom it's uncanny.” He shrugged.

“Interesting. So, anything else?”

“Not really, other than I have no other friends than Zach, he and I are kinda each others' only friends. No one'll hang with us, he has to wear diapers, and I'm a freak. They think we're good together.”

“Why do they think you're a freak?”

“Because I'm so good at art. I'm also not normally good at talking to other people. I've always been able to talk to Zach, and you guys are super easy to talk to as well, but not normally anyone else.”

“Oh, how good at art are you.”

“I can draw or paint from memory and it'll be almost perfect. I can even close my eyes and draw from memory. I can even draw a map of the world and it'll be almost perfect. So yeah, they treat me like a freak 'cause of it.”

“Yeah, as you've already heard, we're much the same here.”

“Yeah, which is why it's so easy to admit to you guys.”

“Good. So, what about you Zach, anything else you wanna tell us?”

“Well, I don't know, I think I told you pretty much everything last night. I don't really know when I first started to think I was gay either, but I do remember seeing Tyson all the way back in kindergarten and thinking he was hot and wanting to get to know him. I also don't really know when I started to love diapers, it's just always been that way. My mom thinks that it's disgusting that I have to wear diapers, but she knows I haveta. Other than that, not much really.”

“Okay, what do you love to do, what drives you?”

“Don't know. I love to read, I love fantasy books, I've even thought about trying to write a story like that, but I don't know if I'd be any good.”

“When you're ready to try, do so, then give me the story and I'll look it over for you, okay. I won't steer you wrong, I won't lie to you and tell you it's great if it isn't, and if it isn't great, I can try and tell you how to make it great, but if it is, then I'll tell you so as well.”

“Oh, thanks.” He blushed.

“It's okay, here your passions should be utilized. Maybe that's not your passion, but maybe it is, and if it is, then you should harness it, like we all have.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

So that now also gave me a few ideas of things to get the boys for Christmas, since they clearly will not get anything any other way. We are now finished breakfast, so we all help to clean up, and then I break the bad news that it is now time to go swimming.

“How well do you boys swim, I never thought to ask you last night when we were doing our tour?”

“Not too bad.” They both answered at the same time.

“That's good, 'cause I hate rescuing people. Now, one thing I know we never told you boys last night, we swim naked, no clothes are allowed in our pool.”

“Really?” They both said as one.

“That's right.”


We head downstairs and to the washroom to strip off our soggy diapers and get cleaned up. The two newest boys position themselves so that they can see everyone else, and we happily allow this, and then we strip off our soggy diapers, and both are hard. They do look really good like this. They are almost identical in size down there, and really nearly identical to the twins too, since they are so close in age. They are both uncircumcised, so that is good, their little dick heads are just peeking out in their aroused state, Zach is nearly straight out, but points to his right slightly, whereas Tyson is nearly pointing to the ceiling, but he also pulls to the right slightly. Both their little hairless sacks are pulled up tight to their bodies, they are small and adorable, and I bet the twins enjoy sucking them a great deal.

“Looks like you boys appreciate the sights.” I chuckled.

“Wow, we've never seen anyone else naked before, you're huge, and Ashton's almost as big.”

“Yes, well, one day soon, you boys'll be every bit as big, so don't worry.”


“Absolutely. Didn't you ever hear that once you become a teenager and go through puberty that you'll grow lots down there and start getting hair?”

“No.” They both said.

“You guys don't have hair down there though.” Tyson said.

“We don't, but only because we remove our hair, because with wearing diapers it gets smelly and itchy, and we suggest you do the same once yours starts growing as well.”


“Come on, clean and then swim.”

We all cleaned off, and the boys never went soft, but then, all four of the rest of us are hard too from seeing the boys so aroused, because they say boners are catching, and we do all like what we see. We then hit the pool and got in a good workout, then we hit the sauna, steam room, and the hot tub, relaxing and chatting happily.

“So, how'd you boys like that?” I asked as we headed back to the showers.

“It was great.” Tyson said.

“Yeah.” Zach added.

“Good, glad you liked it. So, as soon as we're finished getting cleaned up, we can all head upstairs and get diapered. We're not going out today, so feel free to just wear your diapers. Tyson, that also includes you if you so desire, but if you don't, you can go naked or in your underwear, whichever you prefer.”

“Diapered then please.” He smiled brightly.

“That's what I thought your answer was gonna be.”

“Yeah, well, I think I've always wanted to anyway.”

“Yeah, I think so as well.”

Shortly after, we were upstairs and diapered and ready for the day. I told the boys that I was gonna go do some stuff in the office and that they may as well head back downstairs and play for a while. I told them that I'd be about an hour or so. They are good with this and we split up.

As soon as I get to the office, I call my lawyer and explain to him that I would like to adopt again, and then give him all the information. He says that he will get it all taken care of as soon as possible, and at the very least get me guardianship right away. He says he will call as soon as that is in place.

Now, with a very short period of time left before Christmas, I know that I have to get the stuff I want to order on order, so I start searching for everything the boys need. The first thing I am getting them are a few special toys of their own, because I am certain that the twins will not want to share theirs. A butt plug, dildo, and cock ring, all vibrating, as well as a few good things of lube. I had already bought lubes for all of our stockings, so this is perfect.

I then hit the website where I get all our diaper shirts from, and picked out five for each of them, they are cute. I also got them each a pair of really cute footed sleepers that are incredibly babyish. Again, I already got the boys one each, as well I grabbed one for me too.

From there I went and found a website that specializes in art supplies and picked out several very good items for Tyson. I am getting him a proper painting easel and mixing palette, as well as some really good paints and brushes. I also grab him some very good artists pencils and charcoals, and lots of different papers and canvasses.

For Zach I found a couple really good books on how to become a writer, as well I found a dozen really good book series I thought he might like, but that I do not already have.

I then ordered them each their own notebook computer, I had already bought the twins and Ashton one each, so this is perfect. With this, though, I am done, so I head downstairs to join the boys in the playing. We played all day long downstairs, all of us having fun. We stopped for lunch, dinner, and diaper changes when needed, and we ended the day with a movie.

When it came time for bed, I was very happy to see that the boys split up again, the same as they had the night before, without prompting. I know from the cute little smiles that all four of them have on their faces as they skip happily to their bedrooms, that they are in for a very good night, and I have a very strong suspicion that two very cute little baby boys are going to lose their virginity tonight.

I can also tell that they all have very full bladders, or at least as full as they can be, so both new boys are going to experience piss fucking as well I am certain, I only hope that they will have it in them to reciprocate as well. Well, that sounds like a mighty fine idea to me, and, as luck would have it, I really have to go pee too. None of us have changed in several hours, so we are all incredibly soggy baby boys, and the way Ashton is moving, tells me that he too has to go pee very badly.

“So,” Ashton started. “do you think two cute little baby boys are about to lose their virginity and feel what being piss fucked feels like as much as I feel it?”

“As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I thought as well. However, you and I are the only ones I'm worried about doing any sort of piss fucking tonight, as in I need it, so make love to me Baby and fill me up, and then, if you wanna, I have a very full bladder that could stand to be emptied as well.”

“I couldn't possibly say yes enough times to tell you how much I want that too. I was hoping you'd make love to me first tonight though.”

“I made love to you first the other night, remember, so it's your turn to make love to me first this time.”

“Oh, right, I guess it's only fair then.” He giggled.

We both love being filled up so much that we have to take it in turns to keep it fair. Do not get me wrong, we both love making love to each other too, but being filled up is what we crave most of all. We are both very much alike there. I grab the diapers and other supplies as soon as we enter our bedroom, and Ashton grabs the lube and our butt plugs, and then we jump on the bed and start our loving by kissing tenderly.

Kissing tenderly very quickly morphed into kissing passionately, which started the petting and the caressing, and then, before too long at all, we are inside each others diapers, fingering each other. I roll onto my back and tell Ashton to make love to me and fill me up, and he slips himself in fully and does just that.

Our first orgasm slams into us not even thirty seconds later. I had jammed my hand into the front of my soggy diaper and collected my cum as I exploded, and when I pulled it out, I shared it all with Ashton, who was only too happy to lap it all off my hand, both our tongues battling passionately on my hand to get all that they could, but then, once my hand was clean, we locked lips and shared it that way as well. Just as we started to kiss, Ashton was finally able to release his bladder and he truly filled me up. Half way through finishing peeing inside me, he starts rocking again, so very slowly so as to not stop his flow, and truly piss fucks me. Mmm, heaven.

This time we last almost three minutes before cumming again, and as soon as Ashton is down, he pulls out and grabs my butt plug and slips it in. He then throws himself onto his back and tells me to fill him up now, and so I do.

Taking only a few seconds to prepare Ashton once more, I slip deep inside my baby lover and start gently making love to him. I have reattached our lips and we are kissing tenderly as I make even more tender love to my baby. Almost five minutes we last this time before we cum again, and Ashton slipped his hand inside his diaper to catch his load, and then he shares it with me. Almost half way through lapping up the sweet delicious cream, I am finally able to let my bladder go, and we both sigh so deeply as I fill Ashton up.

We continue our kissing as I now piss fuck Ashton, though I am still going surprisingly slow and gentle, still making tender love to my baby. This time we last nearly ten minutes before cumming for our final time, and once I finally come down from my amazing orgasm, I slip out and slip Ashton's butt plug inside him.

We then change each others very soggy and ruined diapers, then curl up and pass out together in a love so deep far too few can possibly understand, and we profess this to each other as we do go to sleep.

Once more, we are the first to arrive to make breakfast, but this time the boys came in only seconds after we started. One look at all four of them, but most especially Zach and Tyson, tells both of us what the boys did last night and just how much they enjoyed it.

“Wow, looks like you boys had a good night. How was it Zach and Tyson, being so fully filled up and being piss fucked?” Ashton asked.

“It was so amazing, but how'd you know?” Tyson asked.

“Easy, being made love to, especially for your first time, is easily read by those that know what to look for, and I know what to look for. Also, if you didn't think we saw how much you all had to go pee before we went to bed last night, you're wrong. There's only one reason why diaper lovers like us wouldn't just go ahead and peepee our baby diapers in that case, and that's if you were trying to hold it for an even better reason. I take it you think it was a very good better reason to hold your pee.”

“Oh yeah, definitely.” They both said, more or less.

“Good. You boys look good like this, well ravished and in sexy soggy baby diapers.” I said.

“Thanks.” They all smiled brightly.

“How do your baby bums feel this morning, I know that was pretty much your first time?”

“Really good.” They both said.

“I've played with my bum a bit already though.” Zach added.

“So have I.” Tyson grinned.

“Why'd we never play together?” Zach asked.

“Was too afraid of what you'd say if you found out, and really, I didn't wanna ruin our friendship.” He shrugged.

“Yeah, same here.”

“Well, now you have baby boyfriends, and you're still best friends too, so it's perfect.” I said happily, glad to be able to break up the twins finally.

“Yeah.” All four boys said as one.

As soon as we finished making breakfast, we all helped to clean up, and then we headed to our bedrooms to take off our diapers, since we all need to clean out first. We met downstairs within seconds of each other though, and then we did our morning workout. After doing a good water aerobics set, we did our relaxation rounds, and finished in the hot tub.

“Mmm, this is the life. I really hope that we never haveta leave.” Tyson said.

“I agree.” Zach said.

“And we all hope that you don't either. We'll hear from my lawyer soon, but if we don't hear from him, no matter what, tomorrow afternoon, you both do haveta go home. I don't wanna let you go, but you both only said you were staying for the weekend, and if you stay, I could get in serious trouble.”

“We know.” They said in unison.

We talked more and about nothing much, until we are all ready to get out and get cleaned, diapered, and ready for the day. We are not planning on going anywhere, once again, so we all stay in just our diapers. For pretty much the entire morning, we played games on the games system together. Just as we are about to eat lunch, my phone rings, so I hop up and grab it. I see that it is my lawyer, so I excuse myself and go to the office before answering.

As soon as the pleasantries are dealt with, he gets to the heart of the matter and explains that everything is almost good to go, but that he has to come and meet with us, preferably this afternoon sometime, but that he will have someone with him as well. He would not say further, so I told him to just go ahead and come over within the next hour.

I went and told the boys that we would have to get dressed after eating our lunch quickly, that we are about to have guests. I did not tell the boys anything, though I am certain they all figured that it must be the lawyer, but none knew why he needed to come, because he did not before. Then again, I am wondering the same thing.

As soon as we finish eating, we all head to our bedrooms to go ahead and get dressed. We all need diaper changes as well, so we do that at the same time. Not even five minutes after meeting back in the living room, the gate buzzer rang, so I answered it and let our guests in. Only a couple minutes later I let them in. Apparently Tyson knew our guest, because he called out.

“Steven, what are you doing here?”

“I've come here to see you and find out what this is all about, your wanting to be taken in by someone else?”

“I hate my mom, she hates me, I know she knows I'm gay, and she hates it, and she hates the fact that I still need diapers.” He said unashamedly.

“I see. So, you found someone who doesn't hate you for those reasons then?”


“Why didn't you tell me any of this the last few times I visited?”

“Was too scared to. I thought you'd hate me too.”

“Why though, I always wanted to know how you were and if your mom was treating you well. That would've been really good information to know.”

“I know, I should've, but what could you've done?”

“I think it's about time I introduce myself. I'm your lawyer, more specifically your parents' lawyer, but since they died, yours. Your mom, she isn't your mom, but your aunt.”

“Why was I never told before?”

“Your aunt didn't wanna tell you 'til you were at least ten. I was against that, but I couldn't go directly against her wishes, since she did agree to take you in and all. You weren't even a year old when your parents died, so it's not surprising that you know nothing of this. I was assigned by them to watch out for you should anything ever happen to them. Your parents were very rich, and I've been your guardian because of that. Your aunt was never officially placed as parent, just your guardian, because I never trusted her. I've had to give her more and more raises over the years because of her constant complaints about how much it costs to raise you.

“When you were five she demanded more or she'd just abandon you. Clearly that would've been bad, so I had to cave, but I did demand that she provide receipts for absolutely everything. I have my doubts that all those receipts were valid, but had no way to prove it. She absolutely hated the fact that I came and made monthly visits to ensure your well being, but she refused to allow me to tell you why. So, with this being said, I have full authority to replace you in anothers care, and your aunt can't say a word about it, and she stops draining your trust fund. Not that what little she's gotten from it will have made a difference.

“So, now, Corbin, isn't it, I take it you'd like to take Tyson in and foster him?”


“And I see that you clearly have the means in which to do so. You live in one of the cities finest neighborhoods, and possibly one of the nicest houses I've ever seen, but would you like any living allowance for his care?”

“Certainly not, Tyson can keep his money, clearly I have no need of it.”

“Excellent. Your lawyer's already told me everything about you that I needed to know, so I appoint full guardianship to you.”

“Thanks, that was easy.”

“Yeah, I try and make things easy on people. I have the paperwork here, you just need to sign it, and then I'll grab all of Tyson's things from my car, I went there this morning and picked it all up and told his aunt that he was not coming back, and informed her that her free living has expired. She actually had the audacity to yell at me, telling me that I was going to bankrupt her. I didn't really care, to tell you the truth.”

“Okay. So, what about Zach then?” I asked my lawyer.

“His mom signed him over without question, it was actually pretty sad. I told her about Zach's wishes, how he was not happy with her, how he felt about her and how he felt she feels for him, and that he was moving in with someone else who treated him like a person. She just said good, take him, and then that was it.”

“Not so surprising, he felt that's what she'd do.” I said.

“Yeah, I knew she didn't love me.” Zach said, looking far too happy with the situation.

We all talked for a few minutes more before our guests took their leave, and all the boys and I are very happy. So happy, in fact, that we decide to go and celebrate. We went out and had some fun out, and then went for dinner at a very nice restaurant. By the time we made it home, all of us are super soggy and in desperate need of diaper changes. Once all fresh and dry, we met in the theatre and watched a movie.

Tuesday afternoon all the items that I had ordered arrived. They all came at different times of course, and while the boys were all curious and wanting to know what I had bought, I told them to keep their snoopy noses out. I wrapped everything and slipped it under the tree.

Before we know it, it is Christmas morning. The twins have not slept with each other once, staying, instead, with Zach and Tyson, and all seem to be very happy with the arrangement. We have had an amazing past few days though, staying in or going out, we are all together, and are exceedingly happy because of it.

Ashton and I are the first to wake up this morning, and headed to the living room to await the younger boys. I doubt very seriously that any one of the four even believe in Santa Claus any more, they had been given ample reason in the past to not believe, but I still have stockings hanging from the fireplace for each and every one of us anyway. As soon as they all stumbled from their bedrooms and saw us sitting there, sipping our tea, waiting for them, they smile brightly and run in and give me hugs and kisses good morning.

“Good morning Babies, you all look good and soggy this morning.”

“Good morning, Merry Christmas.” They all said.

“Looks like Santa was here last night, why don't you all go find your stockings first and empty them and see what's in them shall we!”

“Okay.” They all said.

I followed the pack and grabbed my stocking as well, then we all sat on the floor around the tree and upended them to pour out their contents. In each one I have put much the same things. Every one of us received a new large specialty lube (I made sure each pair got two different ones), a penis shaped soother, a monogrammed baby bottle, some edible body paints, and several other very kinky things that Santa probably very rarely brings to children.

“Wow, looks like Santa is kinky, huh boys.” I giggled.

“Yeah, no kidding, that certainly wouldn't have been on my Christmas wish list, at least before this week.” Tyson giggled as well.

“No, I bet not. Now for gifts. Since you're closest Bobby, why don't you grab a few and pass them out, make sure each of us has one. You boys have more than I do, but don't worry about that.”

For the next hour, the boys opened everything that I had gotten for them, as well what they had gotten for each other and me, and we all love our gifts very much. From Ashton I received a very beautiful ring that he had had inscribed with, 'to my love, my life'. I almost cried. I had given Ashton a beautiful chain with a small shell shaped plaque on it that says, 'without you I am an empty shell'. He too had tears in his eyes.

After a light lunch, we started on the preparations of our massive Christmas feast. We got the turkey in the oven, the pies made and ready to eat, and, when needed, anything else was made and ready to go. By dinner time, I admit all of us are very nearly salivating non stop, expectantly awaiting our glorious feast.

When dinner is finally ready, I swear that we all ate enough to last a week, and we did so happily as well. Dinner was amazing, to say the least, but desert was out of this world. Never before have I made such a Christmas feast, why bother when there was only me. This year, though, I have so much to be thankful for, so much to be happy for, and even though I am still not cured, I know that I am now better than I could have possibly dreamed.

The boys, too, all got better as time went by, so much so, that, when in public, none of them stuttered or anything. I no longer do either, mind you, so that is good. We talk to people, we go out and do things as a family, and we have a lot of fun. We still do not have a lot of friends, but that is okay too. Will I adopt more in the future, sure, if the situation presents itself and we can help, if they are like us, and even if they are not, I would help somehow anyway.

As far as I know, the twins and their boyfriends never played together, but we never asked and they never said. We saw no evidence of it, not that I would have disagreed with it anyway, but I am happy that the twins do have boyfriends now, instead of just each other. Ashton and I still love each other very much, and like the boys, we still love to make love to each other at least a couple times a week and be well and truly filled up.

We all indulge in our diapers a considerable amount. Not only do we wear them each and every day without fail, but we do double, and even triple diaper our boyfriends from time to time, we enjoy our baby clothes and our soothers and bottles, and other than if we are wearing special clothes, we never wear anything but our thick thirsty baby diapers in the house.

Ashton started school shortly after Christmas, and he did shockingly well, and the twins ended up going quite early as well, and Zach and Tyson went not long after. They too are incredibly bright. They are all doing very well in their chosen fields, and yes, the twins, Ashton, and I, did work together on a few things with the Canadian Space Agency, and while we are still not going the speed of light or faster, we have helped a huge amount.

And here we end our tale, though it truly does go on and on, for a love like ours cannot be stopped.

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