story codes: M+/b (teen1), anal, 1st, cons


This story is fantasy and should be treated as such!

I don't condone or encourage the actions depicted in this story whether legal or not. This story depicts sexual acts between a grown man and a young teen boy; if this offends you, do NOT read on.

Beach Orphan

The boy was an orphan. On top of that, he'd never had the fortune of being adopted by a foster family, so he'd spent his childhood in orphanage. Now 14, he'd grown into a stunningly beautiful lad, slender and just slightly athletic. His dark eyes rarely looked people in the eye, revealing his shyness that had only grown over the years. Other orphans teased him, but only mildly out of a sort of sympathy and maybe because of his beauty. The people in charge of the orphanage tried to be protective of the boy. However, as he rarely got into trouble and many of the other orphans certainly did, they had little time to watch over him. That meant that he could sneak out and pretty much spend his days as he pleased, as long as he didn't skip school. One of his favorite pastimes was going to the beach as he'd always loved the sea and the sounds the waves made as they crashed onto the sand. He'd walk for as long as he thought he wouldn't be missed and just dream about what his future might hold. He was shy and an orphan, but he wasn't unhappy. He had the fullest confidence that the future would turn out right. In the hotter months of summer the boy would take a large towel with him and just sunbathe, usually by himself, but sometimes the orphanage would organize an excursion and all the other children would come along. As a matter of course, they went to a clothing optional beach (several of the staff were devoted naturists and it had rubbed off on some of the children) where a number of them would be naked and some wouldn't. Just as in the communal showers there would be some kids made fun of, because they shaved off their pubic hair, just as they in turn would make fun of the “jungles” the older kids were sporting. Our boy was devoted to removing all his hair as thoroughly as possible. When he went to the beach alone, he noticed that he attracted some attention of the other beach-goers but he attributed that to his hairless body combined with his young age and didn't give it much thought. Something else, however, he did devote a lot of thought to: when one of the more mischievous of the boys had ventured into a specific part of the beach, he was promptly brought back and given something of a dressing down (quite a feat on a naked boy) for venturing into the gay cruising area. Our protagonist had made a mental note that was all but burned into his mind and the next time he got the chance, he directed his footsteps toward the forbidden area. Heart pounding, he walked along and looked at the men displaying their naked bodies or cruising and assessing the wares on display. He had always been very curious about men and their bodies and sometimes found himself fantasizing about a naked man, basically a larger and more muscular version of himself, and noticed to his dismay that his little penis reacted by becoming rock hard. From some of the other boys, he'd heard that men had sex with each other via their rectums. At first he'd found the idea repugnant, then improbable (how could you possibly fit a penis in there), then fascinating as he started to push a finger in his own ass. He soon learnt that things went a whole lot easier when he applied some saliva to the finger. After that he experimented with using an extra finger, then another and eventually all four. Almost unnoticed, he would get a throbbing erection and one day he was surprised when he was fucking himself with his hand and suddenly felt himself tense up and come copiously. The grunt he couldn't quite suppress made his roommate in the top bunk giggle a little. Bewildered and gasping he realized that he hadn't even touched his dick and that it had felt at least as good as when he did. From then on out, he rarely touched his dick again: the thought of thrusting his fingers in and out of his ass made him rock hard immediately and the orgasms were intense. In the back of his mind, the boy always knew that eventually, he'd like to feel not his fingers but a hard, hot dick in his eager asshole. That first time he ventured into the cruising area, however, he was disappointed that he attracted very little attention: most of the men glanced his way briefly but seemed to decide instantly that he was too young or otherwise unattractive. The boy reckoned that might have something to do with the swimming trunks he was wearing, but he didn't dare take them off. He therefore restricted himself to gawking at the men and their swinging (and frequently half or fully erect) penises.

After a few times, the boy finally dared to take the plunge: he took off his trunks and left his stuff in the 'family area' to venture off for a nude walk that just happened to take him in a certain direction... Unfortunately, he still didn't warrant much attention as he ambled along amidst the cruising men. He found the idea of being completely naked (and without any of his stuff) in such a sexually charged place very arousing, however and he had to make every effort not to get an erection. When he stumbled across two men who were having oral sex, there was no stopping his body and he looked on transfixed, and with throbbing dick standing, slightly bent to the left, from his hairless belly. He wasn't the only one as the scene attracted a number of men, most of whom were hard and stroking themselves. One man shuffled closer to our protagonist and smiled at him before asking him if he'd like to touch it. The boy smiled back an enchantingly shy smile but didn't refuse the offer. In awe, he stroked the erect member, first softly, then a little firmer, encouraged by the man. The boy followed his hints and established a rhythm, making the man sigh and moan softly. After a few minutes of concentrated effort, the man grunted and squirted a big load onto the sand.

“That wasn't bad, kid, that wasn't bad at all.”

Glowing with pride and almost displaying his erection to the rest of the beach, he walked back. Just before the cruising area ended, he decided the only way to get rid of his throbbing erection was to relieve his lust and he duly made his way into the dunes. He settled in a shallow valley after carefully scanning the surroundings and stuck his fingers in his mouth. As always, it took some effort to enter his ass, one finger at a time. Soon, however, all four fingers were working their way in and out of his hole as the boy imagined being deflowered by the very penis he'd helped ejaculate earlier. It didn't take him long to start moaning and he furiously worked on until he came in the sand beneath him. The boy lay down in the warm sand to recover a little, then got up to return to his backpack. He decided to take a little swim before returning, though, to wash away the evidence of his little sexual adventure.

A few days later the boy returned to the beach after having spent a good deal of the preceding days abusing his asshole while fantasizing about more hot beach encounters. When he arrived at the beach, he immediately stripped naked and plunked his backpack down. He wasted no time and made his way to the cruising area, scarcely containing his penis. On his way, he had to wade into the sea to avoid being too obscene on the family-oriented part of the beach. He waded and swam further along the coast, relishing the feel of the cold sea water streaming along his throbbing penis. When he reached the cruising area, the boy made his way back to the coast and started looking for attractive men to ogle. It turned out to be a slow day. When he was approaching from the water, the boy had thought he could see a dark figure on the beach, but it was nowhere to be seen now. He tried his luck in the dunes and occasionally came by an old man just lying there but nothing much else. Until he heard something. He hurried toward the noise and arrived at a valley that was crowned from all sides with low bushes. As he peered over them, his heart skipped a beat. The sight he saw was nothing he could ever have expected: a burly man was being sucked off by a very much younger man, a boy, maybe eighteen. Not just sucked off, too: the man was pushing his young lover's face into his groin with some force, visibly distressing the younger man. Our protagonist's penis, which had grown flaccid during his fruitless search, immediately stood to attention. The man now pulled the boy's face away from him and raised the sweaty, beet red face to his own. They both smiled and kissed passionately. The boy now turned around and got on his knees, face down on the sand and tight buttocks exposed. The man positioned his dick, wet with the boy's saliva, and pushed. Amongst much groaning from the both of them, The young onlooker saw the penis disappear in the young man's smooth hole. His own hand was now reaching behind him, massaging his own puckered hole as the two lovers below set about establishing a fucking rhythm. Suddenly the young orphan yelped: he felt another hand stroking his back! As he turned round, he realized that he had indeed seen a dark figure and it was now standing directly behind him: a big, black man. He was heavy-set but not exceptionally muscled, his large member was semi-erect and the look in his eyes was mischievous rather than lustful.

“Hi there! Enjoying a little show?”

The man's hand resting on the boy's back, the reassuring tone of voice and the gentle smile somehow made the boy feel quite safe, even if he was naked in the presence of a much larger man. He answered by nodding and smiling at the man, then, suddenly realizing where his hand was, he yanked it away, groaning a little as his fingers vacated his rectum. This made the man smile a little and resume his stroking of the boy's back. The other big hand now gently caressed the smooth thigh and moved towards the boy's groin. Feeling that his young companion was still very tense, he asked if he liked only to watch, or if he would like to be touched further. Our protagonist's brain was by now engulfed with a number of conflicting emotions and he couldn't answer straight away. He felt the man withdraw his hands, only leaving one on the his shoulder as he struggled to make sense of what was happening. Eventually he stammered that he'd never been touched by a man before but that he had always fantasized about it, although he didn't quite know what he wanted now. He also blurted out that he had once jerked a man off, which made the man chuckle. The boy sensed that this man didn't want to hurt him but was genuinely interested in his feelings. The answer he got only served to strengthen this instinct:“

ok, tell you what: you tell me what you like to do to yourself and I'll just do that, and maybe we'll work from there. Sound good?”

Relieved that he wouldn't be made to do things he didn't want, the boy smiled and relaxed, then set about telling the man – with downcast eyes and reddening cheeks – that he liked to move his fingers in his bum. With a slightly quizzical look on his face that seemed to become a lot more lustful every time the boy glanced upwards as he continued his explanation, the man asked if he never touched his dick. The boy's head was now beet red as he slowly shook it.

“Ok, kiddo, don't worry, to each his own. You still seem pretty unsure about it so I'll start by just caressing you and you can signal if you're ready to take it further...”

Softly the hands caressed the smooth skin and sent little shivers of excitement through the boy's nervous system. Soon he lifted his bum up as he was sitting on his knees and nudged the big hand down along his spine. To his surprise and delight he could hear that the man's breathing had intensified although his penis was still only half-erect. The hand was now firmly rubbing the valley between our boy's white buttocks and each time he felt a finger against his puckered hole, the boy whimpered, pushing back to get the man to enter him. Before doing so, the man moved his hand to the boy's mouth and told him to lubricate the fingers. As he wrapped his lips around them, the boy noticed how thick these fingers were and as he had three of them in his mouth, the man seemed to plan on putting three of these in his little asshole, too, which would be much larger than anything he'd ever fitted back there. As he worried about that, something seemed to snap and he realized with some surprise that he would let the man put as many fingers in as he pleased without protesting. He opened his mouth and the fingers disappeared, only to reappear near his bum. A finger started exerting pressure and slid in with some difficulty as the boy's ass had closed again. He was told to push back like he had to shit and that did the trick: in one movement the whole finger slid in, knuckle by knuckle. He moaned loudly, prompting the man to ask if he was alright without sounding too convincing, however. The boy also noticed that the finger didn't stop moving as he gathered breath to say was fine, but that these fingers were much larger than his own. The only response he got was a second finger entering, stretching his hole as far as his own four fingers managed. He started to feel a bit uncomfortable, but couldn't stop moaning and moving his ass in tune with the rhythm of the fat fingers ravaging his boy-hole. Purely out of instinct he moved position: he bent over completely, lifting his narrow ass in the air, offering it up for further exploration. His face rested only inches above the sand and he made a little hole with his rapid breathing. Stretching his back, he looked round to see the man looking back with pure lust in his eyes. The big, black member was now completely erect and pointing menacingly at the slender white boy. The third finger followed immediately after he had offered his ass and his anus was now being stretched beyond what it had ever experienced. The man seemed now to gather his last bits of politeness to grunt:

“please tell me you want me to fuck your little asshole. Please.”

The tone wasn't that of a question but the boy didn't care:

“please fuck me... sir... Fuck my little asshole! But please be careful, it's my first time...”

The man only let out a quivering breath as he pulled back his hand and moved up to position himself behind the boy, who was looking on apprehensively. The hard, hot piece of meat rubbed the boy's crack a little before positioning itself at the secret entrance. The boy could feel the thickness as it pushed and pushed and eventually broke through. He groaned and moaned at the feeling of being ripped apart from behind and momentarily tried to move away. That strange resolution, reared it's head again, however and he just held in place, trying to accommodate this enormous rod. He felt the man's hands caressing his lower back softly. This went on for some time until he felt the big penis move again, inching forward, then retreating slightly. The boy grabbed his butt cheeks and pulled them apart, anything to make more room. The movements increased and started to make his sphincter burn. Suddenly he yelled out, feeling a mighty thrust and the unbearable burn of the big rod forcing its way inside him. He buried his face in the sand to muffle the cries when he noticed the all-enveloping pain lessen: something in his body changed and the sphincter relaxed, making the movements noticeably easier. The man had noticed it, too and he started to make slow fucking movements, inching further inside with every stroke. The boy marveled at the feeling of being so completely and comprehensively invaded. Familiar feelings were rearing their head, cutting through the still substantial pain and burning feeling. The strokes got faster and before long he could feel the man's hips touch his own. The man had bottomed out his enormous member in the slender boy's ass. This realization seemed to push our protagonist over the edge: he groaned, shuddered, contracted his sphincter with all his might, trapping the penis and came, shooting waves of sperm into the sand below him. The man remarked:

“Wow, you came without touching your dick! Can I go on?”

In the midst of his post-orgasmic exhaustion, the boy could only mutter his approval and he felt the pace pick up considerably. He felt helpless and completely dependent on the big, black man who was invading his behind with ever more vigor. The boy felt big hands clutch his hips and pull him onto the thick rod as a rag-doll. He moved with the rhythm, arching his back, trying to please this man who was possessing him so utterly. Incredulously, he felt the penis get even thicker, just before it plunged all the way in. He whooped in surprise when he felt wave after wave of hot liquid enter his intestines, relishing it and feeling his own limp penis stiffen again in response. The man grunted, withdrew slowly and collapsed on the sand. After a while he said:

“Wow, that was just about the most intense fuck I ever had, thanks kid, you have a phenomenal little fuckhole.”