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This story is pure fiction - if you read it you will undoubtedly agree. It has contents of a homosexual nature - that is sex between adult males and teen or preteen boys. If this offends you, or if reading it is illegal, please go somewhere else. If not I hope you enjoy it. If you do like it I’d love to hear from you,

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I’m lying on my stomach between the spread legs of my latest fucker, sucking the remnants of his cum, and piss and my boycunt juice from his deflating cock. My boycunt is leaking - I have never been able to clamp down sufficiently, or quickly enough to stop some juice escaping. My fuckers don’t really mind this - it’s good for their ego - they’ve shot so much into me that I can’t hold it all! However, I have been trained to hold it all in me if I can.

. . . . . . .

My name is Xenon and today is the last day of my life as a bedboy. I was hatched on the first of January, 2121 and tomorrow I have my sixteenth hatchday. My carrier and donor were matched by computer for their looks, physique and intelligence, and I was one of the hatchlings that was carried for the full six months. I’m called Xenon because I am the twenty-fourth hatchling of my carrier - twelve by natural means and twelve in the laboratory. Each hatchling’s name started with the next letter of the alphabet so I got “X”. My donor’s sperm and carrier’s ovum were genetically modified to produce me

Tomorrow, when I turn sixteen, I will start the puberty cycle. During the course of the next two years I will grow from my current height of five feet two to five feet eleven, and will increase my mass from one hundred ten pounds to one hundred seventy-five pounds.

A word about bedboys in general. We have been programmed to remain prepubescent till our sixteenth hatchday - our dicks never grow beyond three inches fully hard, we never lose our little boy bodies, and never grow any pubic hair. So for the first sixteen years, we are available for men who like young boys. On our sixteenth hatchday puberty starts and we are nurtured through it for the next two years, At eighteen we are allowed to decide on our future. Through the use of hormones and genetic restructuring we can evolve into whatever we want to become. If we decide to continue in our profession, we can apply to work in similar positions as we have done, except that we will now be servicing men as men and not young boys.

As it is my last day as a bedboy, I have been allowed to pick my ten favorite fucks from my customers over the past nine years. This is my sixth for the day. The first five were a good warm up for the next five, and my fuck and piss is the start of the home stretch.

. . . . . . .

After I was hatched, I was handed over to a feeder, who was also selected from the data bank for her ability to produce the milk to complement my genetic structure, and from then till I was three, she cared for me and provided the correct nutrition and exercise a baby needs.

On my third hatchday, I was passed on to my first trainer. He was a twelve year old bedboy and from him I learned the art of arousing another male. I took to it like a duck to water. I loved sucking on my feeder’s tit, and the transition from that to sucking my trainer’s cock was equally satisfying. In fact it was usually he who had to stop the training session. I would have sucked his cock forever if I had been allowed to. Being twelve years old and genetically modified as I was he didn’t produce sperm, but I would bring him to dry orgasms every half hour or so.

At age five I commenced my training in anal intercourse. My first fuck was given to me by my twelve year old trainer. His cock was only about three inches long, which is the case with we bedboys, but the feeling of him in my boycunt was electric. I had my first orgasm from his first fuck, and from then on my boycunt was hungry for cock. During the next two years I had a series of trainers, all aged from twelve to fifteen, and all bedboys from our house. I would spend an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon taking their cocks, and between times I was taught to enlarge my boycunt with various dildoes, butt plugs and other toys.

My training finished when I turned seven, and I was given my room. I was allowed to decorate it as I wanted, and from that day I started my life as a bedboy. I still remember my first fuck from an “outsider” after nine years. He was a sixteen year old student, who was given me as a reward for an assignment he had completed at school. He was a good looking boy, about five feet ten, and nicely built. His cock was about six inches long and proportionately thick, and it was the first fully grown cock I’d ever seen. I was overawed by the size . (I’ve since realised it was just about average, having taken so many cocks since!). He lay on my bed and I got between his legs and took it in my mouth. The taste was so different from the little boy cocks I’d sucked before, and I loved it. I’d practised with larger dildoes, but never had I had such an exquisite thing in my mouth. The sensation of hard and soft in combination was unreal.

I sucked him for only about five minutes when he indicated he was going to cum. I felt his cock thicken and harden in my mouth, and then tasted the first gush of cum as it was shot into my mouth. It was salty and sweet at the same time, and I knew that I was going to love cum for the rest of my life.

After he came, I pulled his skin back and cleaned his cock for him, as I’d been taught, relishing the taste of all that had collected under his hood. I pulled off his cock and lay down beside him. He reached down and started fingering my boycunt. I’ve always produced a lot of juice there, so his fingers slipped in easily. I rolled over onto my back and lifted and spread my legs. His cock hadn’t deflated, and he got between my upraised legs and guided his cock into me. My boycunt opened easily for him and he slid in to his balls in one smooth movement, then started fucking me. The feeling was incredible; so much better than when my trainers fucked me, or when I fucked myself with the dildoes. It wasn’t long before I had my first orgasm.

He fucked me hard for about ten minutes, then pulled out and turned me over onto my hands and knees, and rammed his cock back into me. Another ten minutes or so and I had another orgasm. He pulled out again and lay down on his back holding his still stiff cock in his hand. I straddled his hips and lowered my boycunt onto it. I started bouncing up and down on it, and my prostate was being clipped my his knob, This time when I came again, I felt his cock expand in my boycunt and he shot his second load into me. I continued to ride his cock, squeezing my muscles round his shaft, until he finally started to deflate, so I pulled off and took his cock into my mouth to suck it clean. Another new taste, cum and boycunt juice. It was even better than the taste of cum alone. I think I fell in love with my sixteen year old first fuck.

We headed to my bathroom where I washed him. After he dressed and left my carers came in. They had watched us on the video and were very pleased with my first fuck. They checked me over to make sure my boycunt was not damaged and everything was OK, so they were happy.

By the time I was nine I was servicing seven or eight men a day - men of all shapes and sizes, with cocks to match. My favorites were the manual workers. They were all big men, and hairy, with big cocks - from eight to ten inches, and thick. I especially loved cleaning their cocks after they fucked me. The taste of cum, boycunt juice and sweat was a real aphrodisiac, and when I pulled their skin back and got the scent and taste of the slime that collected there, I usually had another dry orgasm. I couldn’t get enough of that rank taste! I’d heard that in years past some men had their skin cut off as babies. I couldn’t understand why, when it was the source of so much pleasure for them as well as me.

They were also very gentle in the main. They were aware of their size, in comparison with mine - I had reached my full prepubscent height and weight by then - and they treated me like a fragile toy, until I urged them to fuck me harder and faster, which I always did. I loved the feeling of their big cocks slamming into my boycunt, and they always shot big loads. By now I’d been getting fucked for two years, and I could take their hard pounding in my boycunt or my mouth without any trouble.

When I was ten I had my first group fuck. Dorrigo (another bedboy who was my age) and I teamed up to service four men. Dorrigo liked manual workers as I did, and when we were offered the job, we both jumped at the chance. It was one of the best days of my life up till then. We started by sucking their cocks, each of us taking two of the men.Then two of the men lay on the bed and lifted their legs. We swooped down and started eating their manholes. They were even more rank than their cocks. The taste was awesome,

While we were eating their manholes, the other two guys shoved their cocks up our boycunts and started pumping hard, pushing our faces deep into the manholes of the guys we were eating. They dumped their loads in us and swapped places with the other two. We finished up both being fucked by all four of them, and we sucked all their cocks, and ate their manholes, before, during and and after the fucks. I was going into taste overload, as was Dor. We were both crazy for cock slime, and sweaty, hairy butt taste.

After they had all fucked us and we had cleaned their cocks for them, they suggested that Dor and I eat each other out, seeing how much we liked eating hole. Neither of us had ever done that before, but we didn’t hesitate. Our boycunts were slimy with the combined cum of all the men, and one sniff and I was hooked. I vowed to myself that whenever I was given the chance to eat a freshly fucked boycunt, I’d jump at the chance. Dorrigo loved it as much as I did, and we spent about fifteen minutes sucking all the juice out of each other’s hole.

By the time we’d finished, our faces were coated with slime and we licked each other clean, just like cats do. Watching us made the men hard again, so we each took two men and sucked another load out of them. We then took them to the bathroom and washed them, and they dressed and left, thanking us for a great time. Our carers had watched us again (they usually did whenever we did something new, to see if we performed satisfactorily), and they came in to congratulate us on our work. We could see that they were all hard from watching us.

After our first joint session Dorrigo and I were often called upon to service groups. Some of the other bedboys also did groups, but it seems that our reputation spread, and we were soon entertaining groups of up to ten men. They always left satisfied!!

When I was eleven, I had another great experience. It was another manual worker, with a nice nine incher, one of those cocks with big veins running down the side. and very thick. I wasted no time in going down on him, and my throat relaxed to let him slide deep into me. I sucked for about ten minutes, but he didn’t cum. Finally he pulled out and I rolled over onto my back. He rolled me back over onto my hands and knees, he wanted it doggie. I obliged. and he quickly rammed his cock balls deep into my boycunt. I’d been taking cock for four years now, but I still felt every inch of his meat - and it felt good.

He fucked me for about twenty minutes before he came, shooting a big load into me - I felt eight or nine jerks as he spewed shot after shot into me. Then he held still. I waited for him to pull out, but instead I felt this warm sensation flooding through my boycunt. He was pissing in me. Wow! What a feeling. I was being filled with his hot yellow piss. I came from the sensation, and my muscles squeezed his cock, stemming the flow. He told me to relax and continued his piss. When he finished he told me to squeeze and he slowly pulled out of me. A few drops of his piss squirted out before I could close completely, and hit his leg.

I apologised and started to lick it off him. The taste was awesome! I’d never tasted piss before and I was hooked after just this small taste. I finished licking his leg and took his cock into my mouth. I could taste cum, boycunt juice and piss - an added dimension to the taste I loved! After I’d finished cleaning his cock and we’d showered and he left, my carers came in and asked me how it was. I still had the guy’s piss in me and was bursting to go to the toilet, and told them. They laughed and said to hurry up before I embarrass myself.

I sat on the commode and let his piss and cum out, then took a quick shower and went back to join them. I told them how awesome it felt, and that if any men came who wanted a piss bedboy, I’m their boy. And next time I wanted to drink some too. I told Dorrigo about it when I saw him and he thought it sounded so much fun. He told the carers that he’d like to try it too. Our chance came a couple of weeks later.

We were servicing six men. Four of them were manual workers and two were footballers. While we both prefer workers, footballers are our second choice. We like big men and the footballers were as big if not bigger than the workers. However, they’re not hairy like the workers (which we love) and their butt cracks and manholes are smooth. They somehow don’t have the same taste as the workers’ holes do. And their cocks are only average in size.

Before long we were on our hands and knees, eating the manholes of two of the workers, while the footballers were fucking our boycunts. They didn’t take long to blow and we had our first loads in us. Then the two workers we were eating got up and took the places of the footballers, while we cleaned their cocks, and then set about eating the manholes of the other two workers. This was what Dor and I wanted. Nice stinky manholes to eat and big fat cocks fucking us. We were both slurping and moaning like crazy.

The men fucking us finally came and were replaced by the two men we’d been eating. We sucked the cocks of the guys, then started eating the manholes of the footballers. I don’t think they’d had their manholes eaten before, because before long they came all over their bellies. We leaned further forward to suck their cocks and lick their loads up. All the time the two workers were fucking our boycunts, sliding through the two loads we each had in us.

The footballers decided they’d had enough. We didn’t know what to do. We should get up and help them wash, but we also had to service the two guys who were still fucking us. However, the footballers said they were really happy with the way we’d let them fuck us and how we’d eaten their manholes, and they’d come back for more sometime. They said not to worry, they’d just get dressed and go. We couldn’t do much about it so we just let them go.

After they left the other workers lay down for us to suck their cocks. Once again we had cock up our boycunts and down our throats, I felt the guy I was sucking tense up, and his cock started jerking and spewing it’s load down my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could to take all his load, and when he stopped shooting I felt his cock start to deflate. Then he sighed and I felt him start pissing. I was sort of shocked for a minute, then started gulping it down. My first piss load and it tasted real good.

He’d stop and start his pissing to let me swallow it all. My Adam’s Apple bobbed up and down as I drank his piss. Dorrigo’s fucker had blown up his boycunt, and he started pissing in Dor. I could tell what was happening from the big smile or Dor’s face. Then he started gulping and I knew he was getting a drink of hot piss too. The guy fucking me suddenly roared as he dumped another huge load into my boycunt, and then I felt the now familiar sensation of hot piss flooding me. We’d both got what we wanted. Cum and piss up our boycunts and down our throats.

When they finished and slowly pulled out of us we knew what we wanted to do. We rolled onto our sides and latched onto each other’s boycunt and started sucking and swallowing. The taste of cum and piss was amazing. The best thing that I had ever tasted! We took about ten minutes to clean each other out, then sucked on our fuckers’ cocks to clean the slime off them. Then we all showered and they dressed and left. Our carers were pleased that we’d graduated to drinking piss and taking it up our boycunts, and forgave us for not stopping to wash the footballers. We’d both taken another step in our education.

Over the next four years I built up a good customer base. Most of the men who fucked me came back for more, and I was getting ten to twelve fucks a day, some with piss and others without. My life was real busy. working from ten o’clock in the morning till about midnight six days a week. And I was loving every minute of it. My boycunt was being constantly filled with hot loads of cum and piss, and whenever we got the chance Dorrigo and I would partner each other and eat and drink the loads we were given.

. . . . . . .

Dorrigo had his sixteenth hatchday two months ago, and he left us. He came back to visit two days ago. He’s already grown two inches, his cock has grown an inch and he has some hair down there - and he had his first wet cum!! He said it was so awesome, it felt like when he used to have dry cums, only a million times better, and when his juice shot out he almost passed out, it was so intense. He jacked off for me, and I actually ate his cum. It was so exciting, I can’t wait for my first one!

. . . . . . .

My fucker pulls his cock out of my mouth, and gets off the bed. I follow him into the bathroom, and wash him, then help him dress. I thank him, and he wishes me well. I have ten minutes before my next man is to arrive, and I change the sheets on the bed. They’re a big soggy from the piss that escaped from my boycunt. “Boycunt” - I won’t have one much longer. In another nine hours I’ll be sixteen, and that will be the end of this phase of my life. But before then I’ve got four more men. I’m looking forward to my next fuck. He loves fucking a sloppy hole, and I’ve got six loads of cum and a load of piss for him to sink his cock into. I’m sure he’ll be happy.

Right on time he arrives. I’m lying on my stomach on the bed, with my legs spread. I know he can see my slimy boycunt, glistening from the seepage of the loads I’ve taken so far. I turn my head around and smile. His eyes are fixed on my boycunt and his mouth is slightly open, his tongue running round his lips. I go to get up, but he tells me to lie there. He takes his clothes off and lays them over the arm chair, then slowly advances to my bed, his cock hard and throbbing. I wiggle my tight little butt and reach back to pull my cheeks apart, showing him more of my sloppy little boycunt.

He sits on the bed and runs his hand down my back to my crack, then curls two fingers up and lets the other two trace down my crack till they reach my boycunt. He gasps when he realised how juiced up it is. I tell him it’s full of cum and piss, and he sighs. He climbs on the bed between my legs, pulls on my hiips to raise my butt off the bed and slides his thick nine inches in. The squelching noise as he slips through the accumulated slime is music to our ears. Without waiting he starts pounding, hard and fast. Scum is oozing out round his cock and spurting into his pubes with every thrust. He’s like a man in a trance.

I reach back to play with his balls as he fucks me. They’re already wet with the slime from my boycunt, and as I pull on them and let them slide through my fingers he sighs and moans. His cock is clipping my prostate, making my little dick jerk and starting the feeling in me that I know will lead to another orgasm. He pounds and pounds, and I cum. My dick twitches and my boycunt spasms, clutching at his thick veiny meat. I try to hold it still, but I’m too slick and he keeps sliding in and out,

Then he shudders and his cock unleashes shot after shot into the slop that I’ve kept for him. He holds still while his cock twitches in me, and then he starts fucking again, slowly and forcefully, pulling almost entirely out, before he rams back into me. Again and again, I think he’s going to go too far and pull right out, but he has great control and I feel almost all of his nine inches sliding against my boycunt ring. I can feel myself working up to another orgasm. He’s doing something magic inside me, and suddenly it’s on me. I shake and my dick goes into another series of twitches as I orgasm again. And still he continues to fuck my boycunt.

For about fifteen minutes he pumps his meat into me, bringing me to my third dry cum, before he unloads into me again. And again he stays in me and starts pumping. Two more dry cums, and twenty minutes of pumping before I feel the familiar jerking of his cock against my prosate. I don’t know how much he shoots into me the third time - maybe none - but finally his cock starts to soften, and I can feel it slithering out of me. I do my best to clench around it, but still some of the juice in me spills out before I can close up completely. Then he does something truly awesome - he rolls me over onto my back and he bent down and kisses me!!!!!

We lie there for a while recovering from our fuck, then we get up and I take him into the bathroom and wash him. He gets dressed and gives me a hug and leaves.

I have to race back into the bathroom and expel the piss and cum that I’ve taken so far. My belly is feeling bloated, and my boycunt muslces are close to giving up! I clean up and return to the bedroom to change the sheets - again! I have a break before my next fucker is due, so I go down to the diningroom for a snack. I open the door and am greeted by all the bedboys in the house. A party for me, and I didn’t know a thing about it! Tears fill my eyes. Forty boys and five carers all singing “Happy Birthday”. I know it’s a day early, but I’ll be gone before some of them wake up tomorrow.

The next two hours we have my party. Food and drink and music and noise. It’s one of the nicest things that have ever happened to me. Finally one of the carers comes over to tell me that my next fucker is due any moment. I leave the party and go back up to my room. Everything is OK. The room is tidy, the bed is ready, the lights are dimmed.

My next fucker is one of my favorite workers. He’s about six feet six and two hundred fifty pounds, and has the most awesome cock I’ve ever had. It’s almost twelve inches long and about three inches across. The first time I had him I thought he was going to rip me apart with it, but he was so gentle, that I took him more easily than I’ve taken smaller ones. I know he likes me, because he always asks for me when he comes for a fuck, about once a month, for the past three years, and I look forward to having him.

I run into the bathroom to make a final check that everything is OK and just come back into the bedroom when I hear him knock on the door, I go over and open it and he’s standing there. He holds his arms out and I jump up into them - our usual greeting. I wrap my legs round his waist and my hands round his neck, and he carries me over to my bed.. He sits me on the edge of the bed and sits beside me. and starts to unbutton his shirt. I slide off the bed and start to take off his big worker boots. He’s got the biggest feet I’ve ever seen, and I love smelling his boots and sox as I take them off. Then he stands up and I reach up and undo his belt and the buttons of his jeans, and tug on them. I have to tug really hard, they’re so tight on him. As they slowly slide down I see the start of his black pubic hair, then the base of his gigantic cock. I can tell it’s getting hard, and by the time I’ve got his jeans to his knees, it’s hard and throbbing. I put my tongue out and taste the first drop of precum that he leaks. Then he raises each leg as I pull his jeans off. By this time he has removed his shirt, and he’s standing naked before me, his cock standing at a little more than ninety degrees from his body. From my position on the floor it’s an awesome sight,

He reaches down and picks me up, holding me under the arms. My feet are at least a foot off the ground, I wrap my legs round him again and feel his hard cock rubbing against my boycunt. I hunch back and forward, rubbing it up and down my crack, I can feel his precum making my crack slippery, and his cock sliding in the slipperiness. Then he falls back onto the bed, still holding me, I’m now straddling his waist, and his cock is poking at my boycunt. I raise up slightly and align myself, then slowly sit down, I feel it stretching me like it usually does. I know I can take it, so I continue to push down on it till the head pops inside me. Although I’ve had it about thirty times, I still gasp when it penetrates me, and he holds me still, then as I relax, he lets me slide down on it.

When I finally feel his pubes scratching my balls we both know I’ve made it again and we both sigh. I think that he thinks that maybe this time it won’t happen, but I want it to happen so badly, that I will myself to take it. I lean forward and lie on his massive belly and chest, and suckle on one of his nipples - he likes that. We lie together for a few minutes before I start to gyrate on his pole. I can feel it touching parts deep inside me and I shiver. It’s such an incredible feeling, so far up in me. Then I start my up and down movement, slowly at first while my boycunt loosens up. Even after seven fucks today, I still need to hasten slowly.

I gradually increase the length of my bobbing up and down, till his knob is brushing my button and I have my first orgasm. If things go the way they usually do this is just the first of many I will have before he plants his seed in me. My boycunt muscles clench his shaft, but it’s so hard that they make no impression on him. As I bounce up and down he starts thrusting in time, making his cock go deeper into me. The feeling in me is beyond belief, and my mouth hangs open and I’m drooling. He looks up at me and smiles.

For about fifteen minutes I bounce on his enormous meat, having three dry cums during the time, then he hold me still and rolls us over till I’m lying on the bed with my legs round his waist and he’s on hands and toes above me, doing pushups into my boycunt. He’s going deeper than when I was sitting on him, finding new places to touch in me. I reach up and play with his nipples while he fucks me - I know he likes that - I can tell by the little noises he makes when I do it. And his cock seems to feel a bit harder.

He continues his relentless fucking another ten minutes, then he picks me up and swivels me round on his cock till I’m on hands and knees and he’s still fucking. His cock hasn’t left my boycunt for over half an hour now and we’ve been fucking in three positions so far. He fucks for more minutes, then swivels me round again till I’m on my back, and he picks me up, My legs are round his waist and my hands round his neck, and he stands up. With his cock still deep in me he walks over to the door, opens it and walks out. As he moves his cock is sliding up and down inside me. I’ve never been fucked like this before and it feels so good. He heads for the stairs, and carries me down and into the diningroom.

The party is still going, and everyone cheers when he walks in, hands round my waist, and cock up my boycunt. My dick is hard and rubbing against his abs I have another orgasm. Another cheer goes up from the bedboys. They can see my boycunt, and see it spasming round my man’s huge cock. They know I’m having my orgasm. He walks over to a chair and sits down, and one of the carers brings us a soda. We sit sipping our sodas, and I’m slowly sliding up and down on his cock, in full view of all the bedboys. Most of them are hard, just watching, and all their little dicks are pointing upwards. A couple of them look envious of me having such a beautiful cock in my boycunt.

After we finish our drinks he stands up and we go back up to my bedroom amid applause from the boys. He closes the door and sits on the bed, then lies back so I can bounce again on his cock. By this time he’s been fucking me for about forty-five minutes, and hasn’t pulled out of me during the whole time.I’ve had four orgasms, and I can feel another one coming. I grab his legs behind me as it hits me, and at the same time he pushes deep in me and I feel his cock jerking in my boycunt. He’s cumming too! And he does - shot after shot after shot, nine or ten strong blasts deep into my guts, further than anyone else has ever got.

I’m exhausted, and he is too. I fall onto his chest and lie there panting and feeling his heart beating fast. After a while I feel it slow down and I sit up. He’s smiling at me, and slowly lifts me off his cock. It seems to take forever for his meat to slide out of my boycunt, it was so deep in me. I slide down onto the floor and reach for his cock and take it in my mouth. Even half soft it’s still more than a mouthful, but I manage to get the head and half the shaft into my mouth and suck and lick it clean. The taste is sensational. I finish my cleaning and we go into the bathroom where I wash him and he dresses and leaves after giving me another big hug.

I save what I hope is the best for last. Twins. I had them when I turned thirteen. I’d not had many doubles before, and it was real exciting to have two identical men. They were my favorites - manual workers - and they arrived straight from their work, so I had the added enjoyment of licking their sweaty dusty bodies. I’m hoping that they will be as sweaty today. I had tidied my room when they arrived. I’m lying as usual on my stomach with my legs spread. When I arranged my room I made sure that the bed was facing the door, so that men would see my boycunt first up when they opened the door,

They stand in the doorway for a moment staring at my well used boycunt. I’m sure it is red and puffy after all the fucks I’ve had today. I know it feels real good - that sort of used but enjoyed feeling. Then they advance towards the bed, stripping their clothes off as they come, and just throwing them on the floor. By the time they get to the bed, they’re naked and their identical nine inch cocks are at full mast, swaying as they move. Like a well rehearsed team, one of them climbs on the bed at my head and leans back against the headboard with his legs spread. I shuffle forward and take his cock in my mouth as his twin climbs on the bed between my legs and starts fingering by boycunt.

I arch my back which spreads my crack further, and he slips two fingers into me. I’ve still got enough cum in my ass to be well lubed, and they slip in easily, Meanwhile I’ve taken the other’s cock to the root, into my throat. It tastes of sweat, with a slight piss taste. Using my lips I push his skin down the shaft. The taste gets stronger as I uncover his knob. It feels slippery on my tongue. My boycunt is being stretched by three fingers now - big thick fingers. Together they’re thicker than a lot of cocks I’ve taken. I sigh round the cock in my mouth at the intrusion and buck further to take his fingers deeper.

Then he pulls his fingers out and his cock knob nudges my boycunt lips. I relax and he slips easily into me. I’ve now got both cocks to the root in my holes. In synchronisation, they start pumping into me, slowly at first, just enjoying the warmth of my holes round their shafts. I’m sucking gently, and squeezing my boycunt muscles round the shaft of my fucker. They continue for aboutten minutes at this slow, leisurely pace, not wanting to get off yet, just wanting to enjoy the holes they’re fucking. The feeling in my boycunt and throat is wonderful.

After about ten minutes they both pull out and change places. I’m now tasting a combination of piss, sweat and boycunt juice on the cock of my previous fucker, while virtually sucking the same cock. They are identical in every way. They commence fucking my holes in the same slow way. The obviously want to take their time with me.

Another ten or so minutes go by before they pull out again. and I clean the cock that’s been in my boycunt. I can’t get enough of the taste of a cock after it’s been fucking me. I’m so glad that the practice of cutting the skin off cocks was outlawed. I can’t imagine how a cock without that skin would feel, let alone taste. The twins skin is really long and while I suck them I also nibble at it, which they seem to enjoy.

Finally one of them lies on the bed on his back with his legs spread. I know what he wants, and I get up and straddle him to slide his cock deep into my boycunt. Fucking like this usually means that I take a cock deeper in me. I wait for the twin to come round to the front of me so that I can suck on his cock, but instead I feel him fingering his brother’s cock and my boycunt hole. His finger is rubbing round the shaft and finally slides into me next to his brother’s cock. Then another finger, and then a third. My boycunt is being stretched real good.

He pulls his fingers out and I feel the bed move. I look round and he is on his knees behind me. He shuffles forward and aligns his cock up with my boycunt. Then he pushes and I feel it opened up even more and his cock enters me, sliding along his brother’s. My boycunt is stretched to the max, but amazingly I feel no pain, just the extreme fullness of having two cocks in me together. Two identical cocks. Then they start moving, one pushing in while the other pulls out, and vice versa. The constant movement causes extra stimulation to my prostate and I have a massive orgasm. They continue to fuck me and my orgasm doesn’t finish - I’m having a multiple, continuous cum. My boycunt is going spastic round their combined shafts, I’m seeing stars from the strength of my cum, and I’m hyperventilating.

Finally I slump onto the chest of the twin lying on the bed, exhausted. But they keep fucking, sliding in and out in unison, giving me the most intense feeling I have had in my nine years of fucking. My little dick is continually hard, rubbing against the pubes of the man I’m lying on, while the man behind me is banging his pubes into my boycunt cheeks. I’m just lying there totally limp and drooling onto the hairy chest of the man, The feeling in my boycunt gets more intense, and I realise that at least one of them is about to cum. Which one I can’t tell. Maybe it’s both of them.

Then the man behind me gives a final thrust and I feel a cock jerk in me and know that I’m getting one load. The guy I’m lying on grunts as he starts spewing his load in me. Both of them cumming in me. My boycunt lips are so tight round their cocks that there is no way any of their cum can escape. I’m taking it all and keeping it in me. Six or seven bursts of hot worker juice from each of them shot into my gut, then they slow down and I can feel their cocks deflating. The man behind behind me slowly pulls out and picks me up so that I’m sitting on the other cock again, then slowly lifts me up till his twin’s cock has left my boycunt. Now some of their combined cum leaks out and runs down the cock of the man I’m sitting on. I sit back on his thighs and then slide backwards so that I can suck his juice off his cock.

I tenderly clean it for him. His twin has lain down beside him and I lean over and clean his cock. Even the taste of their residual cum is identical, My boycunt still hasn’t closed completely and I reach back to feel it. It’s nice and slimy and I scoop some of their juice up and lick it off my fingers. Sometimes I wish I could eat my own boycunt. I squeeze my muscles to hold the rest of their cum in me, and slowly get off the bed. I take their hands and lead them into the bathroom. Even though they have just both fucked me, and cum in me their cocks are still hard. So I get on my knees and spend the next ten minutes in the bathroom, sucking another load out of each of them. Then I wash and dry them and help them dress and they leave.

. . . . . . .

I’ve had my ten fucks for the day. My boycunt feels well used, but not sore. My life as a bedboy is over. Tomorrow I leave my home for the past fifteen years. I’m overcome with emotion. I know I won’t be seeing some of my friends and fellow bedboys ever again. I’ve got two years to decide what I’m going to do with the rest of my life - but I’ve already decided. I’m going to spend the next two years of my life getting ready to be the best bedman in the business!