Bicycle Butt

By Stephen Scott

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Sexual slang for beginners: a few definitions

Bonito = pretty young male

Chavito = teenaged boy

Chilito = little cock

Cojiendo = fucking

Culito = little ass

Mamaverga = cocksucker

Puto = faggot

A big thank-you to Gerardo for the story idea, and further gratitude to him for providing the Spanish translations and proofing the story for accuracy. Gracias!

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Bicycle Butt

By Stephen Scott

There was nothing quite like this feeling, Bobby thought. Flying down the asphalt, the wind blowing through his thick, shoulder-length blond hair, his bare legs pumping furiously as his feet propelled his 10-speed through the streets of the city.

Bobby was free. He was happy.

He had the best summer job he could imagine, delivering packages for his uncle and his partner. The men owned a somewhat chi-chi apparel shop, and one of the amenities that kept their well-heeled customers coming in was their old-fashioned delivery service. So, several times a day, Bobby was sent out on his bicycle to deliver a package to one or another of the tonier areas of town.

At 16, the boy was a stunner. Wide, vivid blue eyes that charmed everyone he met; an adorably turned-up nose and large, kissable lips that broke into an easy smile. A short, wiry, largely hairless body kept in trim by his devotion to bicycling.

The feature he was most proud of, however, was his backside. Years of pedaling had given his rear end a ripe roundness that got him a lot of trailing looks from the men he passed. And although it was still cherry, he had every hope that one day soon some hot stud was going to make his virginity a thing of the past.

Like many boys his age, Bobby knew he was gay but couldn't figure out how to make that special magic happen. None of his friends were gay, as far as he could determine, and his teenaged brain worked in feverish overtime, waking and sleeping, imagining what it would be like when he finally got to have the experience he craved.

He spent hours in front of the computer screen, scanning (and downloading) dozens of images of naked males. He saw every variety of male--the ubiquitous "barely legal" boys, the young twinks, the video stars, the hot men in their 20s and 30s and 40s. He learned, by proxy, about nearly every aspect of gay sex: boys with boys, boys with men, threesomes, group scenes, sucking, rimming, anal intercourse. (He was also exposed to BD/SM, medical fetishes, spanking and any number of "kinks." Not uninteresting in themselves, but not what he was really looking for.)

He fantasized, dreamed, jacked off. He experimented, using his fingers to explore his butthole. He began to stretch himself, insert his index finger, and when he saw a guy who turned him on his sphincter clenched in desire. He lied about his age, joined sex chat sites, called himself a bottom, shucked his briefs, grabbed his cock and let older top-men have their wild way with him until he came. He had enjoyed dozens of sessions in which men had dominated him, degraded him, and forced him to submit to their needs and desires.

Like many cyclists he shaved his legs to cut down on wind resistance. Unlike most of them--at least as far as he knew or surmised--the shaving sessions were highly erotic affairs, and always ended with his belly covered in pools of cum. In addition to which he shaved his balls and trimmed the silky blond pubic hair around his cock and between his buttocks, which really sent him over the edge.

When he rode his bike, his perfect butt raised above the seat, the movement of his sturdy, toned thighs sometimes gave him an erection, all too obvious under his short shorts. On those occasions he quickly tracked down a gas station, retrieved the restroom key, and relieved himself of the problem.

His uncle Tray's partner was also his boyfriend and, while both men were cute, sweet and funny, they weren't in the running. They were a little queeny--not that Bobby cared much about things like that, but he wanted his first time to be with someone entirely different. And anyway, Tray would have cut off his own hand before he touched his nephew in a sexual way.

At a stoplight, Bobby double-checked the address he was supposed to be delivering to. As always, he'd printed out a map off the `net, with directions. He knew the town pretty well, but there could always be a street he hadn't heard of or didn't know how to get to. This was one of those cases. The recipient lived in a part of town Bobby wasn't very familiar with.

When the light changed he signaled and turned right. According to his directions, there was another right halfway down the block, and the house was at the end of a cul-de-sac. 2800, 2802, 2804... and there it was: 2806.

The house was modest but Bobby knew that in this section of town, "modest" still meant the high six figures. It was ivy-covered, and as Bobby parked his bike by the front porch and bounded up the steps to ring the bell, he noticed that the area behind the house was woodsy and secluded, with nothing visible behind but thick-leaved shade trees.

After a moment the door opened and Bobby was suddenly standing face-to-face with the handsomest man he'd ever laid eyes on.

The man looked about 30. While he wasn't much taller than, and nearly as slender as, Bobby, he was husky and strong, with a flat belly and well-chiseled pectorals beneath his sports shirt. His thighs, exposed by the high, tight shorts he was wearing, gleamed with health and vitality, with muscles Bobby could only hope to achieve.

His face, framed by a thick head of dark hair, was beautifully proportioned: high cheek bones, thick and expressive lips, small sexy ears, a strong chin, an aquiline nose and eyes of a brown so deep Bobby felt he was floating in them.

"Yes?" the brown-skinned god asked, looking the boy up and down in a casual yet strongly sensual fashion.

"M--Mister, uh--Mister Perez? Gerardo Perez?"

"That's me, yes." The man spoke perfect English, and his voice carried a soft but unmistakable Mexican accent.

"I'm from--uh--Tray's Boutique. I have a--a package for you."

"Oh? I don't recall ordering anything from a boutique."

"Perhaps it was your--um--wife who ordered it?"

The man looked puzzled.

"I don't have a wife. There must be a mistake."

Bobby shot a glance at the man's ring finger; sure enough, no wedding band.

His heart skipped.

"Gosh, Mr. Perez--Uncle Tray rarely makes a mistake."

The man rubbed his strong jaw reflexively.

"Let me see the package, please."

Bobby handed it to him with trembling fingers. The man looked at the receipt, then handed the package back to the delivery boy.

"It's the right address. Even has my name on it. Huh. Tell you what, son. Bring it in and I'll call the shop. See if we can figure out this little mystery."

Bobby followed the man inside. Mr. Perez asked for the package again, looked at the telephone number on the receipt and punched the digits into his cell-phone. While it was dialing, he motioned Bobby to an overstuffed chair.

The boy sat, trying not to stare at the Mexican's body. He looked around the beautifully appointed furnishings. They were strong, dark and not at all show--a fine reflection of the man who owned them.

"Is this Tray?" the man was asking. "Ah. Very good. This is Gerardo Perez. I have here a boy who brings a package from your shop addressed to my home. I am afraid it isn't mine." He rolled his eyes to the ceiling. "No, there is no Mrs. Perez." He briefly turned and winked at Bobby; the effect turned his legs into jelly and he had to hold on to keep himself from sliding off the chair. "No. No, it's not mine. Oh--can you do that? I would be most grateful. All right. Yes, I will tell him. See you then. Gracias."

Perez snapped the phone closed and turned back to the delivery boy.

"This Tray says he will come over as soon as he is able and try to come up with the solution. He says you might as well wait for him here rather than ride all the way back to the shop only perhaps to have to come back out this way again."

Bobby gulped.

He was going to be in this house. With this man. Alone.

"Did he--uh--did he say how long it might be?"

"Not precisely. He did say he had much to do, and that his partner was out of the shop so that he must stay until he returns."

"Then it might be a while?"

"Yes, it might take some time before he arrives."

"Oh." Bobby's voice was a dry whisper.

"You sound very dry, young man. You have been riding your bicycle for some time, I think. And it is hot today. Come into the kitchen with me. I will fix you up."

Perez strolled into the kitchen and Bobby followed, his hungry gaze fixed to the man's strong back and thighs. The man gestured to the kitchen table and Bobby sat in one of the rattan chairs, unable to take his eyes off Perez's ass-cheeks as they rolled up and down on his way to the refrigerator.

The Mexican rooted about for a moment, his hands on his knees and his butt pointing straight at Bobby.

Sweat poured down the boy's armpits.

Finally, Perez found what he'd been looking for. He returned, bringing a bottle of red liquid and two glasses.

"Sangria?" he asked. Bobby shook his head yes. "I suspect you are not yet of legal age," he said as he poured, "but a little sangria will not hurt you. It's very smooth. Sweet. And cooling on such a hot, hot day as this."

The man handed Bobby a glass and seated himself at the table across from the delivery boy. When he took a sip of the wine, Bobby followed. It was indeed cool and smooth. Bobby licked his lips softly. It didn't taste like alcohol at all.

"Good?" the man asked.

"Very good," Bobby answered. He smiled. Perez smiled back.

"So your name is... Bobby, I believe your uncle said?"

"Yes, sir."

"Please, do not call me sir. Gerardo is fine."

The man's liquid brown eyes seemed to pull Bobby into their irises. Not knowing what else to do, the flustered boy looked at his surroundings again.

"Boy--this is a beautiful house, Gerardo."

"I think so, too, yes. Gracias."

There was an awkward silence, which Bobby filled by taking a longer sip from his glass. He looked at the sliding glass doors that led to the patio.

"Your backyard is nice."

"Yes. Would you like to sit outside, Bobby?"

Bobby nodded again and followed Gerardo Perez out onto the patio. The boy noticed that the back was indeed as secluded as it had looked. There was nothing on either side, or behind, but trees and lush vegetation.

The only seating was a large wooden unit with a swing. Perez sat and patted the space beside him. Bobby sat, his heart racing. To be so close to this man...

Perez put an arm across the back of the swing, casually. Bobby tried to think of something to say, and then wondered whether his voice would tremble like his legs if he spoke.

"I love the seclusion. In front, many houses. Back here--only nature. It's very quiet. Peaceful. I sit here often." He turned to the boy and gazed at him steadily. "Bobby, you are trembling. Is there anything wrong? Do you feel ill?"

"N--no. No. I'm okay."

Perez's eyebrow rose slightly.

"I make you nervous, perhaps?"

"Ye--I mean, no! No, it's not--I mean I--It's just that..."

Perez placed a strong, warm hand on Bobby's knee and leaned in close, staring into the boy's mesmerized pupils.

"Just what, Bobby?"

The boy swallowed and his eyes dropped to the patio floor.

"Is there something else? Something that you do not wish to say out loud?"

Perez let the arm that was lying on the back of the swing slip down onto Bobby's shoulders.

"Something you wish, perhaps?"

Trembling, his heart thudding in his chest, Bobby turned to the Mexican. He was about to speak when the man's lips fell on his.

The boy was shocked for a quick moment, and his body went rigid. Then closed his eyes, relaxed into the kiss and his arms enfolded the man.

It was the sweetest moment of the young man's life.

Not only was Bobby a virgin--he'd never even kissed anyone before!

The kiss was sensual, gentle but insistent. Their lips meshed like two lost halves of a single whole. The Mexican's tongue pressed softly into Bobby's mouth and he took it inside, pushing his own tongue against it. He luxuriated in the warm, wet tenderness of the moment, hardly aware that his body was suddenly straddling Perez's. His crotch was pressed against the man's flat belly and his butt snuggled into the Mexican's lap.

When the kiss broke Bobby heard himself moan softly: "I've wanted this, for so long, Gerardo, so long..."

Perez placed a hand under the boy's chin and a finger on his lips.

"Wanting is over, Bobby," he said softly. "Having is here."

The man held Bobby in place with a hand on his back. With the other he lifted the boy's shirt up and began exploring the tight, hairless chest. His tongue slid up and down between the pectorals, then directly onto the boy's left nipple. Bobby shuddered at the touch of Perez's lips as they licked and suckled, turning the little brown pimple hard before taking it gently between his teeth and pulling. Bobby threw his head back and groaned. Perez applied a similar treatment to the boy's right nipple, making its owner gasp and sigh.

The Mexican pulled on Bobby's shirt and the boy held up his arms, allowing the man to pull it over his head and off. Then he held the excited youth's body in his arms and lifted him from the swing, one hand nestled under the boy's round backside.

He walked into the trees with the boy hanging limply in his arms. Take me anywhere, I don't care, Bobby thought, staring into the man's dark eyes.

When they were a brief distance from the house, Perez deposited Bobby onto the soft grass. He stood gazing down at the excited teenager, his eyes sparkling in the dappled light. When Bobby stared up at him, the Mexican's mouth flattened into a line. It looked a little... cruel. Bobby swallowed.

"On your knees, mamaverga." He laughed. That means `cocksucker,' cocksucker."

Bobby's eyes went wide. This wasn't what he was expecting. But he did as he was told, scrambling to his knees. He looked up expectantly at the smirking Mexican above him.

Perez sauntered toward him. His hard-on was obvious beneath his shorts. He stared down at the boy with a pitiless smile.

"You want it bad, don't you, puto? You need it. You need a man to take you where you've never been before. To show you what a man can do with a pretty bonito like you. Am I not right?"

Bobby nodded yes.

"First you must learn that nothing in this life is free. We must earn what we want. Do you understand?"

Bobby stared, uncomprehending.

Perez unzipped his shorts. He reaches inside his briefs and hauled out his cock.

It was hard. It was dripping pre-cum.

And Bobby had never seen one in his high-school locker room to compare with it.

It was larger than any dick Bobby had seen in the flesh. Seven and a half inches at least. The head was wide, like the cap of a mushroom, and the shaft was curved in the middle. A thatch of thick black pubic hair surrounded the base. The balls were huge, hanging heavily in its sac.

Bobby's sphincter twitched.

Perez gripped the shaft and held it out toward the delivery boy.

"Suck," was all he said.

Bobby blinked. He'd never sucked any dick before, and this he supposed to go down on this monster?

He licked the tip uncertainly. The man's pre-cum was a delicious mix of musk, salt and pure sex. The boy placed the tip of his tongue into the piss-slit, eliciting a gasp and a soft moan from its owner, then began to lap at the head with greater enthusiasm. His tongue swirled around the bulbous flesh, licking at the sensitive underside. His first taste of cock was intoxicating. He ran his tongue up and down the underside of the shaft before moving to the top. The pole of hard flash was becoming wetter, and the boy knew what he was supposed to do next.

He kissed the head, then opened his lips wider, taking in the end and slowly allowing the rest of it to slip inside his lips. His mouth was producing a great deal of saliva and he tried to swallow, but it wasn't easy with Perez's cock-head in his mouth. He managed somehow, and, trying to gain some leverage, he reached out and held onto the Mexican's muscled butt.

Perez snapped his cock from the boy's mouth and slapped it several times across Bobby's face.

"Did I give you permission to touch me, bonito? Huh?" He forced the boy's hands away from his backside and placed the tip of his cock at Bobby's mouth. "You must earn your pleasures, gringo. Now, suck!"

Bobby pulled the big cock back inside his mouth, accidentally scraping his bottom front teeth against the underside of the shaft. He braced, waiting for another cock-whipping. Instead, Perez clutched the sides of his head and groaned.

"Ahhhh! Yes!! Such a good mamaverga!"

The man shoved his hips forward and more of the shaft slid into Bobby's unprepared mouth. He gagged as the head rammed against his uvula. Taking a bit of pity on the boy, the Mexican pulled back, releasing an inch or two of his big man-cock from the delivery boy's gagging mouth. When Bobby had recovered, Perez began feeding it to the teary-eyed teenager again.

Bobby was a little more prepared this time, and drew Perez's dick into his mouth more easily. He was still unprepared for the Mexican to begin face-fucking him, hauling his long prick in and out, but after a few moments the boy started to get the hang of it. Soon he was happily sucking cock. He'd dreamed of this, ached for it. Now a hot man's probe was all but cleaning his teeth, and he loved it.

Nevertheless, the boy was a bit relieved. His jaw was starting to hurt a little, his gag reflexes were still uncertain, and he was salivating like a dog on a summer's day.

The Mexican was breathing hard, but he still managed to snarl a single word:


It wasn't a suggestion. It was an order. And from the set look the man's face had suddenly taken on, not one to be disobeyed.

Bobby hesitated.

"I said strip, culito."

Fingers shaking, Bobby undid the snap of his shorts, unzipped them and rolled them down over his shoes. He looked up at the Mexican, as if seeking approval, or a confirmation of some kind, but the man said nothing. There was nothing to do now but the obvious, and the boy slipped his fingers, damp with excitement and fear, beneath the elastic band of his underpants.

His cock, fully hard, popped out, surrounded by a bush of soft, downy blond hair. Bobby slid the briefs down and over his sneaker-clad feet.

The man looked down at Bobby's cock and sneered. "What a sweet chilito. So small. How do you manage to piss with this little thing?"

For reasons he couldn't explain, the verbal abuse just made Bobby more excited.

"Is--is this what you wanted?" he whispered huskily.

 "No," Perez snapped. The answer surprised the boy. "I want to see that culito. That hot little butt."

A bit confused yet keenly stimulated, the boy turned his back.

"Not that way," the Mexican said warningly. "On your knees."

Bobby knelt, keenly aware of the eyes staring now at his vulnerable, hairless butt-cheeks.

"That's more like it. Yes. Nice, round bicycle butt."

Bobby's erection almost hurt, it was so rigid. Being on display in this fashion, mutely following the orders of this suddenly dominant Latino, knowing there was more--much more--to come made him harder than he'd ever been in his young life.

Perez was suddenly on the ground with him. The palms of two strong hands clasped themselves to his ass. Without warning, one of them rose off the boy's flesh and then came down again, hard.


Bobby moaned. The sharp smack of palm against yielding ass-flesh wasn't so much painful as highly erotic.

"Nice," Perez murmured. "Tasty culito."

He pushed the boy belly-down onto the forest floor, and Bobby felt his butt being raised up. The hands pried his cheeks apart and the boy was suddenly shocked to feel the strong, wet force of the man's tongue lapping between them.

Bobby was stunned. He knew about rimming, had seen pictures of it on the `net, even fantasized that a man would do it to him and pretended men on the chat sites were doing it to him. But it was certainly not something he thought he'd experience during his first time!

Shock turned to pleasure, however, as the Mexican's tongue slurped and licked, getting closer and closer to his anus. It prodded the wrinkled pink flesh insistently, and then, suddenly, it was there.

Inside him.

It was incredible. He realized his pretend reactions in the chat rooms were completely inadequate to the sensations flowing through his butt. The touch of lips and wet tongue against the tight ribbon of his asshole was electrifying; it caused him to groan loudly. But it was as nothing compared to the sensations that awaited him when Perez's tongue slowly pushed in, penetrating the boy's virgin hole.

His groan turned to a high-pitched exclamation of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

The Mexican's tongue, soft, wet, pliable yet strong and insistent, sent bolts of erotic stimulation from his anal ring to the tip of his pre-cum dribbling cock. He thrust his hips back, trying to impale himself on that slick appendage--wanting more of it inside him, more of it up his butt.

His cock thumped and thudded, throbbing before him, standing straight out, longer and harder than it had ever been. It was if though his dick had been waiting for this man to show it what pleasure really could be.

He threw his head back and moaned.

Perez stopped lapping at Bobby's hole long enough to sneer: "You like that, you little puto?"

"Y--yes!" Bobby sighed.

"Then you will love this, bonito."

With that, the Mexican pressed his strong index finger against Bobby's anus. Using the copious amount of saliva he's deposited in the boy's derrière as lubrication, Perez pushed in, the tip of his finger slipping inside Bobby's asshole.

Bobby gasped. It felt so good!

 The expert finger pressed forward. Perez crooked it, using it to swab the inside of the boy's anal ring, relaxing the sphincter muscle as Bobby trembled and groaned softly. He pushed back with his hips, willing the man to continue probing his butt.

The Mexican's finger drove past the sphincter and up, slipping deep into Bobby's butthole. It probed for the boy's prostate, found it, tickled.

Bobby nearly left the ground.

"Ahh! Oh, God!"

Perez carefully stimulated the small, hard gland, causing Bobby to push back harder.

"I have found your button, little culito, eh?"

The only answer was a gasping moan.

The man's finger began sliding back out, stopped, and pushed upward again as Perez finger-fucked the excited teenager, gradually moving faster as the boy humped back and forth, his deliciously rounded bottom clenching and relaxing with each thrust.

"I think perhaps you desire now two fingers," Perez murmured as he added a second digit.

Bobby felt his anus expanding as two fingers invaded his warm, wet hole. He'd never felt so alive, so charged with sex. His cock, bobbing before him, pointed straight out. His balls were tight in their sac. His heart pulsed rapidly in his chest. His butt knew delights beyond his wildest fantasies.

He thought his knees would collapse from the pleasure.

And he knew he would do anything for this man.

Anything at all.

Perez leaned in close, his breath warm against the boy's soft cheek. His busy fingers, slower now, continued to slide in and out of Bobby's relaxed asshole.

"I will fuck you now, chavito. What do you say, eh? Quieres que te coja?  You want me to stick this big cock of mine up your hot culito?"

Bobby groaned in response. He was scared. The man's cock was so big! But he wanted this. He needed it.

"Please, Mr. Perez, sir--please fuck me!"

"Say `por favor cojeme', bonito."

"P--por favor... cojeme."

"Not bad for a beginner. I wonder if you will be as good a student on your back."

Perez withdrew his fingers from Bobby's hole. The boy suddenly felt incomplete. But he didn't have time to dwell on the loss; the Mexican picked him up bodily and returned him to the ground, on his back. He reached for his shorts, dug into one of the pockets, and removed a small round foil object and a little packet.

Bobby watched in a daze of sexual need as Perez opened the foil and removed a rubber, which he swiftly unrolled over his massive cock. He ripped open the packet with his teeth and poured the lubricant within onto his sheathed dick. Then he grabbed the boy's legs and raised them up onto his shoulders, leaving Bobby's butt on the forest floor, open and vulnerable, the cheeks spread wide and waiting.

Perez wasted no time. Although he knew this was the boy's first fuck and--despite his dominating performance, did not intend to split the teenager open--he wanted to start feeding his dick before Bobby's hole had a chance to tighten up again. As soon as the boy's legs were over his shoulders he fed the tip of his cock into the hairless opening. The teenager's dilated ass-lips immediately contracted, squeezing down on the invading flesh. It turned the Mexican on.

He smacked the delivery boy's butt. The sound was loud and wet from the sweat that covered Bobby's rump.

"Relax, chavito. Open up and take this cock."

He felt the boy's sphincter relax a little, and pushed more of the head inside. It took all of his self-control to keep from ramming his shaft straight in and up. The boy was beautiful and his butthole was tight, wet, and willing.

Slowly but with steady determination, Perez pressed forward, feeling the teenager's asshole relaxing, stretching wider to accommodate the big, flared head. He knew it wasn't easy, but Bobby never complained or showed any signs of wanting to stop. This encouraged the man to proceed, and he fed more and more hot cock-flesh into the steaming boy-hole.

Bobby's entire body seemed concentrated in his ass. The feel of the Mexican's cockhead pushing open his virgin butt-lips was beyond incredible. And the man had done such a good job of preparation that the boy was amazed to realize he felt no pain at all. Here was this massive dick, boring into his cherry butt, and all he felt was ecstatic joy. His cock thudded against his flat belly, a trickle of pre-cum lubricating his navel. He wanted more.

The widest part of the head was moving in now, and Bobby's asshole pulled it forward, consuming it like hungry lips around a thick strawberry. When it was all the way in, the boy gave a massive sigh and his body shuddered. He seemed to know that the hardest part was over; his muscle relaxed and the long, hard shaft slid in, moving faster, until it was completely embedded in the teenager's soft, wet ass.

Bobby was so turned on he could do nothing more than groan with unabashed pleasure. That fat monster is inside me! He thought, marveling at his body's ability to accommodate anything so large. He could feel the thick bush of pubic hair against his ass-cheeks and, knowing the he was thoroughly plugged by this hot, gorgeous man made his dick twitch and ooze.

Perez didn't know how long it would take for the boy to climax, but, remembering his own youth, he figured it wouldn't be long. He shoved forward, the head of his massive prong grazing Bobby's prostate. He felt the teenager's entire body stiffen as he stimulated the little knot, causing the boy to gasp, moan and beg for more.

"Ahh!! AHHHHH!!! Por favor cojeme! Por favor cojeme!!!"

It might have been the only Spanish phrase the boy knew, but it was the right one.

"Te estoy cojiendo en tu culito!" the Mexican stud bellowed. "I'm fucking your tight hole! Take it! Take it all, culito!"

Now the fucking began in earnest. Perez drew his hips back, pulling almost the entire length of his dick out of the boy's grasping hole. When the only part still inside was the base of the head, he held his position for a teasing, agonizing moment, then rammed his way back in, spearing the boy like a wriggling fish on a trident.

"Ahhhhh!!! Oh, God!!! Unnnngggghhhhhh!!!!" the boy wailed.

"Coja!!" the Mexican gasped as he plowed the delivery boy's butthole like a man possessed. "Coja! Ahhhh--sweet culito! Ohh--hot little gringo ass!"

It was time for some serious moves. Perez began to ream the kid's pussy, slamming in and out, jamming the boy full of hot, sticky man-cock. His senses aflame, he began to administer short, sharp strokes, fucking the boy faster and faster.

Bobby was trembling beneath the assault. His eyes were clamped tight, his cock was throbbing, his balls were drawing up, and his butt was charged with the Latin stud's sexual electricity. It wouldn't be long now; even without touching himself he knew his orgasm was approaching, like a freight train hurtling toward its goal.

The Mexican could feel the little sphincter alternately relax and contract. He smacked Bobby's buttcheeks with both hands, urging him on. The boy was thrusting back in rhythm with the man's own fuck-motions, pushing his cute little butt forward to meet the Mexican's powerful thrusts.

"Oh! Come on, bonito! Shoot! Fire that chilito!"

Meanwhile, his own climax was upon him. He reared back one last time, as far as he could, briefly severing the tie before plunging back inside the boy, as deep as his impressive tool could reach. It hooked upward and triggered Bobby's orgasm even as his own cock spewed spurt after spurt of cum into the rubber's reservoir tip.

When it hit, Bobby nearly blacked out. All but screaming, he threw back his head, his feet tightening their grip on the man's broad shoulders. His hips bucked, his sphincter clenched and relaxed spasmodically, his prostate pumped wildly, his cock arced in the air, and he came, shooting a seemingly endless series of spurting globs of boy-cream over his heaving, sweat-drenched belly.

There was a moment of suspended animation in which both bodies seemed to levitate--muscles taught, backs arched, breaths caught. Then, slowly, the shared taste of heaven retreated and they fell together, everything relaxing at once, spent, drenched in sweat and musk and bliss.

Gerardo Perez lay atop the rasping boy. His eyes were dazed, his body shivering in exultation. He gripped Bobby's sweat-soaked head in his hands and kissed the soft, pliant lips. It was a deep, soul-searing kiss, and the boy responded in kind.

Breaking the kiss Bobby shuddered, sighing.


The Mexican smiled. The boy's gratitude was touching, sincere. He arched his back, slowly pulling his softening cock from the teenager's well-used butthole. When they were disconnected, he got to his knees and picked the dazzled boy up in his arms. Not even stopping for the clothing scattered on the grass, he carried Bobby into the house and laid him on the living room sofa. He leaned down, kissed the teenager on the forehead, and picked up his cell phone.

Bobby lay on his back, his heart filled with a heaving gush of love, and watched the naked Mexican. A voice on the other end gave a familiar chirp.

"Tray's Boutique. Tray speaking."

Bobby sat up. What was this?

"Hola. Your nephew and I have just finished the assignment." Glancing at the boy's astonished face, the Latin stud winked briefly. "Does Bobby have any additional deliveries to make this afternoon? No. Good. I would like for him to stay overnight, if that is acceptable to you. And to him, of course." He winked again. "Ah, very good. Yes, yes. It went very well. Very well. I am sure the boy will tell you all about it. Well, good night, amigo."

He broke the connection, put down the phone and smiled at the confused-looking teenaged boy on his sofa.

"You--Tray--you planned this?"

Perez knelt on the floor near the startled teenager.

"Yes. Your uncle--he loves you very much, Bobby. He knows what you want, what you need. He has been very interested in the trail you left on his computer."


"All those web sites you visit in the back office when no one is around. Your uncle has seen, and he very much wanted to give you a present of what you most desired. He has known me for some time, your uncle. He and I--we came to an agreement. You would get what you wanted, and I would as well."

"What--what was it you wanted?"

"Why, you of course!"


He ruffled the boy's wet hair.

"Yes. I have watched you for some time now. Lusting after your sweet bicycle butt." He stood up again and went to the mail-stand, where he had left the package that had been addressed to him. "This is for you."

Bobby looked puzzled, but unwrapped the brown paper and removed a long box. Opening it he found a man's bracelet. It was engraved. He took out the silver band and read it. It bore his name, and the date. He looked up.

"So you will never forget your first," Perez smiled.

Eyes tearing slightly, Bobby smiled back.

"How could I? I'll remember this day for the rest of my life!"

The Mexican pulled the boy from the sofa and held him tight against him, their naked skin still tingling from what had transpired in the woods.

"I'm glad, Bobby. I will not soon forget this day either." He broke the embrace and smacked the boy playfully on his bare butt. "Now, if you will please go and collect our clothing, I will take a shower. Join me when you come back, and after, I will prepare our dinner. Yes?"

"Yes... sir."

Bobby strolled out onto the patio, luxuriating in the feel of the soft light of the advancing sunset on his naked body. Walking down to the woods once more, he marveled at the way this day had turned out.

Gerardo Perez watched the boy descend into the woods, his gaze riveted to that beautiful ass. He was going to fuck this boy all night, he decided. And the next time would be easier. And hotter.

Bobby reached down to pick up the Mexican's discarded briefs. He held them over his face and breathed deeply, his nostrils flaring at the assault of the man's heady, masculine odors.

He sighed.

He would have to give his Uncle Tray a big, fat kiss the next time he saw him.