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This story is dedicated to the T-Man...I love you, now and forever. I will always remember you; will you remember me?

My name is Robert, and this is my story.

It was summer 2000. I had just finished my study abroad in France, and returned to the city that I was attending college in. Completely Dead. Living in a college town was cool, but in the summer time, everyone goes home. The only people left are summer school students, university employees, and people that worked in the shops in the area. I was glad to be back in the States, to be able to get back into my normal routine.

I was looking for a place to live the first day I got back, and there were all kinds of choices, being the summer time. I drove up and down the streets and neighborhoods, looking for the perfect place. Apartments were out, since I had to have a yard for my Cow Dog, Rudder he was a blue healer. Since it was summer, housing was dirt cheap, due to the lack of population. I was about to give up on finding a nice place when I drove by a street that had a bunch of new duplexes that had just been recently finished. I turned around and drove down the street and saw that out of the 10 completed units, 9 were available. Dialing the number on the sign, I called the realty office that was leasing the duplexes and set up an appointment to look at them, turns out, there was an agent in the area, and I checked it out, and took it. Not a bad setup, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, big, open rooms and a back yard for Rudder.

The next day, I pulled up to the place with my Dually and started to unload my furniture, when my Dad moved overseas, I got most of the furniture from his house, so I lived pretty well for a college student. It took most of the morning to get my stuff in and settled, between Rudder walking around me and in and out of the house, making sure this was where he was going to live.

I got finished moving my things in around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and started arranging things, waiting for the phone and cable to be hooked up and then I started setting up the bed around 5 in the evening. I was focused on getting my new place set up and done the way I liked it. This was my final year as an undergraduate student, and I was looking forward to living by myself, no more of this roommate stuff, just me and Rudder. After the bedroom was set up, I decided that I should go and get some groceries, you know, the usual stuff college students eat, Beer, Mustard, Ketchup and Bread. Well, I bought more than that, since I liked to cook.

I hopped into my pride and joy, a 2 year old Dodge 3500 4X4 Quad Cab turbo-diesel, I bought it last year after the Rodeo, some Bull Rider that traded in his truck every 2 years, this guy had so much money, he sold the thing to me for a song. I fired up the Cummins Inline six and headed for the store, Rudder riding on the toolbox, his usual perch.

Driving down the road through the new neighborhood, my mind drifted to my host brother in France, Florian, such a cute little boy, 9 years old, totally cute and my little French brother for the last 6 months. Florian was a cute little boy with golden brown skin a little puppy fat tummy and a cute bowl style haircut. He always called me his "frere American" this made me feel warm inside, because I never had a little brother. I was really apprehensive about the living situation when I got to their house, I was going to share a room with Florian, which he was literally jumping up and down at the train station, because I was going to share a room with him. When we got to their house, I saw the room. There was a red metal frame bunk bed in the corner, a full sized bed on the bottom, and a twin on top. He made it clear that I could have the big bed on the bottom, and he would sleep on top. The first night was hell, the little booger tossed and turned, and every time he did that, the whole bed would squeak and shake. I decided that tomorrow night, I would sleep on the floor. Boy I missed that kid.

My day-dreaming led me going down the wrong side of the road in the middle of the street. I quickly corrected my position on the road and got down to the business of getting to the grocery store. I arrived and parked the truck, chained rudder to the toolbox, and went in and got some grub. Grocery stores are always great places to check out people. In my case, some young friends. There's always plenty at a grocery store, even in a college town. I often find myself rolling my cart up and down the aisles of a store, just enjoying the beauty in the store. I made my way up and down the aisles, getting everything that you need to furnish an empty fridge. I was going down the cereal aisle when I saw him. There he was, trying to decipher the secret message on the back of a box of frosted flakes. He stood about 4'7", around 80 pounds or so, I would guess, just a slight hint of puppy fat in his face and on his hairless legs. Tow-head blonde, blue eyes and a VERY concentrated look on his face. He was wearing those strap on sandals, god I love those things. I looked at his cute little toes as I rolled by, and I hoped I could catch a scent of him as I passed. I heard another cart roll behind me as I made my way down the aisle. Then I heard it.

"Sam, what are you doing? I have been looking all over this place for you!"

"Mom, can I get this cereal, it has a secret message on the back." Said the raspy voice

"Sam, you know that once you figure it out, that cereal is going to sit on the shelf for the next 2 years and you won't touch it, now come on buddy boy, we got stuff to unpack back at the house!" Mom rolled off with the cart, determined to get to the checkout line.

Sam reluctantly looked at the back of the box, then caught me looking, gave me a sheepish smile, showing 2 adult front teeth and a mouthful of babies, put the box back and flip-flopped to the front of the store to join his mom.

I walked up and grabbed the box of cereal, putting in my cart and finishing my shopping.

The checkout line of the store was filled of fun things to read, "Alien impregnates New York City cab driver" and all the rest of the fake newspapers. I casually glanced down to a copy of "Teen Beat" magazine, to see the picture of Billy Gilman on it, man, what a cute kid.

My casual stares were interrupted by a voice asking, "May I see your shopper's card?"

I felt like I was caught, someone caught me looking.

"Er, Uh, no, I am don't have one on me, do I need one?"

"No sir," replied the checker "Just gives you coupons we have in our computer."

Another way to track you, I thought to myself.

I paid my bill and pushed out to the parking lot, only to see my new friend and his mom drive off in a red Mustang Convertible.

I packed my groceries into the truck, jumped in and went back to the duplex. Just as I rounded the corner to my street, something caught my eye; a red mustang convertible, parked in the same driveway as mine, my throat went dry. I eased off the clutch and pulled closer to the house, looks like they were on the other side of the duplex I was living in. Could it be? No way. The chances are too slim. That's when I saw him. It was him. Walking out of their side of the duplex, in those delicious sandals. Unloading his mothers car. He caught me looking, recognizing me from the store, he smiled...

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