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This story is dedicated to the T-Man...I love you, now and forever. I will always remember you; will you remember me?

When I was born, I was named Samuel. I hate that name. Why can't I just be called Sam?

I don't know why we have to move. I like living in the apartment complex. My only friend lives there, Chris. Why are we moving away?

Mom says its because she has a better job and we can get a better place to live now. But why do we have to move from my friends? I hope this new place has lots of kids. Mom says it's a brand new house. Maybe I'll be the oldest kid! I don't think I will miss Chris, even though he is my best friend. He always calls me shrimp and microbe. I think it's because I am small for my age. My mom says that she thinks that my dad was small when he was little too. My mom rarely talks about my dad, since he left us.

I remember when I was little, my dad used to hold me and kiss me and love me. He was a good daddy. I used to be his "Sammy Boy." The last thing I remember about him was my mom and me coming back from the store when I was three years old, and we found daddy in the kitchen with a bunch of white powdery stuff on the glass table, and he was sniffing it with a rolled up piece of money. My mom and him got into a big fight, he said that he didn't give a damn anymore and he left. I remember that he didn't even hug me goodbye. I don't really think of him anymore.

Chris has a Dad and no mom. I think I like having a Mom and no dad better, because Chris's dad is always drinking beer and working on his motorcycle. Chris's dad also has a Camaro, but it's broken. Chris says that it will be his when he turns sixteen.

For me, its just me and mom. I guess I am used to that after seven years. I am going to be nine years old in August, and I get to start fourth grade. Man I hope I grow soon. All I do is try to eat, but all I do is get this pot belly.

This new neighborhood is ok so far, but there is nobody here! Today, I played in some of the empty houses that are still being built. It got boring after a while, so I just went home and played Nintendo 64.

Summertime is dead in the town we live in. Mom makes me go to Kidz Club. It's just a fancy name for daycare really. I like all the kids there, and a lot of times, we swim, do arts and crafts and tour places around the town we live in, like the Art Museum, the University and other things they try to interest us in. I really am lonely, because I am small for my age, and we are going to move into a new house. I wish I had more friends.

We moved today. Mom found this really cool new house on the edge of town. It is brand new. The house looks big, but we have to share half of it with someone else, it's called a doo-plex or something. I hope we get to share it with someone cool. Mom wants to go to Wal-Mart and then the grocery store to get a bunch of stuff. The grocery store is SOOOOO BORING! I keep myself busy looking at the back of some cereal boxes. One has a super cool message that you can decode and win a new PS2. I think I can see the words. That's when I noticed. There was somebody looking at me. I look over and I see this guy standing there. I think he's looking at me, but he is reading a box of Cereal. You ever know that feeling that when you look away, they look at you? I felt that way, but this guy seemed nice. He was probably a student here. Cowboy looking guy. I wish mom would let me buy boots, but the summer is easier to wear these sandal thingies she gets for me. That way my feets don't sweat. Maybe he is trying to decipher a message on some cereal too. Then maybe we could solve the puzzle together, maybe he could be my friend and take me places, or maybe I can be his little brother and he can protect me...or maybe...wait a minute, I am sitting in a grocery store looking at some cowboy dude and feeling all funny. What's the matter with me? He probably doesn't care. He Probably has a girlfriend. Sigh...No Hope Sammy Boy. You are the sole man in your life.

Oh here comes Mom, let me pitch the cereal to her...maybe I can take it home.

"Sam, what are you doing? I have been looking all over this place for you!"

"Mom, can I get this cereal, it has a secret message on the back." I beg with my eyes as big as I can

"Sam, you know that once you figure it out, that cereal is going to sit on the shelf for the next 2 years and you won't touch it, now come on buddy boy, we got stuff to unpack back at the house!"

Jeez. No luck there. Oh well. I look over at the Cowboy who was looking at the whole situation. Why do I feel all mushy when I look at him? Say something dummy. The only thing I can think of is to smile. I flash my pearly whites and put the cereal back and trot over to my mom.

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