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This story is dedicated to the T-Man...I love you, now and forever. I will always remember you; will you remember me?

It was the boy from the Grocery store...Sam.

I froze. There he was. Those shorts that boys wear. With the elastic waistband, but still jean material. A maroon and white Hawaiian flower print shirt. The top button undone. I could see his milky white skin underneath the shirt.

As I was looking, Rudder barked a note of greeting. Kind of telling Sam "Hey who are you?" Rudders bark knocked me out of my trance. I realized I was staring at him... but he was staring right back.

"H-hi" I managed.

"Uh hi." He squeaked back.

"I uh, just moved in."

"Yeah. Uh my name is Sam, but my mom calls me Sammy."

"Robbie." I replied, extending my hand. I touched the smooth skin briefly before Rudder started barking again.

I unleashed Rudder and he hopped off and sniffed around Sam, his shorts, his feet and his hands. How I wish I could do what Rudder was enjoying.

Sam giggled at Rudders inspection of him.

"Don't worry, he's friendly." I offered.

I opened the back doors of the truck and started grabbing some bags.

"Sammy! Where are the rest of the groceries?" I heard from the inside.

"Coming Mom, hey Mom, meet the guy next door!" I almost panicked because I felt like I was being caught looking at this cutie pie.

Sammy's Mom came out. She introduced herself as Gale, and we made general chat about where we worked, what I majored in. Gale was an accountant at the fiscal office at the university that I attended.

As the sun started to set, I excused myself and began to unload my supplies. Sam kind of stood by and played with Rudder and watched me work. I felt like he was looking at me like I was looking at him earlier. Perhaps it was just my imagination.

The mosquitoes finally started to work their way out, so I decided to turn into the house for the night.

"G'night sport." I called casually.

As I whistled for Rudder, Sam said, "uh I uh was wondering if I could see your place, you know, check it out."

"Well, your house is the same as mine." I replied, even though inside I was dying for him to come in to my lair.

"Well you have different furniture right? I don't wanna go home, because I will have to take a bath."

I smiled and thought. Ah yes, I remember, boys don't like to bathe regularly. I chuckled to myself and gave the cool "head nod" like "come on in". He scurried in right behind Rudder.

Once inside he took off the sandals. I so wanted to lick those boyfeet as soon as they touched my berber carpet in my new house.

He eyes grew as big as a cow's as he looked around at all the boxes and the Buckskin Leather couch.

"Wow you must be rich!" He exclaimed to nobody in particular.

I modestly replied "Not rich, just lucky, my dad left me this when he moved overseas."

Sam was already in another room of my new house, giving himself the tour of the large two bedroom duplex. Hey, for a college guy by himself, its lots of room

I figured he couldn't get into too much trouble since everything was still in boxes, so I left myself to unpack my bags of Condiments and junk food. Regular food as well.

There was a knock at the door and it was Gale. She seemed a little antsy and asked if Sammy was there. I replied "Somewhere here."

Out he popped from the front bedroom.

"Hi Mom!" he squeaked.

"SAM! Why didn't you tell me where you were going? I was worried about you."

She grabbed his hand and looked over at me, "Don't let him get in your way, I'm sorry."

She started for her door, and as she was leaving, he glanced back at me, flashing his two big front teeth. Just as I heard her start giving him the riot act for bugging people.

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