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Big Dreams in a Small Town Chapter 4

Mom paid for the groceries and I help load them in the car. When mom got her promotion, she bought this cool Mustang Convertible. She let me pick the color. I picked bright red. Oh man it's so cool.

I ran and put the cart in the return rack and ran back to the car. We got home and I wanted to play some Playstation, but mom wanted me to help her unload all the groceries.

I started carrying as many bags as my little arms could carry, then I started going slower and slower. That's when I heard a rumble of a big truck. That's weird, I thought to myself. Nobody lives out here `cept us. I heard the truck slow down, and then start rolling again. I started down my walkway again back to get a few more bags of groceries, and that's when I saw the truck. It was like a big Tonka truck! It was a 4X4 and had big tires and it was all lifted up!

That's when I realized, OH MY GOD! It was the guy from the cereal aisle at the grocery store! Quick look down, act natural. I glanced over and saw the truck backing into the same driveway as we had our car parked in. That can only mean one thing, he lives on the other side of us! OH MAN!! I looked up into the truck and that's when I saw him lookin at me. The same way I was lookin at him at the grocery store. I flashed a smile at him and he smiled back as he shut his truck off.

He got out of his truck and opened the passenger side doors and started getting some bags out of his truck. There he was, with his tight jeans and boots. He looked so big and strong. Someone to protect me and be my friend. That's when I shook myself out of it. Come on Sammy this guy is a college student, he probably hates kids too, so I better stay out of his way.

That's when all of a sudden I heard a bark. There was a big dog on the toolbox. You know, the dogs that you see all cowboys have that ride in trucks all day long. He was a pretty cool looking dog.

That's when He said something.

"Hi." He said, his voice was warm and friendly.

"Uh hi." Managed to say before I started feeling fluttery.


"I uh, just moved in." He said. Dang he sounded nervous.


"Yeah. Uh my name is Sam, but my mom calls me Sammy." I squeaked back. Man I hate how my voice is always raspy.


"Robbie." He said, offering his big hand. I shook his warm hand in mine. It felt so strong and safe. That's when the dog barked again. I jumped at the bark, and Robbie unhooked the collar from his dog and it jumped off and ran over to me and began to sniff me all over. I giggled because it tickled when his nose sniffed some places on my body.

"Don't worry, he is friendly."

That's when I heard my mom calling, "Sammy where are the rest of the groceries?"

"Coming MOM! Hey, Come meet the guy next door!"

Mom came out and met Robbie.

They did the usual adult talk. They talked about work. They talked until the sun started to go down. Finally Robbie said he had to unload his stuff, and mom went back inside.

I watched Robbie unload his groceries and played with the dog.

When Robbie finished, he looked over at me and said "Gnight Sport" and whistled for his dog.

I had to stop him from going, I wanted to more about him.

"Wait, can I see the inside of your house?" I tried to make an excuse to see inside his place.

"Well, your house is the same as mine." He replied, but I had to go and see his house. It would be sooo kewl!


"Well you have different furniture right? I don't wanna go home, because I will have to take a bath." I said. Anything to go and check him and his house out some more!


He gave me the cool guy head nod, meaning I could come over.


When I got inside, I took off my sandals. I hate having such small feet. My mom says my feet are cute. Robbie had the same carpet as us, so I wanted to take my shoes off and keep his carpet clean.


When I looked up I couldn't believe the stuff that Robbie had! My eyes almost popped out of my head! He had a big TV, a Playstation TWO! A leather Couch! Oh man! This guy is loaded!


"Wow you must be rich!" I blurted out not thinking before I realized how not polite that was. Sammy why didn't you keep your trap shut!


"Not rich, just lucky, my dad left me this when he moved overseas." He said.

I got a little sad, wow, his dad wasn't around. At least he still talks to him, I thought to myself. I wandered around the house. It was 2 bedrooms just like ours. I looked in the back room where I guess Robbie was going to stay. I found some pictures of him and a little boy. The little boy looked to be about my age. He was cute. There were pictures of him and Robbie, sitting together, hugging and paling around. It didn't look like any place around here, but I thought wrong when I thought Robbie didn't like kids. Maybe he will like me... I tried not to think of that too much, since I didn't know him and I didn't want to be rejected. I walked through the hallway to the front room where his computer and desk were. I looked at a few papers and awards he had. Robbie had some baseball trophies too. Wow, he must have been good. He had pictures of him from Little League all the way to Junior High, but then no more.

Then I heard a knock at the door. I moved closer to the bedroom door, and I heard my mom talking to Robbie. Oh man I forgot to tell her I was going over here. I am going to get griped at for sure! I decided to "give myself up"

I walked out of the front room and popped a casual, "hi mom!"

She freaked out and started yelling "SAM! Why didn't you tell me where you were going? I was worried about you."


She snatched my hand and looked over at Robbie , "Don't let him get in your way, I'm sorry."


We got to the door and then I looked at Robbie, who was grinning. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.

On the short walk back to the house Mom was telling me not to bother Robbie and how he was a college student blah blah blah...oh man, I forgot my sandals!

The next thing I knew, Mom was finished and the last words were, "and get in the bath tub you need to get to bed!"

I made my way over to the bathroom and turned on the water. I hummed a tune to myself while I waited for the tub to fill. This time, I remembered to get a towel from the cabinet before I got into the tub. I grabbed a couple of toys from the next cabinet and shucked my dirty clothes off. Man they were ripe after a day of playing!!

I stepped foot into the tub and sank my butt into the warm water. Ahhhh...what a way to unwind from a long day. I sit with my eyes closed and wiggle my toes while I think about my day. I always do that when I sit in the tub at first. I think about the new place, goin to the store, and meeting Robbie and his dog. Robbie. The handsome cowboy, with his big truck and cool house. With that little boy in those pictures. I wish I was that little boy. I began to feel all mushy and tingly again. I looked down and I had a stiffie! Oh man, how did that happen??

TO be continued...

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