Big League Dreamers

By Rob Loveboy

Edited by Embee


Junior Hockey Coach Jim Williams didn’t waste his time on the mediocre vulnerable players; he honed in on the vulnerable passionate players on his team with grandiose dreams of making the big leagues one day. To his credit, two boys he coached in the past happened to successfully make it to the NHL. That fluke, however, only added credibility to the man’s reputation.


Being a household name in the city’s junior league circles, league officials praised him, parent’s loved him, and boys could only hope to be chosen as members of his team. The bragging rights alone of being on the predominantly winning Falcon’s team, sent ego’s aflame amongst one’s peers at school. Jim often wondered how many of his boys got laid for the first time thanks to him. Girls in this small city loved hockey players and frequented games - “Skate Fever Chicks” they were referred to amongst the teams. The popular Falcon games drew them like flies, all screaming out their favorite player’s name and waving banners. This became one of the crucial motivational elements amongst his boys.


Forty-one-year-old Jim Williams, as if you hadn’t already guessed, had secrets … he was a boy-lover who had his fair share of sex over the many years. Jim loved performing oral sex on boys and watching them return the favor - his reward for all the time and effort he put into the team. He had an eye for susceptible boys, and was seldom wrong in his observations during recruiting season.


*   *   *


Cory Blandford, 14, couldn’t be happier the day he was selected along with many other boys, to try out for the Falcons - Jim Williams’ team, no less! Cory was short for his age, but he was fast and agile on the ice. Jim’s prerequisites were all met - a passionate player, type ‘B’ personality, single mom, no older brothers. Cory was a shoo-in for Jim’s perfectly tried-and-true criteria, even down to his boyish cute looks.


Jim’s preseason sleeping bag sleep-over parties at his home to welcome rookies to the team, was a much-anticipated annual event by those fortunate enough to be invited. Beer flowed freely and pot was ignored if smoked outdoors. Jim’s playroom contained a pool-table, dartboard, and two pinball machines; another room contained a universal gym. A 10-man hot-tub on the deck was a favorite attraction, with a ‘no-clothing’ policy all the seasoned boys were comfortable with, Jim claimed, adding: “The team has nothing to hide from each other.” As he himself set the example, peer pressure ensured the required result.


Two of the kids knew of Jim’s appetite for boys, and were only too willing to get their cocks sucked in private in order to gain Jim’s affection; one or the other would be spending the night in his bed. If any of the other kids knew, no one ever said a word. Jim only groomed one or two over the year; he didn’t need more than that to satisfy his needs, and not one of his previous players ever ratted him out.


Jim pulled Cory aside one night after practise: “You were great out there as usual, Cory!”


“Thanks, Jim,” Cory said, pleased with the recognition.


“I think you have potential, Cory. I’m willing to help you hone your skills if you’re prepared to work hard.”


“Ya mean the big leagues?” Cory said excitedly.


“Ah! … I said potential. It’ll be up to you in the end. I’m good, but I can’t perform miracles,” he laughed.


The seed was planted. With the right amount of nurturing, it would take root and then blossom. Jim looked forward to harvest day. Cory was special … the blond boy really stirred something in Jim’s libido.


*   *   *


“Damn, I can see the results already!” Jim said, caressing Cory’s pecs and abs.


It was a few weeks later, after exhausting 3 or 4-days-a-week workout sessions at Jim’s home. Cory had become used to Jim’s intimate touching his bare skin, messing his hair, or arm draped over his shoulder when they were alone. He only wore a pair of loose shorts, not even shoes and socks during workouts, as per Jim’s advice in order to prevent perspiration. He even managed to persuade Cory not to wear underwear: “... the elastic waistband cuts off proper circulation,” he claimed. Jim savored the partial view of pink-flesh up the loose shorts when Cory did leg bench presses.


Only once did Cory become uncomfortable with Jim’s touchy-feely routine … when he placed his hands on Cory’s thighs, precariously close to his junk.


“Look, kid. If you have any doubts about all I’m doing for you …”


“No, Jim. I swear. I appreciate it very much, honest!”


“There’s an unwritten rule in hockey locker rooms … what happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room, got it?”


It was the first time Cory had ever seen the coach angry. “Yes, sir,” he said meekly, unsure just what the rule implied.


Driving Cory home that night, he said, “I have two tickets to Friday night’s game at the Dome if yer interested?”


“Hell, yes!” Cory replied excited.


“It’s a late game, so ask yer mom if you can stay over at my place saving me the trip taking you home.”


 *   *   *

“That was one hell of a close game,” Jim said as he and Cory entered the house.


“It was awesome!”


“Put your shorts on. We still have time for a workout and to keep on schedule.”


It would be a night Cory would never forget. When Jim’s hand slid under the left leg of his shorts and began feeling him up, Cory was aghast and speechless.


“You have great potential, Cory. Don’t go and blow it all away now.”


Cory remained silent. He was paralyzed with fear but bright enough to realize the implications coach was referring to. Earlier that night after the game, Jim had introduced him to a scout; again, the words ‘great potential’ were used. “Well, maybe I’ll be looking for you in a few years, kid.”


Cory had too much to lose … the least of which was his dignity, which fell to the bottom of the list, allowing Jim to fondle his genitals on display outside the leg of his shorts. Lying on the bench, his feet firmly on the floor and his legs spread wide with Jim’s body between them, he felt the wet pressure on his cock.


Boys! … no matter how determined they were to deny themselves the pleasure under duress, they all got hard within minutes. Jim relished the 5-inch, cut dick with its very lickable, flowing, satiny, hairless balls. Time was not important. Jim was only too willing to wait as long as it took. He would have liked to take Cory to bed where it was more comfortable. However, he was no fool and wouldn’t risk the sudden transition quite yet … the short disruption could result in Cory having second thoughts, a bed being conceived as much too sexually suggestive.


Cory felt his orgasm nearing, wondering if he should warn Jim who was already well aware of its imminence.


“Just let it fly!” Jim said,  applying greater effort to get the boy off.


In all his many jerk-offs, Cory had never experienced the depth of sensation. His back arched, his head reared, and hands grasped the side of the bench losing all sense of reality for a few moments.


As if nothing happened and not another word spoken, Jim suggested he resume his workout routine. Standing over him, Jim aided his trembling hands on the grips lifting the weights … Cory couldn't help but notice the lump in Jim’s track shorts.


Workout compete, they enjoyed a bottle of wine naked in the hot tub. Cory’s nervousness remained, however, knowing that he had no choice … the man could make or break his future aspirations at will. ‘Well, maybe I’ll be looking for you in a few years, kid,’ the scout’s words echoed in his head, along with Jim’s constant reassurance, ‘You have great potential,” as they leisurely sat in the hot tub, with Jim’s arm around him and fingers tweaking his left nipple.


Like an obedient dog, Cory apprehensively followed Jim to the bedroom fully aware of what was expected of him … oral sex, performed without complaint. Although lying between Jim’s legs, handling and sucking his large manhood was degrading, his conscience was eased somewhat by the realisation that this was nothing that the man hadn’t already done to him.


Jim looked down at the kid and smiled, satisfied he’d seduced another to add to his harem of two other boys - 13-year-old Adam and Jacob, 14. Although he risked the possibility of exposing them to each other, the thought of an orgy with the young and naive was never far from his mind. With that erotic thought, he grasped Cory’s head and came in his mouth. The kid looked disgusted and not too pleased.


Cory had a restless sleep. He wasn’t used to the intimacy of someone holding his body close to theirs, although deep inside he had to admit he liked it. Mutual oral sex was repeated in the morning, to which he found himself a little more receptive.  Over the following weeks, most of his fears had subsided.


  *   *   *


Jim had a good thing going. With planning, he enjoyed each boy’s company twice a week and rotated them for sleepovers Fridays and Saturdays … who could ask for a better arrangement? Nevertheless, fantasies of an orgy became an obsession with him, and he was willing to risk each boy’s belief that he was Jim’s special protege … and ticket to stardom.


Gathering the three for a weekend at his home - the blond, the brunette, and the redhead - was easy enough. The challenge would be persuading them to share him and to have sex with each other. Adam would be easy - the kid was dim-witted, only too eager to please, the only boy Jim had anal sex with. Also, Adam could be very instrumental in initiating Jim’s weekend agenda.


Having previously rented several bisexual movies and stocked the fridge full of beer, the foursome settled on the playroom floor drinking beer and watching the porn, wearing only their gym shorts after their group workout. With his back against the sofa, Jim encouraged Adam to sit between his legs.


With plenty of beer consumed, plenty of visual stimulation, and with much sex talk initiated by Jim, he was pleased no-one said anything derogatory about the gay sex … all secretly guilty of enjoying it, as evidenced by the three boys covering their crotches. Jim began caressing Adam’s chest and abdomen in plain view of Cory and Jacob, who probably thought it nothing more than a friendly gesture.


“How about being a team player and blowing me and the guys?” Jim whispered in Adam’s ear.


Red-faced with initial shock, Adam shrugged. Jim already had his hard cock free from his shorts and smearing pre-cum over Adam’s back.


“You ARE a team player, right?” Jim reinforced.


Adam looked at Jacob and Cory who were oblivious to the whispered lewd request. Jim sat back stroking his cock, Adam swivelled his head, and then his whole body.  “Good boy, Adam ...” Jim said out loud, “... I always said you were a team player.”


Both Cory and Jacob looked over, wide-eyed. Who knows what went through their heads! Adam’s reputation was certainly not in jeopardy, although he wouldn’t have known that at the time.


“You guys look like ya need a blowjob. Come stand either side of me and I’ll help ya out. We’re all friends here and team players, right?” Jim exclaimed. “You’d be surprised what NHL players do on those lonely out-of-town games!”


That thought-provoking con paid off, and Jim’s hands on their asses forced both standing boys closer to him. The foursome orgy played out exactly as Jim had planned, and his instructions were followed without complaint … only trepidation. He sat back watching the erotic show unfolding before his eyes, finally joining the gullible boys for a night of sex. Cory and Jacob both fucked Adam later, as he bent over the steamy hot tub ... after Jim first had his way with him!


The Falcons were a team to be reckoned with, winning most games and earning the city championship year after year. More boys recruited, more boys seduced with the help of other teammates, all with a flawed vision of their future. Jim couldn’t be happier and thought he had truly discovered the secret to team-building, beyond everything he ever read on the subject.


Unfortunately, at age fifteen, league rules required players to move up to another division. Jim’s good friend and coach of the Bisons, Arnie Harper, recruited boys based on Jim’s recommendation … birds of a feather! It was a perfect arrangement as Arnie prefered older teen-boys. And so the cycle - or recycle - continued. “You’ve got a lot of potential, kid!” Arnie was often heard saying.




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