A Bitter Sweet Life

The Beginning


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The Bundu

Chapter 1

 "Come close this up!" barked the chief investigator , and the boy's body disappeared in a black body bag, and was quickly wheeled into an ambulance, with its lights flashing overhead. "Nooooo!" the mother screamed as they pulled her away from the metal trolley that held her dead son's body. She looked to be about 40, her eyes were red, and tears filled them and slowly dripped down her grief stricken face. I looked over to the door of their small suburban home, and there stood a 17 year old boy, with sadness upon his face that seemed to make all the life around him mellow. He was standing there in a blue tank top that just showed his toned developing muscles nicely, on his feet he had on a pair of black sandals. One tear rolled slowly down his cheek landing on his t-shirt, leaving a dark spot. He was the one who had called me, in tears and just asked me to come over saying he couldn't tell me what was wrong.  My practice was not very far from his house. When I arrived I noticed the police cars and the ER24 ambulance.

The boy's name was Michael, and I had been his doctor and friend for eight months now. He was a 17 year old, good looking muscular guy, green eyes, black hair that was always cut just below his eyes. When he walked into my office for the first time he took a seat and looked on the floor fidgeting with his fingers...

"Hello Mr. Michael Burrow. It is Michael isn't it?" I asked talking to the top of his head.

"Yes, yes it is." He replied, but he never looked up from the floor, he just kept fidgeting. He was nervous. "Well, Michael, what can I do for a strapping lad such as you today?" I asked in the friendliest tone I could manage. "Uh...I was wondering whether you could help me with something." He replied.

"Well I can certainly try." I said with a smile that only his hair acknowledged. "I know you do circumcisions here, and I was wondering if you could help me." He said, unsure of himself. "Do you want to be circumcised, Michael?" I asked him. I was about to tell him that it was not a good idea to be circumcised when you are older than 10, when he looked straight up at me and said "No. I was wondering if you could... you know... make it...um..." he trailed off while he composed himself. He took a deep breath before continuing. "Well I was wondering if you could make it bigger" he looked up at me with his green eyes almost pleadingly. I breathed in deeply, this was not something I had expected to here so soon into my career (after all, how many 25 year old doctors deal with something like this?). I looked at him and smiled slightly, not because it was funny, but because I understood where he was coming from.

"Well, Michael, I will need to examine you first. Will you take off your trousers and prop yourself up onto the bed?" I asked him. He looked really uncomfortable with the request, so I stood up, and came to his chair. "I can understand that it is very uncomfortable, but I do need to make a report in order for me to help you, ok?" He sighed.

"OK, but don't laugh alright?" he said.

"I promise." I replied

He proceeded to stand up from his chair and slowly undid the buckle on his jeans. He let them fall to the ground, and he stepped out of them. He was wearing a baggy t-shirt so I could not see anything. He walked over to the bed, and laid on it on his back. This was my favourite part of this job; I got to see guys' cocks without even having to try. I proceeded to snap on my latex gloves, I did not really want to wear them, but I had to in order to look professional. I rubbed my hands together in order to warm them up a little. I walked over to the bed where he was lying. "You ready?" I asked him. He just nodded. I lifted his t-shirt, and his white briefs showed an outline of his cock. His legs were milky white, he probably always wore jeans. I proceeded to pulled down his briefs revealing a dark nest of pubic hair, and a smallish, neatly cut cock of about 6 cm. It was flaccid, but my own cock was straining against the fabric of my trousers. "Thank God for lab coats," I thought.

"Okay, Michael, I am going to lift it up now, ok?" He once again responded by nodding. I lifted it off the ball sac it was resting on. Almost at once, it started to grow in my hands. He pulled away almost immediately. "It's alright, don't worry about it. I was hoping that would happen so that I would be able to gauge your full length, besides, that happens with all the guys who walk into my office." I said trying to reassure him. He turned back to me, he was certainly at full length now, and his cock was pulsating quickly, in pace with his now racing heart beat. I smiled at him, he was actually not bad in the size department, it was about six inches at full length. I took the measuring tape from my pocket to make sure. I placed it against his burgeoning cock, and he jumped a little. "That's cold." He said

"Sorry, I didn't realise." I responded. I rubbed it a little to warm it up. I lined it up with his cock, and this time he remained calm. He measured 6.2 inches exactly.  I let go of his cock and absent mindedly lifted his testicles and examined them. He let out a low groan, and I noticed that his cock had a drop of precum on the tip. I let go of his balls, and waited, my face was flushed and my heart beat was going a mile a minute. I wanted him so bad, but I couldn't risk going to prison. He quickly realized what had happened. "Uh...sorry, I couldn't help it" he was blushing so hard, I thought the blood vessels in his face were going to burst. "That's ok. It happens sometimes. Think nothing of it." I said to reassure him. "You are free to get dressed. And don't worry about what happened. It happens to all of us." I smiled at him, and he flashed me back with a gorgeous smile. His teeth were neatly placed and pearly white. He got off the bed and pulled up his briefs, stuffed his half hard cock back into them, and stepped back into his jeans. I proceeded to write up a report. I knew I was going to have to disappoint him, but I was delaying it for as long as possible. He just looked at me expectantly while I wrote. When I finished I looked at him and smiled, "Well Michael, can I ask you a question?"

"What?" he responded.

"Have you spoken to your parents about this?" I asked.

"Well no, not yet. I don't think I will though, my parents are divorced, I live with my mom. She wouldn't understand anyway." He said, looking at my face for any sign of a reaction.

"How are you going to pay for the procedure if you don't ask your mom to help you?" I asked hoping I had discouraged him.

"Well I have got my own money that I have been saving up." He said with a little more confidence. He really had it all figured out, I thought.

"Well then that's good. But I would still need your parents approval to carry out the procedure." He almost cut me off, I quickly said "Well the only reason is that you are still 17. However if you can wait 2 more months, you won't need it" I hinted. His face lit up almost immediately.

"What we will do in the mean time is to discuss the procedure, and possible complications. however, I must explain something that makes your case particularly difficult. You are circumcised, and the procedure was done so that you have no excess skin, and you will realise why this will cause problems when I explain the procedure. First we remove or shave your pubic hair. Then we put you under anaesthetic." at this point I took out my penis model that I kept under the desk. "Then we make a small incision above the base of your penis, right here," I pointed to the area, "then we cut the suspensory ligament that holds the erectile tissue inside the cavity of the pelvis. this allows the erectile tissue to literally drop into the skin of your penis. Which brings me to your case. you have no excess skin around your penis, this means that the erectile tissue drops, but there is not enough skin to cover the entire penis." I looked at him for signs of any reaction to what I had just said. He looked very disappointed.

"So does this mean you can't do it?" he asked.

"Not necessarily," I said, and his face lit up again. "It just means we will have to graft skin from your thighs or arms in order to create enough skin for the erectile tissue. However, before you get too excited, you need to think about possible consequences of skin grafting. it means marks of the operation will be very visible, and it will be far more excruciating than a normal enlargement. On top of this, you will be unable to have an upright erection, as it is with all enlargements, and it may make your penis look disproportionate. Although it may increase length, the operation does nothing for your girth.  On the plus side though, it will increase size by 2 to 3 inches." I looked at his face and he seemed to be thinking about what I had said.

"I really hadn't thought about all that." he said reflectively "Guess the only reason I want to do this is because people at school make fun of me. I thought maybe if I got it bigger then they wouldn't say so much. I wouldn't want my penis looking unnatural though. Will you let me think about it a little more Dr.?" He asked

"Sure," I replied "there's no rush. It's a big step to take and you need to be absolutely sure about this, because there is no going back. And by the way, call me David, ok" and I winked at him. He smiled shyly and blushed a little. I wrote down my number on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

"Call me if you need anything, ok?"

"Ok, later David."

"Bye Mike" I responded

"Hey, my brother calls me that, I like it." he smiled

With that he walked out of my office his bubble butt wiggling from side to side as he walked. I knew he would call me eventually, as I watched him walk out of my office. He was so damn hot. As soon as the door closed, I called my nurse and asked her to hold all patients for 15 minutes. I whipped out my 8 inch rock solid uncut member, I took some KY jelly from my drawer and rubbed it all over my cock, and started to pump it furiously. It didn't take long as I imagined Mike's naked body, playing with his cock and sucking him off. I felt my orgasm rise, and my cock exploded, jets of cum flying all over my desk, causing my body to shudder. I caught my breath, and took a Kleenex out to clean myself up and the desk. I picked up the phone and pressed 2 "Mary... Yes, send in the next patient please."....

Well not a terribly exciting chapter but I have to build the story. Chapter 2 will follow soon, let me know what you think guys pragmaticstories@yahoo.co.uk