Black and White


Author's Note: Black and White will be a series of stories about biracial boylove, in particular between Blacks and Whites in various combinations of men and boys. From personal experience, I know how beautiful it can be when a Black man makes love to a White boy or a White man makes love to a Black boy. So, I hope you enjoy.



Part One: Soccer Try Out



When it all started twenty years ago, I was your typical boylover in denial. I was strongly attracted to young boys but I couldn't accept it. But that didn't stop me from becoming involved in programs and sports that would bring me into contact with the objects of my desire. So, when my boss came to me with the proposal for a new Community service project, I jumped all over it, not caring that it involved inner city kids. Years before, a man had started a soccer team for inner city boys aged nine and ten. He had recently passed away and because our company was well known for its community service, one of our warehouse labourers, who was the father of a boy from the program, suggested that the company take the program over and have someone from the company coach the team. I said I'd do it without any hesitation, not knowing the effect it would have in my life. I'm a pedophile and I must admit that was part of the reason I said yes, as was the fact that I have a particular affinity for black boys, the darker the better. I must also confess that I have dabbled with a few boys in the past but not since I left college. So despite what you may think, I had no plans of anything happening.

When I took the team over, there were several things about the way it had been run previously that surprised me. I had assumed that it was one of those teams where anyone that can maintain a heartbeat can be on the team. But I was shocked to learn that there were actual try outs and boys could be cut from the team. I was also a little surprised when I discovered that the Alpha Kickers were a boys only team. Usually soccer teams for kids ages nine and ten were co-ed. For a brief period, I considered making it so, but then decided NOT to break tradition as no one seemed upset by it. I had no idea, however, that there was another team tradition that only the males of the community that had been on the team knew about. One that was kept very hush-hush, for reasons you'll have no trouble understanding.

I also wasn't surprised to see that all the players were blacks so there was abundant eye candy. Black boys are such a turn on for me because they have the most amazing asses. And it didn't help matters that it seemed that their shorts were always a couple of sizes too small. But talent wise, things were as I expected. There were a few boys that were exceptionally strong players, a gaggle of players that were okay and a few that were useless. I quickly cut the ones for which there was no hope and told the strongest players that they'd made the team and required no further training. So, up to that point, it was just like any other soccer team.

All that changed after the third night of tryouts. I was relaxing and watching a movie on my one hundred and three inch TV with home theater system, when the buzzer to my apartment door went off. I paused the movie and switched to the building security channel. To my surprise, it was one of the boys from try outs. I quickly hit the switch to the speaker and told him what apartment number I was and that he could come up. I released the door and he walked in. I had NOT planned on company so I was dressed only in a pair of silk boxers. I briefly considered changing but then decided not to, as I figured that the boy wouldn't likely be staying long. How wrong I was.

I followed the boy's progress via the security channel and had the door open waiting when he walked up. As he got closer, I recognized him as the nine-year-old son of one of our black employees. I had seen the boy the previous summer when he was eight at a company picnic. He had been attractive then, but at nine, he was delectable looking. I assumed then it had been his father that had suggested the company take over the team. I searched through my memory banks for the boy's name and quickly recalled that he was named David.

"Come in, David," I said pleasantly and when he walked through my door, I closed and locked it behind me. "What brings you here?"

The boy turned and walked close to me. His little right hand snaked out and immediately pushed inside the fly of my boxers and grabbed my cock. "Well Coach, my daddy and big brother told me that if a boy REALLY wants to be an Alpha Kicker, he can do special training with the coach," he said, his hand stroking my hardening cock, leaving no doubt what that special training had been in the past.

That sneaky old cocksucker, I thought. That's fucking brilliant! Then it all became clear. The old man that had started the team was like me: a pedophile with a taste for black boys. The team was the perfect cover. Black boys are like any other boys, there are those that if you show them all the many pleasures that a man can give a boy, they'll keep coming back for more. And so I assumed that through the many years of the Alpha Kickers' existence as a team that most, if not all, of the players had been regularly stuffed with the Coach's mancock. And as David continued stroking my fully hard cock, I decided then and there it was a tradition that was definitely going to continue.

"And what kind of special training is that?" I asked, still pretending to be in the dark.

"Well this for one thing," said the nine-year-old as he pulled my cock out of the fly of my boxers.

He dropped to this knees and skinned back my foreskin. When he saw a small pearl of precum on my glans, he immediately lapped it up, not showing any distaste. I had no doubt this was not a new experience for him. The he opened his mouth and engulfed the first four inches or so of my cock in his mouth and started to bob his head up and down. There is just something soooooo hot about looking down and seeing your cock disappearing into the mouth of an angelic looking black boy in full soccer uniform. Fuck he was good! After about three minutes or so I felt myself sliding into his throat and I looked down to see his nose buried in my pubes. At that point I knew that the boy could handle anything so I grabbed his head and began to thrust in and out of his mouth, fucking his face. He didn't even fuss a bit. He just moaned around my cock and continued to breath through his nose as my assault on his tonsils continued. I sped up and began fucking his face the way I intended to fuck his ass later: hard and fast. In no time at all, I felt my cum racing up my shaft and it exploded, coating the boy's tonsils with my thick, gooey seed. He swallowed all I had to give him and then he pulled back, his tongue gently cleaning my cock of any remnants of sperm, then he stood back to his feet.

"Gee Coach, you sure shoot a lot of cum," he said. "More than Ty does. I thought you was gonna drownd me."

"You did well seeing as He swallowed all I had to give him and then he pulled back, his tongue gently cleaning my cock of any remnants of sperm, then he stood back to his feet.

"Gee Coach, you sure shoot a lot of cum," he said. "More than Ty does. I thought you was gonna drownd me."

"You did well seeing as our only none," I replied. "You've sucked cock before."

"Uh huh," he nodded proudly. "But yours is the first mancock I've ever sucked. How'd I do?"

"Well David, your performance in that aspect of training exceeded expectations," I praised him, enjoying the sight of him beginning to beam. "But there's still one more very important part of training to come."

His grin took on a salascious bent as a naughty little gleam flashed in his eyes. "Ya gonna fuck me Coach?"

"David, it has been too long since the last time my cock made the wonderful journey up the tight ass of a hot little black boy like you, so I intend to fuck the shit out of you," I said. "Are you expected home tonight?"

"Nope," he chirped. "I'm all yours for the night. Tomorrow's Saturday."

The next day was the first practice game. The thought of watching David running around the field, knowing that multiple loads of my cum were running from his still dilated anus and soaking into his little undies was very hot. "Well then David, I'm going to fuck you three ways: hard, fast, and continuously."

"Oooh sounds hot sir," he said. "And that's more than I was expecting actually. The old coach could only do it once a night."

"Well, I'm considerably younger than he was," I said. "I can go as many times as you want."

There was silence as a serious look came over his face. For the first time he seemed nervous and concerned about something. Then it occurred to me what was up.

"You're a virgin back there, aren't you?" I asked gently.

"Yes," David whispered. "I was saving it for whoever the Coach was."

"And you're nervous because I said I was going to fuck the shit out of you," I said as a statement, not a question.

"Yes," he admitted. "I'm afraid it will hurt."

"Yes David it is going to hurt," I said tenderly. "It always does the first time a boy's pussy has to stretch to accept a man's cock. As it stretched your mouth earlier, so it has to stretch your opening. But I can do things to relax and prepare you to keep the pain to a minimum, but make no mistake about it, it is going to hurt some." I paused to let that sink in. "Now, before you decide whether to go ahead with this or not, I can tell you that you don't have to do it to make the team, the blowjob you gave me earlier did that. If you do this, do it because you want to."

"What the fuck," David said bravely. "Ty said it only hurts a bit. Let's do it! I want you to fuck me Coach, all fuckin night long!"

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom and his destiny. He would never ever be the same when the night was over. Sex, especially anal sex, with a man changes a boy. They may know a few things about their body's pleasure but it isn't until they feel a man's mighty tool pounding into the little joy buttons inside them that they discover their body's true potential for pleasure. And the men get to fuck a nice tight hole without the BS that accompanies women. So you could say that it was a win-win kind of thing.

Once inside my room, I quickly cast aside my boxers and then turned to the boy. The Alpha Kickers uniform he was wearing had, I assumed belonged to either his father or his older brother, who at thirteen was too old for the team. The boy looked delectable. The uniform color was another ingenius touch by my forerunner: It consisted of a white jersey, black shorts and white socks. I wondered then how many times the old codger had done what I was about to do: fucked one of these dark, luscious, young creatures wearing only the long white soccer socks. I know it was a look that always drove me crazy. I had a thing for boys wearing only socks and a smile, but especially on black boys, if the socks were white, it was the hottest look. The stark contrast of the white material against the dark skin was a turn n like no other.

"Has anyone told you how beautiful you are, David?" I asked.

David immediately proved that even black people can blush. "Do you really think I'm beautiful?" he asked.

"Oh yes, David, I really think you're beautiful," I said. "And, in a minute or so, you are going to look even more beautiful."

In my humble opinion, it is at this moment that too many boylovers rob themselves of a great deal of sensual pleasure by rushing things too fast. Too many men practically tear the young boy's clothes off, too eager get him onto the bed and get their cocks buried inside him. I have never understood that. Even as a young boylover, the process of preparing a boy to take me inside himself was as arousing and sensual as the moment that my manhood first slipped into him. If done properly, the boy will be practically screaming for you to fill him with your cock, any trepidation and reluctance long gone. And, to me, nothing gets that ball rolling better than slowly undressing him. Actually, I don't think of it as undressing him so much as I am unveiling his beauty. And as I unveil it, I also worship it and few things begin the process of driving a boy wild than a man worshipping his body with hands, lips and tongue. Boys spend almost all day every day feeling like second class beings, so when a man takes the time to worship them in the way that I do, they is an incredible turn on for them. And for David, he was no different, his little twig-like penis erect from the minute my hands grasped the bottom of his jersey. For the next five minutes, I slowly removed all of David's clothes except for his socks and soccer cleats. And as was my custom, there was not one place of his body that did not feel the touch of my hands or my mouth. Too few men truly understand the lust of a boy. To be true, there must be lust on the boy's part for him to even approach a man for sex, but too many men rush to quickly to exploit that little spark of heat, mistakenly thinking that is as hot as a boy can get. They are oh so wrong.

Using David as an example, yes I could see the lust in him the minute he grabbed my cock. He hadn't come here for sex just to make the team, he had come for sex because deep inside he longed for it. That lust is like a tiny ember, giving off a tiny bit of heat, but most of its potential unused. I want to take that single coal and I want to stoke it until it becomes a full white hot conflagration. I want to make David so hot in his childish lust that he will have no choice but to beg and plead for that last great forbidden union of my penis and his rectum

And believe me David was well on his way by the time I finally did lay his tiny body down on the bed, laying him on his back. I climbed onto the bed and my mouth immediately returned to his cock, one hand skinning back his foreskin. Once his cock was once again in my mouth I slid my right hand down farther between his thighs, my index finger slowly tracing the line between his scrotum and his anus. His legs parted to allow me further access until my finger found his tiny pucker. I started to slowly, gently rub it, not enough pressure to penetrate, just enough to get him used to having that part of him touched. In no time, his body began to writhe and shake as his little boner twitched in my mouth with his dry orgasm.

It was now or never. I grabbed the ever present tube of lubricant that I used for jerking off. I slathered a liberal amount on my right index finger and transferred it to his anus, now for the first time penetrating slightly but merely to get the lube inside him. Then I put more of the slippery substance on my rampant erection. I positioned myself between David's legs and before he knew it he had the first four inches of my cock buried in his rectum. He moaned/whimpered and I knew that he hadn't been a virgin, no matter what his earlier claim. No virgin boy has ever taken that much of my cock that quickly without a great deal of fussing. David took it and was immediately begging for more which I gave him in one more long push.

As I said earlier, when one is nailing such as exquisite ass as David's one takes one's time. I fucked him long and slow, varying everything I could: my depth of thrust, my speed and my angle. In no time at all, the black boy was humping back against me eagerly. We gasped and rocked together for thirty-five minutes that first fuck. Thirty-five minutes and eight boyish climaxes passed before my balls tightened up and my prick cemented its ownership of David's ass by hosing down his colon with my manseed. Three more times followed before we collapsed in exhaustion.

We just barely made it to practice on time and David's dad and older brother were smirking at us as we arrived. Well, that opened the floodgates and every other cock-loving boy on the team made their way into my apartment and my bed, sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs and sometimes in groups of three or more. One particular highlight was the end of the year team party, which was team only, that turned into one giant fuckfest.

Suffice it to say that the team still exists and is now being run by my own son. The players have all visited his bed and some of them still find their way into mine. I still raise my glass to the old man that set this whole thing up because he was a genius.